Duanwu Festival

It is a pity that I have not went home to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with my family, but after experiencing the fastival many times, I have much to say.
It was believed that Qu Yuan committed suicide in the Miluo River. Duanwu Festival, also named the Dragon Boat Festival, a tradition in memory of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar.
When the day is approaching, everyone is expecting to eat the delicious and fragrant zongzi and watch the cheering dragon boat race. The festive atmosphere soon sweeps over every family.
Eating zongzi, one of the most traditional customs on Duanwu Festival, especially commemorates Qu Yuan’s noble sentiments and loyalty to Chu. There is a saying that in order to prevent fish and shrimp from eroding his body, the people of Chu wrapped glutinous rice in bamboo leaves and threw it into the river, hoping to protect Qu Yuan. The favor of zongzi differs from each place because of unique making methods and fillings, which embodies the cultural diversity of Dragon Boat Festival. However, you can see that every family soak zongzi leaves and glutinous rice in advance, and various fillings are also prepared. At this time, the whole family will gather and come to help, some making zongzi, some cooking zongzi and even can’t wait to taste zongzi first. Obviously, no one will refuse the sweet and fragrant zongzi with various fillings, such as minced pork, red bean stuffing, mung bean stuffing, dates and so on. Interestingly, there is always a war between north and south caused by eating sweet or salty Zongzi, and the smartest girl doesn’t make choice that eats them all. Attention! You are supposed to eat in moderate quantity to avoid indigestion.
Dragon Boat racing is an indispensable part of the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon boat racing may also have its roots in the earlier dragon totem worship, in which ancient people used simulated dragon boat races to pray for rain and bless agricultural harvests. Since the race depends on the river, it is especially hot in the Guangdong and Fujian region. Every year on this day, kids and adults will choose the best viewing place to experience an immersive dragon boat race. Some people just stand on their balcony or roof thanks to the river besides. It is also said that if the Cantonese lost the dragon boat race, they will go to the ancestral hall to kneel, just a kidding. But it shows the significance that Guangdong people attach to the Dragon Boat Festival. It undoubtedly appears to the people around the world to watch this incredible match, where we can not only will be impressed by the superb rowing skills, but also by the teamwork spirit between them.
Ancient China believes that the lunar calendar May is "bad month", five days is "bad day", easy to breed plague and evil, so the Dragon Boat Festival customs, such as hanging wormwood, calamus, incense bags, drinking realgar wine are to drive away evil and protect the health of the family.
To sum up, the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival that integrates various cultural elements such as the commemoration of historical figures, folk beliefs, warding off evil spirits and praying for good luck. Its rich cultural connotation reflects the historical inheritance and folk customs of the Chinese nation.

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