XML 的一些总结

XML Namespace

xml:lang and xml:space

As of the last update of this document, the XML 1.0 Specification (Fifth edition) (and also the XML 1.1 Specification Second edition) defines two attribute names in this namespace:

Designed for identifying the human language used in the scope of the element to which it's attached.
Designed to express whether or not the document's creator wishes white space to be considered as significant in the scope of the element to which it's attached.


The XML Base specification (Second edition) describes a facility, similar to that of HTML BASE, for defining base URIs for parts of XML documents. It defines a single attribute, xml:base, and describes in detail the procedure for its use in processing relative URI refeferences.


The xml:id specification defines a single attribute, xml:id, known to be of type ID independently of any DTD or schema.





&lt;  <
&gt;  >
&amp;  &
&apos;  '
&quot; "

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