although 和 although 的区别

作为连词的时候,although 和 though 是可以互换的。Although 一般被认为更加正式一些。比如,以下的这些句子:

Growth in Europe is maintaining momentum, although the risks related to peripheral economies have increase. [Globe and Mail]

Unlike the other comparisons, however, this one is apt, though perhaps not in a way Cantor intended. [Washington Post]

Although the birds are just a small part of his business, carefully raising the pheasants from delicate eggs to beautifully feathered birds is clearly a passion. [The Age]

Some grown unschoolers, though positive about it overall, admit they’ve at times longed to be just like the other kids … [National Post] 上面提到,如果用来引领从句(start a clause),那么一般用 although. 这个似乎并不是绝对的规则,即使在引领从句的情况下,although 和 though 似乎依然可以相互替换。

实际上,though 出现的要更早一些,大概在13世纪,although 还没有出现的时候,all though 连用,all 表示强调。

在钦定版圣经的以赛亚书中(Isaiah 1:18 from the King James Bible):

Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Although 是一个让步连词(a concessive conjunction),意思是“即使在这中情况下(in spite of the fact that)”

Though 也可以用作副词,意思是 however or nevertheless,这种情形下,although 和 though 是不可以换用的;although 只用作连词

This weekend, though, theaters were packed.[Los Angeles Times]

There was another twist to come, though, as Pavlyuchenkova defied her flagging fortunes to win three games in succession. [Independent]


从上面这些资料来看,如果搞不清楚应该用 although 还是 though,那么 though 是一个不错的选择。

另外,有时候 while 也会有 although 或者 though 的意思。



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