Time Consume Problem

  1. I joined the NodeJS online Course three weeks ago, but now I'm late about 2 weeks.
  2. I pay the codeschool yearly subscribed, but I have lost the track long time.
  3. I get more weight than expected.
  4. I like more and more my MacBook Pro
  5. I maybe go to the USTC for a doctoral postgraduate about BigData technology.
  6. I want to be a freelance of full-stack programmer, and maybe I will be a data scienctist or analyst.
  7. I maybe need isolate individual domain name web

My time consume has some problem, a lot of time had been lost and I did not log my time consume. So, the first thing I should do is track my daily time again. Then I should focus my target, no tv, no teleplay, no fiction... before I catch my schedule. At last but more important, I should take more time to company my kid. 

There are only 8 days in the May, I will focus the online course.

  1. go to bed early (22:00) and get up early (5:00).
  2. one lesson per day.
  3. no tv, no teleplay, no fiction.
  4. just one or no time-consume dinner.


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