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Mobile Links(1) -- From 7/24 to 7/27

Posted on 2009-07-27 22:45  Aaron Wu  阅读(286)  评论(0编辑  收藏  举报
1) Revenue from Tweets http://bit.ly/AzxCY
2) Motorola App Accelerator program launches for Android devs http://bit.ly/V5pZ1
3) Motorola Android Phones: Full Speed Ahead http://bit.ly/1zUz2
4) Sprint CEO Confirms 2009 Android, Ready For Primetime http://bit.ly/3q4kap
5) iPhone remote camera control for Canon digital EOS cameras - Very nice! http://bit.ly/vVbQg http://ow.ly/15IJ4z
6) 19% of Americans access the mobile web everyday - Pew Research. http://bit.ly/OtHch
7) Google Latitude released for iPhone - Telegraph.co.uk (http://cli.gs/RetE3)
8) Several Chinese Android Phones Due in Europe This Year - PC World http://bit.ly/4G8mYb #android #gphone #g1
9) Android pulls ahead of Windows mobile http://bit.ly/1zwds
10) Check Out the New Developer Tools Tutorials http://bit.ly/bWNV