GitHub user posted this workaround which worked for me:

I've fixed the issue by doing this:

  1. Download latest cygwin1-20200531.dll.xz from and unpack the file as cygwin1.dll into ConEmu\wsl\ (replacing the original file there)
  2. Download @Biswa96's wslbridge2 from and unpack to the same directory
  3. Replacing {WSL::bash} task's Command with:
set "PATH=%ConEmuBaseDirShort%\wsl;%PATH%" & %ConEmuBaseDirShort%\conemu-cyg-64.exe %ConEmuBaseDirShort%\wsl\wslbridge2.exe -cur_console:pm:/mnt -eConEmuBuild -eConEmuPID -eConEmuServerPID -l

I can now access my Ubuntu under W10 just like before the W10 upgrade. Backscroll and arrows in VIM work as expected.

The key part of step 3 is to replace conemu-cyg-64.exe --wsl with conemu-cyg-64.exe %ConEmuBaseDirShort%\wsl\wslbridge2.exe.

Longer term, it looks like the author of ConEmu is working on switching to the new Windows PTY API, which will eliminate the need for the wslbridge hack (and many others) entirely.



ConEmu\wsl\ 目录是:cmder_mini\vendor\conemu-maximus5\ConEmu\wsl


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