1 <!-- general properties  -->25
 2 <!-- file properties -->36
 3 <!-- HTTP properties -->83
 4 <!-- FTP properties -->290
 5 <!-- web db properties -->357
 6 <!-- generate properties -->557
 7 <!-- urlpartitioner properties -->597
 8 <!-- fetcher properties -->617
 9 <!-- indexingfilter plugin properties -->761
10 <!-- BasicIndexingfilter plugin properties -->790
11 <!-- moreindexingfilter plugin properties -->800
12 <!-- AnchorIndexing filter plugin properties -->811
13 <!-- URL normalizer properties -->822
14 <!-- mime properties -->849
15 <!-- plugin properties -->869
16 <!-- parser properties -->908
17 <!-- urlfilter plugin properties -->1011
18 <!-- scoring filters properties -->1070
19 <!-- language-identifier plugin properties -->1083
20 <!-- index-metadata plugin properties -->1143
21 <!-- parse-metatags plugin properties -->1155
22 <!-- Temporary Hadoop 0.17.x workaround. -->1168
23 <!-- solr index properties -->1181
24 <!-- elasticsearch index properties -->1220
25 <!-- storage properties -->1273



  <description>The number of times a thread will delay when trying to
  fetch a page.  Each time it finds that a host is busy, it will wait
  fetcher.server.delay.  After http.max.delays attepts, it will give
  up on the page for now.</description>

爬虫的网络延时线程等待时间,以秒计时,默认的配时间是3秒,视网络状况而定。如果在爬虫运行的时候发现服务器返回了主机忙消息,则等待时间由fetcher.server.delay 决定,所以在网络状况不太好的情况下fetcher.server.delay 也设置稍大一点的值较好,此外还有一个http.timeout 也和网络状况有关系。



  <description>The length limit for downloaded content using the http
  protocol, in bytes. If this value is nonnegative (>=0), content longer
  than it will be truncated; otherwise, no truncation at all. Do not
  confuse this setting with the file.content.limit setting.


描述爬虫抓取的文档内容长度的配置项。原来的值是 65536 , 也就是说抓取到的一个文档截取 65KB左右,超过部分将被忽略,对于抓取特定内容的搜索引擎需要修改此项,比如XML文档。



  <description>The default number of seconds between re-fetches of a page (30 days).

  <description>The maximum number of seconds between re-fetches of a page
  (90 days). After this period every page in the db will be re-tried, no
  matter what is its status.





  <description>The number of seconds the fetcher will delay between 
   successive requests to the same server. Note that this might get
   overriden by a Crawl-Delay from a robots.txt and is used ONLY if 
   fetcher.threads.per.queue is set to 1.




  <description>The number of FetcherThreads the fetcher should use.
  This is also determines the maximum number of requests that are
  made at once (each FetcherThread handles one connection). The total
  number of threads running in distributed mode will be the number of
  fetcher threads * number of nodes as fetcher has one map task per node.





  <description>This number is the maximum number of threads that
    should be allowed to access a queue at one time. Setting it to 
    a value > 1 will cause the Crawl-Delay value from robots.txt to
    be ignored and the value of fetcher.server.min.delay to be used
    as a delay between successive requests to the same server instead 
    of fetcher.server.delay.





  <description>If true, fetcher will log more verbosely.</description>


如果是 true, 打印出更多详细信息



  <description>Directories where nutch plugins are located.  Each
  element may be a relative or absolute path.  If absolute, it is used
  as is.  If relative, it is searched for on the classpath.</description>


配置插件功能的配置项 ,plugin.folders制定插件加载路径



 <description>Regular expression naming plugin directory names to
  include.  Any plugin not matching this expression is excluded.
  In any case you need at least include the nutch-extensionpoints plugin. By
  default Nutch includes crawling just HTML and plain text via HTTP,
  and basic indexing and search plugins. In order to use HTTPS please enable 
  protocol-httpclient, but be aware of possible intermittent problems with the 
  underlying commons-httpclient library.


配置插件功能的配置项 , plugin.includes表示需要加载的插件列表



  <description>The character encoding to fall back to when no other information
  is available</description>


解析文档的时候使用的默认编码windows-1252 好像比较少用到的一种编码,我不太熟悉。



  <description>HTML Parser implementation. Currently the following keywords
  are recognized: "neko" uses NekoHTML, "tagsoup" uses TagSoup.


制定解析HTML文档的时候使用的解析器, NEKO功能比较强大,后面会有专门的文章介绍Neko 从HTML到 TEXT以及html片断的解析等功能做介绍。



  <description> The maximum bytes of data to uses to indentify
  the language (0 means full content analysis).
  The larger is this value, the better is the analysis, but the
  slowest it is.


和语言有关系,分词的时候会用到,不过我没用过这个配置项。还有几个重要的配置项在 nutch-site.xml里面配置。






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