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Hello from Windows Serviceability!We're pleased to announce a Pre-Beta release (build 2721) of the next service pack for Windows Server 2003 (SP2). SP2 will be a conventional service pack consisting of all security updates; all individual hotfixes released to customers; and fixes to reduce top customer support issues as well as increase reliability, robustness, and security. The download section is where to gain access to the software we've made available.  There are many large downloads so please choose carefully to get the correct file the first time.For the pre-beta release, standalone update SP2 packages are available for download, in three architectures - 32-bit (x86), x64 (AMD), and ia64 (Itanium), and three languages - English, German, and Japanese.  Integrated media (where SP2 is integrated with the OS) will not be available until the Beta milestone.  Please join us in the newsgroups for questions and comments as we get started testing the next service pack for Windows Server 2003.  Your input is welcome and we're committed to using it to improve the product and the beta process.You can find more information on SP2 on the Connect site. As more information comes available we'll be sure to update you.Thank you in advance for your participation. Sincerely,Sidd Lathia Service Pack 2 Project Manager   If you do not wish to receive e-mail messages from Microsoft Connect in the future, please send e-mail to with the subject line: "Remove From List." Information on how to contact Microsoft Connect support is found on the Contact Us page within the Microsoft Connect Web site.This is an unmonitored e-mail address, so please do not reply to this message.
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