Reflective Journal final

  1. In my opinion,I understand that digital multimodal composing is a kind of writing which uses many modes to narrate stories all the time.
  2. My challenge is that the language of my compose is not so accurate and detailed. Through my imagination and my experience,I endeavored to add more details. Besides,I searched more accurate words to replace inaccurate words.
  3. Different modes have different effects. Images provide a clear picture for us and it is easy for us to understand story.With audio,audience can easily be appealed by the content and more immersed in the video.
  4. summary: From the course,I know how to make video and add various modes to make my video more appealing and interesting. I find that I learned a lot about writing and I made great progress. First,I know how to incorporate vivid sensory details to create a more immerse experience.In addotion,by resorting to COCA,my compose can be more accurate and idiomatic. Last but not least,it is necessary to explore deeper meaning when composing.
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