no jniopencv_core in java.library.path

eclipse控制台消息:no jniopencv_core in java.library.path

今天在这个问题上折腾了好久好久,查找了好多文档,主要是看 这个网站主要解决的不是这个问题,但是还是有些许作用。


Seeking solutions!
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I also encountered this problem, but I was OpenCV version 2.1 so there has always been this problem, but then I replaced with the OpenCV version 2.4.2, and you, and then you can.

I said middle note:

First, make sure Java and OpenCV is installed the same version (32-bit or 64-bit), and should not be mixed in any case.

Second, you have to determine their own project inside a folder libs placed inside javacpp.jar, the javacv.jar, javacv-windows-x86.jar three jar package, and then add these jar files to the project inside is inside the java build path to click ADD JARs, and then select the three packages added to the project to go inside.

Finally, the best OpenCV2.4.2 unpacked in the root directory of C. Set the system variable PATH (C:opencvbuildx86vc10bin).

These two do a good job should be no problem.
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Bangding, the same problem

Say this is the version of the problem?But did not find the answer
------ Other solutions --------------------------------------------------------
Doing later in javacv official website to find the answer to the lack of C ++ runtime environment install

经过尝试,我发现我的问题主要是上面所说的第二个,版本问题。因为在eclipse控制台消息的下半部分有一句:cause by ……no opencv_core245






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