npm执行清理缓存失败npm cache clean

C:\Users\you name>npm cache clean
npm ERR! As of npm@5, the npm cache self-heals from corruption issues and data extracted from the cache is guaranteed to be valid. If you want to make sure everything is consistent, use 'npm cache verify' instead. On the other hand, if you're debugging an issue with the installer, you can use `npm install --cache /tmp/empty-cache` to use a temporary cache instead of nuking the actual one.
npm ERR!
npm ERR! If you're sure you want to delete the entire cache, rerun this command with --force.

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     C:\Users\you name\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\_logs\2019-05-12T07_07_25_826Z-debug.log

解决方案 由于 npm 5 使用了新的包管理模式,所以在升级之后,请先清空一下本地缓存:

npm cache clean --force 。


npm cache clear --force && npm install --no-shrinkwrap --update-binary
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