All SAP R/3 Transaction Codes, Tables, Reports, complete ABAP dictionary list (with descriptions)

All SAP R/3 Transaction Codes, Tables, Reports, complete ABAP dictionary list (with descriptions),Tables,Reports.htm


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  All SAP R/3 Transaction Codes, Tables, Reports, complete ABAP dictionary list (with descriptions)

Here you can see about 16000+ SAP Transaction Codes, Tables and the called Reports including short header description.
The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can also have a look via SE16 in 
your own SAP system. 

Alternatively, Use transaction SE11 - ABAP Dictionary: 
Fill in the Database table name and click the Display button. 
 - TSTC table will contain all the Tcodes and 
 - TSTCT table will contain all the Tcodes with Texts. 
Once you entered the screen, click in Top Menu - Utilities - Table contents - Display 
If you want to display all the transaction code (total - 57,048) you have to change the Fields: Maximum number 
of hits to 99999 (default 500). 

or, Simply goto transaction SM01, although this Tcode is to Lock/Unlock any transaction code, you can also view 
all the Tcodes available in the R/3 system from here. 

Goto transaction SE93 
There are two ways where you can find the list of transaction codes in SE93. 
Method 1: 
You must be familiar with the starting characters strings for each of the R/3 application modules. Assuming you 
know that most Materials Management transaction codes start with MM. In the Fields: Transaction code, type in 
MM* and press the function key F4 The list of transaction code starting with MM will be displayed. 

Method 2: 
On the Top Menu, click Utilities - Find - Execute and the first 500 transaction will be display. 
If want to display all the tcodes, make sure you remembered to change the Fields: Maximum no. of hits right at 
the bottom of the screen. 

To get a list of the SAP Table names and descriptions, browse table DD02T in SE16, or run the following SQL in 
sqlplus: Code Select tabname, ddtext from sapr3.dd
Transaction codes Tables


All SAP transactions sorted by Transaction Code:
• All SAP Transactions starting from A to E
• All SAP Transactions starting from F to H
• All SAP Transactions starting from I to L
• All SAP Transactions starting with M
• All SAP Transactions starting from N to O
• All SAP Transactions starting from P to T
• All SAP Transactions starting from U to Z
• All SAP Transactions starting from 0 to 9
All SAP Tables by Modules:
• SD Tables
• MM Tables
Purchasing Tables
FI Tables
PP Tables
PS Tables
SAP PM - SD Tables
System Tables



Below is some basic tips on the transaction codes.
A transaction that ends in the number 
below usually has the function of:
If a transaction code ends in a number, it performs the function as 
listed on the left. For examples below:
00 = Main Menu 
01 = ADD 
02 = MODIFY 
ME00   - Purchasing Main Menu
ME21   - Create Purchase Order
ME22   - Change Purchase Order
ME23   - Display Purchase Order
MB00   - Goods Receipt Main Menu 
VA00   - Sales Main Menu 
VF00   - Billing Main Menu 
VL00   - Shipping (Outbound Delivery) Main Menu
VL01   - Create Delivery
VL01N  - Create Outbound Delivery with Order Ref.
VL01NO - Create Outbound Delivery w/o Order Ref.
VL02   - Change Outbound Delivery
VL02N  - Change Outbound Delivery
VL03   - Display Outbound Delivery
VL03N  - Display Outbound Delivery

Besides looking at the following complete long list of SAP TCodes, Tables and Reports,  here I provide you another page specifically on some of the more commonly used SAP Functional Transaction Codes and Tables: Materials Management TablesPurchasing Tables, Transaction Codes for Production PlanningMaterial MasterWork CenterRouting, Sales & Operation PlanningDemand ManagementPlanned OrdersMaster Schedule PlanningCapacity PlanningForecastingLong-Term PlanningBOM,PurchasingDelivery (OutboundVendorCustomerSales OrderPricingBillingQuotationCustomer Management, etc. I also provide you a list of the common ABAP Development Transaction Codes and Tables.

TCode  Report         Header Description
AAVN   RAVRSN00       Recalculate base insurable value
ABAA   SAPMA01B       Unplanned depreciation
ABAD   SAPMF05A       Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0  SAPMABADR      Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAKN  SAPLAMDP       Last Retirement on Group Asset
ABAON  SAPLAMDP       Asset Sale Without Customer
ABAV   SAPMA01B       Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAVN  SAPLAMDP       Asset Retirement by Scrapping
ABAW   SAPMA01B       Balance sheet revaluation
ABCO   SAPMA01B       Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABF1   SAPMF05A       Post Document
ABGF   SAPMA01B       Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL   SAPMA01B       Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoic
ABIF   SAPMA01B       Investment support
ABMA   SAPMA01B       Manual depreciation
ABMR   SAPMA01B       Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW   SAPLAB01       Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA   SAPMA01B       Post-capitalization
ABNAN  SAPLAMDP       Post-Capitalization
ABNC   SAPMA01B       Enter post-capitalization
ABNE   SAPMA01B       Subsequent Revenue
ABNK   SAPMA01B       Subsequent Costs
ABNV   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR
ABSO   SAPMA01B       Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST   RAABST01       Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2  RAABST02       Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABT1   SAPLAMDP_OLD   Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1N  SAPLAMDP       Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB   SAPLABUM       Transfer between areas
ABUMN  SAPLAMDP       Transfer within Company Code
ABZE   SAPMA01B       Acquisition from in-house productio
ABZK   SAPMF05A       Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO   SAPMA01B       Asset acquis. autom. offset. postin
ABZON  SAPLAMDP       Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZP   SAPMA01B       Acquistion from affiliated company
ABZS   SAPMA01B       Enter write-up
ABZU   SAPMA01B       Write-up
ABZV   SAPMF05A       Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc
AB01   SAPMA01B       Create asset transactions
AB02   SAPLAB01       Change asset document
AB03   SAPLAB01       Display Asset Document
AB08   SAPLAB01       Reverse Line Items
ACBD   ATPBD001       Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACCR   MENUACCR       Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 SAPMACCR01     Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02 SAPMACCR01     Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03 SAPMACCR01     Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04 RACCRPROCESS   Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG    Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL  Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
ACEC   ACE_IMG        Accrual Engine - IMG
ACEPP  ACEPS_PERIODIC_Accrual Engine - Periodic Postings
ACNR   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
AC00   MENUAC00       Service Master
AC01   SAPLBAS0       Service Master
AC02   SAPLBAS0       Service Master
AC03   SAPLBAS0       Service Master
AC04   SAPLBAS0       Service Master
AC05   RXASMD10       List Processing: Service Master
AC06   RXASMD10       List Display: Service Master
AC08   RBDSESRV       Send service
AC10   RMMLCLST       Class Hierarchy with Services
AD08   SAPMSD08       Enter G/L Account Posting
AD20   SAPLSD30       Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21   SAPMSD20       Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AFAB   RAPOST2000     Post depreciation
AFABN  RAPOST2000     Post Depreciation
AFAF   RAT08400       Assets with errors
AFAMA  RAVCLUST       View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMD  RACSTABL       View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMH  RAVCLUST       Maintain Maximum Amount Method
AFAMP  RACSTABL       View Maint. Period Control Method
AFAMR  RACSTABL       View Maintenance Base Method
AFAMS  RAVCLUST       View Maint. Multi-Level Method
AFAMSK RAVCLUST       Method: Levels in Calendar Years
AFAR   RAAFAR00       Recalculate Depreciation
AFBD   RABUCH20       Recreate Dep. Batch Input Session
AFBN   RAFABNEW       Include New Depreciation Area
AFBP   RAPOST2001     Create depreciation posting log
AFWA   SAPMJBRA       Create Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWFL  SAPMAFWCH_FL   AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWO1  RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: Monitorin
AFWO2  RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: Monitoring
AFWS   SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level Characterist
AFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH  Archiving Workbench
AIAB   SAPMA15B       AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAO   SAPMV76A       C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line it
AIAZ   SAPMA15B       Display Dist. Rule Allocation
AIBU   SAPMA12B       Transfer Asset under Const.
AIIO   SAPMV76A       C AM Maintain List Version AuC
AISF   RJBRSVAC       FX Exposure
AISFSS RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure
AISS   RJBRSVAC       Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivitie
AIST   SAPMA12B       Reverse Settlement of AuC
AJAB   RAJABS00       Year-End Closing
AJRW   RAJAWE00       Fiscal Year Change
AKAB   SAPMWAKA       List purchasing arrangements
AKE1   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
AKE10  SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE2   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
AKE3   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
AKE4   SAPMV13A       Copy Condition
AKE5   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices
AKE6   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Change Prices
AKE7   SAPMV13A       PCA Transfer Prices: Display Prices
AKE8   SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Create Overhead
AKE9   SAPMV13A       Transfer Prices: Change Overhead
AKKO   SAPMWAKA       Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKVA   SAPMWAKA       List sales arrangements
AKVK   SAPMWAKA       Promotion sales price conditions
ALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ  ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator
ALO1   RASHLO00       Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
AL02   RSDB0000       Database alert monitor
AL03   RSRZOLD        Operating system alert monitor
AL04   RSSTAT85       Monitor call distribution
AL05   RSSTAT27       Monitor current workload
AL08   RSUSR000       Users Logged On
AL11   RSWATCH0       Display SAP Directories
AL12   RSDBBUFF       Display table buffer (Exp. session)
AL13   RSTUNSHM       Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)
AL15   RSHOSTLD       Customize SAPOSCOL destination
AL16   RSHOST07       Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst
AL17   RSRZOLD        Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. Syst
AL18   RSRZOLD        Local File System Monitor
AL19   RSRZOLD        Remote File System Monitor
AMRP   RMCPAMRP       Send Stock/Requirements List
AM04   SAPMA01A       Changes to Asset Classes
AM05   RACSTABL       Lock Asset Class
ANHAL  RAVCLUST       Maintain Cutoff Value Key
ANKA   RAMUST03       Directory of asset classes
ANKL   AWIZ_ANKL      Generate Asset Classes
ANK0   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data
ANK1   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.
ANK2   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations
ANK3   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.
ANK4   RAVCLUST       Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data
ANVEST RAVCLUST       Maintain Investment Support Measure
AOBK   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Reduction rules
AOLA   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab
AO21   RAVCLUST       Screen layout for deprec. areas
AO33   RAVCLUST       Net worth tax field selection
AO42   RAVCLUST       Insurance field selection
AO51   RAVCLUST       Leasing field selection
AO67   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO68   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO73   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO74   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO75   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO76   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO77   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO78   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO79   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO80   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO81   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO82   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO83   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
AO88   RAVCLUST       Acct.Assignmt for Investment Suppor
AO91   RACSTABL       Specify field group authorization
AO92   RACSTABL       Logical field groups
ARKO   RVEXARIN       KOBRA: Archiving
ARQ0   RAQUER01       FIAA - Ad hoc reports
ARTE   RWARTREPL      Replace Articles in Layout Modules
ART0   RATREE00       FIAA - Info system
AR01   RABEST_ALV01   Call Asset List
AR02   RAGITT_ALV01   Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03   RAHAFA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation List
AR04   RAKAFA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation + Interest Lis
AR05   RAZUGA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Acquisition List
AR06   RAABGA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Retirement List
AR07   RAUMBU_ALV01   Call Up Asset Transfer List
AR08   RABIKA_ALV01   Call Up Depreciation Compare List
AR09   RAVERM_ALV01   Call Up Property List
AR10   RAVERS_ALV01   Call Up Insurance List
AR11   RAINZU10       Investment Grants
AR11N  RAINZU10N      Investment Grants
AR12   RAANLA_ALV01   Call Up Asset Directory
AR13   RAKOPL02       Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AR14   RAMAFA_ALV01   Call Up Manual Depreciation List
AR15   RAAEND01       Changes to Master Record
AR16   RAAEND02       Changes to Asset Classes
AR17   RALEAS01       Call Up Leasing Liability List
AR18   RASIMU02       Call Up Depr.Simulation
AR19   RAHERK01       Call Up List of Origins
AR20   RAUSAG_ALV01   Retirement comparison
AR21   RAUSMQ10       Mid-quarter Alert Report
AR22   RAUSAG_ALV04   Analysis of retirment revenue
AR23   RAITAR01       Italy: Asset register
AR24   RAITAR02       Italy: Assets at 3rd party
AR25   RAGAFA_ALV01   Depreciation posted
AR26   RASOPO_ALV01   Call up special reserve list
AR27   RAKOMP_ALV01   Call up: Group asset list
AR28   RAHIST02       Call up asset history
AR29   RAAUFW01       FI-AA Manual Revaluation
AR29N  RAAUFW02       Re- and New Valuation of Assets
AR30   RAWORK01       Display Worklist
AR31   RAWORK10       Edit Worklist
AR32   RABEST_ALV01   Call Create Worklist
AR32N  RABEST_ALV01   Call Create Worklist
AS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB     Archive File Browser
ASCC   SAPLASEL       Assets on My Cost Center - GUI Vers
ASEM   SAPLASEL       My assets
ASIM   SAPLAMDP_OLD   Simulation of asset posting
ASKB   RAPERB00       Periodic Asset Postings
ASKBN  RAPERB2000     Periodic APC Posting Run
ASMN   MENUASMN       Asset Master Menu
AS01   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Master Record
AS02   SAPLAIST       Change Asset Master Record
AS03   SAPLAIST       Display Asset Master Record
AS04   SAPMA01A       Asset Changes
AS05   SAPLAIST       Block Asset Master Record
AS06   SAPLAIST       Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.
AS08   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges:Asset Number
AS100  SAPMALSMEX     Legacy Data Transfer using Excel
AS11   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Subnumber
AS21   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset
AS22   SAPLAIST       Change Group Asset
AS23   SAPLAIST       Display Group Asset
AS24   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset Subnumber
AS25   SAPLAIST       Block group asset
AS26   SAPLAIST       Mark group asset for deletion
AS81   SAPLAIST       Create Old Group Assets Data
AS82   SAPLAIST       Change old group asset
AS83   SAPLAIST       Display old group asset
AS84   SAPLAIST       Create legacy group asset subnumber
AS91   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset
AS92   SAPLAIST       Change Old Asset
AS93   SAPLAIST       Display Old Asset
AS94   SAPLAIST       Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
ATPS   SAPLATPS       ATP Check: Send Customizing
ATRA   SAPMS38T       ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
AT01   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Master Record (old)
AT02   SAPLAIST       Change Asset Master Record (old)
AT03   SAPLAIST       Display Asset Master Record (old)
AT11   SAPLAIST       Create Asset Subnumber (Old)
AT21   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset (old)
AT22   SAPLAIST       Change Group Asset (old)
AT23   SAPLAIST       Display Group Asset (old)
AT24   SAPLAIST       Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)
AT81   SAPLAIST       Create Old Group Asset (old)
AT82   SAPLAIST       Change Old Group Asset (old)
AT83   SAPLAIST       Display Old Group Asset (old)
AT84   SAPLAIST       Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old
AT91   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset (old)
AT92   SAPLAIST       Change Old Asset (old)
AT93   SAPLAIST       Display Old Asset (old)
AT94   SAPLAIST       Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)
AUFW   RAVCLUST       Maintain Revaluation Measures
AUN0   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN1   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN10  RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN11  RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN2   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN3   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN4   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN5   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN6   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN7   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN8   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN9   RAUMFE20       FI-AA Asset Summary
AUT01  AUT_CUST01     Configuration of Logging
AUT03  AUT_CUST01     Display Configuration
AUT04  AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text Logs
AUT05  AUT_DEL05      Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10  AUT_REP10      Evaluation of Audit Trail
AUVA   RAUNVA00       FI-AA Incomplete Assets
AWW1   SAPMAWW1       Start asset information via ALEWEB
AW01   AW01N          Asset Explorer
AW01N  AW01N          Asset Explorer
AXPD   RXPDANALYSIS   Progress Tracking Evaluations
BALA   MENUBALA       ALE Application menu
BALD   MENUBALD       ALE Development
BALE   MENUBALE       Area Menu for Administration
BALM   MENUBALM       ALE Master data
BAUP   RFBVALL_0      Bank Data Transfer
BA10   SAPBAL10       Subsystem Configuration
BBPS   SAPMBBPS       EBP Order Status Tracking
BCA0   MENUBCA0       BP: Business Partner - Applic.Cust.
BCG7   MBARCBSP       Bar chart: Call model graphic
BC15   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner
BDA5   RBDSEDOC       Distribute documents
BDBG   SAPLBDBG       Create ALE Interface for BAPI
BDBP   SAPLBDBH       Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param
BDBR   SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for Data Transfer
BDBS   SAPLBDMP       Generate coding for mapping
BDCP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ALE_CP
BDC5   RBDCUS70       Consistency of Customizing Data
BDD5   RBDCUS71       Application Consistency Check
BDFDF  RBDFEFUND      Request Fund
BDFDS  RBDSEFUND      Send fund
BDFG   SAPLBDFG       ALE Interfaces from Function Module
BDLR   SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer program
BDLS   RBDLSMAP       Convert Logical System Names
BDLSS  SAPLBDLS       Converting Logical System Names
BDMC   RBDMCCOP       Upload info structures
BDMO   RBDMONI4       ALE CCMS Group Administration
BDM2   RBDMOIN8       Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
BDM5   RBDCUS19       Technical Consistency Check
BDM6   RBDMOINF       Monitor: Check input workflow
BDM7   RBDAUD01       ALE Audit: statistical analyses
BDM8   RBDSTATE       ALE Audit: Sending the confirmation
BDM9   RBDAUD02       Reorganizing the audit database
BDN1   BDSFIND_1      Business Document Service: Document
BDRC   SAPLBDRC       ALE: Determine Recovery Objects
BDRL   RBDRCOBJ       ALE: Process recovery objects
BDR1   RBDRCLOG       Display application log for recover
BDR2   RBDRCCLR       Reorganization of recovery data
BDTP   SAPLBDDISTMODELBusiness Process- Maintain Template
BDWE02 RBDSTARTWE02   Call we02
BDXA   RBDCUS48       Distribution of Distribution Groups
BDXD   RBDCUS47       Import of ALE Requests
BDXE   RBDCUS44       Generation of ALE Requests
BDXI   RBDCUS51       Model Display (Specific)
BDXJ   SAPLBAL2       Maintenance of Distribution Groups
BDXK   RBDCUS40       Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist.Grou
BDXL   RBDCUS57       Forward ALE Requests
BDXM   RBDCUS58       Analysis of Log Table
BDXN   RBDCUS59       Analyze Inbound Log Table
BDXQ   RBDCUS64       IMG Display of Distribution Groups
BD10   RBDSEMAT       Send Material
BD100  RBDIDOCCHAN    IDoc display object channel view
BD101  RBDSERCHECK    Consistency check
BD11   RBDFEMAT       Get Material
BD12   RBDSEDEB       Send customer
BD13   RBDFEDEB       Get customer
BD14   RBDSECRE       Send vendor
BD15   RBDFECRE       Open vendor
BD16   RBDSECOS       Send Cost Center
BD17   RBDFECOS       Get Cost Center
BD18   RBDSEGLM       Send General Ledger Account
BD19   RBDFEGLM       Get General Ledger Account
BD20   RBDAPP01       IDoc passed to application
BD21   RBDMIDOC       Select change pointer
BD22   RBDCPCLR       Delete change pointers
BD23   RBDSRCLR       Delete serialization data
BD24   RBDSECOE       Send Cost Elements
BD25   RBDSECOA       Send Activity Type
BD26   RBDFECOA       Get Activity Type
BD27   RBDSEACT       Send cost center activity prices
BD28   RBDSECOK       Send obj/cost element control data
BD30   RBDSEBOM       Distribute material object list
BD31   RBDSEBMD       Distribute document object list
BD32   RBDSEPAM       Distribute plant allocations(matBOM
BD33   RBDSESTT       Distribute material variants (ALE)
BD34   RBDSEORD       Distribute order BOM
BD35   RGSALEBP       Send Business Process Groups
BD36   RBDSEBPS       Send Business Processes
BD37   RBDSEBPT       Send Business Process Price
BD40   RBDSER01       Read change pointer for group
BD41   RBDSER02       Dispatch IDocs for group
BD42   RBDSER03       Check IDocs for group
BD43   RBDSER04       Post IDocs for group
BD53   RBDIDOCR       Reduction of Message Types
BD61   RBDTBDA1       Activate Change Pointers - Generall
BD62   SAPMKCDB       Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD63   RBDCUS02       Transport ALE Tables of Message Typ
BD64   SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution Model
BD70   RBDCUS03       Synchronize Number Ranges
BD72   RBDEVACT       Activate Events
BD73   RBDMANIN       Reposting of IDocs (ALE)
BD75   RBDMOIND       Convert IDoc Status
BD77   RBDTRAN1       Distribution of control data
BD78   RBDTRAN2       Monitoring control data distributio
BD79   SAPMBKCD       Maintain IDoc Conversion Rules
BD82   RBDCUS15       Generate Partner Profiles
BD83   RBDAGAIN       Send IDocs after an ALE error
BD84   RBDAGAI2       Post IDocs after ALE error
BD85   RBDCUS23       Consistency check for transfer
BD86   RBDCUS26       Consistency check for sales
BD87   RBDMON00       Status Monitor for ALE Messages
BD89   RBDCUS31       Control data model. - initial scree
BD91   RBDSECHR       Send Characteristic
BD92   RBDSECLS       Send Class
BD93   RBDSECLF       Send Classification
BD97   RBDSDEST       Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems
BD98   RBDCONCH       Consistency Check Workflow Connectn
BERE   RFOPFI00       Business Event Repository
BERP   RFOPFI01       Business Processes
BERPC  RFOPFI01       Business Processes
BGMN   MENUBGMN       Warranty Processing
BGM1   SAPLBG00       Create Master Warranty
BGM2   SAPLBG00       Change Master Warranty
BGM3   SAPLBG00       Display Master Warranty
BGM6   SAPLBG00       Warranty Entry for Technical Object
BG00   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR
BIBS   SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design
BIBU   SAPMBIBU       Test Transaction User Interface
BIC    RFBVBIC_0      Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas
BKDR   SAPLKCD0       Maintain transfer rules
BKDS   BKD_START      Sender Structure Maintenance
BMBC   RVBBINCO       Batch Information Cockpit
BMCC   RVBCUOBJ       Integrity Check for Batch Classif.
BMCHCL SAPMMCHCL      Batch Class Conversion
BMC1   RVBM00LT       Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMC2   RVBM00LT       Change Class (Class type 'BATCH')
BMC3   RVBM00LT       Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMSM   RVBSTMRK       Update the standard features
BMVN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID
BMV0   RBMVSHOW       Manage Data Transfers
BM00   MENUBM00       Batch Management
BP     SAPLBUPA_DIALOGMaintain Business Partner
BPB1   BPREP001       Evaluation of Business Partner/Role
BPB2   BPREP002       Evaluation of Business Parter Data
BPB4   BPREP003       Evaluation of Partner Relationships
BPCA   CHDOC_ENTRY    Partner:Change Documents - Addresse
BPCD   CHDOC_ENTRY    Business Partner: Change Documents
BPCF   RFTBPCD1       TRGP: Change Documents
BPCG   RFTBPCD2       TRGP: Change Documents Addresses
BPC1   SAPMBP01       Create Business Partner
BPC2   SAPMBP01       Change Business Partner
BPC3   SAPMBP01       Display Business Partner
BPC4   SAPMBP01       Create Bus. Partner Using Reference
BPC5   SAPMBP01       Change Business Partner - Copy
BPMD   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab
BPMDCS RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab
BPMDFI RAVC0ALA       Customer Company Code Master Data
BPMDGD RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab
BPMDSD RAVC0ALA       Customer Company Code Master Data
BP0    SAPLBUPA_DIALOGBusiness Partner; Initial Screen
BRF    BRF_SCREEN_STARBusiness Rule Framework
BSVV   SAPMBSVW       Parameterizable status workflow evn
BSVW   RSBSVW01       Linkage Status Update-Workflow Even
BSV1   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for transaction
BSV2   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for system status
BSV3   RBSVDISP       Where-used list for object type
BSV4   RBSVDISP       Status Profile Overview
BS02   SAPMBSVA       Maintain status profiles
BS03   SAPMBSVA       Display status profiles
BS12   SAPMBSVB       Maintain object types
BS13   SAPMBSVB       Display object types
BS22   SAPMBSVB       Maintain system status
BS23   SAPMBSVB       Display system status
BS32   SAPMBSVB       Maintain processes
BS33   SAPMBSVB       Display processes
BUA1   BUSSTART       Create contact person
BUA2   BUSSTART       Change contact person
BUA3   BUSSTART       Display contact person
BUBD   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Applications
BUBE   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Views
BUBF   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Sections
BUBG   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Screens
BUBH   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Screen Seq. Variants
BUBI   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Events
BUBJ   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: GUI Standard Functions
BUBK   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: GUI Addl Functions
BUBL   BUSVIEWS       BuPR:Assgn Scr.Field->Database Fiel
BUBM   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Tables
BUBN   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Field Groups
BUBO   BUSVIEWS       BuPR: Field Grouping (Criteria)
BUBP   BUPRELVW       BuPR: Field Grping Using Rel. Cat.
BUBQ   BUPRELVW       BuPR: Field Grp. Using Role Def.Cat
BUBR   BUSVIEWS       BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust)
BUBV   BUPRELDI       BP: Maintenance Without Dialog
BUBW   BUBFILED       BP: Generate Test File (DI)
BUBX   BUSVIEWS       BP: Activities
BUBY   BUSVIEWS       BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl)
BUBZ   BUSVIEWS       BP: External Applications
BUB1   BUPRELCR       BuPR: Create BP relationship
BUB2   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Change BP relationship
BUB3   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Display BP relationship
BUB4   BUPRELCR       BuPR: Create BP role definition
BUB5   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Change BP role definition
BUB6   BUPRELSU       BuPR: Display BP role definition
BUB9   SAPMSNUM       BuPR: No. range maintenance: BP rel
BUCF   SAPMSNUM       BP Cust: Number Ranges
BUCG   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: BP Role Field Grouping
BUCH   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Field Grouping Activity
BUCJ   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Authorization Types
BUCN   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Field Grps f. Authorizatio
BUCO   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Screen Configuration
BUCP   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Fld.modif.exter.applicatio
BUCS   BUSVIEWS       BP-Cust: Notes on Roles
BUCU   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust: Where-Used List
BUCV   BUSVIEWS       BP Cust. Field Grouping Appl.Object
BUG1   BUSSTART       Create Business Partner; General
BUG2   BUSSTART       Change Business Partner; General
BUG3   BUSSTART       Display Business Partner; General
BUG4   BUSSTART       Bus. partner general deletion flag
BUI1   BUSSTART       Create Inter. Party
BUI2   BUSSTART       Change Prospect
BUI3   BUSSTART       Display Prospect
BUMR   MENUBUMR       BP Relationships: Config. Menu
BUM1   BUSSTART       Create Employee (BP)
BUM2   BUSSTART       Change Employee (BP)
BUM3   BUSSTART       Display Employee (BP)
BUNA   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: BP_PADRNR
BUPT   MENUBUPT       Business Partner Configuration Menu
BUP0   BUSSTART       BDT; Multiple Call (Funct. Grp BUSS
BUP1   BUSSTART       Create Business Partner
BUP2   BUSSTART       Change Business Partner
BUP3   BUSSTART       Display Business Partner
BUSB   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB Field
BUSC   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Field Grouping Criteria
BUSE   BUSVIEWS       BDT: BP Role Groupings
BUSF   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Application Transactions
BUSG   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Tables
BUSH   BUSVIEWS       BDT: External applications
BUSI   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Activities
BUSJ   BUSVIEWS       BP Control: FuncMod. Activity (Ctrl
BUSO   BUPVIEWS       BP Cust: BP Cat. Field Grouping
BUSP   BUSCRCNT       Generate Screen Containers
BUS1   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Applications
BUS10  BUSVIEWS       BDT: Search Help
BUS11  BUSVIEWS       BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Grou
BUS2   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Field Groups
BUS23  BUSVIEWS       BP Tax: Data Sets
BUS3   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Views
BUS4   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Sections
BUS5   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Screens
BUS6   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Screen Sequences
BUS7   BUSVIEWS       BDT: Events
BUS8   BUSVIEWS       BDT: GUI Standard Functions
BUS9   BUSVIEWS       BDT: GUI Additional Functions
BUTI   BUPTDARK       Update Without Dialog
BUTJ   BUPFILED       Generate Test File (DI)
BV01   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree
BV02   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen
BV03   SAPMF69N_CORE  BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init.Scree
BV11   SAPMF69N       BAV Display / Securities Init.Scree
BV12   SAPMF69N       BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen
BV13   SAPMF69N_CORE  BAV Display/ Real Estate Init.Scree
BWCA   SAPLBW05       SAPoffice: Internet Calendar
BWSP   SAPLBW02       SAPoffice: WWW
BWST   SAPLPSST       Gener. DataSource for BW Status Obj
BW01   RGUCBIW0_PI    Generate FI-SL Extract Structure
BW03   RGUCBIW1_PI    Assign DataSource/Ledger
BW07   RPHASETS       BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW
BW09   RPHALPRH       BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP B
BW10   RPHALGEN       BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW
BYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation Systems
B1B2   RPCYERK3       Create Magnetic Media files
CAAT   RVFTCAAT       Foreign Trade Atrium
CAA0   SAPMC27V       Process instr. usage in recipes
CAA5   SAPMC27V       Mass replace proc.instr. in mst.rcp
CACS   CACSMENUE      Commission System: Main Menu
CACS_A RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
CACS_B RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
CACS_C SAPMKCIC       Manage Comments for Commissions
CACS_D RKDREPDV       Distribute Report
CACS_G RKE_CALL_VC_TKEComn Report Characteristics Groups
CACS_H SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
CACS_J RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
CACS_K RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures
CACS_M SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Drilldown Commissions
CACS_O RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
CACS_P RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
CACS_Q RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
CACS_R RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
CACS_S RKDSTRUC       Display Structure
CACS_T RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown
CACS_U SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
CACS_V RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
CACS_W SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
CACS_X RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CACS_Y RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
CACS_Z RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
CACS_0 SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
CACS_1 SAPMKCEE       Create Report
CACS_2 SAPMKCEE       Change Report
CACS_3 SAPMKCEE       Display Report
CACS_4 SAPMKES1       Create Form
CACS_5 SAPMKES1       Change Form
CACS_6 SAPMKES1       Display Form
CACS_7 SAPMKEFB       Maintain Authorization Obj. Present
CACS_8 SAPMKEFB       Display Authorization Obj.Presentat
CAC0   MENUCAC0       Master recipe menu
CAC2   SAPLBZFC       Time Sheet: Field Selection
CAC7   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CATS
CAC8   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CATS_INTR
CADE   RCATSDEL       CATS: Delete Transaction Data
CADO   CATSSHOW       Time Sheet: Display Data
CANM   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_M
CANR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_R
CAOR   CATSSHOW       Display Report (Structure-Related)
CAPP   CATSSHOW       CATS: Object-Related Approval
CAPS   RCATSC01       Approve Times: Master Data
CATA   RCATSTAL       Transfer to Target Components
CATC   RCATSCMP       Time Sheet: Time Leveling
CATI   MENUCATI       CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATM   SAPLMLCT       Selection From Time Recording
CATP   MENUCATP       CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATR   RCATSRIF       Reorganize Interface Tables
CATS   MENUCATS       CATS: Cross-Application Time
CATSWF RCATSB01       CATS Workflow
CATSXC RCATSXT_START_CCustomizing: CATS for Service Prov.
CATW   SAPLCATS_ITS   Record Working Time
CAT2   SAPLCATS       Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CAT3   SAPLCATS       Time Sheet: Display Times
CAT4   RCATSA01       CATS: Approve Data
CAT5   RCATSTPS       Data Transfer CATS -> PS
CAT6   RPTEXTPT       Transfer External -> Time Managemen
CAT7   RCATSTCO       CATS: Transfer Data to CO
CAT8   RCATSBEL       Time Sheet: Document Display
CAT9   RCATSTPM       Data Transfer CATS -> PM/CS
CA00   MENUCA00       Routing Menu
CA01   SAPLCPDI       Create Routing
CA02   SAPLCPDI       Change Routing
CA03   SAPLCPDI       Display Routing
CA10   SAPLC0VL       Std. Text for Task List/Order
CA11   SAPLCPDI       Create Reference Operation Set
CA12   SAPLCPDI       Change Reference Operation Set
CA13   SAPLCPDI       Display Reference Operation Set
CA21   SAPLCPDI       Create Rate Routing
CA22   SAPLCPDI       Change Rate Routing
CA23   SAPLCPDI       Display Rate Routing
CA31   SAPLCPDI       Create Reference Rate Routing
CA32   SAPLCPDI       Change Reference Rate Routing
CA33   SAPLCPDI       Display Reference Rate Routing
CA51   RCPDRK00       Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set; Fields Fixed
CA60   RMPLAN00       Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. Sets
CA61   RCPCD002       Change Documents for Routing
CA62   RCPCD003       Documents for Ref. Op. Sets
CA63   RCPCD004       Change documents for rate routings
CA64   RCPCD005       Change documents for ref. rate rtgs
CA70   SAPMC27V       PRT Where-Used Lists Reporting
CA72   SAPMC27V       PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL Types
CA73   SAPMC27V       Standard Networks for PRT
CA75   SAPMC27V       Mass Replace PRT
CA75N  CP_PRT_MASS_CHAMass Change:Production Resource/Too
CA77   SAPMC27V       Bulk Replacemt PRT: Equip.TL Type
CA78   SAPMC27V       PRT Mass replacemt. in
CA80   SAPMC27V       Work center usage - Task Lists Reporting
CA81   SAPMC27V       Master recipe usage and resources
CA82   SAPMC27V       Where-used Lists EQUI Work Center
CA83   SAPMC27V       Standard Networks for Work Center
CA85   SAPMC27V       Replace Work Center in Task Lists
CA85N  CP_OPR_MASS_CHAMass replacement: work center
CA86   SAPMC27V       Master recipe: replace resources
CA87   SAPMC27V       Mass Replace EQUI Work Center
CA88   SAPMC27V       Mass replace wrk. cntr. in lib.netw
CA90   SAPMC27V       Use of Ref. Op. Set in Routings - Reporting
CA95   SAPMC27V       Replace reference operation set/reference rate routing
CA95N  CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change:Ref.OperationSet Ref.
CA96   SAPLCPSR       Update material master
CA97   SAPLCP13       Mass scheduling using material master
CA97N  RCPMAU03       Material Master Update - New
CA98   RCPREDE2       Deletion of task lists Without archiving
CA99   RCPREDE2       Deletion of task lists With archiving
CBCMOD RCCBPC_0001    Maintain SCP model
CBDE   RMAFRUSY       PDC records with system errors
CBHR11 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Create External Person
CBHR12 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Change External Person
CBHR13 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Display External Person
CBHR21 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Create Authority
CBHR22 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Change Authority
CBHR23 BUSSTART       EHS-INT: Display Authority
CBIHM2 SAPLCBIH_MP00  EHS: Edit Measurement Projects
CBIHM3 SAPLCBIH_MP00  EHS: Display Measurement Projects
CBIH00 MENUCBIH00     Industrial Hygiene and Safety
CBIH02 SAPLCBIH_WA00  EHS: Edit Work Area
CBIH03 SAPLCBIH_WA00  EHS: Display Work Area
CBIH12 SAPLCBIH_ER00  EHS: Edit Risk Assessment
CBIH13 SAPLCBIH_ER00  EHS: Display Risk Assessment
CBIH14 SAPLCBIH_ER10  EHS: Amount Overview
CBIH42 SAPLCBIH_PT00  EHS: Edit Pattern
CBIH43 SAPLCBIH_PT00  EHS: Display Pattern
CBIH50 REHS_OBJ_STATUSEHS: Information on Permitted Statu
CBIH51 RCBIH_QUESTCATAEHS: Call Question Catalog
CBIH52 RCBIH_QUESTIONNEHS: Call General Questionnaire
CBIH72 SAPLCBIH_FA00  EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log Entr
CBIH73 SAPLCBIH_FA00  EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log Entry
CBIH82 SAPLCBIH_IA00  EHS: Change Inc./Acc. Log Entry
CBIH83 SAPLCBIH_IA00  EHS: Display Inc./Acc. Log Entry
CBIH88 SAPLCBIH_ER12  EHS: Data Transfer for Amounts
CBIH89 SAPLCBIH_IA10  EHS: Injury/Illn.Log Data Transfer
CBIH92 RMWBP00        Agent Workbench
CBMRP  SAPLCBPMRP     CBP requirements planning
CBP    MENUCBP        Constraint Based Planning Workbench
CBPV   SAPBPCPV       Uploading PDC messages
CBP1   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP master data download
CBP2   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP transactional data download
CBP3   RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MSOP master data download
CBP4   RCCBP_MRP_MODELStart inintialization (MRP)
CBP5   RCCBP_SOP_PLANNDisplay ext. Planning Log SOP
CBP6   RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. Planning Model Init
CBP7   RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext. Planning
CBWAMD MENUCBWAMD     Waste Management Master Data
CBWA00 MENUCBWA00     Area Menu Waste Management
CB23   SAPBPR52       Download of Master Tables for CC5
CB25   SAPBPR54       Upload Request CC5
CB32   SAPBPM31       Initial Download of Orders via CC3
CB33   SAPBPM32       Download of Master Tables via CC3
CB34   SAPBPM33       Delta Download of Orders via CC3
CB35   SAPBPM34       Upload request for CC3
CB37   SAPBPS41       Initial Download of Activities CC4
CB38   SAPBPS42       Master data download CC4
CB39   SAPBPS43       Delta download of activities CC4
CB40   SAPBPS44       Upload request for CC4
CB42   SAPBPP21       Initial Download of Orders via CC2
CB43   SAPBPP22       Transfer of master data via CC2
CB44   SAPBPP23       Delta Download of Orders via CC2
CB45   SAPBPP24       Upload request for CC2
CCAC   R_CLEAR_CAC    Reset Set-Get Parameter CAC
CCF1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Error Management
CCF2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Error Management
CCF3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Error Management
CCM2   SAPLCCM_CFG_CONConfiguration Control Workbench
CCR    RFPM_CUST_CHECKCustomizing Check Report
CCTM   TECHS_MAINTAIN Maintain Standard Variant
CCV2   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Document Management
CCW1   SAPLCCWF       Task-specific Workflow Customizing
CC00   MENUCC00       Engineering Change Management Menu
CC01   SAPMC29C       Create Change Master
CC02   SAPMC29C       Change Change Master
CC03   SAPMC29C       Display Change Master
CC04   SAPLCPDMOBJECTBDisplay Product Structure
CC05   RCC00500       Change overview
CC06   RCC00800       Flip trace protocoll for user
CC07   RCC01000       Engineering Change Mgmt information
CC11   SAPLCCIN       Create Material Revision Level
CC12   SAPLCCIN       Change Material Revision Level
CC13   SAPLCCIN       Display Material Revision Level
CC15   SAPLCCIN       Change Document Revision Level
CC16   SAPLCCIN       Display Document Revision Level
CC22   SAPMC29C       Change Object Management Records
CC23   SAPMC29C       Display Object Management Record
CC31   SAPMC29C       Create Change Request
CC32   SAPMC29C       Change Change Request
CC33   SAPMC29C       Display Change Request
CC60   RCC00600       Browser hierarchy
CC62   RCC00602       Conversion of change packages
CC90   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for change numbers
CC92   RCCSEECM       Distribute change number
CC93   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TECHS
CEMN   MENUCEMN       Cost Element Accounting
CES1   SAPMGSBM       Create Set (Resource Planning)
CES2   SAPMGSBM       Change Set (Resource Planning)
CES3   SAPMGSBM       Display Set (Resource Planning)
CES4   SAPMGSBM       Delete Set (Resource Planning)
CEVF   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP formulas
CEVM   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP methods
CEVV   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for CAPP processes
CEV1   SAPMGSGM       Create value variable(res. planning
CEV2   SAPMGSGM       Change value variable (res.planning
CEV3   SAPMGSGM       Display value variable(res.planning
CEV4   SAPMGSGM       Delete value variable (res.planning
CEWB   SAPLCPRC       PP: Engineering Workbench
CEWO   CM_WORKBENCH   CE: Structure of product folder
CE00   MENUCE00       Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.value
CE01   SAPLCEU1       CEP: View
CE02   SAPLCEU1       CEP: Transfer
CE03   SAPLCEU1       CEP: Review
CE11   SAPMCEVF       Create standard value formula
CE12   SAPMCEVF       Change standard value formula
CE13   SAPMCEVF       Display standard value formula
CE16   RCCEVU08       Use of CAPP elements (single-level)
CE21   SAPMCEVM       Create standard value method
CE22   SAPMCEVM       Change standard value method
CE23   SAPMCEVM       Display standard value method
CE31   SAPMCEVV       Create standard value process
CE32   SAPMCEVV       Change standard value process
CE33   SAPMCEVV       Display standard value process
CE41   SAPMCEVS       Simulate calculation of std. values
CFC6   RCIFLOGC       Configuration of CIF Application Lo
CFC9   RCIFAPS2       Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIF
CFE01  CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CExport Documents to cFolders
CFE02  CFX_BI_BOM_EXPOExport Objects to cFolders
CFGD   RDELALOG       Delete Application Log Entries
CFG1   RSHOWLOG       Display CIF Application Log
CFG3   CIF_APPL_LOG_SEFind in Application Log
CFI01  CFX_BI_TAB_FROMImport Documents from cFolders
CFI02  CFX_BI_BOM_IMPOImport Objects from cFolders
CFM1   RIMODGEN       Create Integration Model
CFM2   RIMODACT       Manually Activate Integration Model
CFM3   RIMODAC2       Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)
CFM4   RIMODOUT       Display Integration Models
CFM5   RIMODSRH       Integration Model Object Search
CFM6   RIMODMOD       Modify Integration Model
CFM7   RIMODDEL       Delete Integration Model
CFNA   SAPMSNUM       Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH
CFO3   RCIF_TCX00V    Scheduling Parameters in APO CIF
CFP1   RCPTRANS       Analyze and Send Changes
CFP2   RCPQUEUE       Analyze and Send Changes
CFP3   RSPPMCHG       CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes
CFP4   RSPPMDEL       Delete PPM Change Pointer
CFS0   RSTRFCQR       Display Serialization Channels
CF00   MENUCF00       Prod. Resources/Tools Master Menu
CF01   SAPMCFST       Create Production Resource/Tool
CF02   SAPMCFST       Change Production Resource/Tool
CF03   SAPMCFST       Display Production Resources/Tools
CF10   RCFCO110       PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.orde
CF11   RCFCO120       PRT: Use of material in prod. order
CF12   RCFCO130       PRT: Use of document in prod. order
CF13   RCFCO140       PRT: Use of equipment in prod. orde
CF15   RCFCO112       PRT: Use of PRT master in network
CF16   RCFCO122       PRT: Use of material in network
CF17   RCFCO132       PRT: Use of document in network
CF18   RCFCO142       PRT: Use of piece of equip. in netw
CF20   RCFCO111       PRT: Use of PRT master in orders
CF21   RCFCO121       PRT: Use of material in orders
CF22   RCFCO131       PRT: Use of document in orders
CF23   RCFCO141       PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in orders
CF25   RIAUFK20       PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order
CF26   RIAUFK20       PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders
CF27   RIAUFK20       PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders
CF28   RIAUFK20       PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order
CGAB   SAPLC11E       EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. Assgmt
CGAC   SAPLC11E       EHS: Display Phrase Set - Char. Ass
CGBB   RC161AW0       EHS: Initial generation of phr. set
CGBC   RC1H0XLS       EHS: Load XLS Macro Spec Info Syste
CGBD   RCBUI004       EHS: Copy units of measurement
CGB5   SAPMSNUM       EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CLASSR
CGB6   SAPMSNUM       EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CHARCR
CGB7   RCBUI001       EHS: Char;Class;PropTree;ClientCopy
CGB8   RCBUI003       EHS: Batch conversion of AUSP; KSSK
CGB9   RC1XREG0       EHS: Conversion REG_EG -> REG_EU
CGCL2  RMWBP00        Dangerous Goods Workbench
CGCZ   RC14KCMP       Match Up Master Data
CGE2   RMWBP00        Packaging Workbench
CGQM   RC1DATAQMIP    Specify QM Interface
CGSADM SAPLC1SVC      WWI and EH&S Expert Server Admin.
CG00   MENUCG00       Basic Data Environment
CG02   RMWBP00        Substance Workbench
CG02BD RMWBP00        Specification Workbench
CG05   SAPLC100       Distribute Specification
CG1B   SAPLC119       Edit Phrase Sets
CG1C   SAPLC119       Display Phrase Sets
CG12   SAPLC110       Edit Phrases
CG13   SAPLC110       Display Phrases
CG2A   RC100TAC       Create Generation Variant
CG2B   SAPLC12A       Edit Generation Variant
CG2C   SAPLC12A       Display Generation Variant
CG3A   RC1EXPSR       Check Source Export
CG3B   RC1EXPPH       Check Phrase Export
CG3C   RC1EXPSU       Check Specification Export
CG3D   RC1EXPPT       Check Property Tree Export
CG3E   RC1EXPLY       Check Report Template Export
CG3F   RC1IMPSR       Check Source Import
CG3G   RC1IMPPH       Check Phrase Import
CG3H   RC1IMPSU       Check Specification Import
CG3I   RC1IMPPT       Check Property Tree Import
CG3J   RC1IMPRE       Check Report Import
CG3K   RC1IMPLY       Check Report Template Import
CG3L   RC1IMPBB       Check Import Log
CG3Y   RC1TCG3Y       Download file
CG3Z   RC1TCG3Z       Upload file
CG31   SAPLC132       Import Phrases
CG32   SAPLC133       Import Sources
CG33   SAPLC134       Import Specifications
CG34   SAPLC13E       Import Report Template
CG35   SAPLC13C       Import Property Tree
CG36   RC1RIMPS       Import Reports
CG37   SAPLC1L7       Edit Worklist
CG4B   SAPLC1D0       Edit Cover Sheet Template
CG4C   SAPLC1D0       Display Cover Sheet Template
CG4D   SAPLC1D0       Edit Acknowl. of Receipt Template
CG4E   SAPLC1D0       Display Acknowl. of Receipt Templat
CG42   SAPLC1D0       Edit Report Templates
CG43   SAPLC1D0       Display Report Templates
CG5A   RC1AVST1       EHS: manual entry WL generation
CG5B   RC1AVST2       EHS: manual entry WL generation
CG5Z   SAPLC1D8       EHS: WWI server monitor
CG50   SAPLC1G0       Edit Report
CG54   SAPLC1G0       Report Information System
CG55   SAPLC1G0       Validate Report
CG56   SAPLC1G0       Release Report
CG57   SAPLC1G0       Assign Report Versions
CG58   SAPLC1G0       Set Report to Historical
CG59   RC1AVGST       EHS: manual entry WL generation
CIB2   SAPBVKK2       Update CC2 PDC messages
CIB3   SAPBVKK3       Update CC3 PDC messages
CIB4   SAPBVKK4       Update CC4 PDC messages
CIB5   SAPBVKK5       Update CC5 PDC messages
CICS   MENUCICS       Customer Interaction Center
CIC0   SAPMCIC0       Customer Interaction Center
CIC3   RVKUSTA1       Sales Summary
CIC4   CCMARCHLOG     Archiving Logging
CIC5   CCMARCHINSTR   Archiving Infostore
CIC8   MENUCIC8       CIC Customizing Menu (Temporary - L
CIF    MENUCIF        APO Core Interface
CIPV   CIBDVERB       Posting PDC records
CIP2   CIBDVERB       CC2: Update PDC messages
CIP3   CIBDVERB       CC3: Update PDC messages
CIP4   CIBDVERB       CC4: Update PDC messages
CIP5   CIBDVERB       CC5: Update PDC messages
CI10   SAPPPKOM       Cust: Select Techn. Param. for Comm
CI21   CIBDKAKO       Communication parameters for KANBAN
CI23   CIBDKAGR       Download master data for Kanban
CI25   SAPCDUP5       Upload Request in KK5
CI31   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PM
CI32   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PM
CI33   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PM
CI34   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PM
CI35   SAPCDUP3       Generate Upload Request CC3
CI36   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PS
CI37   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PS
CI38   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PS
CI39   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PS
CI40   SAPCDUP4       Generate Upload Request CC4
CI41   CIBDKOMM       Communication parameters for PP
CI42   CIBDOPGR       Init. transfer of operations for PP
CI42N  CIBDOP_DOWN_PP PP-PDC: Download Operations
CI43   CIBDSTTA       Transfer of master data for PP
CI44   CIBDOPDE       Delta transfer of operations for PP
CI45   SAPCDUP2       Generate Upload Request CC2
CI45N  CIBDCONF_REQUESGenerate Upload Request CC2
CI50   RCPIBA00       Transfer production requirements
CI51   RCPIBZ00       Transfer production commitments
CJA1   SAPLKAZB       Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.
CJA2   SAPLKAZB       Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.
CJBBS1 RCNCO085       Planning Board Report Assignment
CJBBS2 RCNCO086       Structure Overview Report Asst
CJBN   RBPFCPN1       Reconstruct Availability Control
CJBV   BPINDX00       Activate Project Availabilty Contro
CJBW   RBPFCPD1       Deactivate Project Availabilty Cntr
CJB1   SAPLKAZB       Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.
CJB2   SAPLKAZB       Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.
CJCD   RCJCD002       Change documents: WBS
CJCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Project Commitments
CJCO   RBPGJA01       Carry Forward Project Budget
CJCS   RCJCD001       Standard WBS
CJC1   RKPORSSET      Maintenance Dialog for Per.
CJC2   RKPORSSET      Maintain Planned Status Changes
CJEA   RCNCO082       Call Hierarchy Report
CJEB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing; Hier.Reports
CJEC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Project Crcy Trans.Type
CJEK   RCNCCP10       Copy Interfaces/Reports
CJEM   SAPMKCB9       Project Reports: Test Monitor
CJEN   PS_RPSCO_REBUILReconstruct: Summarized Proj.Data
CJEO   RCNRCJEO       Transport Reports
CJEP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
CJEQ   RCNRCJES       Import Reports from Client
CJET   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown
CJEV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
CJEX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CJEY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
CJEZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
CJE0   SAPMKCEE       Run Hierarchy Report
CJE1   SAPMKCEE       Create Hierarchy Report
CJE2   SAPMKCEE       Change Hierarchy Report
CJE3   SAPMKCEE       Display Hierarchy Report
CJE4   SAPMKES1       Create Project Report Layout
CJE5   SAPMKES1       Change Project Report Layout
CJE6   SAPMKES1       Display Project Report Layout
CJFA   RFFMRP84       Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cas
CJFN   RFFMS300       CBM Payment Converter
CJF1   SAPMKFPR       Create Transfer Price Agreement
CJF2   SAPMKFPR       Change Transfer Price Agreement
CJF3   SAPMKFPR       Display Transfer Price Agreement
CJF4   RKFPP001       Transfer Price Agreement List
CJG1   SAPMKFPR       Enter Transfer Price Allocation
CJG3   SAPMKFPR       Display Transfer Price Allocation
CJG4   RKFPI001       Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
CJG5   SAPMKFPR       Cancel Transfer Price Allocation
CJH1   PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project Inheritance
CJH2   PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance Log
CJIA   RKPEP010       Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIs
CJIB   RKPEP011       Project Plan Payment Line Items
CJIC   RKPEP012       Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJID   RKPEP012       Display Project Settlement Line Itm
CJIE   RKPEP012       Projects: Retirement LI Settlement
CJIF   RKPEP015       Projects: Profitability Analysis LI
CJIG   RKAEP000       Display PS Cash Documents
CJI1   RKPEP008       Project Budget Line Items
CJI2   RCNEP002       Budget Line Items: Document Chain
CJI3   RKPEP003       Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJI4   RKPEP004       Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJI5   RKPEP005       Project Commitment Line Items
CJI8   RKPEP008       Project Budget Line Items
CJI9   RKPEP009       Project Struct.Pld Costs Line Items
CJJ2   SAPMGPLN       Change Statistical Key Figures
CJJ3   SAPMGPLN       Display Statistical Key Figures
CJK2   RPNPLPLN       Change Statistical Key Figures
CJK3   RPNPLPLN       Display Statistical Key Figures
CJL2   KFPSDUMMY      Collective Agreement
CJNO   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELN
CJN1   SAPLKAZB       Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Ind.Pro
CJN2   SAPLKAZB       Reval.    ACT:  Projects    Col.Pro
CJO8   SAPLKAZB       Overhead  COMM: Projects    Ind.Pro
CJO9   SAPLKAZB       Overhead  COMM: Projects    Col.Pro
CJPN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Item
CJPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Project Plan Adjustment
CJP1   SAPMKPU1       Create Project Plan Adjustment
CJP2   SAPMKPU1       Change Project Plan Adjustment
CJP3   SAPMKPU1       Display Project Plan Adjustment
CJP4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Project Plan Adjustment
CJR2   RPSPF100       PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR3   RPSPF100       PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR4   RPSPF100       PS: Change plan primary cost elemen
CJR5   RPSPF100       PS: Display plan primary cost elem.
CJR6   RPSPF100       PS: Change activity input planning
CJR7   RPSPF100       PS: Display activity input planning
CJR8   RPSPF100       PS: Change revenue type planning
CJR9   RPSPF100       PS: Display Revenue Element Plannin
CJSA   RKPSEIS1       Data Transfer to SAP-EIS
CJSB   RKPSEIS2       Select Key Figure and Characteristi
CJSG   RKPSETG0       Generate WBS Element Group
CJSN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Projects
CJS2   RPSPF100       PS: Change stat. key figure plannin
CJS3   RPSPF100       PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJS4   RPSPF100       PS: Change stat. key figure plannin
CJS5   RPSPF100       PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJT2   RKPEP010       Project Actual Payment Line Items
CJVC   RCNCC020       Value Category Checking Program
CJV1   SAPLCJTR       Create project version (simulation)
CJV2   SAPLCJTR       Change project version (simulation)
CJV3   SAPLCJTR       Display project version (simulation
CJV4   SAPMCNVS       Transfer project
CJV5   SAPMCNVS       Delete simulation version
CJV6   SAPLCJVK       Maintenance: Version administration
CJV7   SAPMCNVS       Display transfer log
CJW1   RBPEWU1P       EURO: Adjust Project Budget
CJZ1   SAPLKAZB       Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc
CJZ2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc
CJZ3   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ5   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.
CJZ6   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Pr
CJZ7   SAPLKAZB       Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc
CJZ8   SAPLKAZB       Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc
CJZ9   SAPLKAZB       Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.
CJ00   RCSIGSEA       Find Digital Signatures
CJ01   SAPLCJWB       Create Work Breakdown Structure
CJ02   SAPLCJWB       Change Work Breakdown Structure
CJ03   SAPLCJWB       Display Work Breakdown Structure
CJ06   SAPLCJWB       Create Project Definition
CJ07   SAPLCJWB       Change Project Definition
CJ08   SAPLCJWB       Display Project Definition
CJ11   SAPLCJWB       Create WBS Element
CJ12   SAPLCJWB       Change WBS Element
CJ13   SAPLCJWB       Display WBS Element
CJ14   RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay WBS Element (From DMS)
CJ2A   SAPLCJTR       Display structure planning
CJ2B   SAPLCJTR       Change project planning board
CJ2C   SAPLCJTR       Display project planning board
CJ2D   SAPLCJTR       Structure planning
CJ20   SAPLCJTR       Structure planning
CJ20N  SAPLCNPB_M     Project Builder
CJ21   SAPLCJTR       Change Basic Dates
CJ22   SAPLCJTR       Display Basic Dates
CJ23   SAPLCJTR       Change Forecast Dates
CJ24   SAPLCJTR       Display Forecast Dates
CJ25   SAPLCJTR       Change Actual Dates
CJ26   SAPLCJTR       Display Actual Dates
CJ27   SAPLCJTR       Project planning board
CJ29   SAPLCJTR       Update WBS (Forecast)
CJ3A   SAPMKBUB       Change Budget Document
CJ3B   SAPMKBUB       Display Budget Document
CJ30   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Original Budget
CJ31   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Original Budget
CJ32   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Release
CJ33   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Release
CJ34   SAPMKBUA       Project Budget Transfer
CJ35   SAPMKBUA       Budget Return from Project
CJ36   SAPMKBUA       Budget Supplement to Project
CJ37   SAPMKBUD       Budget Supplement in Project
CJ38   SAPMKBUD       Budget Return in Project
CJ40   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Plan
CJ41   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Plan
CJ42   SAPMKBUD       Change Project Revenues
CJ43   SAPMKBUD       Display Project Revenues
CJ44   SAPLKAZB       Act. overhd: Projects; ind. process
CJ45   SAPLKAZB       Act. ovhd: Projects; coll. process.
CJ46   SAPLKAZB       Plnd ovrhd: Projects; ind. process.
CJ47   SAPLKAZB       Pld Overhead: Projects; Coll.Procss
CJ48   PP_PSZ_RUN     Change Payment Planning: Init.Scree
CJ49   PP_PSZ_RUN     Display Payment Planning: Init.Scrn
CJ7E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ7G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ7M   RKPEP004       Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJ7N   RKPEP012       Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.
CJ70   RKPEP012       Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJ72   RKPEP012       Project: Act. amt. line item settlm
CJ74   RKPEP003       Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJ76   RKPEP005       Project Commitment Line Items
CJ8A   SAPLKO71       Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM
CJ8G   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Projects/Network
CJ8V   RKPVAR00       Period Close for Project Selection
CJ80   RCNCO081       Availability Control - Overview
CJ81   RCNCO083       Update Report List
CJ88   SAPLKO71       Settle Projects and Networks
CJ9B   SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)
CJ9BS  SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9C   SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective
CJ9CS  SAPMKPT4       Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9D   RCNCP001       Copy Plan Versions
CJ9E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9ECP RECP_PS        Project System: Easy Cost Planning
CJ9F   SAPMKPT4       Copy Project Costing (Collective)
CJ9FS  SAPMKPT4       Copy Project Costing (Indiv.)
CJ9G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Projects
CJ9K   RCNNEUPD       Network Costing
CJ9L   SAPLKAZB       Forecast Costs: Individual Projects
CJ9M   SAPLKAZB       Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc.
CJ9Q   RCNCQ002       Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.
CJ9QS  RCNCQ001       Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.
CJ91   SAPLCJSS       Create Standard WBS
CJ92   SAPLCJSS       Change Standard WBS
CJ93   SAPLCJSS       Display Standard WBS
CKAV   SAPMAVCK       Check availability
CKA1   RBDSECOP       Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.
CKCM   SAPRCKMODEL    Costing Model
CKC1   SAPRCKCU       Check Costing Variant
CKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH   Easy Cost Planning: Central Access
CKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige für Leistungsarte
CKMB   SAPLCKMD       Display Material Ledger Document
CKMC   SAPRCKMU       Consistency Check for a Material
CKMCCC SAPLCKMMC      Manual Change: Act. Cost Comp. Spli
CKMCCD SAPLCKMMC      ManChang: Display Actual CC Split
CKMCCS SAPLCKM8       Display Actual Cost Component Split
CKMD   SAPRCKMR       Transactions for a Material
CKME   SAPRCKM_PRCH   Activation of Planned Prices
CKMF   ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow Price Determination
CKMG   ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow Closing Entries
CKMH   SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price Determination
CKMJ   ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational Measures
CKML   MENUCKML       Actual Costing/Material Ledger
CKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT   Cockpit Actual Costing
CKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22   Debit/Credit Material
CKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22   Debit or Credit Material
CKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple Currencies
CKMLPC SAPRCKM_MR21   Price Change
CKMLQS CKML_QSTREE    Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level
CKMM   SAPRCKM2_NEU   Change Price Determination
CKMPCD SAPLCKMD       Display Price Change Document
CKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT   Maintain Planned Prices
CKMR   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection Material Ledger
CKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair Program for ML Tables
CKMS   SAPRCKMS       Material Ledger Docs for Material
CKM3   SAPLCKM8       Material Price Analysis
CKM3N  SAPLCKM8N      Material Price Analysis
CKM9   SAPRCKMG       Show Customizing Settings for Plant
CKNR   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges: KALK
CKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML Costing Run
CKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Create Profile
CKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Change Profile
CKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Display Profile
CKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Selection
CKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML Costing Run
CKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing Run
CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing Runs
CKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Levels
CKR1   SAPRCKR1       Reorganization in Product Costing
CKR5   SAPRCKR7       Reorganize in Background
CKUC   CKEKMULTILEVELCMultilevel Unit Costing
CKU1   SAPRCK23       Update Material Price
CKVF   SAPRCKVF       Show Whether Marking/Release Allowe
CKWE   SAPRCKVK       Determine Value Added
CKW1   SAPLCKWB       Create Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW3   SAPLCKWB       Display Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW4   SAPLCKWB       Activate Production Lot Cost Est.
CK00   MENUCK00       Product costing initial screen
CK11   SAPLCKDI       Create Product Cost Estimate
CK11N  SAPLCKDI       Create Material Cost Estimate
CK13   SAPMC64S       Display Product Cost Estimate
CK13N  SAPLCKDI       Display Material Cost Estimate
CK22   SAPRCK23       Organizational Measure
CK24   SAPRCK23       Price Update with Cost Estimate
CK31   SAPRCK32       Print Log of Costing Run
CK32   SAPRCKBA       CK BATCH: Print logs
CK33   SAPRCK33       Comparison of Itemizations
CK40N  SAPRCKCC       Edit Costing Run
CK41   SAPMC64S       Create Costing Run
CK42   SAPMC64S       Change Costing Run
CK43   SAPMC64S       Display Costing Run
CK44   SAPRCK44       Delete Costing Run
CK45   SAPRCKBA       Delete Costing Run in Background
CK51   SAPLCKDI       Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK51N  SAPLCKDI       Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53   SAPLCKDI       Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53N  SAPLCKDI       Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK55   SAPRCK_MCSO    Mass Costing - Sales Documents
CK60   SAPRCK60       Preselection for Material/Plant
CK61   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing
CK62   SAPRCK62       Find Structure: BOM Explosion
CK63   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing
CK64   SAPMC64S       Run: Cost Estimate of Objects
CK65   SAPRCKBA       CK Batch Processing
CK66   SAPRCK66       Mark Run for Release
CK68   SAPRCK68       Release Costing Run
CK74   SAPLKKP4       Create Additive Costs
CK74N  SAPLCKDI       Create Additive Costs
CK75   SAPLKKP4       Change Additive Costs
CK75N  SAPLCKDI       Change Additive Costs
CK76   SAPLKKP4       Display Additive Costs
CK76N  SAPLCKDI       Display Additive Costs
CK77N  SAPLCKDI       Create Additive Costs
CK80   RKKBKIS1       Flexible Cost Component Report
CK81   SAPMKKB2       Overview of Reports
CK82   RKKBCAL0       Select Cost Estimates
CK83   RKKBPCD1       Print Cost Estimates in Background
CK84   RKKBKIS1       Line Items in Cost Est for Product
CK85   RKKBKIS1       Line Items in Cost Est for Order
CK86   RKKBKIS1       Costed Multilevel BOM
CK87   RKKBKIS1       Costed BOM Sales Orders
CK88   RKKBCAL1       Partner Cost Component Split
CK89   RKKBKIS1       Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrde
CK90   MENUCK90       Mixed Costing
CK91   SAPRCKBA1      Create Procurement Alternatives
CK91N  CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement Alternatives
CK92   SAPRCKBA1      Change Procurement Alternatives
CK93   SAPRCKBA1      Display Procurement Alternatives
CK94   SAPRCKBA1      Change Mixing Ratio
CK95   SAPRCKBA1      Display Mixing Ratios
CLABAP SEM5ABAP       Display ABAP class library
CLBOR  SEM5BOR        Display BOR library
CLB1   RCCLBI02       Batch Input for Classification
CLB2   RCCLBI03       Direct Input for Classification
CLB3   RCCLBISC       Display Classification File
CLD0   RBDSECN1       Distr. Configuration Profile (Netwk
CLD1   RBDSECNP       Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl)
CLD2   RBDSEKNO       Distribute Global Dependencies
CLD3   RBDSEVTA       Distr. Variant Tables (Structure)
CLD4   RBDSEVTM       Distr. Variant Tables (Data)
CLEAR  COM_CALL_CLEAR Start Data Cleansing Tool
CLGT   RCLGTGEN       Set Up Tables for Search
CLHI   RCCLDIHI       Distribution of Class Hierarchies
CLHP   SAPLCLHP       Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance
CLJP   SAPMCLJP       Specify Japanese calender
CLMM   SAPLCLMMD      Mass Change for Assigned Values
CLM1   SAPLIQS0       Create Claim
CLM10  RCLAIM001      Claim Overview
CLM11  RCLAIM002      Claim Hierarchy
CLM2   SAPLIQS0       Change Claim
CLM3   SAPLIQS0       Display Claim
CLNA   SAPMCLNA       Namespace: Characteristics/Classes
CLNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Class Maintenance
CLOI   MENUCLOI       Production Optimization Interface
CLST   RCCLSELSTATISTICreate Class Statistics
CLVL   SAPMMCLK       Maintain Variable Lists
CLWA   RMCLCLMO       Create Material Group (MMS)
CLWB   RMCLCLMO       Change Material Group (MMS)
CLWC   RMCLCLMO       Display Material Group (MMS)
CLWD   RMCLCLMO       Delete Material Group (MMS)
CLWE   RMCLCLMO       Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWF   RMCLCLMO       Change Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWG   RMCLCLMO       Display Characteristic Profile (MMS
CLWH   RMCLCLMO       Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWJ   RMCLCLMO       Change Generic Article (MMS)
CLWK   RMCLCLMO       Display Generic article (MMS)
CLWL   RMCLCLMO       Delete Generic Article (MMS)
CLWM   RMCLCLMO       Create MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWN   RMCLCLMO       Change MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWO   RMCLCLMO       Display MMS Material Group Hierarch
CLWP   RMCLCLMO       Delete MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLW1   SAPMMCLF       Allocate Material Group Hierarchy
CLW2   SAPMMCLF       Display Material Group Hierarchy
CL00   MENUCL00       Classification Menu
CL01   RMCLCLMO       Create Class
CL02   RMCLCLMO       Classes
CL03   RMCLCLMO       Display Class
CL04   RMCLCLMO       Delete Class
CL2A   RCCLSTA1       Classification Status
CL2B   RCCLTYP0       Class Types
CL20   SAPMMCLF       Assign Object to Classes
CL20N  SAPLCLFM       Object Assignments
CL21   SAPMMCLF       Display Object in Classes
CL22   SAPMMCLF       Allocate Class to Classes
CL22N  SAPLCLFM       Assign Class to Superior Classes
CL23   SAPMMCLF       Display Class for Classes
CL24   SAPMMCLF       Assign Objects to One Class
CL24N  SAPLCLFM       Class Assignments
CL25   SAPMMCLF       Display Objects in Class
CL26   RCCLRELE       Mass Release of Assignments
CL30   SAPMMCLS       Find Objects in Classes
CL30N  RCCLSC         Find Objects in Classes
CL31   SAPLCLSD       Find Object In Class Type
CL6A   RMCLKLAV       Class List
CL6AN  RMCLKLAVN      Class List (ALV)
CL6B   RMCLOBJV       Object List
CL6BN  RMCLOBJVN      Object List (ALV)
CL6C   RMCLHIEV       Class Hierarchy
CL6D   RMCLKLOV       Classes Without Superior Class
CL6E   RMCLDINU       Copy DIN Standard
CL6F   RMCLDINU       Copy DIN Characteristic Data
CL6G   RMCLDINU       Create Material w. DIN Char. Data
CL6H   RCCLKUSV       Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge
CL6K   RMCLMDEL       Delete Characteristic (Class w. Obj
CL6M   RMCLKDEL       Delete Class (with Assignments)
CL6O   SAPMMCLU       Plus-Minus Object Display
CL6P   RMCLKLVW       Where-Used List for Classes
CL6Q   RMCLLIST       Where-Used List for Classes
CL6R   RCCLDI01       Direct Input for Classes
CL6T   RMCLTEXT       Copy Text for Classes
CMAP0  SAPMCMAPMAINT  Configurable Semantic Mapping
CMCH   RCCYOVRC       Check overall profile
CMD1   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Direct Procurement
CMD2   SAPMV13B       Change output: Direct procurement
CMD3   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Direct Procurement
CMFN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAP
CMIG   RCMIG_BOM      iPPE Migration Tool
CMOD   SAPMSMOD       Enhancements
CMPC2  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)
CMPC3  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.)
CMPC4  SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.)
CMPP   MENUCMPP       Workforce Planning
CMPRO  SAPMWCM03      Category Management:Project Mainten
CMP2   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning: Project View
CMP3   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning: Work Center Vie
CMP9   SAPLMP01       Workforce Planning - Reporting
CMS1   SAPMGSBM       Create set (PPC)
CMS2   SAPMGSBM       Change Set
CMS3   SAPMGSBM       Display Set
CMS4   SAPMGSBM       Delete Set
CMV1   SAPMGSGM       Create variable
CMV2   SAPMGSGM       Change variable
CMV3   SAPMGSGM       Display variable
CMV4   SAPMGSGM       Delete value variable
CMWO   CM_WORKBENCH   Configuration Management Workbench
CMXSV  RCMXXSRSELECT  Standard XStep Repository
CMX05  RCMXXSTEST01   XSteps: BADI Monitor
CM0X   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning
CM01   SAPMC65A       Capacity evaluation work center view: Load
CM02   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning; work center orders
CM03   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning; work center pool
CM04   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning; work center backlo
CM05   SAPMC65A       Capacity plan.:Work center overload
CM07   SAPMC65A       Capacity planning: Variable access
CM10   SAPMC65B       Capacity leveling
CM11   SAPMC65C       Maintain flow control
CM21                  Capacity leveling work center view – Capacity planning table
CM22                  Capacity leveling work center view – Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM23                  Capacity leveling order view – Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM25                  Capacity leveling: Online
CM26                  Capacity leveling project view – Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM27                  Capacity leveling individual capacity view – Capacity planning table
CM28                  Capacity leveling individual capacity view – Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM31                  Capacity leveling order view – Capacity planning table
CM32                  Capacity leveling project view – Capacity planning table
CM40   RCCYMAB1       Capacity leveling: Execute in the background
CM41   RCCYMAB3       Evaluation of leveling: Background log
CM50                  Extended evaluation: Work center view
CM51                  Extended evaluation: Individual capacity view
CM52                  Extended evaluation: Order view
CM53                  Extended evaluation: Project view: WBS element/operation
CM54                  Extended evaluation: Project view: Version
CM55                  Extended evaluation: Work center/Version
CM99   RCCYLOAD       Generate basic capacity load
CNB1   RM06BKPS       Purchase requisitions for project
CNB2   RM06EKPS       Purchase orders for project
CNC4   RCNCC300       Consistency checks for WBS
CNC5   RCNCC200       Consistency checks sales order/proj
CNE1   SAPLKAZB       Project Progress (Individual Proc.)
CNE2   SAPLKAZB       Project Progress (Collective Proc.)
CNE5   RCNST000       Progress Analysis
CNG9   OCNETOPT       Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.
CNL1   SAPLCNSH       Create delivery information
CNL2   SAPLCNSH       Change delivery information
CNL3   SAPLCNSH       Display delivery information
CNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE  Mass Changes in Project System
CNMM   SAPLCNMM       Project-Oriented Procurement
CNMT   RCNMT000       Milestone Trend Analysis
CNN0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Library Network
CNN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: ROUTING_0
CNPAR  RPARSHOW       Partner Overview
CNPRG  CNETWPROG      Network Progress
CNSE5  RCNST000       Progress Analysis
CNS0   SAPLCNSH       Create deleivry from project
CNS40  RCNST000       Project Overview
CNS41  RCNST000       Structure Overview
CNS42  RCNPD000       Overview: Project Definitions
CNS43  RCNPE000       Overview: WBS Elements
CNS44  RCNPA000       Overview: Planned Orders
CNS45  RCNAF000       Overview: Orders
CNS46  RCNNP000       Overview: Networks
CNS47  RCNVG000       Overview: Activities/Elements
CNS48  RCNRM000       Overview: Confirmations
CNS49  RCNAB000       Overview: Relationships
CNS50  RCNKB000       Overview: Capacity Requirements
CNS51  RCNFH000       Overview: PRTs
CNS52  RCNMR000       Overview: Components
CNS53  RCNMS000       Overview: Milestones
CNS54  RCNVB000       Overview: Sales Document
CNS55  RCNVP000       Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item
CNS60  RCNCHANGEDOC   Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CNS71  RCNST000       Create versions
CNVL   SAPM0CNL       Variable Overviews
CNW1   SAPMCNW1       WWW: Confirmation
CNW4   SAPLCNSE_APPS  Project Documents
CN01   SAPLCPDI       Create Standard Network
CN02   SAPLCPDI       Change Standard Network
CN03   SAPLCPDI       Display Standard Network
CN04   SAPLCNTX       Edit PS Text Catalog
CN05   SAPLCNTX       Display PS Text Catalog
CN06   SAPMCNMP       MPX Download: Standard Network
CN07   SAPMCNMP       MPX Upload: Standard Network
CN08   SAPMCNSM       Allocate material -> stand. network
CN09   SAPMCNSM       Allocate material -> stand. network
CN11   SAPMCNSM       Create standard milestone
CN12   SAPMCNSM       Change standard milestone
CN13   SAPMCNSM       Display standard milestone
CN19   RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Activity (From DMS)
CN2X   SAPLCORU       Confirm Completions in Network
CN20   SAPLCOKO       Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scr
CN21   SAPLCOKO       Create Network
CN22   SAPLCOKO       Capacity requirements - Change network
CN23   SAPLCOKO       Capacity requirements - Display network
CN24   SAPLCOKO       Overall Network Scheduling
CN25   SAPLCORU       Confirm Completions in Network
CN26   SAPLCOKO       Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk;Acty;It
CN26N  RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. Components (From DMS)
CN27   SAPLCORU       Collective confirm.
CN28   SAPLCORU       Display Network Confirmations
CN29   SAPLCORU       Cancel Network Confirmation
CN30   RMAFRU01       Processing PDC error records
CN33   SAPLCN10       PDM-PS interface
CN38   SAPLCN10       Maintain Flexible Reference Point
CN40   RCNST000       Project Overview
CN41   RCNST000       Structure Overview
CN42   RCNPD000       Overview: Project Definitions
CN42N  RPSISPD000     Overview: Project Definitions
CN43   RCNPE000       Overview: WBS Elements
CN43N  RPSISPE000     Overview: WBS Elements
CN44   RCNPA000       Overview: Planned Orders
CN44N  RPSISPA000     Overview: Planned Orders
CN45   RCNAF000       Overview: Orders
CN45N  RPSISAF000     Overview: Orders
CN46   RCNNP000       Overview: Networks
CN46N  RPSISNP000     Overview: Networks
CN47   RCNVG000       Overview: Activities/Elements
CN47N  RPSISVG000     Overview: Activities/Elements
CN48   RCNRM000       Overview: Confirmations
CN48N  RPSISRM000     Overview: Confirmations
CN49   RCNAB000       Overview: Relationships
CN49N  RPSISAB000     Overview: Relationships
CN50   RCNKB000       Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN50N  RPSISKB000     Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN51   RCNFH000       Overview: PRTs
CN51N  RPSISFH000     Overview: PRTs
CN52   RCNMR000       Overview: Components
CN52N  RPSISMR000     Overview: Components
CN53   RCNMS000       Overview: Milestones
CN53N  RPSISMS000     Overview: Milestones
CN54N  RPSISVB000     Overview: Sales Document
CN55N  RPSISVP000     Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. Item
CN60   RCNCHANGEDOC   Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CN61   SAPLCPBL       Standard network
CN65   SAPMCODC       Change documents order /network
CN70   RCNAUTO0       Overview: Batch variants
CN71   RCNST000       Create versions
CN72   RCNSAVVS       Create Project Version
CN80   SAPMCAPS       Archiving project structures
CN85   PSDELET1       PS: Delete operative structures
CN98   RPSREDE2       Delete Standard Networks
COAA   PPPIBTAA       Simulate Order Record
COAC   SAPLCOAC       Process Order: Archive Database
COAL   PPPIARLI       Read Order Record from Archive
COA3   PPARCHR1       PP: Archiving orders - retrieval
COA4   PPARCHR1       PP: Archiving order - administratio
COA7   PRARCHR1       Process Order: Retrieval - Archive
COB1   SAPMV13H       Create batch search strategy - prod
COB2   SAPMV13H       Change batch search strategy - prod
COB3   SAPMV13H       Display batch search strategy- prod
COCB   MENUCOCB       Process Management
COCM   CO_OCM_OBJECT_LOCM - Initiating object
COCM2  COOCMPICK      OCM - Picking
CODC   SAPMCODC       Change Documents for Network
COFC   CORUCOFC       Reprocessing Errors Actual Costs
COFI   SAPLS2EM       Command file creation
COGI   CORUAFFW       Processing goods movements w. errors
COHV                  Mass processing
COMAC                 Collective Availability Check
COIB   SAPLCOIB       As-Built for Serialized Material
COID   SAPLCOIS       Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI
COIF   PPPIFHWTXT     Production Memos
COIK   PPPIM000       Picking list
COIO   PPPIA000       Order Info System for PP-PI
COMLI  WIP_CLOSE_ACTIVPost WIP Closing for Activities
COMP   SAPL0C27       Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst
CONC   SAPMSNUM       No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRID
CONM   SAPMSNUM       No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSI
CONV01 CONV_DISPLAY_APConverter: Display application log
CONV02 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert document
CONV03 CONV_CONVERT_BOConvert a BOM assembly
CONV04 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert Document Structure
CONV20 CONV_FREE_CONVEReset Converter(s) Status(es)
CON1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Prod.Ordr   Ind.Pro
CON2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Prod.Ordr   Col.Pro
COOIS  PPIO_ENTRY     Production Order Information System
COOPC  SAPLCOOPC      OPC Test Environment
COPA   PPPIBTAR       Archive Order Record
COPAWA SAPLCOWBHU     Pack components for order
COPD   PPPIBTDR       Print Process Order
COPI   SAPLCODR       Print Process Order ShopFloor Paper
COPOC  RCOPOC_START   Process Manufacturing Cockpit
CORA   SAPLCOKO       Process Order: Schedule Ext. Relshp
CORK   SAPLCORU       Process Order Confirmations (Total)
CORO   SAPLCOKO       Create Process Order w/o Material
CORP   ROOP0013       Control Parameters for Proc. Orders
CORR   CORUPICONF1    Collective Entry of Confirmations
CORS   SAPLCORU       Cancel Process Order Confirmation
CORT   SAPLCORU       Display Process Order Confirmation
CORZ   SAPLCORU       Process Order: Time Event Confirmat
COR1   SAPLCOKO       Create Process Order
COR2   SAPLCOKO       Change Process Order
COR3   SAPLCOKO       Display Process Order
COR5   SAPLCOKO       Collective Process Order Release
COR6   SAPLCORU       Single Process Order Confirmation
COR6N  SAPLCORU_S     Single Screen Entry of Confirmation
COR7   SAPLCOKO       Individual Conversion of Planned Order into Procurement Order
COR7_PC               Collective conversion of Planned Orders to Procurement Order
COR8   SAPLCOUP       Collective Conversion: Planned Order. to Procurement Order
COWF1  SAPLCOWF       Task Customizing (Production Order)
COW1   SAPLCOW1       Production Order Workplace
COX1   SAPLCOKO       Create Order (Internally)
CO0DS  DEL_SIM_ORD    Delete Simulation Order
CO01   SAPLCOKO1      Create production order with material
CO01S  SAPLCOKO1      Adding simulation order
CO02   SAPLCOKO1      Change Production Order
CO02S  SAPLCOKO1      Change simulation order
CO03   SAPLCOKO1      Display Production Order
CO03S  SAPLCOKO1      Display simulation order
CO04   SAPLCODR       Print Production Orders
CO05   SAPLCOKO1      Collective Release of Prod. Orders
CO06   SAPLATP4       Backorder Processing
CO07   SAPLCOKO1      Create order without a material
CO08   SAPLCOKO1      Create Production order with sales order
CO09   SAPLATP4       Availability Overview
CO1F   SAPLCORU       Create confirmation of prod. order
CO1L   CORUPRELIST    Confirmation: List of requests
CO1P   CORUPROZ       Predefined confirmation processes
CO1V   CORUPRECONF1   Confirmation: Fast entry of time tk
CO10   SAPLCOKO1      Create Production order with project
CO11   SAPLCORU       Enter Time Ticket
CO11N  SAPLCORU_S     Single Screen Entry of Confirmation
CO12   CORUCOLCONF1   Collective Entry of Confirmations
CO13   SAPLCORU       Cancel confirmation of prod. order
CO14   SAPLCORU       Display confirmation of prod. order
CO15   SAPLCORU       Enter Production order Confirmation
CO16   RMAFRU01       Conf.: Postprocessing error records
CO16N  RMAFRU03       Reprocessing Confirmation
CO17   SAPLCORU       Enter confirmation with reference
CO19   SAPLCORU       Enter Time Event
CO20   PPCOFA00       Orders acc. to Order Numbers
CO21   PPCOFA10       Orders for Material
CO22   PPCOFA20       Orders for the MRP controller
CO23   PPCOFA30       Orders for the production scheduler
CO24   PPCMP000       MissingPartsInfoSyst
CO26   PPIOA000       Order information system
CO27   PPIOM000       Picking list
CO28   SAPLCOIS       Choose indiv. object lists
CO30   MENUCO30       Standard trigger points
CO31   SAPMCNSM       Create standard trigger point
CO32   SAPMCNSM       Change standard trigger point
CO33   SAPMCNSM       Display standard trigger point
CO40   SAPLCOKO1      Converting Planned Order
CO41   SAPLCOUP       Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders
CO42   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Prod.Ordr   Ind.Pro
CO43   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Prod.Ordr   Col.Pro
CO44   PPSFCACT       Mass processing of orders
CO46   PP_ORDER_PROGREOrder progress report
CO47   SAPLCOOCD      Change comparison
CO48                  Partial conversion of Planned Order into PR
CO51   RCOCB003       Send Process Messages
CO52   SAPLCOCR       Evaluate Process Data
CO53   SAPLCO52       Control Recipe Monitor
CO54   SAPLCO51       Message Monitor
CO55   RCOPOC_CO55    Worklist for Maintaining PI Sheets
CO56   SAPLCOP0       Display PI Sheet
CO57   SAPLCOC5I      Create Message Manually
CO58   SAPLCOP0       Maintain PI Sheet
CO59   SAPLCOP0       Delete PI Sheet
CO60   RCOPOC_WKLT    Find PI Sheet
CO62   RCOCB009       Delete Process Messages
CO63   RCOCB010       Evaluate Deletion Logs
CO64   RCOPOC_CO64    Worklist for Completing PI Sheets
CO67   RCOPOC_CO65    Worklist for Checking PI Sheets
CO68   RMAPIS_MON_WL  MiniApp PI Sheet Mon -> List
CO69   RCOCB014       Create Message Automatically
CO78   SAPLCOA0       Archiving orders
CO8A   SAPLKO71       Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin
CO8B   SAPLKO71       Presett. Co-Products; Postprocessin
CO80   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK
CO81   SAPMSNUM       Number assignment: routing to order
CO82   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for orders
CO83   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RESB
CO88   SAPLKO71       Act. Settlment: Prod./Process Order
CO99   SAPLKO99       Set Status "Closed"
CPAE   SAPLKWTP       Actl. Template Alloc: Prof. Analysi
CPAS   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Bus. Proces
CPBA   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports
CPBB   SAPMKKB2       Select Reports
CPBL   SAPMKB01       Bus. Processes: Planning Overview
CPBP   RKAEP000       Business Processes: Plan Line Items
CPBT   RKATARIF       Bus. Process.: Activity Price Repor
CPB1   RKAEP000       Business Processes: Act. Line Items
CPB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report for Bus. Processes
CPCA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPCAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPCB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPCC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
CPCCN  SAPLKAL1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
CPC1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC6   SAPMKGA1       Overview actual ind. activity alloc
CPC6N  SAPLKAL1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
CPC7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
CPC9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CPC9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
CPFX   SAPLKSF2       Pre-distribute Fixed Costs: Process
CPH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Business Process Group
CPH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Business Process Group
CPH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Business Process Group
CPH4   RKSTDHIE       Change Standard Hierarchy (BusProc)
CPH4N  KEO_START_NF   Change Standard Hierarchy
CPH5   RKSTDHIE       Display bus. process std. hierarchy
CPH5N  KEO_START_NF   Display Std Hierarchy/Business Proc
CPII   SAPLKSPI       Price calc. in actl: process
CPK1   MP120900       Create Task Cost Data
CPK2   MP120900       Change Task Cost Data
CPK3   MP120900       Display Task Cost Data
CPMA   SAPLKNMA       Target=Actual-IAA: process
CPMB   SAPLKNMA       ABC: Plan Reconciliation
CPMN   MENUCPMN       Activity-Based Costing Menu
CPPA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment for Processe
CPPAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment for Processe
CPPB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Assess. for Processes
CPPC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie
CPPCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Assess. for Processes: Overvie
CPPE   SAPLKWTP       Plan Templ. Alloc.: Results Analysi
CPPI   SAPLKSPI       Iter. plan act. price calc. (CO-ABC
CPPS   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Process
CPP1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Assess. Processes: Overview
CPP6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Assess. Processes: Overview
CPP7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Assess. for Processes
CPP9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Assess. for Processes
CPSP   SAPMKACT       Split Plan Costs
CPS1   SAPLKSS0       Variance Calculation: Processes
CPS2   SAPLKSS0       Actual Cost Splitting: Processes
CPTA   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Order
CPTB   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Orders
CPTD   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Prod. Order
CPTE   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Alloc.: Run Sched.
CPTG   SAPLKWTP       Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
CPTH   SAPLKWTP       Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.
CPTJ   SAPLKWTP       Actl Template Alloc.: Cust. Orders
CPTK   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Project
CPTL   SAPLKWTP       Actual Template Allocation: Project
CPT1   SAPLKWTMA      Create Template
CPT2   SAPLKWTMA      Change Template
CPT3   SAPLKWTMA      Display Template
CPT4   SAPLKWTMA      Delete Template
CPT6   SAPLKCTV       Formula Plan for Bus. Processes
CPUA   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Order
CPUB   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Orders
CPUK   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Project
CPUL   SAPLKWTP       Plan Template Allocation: Projects
CPVA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Process Distribution
CPVAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Process Distribution
CPVB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Process Distribution
CPVC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Process Distribution Overview
CPVCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Process Distribution Overview
CPV1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Process Distribution
CPV3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Process Distribution
CPV4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Process Distribution
CPV4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Process Distribution
CPV5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Process Distribution
CPV6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Process Distribution Overvie
CPV6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Process Distribution Overvie
CPV7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Process Distribution
CPV7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Process Distribution
CPV8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Process Distribution
CPV8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Process Distribution
CPV9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Process Distribution
CPV9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Process Distribution
CPZI   SAPLKAZB       Actual overhead calc.: process
CPZP   SAPLKAZB       Plan Overhead: Business Processes
CP01   SAPLKWM3       Create Business Process
CP02   SAPLKWM3       Change Business Process
CP03   SAPLKWM3       Display Business Process
CP04   SAPLKWM3       Delete Business Process
CP05   SAPMKMAA       Process: Display Changes
CP06   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Activity Inputs
CP07   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Act. Input
CP12   SAPLKWM3       Edit Business Processes
CP13   SAPLKWM3       Business Processes: Master Data Rep
CP14   SAPLKWM3       Delete Business Processes
CP20   SAPLKWSB       Business Alloc Structure Display
CP26   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & Price
CP27   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/Price
CP30   SAPLKWM3       Business Process: Change Management
CP46   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key Figures
CP47   RKABCPLN       CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KF
CP65   SAPMKES1       Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInpt
CP66   SAPMKES1       Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInput
CP67   SAPMKES1       Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInpt
CP75   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Create Qtys/Prices
CP76   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Change Qtys/Prices
CP77   SAPMKES1       Planning Layout: Display Qtys/Price
CP85   SAPMKES1       Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP86   SAPMKES1       Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP87   SAPMKES1       Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP97   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Business Processes
CP98   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Business Processes
CRAA   SAPLCRA0       Display Work Center
CRAH   SAPLCRA0       Create Work Center
CRAV   SAPLCRA0       Change Work Center
CRF1   RFFCRD00       Credit Cards: Read Original Data
CRF2   RFFCRD05       Credit Cards: Delete Standard File
CRF3   RFFCRD10       Credit Cards: Edit Standard File
CRF4   RFFCRD20       Credit Cards: Edit Log
CRK1   SAPLFCR2       Create Card Document
CRK2   SAPLFCR2       Change Card Document
CRK3   SAPLFCR2       Display Card Document
CRNA   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CR_ARBPL
CRNH   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: CR_HIERAR
CRNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CR_KAPA
CRR1   RFCRDL00       Evaluate Card Master Records
CRR2   RFCRDL10       Evaluate Card Documents
CRR3   RFCRDL20       Evaluate Log File
CRS1   SAPLFCRA       Create Credit Card Master Record
CRS2   SAPLFCRA       Change Credit Card Master Record
CRS3   SAPLFCRA       Display Credit Card Master Record
CRTD   RFFCRDEX       Payment Card: Create Example File
CRWBD  SAPLCRWBD0     Replication Workbench
CR00   MENUCR00       Resource Planning Menu
CR01                  Create work center
CR02                  Change work center
CR03                  Display work center
CR04   SAPMCR05       Test Work Center Formulas
CR05   RCRA0010       Work Center List
CR06   RCRA0020       Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr
CR07   RCRA0030       Work Center Capacities
CR08   RCRA0040       Work Center Hierarchy
CR09   SAPLC0VL       Task list reference text
CR10   RCRA0050       Work center change documents
CR11   SAPMC68K       Add Capacity
CR12   SAPMC68K       Change capacity
CR13   SAPMC68K       Display Capacity
CR15   RCRA0031       Capacity where-used
CR21   SAPMC68H       Create Hierarchy
CR22   SAPMC68H       Change Hierarchy
CR23   SAPMC68H       Display Hierarchy
CR24   SAPLCR06       Create Resource Network
CR25   SAPLCR06       Change Resource Network
CR26   SAPLCR06       Display Resource Network
CR31   SAPLCR06       Create Hierarchy
CR32   SAPLCR06       Change Hierarchy
CR33   SAPLCR06       Display Hierarchy
CR40   RCRA0011       Work center usage in deleted object
CR41   SAPLCRAR       Archiving work centers
CR60   RCRA0060       Work center information system
CSAB   SAPLCSSO       Browse Sales Order BOM
CSA1   SAPMC29D       Enqueue test for dialog RFC
CSC5   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Class Where-Used List
CSD5   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Doc. Where-Used List
CSKB   SAPLCSSO       Start order Browser
CSK1   SAPMC29L       Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosio
CSK2   SAPMC29L       Multi-level sales order BOM
CSK3   SAPMC29L       Sales order BOM - summarized BOM
CSMB   SAPLCSSO       Start material BOM browser
CSPB   SAPLCSSO       Start WBS BOM browser
CSPC   RSSPECCA       Customer Specifications
CSP1   SAPMC29L       Multi-level WBS BOM explosion
CSP2   SAPMC29L       WBS BOM multi-level BOM
CSP3   SAPMC29L       WBS BOM - summarized BOM
CS00   MENUCS00       BOM Menu
CS01   SAPMC29S       Create Material BOM
CS02   SAPMC29S       Change Material BOM
CS03   SAPMC29S       Display Material BOM
CS05   SAPMC29S       Change Material BOM Group
CS06   SAPMC29S       Display Material BOM Group
CS07   SAPLCSAL       Allocate Material BOM to Plant
CS08   SAPLCSAL       Change Material BOM - Plant Alloc.
CS09   SAPLCSAL       Display Allocations to Plant
CS11   SAPMC29L       Display BOM Level by Level
CS12   SAPMC29L       Multilevel BOM
CS13   SAPMC29L       Summarized BOM
CS14   SAPMC29V       BOM Comparison
CS15   SAPMC29L       Single-Level Where-Used List
CS20   SAPMC29M       Mass Change: Initial Screen
CS21   SAPMC29M       Mass Material Change: Initial Scree
CS22   SAPMC29M       Mass Document Change: Initial Scree
CS23   SAPMC29M       Mass Class Change: Initial Screen
CS31   SAPMC29S       Create class BOM
CS32   SAPMC29S       Change class BOM
CS33   SAPMC29S       Display class BOM
CS40   SAPLCSAL       Create Link to Configurable Materia
CS41   SAPLCSAL       Change Material Config. Allocation
CS42   SAPLCSAL       Display Material Config. Assignment
CS51   SAPMC29S       Create standard BOM
CS52   SAPMC29S       Change standard BOM
CS53   SAPMC29S       Display standard BOM
CS61   SAPMC29S       Create Order BOM
CS62   SAPMC29S       Change Order BOM
CS63   SAPMC29S       Display Order BOM
CS71   SAPMC29S       Create WBS BOM
CS72   SAPMC29S       Change WBS BOM
CS73   SAPMC29S       Display WBS BOM
CS74   SAPLCSWB       Create multi-level WBS BOM
CS75   SAPLCSWB       Change multi-level WBS BOM
CS76   SAPLCSWB       Display multi-level WBS BOM
CS80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Material BOM
CS81   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Standard BOM
CS82   SAPMC29B       Change documents for sales order BO
CS83   SAPMC29B       Change documents for WBS BOM
CS84   SAPMC29B       Change documents for class BOM
CS90   SAPMSNUM       Material BOM Number Ranges
CS91   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Standard BOMs
CS92   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs
CTNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Characteristics
CTU6   SAPLKWTU       Function Tree with Tree Control
CT01   SAPMCTAV       Create Characteristic
CT02   SAPMCTAV       Change Characteristic
CT03   SAPMCTAV       Display Characteristic
CT04   SAPLCTMV       Characteristics
CT05   SAPLCTMV       Create Characteristic
CT06   SAPLCTMV       Display Characteristic
CT10   RCCTMV00       Characteristics List
CT12   SAPLCTWUL      Where-Used List for Char.Environmen
CT21   RCCTBI01       Batch Input for Characteristics
CT22   RCCTBISC       Maint. Seq. File for Characteristic
CT23   RCCTCN01       Display Chars for Change Number
CT24   RCCTCN02       Display Change Numbers Used
CT25   RCCTVDEP       Where-Used List of Chars in Deps
CUAL   RBDSESCE       Distribution of SCE Knowledge Bases
CUCK   RCU_COPY_KMAT  Copy Config. Material
CUD2   RBDSECN2       Distr. Conf. Prof. for GM Task List
CUD3   RBDSECN3       Distr. Conf. Prof. for Mod. Specs
CUFD   RBDSEVFN       Distribute Variant Functions
CUID   RBDSEUI        Distribution of Interface Designs
CUK2   RBDSENET       Distribute Dependency Nets
CUNI   SAPMUNIT       Units of measure
CUNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Dependencies
CUNR   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: CU_INOB
CUSC   SAPMCUSC       Customize Country Version
CU01   SAPLCUKD       Create Dependency
CU02   SAPLCUKD       Change Dependency
CU03   SAPLCUKD       Display Dependency
CU04   RCUKDLIS       Dependency List
CU05   RCUKDVWG       Dependency Where-Used List
CU21   SAPLCUK1       Create Dependency Net
CU22   SAPLCUK1       Change Dependency Net
CU23   SAPLCUK1       Display Dependency Net
CU31   SAPLCUKB       Create Knowledge Base Object
CU32   SAPLCUKB       Change Knowledge Base Object
CU33   SAPLCUKB       Display Knowledge Base Object
CU34   SAPLCURT       Create Runtime Version for SCE
CU35   SAPLCURT       Change Runtime Version for SCE
CU36   SAPLCURT       Display Runtime Version for SCE
CU37   SAPLCURT       Create SCE Database Schema
CU41   SAPLCUCO       Create Configuration Profile
CU42   SAPLCUCO       Change Configuration Profile
CU43   SAPLCUCO       Display Configuration Profile
CU44   SAPLCUCP       Material Configuration Overview
CU45   SAPLCUCP       Standard Network Config. Overview
CU50   SAPLCUKO       Material Config. Simul./Modelling
CU51   SAPLCASL       Order BOM
CU51E  SAPLCASL       CE: Order BOM (eoASL)
CU52   SAPLCASL       Display Order BOM
CU52E  SAPLCASL       CE: Display Order BOM
CU59   RCCUVTDB       Transfer Variant Table Contents
CU60   SAPLCUD2       Table Maintenance
CU60E  RCU_UPLOAD_EXCEExcel Upload for Variant Tables
CU61   SAPLCUTU       Create Table Structure
CU62   SAPLCUTU       Change Table Structure
CU63   SAPLCUTU       Display Table Structure
CU64   RCCUTB00       Table Structure List
CU65   SAPLCUFU       Create Function
CU66   SAPLCUFU       Change Function
CU67   SAPLCUFU       Display Function
CU68   RCCUFN00       Function List
CU70   SAPLCLSQ       Create Sort Sequence
CU71   SAPLCLSQ       Change Sort Sequence
CU72   SAPLCLSQ       Display Sort Sequence
CU80   RCCUBD00       Configurable Mat. Characteristics
CVD1   SAPLCVDA       Edit Report Shipping Orders
CVII   SAPLCVVC       Display Initial Order on Classific.
CVIX   SAPLCVV5       Activate event type linkage
CVIY   SAPLCVV5       Task-specific Customizing
CVI0   MENUCVI0       Document distribution
CVI1   SAPLCVV1       Create recipient list
CVI2   SAPLCVV1       Change recipient list
CVI3   SAPLCVV1       Display recipient list
CVI4   SAPLCVV1       All recipients of a document
CVI6   SAPLCVV1       Display documents of recipient
CVI7   SAPLCVV1       Start distribution with rec. list
CVI8   SAPLCVV1       Start document distribution
CVI9   RCDDSSEL       Log for distribution orders
CVWD   SAPLCVVW       WWW access:Distribtution order pack
CVWG   SAPLCVWG       DMS: Test for up/download ActiveX
CVW1   SAPLCVIT       Internet scenario for doc. search
CVW2   SAPLCVWEB      Index search DMS in WWW
CVW3   SAPLCV221      Find documents in the World Wide We
CVW3A  SAPLCV221      Find documents in the World Wide We
CVW4   SAPLCV221      Display document lists in WWW
CVW4A  SAPLCV221      Display document lists in WWW
CV00   MENUCV00       Document Management
CV01   SAPMCDOK       Create Document Info Record
CV01N  SAPLCV110      Create Document
CV02   SAPMCDOK       Change Document Info Record
CV02N  SAPLCV110      Change Document
CV03   SAPMCDOK       Display Document Info Record
CV03N  SAPLCV110      Display document
CV04   SAPMCDOK       List Document Info Records
CV04N  SAPLCV100      Find Document
CV11   SAPMC29S       Create Document Structure
CV12   SAPMC29S       Change Document Structure
CV13   SAPMC29S       Display Document Structure
CV130  SAPLCV130      TEST_CV130
CV15   SAPMC29S       Change Document BOM Group
CV16   SAPMC29S       Display Document BOM Group
CV22   RCCADI41       Change Frontend Type
CV30   RCCADI20       Display Transfer Log
CV31   RCCADI10       Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CV80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Doc. Structure
CV90   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for documents
CV91   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Doc. Structures
CWBQM  SAPLCPRC       QM: Engineering Workbench
CWVT   MENUCWVT       Merchandise Distribution
CXAA   FICVIM00       Hierarchy levels
CXAH   FICVIM00       Hierarchy Level Relationships
CXAO   FICVIM00       CU / Translation Method Assignments
CXAP   FICVIM00       Cons Unit/Tax Rate Assignments
CXAQ   FICVIM00       Cons: CU: Validation Assignment
CXAR   FICCUC00       Mass Changes - Cons Units
CXAS   FICCGC00       Mass Changes - Cons Groups
CXA0   FICRVS00       Mass reversal
CXA2   FICVIM00       Item Categories
CXA9   FICVIM00       Reasons for Inclusion
CXBW0  FICBIW00       Initial Data Transfer
CXBW1  FICBIW10       Comparison of Data Slice
CXB1   FICVIM00       Versions
CXB2   FICVIM00       Consolidation frequencies
CXB3   FICVIM00       Global System Settings
CXB4   FICACG00       Generate Authorizations for CGs
CXB5   FICACG10       Central maintenance of master data
CXCA   FICVIM00       Financial data types
CXCC   FICVIM00       Upload Methods: Reported Fin. Data
CXCD   FICMON00       Data Monitor
CXCE   FICMON20       Data Monitor for a Cons Unit
CXCF   FICMON30       Cons Monitor for a Cons Group
CXCK   FICCPY00       Copy Totals Records
CXCL   FICCHI00       Cons: Item Substitution/Ret.Earning
CXCR   FICDLR00       Delete Totals Records
CXCX   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection
CXCY   SAPMKKB5       Customizing of Report Selection
CXC2   FICVIM00       Data Entry Groups
CXC4   FICVIM00       Data entry profiles
CXC5   FICVIM00       Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00
CXC6   FICVIM00       Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10
CXC8   FICVIM00       Assign PC Pathname to CG/CU
CXC9   FICVIM00       Period Categories
CXDL   RGUDEL00       Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXDL1  SAPMGCU3       Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXD1   FICVIM00       Currency translation methods
CXD2   FICVIM00       Exchange Rate Indicators
CXD3   FICVIM00       Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS Items
CXEA   FICVIM00       Tasks for Reclassification
CXEB   FICVIM00       Methods for Reclassification
CXEC   FICRCL00       Reclassification
CXED   FICVIM00       Tasks for Prep.for Cons Group Chang
CXEE   FICVIM00       Cons: Contra Items / Ret. Earnings
CXEF   FICVIM00       Cons: Rollup Standardized Fin. Data
CXEG   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - DM
CXEH   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - D
CXEI   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - D
CXEJ   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - CM
CXEK   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - C
CXEL   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - C
CXEM   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for IU Elimination
CXEN   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc.Types for Cons of Investmt
CXEO   FICVIM00       IMG: Doc. Types for Realtime Update
CXEP   FICVIM00       IMG: Document types for EIPI
CXEUA  FICEUR00       ECCS EURO: Reconcile Totals Records
CXEUB  FICEUR10       ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Dat
CXEUC  FICEUR20       ECCS Euro: Integration
CXEU1  FICEUR50       ECCS EURO: Populate Euro Units
CXEU4  FICEUR51       ECCS Euro: Status Management
CXE0   FICVIM00       Task groups
CXE0P  FICVIM00       Assignment Archiving Log
CXE1   FICVIM00       Document Types
CXE5   FICVIM00       Post selected items
CXE6   FICVIM00       Tasks for IU Elimination
CXE7   FICVIM00       Methods for Interunit Elimination
CXE8   FICVIM00       Tasks for IU Elimination
CXE9N  FICIMG00       Start IMG for SAP Cons (internal)
CXGP   SAPMF200       Global parameters
CXG1   FICVIM00       Integrated Entry from Invest./Equit
CXHA   FICVIM00       Distribution of Dividends
CXHB   FICVIM00       Director's Bonus
CXH1   FICVIM00       Minority Interest Items
CXH2   FICVIM00       Appropriation Items for the Group
CXH3   FICVIM00       Minority Appropriation Items
CXH4   FICVIM00       Statistical Equity Capital
CXIA   FICVIM00       Consolidation tasks
CXIB   FICVIM00       Cons Tasks: Assign Document Type
CXI0   FICVIM00       Global Settings for C/I
CXI1   FICVIM00       Consolidation of investments tasks
CXI2   FICVIM00       C/I system utilization
CXI3   FICVIM00       C/I Activities: Default Sequence
CXI4   FICVIM00       Consolidation of investments method
CXI5   FICVIM00       Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.Type
CXI9   FICVIM00       Selected Items for C/I
CXJ1   FICVIM00       Equity Method: Scope of Rptd Data
CXJ2   FICVIM00       Reported Items for Equity Method
CXJ3   FICVIM00       Posted Items in Equity Consolidatio
CXJ4   FICVIM00       Reported items for investments
CXJ5   FICVIM00       Reported Items for Changes in Equit
CXLP1  FICLPROT       Display Archived Audit Trail
CXLP2  FICLPDEL       Delete Archived Logs
CXL1   SAPMGCU0       Create Ledger
CXL2   SAPMGCU0       Change Ledger
CXL3   SAPMGCU0       Display Ledger
CXL4   SAPMGCU0       Delete Ledger
CXM1   FICCOI10       Edit Method Hierarchies
CXM2   FICCOI10       Display method hierarchies
CXNA   FICPCD00       Download PCA Hierarchies
CXNB   FICBAD00       Download Business Areas/Companies
CXNC   FICPCAA1       EC-PCA Trx.Data: Cost Elem./Activit
CXND   FICPCAA2       EC-PCA Trx.Data: Partner Info
CXNE   FICPCACE       List CO Cost Elements by Category
CXNF   FICVIM00       Assign G/L chart and Cons chart
CXNG   FICICA20       Integrated Cons Units
CXNH   FICVIM00       Display Integrated Cons Units
CXNI   FICVIM00       Display Items from Integration
CXNJ   FICVIM00       Display Subitems from Integration
CXNL   FICPCAD1       Cons: Download PrCtr Master/Hier.
CXNM   RGUREC10       Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table
CXNN   FICMBU00       Write Periodic Extract
CXNO   FICICA60       Delete Realtime-Updated Documents
CXNP   FICCOA00       Copy Group Accounts to FS Items
CXNQ   FICICA30       Display Transferred Documents
CXNR   FICICA50       Reconc. totals record General/ConsS
CXNT   FICICA70       Subsequent Integration of Org Units
CXNU   FICFMV00       Maintain Field Movement/Real.Update
CXNV   RGCPOS02       Maintain Group Acct in G/L Account
CXNW   RGUREC10       Subseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrep
CXNX   FICICA80       Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level
CXNY   FICRUL00       Set/Display Lock Mode for Rollup
CXNZ   FICREC00       Reconciliation Totals Consolidation
CXN0   FICVIM00       Map Secondary Cost Elements
CXN001 FICDELRUDOC00  Delete Docs from Realtime Updates
CXN01  FICVIM00       Maintain Transaction Types of Cons
CXN013 FICVIM00       Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr Cons
CXN023 FICVIM00       Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons
CXN1   FICICA00       Map Charts/Accts to Cons Charts/Acc
CXN2   FICICA10       Compare G/L Charts and Cons Charts
CXN3   FICVIM00       Rules for ID Combination
CXN4   FICVIM00       Convert Collection of CU Master Dat
CXN5   FICVIM00       Assign Company Codes/Business Areas
CXN6   FICVIM00       Cons Type and Dimension Assignments
CXN7   FICIRD00       Download Rollup-related Data
CXN8   FICIRU00       Upload Rollup-related Data
CXP1   FICVIM00       Assign Task groups
CXP2   FICVIM00       Tasks for Carryforward
CXP3   FICVIM00       Tasks for Data Collection
CXP4   FICVIM00       Tasks for Validation of Rptd Data
CXP5   FICVIM00       Tasks for Manual Posting
CXP6   FICVIM00       Tasks for Currency Translation
CXP7   FICVIM00       Tasks for Valid.of Standardized Dat
CXP8   FICVIM00       Tasks for Rollups
CXP9   FICVIM00       Tasks for Valid.of consolidated dat
CXRA   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Groups
CXRB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
CXRC   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Groups
CXRD   RKDBATV5       Create Variant Groups
CXRE   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups
CXRF   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Group Maintenance
CXRH   SAPMKXHI       Hierarchy Maintenance
CXRI   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports
CXRK   RMCTCXRK       Maintain Key Figures
CXRM   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor - drilldown reports
CXRO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports
CXRP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms
CXRQ   RCNRCJES       Import Reports from Client
CXRR   RCNRCJEW       Import Layouts from Client
CXRT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
CXRU   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation keys
CXRV   RKES0101       Maintain global variables
CXRW   SAPMKCB9       Convert Drilldown Reports
CXRX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
CXRY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data
CXRZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
CXR0   SAPMKCEE       Run drilldown report
CXR1   SAPMKCEE       Create drilldown report
CXR2   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report
CXR3   SAPMKCEE       Display drilldown report
CXR4   SAPMKES1       Form for creating reports
CXR5   SAPMKES1       Form for changing reports
CXR6   SAPMKES1       Form for displaying reports
CXSA   SAPMF21S       Display Set Maintenance
CXSB   SAPMF21S       Change Set Maintenance
CXSC   SAPMF21S       Create Set Maintenance
CXSD   SAPMF21S       Delete Set Maintenance
CXS1   FICBCF00       Carry Forward Balances
CXS3   FICVIM00       Carryforward Items
CXS4   FICVIM00       Non-carryforward Items
CXVM   SAPMF200       Call View Maintenance
CXV1   FICVAL00       Validation
CXV2   FICVAL10       Create Validation
CXV3   FICVAL10       Change Validation
CXV4   FICVAL10       Display Validation
CXV5   FICVIM00       Maintain equivalency relationship
CX0AC  SAPMFCG1       Attrib for CU: Maint. Char. Values
CX0AD  SAPMFCG1       Attrib for CU: Displ. Char. Values
CX0AE  SAPMFCG1       Subassign.: Maintain Char Values
CX0AF  SAPMFCG1       Subassign.: Display Char Values
CX0A1  RKCMKCGD       Edit Characteristics
CX0A2  SAPMKCGF       Edit Field Groups
CX0A3  FICCOMD0       Generate Master Data Maint. Modules
CX0A4  FICREOMV       Reorg.View Maintenance (master data
CX0A5  SAPMFCG1       Maintain Characteristic Values
CX0A6  SAPMFCG1       Display Characteristic Values
CX0A7  SAPMSVMA       Maintain Characteristic Values
CX0A8  SAPMSVMA       Display Characteristic Values
CX0C00 FICRIC00       Check Ref. Integrity Customizing
CX0C10 FICTCL00       Display Chg.Log - MasterData/Custom
CX0TA  FICTDI00       Import Transaction Data
CX0TC  FICTPC00       Transport of ECCS Customizing
CX0T9  FICTDE00       Export Transaction Data
CX0UD  FICCPD00       Copy Customizing Between Dimensions
CX0UM  FICMIG00       EC-CS: Migration from FI-LC
CX0UN  FICNRIV0       Copy Document Number Ranges
CX0US  FICCPS00       EC-CS: Copy Sets
CX00   MENUCX00       SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX00N  FICMEN00       SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX01   MENUCX01       SAP Cons: General Configuration Men
CX01N  FICMEN00       SAP Cons.: Configuration Menu
CX1A   SAPMF210       Create Breakdown Categories
CX1B   SAPMF210       Change Breakdown Categories
CX1B0  FICLMD50       List Master Data: Cons Units
CX1B1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Cons Units
CX1B4  FICDCC00       Consistency Check Transaction Data
CX1C   SAPMF210       Display Breakdown Categories
CX1C0  FICLMD40       List Master Data: Cons Groups
CX1C1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Cons Groups
CX1C3  FICUP189       Copy Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1D   SAPMF210       Create subitem categories
CX1E   SAPMF210       Change subitem categories
CX1F   SAPMF210       Display subitem categories
CX1G   SAPMF210       Create subitems
CX1H   SAPMF210       Change subitems
CX1H0  FICHRY90       Where-used List for CG/CU
CX1H1  FICITH90       FS Items Where-Used List
CX1I   SAPMF210       Display subitems
CX1I0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for FS Items
CX1I1  FICLMD70       List Master Data: FS Items
CX1I3  FICITC00       Mass Change: FS Items
CX1I4  FICVIM00       Breakdown Categories
CX1I5  FICCPI00       Copy Item Sets
CX1J   SAPMF21A       Create dimensions
CX1K   SAPMF21A       Change Dimensions
CX1L   SAPMF21A       Display dimensions
CX1M   SAPMF21B       Create consolidation units
CX1N   SAPMF21B       Change Consolidation Units
CX1O   SAPMF21B       Display Consolidation Units
CX1P   SAPMF21B       Create consolidation group
CX1Q   SAPMF21B       Change consolidation group
CX1R   SAPMF21B       Display consolidation group
CX1S   SAPMF21C       Create Hierarchy
CX1S0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Subitems
CX1S1  FICLMDA0       List Master Data: Subitems
CX1S3  SAPMF2103      Display subitem category/subitem
CX1S4  SAPMF2103      Change subitem category/subitem
CX1T   SAPMF21C       Change Hierarchy
CX1U   SAPMF21C       Display hierarchy
CX1X   SAPMF21B       Edit Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1XN  SAPMF21B       Edit Cons Group Hierarchies
CX1Y   SAPMF21B       Display CG Hierarchy
CX1YN  SAPMF21B       Display CG Hierarchy
CX10   SAPMF210       Create cons charts of accounts
CX11   SAPMF210       Change cons charts of accounts
CX12   SAPMF210       Display cons charts of accounts
CX13   SAPMF210       Create FS items
CX14   SAPMF210       Change FS items
CX15   SAPMF210       Display FS items
CX16   SAPMF2102      Edit Item Hierarchy
CX17   SAPMF2102      Display Item Hierarchy
CX19   FICVIM00       CU / Financial Data Type Assignment
CX2V1  FICVER90       Customize Version
CX20   FICMON10       Consolidation Monitor
CX21   SAPMF230       Enter Additional Financial Data
CX22   SAPMF230       Display Additional financial data
CX23   FICVIM00       Default Values for Activity Entry
CX24   FICPDV00       Preparation for Divestiture
CX26   FICPRO00       Apportionment
CX27   FICDSM00       List of Last Change of Task Status
CX3A   RKCTRTX1       Translate Data Entry Layout
CX3B   FICVIM00       CG: Assign Valid. and CU recordable
CX3D   RKCOBTR7       Cons: Import Data Entry Layout
CX3D1  FICDOW20       Download Reported Financial Data
CX3E   RKCOBTR6       Cons: Transport Data Entry Layout
CX3FA  FICVIM00       Upload Methods-Fair Value Adjs(Cust
CX3FC  FICVIM00       Upload Meths: Fair Value Adjs(Value
CX3FD  FICUP645       Upload Fair Value Adjustments(Value
CX3FE  FICVIM00       Upload Methods; Product Groups
CX3FG  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Breakdown Cats
CX3FI  FICVIM00       Upload Methods for Goodwill
CX3FY  FICUPL90       Flexible Upload (generic)
CX3FZ  FICUPL91       Flexible Upload (generic)
CX3F0  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Chgs in Investment
CX3F1  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Changes in Equity
CX3F2  FICVIM00       Upload Methods - Equity Holdings Ad
CX3F3  FICUP620       Upload Changes in Investments
CX3F4  FICUP630       Upload Changes in Investee Equity
CX3F5  FICUP660       Upload Equity Holdings Adjustments
CX3F6  FICVIM00       Method for uploading inventory data
CX3F7  FICVIM00       Method for uploading supplier data
CX3F8  FICUP585       Upload Inventory Data
CX3F9  FICUP586       Upload Supplier Data
CX3L1  FICLST30       DB List of Totals Recs/Jrnl Entries
CX3O0  RKCDPREO       Online Entry: Reorg File Descript.
CX3O1  FICVIM00       Scaling Factor for Online Entry
CX30   SAPMF23A       General download
CX31   SAPMF23B       Specific download
CX32   FICPCU00       Upload Financial Data; Offline Entr
CX34   FICLST00       Database list of totals
CX35   FICINP00       Centralized entry of reported data
CX36   FICINP00       Display reported financial data
CX37   SAPMKES1       Create data entry layout
CX38   SAPMKES1       Change data entry layout
CX39   SAPMKES1       Display data entry layout
CX40   FICUMR00       Currency translation
CX5A   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - FS Items
CX5B   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - Cons Units
CX5C   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Ranges - Activity No's
CX5D   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Range - Documents
CX5E   SAPMF261       Delete Held Documents
CX5F   SAPMF261       Display Held Documents
CX5G   SAPMF260       Display Held Document
CX5H   FICNRO00       Cons: Number Range Maintenance Log
CX5I1  FICIUE90       Customizing of Interunit Eliminatio
CX5J1  FICCMP00       Reconcile Totals with Jrnl Entries
CX5J2  FICCMP00       Reconcile/Update Totals-Jrnl Entrie
CX5P1  FICIPI50       Inventory Data
CX5P2  FICIPI60       Supplier Data
CX5R1  FICRCL90       Customizing of Reclassifications
CX5TA  FICVIM00       Cons Groups to be Copied
CX5TB  FICVIM00       Tasks without Settings
CX5TC  FICVIM00       Cons Units to be Copied
CX5TD  FICVIM00       Edit Consolidation Cycles
CX5TE  FICVIM00       Assign Cons Cycles to Versions
CX5T0  FICVIM00       Custom Tasks
CX5T1  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; DM
CX5T2  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; CM
CX5T3  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; D
CX5T4  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; C
CX5T5  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; DM
CX5T6  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; CM
CX5T7  FICVIM00       IMG: Tasks for Elim. of P/L in Inv.
CX5T8  FICVIM00       Tasks for apportionment
CX5T9  FICVIM00       Copy Tasks
CX5UA  FICVIM00       IPI: Item for distribution costs
CX5UB  FICVIM00       Elim.IU P/L Inv: Subassign; Inv.Ite
CX5UC  FICVIM00       Global Settings for Elim.of IPI
CX5UD  FICIPI90       Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv.
CX5U0  FICIPI00       Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventor
CX5U1  FICVIM00       Product Groups & Inventory Items
CX5U2  FICVIM00       IPI: Product Group Posting Items
CX5U3  FICVIM00       IPI: Inventory Item-Dep. Posting It
CX5U4  FICVIM00       IPI: Offsetting items
CX5U5  FICVIM00       IPI: Items for translation diff.
CX5U6  FICVIM00       IPI: Item for reclass.of distr.cost
CX50   SAPMF260       Enter posting document
CX51   SAPMF260       Change posting document
CX52   SAPMF260       Display posting document
CX53   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance
CX54   FICICE00       Intercompany elimination
CX55   FICVIM00       Validate documents
CX56   FICLST10       Database list of journal entries
CX57   FICC2I00       Consolidation of investments
CX58   FICJER00       Journal Entry Report
CX59   FICVIM00       Journal Entry Layouts
CX6C1  FICCOI90       Customizing of Cons. of Investments
CX6C2  FICCSH00       Subitems for Equity Aging Report
CX6C3  FICCOIB0       Check Customizing of Cons of Invest
CX6F0  FICGWA10       Goodwill Amortization/Writeup
CX6F1  FICCOI40       Match Activity Numbers f. Inv./Eqty
CX6F2  FICVIM00       Fair Value Adjustments
CX6F3  FICVIM00       Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Dat
CX6F4  FICHIR00       Rptd Data; FVA: Reporting
CX6F5  FICHRA00       Changes to Eliminated Fair Value Ad
CX6F6  FICLMDV0       Fair Value Adjustments
CX60   SAPMF231       Enter changes in investments
CX61   SAPMF231       Display changes in investments
CX62   SAPMF231       Enter Changes in Investee Equity
CX63   SAPMF231       Display Changes in Equity
CX64   FICGSH00       Group shares
CX65   FICINV00       Changes in investments
CX66   FICEQU00       Changes in investee equity
CX67   FICGWA00       Amortization of goodwill
CX68   FICASS00       Equity Holdings Adjustments
CX7B0  FICVIM00       Customizing realtime update
CX7B1  FICBIW00       Data transfer initialization
CX7B2  FICBIW10       Comparison data slice BCS and BW
CX7B3  FICBIW20       Read from InfoCube
CX7F0  FICLCU00       List of Ownership
CX70   SAPMF271       Rollup
CX71   FICSGN00       Generation of cons group sets
CX72   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for set generation
CX73   FICRUP00       Rollup batch processing
CY00   MENUCY00       Engineering Menu
CY38   SAPLCYPP05     Resource planning format
CY39   SAPLCYPP05     Sort layout key maintenance
CZ48_1 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Create Planning Layout
CZ48_2 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Change Planning Layout
CZ48_3 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Display Planning Layout
CZ48_4 KPCM_LAYOUT_TRATransport Planning Layouts
CZ48_5 KPCM_LAYOUT_IMPImport Planning Layouts
C000   MENUC000       Overhead Cost Controlling
C2N2   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges master recipe
C201   SAPLCPDI       Create Master Recipe
C202   SAPLCPDI       Change Master Recipe
C203   SAPLCPDI       Display Master Recipe
C210   RCPPPI02       Delete Costing Ind. for Operations
C211   RCPPPI03       Delete "Flexible Duration" Ind. Ope
C223   R_TRANSACT_PRODMaintain Production Versions
C223_D SAPLCMFV       Display Production Version
C251   RCPDRK01       Print Master Recipes
C252   RCPDRK02       Print Production Versions
C260   RMPLAN00       Recipe Development on Time Basis
C261   RCPCD001       Change Document Display Master Rec.
C298   RPIREDE2       Delete Master Recipes
DBCO   RSDBCONN       Database Connection Maintenance
DB01   RSDB0001       Analyze exclusive lockwaits
DB02   RSDB0002       Tables and Indexes Monitor
DB03   RSDB0003       Parameter changes in database
DB05   RSDB0005       Analysis of a table acc. to index
DB11   RSSDBCON       Create Database Connection
DB12   RSDBA850       DBA Backup Logs
DB13   RSDBAADM       DBA Planning Calendar
DB13C  RSDBAADM       Central DBA Planning Calendar
DB14   RSDBASHX       Display DBA Operation Logs
DB15   SAPLARCC       Data Archiving: Database Tables
DB16   RSDBACHECK1    Display DB Check Results
DB17   RSDBACHECK2    Configure DB Check
DB2    RSDB0004       Select Database Activities
DB2B   RSDB2BPT       DB2/390: Buffer pool tuning
DB2C   RSDB2C00       DB2 Catalog Browser
DB2D   RSDB2DLK       DB2 for OS/390 - Deadlock Monitor
DB2J   SAPJCL00       Manage JCL Jobs for OS/390
DB2T   RSDB2TIO       DB2/390 Timeout Monitor
DB2U   RSDB2LUR       Long Running Units of Recovery
DB2W   RSDB2WLM       Workload Manager Monitor
DB2X   RSDB2CHK       DB2/390: database check
DB20   SAPMSTRD       Update DB Statistics
DB21   RSDBACBO       Configure DB Statistics
DB24   XDB24NEW       Administrative Database Operations
DB26   RSDBPROFILE    DB Profile:Monitor and Configuratio
DB33   RSINFCK2       DB System check (configure; IFMX)
DB34   RSINF_DBSPACE_EDbspace extension (IFMX)
DB36   SAPLSDB6AL     DB6: Alert Configuration
DB37   SAPLSDB6AL     DB6: Alert Message Log
DB50   RSADADBC       SAP DB Assistant
DB50N  RSSDBDBC       Database Assistant
DB59   RSSDBLST       SAP DB/liveCache Systems
DB6CLP SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Command Line Processor
DB6CST SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace
DB6DBM SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Database Manager Configuration
DB6DBP SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Database Configuration
DB6DBS SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Database Snapshot
DB6DLK SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Deadlocks
DB6EXL SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits
DB6FSC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: File System Configuration
DB6TAC SAPLSDB6CCMS   DB6: Analyze Table Snapshot
DEXP   SAPLEXPD       Expediting
DGA1   SAPTDGA1       DG: Activation DG Checks
DGCI   SAPDGTXT       DG: Date Determination
DGD3   SAPLDG62       Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T Materials
DGE4   DGPDATP1       First database via DGP1
DGE5   DGPDATCO       DG Filling from Spec. Management
DGE6   DGPDATCO       DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. Mgm
DGP0   MENUDGP0       Basic Data: Environment
DGP1   SAPLDG01       Create Dangerous Goods Master
DGP10  DGGENAWM       Generate Phrase Sets
DGP2   SAPLDG01       Change Dangerous Goods Master
DGP3   SAPLDG01       Display Dangerous Goods Master
DGP5   DGPPUSHREP     Report for sending dangerous goods
DGP5S  DGPPUSHREP     Report to Simulate Sending
DGP7   DGPSHPR        Display import logs
DGP8   DGPDEPR        Delete import logs
DGP9   DGPPHRACT      Activate phrase library
DGR1   DGPSHDG        Displaying DG master data
DGR2   DGPCHDO        Dangerous goods: Change document
DGR3   DGPSHPK        Displaying DG packaging data
DGSD   RC1SDAPL       Display Report Logs
DGTD   SAPLDG81       DG: Maintain mat-dependent texts
DGTU   SAPLDG81       DG: Maintain mat-independent texts
DGUC   DGPCNCMD       DG: Test refer. integrity regulatio
DGUD   DGPCNCMD       DG: Test ref. integrity of C tables
DGUM   DGPCNMMD       DG: Convert field LWDG to MasterDat
DGU0   DGPCN000       DG: Conversion of Customizing Table
DGU1   DGPCN063       DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tables
DGU2   DGCONVERT      DG: Conversion Texts/Descriptions
DGU3   DGPCN_PROPSHIPNDG: Converting the DG Descriptions
DL10   SAPMV689       Download
DL11   SAPMV689       Create download profile
DL12   SAPMV689       Change condition download profile
DL13   SAPMV689       Display condition download profile
DMC    DMCGUI0        Start DMC Interface
DMCAPP DMCGUI2        Maintain Applications in DMC Tool
DMCISB DMCGUI3        Maintain Direct Input 2
DMCWB  DMC_WORKBENCH  Workbench for DMC Development
DMEE   SAPMDMEE       DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool
DMWB   DMWB_START     Document Modeling Workbench
DNOTIF SAPLDNO_UI     Basic Notification
DPRL   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Delete
DPRV   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Change
DP101  DPBPRESETFKSAF Reset Billing Plan Date
DP60   RDPBEMOT10     Change Accounting Indicator in LI
DP70   RDPFLOW00      Conversion of Individual Orders
DP80   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSM: Resource-Related Quotation
DP81   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing
DP82   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing Project
DP90   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTCS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP91   SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP93   RDPICB         Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes
DP95   RVPKMASS       Resource-Rel. Billing; Coll.Process
DP96   RVPKMASS96     Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - Sale
DP97   RVPKMASS97     Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-Srv
DP98   RDPDMRFLOW     Resource for Billing Request
DP99A  RDPFLOWREPA    Doc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. Bill
DP99B  RDPFLOWREPB    Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SD
DP99C  RDPFLOWREPC    Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-Servic
DRC1   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRC2   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRC3   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipien
DRPA   SAPMMDRP       Definition of DRP Planning Run
DRPB   RDRPDEPB       Deployment: Background Processing
DRPM   RDRPDEPM       Deployment for Material
DRPO   RDRPDEPO       Deployment for Material
DRPS   SAPMMDRP       Calculate Safety Stock
DRPW   RDRPDEPW       Deployment for Plant
DRP0   RDRPNET1       Network Graphic
DRP4   RDRPNET1       Network Graphic/Quotas View
DSA    RDSVAS_SESSADMIService Session Workbench
DSAL   DS_LOG_DISPLAY Digital Signature Logs
DSC1   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DSC2   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DSC3   SAPMV12A       Create CondTables: Derivation Sende
DTR0   SAPLREDT       Enter Downtimes
DVCO   SAPMV13R       Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.
DVDC   RVBDRVDC       Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Ls
DVDL   RVBDRVDL       Delete Derivation Log
DVMAN  RVBBTREE       Perform Manual Derivation
DVMO   RVBDRVMO       Monitor
DVR1   SAPMV13R       Create Derivation Recipient Record
DVR2   SAPMV13R       Change Derivation Recipient Record
DVR3   SAPMV13R       Display Derivation Recipient Record
DVSA   RVBDRVSA       Shipping Approval
DVSP   SAPMOMBE       Set Up Derivation
DVS1   SAPMV13R       Create Derivation Sender Record
DVS2   SAPMV13R       Change Derivation Sender Record
DVS3   SAPMV13R       Display Derivation Sender Record
DWDM   SAPMSDM1       Development Workbench Demos
DZ00   MENUDZ00       Introduction to
ECOP   RSECOP01       Main Program for Entity Copier
EC01   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Company Code
EC02   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Plant
EC03   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EC04   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn
EC05   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chn
EC06   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Division
EC07   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC08   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Shipping Point
EC09   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Warehouse Number
EC10   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area
EC11   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subare
EC12   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgrou
EC13   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.
EC14   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Storage Location
EC15   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Material Type
EC16   RSECOP01       Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EDIT   SAJTED13       Juergen's Editor
EEAK   RPLEEAK0       Employment equity - Canada
EEWB   OXT_NAVIGATOR  Easy Enhancement Workbench
EFCC   EFG_FORM_MASS  Application Form Mass Processing
EFCM   EFG_FORMCLASS_MPrint Workbench Form Class Processg
EFCS   SAPLEFGC       Print Workbench: Form Class
EFGM   EFG_FORM_MASS  Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFGN   EFG_FORM_ACTIVAPrint Workbench: Mass Activation
EFRM   SAPLEFGF       Print Workbench: Application Form
EFTP   EFG_FORM_MASS  Application Form Mass Processing
EFTR   EFG_CREATE_TRANPrint Workbench: Generate Trans.Lis
EFTRSL SAPLEFTR       Print Wbench Trans. for Translation
EFTT   EFG_MAINTAIN_WOPrint Workbench: Transl. Worklist
EFUD   SAPLEFGF       Print Workbench: Application Form
EMAIL  SAPMSX02       SAPconnect Easy EMail
EMU1   RFVDEMU1       Convert Loans to EURO
EMU2   RFVDEMU2       Reset Conversion to EURO
ENCO   SAPMV99E       Printing / Communication
ENFO   SAPMV99E       Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
ENGK   SAPMV52E       Legal control
ENGR   SAPLV50G       Periodic Declarations
ENLO   SAPMV86E       Documentary Payments
ENPA   SAPLV50G       FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings
ENPR   SAPMV95E       Preference Handling
ENSL   SAPLVFSM       Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List
ENSV   SAPMV96E       Foreign Trade Data Maintenance
ENZD   SAPMV98E       Customs Objects: Documentation/Info
EN99   SAPMV99E       General Foreign Trade Processing
EPAR   SAPRISU_PRINTACList Print Action Records
EPA1   SAPLEEPA       Create Print Action Record
EPA2   SAPLEEPA       Change Print Action Record
EPA3   SAPLEEPA       Display Print Action Record
EWA0   EWUCOOLI       EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects
EWA1   RAT08401       FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors
EWA2   RAEWAS0B       FI-AA: Asset before&after compariso
EWA3   RAEWUC0P       Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts
EWA7   EWURA001       AA Totals Record Reconciliation
EWA8   EWURA001       AA Balances Reconciliation
EWA9   EWURA001       AA Asset Status Reconciliation
EWCF   EWUCONFM       Confirm Euro Currency Customizing
EWCK   EWURA001       Currency Check BKPF; KONV
EWCM   SAPMEWCM       Maintain Currency Tables for Euro
EWCT   SAP1EWCT       Currency Test Converter
EWC0   RKAABR01       RKAABR01: Order Settlement Analysis
EWC1   EWURA001       CO-PA Reports Translation
EWC2   RKACOFI2       CO Reconciliation Ledger
EWC4   EWURA001       Reconciliation of Parked Docs FM
EWFC   SAPLEWFC       IS-U Front Office Configuration
EWFC0  SAPLEWFC       Action Box Configuration
EWFC1  SAPLEWFC       Action Config. for HTML Operation
EWFG   RGEURBAL       Add Up Totals Records
EWFS   EWURA001       Check for Balances in Local Currenc
EWF1   RFEWSBAL       Display FI/AA Adjustment Difference
EWF2   RFEWSSOP       Display Open Item Total at Key Date
EWF3   RFEWSDOC       Display Critical Documents
EWF4   RFEWSSCA       Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment
EWF7   EWURA001       Delete Table EWUFI_SOP
EWF8   EWURA001       Compare Index w.Transaction Figures
EWF9   EWURA001       Compare Index w.Transaction Figures
EWG5   EWURA001       Consolidation Staging Ledger
EWK0   EWUCU02A       Customer Development: Find Fields
EWK1   EWUCU02B       Cust.Development: Report Tx
EWK2   EWUCU02C       Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen
EWK3   EWUCU001       Customer Development: Assign Rule
EWK4   EWUCU003       Customer Development: Save Selectio
EWM1   EWURA001       MM Fill Fields in EBAN
EWM3   EWUMMRTL_40    Match MM Sales Values
EWM4   EWURA001       MM Purchase Order History Adjustmen
EWM6   EWUMMPOB       Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account
EWR1   EWUTFV02       TR-IS Check Securities Customizing
EWSH   SAPMEWWU       EMU Procedure Monitor
EWS2   EWUARCH2       Evaluate Archived Data
EWS3   EWUARCHI       List of Critical Archives
EWTF   SAPMEWTF       Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEW
EWT0   EWUPLANJ       Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge
EWT1   EWUSETRS       Set Ability to be Restarted
EWT2   EWUAKTIV       Activate a Changeover Package
EWT3   EWUPROST       Start Forecast
EWUD   SAPREWU6       EMU mass conversion in cust. master
EWUL   SAPREWU5       Currency conversion vendors
EWUO   SDEWUORD       Transaction data for EMU conversion
EWUS   SAPMSIZE       Maintain Largest Tables
EWUT   RFTBEUR00      EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/D
EWWA   SAPMEWKE       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EWWB   SAPLEWKE       Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates
EWZA   EWUSETPH       Confirm System Settings
EWZ5   EWULKUSR       Lock Users
EWZ6   EWULKUSR       Unlock System
EW00   MENUEW00       Conversions for the Euro
EW10   EWURA001       EMU: Load Organization Objects
EW11   EWURA001       EMU: Load CO-PA Objects
EW13   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS
EW14   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS
EW16   EWURA001       Records No. of Largest Tables
EW17   EWURA001       Determine Required Database Memory
EW18   EWURA001       EMU: Load Depreciation Areas
EW28   EWURA001       EMU: Load CO Objects
EW29   EWURA001       EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL
EW3Z   SAPMEW4Z       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EW30   EWURA001       FI Previous Open Item Reconciliatio
EW35   EWURA001       FI Previous Clearing Procedures
EW36   EWURA001       FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis
EW38   RM07MBST       EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List
EW39   EWURA001       FI Open Item Selection
EW4Z   SAPMEW4Z       Currency Select.f.Changeover Packag
EW45   EWURA001       FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.
EW46   EWURA001       MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu
EW47   EWUMACOP       Create Standard Package
EW48   EWUMEKAA       MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs
EW49   EWURA001       MM MM --> FI Balance Comparison
EW50   EWURA001       MM Post Adjustment Documents
EW51   EWURA001       FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis
EW53   EWURA001       FI Check Customizing
EW55   EWURA001       FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts
EW57   EWUSTRNA       EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Program
EW58   EWUSTRUM       EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Star
EW59   EWUSTRVO       EMU Conv.: Start Preprocess.Program
EW61   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables
EW62   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon
EW63   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structur
EW64   EWURA001       EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc
EW65   EWURA001       EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnt
EW67   EWURA001       EMU: AA Summary Records Selection
EW68   EWURA001       EMU: AA Balance Adjustment
EW69   EWURA001       AA Transaction Figure Reconciliatio
EW72   EWURA001       FI Subsequent Open Item Selection
EW73   EWURA001       Investment Programs Adjustment
EW74   EWURA001       FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation
EW75   EWURA001       FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation
EW76   EWURA001       FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliatio
EW77   EWURA001       FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustm
EW80   EWURA001       MM Totals Comparison MBEW
EW82   EWURA001       MM Stock Value List
EW84   EWURA001       List MM Differences
EW93   EWURA001       EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL
EXPD   REXPDSEL       Expediting
F.0B   RFAWVZ40       G/L: Create Z2 to Z4
F.01   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet
F.02   SAPMS38M       Compact Journal
F.03   SAPMS38M       Reconciliation
F.04   SAPMS38M       G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report
F.06   SAPMS38M       Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Asst
F.07   SAPMS38M       G/L: Balance Carryforward
F.08   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account Balances
F.09   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account List
F.1A   SAPF130P       Customer/Vendor Statistics
F.1B   SAPF130Z       Head Office and Branch Index
F.10   SAPMS38M       G/L: Chart of Accounts
F.11   SAPMS38M       G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File
F.12   SAPMS38M       Advance Tax Return
F.13   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing
F.14   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries
F.15   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries
F.16   SAPFGVTR       ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carryforward
F.17   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.Confirmatio
F.18   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmatio
F.19   SAPMS38M       G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearin
F.2E   SAPMS38M       Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comp
F.20   SAPMS38M       A/R: Account List
F.21   SAPMS38M       A/R: Open Items
F.22   SAPMS38M       A/R: Open Item Sorted List
F.23   SAPMS38M       A/R: Account Balances
F.24   SAPMS38M       A/R: Interest for Days Overdue
F.25   SAPMS38M       Bill of Exchange List
F.26   SAPMS38M       A/R: Balance Interest Calculation
F.27   SAPMS38M       A/R: Periodic Account Statements
F.28   SAPMS38M       Customers: Reset Credit Limit
F.29   SAPMFKM0       A/R: Set Up Info System 1
F.30   RFDRRANZ       A/R: Evaluate Info System
F.35   RFDKLI41       Credit Master Sheet
F.38   RFUMSV25       Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax
F.40   SAPMS38M       A/P: Account List
F.41   SAPMS38M       A/P: Open Items
F.42   SAPMS38M       A/P: Account Balances
F.44   SAPMS38M       A/P: Balance Interest Calculation
F.45   SAPMFKM0       A/P: Set Up Info System 1
F.46   RFKRRANZ       A/P: Evaluate Info System
F.5D   SAPMS38M       G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment
F.5E   SAPMS38M       G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment
F.5F   SAPMS38M       G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log
F.5G   SAPMF00H       G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.Er
F.50   SAPF181        G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmn
F.51   SAPMS38M       G/L: Open Items
F.52   SAPMS38M       G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation
F.53   SAPMS38M       G/L: Account Assignment Manual
F.54   SAPMS38M       G/L: Structured Account Balances
F.56   SAPMFKM0       Delete Recurring Document
F.57   SAPMFKM0       G/L: Delete Sample Documents
F.61   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Print Requests
F.62   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Print Int.Documents
F.63   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Delete Requests
F.64   SAPMS38M       Correspondence: Maintain Requests
F.70   RFWMAN00       Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning
F.71   RFWEDX00       DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentatio
F.75   RFWEKO01       Extended Bill/Exchange Information
F.93   RFWOBL00       Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Ris
F.97   RKKBRPTR       General Ledger: Report Selection
F.98   RKKBRPTR       Vendors: Report Selection
F.99   RKKBRPTR       Customers: Report Selection
F-01   SAPMF05A       Enter Sample Document
F-02   SAPMF05A       Enter G/L Account Posting
F-03   SAPMF05A       Clear G/L Account
F-04   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing
F-05   SAPMF05A       Post Foreign Currency Valuation
F-06   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments
F-07   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments
F-19   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting
F-20   SAPMF05A       Reverse Bill Liability
F-21   SAPMF05A       Enter Transfer Posting
F-22   SAPMF05A       Enter Customer Invoice
F-25   SAPMF05A       Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.
F-26   SAPMF05A       Incoming Payments Fast Entry
F-27   SAPMF05A       Enter Customer Credit Memo
F-28   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments
F-29   SAPMF05A       Post Customer Down Payment
F-30   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing
F-31   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments
F-32   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer
F-33   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Exchange Usage
F-34   SAPMF05A       Post Collection
F-35   SAPMF05A       Post Forfaiting
F-36   SAPMF05A       Bill of Exchange Payment
F-37   SAPMF05A       Customer Down Payment Request
F-38   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting
F-39   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer Down Payment
F-40   SAPMF05A       Bill of Exchange Payment
F-41   SAPMF05A       Enter Vendor Credit Memo
F-42   SAPMF05A       Enter Transfer Posting
F-43   SAPMF05A       Enter Vendor Invoice
F-44   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor
F-47   SAPMF05A       Down Payment Request
F-48   SAPMF05A       Post Vendor Down Payment
F-49   SAPMF05A       Customer Noted Item
F-51   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing
F-52   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments
F-53   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments
F-54   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor Down Payment
F-55   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting
F-56   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting
F-57   SAPMF05A       Vendor Noted Item
F-62   SAPMSTBM       Maintain Table: Exchange Rates
F-63   SAPLF040       Park Vendor Invoice
F-64   SAPLF040       Park Customer Invoice
F-65   SAPLF040       Preliminary Posting
F-66   SAPLF040       Park Vendor Credit Memo
F-67   SAPLF040       Park Customer Credit Memo
F-90   SAPMF05A       Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
F-91   SAPMF05A       Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acc
F-92   SAPMF05A       Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
F/LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
F/LB   SAPMV14A       Change pricing reports
F/LC   SAPMV14A       Display pricing reports
F/LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing reports
F_71   RFWEDX00       DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentatio
F_72   RFWOBL00       Mass Bill/Exch.Liability Maintenanc
F_75   RFWEKO01       Extended Bill/Exchange Information
F_76   RFWEKO02       Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV
FAKA   SAPMFKA0       Config.: Show Display Format
FAKP   SAPMFKA0       Config.: Maintain Display Format
FARI   MENUFARI       AR Interface: Third-party applicatn
FA39   SAPMFKM0       Call up report with report variant
FBA1   SAPMF05A       Customer Down Payment Request
FBA2   SAPMF05A       Post Customer Down Payment
FBA3   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer Down Payment
FBA6   SAPMF05A       Vendor Down Payment Request
FBA7   SAPMF05A       Post Vendor Down Payment
FBA8   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor Down Payment
FBBA   SAPMFKS0       Display Acct Determination Config.
FBBCX  SAPMFCX1       Post Document with Currency Exchang
FBBP   SAPMFKS0       Maintain Acct Determination Config.
FBB1   SAPMF05A       Post Foreign Currency Valn
FBCJ   SAPMFCJ0       Cash Journal
FBC80  RFFRCBIC80     French Central Bank Reporting
FBDF   MENUFBDF       Menu Banque de France
FBD1   SAPMF05A       Enter Recurring Entry
FBD2   SAPMF05L       Change Recurring Entry
FBD3   SAPMF05L       Display Recurring Entry
FBD4   SAPMF01A       Display Recurring Entry Changes
FBD5   SAPMF05A       Realize Recurring Entry
FBD9   SAPMF05A       Enter Recurring Entry
FBE1   SAPMF06A       Create Payment Advice
FBE2   SAPMF06A       Change Payment Advice
FBE3   SAPMF06A       Display Payment Advice
FBE6   SAPMF06A       Delete Payment Advice
FBE7   SAPMF06A       Add to Payment Advice Account
FBFT   RFFR0TB0       Customizing BDF
FBF1   RFFR0C01       C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
FBF2   RFFR0C02       Financial Transactions
FBF3   RFFRLIST       Control Report
FBF4   RFFRPCD1       Download Documents
FBF5   RFFR2C01       Reports Minus Vendor Accounts
FBF6   RFFRMOD1       Document Changes
FBF7   RFFR1C01       C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
FBF8   RFFR0E84       C84 Reports
FBKA   SAPMFKB0       Display Accounting Configuration
FBKF   SAPDFKB1       FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)
FBKP   SAPMFKB0       Maintain Accounting Configuration
FBL1   RFEPOS00       Display Vendor Line Items
FBL1N  RFITEMAP       Vendor Line Items
FBL2   RFEPOS00       Change Vendor Line Items
FBL2N  RFITEMAP       Vendor Line Items
FBL3   RFEPOS00       Display G/L Account Line Items
FBL3N  RFITEMGL       G/L Account Line Items
FBL4   RFEPOS00       Change G/L Account Line Items
FBL4N  RFITEMGL       G/L Account Line Items
FBL5   RFEPOS00       Display Customer Line Items
FBL5N  RFITEMAR       Customer Line Items
FBL6   RFEPOS00       Change Customer Line Items
FBL6N  RFITEMAR       Customer Line Items
FBMA   SAPMFKD0       Display Dunning Procedure
FBME   MENUFBME       Banks
FBMP   SAPMFKD0       Maintain Dunning Procedure
FBM1   SAPMF05A       Enter Sample Document
FBM2   SAPMF05L       Change Sample Document
FBM3   SAPMF05L       Display Sample Document
FBM4   SAPMF01A       Display Sample Document Changes
FBN1   SAPMSNUM       Accounting Document Number Ranges
FBN2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD
FBPM   SAPFPAYM       Payment medium program of PMW
FBPM1  SAPFPAYM_MERGE Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
FBPM2  RFMPAY00       Status Report
FBP1   SAPMF05A       Enter Payment Request
FBRA   SAPMF05R       Reset Cleared Items
FBRC   SAPLFCCR       Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)
FBR1   SAPMF05A       Post with Reference Document
FBR2   SAPMF05A       Post Document
FBS1   SAPMF05A       Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.
FBTA   SAPMFKT0       Display Text Determin.Configuration
FBTP   SAPMFKT0       Maintain Text Determin.Configuratio
FBU2   SAPMF05L       Change Intercompany Document
FBU3   SAPMF05L       Display Intercompany Document
FBU8   SAPMF05U       Reverse Cross-Company Code Document
FBVB   SAPMF05A       Post Parked Document
FBV0   SAPMF05V       Post Parked Document
FBV1   SAPMF05V       Park Document
FBV2   SAPMF05V       Change Parked Document
FBV3   SAPMF05V       Display Parked Document
FBV4   SAPMF05V       Change Parked Document (Header)
FBV5   SAPMF01A       Document Changes of Parked Document
FBV6   SAPMF05V       Parked Document $
FBWD   SAPMFBWD       Returned Bills of Exchange Payable
FBWD2  SAPMFBWD       Parameter Transaction for FBWD
FBWE   SAPMFBWE       Bill/Exch.Presentatn - Internationa
FBWO   RFORBIANDISC00 Discounting of Orbian Credits
FBW1   SAPMF05A       Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
FBW2   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Pmt Reques
FBW3   SAPMF05A       Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FBW4   SAPMF05A       Reverse Bill Liability
FBW5   SAPMF05A       Customer Check/Bill of Exchange
FBW6   SAPMF05A       Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange
FBW7   RFFBWD00       Bank file to file system (for FBWD)
FBW8   RFFBWD10       File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)
FBZA   SAPLFBZP       Display Pmnt Program Configuration
FBZG   SAPMFBZG       Failed Customer Payments
FBZP   SAPLFBZP       Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration
FBZ0   SAPF110O       Display/Edit Payment Proposal
FBZ1   SAPMF05A       Post Incoming Payments
FBZ2   SAPMF05A       Post Outgoing Payments
FBZ3   SAPMF05A       Incoming Payments Fast Entry
FBZ4   SAPMF05A       Payment with Printout
FBZ5   SAPMFCHK       Print Check for Payment Document
FBZ8   SAPF110O       Display Payment Run
FB00   SAPMF05O       Accounting Editing Options
FB01   SAPMF05A       Post Document
FB02   SAPMF05L       Change Document
FB03   SAPMF05L       Display Document
FB03Z  SAPMF05L       Display Document/Payment Usage
FB04   SAPMF01A       Document Changes
FB05   SAPMF05A       Post with Clearing
FB07   SAPMF05K       Control Totals
FB08   SAPMF05A       Reverse Document
FB09   SAPMF05L       Change Line Items
FB09D  SAPMF05L       Display Line Items
FB1D   SAPMF05A       Clear Customer
FB1K   SAPMF05A       Clear Vendor
FB1S   SAPMF05A       Clear G/L Account
FB10   SAPMF05A       Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
FB11   SAPMF05A       Post Held Document
FB12   SAPMF05M       Request from Correspondence
FB13   SAPMF05L       Release for Payments
FB15   RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items
FB16   RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items
FB16EA RFDECIDEOI     Assign Items
FB17   RFWORKON09     Open Item Assignmnt: Check from Lis
FB18   RFMAIL01       Maintain Standard Mail Texts
FB21   SAPMF05A       Enter Statistical Posting
FB22   SAPMF05A       Reverse Statistical Posting
FB31   SAPMF05A       Enter Noted Item
FB41   SAPMF05A       Post Tax Payable
FB50   SAPMF05A       G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
FB60   SAPMF05A       Enter Incoming Invoices
FB65   SAPMF05A       Enter Incoming Credit Memos
FB70   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Invoices
FB75   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Credit Memos
FB99   SAPLFACU       Check if Documents can be Archived
FCCR   SAPMFCCR       Payment Card Evaluations
FCC1   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Settlement
FCC2   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement
FCC3   SAPMS38M       Payment Cards: Delete Logs
FCHA   RFCHKA00       Check archiving
FCHB   RFCHKA20       Check retrieval
FCHD   RFCHKD00       Delete Payment Run Check Informatio
FCHE   RFCHKD10       Delete Voided Checks
FCHF   RFCHKD20       Delete Manual Checks
FCHG   RFCHKD30       Delete cashing/extract data
FCHI   SAPMFCHI       Check Lots
FCHK   MENUFCHK       Check Tracing Initial Menu
FCHN   RFCHKN10       Check Register
FCHR   SAPMFCHK       Online Cashed Checks
FCHT   SAPMFCHK       Change Check/Payment Assignment
FCHU   RFCHKU00       Create Reference for Check
FCHX   RFCHKE00       Check Extract - Creation
FCH1   SAPMFCHK       Display Check Information
FCH2   SAPMFCHK       Display Payment Document Checks
FCH3   SAPMFCHK       Void Checks
FCH4   SAPMFCHK       Renumber Checks
FCH5   SAPMFCHK       Create Check Information
FCH6   SAPMFCHK       Change Check Information/Cash Check
FCH7   SAPMFCHK       Reprint Check
FCH8   SAPMFCHK       Reverse Check Payment
FCH9   SAPMFCHK       Void Issued Check
FCKR   RFEBCK00       International cashed checks
FCMM   MENUFCMM       C FI  Preparations for consolidatio
FCMN   MENUFCMN       FI   Initial Consolidation Menu
FCODOC RFCODOCUMENT   Display Failure Cost Documents
FCOEX  SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Additional Expense Posting
FCOST  SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Failure Cost Processing
FCRD   MENUFCRD       Credit Cards
FC038  CACS_CASE_COMPACompare Test Groups
FC039  CACS_ADHOC_CASEComparison by Selection Criteria
FC10   RFBILA00       Financial Statements Comparison
FC11   RGCMBU00       Data Extract for FI Transfer
FC80   RFFRDDE0       Document C80
FC82   RFFRDDE0       Document C82
FD-1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL
FDCU   MENUFDCU       Loans customizing menu
FDFD   SAPMFFD1       Cash Management Implementation Tool
FDIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing
FDIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
FDIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures
FDIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor
FDIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
FDIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FDIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
FDIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
FDIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FDIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FDIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FDIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
FDIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
FDI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
FDI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
FDI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
FDI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
FDI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
FDI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
FDI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
FDOO   RFVDORD0       Borrower's notes order overview
FDTA   SAPMFDTA       TemSe/REGUT Data Administration
FDTT   SAPMFTDT       Treasury Data Medium Administration
FD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Accounting)
FD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Accounting)
FD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Accounting)
FD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (Accounting)
FD05   SAPMF02D       Block Customer (Accounting)
FD06   SAPMF02D       Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
FD08   SAPMF02D       Confirm Customer Individually(Actng
FD09   RFDCON00       Confirm Customer List (Accounting)
FD10   SAPMF42B       Customer Account Balance
FD10N  RFARBALANCE    Customer Balance Display
FD10NA RFARBALANCE    Customer Bal. Display with Worklist
FD11   SAPMF42B       Customer Account Analysis
FD24   SAPMF01A       Credit Limit Changes
FD32   SAPMF02C       Change Customer Credit Management
FD33   SAPMF02C       Display Customer Credit Management
FD37   SAPMF02C       Credit Management Mass Change
FEBA   SAPMF40A       Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt
FEBAN  SAPLNEW_FEBA   Bank statement postprocessing
FEBC   RFBASM00       Generate Multicash format
FEBMSG OFX_MSG_SELECT_Display Internet Messages
FEBOAS OFX_ACCOUNT_STMRequest Account Statement via OFX
FEBP   RFEBKA30       Post Electronic Bank Statement
FEBSTS SAPMF40M       Search String Search Simulation
FECA   FERCA000       Customizing Archiving
FECC   FERCVIEW       Control of messages by the user
FECJ   FERCR310       Create job for multiple periods
FECM   FERCC000       Online manual
FECP   FERCT020       Copy regulatory parameters
FEC6   FERCVIEW       Regulatory indicator assignment
FEOD   FERCR220_OLD   Drill down (Old version)
FEOT   FERCR210_OLD   Flow of cost trace  (Old version)
FEP4   FERCC002       Plan versions
FEP5   FERCC002       Fiscal year dep. version parameters
FEP6   FERCC002       Plan versions
FEP7   FERCC002       Fiscal year dep. version parameters
FERC   MENUFERC       Regulatory reporting
FERD   FERCR220       Drill down
FERE   FERCT000       Transport periodic parameters
FERH   FERCR200       Processing history
FERN   FERCC000       Release notes
FERQ   FERCM000       Process plan
FERR   FERCR100       Reverse regulatory procedure
FERS   FERCM000       Process actual
FERT   FERCR210C      Flow of cost trace
FERV   FERCR300       Validate regulatory configuration
FER0   FERCR000       Standard cost adjustment
FER1   FERCR010       Trace flow of primary costs
FER2   FERCR020       Post primary costs
FER3   FERCR030       Post variance allocations
FER4   FERCR040       Direct postings
FER5   FERCR050       Prepare drill down
FESA   FERCR280       Summarized final objects
FESR   RFESR000       Importing of POR File (Switzerland)
FEUB   RFVIBEPP       Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion
FEVF6  FERCC010       Organizational assignment of object
FEV1   FERCC010       Controlling area dependent paramete
FEV10  FERCC010       Secondary cost elem. to be ignored
FEV11  FERCC010       Regulatory indicator assignmnt fiel
FEV13  FERCC010       Clearing cost elements
FEV13A FERCC010       Cost element variants
FEV2   FERCC010       Company code dependent parameters
FEV3   FERCC010       Regulatory accounts for traced cost
FEV3A  FERCC010       Regulatory indicator variants
FEV4   FERCC010       Specific Std. Cost. Adj. assignment
FEV5   FERCC010       Specific clearing COEl assignments
FEV6   FERCC010       Regulatory indicator assignments
FEV9   FERCC010       Regulatory accounts for direct post
FF.5   RFBASM00       Import Electronic Bank Statement
FF.6   RFBASM00       Display Electronic Bank Statement
FF$L   RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission information
FF$S   RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission information
FF$3   RFTREY30       Send planning data to central syste
FF$4   RFTREY40       Retrieve planning data
FF$5   RFTREY50       Retrieve transmission results
FF$6   RFTREY60       Check settings
FF$7   RFTREY70       Check all external systems
FF-9   RFFDIS35       Journal
FF/3   SAPMF40F       Archive advices from bank statement
FF/4   RFEBSC00       Import Electronic Check Deposit Lis
FF/5   RFEBSC10       Post electronic check deposit list
FF/6   RFFDIS70       Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting
FF/7   RFFDIS72       Deposit/loan management int accrual
FF_5   RFBASM00       Import Electronic Bank Statement
FF_6   RFBASM00       Display Electronic Bank Statement
FF:1   RFDEV310       Maintain exchange rates
FFA1   RFFDIS47       Compare Advices with Bk.Stmt Advice
FFB4   RFEBSC00       Import Electronic Check Deposit Lis
FFB5   RFEBSC10       Post electronic check deposit list
FFCD   SAPMFCD1       Cash deconcentration
FFTL   RFFDTL00       Telephone list
FFW1   RFEBWR00       Wire Authorization
FF63   SAPMF40E       Create Planning Memo Record
FF65   RFTS6500       List of Cash Management Memo Record
FF67   SAPMF40K       Manual Bank Statement
FF68   SAPMF40S       Manual Check Deposit Transaction
FF69   RFFDSK00       Cash Mgmt: Totals Record Correction
FF70   RFTS7000       Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity Forecast
FF71   RFTS7099       Cash Position
FF72   RFTS7099       Liquidity forecast
FF73   SAPMF40C       Cash Concentration
FF74   RFTS7300       Use Program to Access Cash Concntn
FGIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing
FGIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
FGIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures
FGIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor
FGIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
FGIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FGIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
FGIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
FGIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FGIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FGIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FGIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
FGIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
FGI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
FGI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
FGI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
FGI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
FGI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
FGI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
FGI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
FGL6   RGVILIRF       IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. Contr
FGM0   MENUFGM0       Special Purpose Ledger Menu
FGRP   MENUFGRP       Report Painter
FGRW   MENUFGRW       Report Writer Menu
FG99   RKKBRPTR       Flexible G/L: Report Selection
FIBF   SAPMOPFIIMG    Maintenance transaction BTE
FIBHS  RFBLBC00       Display bank chains for house banks
FIBHU  RFBLBC00       Maintain bank chains for house bank
FIBPS  RFBLBC02       Display bank chians for partners
FIBPU  RFBLBC02       Maintain bank chains for partner
FIBS   SAPMFBSM       Input House Bank in Payment Request
FIBTS  RFBLBC01       Dis. bank chains for acct carry fwd
FIBTU  RFBLBC01       Main. bank chains for acctCarry ove
FICD   SAPMFDEC       Cash deconcentration
FICO   MAINTAIN_FICO_TTest Condition Maintenance
FIEH01 FIEHLIST       Worklist of Contracts with Errors
FIHB   MENUFIHB       In-house bank
FIHBC  MENUFIHBC      Settings for In-House Bank
FIHB0  SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance
FIHB7  RFIHCPRQRVS    Reversal of IHC Payment Requests
FIHB8  RFBKPOEX       Transfer Recipient Items
FIHC   SAPMF02B       Create In-House Cash Center
FIMA   SAPLFF50       Financial Calculations
FINF   RFOPFI00       Info System Events
FINP   RFOPFI01       Info System Processes
FINT   RFINTITAR      Item Interest Calculation
FINTAP RFINTITAP      Vendors Item Interest Calculation
FIOA   RFVD_IOA_CALCULInterest on Arrears - Consumer Loan
FIOR   SAPMF02B       Create Orbian Bank
FIPOS  PS_CREATE_FIPOSCreate Commitment Items
FIPRC3 FIPR_ATTRIBUTE_Maintain Attributes
FIPRC5 BUSVIEWS       Field Grouping Activity
FIPRD1 BUSSTART       Create Product
FIPRD2 BUSSTART       Change Product
FIPRD3 BUSSTART       Display Product
FI01   SAPMF02B       Create Bank
FI02   SAPMF02B       Change Bank
FI03   SAPMF02B       Display Bank
FI04   SAPMF02A       Display Bank Changes
FI06   SAPMF02B       Set Flag to Delete Bank
FI07   SAPMF02B       Change Current Number Range Number
FI08   RFBANK_ALE     Distribution of the Bank Master Dat
FKIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing
FKIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
FKIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures
FKIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor
FKIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
FKIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FKIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
FKIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
FKIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FKIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FKIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FKIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
FKIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
FKI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
FKI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
FKI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
FKI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
FKI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
FKI5   SAPMKES1       Formular ändern
FKI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
FKMT   SAPLFKMT       FI Acct Assignment Model Management
FKR8   RFVWBUST       Report: Stock Transfer Tax
FKR9   RFVWINIT       Initializing STT Position
FK01   SAPMF02K       Create Vendor (Accounting)
FK02   SAPMF02K       Change Vendor (Accounting)
FK03   SAPMF02K       Display Vendor (Accounting)
FK04   SAPMF01A       Vendor Changes (Accounting)
FK05   SAPMF02K       Block Vendor (Accounting)
FK06   SAPMF02K       Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)
FK08   SAPMF02K       Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng
FK09   RFKCON00       Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)
FK10   SAPMF42B       Vendor Account Balance
FK10N  RFAPBALANCE    Vendor Balance Display
FK10NA RFAPBALANCE    Vendor Balance Display
FLBP   RFEBLB30       Post Lockbox Data
FLBPC1 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from Vendo
FLBPC2 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign Vendor
FLBPD1 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from Cust.
FLBPD2 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign Customer
FLB1   SAPMF40L       Postprocessing Lockbox Data
FLB2   RFEBLB00       Import Lockbox File
FLCC1  BUSSTART       Create customer
FLCC2  BUSSTART       Change customer
FLCC3  BUSSTART       Display customer
FLCU1  BUSSTART       Create customer
FLCU2  BUSSTART       Change Customer
FLCU3  BUSSTART       Display customer
FLOREO SAPFLOREO      Customizing of Logical Doc. Reorg.
FLQAB  RFLQ_ASSIGN_BS Assignment from Bank Statement Info
FLQAC  RFLQ_ASSIGN_FI Assignment from FI Information
FLQAD  RFLQ_ASSIGN_REXAssignment from Invoices
FLQC10 RFLQ_REBUILD   Regenerate Flow Data
FLQC14 RFLQ_FICHAIN   FI Assignment Analysis
FLQC9  RFLQ_DELETE    Delete Flow Data
FLQLI  RFLQ_LISTIT    Line Item List
FLQLQR RFLQ_LISTQR    List of Queries
FLQQB1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Bank Statement)
FLQQB3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Bank Statement)
FLQQB7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Request (Bank Statement)
FLQQC1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (FI Information)
FLQQC3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (FI Information)
FLQQC7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (FI Payment Document)
FLQQD1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Invoice Information)
FLQQD3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Invoice Information)
FLQQD7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (Other FI Document)
FLQREP RFLQ_REPORT    Payment Report
FLQT1  SAPMFLQTRANSFERCreate Transfer Posting
FLQT2  SAPMFLQTRANSFERChange Transfer Posting
FLVN1  BUSSTART       Create vendor
FLVN2  BUSSTART       Change Vendor
FLVN3  BUSSTART       Display vendor
FMAA   RFFMRC00       Matching: Line Items and Totals (FM
FMAB   RFFMRC01       Matching: FI FM Line Items
FMAD   RFFMRC03       Leveling: FI-FM Totals Records
FMAF   RFFMRC04       Level Line Items and Totals Items
FMAVC1 RFFM_CROSS_ASS_Prepare Cross Assignments Clearing
FMA1   RFFMS100       Matching: Totals and Balances (CBM)
FMA2   RFFMS002       Matching: CBM Line Items and Totals
FMA3   RFFMS002       Matching: FI Line Items (CBM)
FMA4   RFFMS160       Matching: FI Bank Line Items (CBM)
FMBB   SAPLFMBWB      Budgeting Workbench
FMBBC  SAPLFMBWB      Create Entry Document
FMBELI RFFMBELI       Processing list
FMBGCP RFFMBGCPY      Copy acc. assignment allocations
FMBGD  RFFMBGDC       Cash Dis. and Backdated Tax Calculn
FMBGJ  SAPLFMBGA      Execute Annual Adjustments
FMBGM  SAPLFMBGA      Execute Monthly Adjustments
FMBGU  SAPLFMBGA      Reset Input Tax Adjustment
FMBGUL RFFMBGA        Sales Tax List PCOs
FMBGV  RFFMVAQ        Calculate Input Tax Deduction Rate
FMBG1  RFFMVCORM      Input tax adjustmnt(monthly) for PC
FMBG2  RFFMVCORJ      Input tax adjustmnt (yearly) for PC
FMBG3  RFFMVCORB      Display input tax adjustments
FMBI   RFFMUD01       Posting Line-Based Budget Increase
FMBSBO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Budget Addresses
FMBSPO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Posting Addresses
FMBV   BPINDX03       FM: Activate Availability Control
FMB0   RFFMRP05       CO Document Transfer
FMCB   RFFMCHAB       Reassignment: Document Selection
FMCC   RFFMCHAC       Reassignment: FM-CO Assignment
FMCCA  FMCC_DEFA      Def. of FM CC - Address based
FMCCD  FMCC_DEFD      Def. of FM CC - Document based
FMCD   RFFMCHAD       Reassignment: Delete Work List
FMCG   RFFMCHAG       Reassignment: Overall Assignment
FMCIA  SAPMFMCI       Edit Commitment Item
FMCIC  SAPMFMCI       Display commitment item
FMCID  SAPMFMCI       Change Commitment Item: Hierarchy
FMCIE  SAPMFMCI       Display Commitment Item: Hierarchy
FMCIH  SAPMFMCI       Commt Items: Alternative Hierarchy
FMCJ   SAPLFMCABK     Maintain cash journal
FMCN   RFFMCHAN       Reassignment: Supplement.Acct Assgt
FMCR   RFFMCHAR       Reassignment: Display Work List
FMCT   RFFMCHAT       Reassignment: Transfer
FMDA   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Budget Plan
FMDB   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Budget Plan
FMDC   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Collect. Expend. Plannin
FMDD   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Collect. Expnd. plannin
FMDE   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Change Fin. Result
FMDF   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Display Fin. Result
FMDG   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Change FR in CE
FMDH   SAPMKBUD       FM: Loc. Auth.: Display FR in CE
FMDI   BPCOPY01       FM Loc. Auth.: Copy Budget Version
FMDI01 RFFMDI10       Data Transfer in Direct Input
FMDJ   BPFRES01       FM: Transfer Financial Result
FMDK   SAPMKBUD       FM Loc. Auth.: Change Net Voting
FMDL   SAPMKBUD       FM Loc. Auth.: Display Net Voting
FMDM   RFFMCFM1       Monitor Closing Operations
FMDN   RFFMBAL1       FM: Integration in Balance Hierarch
FMDO   RFFMCPY1       FM: Loc. Auth.: Transfer Bdgt Value
FMDO1  RFFMCPY2       FM: Revaluate Original Budget
FMDO2  RFFMCPY3       FM: Revaluation of Supplement
FMDS   RFFMCFC1       Copy Carryforward Rules
FMDT   RFFMCFL1       Display Carryforward Rules
FMDV   RFFMBI61       FM: Residual Budget Data Transfer
FMDW   RFFMBI51       FM: Financ. Result CE Data Transfer
FMDX   RFFMBI41       FM: Coll. Expend. Plan Data Transfe
FMDY   RFFMBI31       FM: Financial Result Data Transfer
FMDZ   RFFMBI21       FM: Budget Planning Data Transfer
FMD1   SAPMFM10       FM: Change Carryforward Rules
FMD2   SAPMFM10       FM: Display Carryforward Rules
FMD7   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan
FMD8   SAPMKBUD       FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan
FMD9   SAPMKBUD       FM: Change Suppl. Coll. Expend. Pla
FMEB   RKDBAT02       Structure Report Backgrnd Processin
FMEDD  RFFMED_PRINT   Display Entry Document
FMEDDW RFFMED_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Budget Entry Document
FMEH   SAPMKXHI       SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenance
FMEK   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Create Drilldown Report
FMEL   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Change Drilldown Report
FMEM   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Display Drilldown Report
FMEN   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Create Form
FMEO   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Change Form
FMEP   SAPMKES1       FMCA: Display Form
FMEQ   SAPMKCEE       FMCA: Run Drilldown Report
FMER   SAPMKCB9       FMCA: Drilldown Tool Test Monitor
FMEV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FME1   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
FME2   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
FME3   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FME4   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
FME5   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
FME6   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FME7   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
FME8   RKPBATCH       Maintain Batch Variants
FME9   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown
FMFI   RFFMCJFI       Execute program RFFMCJFI
FMF0   RFFMS200       Payment Selection
FMF1   RFFMS220       Revenue Transfer
FMGX   RFFMMDBI81     Commitment Item Issue to UNIX-File
FMGY   RFFMMDBI85     Create Commitment Items via UNIX
FMG1   SAPLFM3G       Create Budget Structure Template
FMG2   SAPLFM3G       Change Budget Structure Template
FMG3   SAPLFM3G       Display Budget Structure Template
FMG4   SAPLFM3G       Delete Budget Structure Template
FMG5   BPCARRG0       Generate BS Object from BS Template
FMHC   SAPLFMHA       Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR
FMHG   SAPLFMHA       Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR
FMHGG  RFFMHR01       Generate BS Elements f. Several Fnd
FMHIST RFFMHIST       Apportion Document in FM
FMHK   RFFMKT11       Copy Control Data
FMHV   SAPLFMCK       Budget Memo Texts
FMIA   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Revs Incr. Bdg
FMIB   RFFMUD01       Posting Line-Based Budget Increase
FMIC   RFFMUD11       Generate Additional Budget Incr.Dat
FMIK   RFFMKT12       Copy Rules for Revs Incr. the Budge
FMIL   RFFMKT22       Delete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget
FMIP   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AEdit Revenues Increasing Bdgt Rules
FMIPCT SAPLFMITPOMP   Payment Transfer: Customizing
FMIS   SAPLFMAB       Display Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
FMIT   RFFMUD21       Totals-Based Distribution Procedure
FMIU   SAPLFMAB       Maintain Rules for Revs.Incr.Budget
FMJA   BPINDX05       Budget Year-End Closing: Prepare
FMJB   RFFMCF25       Budget Year-End Closing: Determine
FMJC   RFFMCF30       Budget Year-End Closing: Carry Fwd
FMJD   RFFMCFRB       Reverse Fiscal Year Close: Budget
FMJM   SAPMFM10       Maintain residual budget applicatio
FMJN   SAPMFM10       Display residual budget application
FMJO   SAPMFM10       Maintain residual budget approval
FMJP   SAPMFM10       Display residual budget approval
FMJ0   RFFMCCF0       Carry Forward General Requests
FMJ2   RFFMCCF1       Year-End Closing: Carryfwd Cmmts
FMJ2_D RFFMCCFD       Carryfwrd Cmmt Accrd. to Entry Date
FMJ3   RFFMCCFR       Reverse Commitments Carryforward
FMLD   SAPMGCU3       Ledger Deletion
FMLID  RFFMLI_PRINT   Display Change Document
FMLIDW RFFMLI_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Change Documents
FML1   SAPMGCU0       Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML4   SAPMGCU0       Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FMMC   RFFMCCLS       FM Obligation Closeout
FMME1  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Application
FMME10 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Search Help
FMME11 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Assign Screen Field to Databas
FMME12 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Field Group Criteria
FMME13 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control:  BP Roles
FMME14 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: BP Role Groupi
FMME15 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Application Transaction
FMME16 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Tables
FMME17 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: External Ap
FMME18 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Activities
FMME19 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Function Module Activities
FMME2  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Field Group
FMME22 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl:  Cat. Fld Grp
FMME23 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Data sets
FMME24 BUSVIEWS       Funded Progr. Where used list defin
FMME25 BUSVIEWS       Where used list - process to view
FMME26 BUSVIEWS       FPC: Assign BAPI Flds to Field Grps
FMME27 BUSVIEWS       Funded Program DI to Table fields
FMME3  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views
FMME4  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views
FMME5  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Control: Views
FMME6  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program: Screen Sequence
FMME7  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program: Events
FMME8  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Std Functi
FMME9  BUSVIEWS       Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Addl Func.
FMMI   RFFMIU01       Mass Maintenance of Open Intervals
FMNA   SAPLFMKT       Display CBA Rules
FMNB   RFFMSN81       CBA Budget Objects
FMND   RFFMSN21       Actual Distribution in CBA
FMNG   RFFMSN41       CE: Actual Distr. and Integration
FMNI   RFFMSN31       Integration with the Budget
FMNK   RFFMKT14       Copy Collective Expenditure
FMNL   RFFMKT24       Delete Collective Expenditure Rules
FMNM   RFFMSN11       Budget Transfer in CBA
FMNP   SAPLFMKT       Maintain CBA Rules
FMNS   SAPLFMKT       Display CBA Rules
FMNSD  RFFMRP07       Rebuild FM Open Item of SD Orders
FMNU   SAPLFMKT       Maintain CBA Rules
FMNV   SAPLFMSN       Fast Data Entry Distribution Basis
FMN0   RFFMRPFI       Subsequent Posting of FI Documents
FMN3   RFFMRP34       Transfer Purchase Req. Documents
FMN3N  RFFMRP34N      Reconstruction of Purch. Requisitio
FMN4   RFFMRP02       Transfer Purchase Order Documents
FMN4N  RFFMRP02N      Reconstruction of Purchase Orders
FMN5   RFFMRP03       Transfer Funds Reservation Document
FMN5N  RFFMRP03N      Reconstruction of Earmarked Funds
FMN8   RFVDSO03       Simulation Lists Debit Position
FMN9   RFVDSO04       Posted Debit Position List
FMPAYD SAPLFMPD       Process Payment Distribution
FMPLLC SAPMKES1       FI-FM Change Planning Layout
FMPLLD SAPMKES1       FI-FM Display Planning Layout
FMPLLI SAPMKES1       FI-FM Create Planning Layout
FMPLUP G_FLEX_UPL     FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data
FMPO   RFFMPDOC       Payment Directives: Create
FMP2   SAPMKBUD       Delete Financial Budget Version
FMRA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
FMRB   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
FMRC   RFFMPENT_ALV   Reason codes for penalties (report)
FMRC21 RFFMRC21       Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds
FMRC22 RFFMRC22       Reconciliation of Purchase Orders
FMRC23 RFFMRC23       Reconciliation of Purch. Requisitio
FMREW  SAPLFMREW      Earmarked Funds: Enhancement Wizard
FMROD  RFMROPOST      Recurring Obligations Overdue Check
FMROP  RFMROPOST      Post Recurring Obligations
FMRP18 RFFMRP18       Clear Subsequent Postings
FMRW   RFFMEP3B       Budget Entry Documents
FMRY   RFFMEP1BX      Annual budget
FMRZ   RFFMEP2BX      Overall Budget
FMR0   RFFMRP04       Reconstruct Parked Documents
FMR1   RFFMBEIO       Actual/Commitment Report
FMR2   RFFMBEIOB      Actual/Commitment per Company Code
FMR3   RFFMBEPI       Plan/Actual/Commitment Report
FMR4   RFFMBEIOH      Plan/Commitment Report w.Hierarchy
FMR5A  RFFMPLIST      12 Period Forecast: Actual and Plan
FMR6A  RFFMPLISTQ     Three Period Display: Plan/Actual
FMSA   SAPMFMFS       Create Funds Center in FM Area
FMSB   SAPMFMFS       Change Funds Center in FM Area
FMSC   SAPMFMFS       Display Funds Center in FM Area
FMSD   SAPMFMFS       Change Funds Ctr/Hierarchy Variant
FMSE   SAPMFMFS       Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds Ctr
FMSK   RFFMMDC2       Commitment Item Check
FMSL   RFFMSL         Change Cmmt Item: Mass Processing
FMSS   SAPLFMS2       Display Status Assignment
FMST   RFFMPENR_ALV   Statistical report for PPA
FMSU   SAPLFMS2       Change Status Assignment
FMSX   RFFMBI91       Output of Funds Center to UNIX file
FMSY   RFFMBI95       Create Funds Center Using UNIX
FMTB   RFFMTOBL       Transfer Totals from FM to FI-GL
FMTR   RFFMBLTR       FM budgetary ledger trace
FMVABD SAPLKBPT       Define Funds Management Validation
FMVPM1 SAPLFMRS       Create Forecast of Rev. Value Adjmt
FMVPM2 SAPLFMRS       Change Forecast of Rev. Value Adjmt
FMVPM3 SAPLFMRS       Display Forecast of Rev. Value Adjm
FMVPM4 SAPLFMRS       Approve forecast of rev. value adjm
FMVT   SAPFMVTR       Fund Balance Carryforward
FMV1   SAPLFMFR       Create Forecast of Revenue
FMV2   SAPLFMFR       Change Forecast of Revenue
FMV3   SAPLFMFR       Display Forecast of Revenue
FMV4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Forecast of Revenue
FMV5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.
FMV6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Forecast of Revenue Manually
FMWA   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Transfer
FMWAZ  SAPMFMWAZ      Payment transfer
FMWB   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Transfer
FMWC   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Transfer
FMWD   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Transfer
FMWE   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Trsfr
FMWPM1 SAPLFMRS       Create Fund Block for Value Adjustm
FMWPM2 SAPLFMRS       Change Fund Block for Value Adjustm
FMWPM3 SAPLFMRS       Display Funds Block for Value Adjst
FMWPM4 SAPLFMRS       Approve Fund Block for Value Adjust
FMW1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Block
FMW2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Block
FMW3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Block
FMW4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Blocking
FMW5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg
FMXPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Create Value Adj
FMXPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Change Value Adj
FMXPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reservation: Displ. Value Adj
FMXPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds Reserv.: Approve Value Adjust
FMX1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Reservation
FMX2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Reservation
FMX3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Reservation
FMX4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Reservation
FMX5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn
FMX6   SAPLFMFR       Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction
FMYPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Create Value Adjust.
FMYPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Change Value Adjust.
FMYPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds precmmt: Display value adjust
FMYPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds Precmmt: Approve Value Adjust
FMY1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Commitment
FMY2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Commitment
FMY3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Precommitment
FMY4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Precommitment
FMY5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt
FMY6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually
FMZBVT RFFMZBVT       Carry Forward Balance
FMZPM1 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit.: Create value adjust.
FMZPM2 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit.: Change value adjust.
FMZPM3 SAPLFMRS       Funds Cmmt: Display Value Adjustmen
FMZPM4 SAPLFMRS       Funds commit: Approve value adjust.
FMZZ   RFFMBW00       Revalue Funds Commitments
FMZ1   SAPLFMFR       Create Funds Commitment
FMZ2   SAPLFMFR       Change Funds Commitment
FMZ3   SAPLFMFR       Display Funds Commitment
FMZ4   SAPLFMFR       Approve Funds Commitment
FMZ5   SAPLFMFR       Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt
FMZ6   SAPLFMFR       Reduce Funds Commitment Manually
FM03   SAPMFM03       Display FM Document
FM03A  SAPMFM03       Display FM Document with Archive
FM2E   SAPMKBUB       FM: Change Budget Document
FM2F   SAPMKBUB       FM: Display Budget Document
FM2G   SAPMFM3M       Field Contents in Funds Centers
FM2M   RFFMFS02       Index of Funds Centers
FM3G   SAPMFM3M       Commitment Item Hierarchy
FM3M   RFFMFP02       Index of Commitment Items
FM3N   RFFMFK02       Commitment Items for G/L Accounts
FM4G   SAPMFM3M       Budget Structure Element Hierarchy
FM48   PP_PSZ_RUN_T   Change Financial Budget: Initial Sc
FM48_1 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Create Planning Layout
FM48_2 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Change Planning Layout
FM48_3 SAPMKES1       PS-CM: Display Planning Layout
FM49   PP_PSZ_RUN_T   Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn
FM5I   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Create Fund
FM5M   RFFMFC02       Index of Funds
FM5S   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Display Fund
FM5U   SAPLFM52       FIFM: Change Fund
FM6I   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Create Application of Funds
FM6M   RFFMFV02       Index of Application of Funds
FM6S   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Display Application of Funds
FM6U   SAPLFM62       FIFM: Change Application of Funds
FM7A   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of CE Rules
FM7B   RFFMKT50       Flag FMAA as Eligible for Cover
FM7C   RFFMSC01       Generate Cover Pools from Rules
FM7K   RFFMKT13       Copy Cover Eligibility Rules
FM7K_N RFFMDRFI       Copy Cover Pools with Funds Centers
FM7L   RFFMKT23       Delete Cover Eligibility Rules
FM7P   RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Assgt to Cvr E
FM7S   SAPLFMAB       MassMaintenac. Rules-CoverEligibilt
FM7U   SAPLFMAB       Multiple Processing of Assgts to CE
FM71   SAPLFMDK       Maintain Cover Pool
FM72   SAPLFMDK       Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool
FM73   RFFMSN99       Create Cust. for Distr.inCollec.Exp
FM78   SAPLFMDK       Charact.Groups for Cover Pools
FM79   SAPLFMDK       Grouping Chars for Cover Pool
FM80   SAPMFCD0       Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Display
FM81   SAPMFCD0       Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Update
FM9B   BPCOPY00       FM: Copy Budget Version
FM9C   RFFMCOPI       Plan Data Transfer from CO
FM9D   SAPMKBUD       FM: Block Budget Version
FM9E   SAPMKBUD       FM: Unblock Budget Version
FM9K   SAPMKBUC       FIFM: Change Budget Structure
FM9L   SAPMKBUC       FM: Display Budget Structure
FM9M   BPCARRT0       FM: Delete Budget Structure
FM9N   BPCARR00       FM: Generate Budget Object
FM9O   BPCOPY02       Copy Supplement Budget
FM9P   BPDIST01       Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd Values
FM9Q   BPDIST02       FM: Total Up Budget
FM9R   BPCARRD0       Loc.Auth.: Change Budget Structure
FM9S   BPCARRB0       HHM: Generate Net Vote Objects
FM9T   BPCARRC0       Check Assignment Object
FM9U   BPDIST04       FM: Checking Budget Consistency
FM9W   RBPEWU1M       Adjust Funds Management Budget
FM9X   RFFMBUD2       FM: Delete Budget 1 Commitment Item
FM9Y   BPCARRY02      FM: Copy BS - Year-Dependent StD.
FM9Z   BPCARRY01      FM: Transfer Budget Structure
FN-1   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)
FN-4   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR
FN-5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBN
FN-6   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR
FNAA   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortgage applic.
FNAB   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortg.
FNAC   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted mortgage contrac
FNAD   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy applicat.
FNAE   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy contract
FNAG   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted other loan appli
FNAH   SAPMF67A       Reactivate del. other loan int.part
FNAI   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted other loan cntrc
FNAK   SAPMF67U       Select file character
FNAL   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted BNL contract
FNAM   SAPMF67A       Reactivate deleted policy contract
FNASL  RFVDASL0       Loans: Account Analysis
FNA0   SAPMF67A       Policy application in contract
FNA1   SAPMF67A       Create Mortgage Offer
FNA2   SAPMF67A       Change Mortgage Offer
FNA3   SAPMF67A       Display Mortgage Loan Offer
FNA4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Application Rescission
FNA5   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application in contract
FNA6   SAPMF67A       Create policy application
FNA7   SAPMF67A       Change policy application
FNA8   SAPMF67A       Display policy application
FNA9   SAPMF67A       Policy Application Rescission
FNBD   RFVDBES0       Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer
FNBG   RFVDBGE0       Guarantee charges list
FNBT   RFVDBSTR       Balance Sheet Transfer
FNBU   MENUFNBU       DARWIN- Loans accounting menu
FNB1   SAPMF67B       Transfer to a Loan
FNB2   SAPMF67B       Transfer from a Loan
FNB3   SAPMF68V       Document Reversal - Loans
FNB8   SAPMF69N       BAV Information
FNB9   SAPMF69N       BAV transfer
FNCD   RFVDOFIDUN1    Transfer Customizing for Dunning
FNCNCL RFVDCNCLFD     Delete Cancellation Indicator
FNCP1  RFVD_CHGPTR_CREGenerate Change Pointers Manually
FNCP3  RFVD_CHGPTR_DISDisplay change pointers
FNCP4  RFVD_CHGPTR_DELReorganize change pointers
FNDD   RFVDDUNNDATE   Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.Histor
FNEN   RFVD_ENTER     Create Loan
FNEXP  RFVD_LOAN_DISTRExport Interface Loans
FNFO   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Create file
FNFP   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Change file
FNFQ   SAPMF67F       ISIS: Display file
FNFR   RFVDPSF0       ISIS: Fill file
FNFT   RFVDPA03       Rollover: File evaluation
FNFU   RFVDPA02       Rollover: Update file
FNF1   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Create file
FNF2   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Change file
FNF3   SAPMF67F       Rollover: Display file
FNF9   RFVDPA01       Rollover: Evaluations
FNG2   SAPMF67G       Total Loan Commitment
FNG3   RFVD_EVAL_PARTNLoan Commitment
FNIA   SAPMF67I       Create inquiry
FNIB   SAPMF67I       Change inquiry
FNIC   SAPMF67I       Display Inquiry
FNID   SAPMF67I       Deactivate Interested Party
FNIE   SAPMF67I       Reactivate Interested Party
FNIH   SAPMF67H       Decision-making
FNIJ   SAPMF67J       Create credit standing
FNIK   SAPMF67J       Change credit standing
FNIL   SAPMF67J       Display credit standing
FNIN   SAPMF67J       Create collateral value
FNIO   SAPMF67J       Change collateral value
FNIP   SAPMF67J       Display collateral value
FNI1   SAPMF67A       Create mortgage application
FNI2   SAPMF67A       Change mortgage application
FNI3   SAPMF67A       Display Mortgage Loan Application
FNI4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Application Rescission
FNI5   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application to offer
FNI6   SAPMF67A       Mortgage application in contract
FNK0   RFVDKWGO       Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)
FNK1   RFVDORG2       Loans to Managers (GBA15)
FNMA   MENUFNMA       Partner data: Settings menu
FNMD   MENUFNMD       Submenu General Loans
FNME   MENUFNME       Loans management menu
FNMEC  MENUFNMEC      Loans Management Menu
FNMH   MENUFNMH       Loans management menu
FNMI   MENUFNMI       Loans information system
FNMO   MENUFNMO       Loans Menu Policy Loans
FNMP   MENUFNMP       Rollover
FNMS   MENUFNMS       Loans Menu Borrower's Notes
FNM1   RFVSOLD2       Automatic Posting
FNM1S  RFVSOLD2       Automatic Posting - Single
FNM2   SAPMF68U       Balance sheet transfer
FNM3   SAPMF68S       Loans reversal module
FNM4   SAPMF68U       Undisclosed assignment
FNM5   RFVSOLD3       Automatic debit position simulation
FNM6   RFVD_INT_ON_ARRPost Interest on Arrears
FNN4   SAPMF67P       Display general file
FNN5   SAPMF67P       Edit general file
FNN6   SAPMF67P       Display general main file
FNN7   SAPMF67P       Edit general main file
FNN8   SAPMF67P       Display general main file
FNN9   SAPMF67P       Edit general overall file
FNO1   SAPMF68O       Create Object
FNO2   SAPMF68O       Change Object
FNO3   SAPMF68O       Display Object
FNO5   SAPMF68L       Create collateral
FNO6   SAPMF68L       Change collateral
FNO7   SAPMF68L       Display collateral
FNO8   RFVOBJ01       Create Objects from File
FNO9   RFVSIC01       Create Collateral from File
FNP0   SAPMF67A       Edit rollover manually
FNP4   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display file
FNP5   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit File
FNP6   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display main file
FNP7   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit main file
FNP8   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Display overall file
FNP9   SAPMF67P       Rollover: Edit overall file
FNQF   RFVDZACH       Swiss interest adjustment run
FNQG   RFVDCHSZ       Swiss special interest run
FNQ2   RFVDNGS0       New Business Statistics
FNQ5   RFVDTAB0       Transact.type - Acct determinat.adj
FNQ6   RFVDTAB0       Compare Flow Type/Account Determin.
FNQ7   RFVDTAB1       Generate flow type
FNQ8   RFVDMAU1       Automatic Clearing for Overpayments
FNQ9   RFVDZAP0       Int. adjustment run
FNRA   RFVDABG0       Other accruals/deferrals
FNRB   RFVDBEP0       Memo record update
FNRC   RFVDABG1       Accruals/deferrals reset
FNRD   RFVDAZE0       Display incoming payments
FNRE   RFVDSZE0       DO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming Payment
FNRI   RFVDABG7       Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium
FNRLZ  RFVD_RLZ_LOAN  Statement of Remaining Terms
FNRS   RFVDABG2       Reversal Accrual/Deferral
FNR0   RFVDBJR2       Loans: Posting Journal
FNR6   RFVDBST0       Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW
FNR7   RFVDSLD0       Totals and Balance List
FNR8   RFVDKAU1       Account Statement
FNR9   RFVDDIS0       Planning List
FNSA   RFVDREV0       Foreign currency valuation
FNSB   RFVDSTDA       Master data summary
FNSL   RFVDSALC       Balance reconciliation list
FNSTA  RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing Characteristics
FNS1   SAPMSNUM       Collateral number range
FNT0   RFVDCH92       Loan correspondence (Switzerland)
FNT1   RFVDWDV1       Autom. deadline monitoring
FNT2   RFVDMCTX       Copy text modules to client
FNUB   MENUFNUB       Treasury transfer
FNVA   SAPMF67A       Create paid off contracts
FNVD   SAPMF67A       Disburse Contract
FNVI   RFVDFAVI       Loans: General Overview
FNVM   SAPMF67A       Change Contract
FNVR   SAPMF67A       Reactivate Contract
FNVS   SAPMF67A       Display Contract
FNVW   SAPMF67A       Rescind Contract
FNV0   SAPMF67A       Payoff policy contract
FNV1   SAPMF67A       Create mortgage contract
FNV2   SAPMF67A       Change mortgage contract
FNV3   SAPMF67A       Display mortgage contract
FNV4   SAPMF67A       Mortgage Contract Rescission
FNV5   SAPMF67A       Disburse Contract
FNV6   SAPMF67A       Create policy contract
FNV7   SAPMF67A       Change policy contract
FNV8   SAPMF67A       Display policy contract
FNV9   SAPMF67A       Policy Contract Rescission
FNWF   RFVZFWF_CONFIRMWF Loans Release: List of Work Item
FNWO   RFVDFAWO       Loans: Fast Processing
FNWS   RFVDWBS1       Housing statistics
FNXD   RFVUBDOC       TR-EDT: Documentation
FNXG   RFVUBGP1       List of Bus. Partners Transferred
FNXU   RFVUBDAS       List of Imported Loans
FNX1   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Create Table
FNX2   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Change Table
FNX3   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Display Table
FNX6   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Delete Table
FNX7   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Deactivate Table
FNX8   SAPMF67X       Rollover: Print Table
FNY1   SAPMF67X       New Business: Create Table
FNY2   SAPMF67X       New Business: Change Table
FNY3   SAPMF67X       New Business: Display Table
FNY6   SAPMF67X       New Business: Delete Table
FNY7   SAPMF67X       New Business: Deactivate Table
FNY8   SAPMF67X       New Business: Print Table
FNZA   RFVKONTM       Account Determination Customizing
FN09   SAPMF68A       Create Borrower's Note Order
FN1A   SAPMF67A       Create other loan contract
FN1V   SAPMF67A       Create other loan contract
FN11   SAPMF68A       Change borrower's note order
FN12   SAPMF68A       Display borrower's note order
FN13   SAPMF68A       Delete borrower's note order
FN15   SAPMF67A       Create borrower's note contract
FN16   SAPMF67A       Change borrower's note contract
FN17   SAPMF67A       Display borrower's note contract
FN18   SAPMF67A       Payoff borrower's note contract
FN19   SAPMF67A       Rescind Borrower's Note Contract
FN2A   SAPMF67A       Change other loan application
FN2V   SAPMF67A       Change other loan contract
FN20   SAPMF68A       Create borrower's note offer
FN21   SAPMF68A       Change borrower's note offer
FN22   SAPMF68A       Display borrower's note offer
FN23   SAPMF68A       Delete borrower's note offer
FN24   SAPMF68A       Activate borrower's note offer
FN3A   SAPMF67A       Display other loan application
FN3V   SAPMF67A       Display other loan contract
FN30   SAPMF67A       Create policy interested party
FN31   SAPMF67A       Change policy interested party
FN32   SAPMF67A       Display policy interested party
FN33   SAPMF67A       Delete policy interested party
FN34   SAPMF67A       Policy interested party in applic.
FN35   SAPMF67A       Policy interested party in contract
FN4A   SAPMF67A       Rescind Other Loan Application
FN4V   SAPMF67A       Rescind Other Loan Contract
FN40   SAPMF67A       Create other loan interested party
FN41   SAPMF67A       Change other loan interested party
FN42   SAPMF67A       Display other loan interested party
FN43   SAPMF67A       Delete other loan interested party
FN44   SAPMF67A       Other loan in applic
FN45   SAPMF67A       Other loan interested prty in cntrc
FN5A   SAPMF67A       Other loan application in contract
FN5V   SAPMF67A       Payoff other loan contract
FN61   SAPMF67Q       Create collateral value
FN62   SAPMF67Q       Change collateral value
FN63   SAPMF67Q       Display collateral value
FN8A   RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Unscheduled Repayment
FN8B   RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Other Bus. Operations
FN8C   RFVDBUSINESS_OPEnter Single Postings
FN8D   RFVDBUSINESS_OPPost Planned Records
FN8X   RFVDBUSINESS_OPBusiness Operations: Workplace
FN80   SAPMF67K       Enter manual debit position
FN81   SAPMF67K       Change manual debit position
FN82   SAPMF67K       Display manual debit position
FN84   SAPMF67K       Change waiver
FN85   SAPMF67K       Display Waiver
FN87   SAPMF67K       Change Write-Off Debit Position
FN88   SAPMF67K       Display Write-Off Debit Position
FO/E   SAPMMCY1       Create exception real estate
FO/F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception real estate
FO/G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception real estate
FO/H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups except. real estate
FO/I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups except. real estate
FO/J   SAPMMCY1       Display groups except. real estate
FOAA   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Comp.apartment
FOAB   RFVIMAVZ       Assign RU to comparative group
FOABG  RFVIRECNAD0    General contract accrual/deferral
FOAC   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: Comp.aprt
FOAD   RFVIMAEA       Display rent adjustment: Comp.apart
FOAE   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adjust.: Comp.apartmn
FOAF   RFVIWV01       Comparative rnt rnt. adj. coll.prin
FOAH   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Free adj.
FOAI   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adj.: Free adjustment
FOAJ   RFVIMAEA       Display rent adj.: Free adjustment
FOAK   RFVIFG01       Rent adjustment letter: Free adj.
FOAM   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adjustment: Free adj.
FOAN   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: All methd
FOAO   RFVIMAEA       Reverse rent adjustment: All method
FOAP   RFVIMAZP       Display rent adjustment logs
FOAQ   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adj.: Rep. rent list
FOAR   RFVIMACO       Simulate rent adj.: Rep. rent list
FOARBW SAPMSNUM       Rental Request Number Range
FOAROF SAPMSNUM       Offer Number Range
FOART0 SAPLFVAO01     RE: REsearch RE Market Place
FOART1 SAPLFVAO05     REsearch: Concordance Eval. Test
FOART2 SAPLFVAO04     REsearch: Administration Web-User
FOAR0A BUSSTART       Create Rental Request
FOAR0B BUSSTART       Change Rental Request
FOAR0C BUSSTART       Display Rental Request
FOAR00 MENUFOAR00     Business Partner Configuration Menu
FOAR01 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Applications
FOAR02 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Groups
FOAR04 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Sections
FOAR05 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Pictures
FOAR06 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Screen Sequences
FOAR07 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Events
FOAR08 BUSVIEWS       REAR: GUI Standard Functions
FOAR09 BUSVIEWS       REAR: GUI Additional Functions
FOAR1A RFVISAD0       Transfer Rental Units into Offers
FOAR1B RFVISADS       Offer Overview
FOAR1C RFVISADD       Overview of Requests
FOAR12 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Modification Criteria
FOAR13 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Activities
FOAR14 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Assignment Screen->DB
FOAR15 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Application Transactions
FOAR16 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Tables
FOAR18 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Activity Field Modification
FOAR2A RFVISAD4       Rental Request -> Find Offer Object
FOAR2B RFVISAD5       Offer Object -> Find Rental Request
FOAR25 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Authorization Types
FOAR26 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Field Groups for Authorizatio
FOAR27 BUSVIEWS       REAR: Search
FOAS   RFVIMAEA       Activate RLR Rent Adjustment
FOAT   RFVIMAEA       Display Active RLR Rent Adjustment
FOAU   RFVIWE01       Rep.rnt list rnt increase coll.prin
FOAW   RFVIWN01       Print apartment valuatn Netherlands
FOAY   RFVISAL1       Balance List by Real Estate Object
FOAZ   RFVIMAEA       Display Active Rent Adj. ALL
FOA0   RFVIMACO       Simulate Index Rent Adjustment
FOA1   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adjustment: Index
FOA3   RFVIMACO       Calculate rent adjustment: CH
FOA4   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adjustment - Reserved
FOA5   RFVIMAEA       Activate rent adjustment: Index
FOA6   RFVIMI01       Rent adjustment letter: Index
FOA8   RFVIMAEA       Dispay rent adjustments: Index
FOBB   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CGP
FOBC   RFVICLBW       Real estate: Delete transaction dat
FOBC72 RFVIBPNOTE00   Business partner: Notes (role)
FOBD   RFVIMACO       Rent Adj. - Simulate Amount Transfe
FOBE   RFVIMACO       Rent Adj. - Calculate Amount Transf
FOBF   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Activate Amount Transf.
FOBG   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Reverse Amount Transfer
FOBH   RFVIMAEA       Rent Adj. - Display Amount Transfer
FOBJ   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print RLR
FOBK   RFVIBKCP       Copy real estate company codes
FOBL   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print EXP
FOBM   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CEA
FOBN   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print MOD
FOBO   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print IND
FOBP   RFVIRNBP       Properties: Usage type acc. dev.pla
FOBT   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FAC
FOBW   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print SCS
FOBX   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FAR
FOBY   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print GAR
FOBZ   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ACO
FOB0   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOID
FOB1   SAPMF60M       Lease-Out One-Time Postings
FOB4   RFVDTAB0       Check Real Estate Acct Determinatio
FOB9   RFVIMADC       Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ALL
FOCNOI RFVICPOI_IMG   Real Estate: BDN - CN Templates
FOCPTL RFVICPTL       Overview of Letters and Text Module
FODA   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst:Chnge
FODB   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst:
FODC   SAPMF60F       Cust.darwinRealEst:Delete
FOD9   SAPMF60F       CustDarwinRealEst:Create
FOEBKA RFEBKAP0       Display account statement
FOEBL1 RFEBLBR1       Lockbox total report
FOED   RKES0101       Maintain global variable
FOEU   SAPMKES1       Create form for real estate report
FOEV   SAPMKES1       Change form for real estate report
FOEW   SAPMKES1       Display form for real estate report
FOE1   SAPLFV7E       Create: Rental Unit
FOE2   SAPLFV7E       Change: Rental Unit
FOE3   SAPLFV7E       Display: Rental Unit
FOE5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: MIETEINH
FOE6   SAPMKCEE       Run drilldown report
FOE7   SAPMKCEE       Create drilldown report
FOE8   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report
FOE9   SAPMKCEE       Display drilldown report
FOFI   MENUFOFI       Real Estate Management master data
FOFO   RFVIFROB       Mass release
FOFV   MENUFOFV       Real estate third-party mgmnt
FOF9   RFVIRTFI       VIFI report tree
FOGEDI RFVIGEDI       Building: Direct Input
FOGEGN RFVIGEGN       Building: Generate Data File
FOGESH RFVIGESH       Building: Change Data File
FOGH   SAPLFV7V       Transfer offer to
FOGRDI RFVIGRDI       Property: Direct Input
FOGRGN RFVIGRGN       Property: Generate Data File
FOGRSH RFVIGRSH       Property: Change Data File
FOGS   SAPMF60O       Property
FOG1   SAPLFV7V       Create Provis. Agreement
FOG2   SAPLFV7V       Change Provis. Agreement
FOG3   SAPLFV7V       Display Provis. Agreement
FOG4   SAPLFV7V       Supplement Provis. Agreement
FOG8   RFVIAKT0       Sign provisional agreements
FOG9   RFVIAKT0       Activate Commercial Lease-Outs
FOHA   RFVIHKAR       Import A-tape
FOHB   RFVIHKAB       Post external acct sttlmnt result
FOHD   RFVIHKDR       Import D-tape
FOHL   RFVIHKMW       Write M/L-tape
FOHS   RFVIHKAB       Simulate Settlement Result
FOHX   RFVIHKST       Overview of Extern. Heating Expense
FOH1   SAPMF61H       Create Heating System
FOH2   SAPMF61H       Change Heating System
FOH3   SAPMF61H       Display Heating System
FOH9   RFVIVWHL       Management contract: Fee list
FOIA   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Matchcodes
FOIB   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field Assignm. Screen->DB
FOIC   MENUFOIC       Real Estate Management master data
FOIE   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field Modif. Criteria
FOIF   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Application Transactions
FOIH   BUSVIEWS       RECN-Cust: Field Modification Activ
FOIL   RFVIRS00       RE Contract: Resubmission
FOIP   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Display
FOIQ   RFVICN00       RE Contract: Periodic Postings
FOIR   RFVIRECNVIEWS  RECN Cust: Screen Configurations
FOIS   MENUFOIS       Information system
FOIT   RFVKONTM       Acct Assign. for RE General Contrac
FOIW   BUSVIEWS       RECN Cust: Authorization Types
FOIW21 SAPLIQS0       Create PM Notifications in RE
FOIZ   BUSVIEWS       RECN Cust: Field Groups for Author.
FOI0   MENUFOI0       RE Contract: Development Menu
FOI1   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Applications
FOI10  BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Search Help
FOI2   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Field groups
FOI4   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Sections
FOI5   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Screens
FOI6   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Screen Sequences
FOI8   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: GUI Standard Functions
FOI9   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: GUI Additional Functions
FOJA   SAPLFVMH       Maintain participation ID
FOJB   SAPLFVMH       Display participation ID
FOJE   BUSVIEWS       RECN-BDT: Activities
FOJG   SAPMF60M       RE Contract One-Time Posting
FOJP   RFVICN60       RECN-BDT: BDT Data Client Copy
FOJQ   RFVICN61       RE Contract: Create CN (Legacy Data
FOJR   RFVICN03       RE Contract: Periodic Postings Log
FOJT   RFVIRN00       RE Customer: Renewal
FOJU   SAPMF60U       RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports
FOJUN  SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Maintain Sales Reports
FOJUNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Enter Sales with Condition Types
FOJV   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Create Defaults
FOJW   SAPMF60U       RE Contract: Display Sales Reports
FOJWN  SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Display Sales Reports
FOJWNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Display Sales with Condition Types
FOJX   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Change Defaults
FOJY   RFVIRECNSTART  RE Contract: Display Defaults
FOJZ   RFVICN50       RE Contract: Contract Data Reportin
FOJ0   MENUFOJ0       Contract: Application Menu
FOJ1   SAPMF60J       Maintain Comparative Group
FOJ2   SAPMF60J       Display Comparative Group of Apartm
FOJ4   RFVICN70       Cash Flow Generator General Contrac
FOJ5   RFVICN80       Display Contingencies
FOJ6   RFVISL73       Correction of VISLID Entries
FOJ7   RFVISL72       Correction of T033F Entries
FOKA   RFVIPTR7       RE: Import Planning Layout
FOKB   RFVIPTR6       RE: Transport Planning Layouts
FOKC   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Element Planning Layout
FOKD   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Element Planning Layout
FOKE   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Element Planning Layou
FOKF   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
FOKFP  RFVIPL01       Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version
FOKG   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
FOKH   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
FOKIP  SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual->Plan for Real Estate
FOKN   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Planning Stat.Key Figs
FOKO   RFVICUP0       Check conditions/flow types
FOKOBA RFVIKOBA       Acct Determination for Cond.Type
FOKP   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Cost El./Act.Inpt
FOKPP  SAPMKPT4       Copy Plan->Plan for Real Estate
FOKQ   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Plan.Cost Elem/Act.Inpt
FOKR   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost Elements
FOKS   RFVIMPLN       RE: Displ.Plan.Primary Cost Element
FOKT   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Planning Activ.Input
FOKU   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Planning Activ.Input
FOKV   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Revenue Elements
FOKW   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Plan.Revenue Elements
FOKX   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures
FOKY   RFVIMPLN       RE: Display Plan.Stat.Key Figures
FOKZ   RFVIMPLN       RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key Figures
FOK0   RKDKENNZ       Maintain key figures
FOK1   SAPMF61K       Notice of rental agreement
FOK2   SAPMF61O       Edit Rental Deposit Release
FOK3   SAPMF61O       Display rental deposit release
FOK4   SAPMF61O       Edit rental unit inspection
FOK5   SAPMF61O       Display rental unit inspection
FOK6   RFVIFK01       Print sec.dep.sttl. for dep.release
FOK7   RFVIMASSREV    Mass Notice on Lease-Out
FOLA   RFVIWM01       Bulk Print. Resid.Lease-Out
FOLB   RFVIBB01       Mass Print. Bank Guarantee for LO
FOLC   RFVIGA01       Mass Print. Garage LO Correspondenc
FOLD   RFVIGM01       Bulk Print. Garage Lease-Out
FOLE   RFVIPB01       Bulk Print. LO Personal Guarantee
FOLF   RFVIWA01       Bulk print. resid.RA-correspondence
FOLG   RFVIWB01       Bulk print.adv.notice of const.chng
FOLH   RFVIWC01       Bulk print.rnt incr.due const.chngs
FOLI   RFVIMV00       Resid. and Garage LO Bulk Printing
FOLJ   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for rntl agrmnt printin
FOLK   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for addit.letter print.
FOLL   RFVIVD00       FVVI Pop-up for print of oth.letter
FOLM   RFVIVD00       Cust. FVVI letters
FOLN   RFVIVD00       Cust.FVVI letter-module relationshi
FOLQ   RFVIVD00       FVVI optical archive
FOLR   RFVIVD00       FVVI Client copy text modules
FOLS   RFVIVD00       FVVI Maintain text objects
FOLT   RFVIVD00       FVVI Maintain text ID's
FOLW   RFVITX02       Allocate application/corr.activity
FOLX   RFVITX01       Real estate Alloc. CA -> Letter/rol
FOL6   RFVILIRF       IRE: one-time postings lease-out
FOL7   RFVILIRS       IRE: Change record indicator
FOMA   SAPMF61M       Create modernization measure
FOMAFC RFVIMAFCST     RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract Forecas
FOMASS SAPSNUM        Number Range for Mass Changes
FOMB   SAPMF61M       Change modernization measure
FOMC   SAPMF61M       Display modernization measuer
FOMC_1 RFVIMULTI01    Electr. Account Statement: Test Dat
FOMC_2 RFVIMULTI02    Electr. Acct Statement: Gen. File
FOMD   SAPMF61M       Delete modernization measure
FOME   SAPMF60O       Rntl unit attribute selection (cust
FOMF   RFVIOPWE       OI list by business entity
FOMG   RFVIRE10       Repeat run invoice printout
FOMH   RFVIRE20       Evaluation log invoice printout
FOMKB  RFVIMK10       Tenant Account Sheet
FOMS   RFVICHMS       Swiss representative rent list
FOMU   RFVIUBMV00     OI Transfer Posting on Tenant Chang
FOMY   SAPMF61Y       REst. manual incom.pmnt fast entry
FOMZ   SAPMF61Z       Real Estate Incoming Payments
FOM1   SAPMF60H       Maintain Repr. List of Rents
FOM2   SAPMF60H       Display Repr. List of Rents
FOM3   SAPMF60H       Change representative list of rents
FOM4   SAPMF61F       Maintain rent reaductios
FOM5   SAPMF61M       Display rent reductions
FONA   MENUFONA       Real Estate Management master data
FONH   RFVIKA05       Reverse External Heating Exp. Sett.
FONK   SAPMSNUM       Number range for SC settlement
FONN   RFVINA01       Correspondence SCS/Rntl Agreement
FONU   RFVINKAS       Serv.charge stt. apportionable cost
FONZ   SAPMF61Z       Tenant account maintenance
FON1   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: OC
FON2   RFVINKAS       Execute service charge settlement:O
FON3   RFVINKAS       Execute full acct settlement: HC
FON4   RFVINKAS       Execute full acct settlement: OC+HC
FON5   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: HC
FON6   RFVINKAS       Simulate full acct settlement: OC+H
FON7   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: OC
FON8   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: HC
FON9   RFVIKA03       Reverse full acct settlement: OC+HC
FOOA1  SAPLFVOA01     Change Object Availability
FOOA2  SAPLFVOA01     Display Object Availability
FOOA3  RFVIOAXX02     Object Availability - Mass Change
FOOF   RFVIVS02       Reverse debit contr.
FOOG   RFVIVW02       Reverse contract
FOOH   RFVIEA00       Invoice / Credit memo owner
FOOZ   SAPMF61Z       Incoming Pymnts with Residual Items
FOO1   SAPMF61C       Reassign Correction Items
FOO7   SAPMF60Y       Cust.heat.costs data medium exchang
FOPA   RFVIEPCD0      OI Clearing on Rental Agreements
FOPB   RFVICUP2       Condition types with acc./def. ID
FOPD   RFVICUP3       Check acc./def. reference flow type
FOPE   RFVICP01       Copy reference flow types
FOPF   RFVICUP4       List of reference flow types
FOP2   RFVIPLN0       Change Real Estate planning
FOP3   RFVIPLN0       Display Real Estate planning
FOP5   RFVIPA01       Simulate flat-rate adjustment
FOP6   RFVIPA01       Calculate flat-rate adjustment
FOP7   RFVIPA04       Activate flat-rate adjustment
FOP8   RFVIPA02       Flat-rate adjustment correspondence
FOQA   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate GAR rent adj.
FOQB   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate GAR rent adj.
FOQC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active GAR rent adj.
FOQD   RFVIAG01       Free garage adj.:Tenant letter
FOQF   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate GAR rent adj.
FOQG   RFVIAP01       Print rent adjustment Switzerland
FOQH   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate FAR rent adj.
FOQI   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate FAR rent adj.
FOQJ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active FAR rent adj.
FOQK   RFVIFW01       Free resid. adj.: Letter to tenant
FOQM   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate FAR rent adj.
FOQN   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate rent adj. AnyCond.
FOQO   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate rent adj. Any.Cond.
FOQP   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display adj.AnyCond.
FOQQ   RFVIFZ01       Adj. surcharges: Letter to tenant
FOQS   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate rent adj. AnyCond.
FOQU   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate MOD rent adj.
FOQV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate MOD rent adj.
FOQW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active MOD rent adj.
FOQY   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse MOD rent adj.
FOQZ   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate MOD rent adj.
FOQ0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHN
FOQ1   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Create Ext. Compara. Apartmen
FOQ2   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Change Ext. Compara. Apartmen
FOQ3   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Display Ext. Compara.Apartmen
FOQ4   SAPMF60Q       FVVI: Delete Ext. Compara. Apartmen
FOQ5   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate CH rent adj.
FOQ6   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate CH rent adjustment
FOQ7   RFVIMARS       Real estate: CH rent adj: Disp.res.
FOQ9   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - display CH
FORA   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - opin.
FORB   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate EXOP rent adj.
FORC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display act.EXOP rent adj.
FORE   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate EXOP rent adj.
FORF   RFVIGU01       Rnt adj. as res.of exp.rep.corresp.
FORG   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.
FORH   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Simulate CEA
FORI   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Calculate CEA
FORJ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Activate CEA
FORK   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEA
FORL   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Display CEA
FORN   RFVIAN01       Rent Adj. - Print CEA
FORN1  SAPLFVRN01     Change Renewal Option for Contract
FORN2  SAPLFVRN01     RE: Change CN Renewal Option
FOROZ  RFVIRT01       VI01 reporting tree (IPD)
FORQ   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Simulate area
FORS   RFVIMACO       RE: Rent adj. - Calculate area
FORS1  SAPLFVRS01     Maintain Resubmission
FORS2  SAPLFVRS01     Display Resubmission
FORS3  RFVIRS10       RE: Generate Resubmission Dates
FORT   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Activate area
FORV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Reverse area
FORW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Rent adj. - Display area
FORY   RFVIAN01       RE: Rent adj. - Print area
FOR1   SAPMF60R       Rooms: Maintain
FOR2   SAPMF60R       Rooms: Display
FOR3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUM
FOR5   SAPMF60R       Maintain common rooms in building
FOR6   SAPMF60R       Display common rooms in building
FOR7   SAPMF60R       Maintain rooms in RU via building
FOR8   SAPMF60R       Display rooms in RU via building
FOSA   RFVISL10       Execute debit position
FOSB   RFVISL12       Debit position simulation
FOSC   RFVISL70       Debit position reversal
FOSE   RFVICUP6       Account determination list
FOSF   SAPMFKD0       Maintain Dunning Procedure
FOSG   SAPMFKD0       Display Dunning Procedure
FOSH   RFVISL41       Vacancy debit position
FOSI   RFVISL41       Debit pos. unoccup.status simulatio
FOSJ   RFVISL70       RU-Unoccupied:Reverse debit positio
FOSK   RFVISL03       Vacancy Debit Position - Log
FOSL   RFVISL04       General Real Estate Posting Log
FOSM   RFVISL05       General Real Estate Posting Log
FOSN   RFVISL00       Real Estate - Posting
FOSO   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_RWIN
FOSR   RFVIESR0       Replaced by transaction FVIESR
FOST   MENUFOST       Real Estate Management master data
FOS1   RFVISLB0       Internal document entry
FOS8   RFVISLB8       Single Document Reversal
FOTA   RFVIMEGN       Rental units: Create data file
FOTB   RFVIMESH       Change data file rental units
FOTC   RFVIMEDI       Direct input rental units
FOTD   RFVIMVGN       Lease-outs: Create data file
FOTE   RFVIMVSH       Change data file lease-outs
FOTF   RFVIMVDI       Direct input lease-outs
FOTI0A BUSSTART       Tenant Information
FOTI00 MENUFOTI00     Tenant Information - Config. Menu
FOTI01 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Activities
FOTI02 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Applications
FOTI03 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Field Groups
FOTI04 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Views
FOTI05 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Sections
FOTI06 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Layout Screens
FOTI07 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Screen Sequence
FOTI09 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Tables
FOTI10 BUSVIEWS       RETI: GUI Functions - Standard
FOTI11 BUSVIEWS       RETI: GUI Functions - Additional
FOTI12 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Matchcode ID's
FOTI13 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Assign Screen->DB Field
FOTI14 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Modifications - Criteri
FOTI15 BUSVIEWS       RETI:  ApplicTransactions
FOTI16 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Modification Activity
FOTI17 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Authorizations-Author.Groups
FOTI18 BUSVIEWS       RETI: Field Group Authorization
FOTY   RIVMES00       Error Message
FOT1   RIVMES00       Current Vacancies
FOUA   RFVIDUV1       Calculate sales settlement
FOUAN  RFVIDUV3N      Calculate Sales Settlement
FOUB   RFVIDUV2       Display sales settlement history
FOUBN  RFVIDUV2N      Display Sales Settlement History
FOUC   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate sales-based rent adj
FOUD   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adj
FOUE   RFVIDUV3       Simulate sales settlement
FOUEN  RFVIDUV3N      Simulate Sales Settlement
FOUF   RFVIMAEA       RE: Activate USER rent adj.
FOUG   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse USER rent adj.
FOUH   RFVIMAEA       RE: Display active USER rent adj.
FOUI   RFVIURSE       RFVI: Simulate Rent Adjustment USER
FOUJ   RFVIURSE       RFVI: Calculate rent adjustment USR
FOUK   RFVIMACO       RE: Simulate Meth.Comp. rent adj.
FOUL   RFVIMACO       RE: Calculate Meth.Comp. rent adj
FOUM   RFVIMSUM       Convers. of rep.list of rents texts
FOUP   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse CH rent adj.
FOUQ   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse IND rent adj.
FOUR   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse CGP rent adj.
FOUS   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse FAC rent adj.
FOUT   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse RLR rent adj.
FOUU   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse GAR rent adj.
FOUV   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse FAR rent adj.
FOUW   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCond
FOUX   RFVIMAEA       RE: Reverse sales-based rent adj.
FOU1   RFVIMAEU       RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO Convers
FOU2   SAPMF60U       Maintain sales reports
FOU2N  SAPMF60UN      Maintain Sales Reports
FOU2NS SAPMF60UN      Enter Sales with Condition Types
FOU3   SAPMF60U       Display sales reports
FOU3N  SAPMF60UN      Display sales reports
FOU3NS SAPMF60UN      Display Sales with Condition Types
FOU4   RFVIDUVS       Reverse sales-based settlement
FOU4N  RFVIDUV_STORNO_Reverse Sales-Based Settlement
FOU5   RFVIDUVA       Sales settlement selection
FOU6   RIMUMSAJ       List of sales reports per year
FOU7   RIMUMSAM       List of sales reports per month
FOU8   RFVIDUV_SALES  Overview of Missing Sales Reports
FOVA   RIVOPTER       Determination of option rates
FOVB   RFVICF00       Real Est.: Update of LO Cash Flow
FOVC   RFVIVST9       Manual input tax treatment
FOVD   RFVIVST7       Input tax trtmnt: Monthly postings
FOVE   SAPLFV7V       Create Lease-Out Offer
FOVF   SAPLFV7V       Change Lease-Out Offer
FOVG   SAPLFV7V       Display Lease-Out Offer
FOVH   SAPLFV7V       Transfer offer to lease-out
FOVI   RFVIBAGA       Post trivial amnts to prior period
FOVJ   RFVISTOR       Reverse input tax treatment run
FOVK   RFVIAN01       Print general rent adjustment
FOVL   RFVIMVHD       Overview of Lease-Outs
FOVN   RFVIRE41       Invoice (CH) on basis of cash flow
FOVO   RFVIOS01       Print owner settlement
FOVP   RFVIRE46       Repeat invoice (cash flow)
FOVQ   RFVIRE30       OIs from FI already invoiced
FOVS   RFVIERMV       Assign Collective LO for Act. LO
FOVU   RFVIUA01       Print sales settlement
FOVV   RFVIMVVL       Lease-out renewal
FOVX   RFVIAPRT       Mass Processing of Offers
FOVZ   SAPMSNUM       Rental Agreement Offer Number Range
FOV0   SAPMSNUM       Rental agreement number range
FOV1   SAPLFV7V       Create Lease-Out
FOV2   SAPLFV7V       Change Lease-Out: Master Data
FOV3   SAPLFV7V       Display Lease-Out
FOV4   SAPLFV7V       Supplement Lease-Out
FOV6   RFVIPA04       Activate advance payment adjustment
FOV7   SAPLFV7V       Call Lease-Out
FOV8   RFVIAKT0       Activate Residential Lease-Outs
FOV9   RFVIAKT0       Activate Provisional Agreements
FOWB92 RFVIWI01       Rent Adj.acc. to CEA: Correspondenc
FOWE   SAPMF60O       Business entity
FOWEDI RFVIWEDI       BE: Direct Input
FOWEGN RFVIWEGN       BE: Generate Data File
FOWESH RFVIWESH       BE: Change Data File
FOWU   SAPMF62W       Display simplif.cost effic.analysis
FOWV   SAPMF62W       Change Simplif.Cost Effic.Analysis
FOWW   SAPMF62W       Create simplif.cost effic.analysis
FOWX   SAPMF62W       Create Cost Efficiency Analysis
FOWY   SAPMF62W       Change Cost Efficiency Analysis
FOWZ   SAPMF62W       Displ.Cost Efficiency Analysis
FOW0   SAPMSNUM       Real Estate application number rang
FOW1   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Create
FOW2   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Change
FOW3   SAPMF63W       Real est. comm. application: Displa
FOW4   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Create
FOW5   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Change
FOW6   SAPMF63W       Real est. priv. application: Displa
FOW7   RFVISBW1       Overview of Rental Requests
FOW8   RFVISBW1       Rent requests evaluation
FOXA   SAPMF69P       Create broker
FOXB   SAPMF69P       Change broker
FOXC   SAPMF69P       Display broker
FOXD   SAPMF69P       Create owner
FOXE   SAPMF69P       Change owner
FOXF   SAPMF69P       Display owner
FOXG   SAPMF69P       Create tenant
FOXH   SAPMF69P       Change tenant
FOXI   SAPMF69P       Display tenant
FOXJ   SAPMF69P       Create
FOXK   SAPMF69P       Change
FOXL   SAPMF69P       Display
FOYA   RFVIKA02       Real Estate IXS Incid.Expens.Sttlmn
FOYB   RFVIIN01       Invoice for Rent: First Print
FOYC   RFVIIR01       Invoice for Rent: Repeat Print
FOYS   RFVISTIF       Status- and transaction control
FOZA   RFVKONTM       Acct determ. for LO
FOZB   RFVKONTM       Customiz.Real
FOZC   RFVKONTM       Customizing post.interface REstMgmt
FOZD   RFVIZWT10      Change Payment Method; Bank Details
FOZ0   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEH
FOZ1   SAPMF60Z       Rental unit: Applications allocatio
FOZ2   SAPMF60Z       Rent request allocation
FO01   MENUFO01       Real estate management leasing
FO08   RFVIVST5       Reversal input tax distribution
FO1B   SAPMF60G       Create expert report
FO1C   SAPMF60G       Change expert report
FO1D   SAPMF60G       Display expert report
FO1E   RFVIEA00       Owner Settlement
FO1F   RFVIEA01       Owner Account Settlement Reversal
FO1G   SAPMF600       Correction Items Retirement
FO1I   RFVIMG00       Post-generate settlement particip.
FO1J   SAPMF601       Corr.item transfer within asset
FO1K   SAPMF602       Reverse CI transfer within asset
FO1L   RFVIRUEK       Repost Input Tax Adjustments
FO10   MENUFO10       Reserved for real estate
FO11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: Land reg.
FO12   SAPL0VIC       Field status: Management contract
FO13   RFVIGN01       Activate Settlement Unit
FO13U  RFVIGN01       Activate Settlement Unit
FO14   SAPMF60A       Land register: Display
FO15   SAPMF60A       Land register: Change
FO16   SAPMF60A       Land register: Create
FO18   SAPMF60A       Land register: Parameters via MEM I
FO19   SAPMF60A       Land register: Parameter trnsfr tes
FO20   MENUFO20       Reserved for real estate
FO21   SAPMF60B       Create business entity
FO22   SAPMF60B       Change business entity
FO23   SAPMF60B       Display business entity
FO24   RFVIZEN0       Follow-up post. inc.pmnt rejections
FO25   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Business Entity
FO27   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Property
FO28   SAPSNUM        Number Range for Building
FO29   RFVISPF0       Reset transaction block
FO3C   SAPLKO71       Real estate CO settlement
FO3K   SAPMFKM0       Maintain automatic postings account
FO3L   RFVIAR37       Read lease-out flow archive
FO30   SAPLFV7V       Maintain lease-out
FO31   SAPMF60C       Create property
FO32   SAPMF60C       Change property
FO33   SAPMF60C       Display property
FO35   SAPMF60D       Create building
FO36   SAPMF60D       Change building
FO37   SAPMF60D       Display building
FO38   SAPMF61F       Change RA: Conds of Active Contract
FO4B   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings rental agreemnt anal
FO4C   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings rental agreemnt anal
FO4D   SAPMMCSC       Stand.Settings Bus.Entity Analysis
FO4E   SAPMMCSC       Standard settings property analysis
FO4F   SAPMMCSC       Standard settings building analysis
FO4G   RFVIRT12       Reporting tree VI12
FO4H   RFVIRT13       Reporting tree VI13
FO4I   RFVIRT14       Reporting tree VI14
FO4J   RFVIRT15       Reporting tree VI15
FO4K   RFVIRT16       VI16 report tree
FO4L   SAPMKCC0       Mainten.curr.conversion type TMR
FO4M   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FO4N   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: RE_INVOICE
FO4O   SAPMMCSC       Stand.settings partner analysis
FO4P   RFVI4010       Partner analysis-new selection
FO4Q   SAPMMCSC       Std settings land register analysis
FO4W   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor - Real Estate reports
FO4Y   RFVIAR47       Read lease-out archive
FO40   MENUFO40       Reserved for real estate
FO49   RFVIIDX0       Check index for real estate
FO5O   RKKBJBIN       Import reports
FO5P   RKKBBGEN       Generate reports
FO5Q   RFVI4060       Rental Units Standard Analysis
FO5T   RFVI4070       Lease-Out Analysis: New Selection
FO5V   RFVIIS01       Print New LO Number Correspondence
FO6A   SAPMF60Y       Real estate field status applicatio
FO6B   SAPMF60Y       Display real est. applic.fld select
FO6D   SAPMF61A       Set delete flag for CU
FO6E   SAPMF60Y       Change co-applicant field selection
FO6F   SAPMF60Y       Display co-applicant field selectio
FO6G   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance: FVVI_VWVTR
FO6I   RFVIRT11       Reporting tree VI11
FO6J   SAPMKKB5       Maintain Real Estate Report Tree
FO60   MENUFO60       Reserved for real estate
FO61   SAPMF61A       Create settlement unit
FO61U  SAPMF61A       Create Master Settlement Unit
FO62   SAPMF61A       Change settlement unit
FO62U  SAPMF61A       Change Master Settlement Unit
FO63   SAPMF61A       Display settlement unit
FO63U  SAPMF61A       Display Master Settlement Unit
FO65   RIVAEP05       Overview of Settlement Units
FO66   RFVIGN01       Overview cost collectors for SU
FO67   RFVIAE06       SU Overview for Rental Unit
FO7P   RFVI4040       Property Standard Analysis
FO7Q   RFVI4050       Buildings Standard Analysis
FO7R   RFVIRT10       Reporting tree VI10
FO7S   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
FO7T   SAPMMCSC       Rental unit analysis user settings
FO7U   SAPMMCSC       Rntl agrmnt analysis user settings
FO7V   RFVI4080       Standard analysis land register
FO7Y   RFVIMK01       Tenant acct evaluation
FO70   MENUFO70       Reserved for real estate
FO77   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_NKSE
FO79   SAPMF61U       Maintain Rent Adjustm.History
FO8A   RFVISLA0       Real est. trans.records accr./defer
FO8B   RFVISLA7       RealEstate accr./defer.- Reversal
FO8C   SAPLKO71       Real Estate CO Indiv. Settlement
FO8D   RFVIVST4       Report: distributions
FO8DA  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution
FO8DB  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Posting
FO8DM  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Reversal
FO8DN  RFVIIM00       Input Tax Distribution Log
FO8E   SAPMF62E       Create admin.contract event
FO8F   SAPMF62E       Change admin.contract event
FO8G   SAPMF62E       Display admin.contract event
FO8H   RFVIVW01       Admin.costs acct sttlmnt simulation
FO8I   RFVIVW01       Management Costs Settlement
FO8J   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVVI_VWEVT
FO8K   RFVISLA0       Carry out real estate accr./defer.
FO8L   RFVIBE01       Changed Option Rate Ratios
FO8N   RFVIBE03       OptRte-Relevant Changes RU / LO
FO8P   RFVIHZ10       Reset D tape data
FO8Q   RFVIZL01       Incoming payments by posting date
FO8R   SAPMF61A       Reset delete flag for SU
FO8S   RFVIPM00       Create measurement doc.
FO8T   RFVIPM00       Change Measurement Document
FO8U   RFVIPM00       Display Measurement Document
FO8V   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
FO8W   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents
FO8X   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents
FO8Y   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
FO8Z   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents
FO80   RFVISL03       RA debit positions - Log
FO81   SAPMF61U       Display Rent Adjustm.History
FO82   SAPMF62M       Create Management Contract
FO83   SAPMF62M       Change Management Contract
FO84   SAPMF62M       Display management contract
FO85   RFVIVS01       Simulate debit position/man.contrac
FO86   SAPMF62M       Change active admin.contract fees
FO87   SAPMF61F       Change cond.act.cntrcts for bckgrnd
FO88   RFVIVS01       Management contract debit position
FO9A   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents
FO9B   RFVIPM00       Create measurement doc.
FO9C   RFVIPM00       Change Measurement Document
FO9D   RFVIPM00       Display Measurement Document
FO9E   RFVIPM01       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
FO9F   RFVIRT01       Call reporting tree VI01
FO9G   RFVIRT02       Call reporting tree VI02
FO9H   RFVIRT03       Call reporting tree VI03
FO9I   RFVIRT04       Call reporting tree VI04
FO9J   RFVIRT05       Call reporting tree VI05
FO9K   RFVIRBIM       Import Reports from Client
FO9L   RFVIRFIM       Import Forms from Client 000
FO9M   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports
FO9N   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FO9O   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports
FO9P   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Create select.version
FO9Q   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Change select. version
FO9R   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Display select.version
FO9S   SAPMMCSV       Real estate: Schedule select.versio
FO9T   RMCSSLVS       Selection Version Tree Real Estate
FO9U   RMCSSLVS       User-Spec. Sel.Vers.Tree Real Estat
FO9V   RFVIRT06       Reporting tree VI06
FO9W   RFVIRT07       Reporting tree VI07
FO9X   RKKBRPTR       Maintain report selection
FO9Y   RFVI4020       Business Entities Standard Analysis
FO9Z   RFVIRT09       Reporting tree VI09
FO91   RFVIRTCP       VICP report tree
FO94   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance:FVVI_BEBE
FO95   SAPMF61C       Create correction items
FO96   SAPMF61C       Change correction items
FO97   SAPMF61C       Display correction items
FO98   SAPMF61C       Delete correction items
FPS3   RFEBKA40       Intraday Statment
FQUD   RFQUER01       Customer Queries
FQUK   RFQUER01       Vendor Queries
FQUS   RFQUER01       G/L Account Queries
FRCA   SAPMF08A       Settlement calendar
FRC0   SAPLFRC1       Display Profit Center -> FM AcctAss
FRC1   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Cost Element -> FM Act Asg
FRC2   SAPLFRC1       Display Cost Element -> FM Acct Asg
FRC3   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Cost Center -> FM Act Asgm
FRC4   SAPLFRC1       Display Cost Center -> FM Acct Asgm
FRC5   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt
FRC6   SAPLFRC1       Display Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt
FRC7   SAPLFRC1       Maintain WBS Element -> FM Act Asgm
FRC8   SAPLFRC1       Display WBS Element -> FM Acct Asgm
FRC9   SAPLFRC1       Maintain Profit Center -> FM ActAsg
FRD1   SAPLFRC1       Maintain G/L Account -> Commt Item
FRD2   SAPLFRC1       Display G/L Account -> Commt Item
FRFT   RFIBLFPAY      Rapid Entry with Repetitive Code
FRFT_B FIBL_FRFT      Repetitive Codes: Payment to Banks
FRFT2  RFEBRFT2       Repetitive fast entry form
FRHU2  SAPLVHUDIAL    Random creation of HUs
FRH1   SAPLKBPH       Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget Release
FRH2   SAPLKBPH       Loc.Auth.: Enter Local Block
FRH5   SAPLKBPB       No longer used
FRH7   RFFMCOVTRANS   Transfer of Residl Bdgts from Cover
FRML03 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Display Formula
FRML04 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Formula Information System
FRMN   MENUFRMN       Credit Management
FR01   SAPMKBUD       Change original commitments
FR02   SAPMKBUD       Display original commitments
FR04   SAPMKBUD       Change original payments
FR05   SAPMKBUD       Display original payments
FR07   SAPMKBUD       Change Release for Commitment Bdgt
FR08   SAPMKBUD       Display Release Commitments
FR10   SAPMKBUD       Change Release for Payment Bdgt
FR11   SAPMKBUD       Display Release Payments
FR15   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement Commitments
FR16   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement Commitments
FR19   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement Payments
FR20   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement Payments
FR23   SAPMKBUD       Change Return Commitments
FR24   SAPMKBUD       Display Return Commitments
FR27   SAPMKBUD       Change Return Payments
FR28   SAPMKBUD       Display Return Payments
FR50   RFFMISPS       Enter Original Budget
FR51   RFFMISPS       Enter Release
FR52   RFFMISPS       Enter Supplement
FR53   RFFMISPS       Enter Return
FR54   RFFMISPS       Distribute Original Budget
FR55   RFFMISPS       Distribute Release
FR56   RFFMISPS       Distribute Supplement
FR57   RFFMISPS       Distribute Return
FR58   RFFMISPS       Post
FR59   RFFMISPS       Change document
FR60   RFFMISPS       Display Document
FR61   RFFMISPS       Park Original Budget
FR62   RFFMISPS       Park Release
FR63   RFFMISPS       Park Supplement
FR64   RFFMISPS       Park Return
FR65   RFFMISPS       Park Original Budget Distribution
FR66   RFFMISPS       Park Release Distribution
FR67   RFFMISPS       Park Supplement Distribution
FR68   RFFMISPS       Park Return Distribution
FR69   RFFMISPS       Park Transfer
FR70   RFFMISPS       Post Parked Document
FR71   RFFMISPS       Cancel Parked Document
FR72   RFFMISPS       Display Parked Document
FR73   RFFMISPS       Change Parked Document
FR81   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Budget Reduction
FR86   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual Budget
FR87   RFFMISPS       Distribute Budget Types with Releas
FR88   RFFMREL1       FM: Loc.Auth.: Mass Release
FR89   RFFMISPS       Reverse Document
FR90   RFFMISPS       Loc.auth: Distribute budget types
FR91   RFFMISPS       Loc.Auth.: Transfer with auto. rel.
FR92   RFFMREL2       Reconstruction of Release Groups
FSCD   CHDOC_LIST     Change Document List
FSE2   RFGSBSTR       Change Financial Statement Version
FSE3   RFGSBSTR       Display Financial Statement Version
FSE4   SAPMF02E       Planning Preparation
FSE5   SAPMF02E       Maintain Planning
FSE5N  SAPMF02E       Maintain Planning
FSE6   SAPMF02E       Display Planning
FSE6N  SAPMF02E       Display Planning
FSE7   SAPMF02E       Maint.Fin.Statemnt Forgn Lang.Texts
FSE8   SAPMF02E       Display Forgn Lang Fin.Statmnt Text
FSE9   SAPMF02E       Automatic Financial Statement Form
FSF1   SAPMF08A       Financial Calendar
FSIB   RKDBAT02       Background processing
FSIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
FSIG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEBalance Sheet Reports Criteria Grou
FSIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures
FSIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor
FSIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports
FSIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms
FSIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000
FSIR   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000
FSIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FSIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FSIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FSIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data
FSIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms
FSI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute report
FSI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
FSI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
FSI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
FSI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
FSI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
FSI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
FSM1   SAPMF02H       Create Sample Account
FSM2   SAPMF02H       Change Sample Account
FSM3   SAPMF02H       Display Sample Account
FSM4   SAPMF01A       Sample Account Changes
FSM5   SAPF053R       Delete Sample Account
FSO2   SAPMF02E       Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)
FSO3   SAPMF02E       Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)
FSP0   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record in chrt/acct
FSP1   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP2   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP3   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record in Chart/Acct
FSP4   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes in Chart/Accts
FSP5   SAPMF02H       Block Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP6   SAPMF02H       Mark Mast.Rec.for Chart/Acct
FSRD   RFVDCH01       Loans       Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRG   RFTBCH01       Money Mkt   Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRW   RFVWCH01       Securities  Regulatory Reporting CH
FSSA   SAPF130        Display Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteri
FSSP   SAPF130        Change Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteria
FSS0   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L account master record in co cod
FSS1   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record in Company Cod
FSS2   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record in Company Cod
FSS3   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record in Comp.Code
FSS4   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes in Company Code
FST2   SAPMF02H       Maintain Account Name
FST3   SAPMF02H       Display Account Name
FS00   SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record maintenance
FS01   SAPMF02H       Create Master Record
FS02   SAPMF02H       Change Master Record
FS03   SAPMF02H       Display Master Record
FS04   SAPMF01A       G/L Account Changes (Centrally)
FS05   SAPMF02H       Block Master Record
FS06   SAPMF02H       Mark Master Record for Deletion
FS10   SAPMF42B       G/L Account Balance
FS10N  RFGLBALANCE    Balance Display
FS10NA RFGLBALANCE    Display Balances
FTBP1  BUSSTART       Create business partner
FTBP2  BUSSTART       Create business partner
FTBP3  BUSSTART       Create business partner
FTEX   RVFTFTEX       Exp.bill.doc.analysis
FTGR   RVFTFTWE       Import Gds Receipt Analysis
FTIM   RVFTFTIM       Import Order Analysis
FTR_00 RFTR_COLLECTIVECollective Processing
FTRCL  RFIDTRCLACCL7  Closing of Expense Accounts
FTR01  SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges
FTR02  RFIDTRWEKO     Bill of Exchange List
FTR03  RFIDTRBOE1     Bill of Exchange Transactions
FTR04  RFIDTRBOE2     Reversal of Bill Transactions
FTR05  RFTR_BOE_REPRINPrintout of Transaction Records
FTR06  RFIDTRINFL     Inflation Adj. of Monetary Items
FTUS   RVFTUSER       Foreign Trade: Maintain User Data
FTWA   RTXWCF01       Extract data
FTWB   RTXWCF10       Retrieve archived data
FTWC   RTXWMG01       Merge extracts
FTWCF  RTXWCATF       Field catalog
FTWCS  RTXWCATS       Segment catalog
FTWD   RTXWCHK2       Verify data extract checksums
FTWE   RTXWCHK11      Verify control totals (FI documents
FTWE1  RTXWCHK4       Verify all FI control totals
FTWF   RTXWQU01       Data extract browser
FTWH   RTXWQU03       Data view queries
FTWI   RTXWBTCH       Create background job
FTWJ   RTXWDROP       Clear data retrieved from archives
FTWK   RTXWDELF       Delete extracts
FTWL   RTXWLOG2       Display extract log
FTWM   RTXWCF05       Rebuild data extract
FTWN   RTXWVWL2       Display view query log
FTWP   SAPMTXWC       Settings for data extraction
FTWQ   RTXWSEGS       Configure data file data segments
FTWR   RTXWSIZE       File size worksheet
FTWS   RTXWTASK       Transport configuration and logs
FTWW   RTXWLS01       List segment information
FTWY   SAPMTXWV       Maintain data file view
FTW0   MENUFTW0       Tax data retention and reporting
FTW1A  RTXWCF02       Extract Data
FTXA   SAPMF82T       Display Tax Code
FTXP   SAPMF82T       Maintain Tax Code
FVBTEP RFVIBTEP       BTE Process Text Module for RE
FVCP   RPRFVCPY       Copy Program for Form Variants
FVE3   RFVWBEW1       Foreign Exchange Valuation
FVE4   RFVWNWUM       Quotation Currency Conversion
FVE7   RFVWBWS1       Reverse Forex Valuation
FVIESR RFVIESR0       RE: Import POR data (Switzerland)
FVIQ   RFVIMISB       Legacy data transfer of compos.rate
FVIR   RF66IDEL       Legcy Data Trnsfr:Reset Option Rate
FVI5   RFVIKA00       Electronic rent collection
FVOE   RF66EDTD       Edit Transfer Table. Opt.Rates
FVOI   RF66IMPD       Create Transfer Table Opt.Rates
FVOP   RF66PUTD       Transfer Opt.Rates to Prod.System
FVVC   RF66VSTC       Transfer input tax correct.values
FVVD   RF66VSTM       Lgcy Data Reset Inp.Tax.Correct.Val
FVVE   RFVIMISA       Data Transfer Input Tax Correction
FVZA   RFVVZAL1       Inflow/outflow list report
FV02   RFVIVST2       Reversal of Correction Items
FV08   RFVIVST8       Reverse input tax treatment run
FV11   SAPMV13A       Create condition
FV12   SAPMV13A       Change condition
FV13   SAPMV13A       Display condition
FV50   SAPMF05A       Park G/L Account Items
FV53   SAPMF05A       Display Parked G/L Account Document
FV60   SAPMF05A       Park Incoming Invoices
FV63   SAPMF05A       Displayed Parked Vendor Document
FV65   SAPMF05A       Park Incoming Invoices
FV70   SAPMF05A       Enter Outgoing Invoices
FV73   SAPMF05A       Display Parked Customer Document
FV75   SAPMF05A       Park Outgoing Credit Notes
FW     MENUFW00       FW.. reserved for VV-Securities
FW-1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ANLA
FW-2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_BEKI
FW-3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: FVVW_ORDER
FW-4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PNNR
FW-5   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNR
FW-6   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNR
FW-7   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PODO
FW-8   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FVVW_KOBJ
FWAA   RFPM_AMORTIZED_Execute Amortization
FWAB   RFVWABG0       Securities accruals/deferrals
FWACR  RFPM_REVERSE_AMReverse Amortization
FWAR   RFVWABG1       Securities accr/defer. reset
FWAS   RFVWABG4       Reverse accrual/deferral
FWBA   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Scree
FWBC   SAPMF69N       BAV Info. - Securities Init. Screen
FWBJ   RFVWPOJR       Posting journal
FWBK   SAPMF64H       Balance sheet transfer
FWBS   SAPMF64Z       Manual posting
FWCP   CALCULATE_POSITCalculate Position
FWDG   RZKLGAT1       Class information
FWDP   RFVWDPR0       Securities account list
FWDS   TRS_SEC_ACC_TRAReverse Securities Account Transfer
FWDU   TRS_SEC_ACC_TRASecurities Transfer
FWER   SAPLFVER       Exercise Security Rights
FWIK   RFVWDEP0       Create Securities Account Statement
FWIW   RFVWINF2       Securities information
FWKB   RFVWKMBU_NEU   Post corporate action
FWKS   RFVWKMST_NEU   Reverse corporate action
FWK0   SAPMF64R       Edit corporate action
FWLL   TPM_LEGAL_LIMITProportion of Equity and Voting Rep
FWMY   MENUFWMY       Securities management
FWOA   SAPMF64O       Execute order
FWOB   SAPMF64O       Settle order execution
FWOC   SAPMF64O       Settle order
FWOE   SAPMF64Z       Reverse Posting
FWOEZ  TRS_ZE_REVERSE Reverse Debit Position
FWOF   SAPMF64O       Change transaction
FWOG   SAPMF64O       Display transaction
FWOH   SAPMF64O       Settle transaction
FWOI   SAPMF64O       Display posted order settlement
FWOK   SAPMF64O       Display reversed settlement
FWOP   SAPMF64S       Update Flows from Oper. Valn Area
FWOS   SAPMF64O       Reverse order settlement
FWO0   SAPMF64S       Display Flows from Oper. Valn Area
FWO1   SAPMF64O       Create order
FWO2   SAPMF64O       Change order
FWO3   SAPMF64O       Display order
FWO4   SAPMF64O       Create order execution
FWO5   SAPMF64O       Change order execution
FWO6   SAPMF64O       Display order execution
FWO7   SAPMF64O       Create order settlement
FWO8   SAPMF64O       Change order settlement
FWO9   SAPMF64O       Display order settlement
FWPA   RFVWPAB2       Period-end closing
FWPL   RFPM_PERIOD_ENDDisplay Last Period-End Closing
FWPR   RFPM_PA_RESET  Reset Period-End Closing
FWRZ   RFVWRLZ0       Remaining Term Statistics
FWR1   SAPLFVVL       Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(Mo
FWSB   RFVWBEW0       Rate/price valn
FWSO   RTPM_TRS_POST_AAutomatic debit position
FWSS   RFVWBWS0       Reverse Rate/Price Valuation
FWSU   SAPMF64H       Reverse Balance Sheet Transfer
FWTU   RFVWWDV1       Securities Deadline Monitoring
FWUP   RTPM_TRS_UPDATEUpdate Planned Records
FWZA   RFTBBC00       TR Securities: Account Determinatio
FWZB   RFTBBC00       Treasury: Acct Deter. SEC Transact.
FWZE   SAPMF64Z       Manual debit position
FWZZ   SECURITY_START Maintain class master data
FW17   SAPMF64P       Maintain security price
FW18   SAPMF64P       Display security price
FW20   SAPMF64L       Create sec.acct
FW21   SAPMF64L       Display securities account
FW22   SAPMF64B       Create CoCd Position Indicators
FW22A  SAPMF64B       Create Sec. Acct Position Indicator
FW23   SAPMF64B       Change CoCd Position Indicators
FW23A  SAPMF64B       Change Sec. Acct Position Indicator
FW24   SAPMF64B       Display CoCd Position Indicators
FW24A  SAPMF64B       Display Sec.Acct Position Indicator
FW26   SAPMF64L       Change sec.acct
FXIB   RKDBAT02       Background Processing
FXIC   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
FXIK   RFBRFSIK       Maintain Key Figures
FXIM   SAPMKCB9       Report Monitor
FXIO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
FXIP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
FXIQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
FXIR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
FXIT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FXIV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
FXIX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
FXIY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
FXIZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
FXI0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
FXI1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
FXI2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
FXI3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
FXI4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
FXI5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
FXI6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
FXMN   SAPMOPFI       Call Additional Components (FDMN)
FYMN   SAPMOPFI       Call Additional Components (IMG)
FZ-1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_DEBIT
FZ-2   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_PARTN
FZ-3   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_VORG
FZ-4   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVV_ADRNR
FZ-5   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVV_OBJNR
FZ-6   SAPMSNUM       No.range maintenance:FVV_PARTID
FZBA   SAPL0B6D       Transact. types relationship tab.-D
FZBB   SAPL0B06       Transact.types relationship tab.-DW
FZBC   SAPL0B06       Transact types relationship tab. -D
FZBD   SAPL0BBB       Alloc. prog. transaction types - DD
FZBE   SAPL0BBB       Alloc. prog. transaction types - DW
FZBG   SAPL0CUR       Ratio Table for For.Exch Rate Conve
FZBH   SAPL0CUR       Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator
FZBI   RFVZBAV0_CORE  BAV Reporting - Real Estate
FZBK   SAPL0BL2       Debit form type  FVV/DD
FZBL   SAPL0DBL       Form Line Items FVV/DD
FZBM   SAPL0V5A       Darwin Real Estate Objects FVV
FZBN   SAPL0Z21       BAV Control of Cost Elements
FZBO   SAPL0Z24       Classification of Contracting Party
FZBP   SAPL0Z2B       Contracting Party/Class Relatnships
FZBU   SAPL037M       Customizing Status Transfer
FZBV   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DD
FZBW   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DW
FZBY   SAPL0PB3       Selection for status transfers - DI
FZBZ   RFVZBAV0       BAV Stat.reporting PRF-12
FZB4   RFVZBAV0       List of trustees
FZB5   RFVZBAV0       Statements
FZB6   RFVZBAV0       Control Parameters for BAV Statemen
FZB7   RFVZBAV0_CORE  Statements
FZB8   RFVZBAV0       BAV-Lists Securities Control
FZB9   RFVZBAV0       Control prem.reserve fund lists DA
FZCA   SAPL0ZBA       Maintain Ownership Share
FZCB   SAPL0ZBB       Flow types relationship keys
FZCC   SAPL0C37       Maintain VV Status Definition
FZCD   SAPL0M37       Maintain Int. Status Delivery Matri
FZCE   SAPL0WP1       Maintain Condition Type (DW)
FZCF   SAPL0K01       Maintain Condition Type (DD)
FZCG   SAPL0WP1       Maintain Condition Group (DW)
FZCJ   SAPL0PAD       Maintain Product Types-DD (
FZCK   SAPL0PBD       Maintain Product Types-DD(CoCd Data
FZCU   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Initial Transaction
FZCY   RFVSOZI0       Determine Special Interest
FZC4   SAPL0Z01       Maintain Ratings
FZC5   SAPL0Z02       Maintain Legal Entity
FZC6   SAPL0PAW       Maintain Product Types-DW (
FZC7   SAPL0PBW       Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd data
FZC8   SAPL0Z12       Maintain Changes in Net Assets
FZC9   SAPL0B03       Maintain Valuation Types
FZD4   SAPLSVIM       VV Plausibility Checks
FZID   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FVVZ_IDEN
FZKB   RFVDABBG       Clear Trivial Amnts for Cons. Loans
FZKL   RFVDKOGL       Account Clearing Loans
FZLR   RFVLST10       VV Returned debit memos
FZMN   MENUFZMN       Treasury Management basic functions
FZM4   MENUFZM4       Treasury Mgmt information system
FZNB   RFVDZNB1       Payment Postprocessing
FZPA   SAPMF69P       Create Partner in Role
FZPB   SAPMF69P       Change Partner in Role
FZPC   SAPMF69P       Display Partner in Role
FZPD   SAPMF69X       Edit bus.partner in role
FZPE   SAPMF69X       Change customer (hidden)
FZPF   RFVDSBT0       Partner payment details
FZP1   SAPMF69P       Create Natural Person
FZP2   SAPMF69P       Create Legal Person
FZP3   SAPMF69P       Change Partner
FZP4   SAPMF69P       Display Partner
FZP5   SAPMF69X       Choose Partner
FZP6   SAPMF69X       Create Legal Person
FZR1   SAPMF67P       Create Rating Agency
FZR2   SAPMF67P       Change Rating Agency
FZR3   SAPMF67P       Display Rating Agency
FZUA   RFVDMAZNB      Auto. Process Unscheduled Repayment
FZW1   SAPMF69W       Create Messages / MAILS
FZW2   SAPMF69W       Change Messages / MAIL
FZW3   SAPMF69W       Display Messages / MAIL
FZW4   SAPMF69W       Delete Messages / MAIL
FZW7   RFVVWD01       Dates Overview
FZXR   MSTTZB08       Flow types per posting application
FZ03   SAPLFVVZ       BAV Data ANL; AEN; ANZ Real Estate
FZ04   RFVZISIS       IS-IS: Display Current ISIS Version
FZ10   RFVZBAV0       Loans: Circular R5/97
FZ11   RFVZBAV0       Securities: Circular R5/97
FZ12   RFVZBAV0_CORE  Circular R5/95 Real Estate
FZ13   RFVZBAV0       Money Market: Circular R5/97
FZ14   RFVZBAV0       Access PRF-0 for Eq.-Linked Life.In
FZ19   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Release Object Active I
FZ41   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Internal Partner Role
FZ45   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Partner Install. Param.
FZ5A   RFVZ5AWV       AWV statement Z5 and Z5a page 1
FZ59   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Secur.)
FZ60   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Loans)
FZ61   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 101 (Real Est
FZ63   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 102 (Secur.)
FZ64   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 102 (Real Est
FZ66   RFVVVIEW       Customizing PRF number (Real est.)
FZ67   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Sub-section (Securit.)
FZ68   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Sub-section (Real Est.)
FZ69   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Loans)
FZ70   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Secur.)
FZ71   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 501 (Real Est
FZ75   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Loans)
FZ76   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Secur.)
FZ77   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 201 (Real Est
FZ78   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R11/76 (Loans
FZ79   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group 11/76 (Secur.
FZ80   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Grp R11/76 (RealEst
FZ81   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Loans)
FZ82   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Secur.
FZ83   RFVVVIEW       Customizing BAV Grp R2/87 (Real Est
FZ85   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Sec
FZ86   RFVVVIEW       Cust. Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Real Est)
FZ92   RFVVVIEW       Customizing default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DW
FZ93   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DI
FZ94   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DD)
FZ95   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DW)
FZ96   RFVVVIEW       Customizing Default Value PART (DI)
F00    RSSOSO00       SAPoffice: Short Message
F000   MENUF000       Accounting
F01N   RFVISL71       Debit Position LO Single Reversal
F01O   RFVISL71       Vacancy RU single reversal
F01P   RFVISL71       Accruals/deferrals single reversal
F01Q   RFVISL71       Debit position MC single reversal
F01R   RFVISL71       MC settlement single reversal
F01S   RFVISL71       Reversal of Periodic Postings
F01T   RFVISL71       Reverse General Contract Accr./Def.
F010   SAPF010        ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Chang
F04N   SAPF100        Vendor Foreign Currency Valuation
F05N   SAPF100        Customer Foreign Currency Valuation
F06N   SAPF100        Foreign Currency Val. (G/L Accounts
F101   SAPF101        ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj
F103   SAPF103        ABAP/4 Reporting: Transfer Receivbl
F104   SAPF104        ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivbls Provisn
F107   SAPF107V       FI Valuation Run
F11CS  SAPLF11Y       Config.TR Display Payment Program
F11CU  SAPLF11Y       Config.TR Maintain Payment Program
F110   SAPF110V       Parameters for Automatic Payment
F110S  SAPMS38M       Automatic Scheduling of Payment Pro
F111   SAPF111V       Parameters for Payment of PRequest
F13E   SAPMS38M       ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing
F15    MENUF15        F15 Interface
F150   SAPF150V       Dunning Run
F8BH   RFFMB001       Inconsistencies T042I and T042Y
F8BS   RFPRQSHD       Detail display of payment requests
F8BT   RFPRQSHW       Display Payment Requests
F8BU   RFPRQZLP       Create payment runs automatically
F8BV   RFPRQRVS       Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers
F8BW   RFPRQUCL       Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests
F8BX   RFPRQPAY       Online Payment
F8BZ   MENUF8BZ       F111 Customizing
F8M1   RFFMINTCALC    Calculate Penalty Surcharge
F8O0   RFFMKWO1       Delete Assignment Cust./Obj/Rev.Typ
F8O1   RFFMKWO2       Master Data Objects: Delete Data
F8O7   RFFMPSO6       Prepare Archiving of Temp. Waiver
F8P0   RFFMKWD0       Spplt Dnng Proc. Assgt to Dnng Area
F8P1   RFFMKWD1       Change Dnng Proc. Asst to Dnng Area
F8P2   RFFMKWD2       Dunning Block in Customer Line Item
F8P3   RFFMKWO3       Delete Assignment Cust./Rev.Type
F8P4   RFFMKWO4       Delete Customer Execution Data
F8P5   RFFMKWO5       Delete Subldgr Account Preprocessin
F8P6   RFFMPSOIS      Assign SL acct to SL prep. program
F8Q1   RFFMPSO1       Create Recurring Payment Request
F8Q2   RFFMPSO1       Create Recurring Acceptance Request
F8Q3   RFFMPSO1       Change Standing Request
F8Q4   RFFMPSO1       Display Standing Request
F8Q5   RFFMPSO1       Release Standing Request
F8Q6   RFFMKG02       Delete Standing Request
F8Q7   RFFMPSO2       Post Standing Request
F8Q8   RFFMKG01       Create Posting Documents
F8Q9   RFFMKG03       Requests from Down Payments
F8REL  RFIBLOPAYREL   Release of Payment Requests
F8REV  RFIBLOPAYREV   Cancellation of Payment Requests
F8V1   RFEXBLK0       Export execution data
F801   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Create Payment Request
F802   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Payment Request
F803   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Display Payment Request
F804   SAPMF01A       Changes to Payment Requests
F805   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Delete Payment Request
F807   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Posted Payment Request
F808   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Post Payment Request
F809   RFKDF000       Post exchange rate differences
F811   SAPLF0PO       Create Collective Payment Request
F812   SAPLF0PO       Change Collective Payment Request
F813   SAPLF0PO       Delete Collective Payment Request
F814   SAPLF0PO       Reverse Collective Payment Request
F815   SAPLF0PO       Display Collective Payment Request
F816   SAPLF0PO       Reset Reversal Coll. Payt Request
F817   SAPMF0PO       Release Collective Payment Request
F824   RFFMPSO4       Print Request
F831   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Create Recovery Request
F832   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Recovery Request
F833   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Display Recovery Request
F835   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Delete Recovery Request
F837   SAPLF0PQ_EU    Change Posted Recovery Request
F840   RFFMKWOB       Display Object
F841   RFFMKWOB       Change Object
F842   RFFMKWOB       Create Object
F845   RFFMFITABS     Close Posting Day
F870   RFFMPSO2       Posting a Parked Request
F871   RFFMPSO1       Create Payment Request (Local Auth.
F872   RFFMPSO1       Change Payment Request
F873   RFFMPSO1       Display Payment Request
F874   RFFMPSO1       Release Payment Request
F875   RFFMPSO1       Delete Payment Request
F879   RFFMPSO1       Create Payment Deduction Request
F880   RFFMPSO1       Reverse Deferral
F881   RFFMPSO1       Create Acceptance Request
F882   RFFMPSO1       Change Acceptance Request
F883   RFFMPSO1       Display Acceptance Request
F884   RFFMPSO1       Release Acceptance Request
F885   RFFMPSO1       Delete Acceptance Request
F886   RFFMKG05       Defer Acceptance Request
F887   RFFMKG05       Waive Acceptance Order Temporarily
F888   RFFMKG05       Waive Acceptance Request
F889   RFFMPSO1       Create Acceptance Deduction Request
F890   RFFMPSO1       Reverse Temporary Waiver
F891   RFFMPSO1       Create Clearing Request
F892   RFFMPSO1       Change Clearing Request
F893   RFFMPSO1       Display Clearing Request
F894   RFFMPSO1       Release Clearing Request
F895   RFFMPSO1       Delete Clearing Request
F896   RFFMPSO1       Create Blanket Remainder Clean Up
F899   RFFMPSO3       Bundle Requests
F899R  RFFMBUND       Bundle FI Documents to Request
F9A0   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Block Checks
F9A1   SAPLFBA8       Create Check
F9A10  SAPLFBA8       Edit Block
F9A11  SAPLFBA8       Delete Check
F9A12  SAPLFBA8       Creat Check Stack
F9A13  SAPLFBA8       Request Check Stack (Customer)
F9A16  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Delete Stack Creation
F9A18  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Request Checks from Location
F9A19  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Release Check Stack
F9A20  SAPLFBA8       Display Check Stack
F9A21  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Block Check Stack
F9A23  SAPLFBA8       Lift Block
F9A25  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Location Maintenance Pos. Mgmt
F9A26  SAPLFBA8       BCA: Stack Location Settings
F9A4   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Request Check
F9A50  SAPLFBA8       Change Check Status
F9A7   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Revoke Check Block
F9A8   RFBKCHQ1       Check Locks
F9A9   SAPLFBA8       BCA: Display Checks
F9B1   RFBKPDAT       BCA: Posting cut-off paym. transact
F9B2   RFBKPDT2       Posting Cut-Off Pay. Trans. Batch
F9B3   RFBKCHACLOG    User Log Currency Changeover
F9B4   RFBKCHACCUR    BCA: Report Currency Conversion
F9C{   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types Payment Items
F9C[   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types for Condiitons
F9CC1  BUSVIEWS       Authorizations for Field Groups
F9CC2  BUSVIEWS       Screen Configuration
F9C}   BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types Payment Orders
F9CSOB BUSVIEWS       SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfld
F9CSOC BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Field Modificat.Criteri
F9CSOD BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Products
F9CSOE BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Product Group
F9CSOF BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Applic. Transactions
F9CSOH BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Tables
F9CSOI BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Activities
F9CSOJ BUSVIEWS       SO Control: FM per Activity
F9CSO1 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Applications
F9CSO2 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Field Groups
F9CSO3 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Views
F9CSO4 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Sections
F9CSO5 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Screens
F9CSO6 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Screen Sequence
F9CSO7 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: Events
F9CSO8 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: CUA Standard Functions
F9CSO9 BUSVIEWS       SO Control: CUA Additional Function
F9C4   BUSVIEWS       Authorization types
F9C6   BUSVIEWS       BCA: Field Modification Account Typ
F9C7   BUSVIEWS       BCA: Field Modification Activity
F9C]   BUSVIEWS       Position: Authorization Types
F9DDCC RFBKDIRDEBCHCURCurrency Conversion Dir. Debit Orde
F9GA   BUSSTART       Create Bank Statement Recipient
F9GB   BUSSTART       Change Bank Statement Recipient
F9GC   BUSSTART       Dispaly Bank Statement Recipient
F9GL   RFBK_BUPA_SHOW_Display All BP Roles
F9G1   BUSSTART       Create acct holder
F9G2   BUSSTART       Change acct holder
F9G3   BUSSTART       Display Account Holder
F9G4   BUSSTART       Create Authorized Drawer
F9G5   BUSSTART       Change Authorized Drawer
F9G6   BUSSTART       Display Authorized Drawer
F9G7   BUSSTART       Create Account Holder
F9G8   BUSSTART       Change Account Holder
F9G9   BUSSTART       Display Account Holder
F9HI   RFBKGL01       Transfer BCA - GL
F9HL   RFBKGLBSPREP   Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GL
F9HO   RFBKGLDI_FIKEY GL Control for Legacy Data
F9HRVA RFBKGL_VA_CALC_Post Individual Value Adjustment
F9H0   RFBKKH00       Account Hierarchy Change History
F9H1   RFBKKH00       Create Account Hierarchy
F9H2   RFBKKH00       Change Account Hierarchy
F9H3   RFBKKH00       Display Account Hierarchy
F9H4   RFBKKC00       Cash Concentration: Single Run
F9H5   RFBKKC00       Cash Concentration: Restart
F9H6   RFBKKC20       Cash Concentration: Mass Run
F9IA   RFBKIZO1       Release Payment Order
F9IB   RFBKIZI1       Release Payment Item
F9IC   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order Former Account
F9ID   RFBKIZI3       BCA: CpD Editing of Payment Item
F9IE   RFBKPI01       Create Payment Item Former Account
F9IF   RFBKIZI3       BCA: CpD Display of Payment Item
F9IG   RFBKIZI2       Reverse Payment Item
F9II   RFBKIZI2       Return Payment Item
F9IJ   RFBKIZI2       Edit Payment Item
F9IK   RFBKPO01       Create Return Payment Order
F9IL   RFBKPI01       Create Planned Item
F9IM   RFBKPI02       Delete Planned Item
F9IN   RFBKFUT        Display Planned Items
F9IO   RFBKTMP1       Post Planned item
F9IP   RFBKTMP1LOG    Planned items
F9I1   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order - External
F9I2   RFBKPO01       Create Payment Order - Internal
F9I3   RFBKIZO1       Display Payment Order
F9I4   RFBKPI01       Create Payment Item
F9I7   RFBKIZI2       Display Payment Item
F9I8   RFBKIZI1       Postprocess Payment Item
F9I9   RFBKIZO1       Edit Payment Order (General)
F9J0   RFBKAPLG       Display Application Log
F9J1   RFBKCOOR       Reconcile with Legacy System
F9KAC  RFBK_ACCNT_CLOSRelease Account Closure
F9KD   RFBKACCL       Account Closure
F9KE   RFBKACLG       Application Log Account Closure
F9KG   RFBKLIRL       Release Limits
F9KH   RFBKRELCHCUR   Release Currency Changeovers
F9KMOC RFBKMAINOFFICCHChange business partner
F9KY   RFBKCLSE       Close Account
F9K1   BUSSTART       Create Account
F9K2   BUSSTART       Change account
F9K3   BUSSTART       Display Account
F9L;   MENUF9L;       Master Data Settings
F9LBDT MENUF9LBDT     Development in BDT Environment
F9L0   MENUF9L0       Settings for Additional Development
F9L4   RFBKCLED       Posting Date for Closing in Dialog
F9MN   MENUF9MN       Bank Customer Accounts
F9M1   MENUF9M1       Bank Customer Accounts: Settings
F9M2   MENUF9M2       Business Partner: Settings
F9M3   MENUF9M3       Relationships: Settings
F9M4   MENUF9M4       Settings Payment Transactions
F9M5   MENUF9M5       Condition Settings
F9NTC4 RFBK_NOTICE_RELAmount Notice: Mass Release
F9N1   RFBKBSST       Create Bank Statements
F9N10  RFBKCHAINOVR   Overview End of Day Processing
F9N11  RFBKCHAINSTART Start End-of-Day Processing
F9N12  RFBKPARUNOVR   Overview of Current Mass Runs
F9N13  RFBKACCBSINGLE Accts. Blocked by Single Balancing
F9N14  RFBKBANKSTATDUPDuplicate Creation Bk.State. Restar
F9N15  RFBKBSSG_DUPL  Duplicate Creation Single Run
F9N16  RFBKBALNOT     Balance Notification Mass Run
F9N17  RFBKBALNOT_SINGBalance Notification Single Run
F9N18  RFBKBALNOT_RESTRestart Balance Notification
F9N19  RFBALNOTLOG    Balance Notification Application Lo
F9N3   RFBKBSLG       Application Log Bank Statement
F9N4   RFBKBSRE       Restart - Bank Statement
F9N6   RFBKCLEB       Posting Date for Balancing as Batch
F9N7   RFBKBSSG       Bank Statement - Single Account
F9N8   RFBKACCINPROC  List of Accounts in End of Day Proc
F9N9   RFBKBANKSTATDUPBank Statement - Duplicate Creation
F9OA   RFBKSOLG       Standing Order: Display Applic. Log
F9OF   RFBKPO01       Create Foreign Payment Order
F9OG   RFBKSOCR       Post Standing Order
F9OH   RFBKIZO1       Postprocess Payment Order
F9OI   RFBKIZO1       Reverse Payment Order
F9O01  BUSSTART       Change stand. order
F9O02  BUSSTART       Change stand. order
F9O03  BUSSTART       Display Standing Order
F9O43  RFBK_SO_RELEASERelease Standing Order
F9O6   BUSSTART       Delete stand. order
F9O61  RFBK_SO_RELEASEConfirm Standing Order Deletion
F9SA   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Matchcode
F9SB   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Assign. Scr.Field->DBFl
F9SC   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Field Modific. Criteria
F9SD   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Products
F9SE   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Product Group
F9SF   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Application Transaction
F9SH   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Tables
F9SI   BUSVIEWS       PAIT Control: Field Groups
F9SJ   BUSVIEWS       Condition Control: Field Groups
F9SK   BUSVIEWS       Cond.Control: Assign.Sc.Fld.->DB Fl
F9SL   BUSVIEWS       Cond.Control: Assign. Table<->FuMod
F9SM   BUSVIEWS       Position Control: Field Groups
F9SN   BUSVIEWS       PAIT Control: Scrn.Fld. <-> DB Fiel
F9SO   BUSVIEWS       Position Control: Scrn.Fld.->DB Fld
F9SOCC RFBKSOCHCUR    Standing Order Currency Changeover
F9SP   BUSVIEWS       Position Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod
F9SQ   BUSVIEWS       PAIT Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod.
F9SR   BUSVIEWS       PAOR Control: Field Groups
F9SS   BUSVIEWS       PAOR Control: Scrn.Fld.<-> DB Field
F9ST   BUSVIEWS       PAOR Control: Table <-> Func. Mod.
F9SX   BUSVIEWS       BCA Control: External Applications
F9S1   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Applications
F9S18  BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Activities
F9S19  BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Field Mod. per Activity
F9S2   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Field Groups
F9S3   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Views
F9S4   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Sections
F9S5   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Screens
F9S6   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Screen Sequences
F9S7   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: Events
F9S8   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: CUA Standard Functions
F9S9   BUSVIEWS       CA Control: CUA Additional Function
F9VW   RFBKCURCHDAT   Preparation of Currency Changeover
F960   RFBKKC10       Application Log Cash Concentration
F961   RFBKGLAPPLLOG  Application Log FI Transfer
F962   RFBKGLAPPLLOG  Application Log Balance Sheet Prep.
F963   RFBKGLAPPLLOG  Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F97A   RFBKGL11       Overview of BCA Reconciliation Keys
F97A1  RFBKGL12       Reconciliation key detail display
F97C   RFBKCON6       Internal Reference Accts
F97CX  RFBKCON6X      External Reference Accts
F97E   RFBKGLC6       Recon. to reconciliation key
F97G   RFBKGL_REC_STARStatement FI Document/BCA Posting
F97I   RFBKGL_REC_BALAReconciliation BCA /SAP FI Balances
F97J   RFBKGLAPPLLOG  Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F970   RFBKBAL1       Account Balances
F971   RFBKLOC1       Account Locks
F972   RFBKOVR1       Overdraft List
F973   RFBKGLC1       Display reconcil. balance list 1
F974   RFBKGLC2       Display reconcil. balance list 2
F975   RFBKGLCM       Compensation statememt daily status
F976   RFBKGLIA       Overview Interest Accrual/Deferral
F977   RFBKGLPP       Correction parked payment items
F978   RFBKGLC4       Reconcil. List: FI Documents
F98A   SAPLFB8D       Release Charge Conditions
F98B   SAPLFB8D       Edit Value Date Conditions
F98C   SAPLFB8D       Display Value Date Donditions
F98D   SAPLFB8D       Release Value Date Conditions
F98E   SAPLFB8D       Edit Condition Assignment
F98F   SAPLFB8D       Display Condition Assignment
F98G   SAPLFB8D       Release Condition Assignment
F98H   SAPLFB8D       Release Condit. Assign. for Deletio
F98I   SAPLFB8D       Release Conditions for Deletion
F98R   RFBKCLLG       Retroactive Condition Change
F98RK  RFBKBDCOND     Retroactive Condition Change
F98TM  RFBKTERMLLG    Application Log for Term Control
F980   RFBKGLIA_DETAILInterest Acc/Def Individ. Statement
F982   SAPLFB8D       Edit general conditions
F983   SAPLFB8D       Display General Conditions
F984   SAPLFB8D       Release General Conditions
F985   SAPLFB8D       Edit Interest Conditions
F986   SAPLFB8D       Display Interest Conditions
F987   SAPLFB8D       Release Interest Conditions
F988   SAPLFB8D       Edit Charge Conditions
F989   SAPLFB8D       Display Charge Conditions
F99C   RFBKCONM       Restart Interest Acc./Def.
F99D   RFBKCONH       Preparation Early Account Balancing
F99E   RFBKCONJ       Closing: Settled Accounts
F99F   RFBKCONL       Single Acct. Closing: Restart
F99G   RFBKCONO       Check Account Balancing Ext. Data
F991   RFBKCONC       Mass Acct. Balancing (Int./Charges)
F992   RFBKCLLG       Application Log Account Balancing
F992EX RFBKCLLG       Application Log Acct Balancing EDT
F993   RFBKCONA       Accrual/Deferral for General Ledger
F994   RFBKARLG       Application Log Accrual/Deferral
F995   RFBKCONB       Restart Account Balancing
F996   RFBKCOND       Single Acct. Balancing (Int./Charge
F997   RFBKCONI       Early Mass Account Balancing
F997S  RFBKCONN       Early Individual Account Balancing
F999   RFBKCON3       Interest scale
GAL1   RGUCALE1       Update Assignment Table EDIMAP
GAL2   RGUCALE2       Generate Export/Import
GAL3   RGLEXE02       Export of G/L acct transactn figure
GAOV   RGAOV          Cycle Overview FI-SL
GAR5   RGULDB00       Display Structure of Local DBs
GA1D   RGALLOC3       Delete allocation line items
GA11   SAPMKAL1       Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA11N  SAPLKAL1       Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12   SAPMKAL1       Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12N  SAPLKAL1       Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA13   SAPMKAL1       Display FI-SL actual assessment
GA13N  SAPLKAL1       Display FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA14   SAPMKAL1       Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA14N  SAPLKAL1       Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA15   SAPMKGA2       Execute FI-SL actual assessment
GA16   SAPMKGA1       Actual Assessment Overview
GA2A   SAPMKAL1       Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2AN  SAPLKAL1       Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2B   SAPMKGA2       Execute FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA2C   SAPMKGA1       Plan Assessment Overview
GA27   SAPMKAL1       Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA27N  SAPLKAL1       Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28   SAPMKAL1       Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28N  SAPLKAL1       Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29   SAPMKAL1       Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29N  SAPLKAL1       Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA31   SAPMKAL1       Create FI-SL actual distribution
GA31N  SAPLKAL1       Create FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA32   SAPMKAL1       Change FI-SL actual distribution
GA32N  SAPLKAL1       Change FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA33   SAPMKAL1       Display FI-SL actual distribution
GA33N  SAPLKAL1       Display FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA34   SAPMKAL1       Delete FI-SL actual distribution
GA34N  SAPLKAL1       Delete FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA35   SAPMKGA2       Execute FI-SL actual distribution
GA36   SAPMKGA1       Actual Distribution Overview
GA4A   SAPMKAL1       Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4AN  SAPLKAL1       Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4B   SAPMKGA2       Execute FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA4C   SAPMKGA1       Plan Distribution Overview
GA47   SAPMKAL1       Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA47N  SAPLKAL1       Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48   SAPMKAL1       Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48N  SAPLKAL1       Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49   SAPMKAL1       Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49N  SAPLKAL1       Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
GB01   SAPMGBUK       Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GB02   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.for Local Ledger
GB03   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB04   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.for Local Ledger
GB05   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB06   RGUSTORL       Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts
GB11   SAPMGBUK       Document Entry for Global Ledgers
GB16   RGUSTORG       Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts
GCAC   RGUCOMP4       Ledger comparison
GCAE   RGUCOMP4       Ledger comparison w/diff. clearing
GCAG   RGUGLG05       Generate FI-SL Archiving
GCAN   RGUDBANA       Analysis of FI-SL Database Contents
GCAR   RGUCOMP4       Ledger Comparison Remote
GCA9   RGALLOC4       Check allocation customizing
GCBW1  RGUCBIW0       Generate summ.table trans. structur
GCBW2  RGUCBIW1       Generate summ.table trans. structur
GCB1   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code
GCB2   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Comp.Code
GCB3   SAPMGCU0       Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code
GCB4   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL: Delete Company Code
GCCG   RGBCFL00       Generate Code for FI-SL
GCDE   RGUDEL00       Delete FI-SL Transaction Data
GCDF   SAPMGCU3       Delete FI-SL Transaction Data
GCD1   SAPMGCU1       FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool
GCD2   RGULIST0       List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables
GCD3   SAPMGRAP       Graphical Navigation in FI-SL
GCD4   RGULED00       Check General Ledger
GCD5   RGUCURRC       Check Currencies in FI-SL
GCD6   RGUGRA03       Graphic Display of FI-SL Tables
GCEE   RGCEUR00       FI-LC: Reconcil. of bal. carried fw
GCEF   RGCEUR10       FI-LC: Reconcil. of fin. data table
GCEG   RGCEUR50       Ingeration: Euro transaction types
GCEJ   RGCORG00       Suggest FI-LC package assignment
GCEK   RGCEUR30       Reconcil. integration <_> CF FILCT
GCEL   RGCCHPEU       Item substitution/Ret. earn. (CF)
GCEM   RGCMBUEU       Post extract in carryforward period
GCEN   RGCEUR02       Check whether balance carried fwd
GCEP   RGCEUR60       Delete period values for current yr
GCEQ   RGCEUR90       KONS-EURO: End Package
GCEU   RGEURBAL       Item can be Included in Bal.Sheet
GCF1   SAPMGCU0       Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizng Fd Assign.
GCF4   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment
GCGE   RGPLEP02       Activate Global Plan Line Items
GCGG   RGICGLU1       Generation of GLU1
GCGS   RGUSLSEP       Reconciliation of total line items
GCG1   SAPMGCU0       Create FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp
GCG4   SAPMGCU0       Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp.
GCG5   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies
GCHE   SAPLGINC       Monitor flexible general ledger
GCIN   SAPLGINS       Maintain FI-SL tables
GCIQ   SAPLGINS       Quick installation FI-SL
GCI1   SAPMGCU2       Installation of FI-SL Tables
GCI2   SAPMGCU2       FI-SL: Installation of Object Table
GCJU   RGUJUMP0       Diagnosis: Direct Access to Functio
GCLE   RGPLEP01       Activate Local Plan Line Items
GCL1   SAPMGCU0       Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL4   SAPMGCU0       Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL6   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL: Copy Ledger
GCM1   SAPMGUMS       Conversion
GCRB   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
GCRE1  RGUCREP0       Activate drilldown rep. for SL tabl
GCRE2  RGUCREP1       Deactivate drilldown rep. - SL tabl
GCR1   SAPMGCU0       Rollup: Create Field Assignment
GCR2   SAPMGCU0       Rollup: Change Field Assignment
GCR3   SAPMGCU0       Rollup: Display Field Assignment
GCR6   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL Customizing:Del.Rollup Fld.A.
GCR7   SAPMGCU0       Rollup: Direct Access
GCR8   SAPMGCU0       Rollup: Direct Access
GCTA   SAPLGBLT       Transport Rules
GCTR   SAPMGTRA       Transport from Report Writer object
GCTS   SAPMGTRA       Transport of sets and variables
GCT0   SAPLGBLT       Transport of Substitutions
GCT1   SAPMGTRA       Transport Ledger
GCT2   SAPMGTRA       FI-SL Activation
GCT3   SAPMGTRA       Control Information
GCT4   SAPMGTRA       Transport Rollup
GCT5   SAPMGTRA       Transport: Planning Parameters
GCT6   SAPMGTRA       Transport Distribution Key
GCT7   SAPMGTRA       Transport: Cycles
GCT8   SAPMGTRA       Transport: Document Types
GCT9   SAPLGBLT       Transport of Validations
GCUP   RKEPCU20       Subsequently posting CO data to FIS
GCU0   MENUGCU0       Customizing FI-GLX Menu
GCU1   RGUREC10       Data Transfer from FI
GCU2   RGICGLU2       Generate G1U2
GCU3   RGUREC20       Transfer Data From CO
GCU4   RGUREC30       Subsequent Posting of Data From MM
GCU5   RKEPCU40       Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sale
GCU6   RGUREC50       CO plan doc subs. posting to FI-SL
GCU9   RGUUMS03       Delete Transaction Data
GCVB   RGISETGL       Update Type in FI-SL
GCVO   SAPMGCU0       Preparation for FI-SL Customizing
GCVZ   RGUGBT00       Rule Maintenance
GCV1   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL: Create Activity
GCV2   SAPMGCU0       Change FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV3   SAPMGCU0       Display FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV4   SAPMGCU0       FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity
GCW4   SAPMF10Q       Sp.Purpose Ldgr Currency Translatio
GCW7   SAPMGTRA       Transport Currency Translation Mthd
GCZ3   RGUUMS10       Generate Report Groups
GC01   RGCCGS01       Call GS01 for LC
GC10   RGCT880        FI-LC: Print Companies
GC11   SAPMF10G       Create Company Master Record
GC12   SAPMF10G       Change Company Master Record
GC13   SAPMF10G       Display Company Master Record
GC14   SAPMF10G       Delete Company Master Record
GC16   SAPMF10S       Create Subgroup Master Record
GC17   SAPMF10S       Change Subgroup Master Record
GC18   SAPMF10S       Display Subgroup
GC19   RGCT852        FI-LC: Print Subgroups
GC21   SAPMF10I       Enter Individual Fin.Statement Data
GC22   SAPMF10I       Display Individual Fin. Stmt Data
GC23   SAPMF10B       FI-LC: Document Entry
GC24   RGCSHD00       FI-LC: Display Document
GC25   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Consolidation Number Range
GC26   SAPMK21L       FI-LC: Journal Entry Report
GC27   SAPMV76A       FI-LC: Customize Journal Entry Repr
GC28   SAPMF10F       Status Display
GC29   SAPMF10F       Status Management
GC30   SAPMK21L       FI-LC: Mass Reversal
GC31   SAPMF10Q       FI-LC: Customize Curr. Translation
GC32   SAPMF10K       FI-LC: Customizing Consolidation
GC33   SAPMF10T       FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint.
GC34   SAPMF10T       FI-LC: Reported Data Table Display
GC35   SAPMF10N       FI-LC: Transport Table Entries/Sets
GC36   SAPMF10N       Transport connection: Cons.Inv.Cust
GC38   SAPMF10H       Data transfer
GC39   RGCMOT00       Change Local Valuation Data
GC4P   RGCHRY00       FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated Group
GC41   SAPMF10V       GLT3 - Maintain GLT3 sub-assignment
GC44   SAPMF10E       Send Financial Statement Data
GC45   RGCDELTK       Delete Subgroup
GC50   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection
GC51   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
GC60   RGCZGECD       Data for elim. of IC profit/loss
GC61   RGCTDE00       Export of Transaction Data
GC62   RGCTDI00       Import of Transaction Data
GC63   RGCLIA00       Liability Method
GC99   SAPMF10X       Consolidation Test Data
GD00   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection
GD02   SAPLGD23       FI-SL line item plan documents
GD12   SAPLGD24       Flex.G/L: Totals Record Display
GD13   SAPLGD13       Totals record display
GD20   SAPLGD23       Start Selectin FI-SL Line Items
GD21   SAPLGD24       Flexible G/L: Document Selection
GD22   SAPLGD24       Flex. G/L: Actual Document Display
GD23   SAPLGD23       FI-SL: Local Actual Document Displa
GD33   SAPLGD23       FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. Display
GD42   SAPLGD24       Flex. G/L: Plan Document Display
GD43   SAPLGD23       FI-SL: Local Plan Document Display
GD44   SAPLGD23       FI-SL: Global Plan Document Display
GD51   SAPMGUM1       Enter Local FI-SL Master Data
GD52   SAPMGUM2       Change Local FI-SL Master Data
GD53   SAPMGUM3       Display Local FI-SL Master Data
GD54   SAPMGUM6       Delete Local FI-SL Master Data
GD60   SAPMGUOB       Create Code Combinations
GD61   SAPMGUOB       Maintain Code Combinations
GD62   SAPMGUOB       Display Code Combinations
GD63   SAPMGUOB       Code combinations activation
GD64   SAPMGUOB       Code combinations deactivation
GENC   GENCODE        Generate Source Code
GGB0   RGMGBR10       Validation Maintenance
GGB1   RGMGBR20       Substitution Maintenance
GGB4   SAPLGBL1       Analysis tool for valid./subst.
GINS   SAPLGINC       G/L installation
GJAA   SAPMGJVAUP     JOA  Master Transaction
GJAC   GJV2_ACT_IN_CLIActivate JVA in a Client
GJA1   SAPMGJVA       Create joint operating agreement
GJA2   SAPMGJVA       Change joint operating agreement
GJA3   SAPMGJVA       Display joint operating agreement
GJA4   RGJAIN00       JOA master data catalog
GJA5   RGJACD00       Display changes for Joint Op. Agree
GJBR   RGJVBR22       Billing reconciliation
GJBT   RGJVBRTH       Billing threshold check
GJCA   RGJVHBCH       Housebank switching
GJCB   RGJVCB10       JV Cutback Program
GJCC   RGJVCC00       Copy configuration from company cod
GJCN   RGJVCNET       Convenience netting
GJCU   SAPMGJCG       Cutback Ledger Update
GJCUST RGJVIMG1       JV Customizing
GJC1   RGJGLXC1       Activate company in JV
GJC2   RGJGLXC2       Deactivate company in JV
GJDA   RGJOADEL       Delete JOA
GJDE   RGJJVDEL       Delete Joint Venture Data
GJEC   RGJVEC00       Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Managemen
GJEV   RGJVEVNT       Process history
GJFA   RGJVCYP1       Print Allocation Information
GJFB   SAPMKGA2       Execute JV assessment - plan
GJF1   SAPMKAL1       Create JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF2   SAPMKAL1       Change JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF3   SAPMKAL1       Display JV assessment cycle - actua
GJF4   SAPMKAL1       Delete JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF5   SAPMKGA2       Execute JV assessment - actual
GJF6   SAPMKGA1       Overview JV assessment
GJF7   SAPMKAL1       Create JV assessment cycle - plan
GJF8   SAPMKAL1       Change JV assessment cycle - plan
GJF9   SAPMKAL1       Display JV assessment cycle - plan
GJGA   RGJGRA01       Display JOA graphically
GJGB   SAPMGBUK       Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GJGO   SAPMGJGO       Driver transaction for customizing
GJGP   SAPMGBUK       Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GJGR   SAPMGJGR       Graphical Navigation JVA
GJG1   SAPMKAL1       Create JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG2   SAPMKAL1       Change JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG3   SAPMKAL1       Display JV distribution cycle-actua
GJG4   SAPMKAL1       Delete JV distribution cycle -actua
GJG5   SAPMKGA2       Execute JV distribution - actual
GJG6   SAPMKGA1       Overview distribution - actual
GJG7   SAPMKAL1       Create JV distribution cycle -plan
GJG8   SAPMKAL1       Change JV distribution cycle - plan
GJG9   SAPMKAL1       Display JV distribution cycle-plan
GJIS   RGJVIS00       Install JV standard reports
GJJA   RGJVLB00       JV Load Balancing
GJJ1   RGJVBJ02       Generate JADE audit file
GJJ2   RGJRXT00       Billing extracts
GJLI   RGJVSO10       Summary ledger line items
GJLI2  RGJVSO20       Billing ledger line items
GJL2   SAPMGCU0       C JVA Change Ledger
GJL3   SAPMGCU0       C JVA Display Ledger
GJL7   RGUREC50       Plan Data Transfer by Documents
GJNO   RGJNOUXD       Non open item unreal. exchange diff
GJNR   SAPMGJNR       JV Number range customizing
GJPN   RGJVPNET       Partner Netting
GJP1   SAPFGJCG       JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)
GJQA   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (CRP)
GJQB   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (CRP)
GJQ0   MENUGJQ0       CRP Customising Menu
GJQ5   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (CRP)
GJQ6   SAPMV13A       Change Conditions (CRP)
GJQ7   SAPMV13A       Display Conditions (CRP)
GJQ8   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (Purchasing)
GJRC   RGJVCCRC       Cash Call Reclass
GJRS   SAPMKKB5       Configure report selection
GJRX   RKKBRPTR       Bericht auswählen
GJR1   RGJVREP1       Summary Ledger Reporting
GJR2   RGJVREP2       Billing Ledger Reporting
GJR3   RGJVEDIA       JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status Report
GJR4   RGJVEDIB       EDI: Invoice and Operating Statemen
GJR5   RGJVEDIC       JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure
GJR6   RGJVEDID       JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Projects
GJR7   RGJVEDIE       JV EDI Inbnd: Expenditure Compariso
GJR8   RGJVEDI2       810/819 Mapping Report
GJR9   RGJVEDIG       810/819 Property Error
GJSX   SAPMGJSX       Call set maintenance
GJTR   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Advance Tax Return
GJT0   SAPMGJAM       Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
GJT1   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT2   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT3   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT4   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT5   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT6   SAPMGJAM       JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJVA   RGJVTAX2       Advance Tax Report
GJVC   MENUGJVC       IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting co
GJVD   RGJDEL00       Joint Venture Deletion
GJVE   RGJEGH00       List Venture / Equity Groups
GJVG   RGJVVBAT       Bank Acct Switch - Create Data
GJVP   MENUGJVP       IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting pr
GJVV   SAPMGJVDUP     Joint Venture Master Transaction
GJV1   SAPMGJVD       Create Joint Venture Master
GJV2   SAPMGJVD       Change Joint Venture Master
GJV3   SAPMGJVD       Display Joint Venture Master
GJV4   MENUGJV4       Joint Venture Customizing Menu
GJV5   RGJMCD00       Display Change Documents JV-Master
GJ0A   SAPMGJB2       Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.
GJ0B   SAPMGJB2       Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2
GJ01   SAPMGJC1       Net Cash Call to Equity Group
GJ02   SAPMGJC1       JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group
GJ03   SAPMGJC1       JV Net Cash Call To Project
GJ04   SAPMGJC1       JV Gross Cash Call To Project
GJ05   SAPMGJC1       JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp
GJ06   SAPMGJC1       JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Projec
GJ09   RGJJVD00       Joint Venture detailed information
GJ10   RGJVCF00       Yearly balance shifting
GJ11   RGJINF00       Joint Venture master data catalog
GJ12   RGJVBE01       Billing Ledger Extract
GJ13   RGJVBE02       Joint Venture Ledger Extract
GJ14   RGJVBR10       Hard Copy Billing
GJ16   RGJVEDIO       EDI Billing
GJ17   RGJVRU00       Suspense Project / Equity Group
GJ18   SAPFGJRC       Partner Suspense Clearing
GJ19   RGJVEA10       Equity Adjustments
GJ20   RGJVBASW       Venture Bank Account Switching
GJ3R   RGJV_ICMAP_CHECReconsile Intercompany Mapping
GJ4A   RGJVGJ4A       Periodic updates for company code
GJ54   RGJOAD00       JOA detailed information
GJ60   RGJVEDIX       EDI Outbound Base Configuration
GJ82   SAPUGJC1       Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls
GJ83   RGJVAP00       JV Automatic posting
GJ84   SAPFGJCG       JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)
GJ85   RGJVAPCC       JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)
GJ87   RGJJVTO1       Display summary ledger totals
GJ88   RGJJVTO2       Display billing ledger totals
GJ89   RGJESC00       Automatic Adjust of Overhead Rates
GJ90   RGJVRXDT       JV Realized exchange differences
GJ91   RGJVUXDT       JV Unrealized exchange
GJ92   RGJVW001       JV Goods receipt expense orders
GJ93   RFWERE00       JV Goods receipt inventory orders
GJ94   RGJPCO00       International Cost Calculations
GJ95   RGJOVR00       North American Overhead Calculation
GJ96   RGJBUR00       Payroll Burden Clearing
GJ97   RGJVUDOC       Compare FI with JV document
GJ98   RGJOHD00       North America Overhead Detail Repor
GLA1   RGUT000GL      Activate flexible G/L
GLBW   SAPMS38M       Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Asst
GLCF   RGUT882M       Blnce carrd fwrd: Summ for P&L acct
GLC1   RGUT882M       Flexible G/L: Currencies
GLC2   RGUT882M_LOCAL Flex.G/L: Activate local ledger
GLDE   RGUDEL00       Deletion of Flex G/L transactn data
GLGCA9 RGALLOC4       Check allocation customizing
GLGCU1 RGURECGLFLEX   Transfer opening balance flex. G/L
GLGCU2 RGCOPYGLT0     Copy transaction figures
GLGVTR SAPFGVTR       Flexible G/L: Balance carry forward
GLLI   RGPLEP01       Activate Local Plan Line Items
GLL1   SAPMGCU0       Create ledger
GLL2   SAPMGCU0       Change ledger
GLL3   SAPMGCU0       Display ledger
GLL4   SAPMGCU0       Delete ledger
GLPLC  SAPMKES1       FI-SL Change Planning Layout
GLPLD  SAPMKES1       FI-SL Display Planning Layout
GLPLI  SAPMKES1       FI-SL Create Planning Layout
GLPLUP G_FLEX_UPL     FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data
GLR1   SAPMGCU0       Flex. G/L: Create rollup ledger
GLR2   SAPMGCU0       Flex. G/L: Change rollup ledger
GLR3   SAPMGCU0       Display flex. G/L rollup ledger
GLR4   SAPMGCU0       Flex. G/L: Delete rollup ledger
GL10   RGGL10         Flexible G/L: Transaction figures
GL21   SAPMGLRE       Create rollup
GL22   SAPMGLRE       Change rollup
GL23   SAPMGLRE       Display rollup
GL24   SAPMGLRE       Delete rollup
GL25   SAPMGLRV       Execute rollup
GL26   SAPMGLRV       Reverse rollup
GMLDBW RGUCBIW1       GM Special Ledger BW Extractors
GMS1   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Applications
GMS100 BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per activity
GMS101 BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per role cat
GMS102 BUSVIEWS       GMGC: Authorization Types
GMS103 BUSVIEWS       GMGC: Field Grps  for Authorization
GMS104 BUSVIEWS       GM: Visual Screen Tool
GMS105 BUSVIEWS       GMGC: Field Groups for Ext.Applictn
GMS106 BUSVIEWS       GMGC: Note View for Role Categories
GMS107 BUSVIEWS       GMGC: Where-Used Views
GMS108 BUSVIEWS       GM Field Grouping for Applctn Objec
GMS11  BUSVIEWS       GM: Assign Scrn Flds to DB Fields
GMS12  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Field grp criteri
GMS13  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Role Categories
GMS14  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: BP Role Groupings
GMS15  BUSVIEWS       GM: Application Transactions
GMS16  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Tables
GMS17  BUSVIEWS       GM: External Applications
GMS18  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Activities
GMS19  BUSVIEWS       GM: Function Module Activity
GMS2   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Field Groups
GMS200 BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Change doc lists
GMS22  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Where-Used List:
GMS23  BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Data sets
GMS24  BUSVIEWS       GM Where used list define view
GMS25  BUSVIEWS       GM Where used list - process to vie
GMS26  BUSVIEWS       GM: BAPI Fields to Field Groups
GMS3   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Views
GMS4   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Sections
GMS5   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Screens
GMS6   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Screen Sequence
GMS7   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: Events
GMS8   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: GUI Std Functions
GMS9   BUSVIEWS       GM Grant Control: GUI Addl Function
GP12   SAPMGPLN       Change Local Planned Values
GP12N  PP_FISL1_DIA   FI-SL: Change Plan Data
GP12NA PP_FISL1_DIA   FI-SL: Display Plan Data
GP13   SAPMGPLN       Display Local Planned Values
GP22   SAPMGPLN       Change Global Planned Values
GP23   SAPMGPLN       Display Global Planned Values
GP30   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys
GP31   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key
GP32   SAPMGPSP       Change Distribution Key
GP33   SAPMGPSP       Display Distribution Key
GP34   SAPMGPSP       Delete Distribution Key
GP41   SAPMGPLP       Create Planning Parameters
GP42   SAPMGPLP       Change Planning Parameters
GP43   SAPMGPLP       Display Planning Parameters
GP44   SAPMGPLP       Delete Planning Parameters
GP52   SAPMGPLC       Local Source Data to Plan
GP62   SAPMGPLC       Global Source Data to Plan
GP82   SAPMF02E       Flexible G/L: Enter plan values
GP83   SAPMF02E       Flexible G/L: Display plan values
GRAL   RGRAPALL       Calling SAP Graphics demos
GRE0   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Extract Management
GRE1   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRE5   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRE6   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRE7   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRE8   REPPXXX0       Extracts: User Settings
GRE9   REPPXXXN       Extracts: User settings; coll.maint
GRMG   GRMG_MAINTENANCGeneric Request and Message Gen.
GRM1   SAPMGR01       Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.
GRM2   SAPMGR02       Display MRP Group Assignments
GRM3   RGRPGA01       Colective Processing: Assignments
GRM4   SAPMGR01       Change Grouping Element Assignments
GRM5   SAPMGR02       Maintain MRP group assignments
GRM6   RGRPGA02       Grouping Consistency Check
GRM7   RGRPGA03       Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.
GRPE   RGRPEDIT       Editor callup for FI/CO program
GRP1   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRP5   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRP6   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRP7   RGRGRIX4       Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRRT   RKCTRTX1       Report Painter: Translate reports
GRR1   SAPMKES1       RW: Create Row/Column Structure
GRR2   SAPMKES1       RW: Change formula
GRR3   SAPMKES1       RW: Display formula
GRR4   SAPMKES1       Create model
GRR5   SAPMKES1       Change model
GRR6   SAPMKES1       Display model
GRR7   RGRMTE00       Export models
GRR8   RGRMTI00       Import models
GRR9   RGRMTF00       Copy models from client
GR1L   RGRDCS10       Directory: Standard Layout
GR11   SAPLGRWF       Create Standard Layout
GR12   SAPLGRWF       Change Standard Layout
GR13   SAPLGRWF       Display Standard Layout
GR14   SAPLGRWF       Delete Standard Layout
GR17   RGRSTE00       Export standard layouts
GR18   RGRJTI00       Import standard layouts
GR19   RGRSTF00       Copy standard layouts from client
GR2L   RGRDCL10       Catalog: Libraries
GR21   SAPMGRWL       Create Library
GR22   SAPMGRWL       Change Library
GR23   SAPMGRWL       Display library
GR24   SAPMGRWL       Delete library
GR27   RGRLTE00       Export libraries
GR28   RGRJTI00       Import libraries
GR29   RGRLTF00       Copy libraries from client
GR3L   RGRDCR10       Catalog: Reports
GR31   SAPMGRWD       Create report
GR32   SAPMGRWD       Change Report
GR33   SAPMGRWD       Display report
GR34   SAPMGRWD       Delete report
GR37   RGRRTE00       Export reports
GR38   RGRJTI00       Import reports
GR39   RGRRTF00       Copy reports from client
GR5G   RGRJBG00       Generate report groups
GR5L   RGRDCJ10       Directory: Report groups
GR51   SAPMGRWJ       Create report group
GR52   SAPMGRWJ       Change Report Group
GR53   SAPMGRWJ       Display report group
GR54   SAPMGRWJ       Delete report group
GR55   SAPMGRWJ       Execute Report Group
GR57   RGRJTE00       Export report groups
GR58   RGRJTI00       Import report groups
GR59   RGRJTF00       Copy report groups from client
GSTA   RGUREC40       Subsequent Pstng of Stat.Key Figure
GS01   SAPMGSBM       Create set
GS02   SAPMGSBM       Change Set
GS03   SAPMGSBM       Display Set
GS04   SAPMGSBM       Delete set
GS07   RGSSTE00       Exports sets
GS08   RGSSTI00       Import sets
GS09   RGSSTF00       Copy sets from client
GS11   SAPMGSGM       Create Variable
GS12   SAPMGSGM       Change Variable
GS13   SAPMGSGM       Display Variable
GS14   SAPMGSGM       Delete Variable
GS17   RGSVTE00       Export variables
GS18   RGSVTI00       Import variables
GS19   RGSVTF00       Copy variables from client
GS32   SAPMGRWX       Create/Change Key Figures
GS33   SAPMGRWX       Display Key Figures
GTDIS  RK_GTDIS_STANDAGeneral Table Display
GVTR   SAPFGVTR       FI-SL: Balance Carry Forward
GWUG   RGUUMR00       FI-SL: Global Currency Translation
GWUL   RGUUMR01       FI-SL: Local Currency Translation
GZZG   RGZZGLUX       Generate FI-SL completely
HIER   ADITEST8       Internal Maintnce of ApplCompnts
HMU1   DGICN_CUST_HAZIConvert Haz.-Inducers to Substances
HMU2   DGICN_HAZINDSUBConvert Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMU3   DGICN_IDENTIFIEConvert Dangerous Goods Description
HMU4   DGICN_NODG     Convert Non-DG Indicators
HOSH   SAPMEWAR       Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRI
HROBJ  RPUCUS42       Customizing HR
HROM   SAPMHROM       Organizational Management reports
HRUSER SAPLEHUS       Set Up and Maintain ESS Users
HR00   SAPMHR00       HR Report Selection
HUCANC RHU_GOODS_MOVEMMatl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds Mv
HUCOWE RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display Manufactured HUs
HUEX   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HU_VEKP
HUGO   SAPMFITP_SETTINSettings for Travel Planning
HUIBD  RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units for Inbound Delivery
HUIND  WSHUINDEX      Database Indexes for Handling Units
HUMAT  RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units Related to Matl Doc.
HUMO   SAPLHUMO       HU Monitor
HUNK   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: LE_HU
HUOBD  RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for Outbound Delivery
HUP1   SAPLVHUDIAL    HU creation in production
HUTRA  RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for Shipment
HU00   MENUHU00       Handling units
HU02   RHU_CHANGE_EXISCreating and Changing Handling Unit
HU03   RHU_DISPLAY_HANDisplay of HUs
HU04   RHU_CREATE_HU_WCreation of HUs with stock
HU05   RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display of HUs for object
IAOMA  IAOM_LOG_REPOR Log for Account Assignment Manager
IAOMB  IAOM_LOG_DELET Delete Acc. Assignment Manager Log
IAOMC  IAOM_LINK_ANAL Object Link Analysis Acct Managemen
IAOM0  IAOM_BUSINESS  Business Scenario Translator
IAOM1  IAOM_CSCENARIO Maintain Controlling Scenario
IAOM2  IAOM_CUST_CO   Maintain Controlling Integration
IA01   SAPLCPDI       Create Equipment Task List
IA02   SAPLCPDI       Change Equipment Task List
IA03   SAPLCPDI       Display Equipment Task List
IA04   RMIAPL70       Display PM/SM Task List (A;E;T)
IA05   SAPLCPDI       Create general task list
IA06   SAPLCPDI       Change General Maintenance Task Lis
IA07   SAPLCPDI       Display General Task List
IA08   RIPLKO10       Change PM Task Lists
IA09   RIPLKO10       Display Task Lists
IA10   RIPLKO20       Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA11   SAPLCPDI       Create FunctLoc Task List
IA12   SAPLCPDI       Change FunctLoc Task List
IA13   SAPLCPDI       Display FunctLoc Task List
IA15   RMIAPL40       Task List Original Change Docs
IA16   RMIAPL20       Cost Maintenance Task Lists
IA17   RMIAPL30       Print Maintenance Task Lists
IA18   RMIAPL10       Display Task Lists by Class Search
IA19   RMIAPL10       Change Task Lists by Class Search
IA21   RMIAPL50       Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IA25   RPMREDE2       Deletion of PM Task Lists
IBIP   SAPLIBIP       PM: Batch Input Utility
IBIPA  IBIPBAL        Transaction for BAL of IBIP
IBI2   RIIBIP00       Plant Maintenance Batch Input
IB01   SAPMC29S       Create Equipment BOM
IB02   SAPMC29S       Change Equipment BOM
IB03   SAPMC29S       Display Equipment BOM
IB05   SAPMC29S       Change Equipment BOM Group
IB06   SAPMC29S       Display Equipment BOM Group
IB07   SAPLCSAL       Assign Equipment BOM to Plant
IB08   SAPLCSAL       Change Equipment BOM - Plant Alloc.
IB09   SAPLCSAL       Display Equipment BOM Plant Alloc.
IB11   SAPMC29S       Create Functional Location BOM
IB12   SAPMC29S       Change Functional Location BOM
IB13   SAPMC29S       Display Functional Location BOM
IB15   SAPMC29S       Change FunctLocation BOM Group
IB16   SAPMC29S       Display FunctLocation BOM Group
IB17   SAPLCSAL       Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmn
IB18   SAPLCSAL       Change FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.
IB19   SAPLCSAL       Display FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.
IB51   SAPLIBOF       Create IBase
IB52   SAPLIBOF       Change IBase
IB53   SAPLIBOF       Display IBase
IB54   SAPLIBOF       Change Two Installed Bases
IB55   SAPLIBOF       Display Two Installations
IB61   SAPLIBSD       Create Installed Base with Referenc
IB80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Equipment BOM
IB81   SAPMC29B       FunctLocation BOM Change Documents
IB90   SAPMSNUM       Equipment BOM Number Ranges
IB91   SAPMSNUM       FunctLocation BOM Number Ranges
ICNV   SAPLSDB9       Incremental Conversion
IDCP   IDPRCNINVOICE  Printout on Prenumbered Forms
IDDH   IDPR_INVOICE_HAUsed Prenumbered Forms Report
IDOC   SAPMSEDR       IDoc: Repair and check programs
IDVD   IDPR_INVOICE_VOVoid Unused Prenumbered Forms
IDX1   IDXPORT        Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2   IDXMETA        Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter
IDX3   IDXGETPARTNER  Mass Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners
IDX4   IDXPARTNER     Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners
IDX5   IDX_SHOW_MESSAGSAP Adapter - Monitoring
IECS   MENUIECS       Technical Objects
IE01   SAPMIEQ0       Create Equipment
IE02   SAPMIEQ0       Change Equipment
IE03   SAPMIEQ0       Display Equipment
IE05   RIEQUI20       Change Equipment
IE06   RIEQUI20       Change Equipment
IE07   RIEQUI30       Equipment List (Multi-level)
IE08   SAPMIEQ0       Create Equipment
IE10   SAPMIEQ5       Multiple Equipment Entry
IE20   RIEQUI_ALT_SEARReplacement Equipment Search
IE25   SAPMIEQ0       Create Production Resource/Tool
IE31   SAPMIEQ0       Create Fleet Object
IE36   RIFLET20       Display Vehicles
IE37   RIFLET20       Change Vehicles
IE4N   SAPLIPW4       Equipment Installation and Removal
IFCU   SAPLITOBFLTCON Consumption Transaction
IF00   MENUIF00       Production Resources/Tools
IHCFX  RBFXNET        FX netting with In House Cash
IHCRVS RFCHAINRVS     Reversal of IHC Payment Orders
IHC01  IHC_BCAREVPO_ALCross-Bank Area Orders
IH01   RIIFLO10       Functional Location Structure
IH02   RIIRLO10       Reference Location Structure
IH03   RIEQUI10       Equipment Structure
IH04   RIEQUI10       Equipment Structure
IH05   RIMARA10       Material Structure
IH06   RIIFLO20       Display Functional Location
IH07   RIIRLO20       Display Reference Location
IH08   RIEQUI20       Display Equipment
IH09   RIMARA20       Display Material
IH10   RIEQUI20       Display Equipment
IH11   RIIFLO20       Display Functional Location
IH12   RIIFLO10       FunctLocation Structure
IH18   RIIRLO30       Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)
IH20   RIIBAS10       Where-Used List Time
IH21   RIIBAS20       IBase Structural Display
IH22   RIIBAS30       Where-Used List Time Interval
IK01   SAPLIMR0       Create Measuring Point
IK01R  SAPLIMR0       Create Reference Measuring Point
IK02   SAPLIMR0       Change Measuring Point
IK02R  SAPLIMR0       Change Reference Measuring Point
IK03   SAPLIMR0       Display Measuring Point
IK03R  SAPLIMR0       Display Reference Measuring Point
IK04   SAPLIMR0       Create Measuring Points for Object
IK04R  SAPLIMR0       Create Ref. Measuring Points for Ob
IK05   SAPLIMR0       Change Measuring Points for Object
IK05R  SAPLIMR0       Change Ref. Measuring Points for Ob
IK06   SAPLIMR0       Display Measuring Points for Object
IK06R  SAPLIMR0       Display Ref Measuring Points for Ob
IK07   RIIMPT20       Display Measuring Points
IK07R  RIIMPT25       Display Reference Measuring Point
IK08   RIIMPT20       Change Measuring Points
IK08R  RIIMPT25       Change Reference Measuring Point
IK09   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Table IMP
IK10R  SAPMILO2       Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pn
IK11   SAPLIMR0       Create Measurement Document
IK12   SAPLIMR0       Change Measurement Document
IK13   SAPLIMR0       Display Measurement Document
IK14   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK15   SAPLIMR0       Take Up Measurement Reading Transfe
IK16   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK17   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents
IK18   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents
IK19   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Table IMR
IK21   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK22   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK31   SAPLIMR7       Create MeasReading Entry List
IK32   SAPLIMR7       Change MeasReading Entry List
IK33   SAPLIMR7       Display MeasReading entry list
IK34   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK41   RIARCMRI       Display MeasDocs From Archive
IK51   RIMPHIER       MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52   RIMPHIST       MeasReading Transfer History
IK71   SAPLIMRI       Create Meas. Document in Internet
IL01   SAPMILO0       Create Functional Location
IL02   SAPMILO0       Change Functional Location
IL03   SAPMILO0       Display Functional Location
IL04   SAPMILO1       Create FunctLocation: List Entry
IL05   RIIFLO20       Change Functional Location
IL06   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer From FunctLocation
IL07   RIIFLO30       Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
IL08   SAPMILO0       Create Functional Location
IL09   RIFLUSPR       User Profile for Labeling
IL10   RI_IFLOS_REUSE Reusability of Historical Labels
IL11   SAPMILO0       Create Reference Location
IL12   SAPMILO0       Change Reference Location
IL13   SAPMILO0       Display Reference Location
IL14   SAPMILO1       Create RefLocation: List Entry
IL15   RIIRLO20       Change Reference Location
IL16   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer from RefLocation
IL17   SAPMILO2       Take up Data Transfer
IL18   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer From Equipment
IL20   RIIFLO20       Change Functional Location
IMAI   RKKBRPTR       CI Management Info System
IMAMB  MASSBACK       Automatic Mass Change
IMAMP  RAIMARED       Blanket Change to Plan Values
IMAN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IMAK
IMAP   SAPMKBUD       Change plan for appropriation req.
IMAPL  SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning (Planner)
IMAPL2 SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning
IMAPL3 SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning (Easy Web)
IMAQ   SAPMKBUD       Display plan for appropriation req.
IMAR   SAPMKBUD       Plan investment portion of app.req.
IMAS   SAPMKBUD       Display plan: Appropriation request
IMAV   SAPMKBUD       Change plan revenues
IMAW   SAPMKBUD       Display plan revenues
IMA0   MENUIMA0       Appropriation Requests
IMA1   SAPLAIA1       Create appropriation request
IMA1N  SAPLAIA1       Create Appropriation Request
IMA11  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing
IMA12  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing (Planner)
IMA13  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
IMA2   SAPLAIA1       Change appropriation request
IMA2N  SAPLAIA1       Change Appropriation Request
IMA3   SAPLAIA1       Display appropriation request
IMA3N  SAPLAIA1       Display Appropriation Request
IMA4   SAPLAIA1       Delete appropriation request
IMA4N  SAPLAIA1       Delete Appropriation Request
IMA6   RAIMAVCY       Copy version assignmt to measure
IMBC   RAICCUS1       IM Summariz: Settings in file
IMBD   RAICDHD1       IM Summariz: Delete values/hierarch
IMBE   RAICEND2       IM Summarization: Delete entities
IMBM   RAICMON1       IM Summarization: Monitor
IMBPUP RAIMBPUP       Plan/Budget Rollup
IMB0   RAICHIER       IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy
IMB1   RAICDAR1       IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values
IMB2   RAICENR1       IM Summariz: Replicate entities
IMB3   RAICDAS2       IM Summariz: Current values in file
IMB4   RAICENS2       IM Summariz: Entities in file
IMB5   RAICDAR2       IM Summariz: Values from file
IMB6   RAICENR2       IM Summariz: Entities from file
IMB7   RAICDAC1       IM Summarization: Copy values
IMB8   RAICDAS3       IM Summariz: Summarized val. in fil
IMCAOV RAIMCAOV       Budget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs
IMCB   RKDBAT02       IM Summarization: Background report
IMCC   SAPMKCC0       IM Summarization: Curr. transl. typ
IMCCP1 RAIMCCP1       Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog)
IMCCP2 RAIMCCP2       Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. Pla
IMCCP3 RAIMCCP3       Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects)
IMCCP4 RAIMCCP4       Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders)
IMCCV1 RAIMCCP1       Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProg
IMCG   RAIMGENCHAR    Summariz. IM: Gen. User-Def. Char.
IMCK   RICTIMCK       IM Summariz: Calculated key figures
IMCM   SAPMKCB9       IM Summariz: Test monitor f. report
IMCO   RKCOBTR2       IM Summarization: Transport reports
IMCOC1 RAIMCCP1       Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.)
IMCOC3 RAIMCCP3       Consistency Check (Projects)
IMCOC4 RAIMCCP4       Consistency Check (Orders)
IMCP   RKCOBTR4       IM Summarization: Transport forms
IMCRC1 RAIMCCP1       Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.)
IMCRC2 RAIMCRC2       Currency Recalculation (App.Req.)
IMCRC3 RAIMCCP3       Currency Recalculation (Projects)
IMCRC4 RAIMCCP4       Currency Recalculation (Orders)
IMCT   RKCTRTX1       IM Summar: Translation of drilldown
IMCTST RSIMCTST       IMC Test Monitor
IMCTX  RSIMCTRX       Intermode Communication
IMCU   MENUIMCU       Config. menu Investment Management
IMCV   RKES0101       IM Summarization: Global variables
IMCX   RKDREOBE       IM Summarization: Reorg. reports
IMCY   RKDREODA       IM Summarization: Reorg. report dat
IMCZ   RKDREOFO       IM Summarization: Reorg. forms
IMC0   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Execute Report
IMC1   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Create report
IMC2   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Change report
IMC3   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Display report
IMC4   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Create form
IMC5   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Change form
IMC6   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Create form
IMC8   RCNRCJES       IM Summarization: Client copy repor
IMC9   RCNRCJEW       IM Summarization: Client copy form
IMDB   RKDBAT02       App.req: Execute report in backgrnd
IMDC   SAPMKCC0       App. req: Currency translation key
IMDG   RAIMGENCHAR    Generate User-Defined Characteristi
IMDK   RIRTIMDK       App.req: Calculated key figures
IMDM   SAPMKCB9       App.req: Test monitor report
IMDO   RKCOBTR2       App. req: Transport reports
IMDP   RKCOBTR4       App. req: Transport forms
IMDT   RKCTRTX1       App. req: Translate drilldown
IMDV   RKES0101       App. req: Global variables
IMDX   RKDREOBE       App. req: Reorganization reports
IMDY   RKDREODA       App. req: Reorganization report dat
IMDZ   RKDREOFO       App. req: Reorganization of forms
IMD0   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Execute report
IMD1   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Create report
IMD2   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Change report
IMD3   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Display report
IMD4   SAPMKES1       App.req: Create form
IMD5   SAPMKES1       App.req: Change form
IMD6   SAPMKES1       App.req: Display form
IMD8   RCNRCJES       App.req: Client copy report
IMD9   RCNRCJEW       App.req: Client copy form
IMEB   RKDBAT02       Background processing of reports
IMEC   SAPMKCC0       Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prg
IMEG   RAIMGENCHAR    Generate User-Defined Characteristi
IMEK   RIPTIMEK       Maintain ratios
IMEM   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor - inv. prog. reports
IMEO   RKCOBTR2       Transport inv. prog. reports
IMEO1  OM_START_NF    Create Inv.Program in Enterprise Or
IMEO2  OM_START_NF    Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEO3  OM_START_NF    Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.
IMEP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms for inv. program
IMEQ   RKCOBTR3       Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 00
IMER   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000
IMET   RKCTRTX1       Transl. tool - Dr.-down rep.
IMEU   RAIPEWU1       Euro conversion: IM postproces.prog
IMEV   RKES0101       Maintain global variables
IMEX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize invest. program reports
IMEY   RKDREODA       Reorganize inv. prog. report data
IMEZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms for inv.prog.repor
IME0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Inv. Program Report
IME1   SAPMKCEE       Create cap.inv.program report
IME2   SAPMKCEE       Change cap.inv.program report
IME3   SAPMKCEE       Display cap.inv.prog. report
IME4   SAPMKES1       Create layout set for inv.prog. rep
IME5   SAPMKES1       Change layout set for inv.prog. rep
IME6   SAPMKES1       Display layout set for inv.prog.rep
IME8   RCNRCJES       Client transport-inv. prog.reports
IME9   RCNRCJEW       Client transport of forms
IMIG   SAPLSDB9       Incremental Migration
IMI0   RKKBRPTR       CI Management Info System
IMKBUD RAIMKBUD       Original Budget = Current Budget
IMPBA3 RAIMCCP3       Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)
IMPBA4 RAIMCCP4       Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)
IMR1   RAIMINFO       Values for Capital Investment Prog.
IMR3   RAIMDELE       Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg
IMR4   RAIMAVAR1      App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/o Variants
IMR5   RAIMAVAR2      App.Req. w/ Distrib.; w/o Variants
IMR6   RAIMAVAR3      App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/ Variants
IMR7   RAIMAVAR4      App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variant
IMR8   RAIMNOTCON     Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req.
IMR9   RAIMHERCHK     Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program
IMSL   RAIMLANG       Set language for text
IMV1   RAIMAETP       Changes to Investment Programs
IMV2   RAIMAEPR       Changes to CI Program Positions
IM00   MENUIM00       Investment programs
IM01   SAPLAIP2       Create Investment Program
IM02   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program
IM03   SAPLAIP2       Display Investment Program
IM05   RAIMACHG       Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
IM11   SAPLAIP2       Create Investment Program Position
IM12   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program Position
IM13   SAPLAIP2       Display Inv. Program Position
IM22   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program Structure
IM23   SAPLAIP2       Display Investment Program Structur
IM24   RAIM_GEN_FROM_OCreate Investment Program
IM25   RAIM_GEN_FROM_HCreate Investment Program
IM27   RAIMCOPY       IM: Open new approval year
IM28   RAIMCOPY       Copy investment program
IM30   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM31   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM32   SAPMKBUD       Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Positio
IM33   SAPMKBUD       Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM34   RAIMCOPY       Determining Default Plan Value IM
IM35   SAPMKBUD       Change Plan on Inv. Program Positio
IM36   SAPMKBUD       Display plan on prog. position
IM38   SAPMKBUD       Change return on program position
IM39   SAPMKBUD       Display return on program position
IM40   SAPMKBUD       Change supplement on operative objs
IM41   SAPMKBUD       Display suppmt on operative objects
IM42   SAPMKBUD       Change budget operative objects
IM43   SAPMKBUD       Display budget operative objects
IM44   RAIMCOPY       Determining Default Budget Value IM
IM48   SAPMKBUD       Change return on operative objects
IM49   SAPMKBUD       Display return on operative objects
IM52   RAIMSELM       Process budget distribution
IM53   RAIMSELM       Display budget distribution
IM54   RAIMCOPY       Investment Program Reorganization
IM64   RAIMCOPY       Transfer from Old Investment Progra
INOT   IREAD_NOTIFICATCreate SM/PM Notification IDoc
IN01   SAPMINE0       Create object link
IN02   SAPMINE0       Change object link
IN03   SAPMINE0       Display object link
IN04   SAPMINE0       Create FunctLoc Object Link
IN05   SAPMINE0       Change FunctLoc Object Link
IN06   SAPMINE0       Display FunctLoc Object Link
IN07   SAPMINE0       Create Object Link for Equipment
IN08   SAPMINE0       Change Object Link for Equipment
IN09   SAPMINE0       Display Object Link for Equipment
IN15   RINET0T0       Change FunctLoc Object Network
IN16   RINET0T0       Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN18   RINET0E0       Change Object Network for Equipment
IN19   RINET0E0       Display Object Network for Equipmen
IN20   SAPMSNUM       Object link number ranges
IPCS   MENUIPCS       Maintenance Planning
IPMACT IPM_ACE_PERIODICalculate and Post Accruals
IPMD   RIIPMD00       Maintain/Display Permits
IPMIMG IPM_IMG        IMG for CRM Accruals
IPM2   RIGENE10       Change Permit
IPM3   RIGENE10       Display Permit
IP00   MENUIP00       Maintenance Planning Menu
IP01   SAPLIWP3       Create Maintenance Plan
IP02   SAPLIWP3       Change Maintenance Plan
IP03   SAPLIWP3       Display Maintenance Plan
IP04   SAPLIWP3       Create Maintenance Item
IP05   SAPLIWP3       Change Maintenance Item
IP06   SAPLIWP3       Display Maintenance Item
IP10   SAPLIWP3       Schedule Maintenance Plan
IP11   RISTRA00       Maintain Maintenance Strategies
IP11Z  RISTRA00       Maintain Cycle Set
IP12   RISTRA00       Display Maintenance Strategies
IP12Z  RISTRA00       Display Cycle Set
IP13   RMSTRA00       Package Order
IP14   RMSTRA30       Where-Used List by Strategy
IP15   RIMPLA00       Change Maintenance Plan
IP16   RIMPLA00       Display Maintenance Plan
IP17   RIMPOS00       Change Maintenance Item
IP18   RIMPOS00       Display Maintenance Item
IP19   RIMHIS00       Graphical scheduling overview
IP20   SAPMSNUM       Maintenance plan number assignment
IP21   SAPMSNUM       Maintenance item number assignment
IP22   SAPMSNUM       Maintain number range: OBJK_NR
IP24   RIMHIO00       Scheduling overview list form
IP25   RIARCMPL       Set deletion flag for maint. plans
IP30   RISTRA20       MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP31   RISTRA30       Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP40   SAPLIWP3       Add Service Plan for Purchasing
IP41   SAPLIWP3       Add single plan
IP42   SAPLIWP3       Add strategy-controlled plan
IP43   SAPLIWP3       Add multiple counter plan
IP50   SAPLIWP3       Create ref. for maint. contract ite
IP51   RIVEDA00       Maintenance contract item lists
IP62   RMIAPL60       Material Where-Used List: Task List
IQM1   SAPMV13B       Create cond. records qual.notificat
IQM2   SAPMV13B       Change cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM3   SAPMV13B       Display cond.records qual.notificat
IQS1   SAPLIQS0       Create Notification - Extended View
IQS12  SAPLIQS0       Process Task
IQS13  SAPLIQS0       Display Task
IQS2   SAPLIQS0       Change Notification - Extended View
IQS21  SAPLIQS0       Create Notif. - Simplified View
IQS22  SAPLIQS0       Process Notif. - Simplified View
IQS23  SAPLIQS0       Display Notif. - Simplified View
IQS3   SAPLIQS0       Display Notification - Extended Vie
IQS8   RIQSMEL1       Worklist: Notifications (General)
IQS8WP RIQSMEW1       IQS8 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IQS9   RIQSMEL2       Worklist: Tasks (General)
IQS9WP RIQSMEW2       IQS9 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IQ01   SAPMIEQ0       Create Material Serial Number
IQ02   SAPMIEQ0       Change Material Serial Number
IQ03   SAPMIEQ0       Display Material Serial Number
IQ04   SAPMIEQ0       Create Material Serial Number
IQ08   RIEQUI21       Change Material Serial Number
IQ09   RIEQUI21       Display Material Serial Number
IR00   MENUIR00       PM Resource Planning Menu
ISE0   MENUISE0       Funds Management
ISISMN MENUISISMN     Insurance Applications
ISNR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISDB
ISP4   MENUISP4       Text
IS00   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISMP
IS01   SAPLISMA       Solution DB - Create/Display/Change
IS02   TEXT_INDEXING  Text Indexing for Solution Database
IS03   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISOL
ITS00  SAP_TEST_IAC   Starting transaction for test IAC
ITS03  SAP_TEST_IAC   Test IAC: Request Generator
ITS18  SAP_TEST_IAC   Test IAC: Start servive via call TR
IT00   SAPMITST1      Test IAC
IT03   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: internal development
IT12   SAPMITST1      Test IAC language-dependent
IT13   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: language-independ templat
IT18   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: start service via call TA
IT19   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen
IWBK   RIAUFMVK       Material availability information
IWR1   SAPLIREV1      Create / Change Revision
IWR2   SAPLIREV1      Display Revision
IWWW   SAPMIWOW       Create Service Notification (WWW)
IW12   RIBELF20       Document flow list
IW13   RIMAT000       Material Where-used List
IW20   SAPMSNUM       Quality Notification No. Assignment
IW21   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Notification - General
IW22   SAPLIQS0       Change PM Notification
IW23   SAPLIQS0       Display PM Notification
IW24   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Malfunction Report
IW25   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Activity Report
IW26   SAPLIQS0       Create Maintenance Request
IW27   RIARCQM3       Set deletion flag f. PM notificatio
IW28   RIQMEL20       Change Notifications
IW29   RIQMEL20       Display Notifications
IW29WP RIQMEW20       IW29 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
IW3D   SAPLCOIH       Print Order
IW3K   SAPLCOIH       Change order component list
IW3L   SAPLCOIH       Display Order Component List
IW3M   RIAUFM20       List of Goods Movements for Order
IW30   RIQMEL10       Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW31   SAPLCOIH       Create Order
IW33   SAPLCOIH       Display PM Order
IW34   SAPLCOIH       PM Order for PM Notification
IW36   SAPLCOIH       Create PM Sub-Order
IW37   RIAFVC20       Change Operations
IW37N  RI_ORDER_OPERATChange Orders and Operations
IW38   RIAUFK20       Change PM Orders
IW39   RIAUFK20       Display PM orders
IW40   RIAUFK10       Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW41   SAPLCORU       Enter PM Order Confirmation
IW42   SAPLCMFU       Overall Completion Confirmation
IW43   SAPLCORU       Display PM Order Confirmation
IW44   SAPLCORU       PM Order Collective Confirmation
IW45   SAPLCORU       Cancel PM Order Confirmation
IW46   RMAFRU01       Postprocessing of PDC Error Records
IW47   RIAFRU20       Confirmation List
IW48   RIAFVC10       Confirmation using operation list
IW49   RIAFVC20       Display Operations
IW49N  RI_ORDER_OPERATDisplay Orders and Operations
IW51   SAPLIQS0       Create Service Notification-General
IW52   SAPLIQS0       Change Service Notification
IW53   SAPLIQS0       Display Service Notification
IW54   SAPLIQS0       Create Service Notification-Malfn.
IW55   SAPLIQS0       Create Activity Report
IW56   SAPLIQS0       Create service request
IW57   RIARCSM3       Set Deletion Flag For Notification
IW58   RIQMEL20       Change Service Notifications
IW59   RIQMEL20       Display Service Notifications
IW61   SAPLCOIH       Create Historical PM Order
IW62   SAPLCOIH       Change Historical Order
IW63   SAPLCOIH       Display Historical PM Order
IW64   RIQMEL60       Change Activities
IW65   RIQMEL60       Display activities
IW66   RIQMEL30       Change Tasks
IW67   RIQMEL30       Display Tasks
IW68   RIQMEL40       Change Notification Items
IW69   RIQMEL40       Display Notification Items
IW70   SAPLCOKO       Orders Overall Network Scheduling
IW72   RIAUFK20       Change Service Order
IW73   RIAUFK20       Display Service Order
IW74   RIVEDA20       Change Contract for Serviceable Ite
IW75   RIVEDA20       Display Serviceable Item Contract
IW8W   SAPLCOIH       Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Orde
IW81   SAPLCOIH       Create Refurbishment Order
IXMLT4 BCCIIXMLT4     iXML Test Transaction for ITS
I009   SAPMSNUM       Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)
JBAI   RJBRSTDB       Load saved Dataset
JBAN   RJBRCUS1       Update Field Catalog
JBAP   SAPMJBRA       Create Maintain Analysis Structures
JBAR   RJBRTOL2       Generate service programs
JBAS   RJBRSTDS       Save Dataset
JBAT   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
JBAU   RJBRSIPF       Maintain View
JBAX   RJBRSTDD       Delete Saved Dataset
JBBA   RJBAUFWP       Position Generation - Securities
JBBB   RJBAUFBD       Position Determ.-Stock Ex.Der.
JBBD   RJBAUFDE       Forex Position Determination
JBBE   MENUJBBE       Valuation Setting
JBBEW  SAPMJBDBEW     Maintain Position Changes
JBBG   MENUJBBG       Position Groups
JBBM   MENUJBBM       Positions
JBBPU  RJBDREOFCBPUM  Reorg.of Field Cat.for BP Conversio
JBB0   SAPMJBD6       Create Position Object
JBB1   SAPMJBD6       Change Position
JBB2   SAPMJBD6       Display Position
JBB3   SAPMJBD6       Maintain Position Values
JBB4   SAPMJBD6       Display Position Values
JBB5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics
JBB6   RKCMKCGD       Edit Value Fields
JBCF   SAPL0K01       Maintain Condition Type
JBDCD  JBD_CHGPTR_DELEDelete Change Pointers
JBDEM  JBD_CHGPTR_MONIOverview of Change Pointers
JBDEX  JBD_EXPORT     Start Export
JBDM   MENUJBDM       IS-B: Loans
JBDO   SAPMJBDO       Financial Object
JBD1   SAPMKCEE       Execute data mining report
JBD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report
JBD3   SAPMKCEE       Change data mining report
JBD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report
JBD5   SAPMKES1       Data mining: Create form
JBD6   SAPMKES1       Data mining: Change form
JBD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
JBD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining
JBGK   SAPMJBD7       Maintain Yield Curve Types
JBG0   SAPMKEA3_NEW   CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBG0O  SAPMKEA3       CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBHTL  RJBRHITRL      Translate Characteristic Hierarchie
JBHTR  RJBRHITR       Transport Characteristic Hierarchie
JBI1   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTPA transfer structure CO
JBKA   RJBTCKA1       SAP Banking: Costing Sheet Analysis
JBKW   SAPLJBKWTP     Actual Process Allocation: Fin. Obj
JBK1   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Create Form
JBK2   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Change form
JBK3   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Display Form
JBLDC  SAPMJBLC       Var. Transaction Ledger Dimensions
JBLF   RKCDLMON       Determine Log Number
JBLZ   MENUJBLZ       Maturity band
JBMK   SAPMJBMK       Required/Optional Fields
JBMS   RJBRMSSE       Set filter for messages
JBMT   SAPMMTSK       Multitasking Maintenance
JBMU   SAPMJBMU       Display Required/Optional Fields
JBMVT  MENUJBMVT      Business Partner Configuration Menu
JBM10  RJBEUVTS       Euro Reversal: Variable Transaction
JBM2   SAPMJBM0       Maint. Transact. Disbursements
JBM3   SAPMJBE0       SAP Banking: EURO Log Administratio
JBM4   SAPMJBEU       SAP Banking: EURO Conversion Lo/FT
JBM5   RJBEURKK       EURO Conversion: Current Accounts
JBM6   RJBEUKKS       EURO Conv.: Current Accnts (Reverse
JBM7   RJBEURWP       EURO Conversion Security
JBM8   RJBEUWPS       EURO Conversion Security (Cancel)
JBM9   RJBEURVT       Euro Conversion: Variable Transact.
JBNA   RJBRBPNW       Regenerate RM Area
JBPH   MENUJBPH       Portfolio hierarchy
JBRBP  RJBRBPREO      Reorganize Base Portfolios
JBRCT  RJBRCVTR       RM: Transport of Char. Values
JBRCU  RJBRCVCU       Edit Characteristic Values
JBRCV  RJBRCVAP       Maintenance of Characteristic Value
JBRDG  RJBRDERG       Generate Program for Char.Derivatio
JBRDV  RJBRDRVAL      Maintain Derivation of Rule Entries
JBRFG  SAPMKCGF       Edit field groups
JBRF0  RJBRRMSP       Collective Processing of FOs
JBRGE  RJBRTRGE       Generate Program Env. for RM Area
JBRGV  RJBRGENV       Reorganize Maintenance Modules
JBRI   RJBRNV02       Risk Management: Grid Analysis
JBRIN  RJBRSIIN       Initialize view
JBRJ   RJBRNV01       Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis
JBRK   RRMPH001       Display Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRKA  RJBRPHSH       Display Portfolio Hierarchy (old)
JBRLZB RJBLZB         Maintain Maturity Band
JBRMP0 RJBRRMPRT      Logs for Financial Object
JBRMP1 RJBRRMPRT      Logs for Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRN   RJBRVREGC      Restructuring per View
JBRNR  RJBRNROB       Number Range Administration
JBRP0  RJBRPHUPDA     Update Portfolio Hierarchy (Experts
JBRR   SAPMJBRR_CLASS Maintain Risk Hierarchy
JBRT   RJBRSVAC       ALM Simulation
JBRU   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: Sensitivity
JBRUD  RJB_REUSE_DISPLBanking Reuse Library Display
JBRUM  RJB_REUSE_MAINTBanking Reuse Library Maintenance
JBRW   RRMPH001       Generate Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRX   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: NPV
JBRY   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: Hist. Sim.
JBRZ   RJBRDRCL       Maintain Derivation Strategy
JBR0   SAPMJBRSN      Maintain Market Data Shifts
JBR1   RJBRCHEK       Check Selected Settings
JBR10S SAPMJBR10      RM: Display External Key Figures
JBR10U SAPMJBR10      RM: Maintain External Key Figures
JBR2   RJBRSTDSHOW    Display Saved Data
JBR3   RJBRCFKZ       Assign Flow Type to Cash Flow Indic
JBR4   RRMPH001       Delete Portfolio Hierarchies
JBR4E  RRMPH001       Deactivate Portfolio Hierarchies
JBR5   RJBRPHUPD      Update Portfolio Hierarchy
JBR6   RJBRSIDE       Delete View
JBR7   RJBRSLZB       Display Maturity Band
JBR8   RJBRPHAD       Adjust Portfolio Hierarchy
JBR9   RJBRBPAG       Report for Aggr. Base Portfolio Dat
JBSV   SAPMJBDD       Maintain Service
JBSY   MENUJBSY       IS-B: Treasury Master Data
JBTA   SAPMJBTR       Costing Rule for Node Costing
JBTM   MENUJBTM       SAP R/3 Top Menu
JBTZ   SAPMJBTZ       Maintain Cash Flow
JBT1   SAPMJBTR       Maintain Costing Rule
JBVL   MENUJBVL       Volatilities
JBVTCH BUSSTART       Change Variable Transaction
JBVTCR BUSSTART       Create Variable Transaction
JBVTSH BUSSTART       Display Variable Transaction
JBWA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
JBWB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
JBWC   SAPMKCIC       Comments Management: Treasury
JBWG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for RM
JBWH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
JBWK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain key figures
JBWM   SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor: RM Drilldown Reportin
JBWO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
JBWP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms
JBWPR  RJBRREIF       RM: Display Interface Programs
JBWQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000
JBWR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
JBWS   RKDSTRUC       Display structure
JBWT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
JBWU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
JBWV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
JBWW   SAPMKCC0       Mainten.curr.conversion type TMR
JBWX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
JBWY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
JBWZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
JBW0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
JBW1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
JBW2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
JBW3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
JBW4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
JBW5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
JBW6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
JBW7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present
JBW8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat
JBYC   RJBRATES       Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curve
JBZK   SAPL0WP1       Assign Condition Types->Cond. Group
JB0B   MENUJB0B       Maintain Financial Conditions
JB0J   MENUJB0J       Treasury Master Data
JB0K   RJBTKALO       Costing Call
JB0O   SAPMJBDK       Copy Company Code
JB0P   RJBTPRAZ_APL   Display and Delete Logs
JB0R   RJBTKALR       Backdating
JB02   MENUJB02       Bank Single Transaction Costing
JB04   MENUJB04       Bank Risk Management
JB05   MENUJB05       IS-B: Bank regulatory reporting
JB06   MENUJB06       Bank RM Configuration Menu
JB07   MENUJB07       IS-B: Settings menu - bank reg.rep.
JB08   MENUJB08       Bank STC Configuration Menu
JB1K   RJBTKALK00     Update costing
JB12   MENUJB12       Limit Management
JB16   RJBTKRLT       Costing Rule List
JB18   RJBTKMP        Display Req./Opt.Control
JB19   MENUJB19       Asset/Liability Management
JB2X   MENUJB2X       Securities
JB22   RJBTKALB       Calculate Core Deposits
JB3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names
JB3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups
JB3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
JB3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule variant group
JB3S   RKDBATV5       Define variant group
JB4A   SAPMV12A       Change SD Condition Table
JB4B   SAPMV12A       Display SD Condition Table
JB4C   SAPMV13A       Create SD Condition using Template
JB4L   SAPMV14A       Create List of Conditions
JB4N   SAPMV14A       Change List of Conditions
JB4O   SAPMV14A       Display List of Conditions
JB4Q   SAPMV14A       Execute List of Conditions
JB4X   MENUJB4X       Money market
JB41   SAPMV13A       Create SD Condition
JB42   SAPMV13A       Change SD Condition
JB43   SAPMV13A       Display SD Condition
JB49   SAPMV12A       Create SD Condition Table
JB5X   MENUJB5X       Forex
JB6X   MENUJB6X       Derivatives
JB68   RJBINTZK       Interpolate yield curves
JB69   SAPMJBDZ       Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curve
JB69T  SAPMJBDZ       TimeOFday dep. IR's for Zcurves pf1
JB81   SAPMJBD1       Maintain account
JB99   MENUJB99       Test Menu ONLINE Integration
JVTT   SAPMSCAT       Joint Venture Test Tool
J1AH   SAPLJ1AO       Creating Way Bills
J1AI   J_1AA001       Asset Revaluation (Inflation)
J1AJ   SAPLJ1AO       Print Way Bill Document
J1AM   J_1AIP01       Delete and create index version
J1AP   SAPMSNUM       Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCH
J1AX   J_1ARCVM       Market price determination program
J1AZ   J_1AMCIP       MM index adjustment program
J1A3   J_1AMGIP       MM goods issue revaluation
J1A5   J_1AMLBS       MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)
J1A6   SAPMJ1A6       Modify Official Document Number
J1A7   J_1AMGMC       Average cost valuation
J1BBST RFID_BR_TRBAL  Balance Sheet Transfer Loans: Brazi
J1BF   SAPMV13B       Create Entries for Output Type
J1BG   SAPMV13B       Change Entries for Output Type
J1BH   SAPMV13B       Display Entries for Output Type
J1BO   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Create Nota Fiscal
J1BP   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Change Nota Fiscal
J1BQ   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Display Nota Fisca
J1BTAX J_1B_MIGRATE_TATax Manager's Workplace
J1B1   SAPMJ1B1       Create Nota Fiscal (Writer)
J1B1N  SAPMJ1B1       Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) - Enjoy
J1B2   SAPMJ1B1       Change Nota Fiscal
J1B2N  SAPMJ1B1       Change Nota Fiscal - Enjoy
J1B3   SAPMJ1B1       Display Nota Fiscal
J1B3N  SAPMJ1B1       Display Nota Fiscal - Enjoy
J1IA   SAPMJ1IA       Excise Invoice Details
J1IB   SAPMJ1IB       Excise Verification And Posting
J1ID   SAPMJ1ID       Rate maint & amend open po's/so's
J1IEX  SAPLJ1IEX      Incoming Excise Invoices
J1IF   SAPMJ1IF       Subcontracting
J1IFQ  SAPMJ1IFQ      Challan : Reconcile Quantity
J1IFR  J_1IDOCLIST    Subcontracting Challan Listing
J1IF01 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challan : Create
J1IF11 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challan : Change
J1IF12 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challans : Display
J1IF13 SAPMJ1IFN      Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit
J1IG   SAPMJ1IG       RG23D register receipt at depot
J1IGA  SAPMJ1IGA      Additional Excise Entry at Depot
J1IGAD SAPMJ1IGA      Additional Excise  at  Depot Displa
J1IGR  J_1IEXCP_GR1   List of GR's without gate pass
J1IH   SAPMJ1IH       Create Excise JV
J1IHBK J_1IHBKD       Copy House Bank ID from Invoice
J1IIN  SAPMJ1IIN      Outgoing Excise Invoice
J1IJ   SAPMJ1IJ       Excise invoice selec. at depot sale
J1IK   SAPMJ1IK       Selection of Excise Invoice - Commo
J1IL   MENUJ1IL       India Localization
J1IN   SAPMJ1IN       India Version Tax Deduction at Sour
J1INAR J_1IEWT_ANN_RETAnnual Returns
J1INC  J_1ITDS2       Tax Deduction at Source: Classic
J1INCC J_1IEWT_CERT_CUPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates
J1INHC J_1IEWT_HEALTH_Health check for migration to EWT
J1INJV SAPMJ1INJV     Enter Journal Voucher
J1INPP J_1IEWT_UPDATE_Update Business Place in FI documen
J1INPR J_1IEWT_PROVISIProvisions for Taxes on Services
J1INUT J_1IEWT_PROV_UTUtilise Withholding Tax on Provisio
J1IO   J_1IRTRO       Retrospective price amendments
J1IP   J_1IPRNE       Excise invoice print
J1IQ   J_1IITDEP      Year-End IT Depreciation Report
J1IR   J_1IDNLD       Data Download
J1IS   SAPMJ1IS       Excise invoice for other movements
J1IU   SAPMJ1IU       Forms capture
J1IUN  SAPMJ1IUN      Forms tracking
J1IV   SAPMJ1IV       Excise post & print for others mvmt
J1IW   SAPMJ1IW       Excise Invoice without PO
J1IX   SAPMJ1IX       Excise Invoice Verification WO PO
J1I0   J_1ICWIZ       Customizing wizard
J1I2   J_1ISTAX       Sales Tax Register
J1I3   J_1I_BATCH_UTILModvat utilzation in batch
J1I5   J_1IREGSN      Register creation for RG23 and RG1
J1I6   J_1IMODF       Modvat forecast
J1I7   J_1IEXCH       Query Excise invoices
J1I8   J_1ICHLN       TDS Challan Update
J2IB   J_1ISTCH       Service tax challan
J2IC   J_1IST3        Service tax returns
J2IE   J_1ITDSR        View Archived TDS documents
J2IF   J_1I_EXCISE_DOCDisplay document flow
J2IN   J_2IRTN        New RT-12 Report
J2IRG1 J_2IRRG1       Register RG1
J2IU   J_1IRUTZ       Fortnightly Utilization
J2I5   J_2IREXT       Extract
J2I6   J_2IRPUT       Print Utility
J2I8   J_1ICAPG       Avail.of subs credit for Cap Goods
J2I9   J_1I57AE       New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57A
KABL   SAPMKB01       Order: Planning Overview
KABP   RKAEP000       Controlling Documents: Plan
KAB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report: Orders
KAFD   SAPLKAFD       External Data Transfer
KAFL   SAPLKAFD       Delete All Costs Transferred w. KAF
KAH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Element Group
KAH2   SAPLKKHI       Change cost element group
KAH3   SAPLKKHI       Display cost element group
KAID   RKADELIT       Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line Items
KALA   RKAKALC3       Activate Reconciliation Ledger
KALB   RKAKALC3       Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger
KALC   RKAKALFI       Cost Flow Message
KALD   RKAKALDE       Reset Reconciliation Ledger
KALE   RKAKALT9       Reconcil.Ledger: Display Totals Rec
KALF   RKAKALBT       Start Background Report RKAKALBT
KALH   RKAKALBR       Change Rules for Reconcil. Posting
KALI   RKKBJBIN       Import Reconcil. Ledger Reports
KALK   RKAKALBS       Create Rules for Reconcil. Posting
KALM   SAPMKKB2       Display Reconcil. Ledger Report Tre
KALN   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Maint. Reconcil. Ledge
KALO   RGLEXE03       Export Reconcil. Ledger (Rollup)
KALR   RKAKALR1       Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line Items
KALS   RKAKALFI       Reverse Reconciliation Posting
KALX   RKAKALX1       Fill Original Units in CO Document
KALY   RKAKALX2       Convert Reconc. Ledger Documents
KAL1   RKAKALF1       Reconcil. Ledger Follow-Up Posting
KAL7   RKAKALR2       Overview of Cost Flows
KAL8   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reconcil. Ledger Reports
KAMN   MENUKAMN       Menu for Internal Orders
KANK   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: RK_BELEG
KAUM   RKACUMTK       Display Conversion Milestones
KAVA   RBDSECOT       Send Cost Center Totals Records
KAVB   RGSALECC       Send Cost Center Group
KAVC   RGSALECE       Send Cost Element Group
KAVD   RGSALEAT       Send Activity Type Group
KA01   SAPLKMA4       Create Cost Element
KA02   SAPLKMA4       Change Cost Element
KA03   SAPLKMA4       Display Cost Element
KA04   SAPLKMA4       Delete cost element
KA05   SAPMKMAA       Cost element: display changes
KA06   SAPLKMA4       Create Secondary Cost Element
KA23   SAPLKMA4       Cost Elements: Master Data Report
KA24   SAPLKMA4       Delete Cost Elements
KBC0   RKKBC000       Maintain list of screen variants
KBC6   RKTARPLN       CO-ABC: Manual Actual Price
KBC7   RKTARPLN       CO-ABC: Display manual actl. price
KBEA   KFPR_ARCH_SET_DTrsfr Price Docs: Set Del.Indicator
KBH1   SAPLKKHI       Create statistical key figure group
KBH2   SAPLKKHI       Change statistical key figure group
KBH3   SAPLKKHI       Display statistical key figure grou
KBK6   RKTARPLN       CO-CCA: Manual Actual Price
KBK7   RKTARPLN       CO-CCA: Display manual actl price
KB11   SAPMK23B       Enter Reposting of Primary Costs
KB11N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Repostings of Costs
KB13   SAPMK23B       Display Reposting of Primary Costs
KB13N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Repostings of Costs
KB14   SAPMK23B       Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs
KB14N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs
KB15   SAPMK23B       Enter Manual Allocations
KB15N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Allocations
KB16   SAPMK23B       Display Manual Allocations
KB16N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Allocations
KB17   SAPMK23B       Reverse Manual Allocations
KB17N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Allocations
KB21   SAPMK23B       Enter Activity Allocation
KB21N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Direct Activity Allocation
KB22   SAPMK23B       IAA via Internet
KB23   SAPMK23B       Display Activity Allocation
KB23N  SAPLK23F1      Display Direct Activity Allocation
KB24   SAPMK23B       Reverse Activity Allocation
KB24N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Direct Activity Allocation
KB27   SAPMK23B       IAA Enter Other Periods
KB31   SAPMK23B       Enter Statistical Key Figures
KB31N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Statistical Key Figures
KB33   SAPMK23B       Display Statistical Key Figures
KB33N  SAPLK23F1      Display Statistical Key Figures
KB34   SAPMK23B       Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KB34N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KB41   SAPMK23B       Enter Reposting of Revenues
KB41N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Repostings of Revenue
KB43   SAPMK23B       Display Reposting of Revenues
KB43N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Repostings of Revenu
KB44   SAPMK23B       Reverse Reposting of Revenues
KB44N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Repostings of Revenu
KB51   SAPMK23B       Enter Activity Posting
KB51N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Sender Activities
KB53   SAPMK23B       Display Activity Posting
KB53N  SAPLK23F1      Display Sender Activities
KB54   SAPMK23B       Reverse Activity Posting
KB54N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Sender Activities
KB61   SAPMK23D       Enter Reposting of CO Line Items
KB63   SAPMK23D       Display Reposting of CO Line Items
KB64   SAPMK23D       Reverse Reposting of CO Line Items
KB65   SAPMK23D       Enter Indirect Acty Alloc.Reposting
KB66   SAPMK23D       Display Indir. Acty Alloc. Repostin
KB67   SAPMK23D       Reverse IAA Reposting
KB71   SAPMK23B       JV-Transfer Postings
KCAN   SAPLKCD0       Derivation
KCA0   SAPMKCIA       SAP-EIS: Edit aspect
KCA1   RKCREOAS       Reorganize aspect tables
KCA2   SAPMKCGF       Edit field groups
KCA5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics
KCA6   RKCMKCGD       Edit basic key figures
KCBA   SAPMKCEE       Report class overview
KCBB   RKCUSRGR       Set user group
KCBH   SAPMKCBH       Report portfolio data transfer
KCBW   RKCDSDDG       EC-EIS/BP: Generate DataSource
KCB0   SAPMKCEE       Execute report
KCB1   SAPMKCEE       Create report
KCB2   SAPMKCEE       Change report
KCB3   SAPMKCEE       Display report
KCB4   SAPMKCEE       Create report class
KCB5   SAPMKCEE       Change report class
KCB6   SAPMKCEE       Display report class
KCB7   SAPMKCEE       Create user group
KCB8   SAPMKCEE       Change user group
KCB9   SAPMKCEE       Display user group
KCCO   SAPMKCCO       EC-EIS/BP: Manage comment tables
KCC0   SAPMKCC0       Maintain currency translation key
KCC1   SAPMKCC0       Currency translation sender program
KCC2   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation key
KCDI   RKDREPDV       Divide report
KCDR   RKCDOREO       Reorganization document flag T242B
KCDU   RKCTRERU       Structure of summ. level of SAP-EIS
KCDV   SAPMKEDV       Maintain summarization levels
KCEA   RKCDEDIA       Set planner profile
KCED   RKCDEDEI       Define Flexible Excel Upload
KCEE   RKC_FLEX_UPL   Flexible Excel Upload to SAP-EIS
KCE1   RKCSELEC       Display transaction data
KCE2   RKCDELET       Delete transaction data
KCE3   RKCREPSE       SAP-EIS: Choose Collection Program
KCE4   RKCDEDIA       Change transaction data (EIS/BP)
KCE5   RKCDEDIA       Display transaction data (EIS/BP)
KCE6   SAPLKXDE       Individual record entry
KCE7   SAPLKXDE       EIS: Single record display
KCE8   RKCDEDIA       EC-BP: Change plan data
KCE9   RKCDEDIA       EC-BP: Display plan data
KCFR   SAPLKCD0       EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules
KCF0   RKCFILE0       Import File
KCF1   RKCFILE0       Import master data file
KCF2   RKCFILE0       Import comments file
KCF3   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange revaluation factors
KCF4   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation factors
KCH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Profit Center Group
KCH2   SAPLKKHI       Change profit center hierarchy
KCH3   SAPLKKHI       Display profit center hierarchy
KCH4   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Create Standard Hierarchy
KCH5   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Change standard hierarchy
KCH5N  KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Standard Hierarchy
KCH5NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Stand.Hier. EO Activ
KCH6   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchy
KCH6N  KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy
KCH6NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Disp. Stand.Hier. EO Active
KCJ0   RKCHINOD       EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenance
KCJ1   SAPMKXHI       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance
KCJ2   RKCDMREF       EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchies
KCJ3   SAPMKXHI       Hierarchy Maintenance
KCKB   SAPMKCIK       Formulas for basic key figures
KCK0   SAPMKCIK       Key figures
KCK1   RKCDLKR0       Display key figure
KCLA   KCFDUADS       EDT: Automatic File Split
KCLF   RKCFILEF       External Data Transfer
KCLFS  KCDSTRUCF      Sender Structures
KCLI   EDT_ALE_MAIN   ALE Interface for EDT
KCLJ   RKCFILE7       EDT: Execute Transfer
KCLL   KCDSTRUC       EDT: Generate Sender Structure
KCLP   KCDLPROT       Logs
KCLT   KCDLEDITOR     EDT: Create Test Data
KCLU   KCFDUTYP       EDT: Maintain Transfer Types
KCLV   KCFDUREORG     EDT: Delete Obsolete Programs
KCO1   RKCCOLST       Comments on transaction data
KCPA   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Copy
KCPA2  SAPMKCPL2      Copy
KCPB   SAPMSJOB       Batch jobs aut. planning
KCPD   SAPMKCPD       Delete plan data with key fig. sel.
KCPL   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Change
KCPL2  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Change
KCPT   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic planning: top-down distr.
KCPT2  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Top-Down
KCPZ   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning Functions
KCP0   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning
KCP1   RKCAPPLO       Validation logs data entry
KCP2   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Forecast
KCP22  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Forecast
KCP4   SAPMKES1       Create entry form
KCP5   SAPMKES1       Change entry form
KCP6   SAPMKES1       Display entry form
KCP7   SAPMKES1       Create planning layout
KCP8   SAPMKES1       Change planning layout
KCP9   SAPMKES1       Display planning layout
KCRA   RKES0102       Maintain variant table
KCRB   RKDBATPF       Maintain variable groups
KCRC   RKCBATCH       Print/actualize reports
KCRE   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variables
KCRF   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEMaintain Char.Grps for SAP-EIS Rep.
KCRP   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups
KCRQ   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
KCRR   RKCTREE0       Report selection
KCRS   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group
KCRT   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group
KCRU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
KCR0   SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report
KCR1   SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report
KCR2   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report
KCR3   SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report
KCR4   SAPMKES1       Create form
KCR5   SAPMKES1       Change form
KCR6   SAPMKES1       Display form
KCR7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present
KCR8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat
KCS2   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Delete char. values
KCS3   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Maintain character. values
KCS4   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Display character. values
KCS5   SAPMSVMA       Maintain characteristics (view)
KCS6   SAPMSVMA       Display characteristics (view)
KCS7   RKCMDYRC       Maintain fiscal year
KCT0   SAPMKCIC       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Comment management
KCT1   SAPMKCIC       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Reorganize comments
KCUA   RKCDLMON       Display Transfer Log
KCUU   RKDREODA       Report Data Reorganization
KCVA   SAPLKXDE       EIS/BP: Maintain validations/rules
KCVC   SAPLKXDE       EIS/BP: Copy validations/rules
KCVD   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports
KCVL   SAPMKCDA       Variable list element in basic rep.
KCVV   RKDREOBE       Reorganization Reports
KCV0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys
KCV1   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key
KCV2   SAPMGPSP       Change distribution key
KCV3   SAPMGPSP       Display distribution key
KCV4   SAPMGPSP       Delete distribution key
KCWA   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
KCWW   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms
KCW0   SAPMKCB9       Testmonitor reporting SAP-EIS
KCW1   RKCGENPR       Generations SAP-EIS
KCXX   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups
KCZ1   RKC_START_ARCHIEC-EIS/BP: Archive transaction data
KC7R   SAPLKCD0       EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules
KDH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Account Group
KDH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Account Group
KDH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Account Group
KDTT   RKDCTRAN       Display incorrect report
KEAE   RKABCPAC       Generate Proc. Template Environment
KEAF   SAPMKECM_VFIELDValue Field Analysis
KEAW   RKE_RECONCILIATReconciliation Make-to-Order Prod.
KEA0   SAPMKEA3_NEW   CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern
KEA0O  SAPMKEA3       CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern
KEA5   RKCMKCGD       Maintain Characteristics
KEA6   RKCMKCGD       Edit Value Fields
KEBA   RKEBER01       Display operating concern
KEBC   RKEBER01       Change operating concern
KEBI   RKEBER01       Set operating concern (batch-input)
KEB0   RKEBW100       Create CO-PA DataSource
KEB2   RKEBW201       Display Dtld Info on CO-PA DataSrce
KEB3   RKEBW202       Activate Debugging Support
KEB4   RKEBW203       Reset Replication Status
KEB5   RKEBW211       Reduce Data Volumes for Test
KECA   COPA_COPY      Copying Transaction Data (Actual)
KECB   COPA_ERKRS_2_BUCO-PA Company Code Line Items
KECC   COPA_COPY_PLAN Copy Transaction Data ( Plan )
KECM   SAPMKECM_MAIN  CO-PA: Customizing Monitor
KECP   SAPMKECP       Copy Operating Concern
KECT   RKE_CALL_CTU1  Maintain Environ. Dyn. Process Allo
KEC0   SAPMKCC0       Maintain curr. transl. type (CO-PA)
KEC3   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation key CO-PA
KEDA   RKETREXT       Export Summarization Level
KEDB   RKEDELTEST     Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA
KEDD   RKE_SHOW_KEDR_DCOPA Char. Derivation Overview ALV
KEDF   RKETRERF       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDJ   RKETRERJ       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDT   SAPMKETREPROT  Log Summarization Logs
KEDU   RKETRERU       CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels
KEDUS  RKETRERF_PARALLCO-PA: Period Build of Summ. Levels
KEDUSM RKETRERF_PERIODCO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. Lvls
KEDV   SAPMKEDV       CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Level
KEDVP  RKETREPROP     Default for Summarization Levels
KEDVPD RKETREPROPD    Proposal for Summ. Levels (Analysis
KEDVS  SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. Levels
KEDW   RKETRERV       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)
KEDX   RKETRERT       CO-PA:Fill Summ.Lev. from Summ. Lev
KEDZ   RKE_PROT_EVALUARead Interface for CO-PA Log
KED0   SAPMKEDR       Derivation: Initial Screen
KED5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form
KED6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form
KED7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
KEEU   SAPMKCB9       CO-PA  EIS/BP: Generate transfer
KEE0   RPCADIFF       PCA: Generate Line Item Difference
KEFA   RKEVEXT1       Maintain Sender Structures
KEFB   RKEVEXT2       Maintain Rules
KEFC   RKEVEXT3       CO-PA External Data Transfer
KEFD   SAPLKCD0       Maintain Rules
KEF1   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange Revaluation Keys
KEF2   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation indices
KEGA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEGAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio
KEGB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEGC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview
KEGCN  SAPMKGA1       Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview
KEGD   RKE_KEGD       Overview Actual IAA Cycles
KEGE   RKE_KEGE       Overview Plan IAA Cycles
KEGV   RKEPLANMETHOD  Generate Variant from KEPM Environm
KEG1   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG2   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG3   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.
KEG6   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie
KEG6N  SAPMKGA1       Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie
KEG7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio
KEG8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio
KEG9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEG9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.
KEH5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
KEI1   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure
KEI2   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure
KEI3   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure
KEK0   SAPMKCIK       Test Key Figure Transaction
KELR   RKEBW3RE       Data Transfer from BW to CO-PA
KELS   RKEBW3RV       Cancel Transfer
KELU   RKEBW3UE       Overview: Data Transfer BW to CO-PA
KELV   RKEBW3VA       Variant for Query Variable
KEMDM  SAPMKEC1N      Profit Center Master Data Maint.
KEMN   MENUKEMN       Profitability Analysis appl. menu
KEMO   SAPMKCB9       Profitability report: Test monitor
KEND   SAPMKEND       Realignments
KEN1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST
KEN2   SAPMSNUM       Maint. number ranges: CO-PA plannin
KEOAP2 KEO_START_NF   Change Altern. Profit Center Struct
KEOAP3 KEO_START_NF   Display Alter. Profit Center Struct
KEOA1  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Cost Centers
KEOA2  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Profit Centers
KEOA3  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Processes
KEOD1  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Cost Centers
KEOD2  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Profit Centers
KEOD3  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Business Process
KEOG1  RKEOGEN1       Generate Standard Hierarchy
KEOG2  RKEOGEN2       Generate Alternative Hierarchy
KEOG3  RKEOGEN3       Replace Standard Hierarhcy
KEOP1  RKEOPRI0       Print Standard Hierarchy
KEOP2  RKEOPRI1       Print Enterprise Organization
KEOV   RKEOV          CO-PA: Cycle Overview
KEO1   KEO_START_NF   Create Enterprise Organization
KEO2   KEO_START_NF   Change Enterprise Organization
KEO3   KEO_START_NF   Display Enterprise Organization
KEPA   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChar. Groups for Actual and Plannin
KEPD   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic groups for reports
KEPM   RKEPLKEPM      CO-PA Planning
KEPM_W SAPLKEPLUW     Sales & Profit Planning in the WWW
KEPMU  RKE_CONVERT_LAYCreate Planning Level from Layout
KEPP   RKEPLPPR       Check plan structure
KEPZ   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning Functions
KEPZ_E RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Events
KEPZ_P RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Forecast
KEPZ_U RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Revaltn
KEPZ_V RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Distr.Ke
KEP6   SAPMSVMA       Maintain characteristics
KEP7   SAPMSVMA       Display characteristics
KEP8   SAPMSVMA       Operating concerns
KEQ5   RKEAVIEW       Maintain View for Defined Op.Concer
KEQ6   RKEAVIEW       View Maint. with Preset Op. Concern
KER1   RKEB0401       Maintain Key Figure Scheme
KES1   RKMERK00       CO-PA Maintain Characteristic Value
KES2   RKMERK00       Customizing: Display characteristic
KES3   SAPMKXHI       Maintain Characteristics Hierarchy
KETE   SAPMKE0C_TEMP  CO-PA: Operating Concern Templates
KETR   RKCTRTX1       CO-PA Translation Tool
KEUA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEUAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEUB   SAPMKGA2       Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer
KEUC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie
KEUCN  SAPMKGA1       Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie
KEUD   RKE_KEUD       Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
KEUE   RKE_KEUE       Overview Plan Assessment Cycles
KEUG   RKEU1GEN       Set up cost-center cost transfer
KEUH   RKEU_KEYFIGURE Maintain Key Figures for Allocation
KEUU   RKDREODA       Reorganize data
KEU1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost
KEU5   SAPMKGA2       Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer
KEU6   SAPMKGA1       Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie
KEU6N  SAPMKGA1       Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie
KEU7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEU9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs
KEVG   RKEABCVGA      Record Types for Process Costs
KEVG2  RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Characteristic Group
KEVG3  RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Value Field Groups
KEV0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys
KEV1   SAPMGPSP       Create distribution key
KEV2   SAPMGPSP       Change distribution key
KEV3   SAPMGPSP       Display distribution key
KEV4   SAPMGPSP       Delete distribution key
KEWUSL RKEWUSL        Where-Used List for Cycles (PA)
KEWW   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms
KEX9   RKEB0405       Reorganize planning layouts
KEZ5   RKE_DIST       Execute Distribution
KE0B   RKEPAKAR       Archiving: CO-PA
KE0C   RKEALEGV       CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply
KE0D   RKEALEAG       CO-PA Distribution: Reconciliation
KE0E   RKEALE02       CO-PA Distribution: Installation
KE0G   RKEALERU       CO-PA Distribution: Roll-up
KE1A   RKEBPR01       Copy complete plan
KE1B   RKEBPR01       Process complete plan
KE1C   RKEBPR01       Delete Plan Data
KE1D   RKEBPR01       Forecast Plan Data
KE1E   RKEBPR01       Transfer Plan Data to SOP
KE1F   RKEBPRAD       Complete Plan Management
KE1G   RKEBPR01       Top-Down Complete Plan
KE1H   RKEPLDIA       CO-PA Planning: Set Planner Profile
KE1K   RKEBPR01       Transfer to LIS
KE1L   RKEPLPST       Create Plan Structure
KE1M   RKEPLPST       Change Plan Structure
KE1N   RKEPLPST       Display Plan Structure
KE1O   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPMaintain User Exits for Planning
KE1Q   RKEREOLT       Reorganize Long Texts
KE1V   RKEBPR01       Transfer to EC-PCA
KE1W   RKEBPR01       Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-G
KE1XO  RKEVEXT0       Ext. Data Transfer to CO-PA Plannin
KE1Y   RKEBPR01       Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-S
KE11   RKEPLDIA       Change plan data
KE12   RKEPLDIA       Display plan data
KE13   KPP_FLEX_UPL   Upload from Excel
KE13N  RKE_FLEX_UPL   Upload from Excel
KE13P  RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload
KE14   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout
KE15   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout
KE16   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Layout
KE17   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Planning Authorization Obj
KE18   SAPMKEFB       Display planning authorization obj.
KE19   RKEB0403       Reorganize Planning Layouts
KE2B   RKEAE015       Correction to Incoming Orders
KE2C   RKEAEDEL       Delete records from error file
KE2D   RKEAEERR       Display Error File
KE2K   SAPMKCIK       CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures
KE2T   RKEPGEDI       CO-PA: Assign IDoc Fields
KE2U   RKEPAEDI       CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAP
KE21   SAPMKEI1       Create CO-PA line item
KE21N  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Line Item Entry
KE21S  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Valuation Simulation
KE23   SAPMKEI1       Display CO-PA line item
KE23N  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Line Item Display
KE24   RKEB0601       Line Item Display - Actual Data
KE25   RKEB0601       Line Item Display - Plan Data
KE26   RKE_KE26       Repost Accounting Document
KE27   RKEBPR01       Periodic valuation
KE27S  COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line Items
KE28   RKEBPR01       Create top-down distribution
KE29   RKEBPRAD       Management
KE3A   RKDREOBE       CO-PA: Reorganize reports + data
KE3B   RKEBATCH       Print and actualize reports
KE3C   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
KE3D   RKEB0404       Reorganize Line Item Layouts
KE3E   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variables
KE3F   SAPMKES1       Create line item layout
KE3G   SAPMKES1       Change Line Item Layout
KE3H   SAPMKES1       Display line item layout
KE3I   SAPMKCTR       CO-PA: Transport tool
KE3J   SAPMKEFT       Import
KE3K   RKEB0801       Maintain hierarchy
KE3L   RKDREPDV       Split report
KE3M   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports
KE3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Groups
KE3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
KE3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group
KE3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group
KE3T   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups
KE3X   SAPMKKB5       Customize Application Tree
KE3Y   RKEB0701       Report selection
KE3Z   SAPMKCB9       Convert profitability report
KE30   SAPMKCEE       Execute profitability report
KE31   SAPMKCEE       Create profitability report
KE32   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
KE33   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
KE34   SAPMKES1       Create form
KE35   SAPMKES1       Change form
KE36   SAPMKES1       Display form
KE37   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Report Authorization Objec
KE38   SAPMKEFB       Display report authorization object
KE39   RKDREODA       CO-PA: Reorganize report data
KE4A   SAPMV12A       Change condition table
KE4B   SAPMV12A       Display condition table
KE4C   SAPMV13A       Copy Condition
KE4F   RKEAE005       Post Incoming Orders Subsequently
KE4L   SAPMV14A       Pricing report
KE4N   SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
KE4O   SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report
KE4Q   SAPMV14A       Execute Pricing Report
KE4S   RKERV002       Post billing documents to CO-PA
KE4SFI RKEFI005       CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI
KE4SMM RKEMM005       CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs
KE4ST  RKERV002       Simulation billg docs transfer CO-P
KE4S00 RKECADL1       CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items
KE4T   RKEAE009       Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders
KE4TS  RKEAE011       Simulate Doc. Transfer from Orders
KE4U   SAPMKEIV       Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAx
KE4XO  RKEVEXT0       Transfer External Data to CO-PA
KE41   SAPMV13A       Create condition
KE42   SAPMV13A       Change condition
KE43   SAPMV13A       Display condition
KE45   RKE_CALL_V_T258Maintain View V_T258I_KO
KE49   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table
KE5A   SAPMKKB2       EC-PCA: Call up report
KE5B   RECPCA04       EC-PCA: Copy Balance Sheet Acct Grp
KE5C   RCOPCA05       EC-PCA: Account Master Data (CO/FI)
KE5T   RCOPCA44       Compare G/L Accounts FI <-> EC-PCA
KE5U   RCOPCA44       Compare and Reconcile G/L Accounts
KE5X   RCOPCA09N      Profit Center: Master Data Index
KE5Y   RCOPCA08       Profit Center: Plan Line Items
KE5Z   RCOPCA02       Profit Center: Actual Line Items
KE54   SAPMKEC1N      Delete Profit Centers
KE56   RCOPCA60       EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assg
KE57   RCOPCA60       EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assg
KE59   SAPMKEC1       EC-PCA: Create Dummy Profit Center
KE61   RECPCA11       EC-PCA: Cost group CCSS to GLTPC
KE62   SAPMGPLC       EC-PCA: Copy Data to Plan
KE75   RBDFEPRC       EC-PCA: ALE Get profit centers
KE77   RBDSEPRC       EC-PCA: ALE send profit centers
KE78   RKEC1ROL       EC-PCA: Execute ALE Rollup
KE79   RGSALEPC       EC-PCA: Send ALE Hierarchies
KE8B   RKDBAT02       EC-PCA: Drill-Down Reporting; Bckgd
KE8C   SAPMKCC0       EC-PCA: Maintain Currency Transl.
KE8D   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports
KE8I   RCNCCP10       Copy Report-Report Interface/Report
KE8K   RKDKENNZ       Maintain Key Figures
KE8L   RKDREOBE       EC-PCA: Reorganize Reports
KE8M   SAPMKCB9       EC-PCA: Test Monitor for Drill-Down
KE8O   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
KE8P   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
KE8Q   RCNRCJES       Import Reports
KE8R   RCNRCJEW       Import Form from Client
KE8U   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
KE8V   RKES0101       EC-PCA: Maintain global variables
KE8W   RKDREOFO       EC-PCA: Reorganize Forms
KE80   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Execute Drill-Down Report
KE81   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Create Drill-Down Report
KE82   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Change Drill-Down Report
KE83   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Display Drill-Down Report
KE84   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Create Form
KE85   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Change Form
KE86   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Display Form
KE9D   RKEB0406       Reorganize Line Item Layouts
KE91   SAPMKCEE       Create Line-Item-Based Report
KE94   SAPMKES1       Create form
KE95   SAPMKES1       Change Form
KE96   SAPMKES1       Display Form
KE97   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Report Authorization Objec
KE98   SAPMKEFB       Display Report Authorization Object
KFTP   RKCFILE0       R/2 - R/3 - Link: File Transfer
KGBC   EWBCMPMD       Copy CMP Client
KGI2   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Int.Order   Ind.Pro
KGI4   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead:Int.Ord. Coll. Proc
KGO2   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Commt: Int.Orders  Ind.Pro
KGO4   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Commt: Int.Orders  Col.Pro
KGP2   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders  Ind.Pro
KGP4   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders  Col.Pro
KGST   EWSTEUER       Control Tables: Consistency Check
KIMS   RKCIMSST       R/2 - R/3 - Link: IMS Systems
KISR   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Segment Adjustment
KIS6   SAPMKGA1       Segment Adjustment: Overview
KIS6N  SAPLKAL1       Segment Adjustment: Overview
KJH1   SAPLKKHI       Create WBS Element Groups
KJH2   SAPLKKHI       Change WBS Element Groups
KJH3   SAPLKKHI       Display WBS Element Groups
KKAA   RKAEP000       Sales Document Line Items; Accrual
KKAB   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports
KKAC   RKKBKIS1       Sales Order Hierarchy Display
KKAD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Make-to-Order
KKAE   SAPKKA10       Results Analysis: Display Worklist
KKAF   SAPKKA11       Results Analysis: Delete Worklist
KKAG   SAPMKKAC       WIP: Display Worklist
KKAH   RKKBSELL       Sales Order Selection
KKAI   SAPKKA01       Actual Results Analysis: Orders
KKAIP  SAPKKA01PL     Planned Results Analysis: Orders
KKAJ   SAPKKA00       Actual Results Analysis: WBS Elem.
KKAJP  SAPKKA00PL     Plan Results Analysis: WBS Elements
KKAK   SAPKKA02       Actual Results Analysis: Sales Ordr
KKAKP  SAPKKA02PL     Plan Results Analysis: Sales Orders
KKAL   SAPKKA04       Results Analysis: Display Log
KKAM   MENUKKAM       Make-to-order
KKAN   SAPKKA05       Results Analysis: Delete Log
KKAO   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calc.: Collective Processing
KKAQ   SAPMKKAC       Display WIP - Collective Processing
KKAS   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calc. for Product Cost Coll.
KKAT   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display for Product Cost Coll.
KKAV   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calculation for Cost Object Hie
KKAW   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display Cost Object Hierarchy
KKAX   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calculation for Order
KKAY   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display for Order
KKA0   SAPMKKAB       Maintain Cutoff Period
KKA0P  SAPMKKAB       Maintain Cutoff Period
KKA1   SAPMKKAA       Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc
KKA1P  SAPMKKAA       Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc
KKA2   SAPMKKAA       Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.
KKA2P  SAPMKKAA       Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.
KKA3   SAPMKKAA       Sales Document Item Results Analysi
KKA3P  SAPMKKAA       Sales Document Item Results Analysi
KKA4   SAPMKKAA       Create Res. Analysis Data for Order
KKA5   SAPMKKAA       Create RA Data for WBS Element
KKA6   SAPMKKAA       Create RA Data for Sales Order
KKA7   SAPMKKAA       Delete Results Anal. Data for Order
KKA7P  SAPMKKAA       Delete Results Anal. Data for Order
KKA8   SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for WBS Element
KKA8P  SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for WBS Element
KKA9   SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for Sales Order
KKA9P  SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for Sales Order
KKBB   RKKB1000       Report Call CM
KKBC   SAPMKKB2       Main Tree for CO-PC Info System
KKBD   RKKBSELN       Order Selection Without Variances
KKBE   RKKBSELN       Order Selection with Variances
KKBF   RKKBSEL1       Order Selection (Classification)
KKBG   RKKBJGEN       Generate Report Group
KKBH   SAPMKB02       Planning report: Cost objects
KKBI   RKKBJEIN       Import/Generate FI/CO Report Groups
KKBO   RKKBRPTR       Report Tree
KKBU   SAPMKB01       Cost Object: Planning Overview
KKBZ   RKKRHILI2      Display Hierarchy List
KKB0   RKKB2030       Control Parameters for Info System
KKB0N  RKKB2030N      Control Parameters for Info System
KKB1   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Sales Document
KKB2   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Cost Object
KKB3   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for WBS Elements
KKB4   RKKBKIS1       Itemization for Base Planning Obj.
KKB5   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Material
KKB6   RKKBFOCO       Configure Report Trees
KKCA   RKAEP000       Cost Objects: Variance Line Items
KKCP   RKAEP000       Cost Object Line Items - Plan
KKCS   RKAEP000       Cost Objects: Line Items - Actual
KKCV   SAPMV76A       Var. Cost Obj. Line Items Config.
KKC1   SAPMKKP0       Create Cost Object
KKC2   SAPMKKP0       Change Cost Object
KKC3   SAPMKKP0       Display Cost Object
KKC4   SAPMKKPP       Create Cost Object Planning
KKC5   SAPMKKPP       Change Cost Object Planning
KKC6   SAPMKKPP       Display Cost Object Planning
KKC7   SAPMKKP0       Create Product Group
KKC8   SAPMKKP0       Change Product Group
KKC9   SAPMKKP0       Display Product Group
KKDV   SAPMKEDV       CO-PC: Summarization level maint.
KKEB   RKKEK0BI       Revaluate Base Planning Objects
KKEC   RKKEKLVE       Compare Base Object - Unit Cost Est
KKED   RKKBKIS1       BOM for Base Planning Objects
KKE1   SAPMK70B       Add Base Planning Object
KKE2   SAPMK70B       Change Base Planning Object
KKE3   SAPMK70B       Display Base Planning Object
KKE4   RKKEBTL1       List Base Planning Objects
KKE5   RKKEDEL1       Delete Test Data for Base Object
KKE6   SAPMKKB4       Analyze Unit Cost Est Base Plan Obj
KKE7   RKKBRPTR       Report Tree Base Planning Object
KKFB   RKAEP000       RS Header: Line Items Variance
KKF1   SAPMKAUF       Create CO Production Order
KKF2   SAPMKAUF       Change CO Production Order
KKF3   SAPMKAUF       Display CO Production Order
KKF4   SAPMKBUD       Change CO-FA Plan Values
KKF5   SAPMKBUD       Display CO-FA Plan Values
KKF6   SAPMKOSA       Create Production Cost Collector
KKF6M  RK_PKOSA_MULTI_Create Multiple Product Cost Coll.
KKF6N  SAPMKOSA_46    Maintain Product Cost Collector
KKF7   SAPMKOSA       Change Production Cost Collector
KKF8   SAPMKOSA       List Production Cost Collector
KKF9   RKKSAN00       Find CO Orders
KKG0   SAPMKKAB       Display Cutoff Period
KKG0P  SAPMKKAB       Display Cutoff Period
KKG1   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Order
KKG2   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Project
KKG3   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Sales Order
KKH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Object Group
KKH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Cost Object Group
KKH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Cost Object Group
KKMLH  RKCOBTR2       Transport of Reports
KKMLI  RKCOBTR4       Transport of Forms
KKMLJ  RKCOBTR3       Client Copy of Reports
KKMLK  RKCOBTR5       Client Copy of Forms
KKMLM  SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Object Record Reports
KKMLN  RKDREODA       Reorganization of Report Data
KKMLO  RKDREOBE       Reorganization of Reports
KKMLP  RKDREOFO       Reorganization of Forms
KKMLV  RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
KKML0  SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report
KKML1  SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report
KKML2  SAPMKCEE       Change Drilldown Report
KKML3  SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report
KKML4  SAPMKES1       Create Form
KKML5  SAPMKES1       Change Form
KKML6  SAPMKES1       Display Form
KKML7  RKDKENNZ       Maintain Key Figures
KKML8  RKDBAT02       Background Processing of Reports
KKMN   MENUKKMN       Product costing application area
KKN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Cost.Obj.   Ind.Pro
KKN2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Cost Obj.   Col.Pro
KKOB   MENUKKOB       Basic Functions of Cost Object Cont
KKOG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for Costing
KKOH   RKCOBTR2       Transport of Reports
KKOI   RKCOBTR4       Transport of Forms
KKOJ   RKCOBTR3       Client Copy of Reports
KKOK   RKCOBTR5       Client Copy of Forms
KKOM   SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Object Record Reports
KKON   RKDREODA       Reorganization of Report Data
KKOO   RKDREOBE       Reorganization of Reports
KKOP   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
KKOR   SAPMKKB2       Report Selection
KKOT   RKDREPDV       Split Report
KKOV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
KKOW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type
KKO0   SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report
KKO1   SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report
KKO2   SAPMKCEE       Change Drilldown Report
KKO3   SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report
KKO4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
KKO5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
KKO6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
KKO7   RKKBKKO7       Maintain Key Figures
KKO8   RKDBAT02       Background Processing of Reports
KKPA   SAPLKKP4       Create Cost Est w/o Qty Structure
KKPAN  SAPLCKDI       Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
KKPB   SAPLKKP4       Change Cost Est w/o Qty Structure
KKPBN  SAPLCKDI       Change Cost Est. w/o Quantity Struc
KKPC   SAPLKKP4       Display Cost Est w/o Qty Structure
KKPCN  SAPLCKDI       Display Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
KKPD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Process Manufacturin
KKPDN  SAPLCKDI       Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure
KKPE   SAPMKKB2       Report Selection for Process Mfg
KKPG   RKKPHIE2       Graph. Cost Object Hierarchy Maint.
KKPH   RKKPKTR0       Collective Entry
KKPHIE SAPMKKP0       Cost Object Hierarchy
KKPJ   SAPLKAZB       Actual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Proc.
KKPM   MENUKKPM       Process costing menu
KKPN   RKKPPGR0       Material Assignment
KKPT   SAPMKKP2       Cost Obj Hier: Coll. Proc. Variance
KKPU   SAPMKKB2       User's List of Reports
KKPV   RKKPPV01       Delete Transaction Data
KKPX   SAPMKKPA       Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.
KKPY   SAPMKKPA       Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.
KKPZ   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Cost Obj   Individ
KKP1   SAPMKKP0       Create Hierarchy Master Record
KKP2   SAPMKKP0       Change Hierarchy Master Record
KKP3   SAPMKKP0       Display Hierarchy Master Record
KKP4   SAPLKKP2       Display Cost Object Hierarchy
KKP5   SAPMKKP2       Cost ObjHier: Indiv. Proc. Variance
KKP6   SAPMKKP4       Cost Object: Analysis
KKRA   SAPMKKRD       Order Summarization
KKRC   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: CO Object
KKRO   SAPMKKRD       Data Collection: Product Drilldown
KKRP   SAPMKKRD       Project Summarization
KKRS   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: Repetitive Mfg (COC)
KKRV   RKKRPRRE       Data Collection Product Drilldown
KKRZ   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: Process Mfg (COC)
KKR0   RKKRKKR0       CO Summarization: Hierarchy Mainten
KKR1   RKKRKKR1       CO Summarization: Summ. Object Type
KKR2   RKKRKKR2       CO Summarization: Summ. Characteris
KKSB   SAPMKKB2       Start Selected Reports
KKSD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Order-Related Prod.
KKSM   MENUKKSM       Product Cost Ctrllg: Make-to-Stock
KKSP   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Engineer-to-Order (C)
KKSQ   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Engineer-to-Order (I)
KKSR   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (C)
KKSS   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (I)
KKST   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Cost by Sales Order (C)
KKSU   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Cost by Sales Order (I)
KKSV   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Cost by Sales Order (C)
KKSW   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Cost by Sales Order (I)
KKS1   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Product Cost by Lot (C)
KKS1N  SAPMKKS0       Variances - Product Cost by Lot (C)
KKS2   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Product Cost by Lot (I)
KKS3   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Product Cost by Lot (C)
KKS4   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Product Cost by Lot (I)
KKS5   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Product Cost by Per. (C
KKS6   SAPMKKS0       Variances - Product Cost by Per. (I
KKS7   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Product Cost by Period (C)
KKS8   SAPMKKS0       Scrap - Product Cost by Period (I)
KKV1   RKKBVMA1       View Maint. Sel. Production Orders
KK01   SAPL0KSK       Create Statistical Figure
KK02   SAPL0KSK       Change Statistical Figure
KK03   SAPL0KSK       Display Statistical Key Figures
KK04   RKWBSK00       Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Repor
KK05   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table (Price Overhead)
KK06   SAPMV12A       Change Cond.Table (Price Overhead)
KK07   SAPMV12A       Display Cond.Table (Price Overhead)
KK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
KK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
KK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
KK14   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference
KK16   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInput
KK17   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInpu
KK46   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Change Stat. Key Fig.
KK47   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Display Stat. Key Fig.
KK65   SAPMKES1       COC Create Planng Layt Cost/ActInpu
KK66   SAPMKES1       COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpu
KK67   SAPMKES1       COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInp
KK87   SAPLKO71       Actual settmt: prodn cost collector
KK88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Cost Objects
KK89   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Cost Objects
KK95   SAPMKES1       COC Create Planning Layout Stat. KF
KK96   SAPMKES1       COC Change Planning Layout Stat. KF
KK97   SAPMKES1       COC Display Planning Layout Stat. K
KLABL  RKLDERIFO      Derivation of the Default Risk Rule
KLEH   RKLEHSHOW      Display Logs
KLEXT  RKLEXT02       Display Active External Transaction
KLFZ01 BUSSTART       Facilities: Create
KLFZ02 BUSSTART       Facilities: Change
KLFZ03 BUSSTART       Facilities: Display
KLH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Activity Type Group
KLH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Activity Type Group
KLH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Activity Type Group
KLONL  RKLONLINE      Online Check
KLSDC1 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: New
KLSDC2 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: Change
KLSDC3 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: Deactivat
KLSDC4 RKLSDCLIST     Display Transactions
KLSI01 SAPMKLSI01     Create Collateral Provision
KLSI02 SAPMKLSI01     Change Collateral Provision
KLSI03 SAPMKLSI01     Display Collateral Provision
KL01   SAPLKMA6       Create activity type
KL02   SAPLKMA6       Change activity type
KL03   SAPLKMA6       Display Activity Type
KL04   SAPLKMA6       Delete activity type
KL05   SAPMKMAA       Activity type: Display changes
KL13   SAPLKMA6       Activity Types: Master Data Report
KL14   SAPLKMA6       Delete Activity Types
KL20   SAPLKWSB       Templ. Alloc. Struct. CCTR/Acty Typ
KM1V   RKKSTSEV       Cost Center Selection Variants
KM3V   RKPRZSEV       Select. Variants for Bus. Processes
KM5V   RKKOASEV       Selection Variants: Cost Elements
KM7V   RKLSTSEV       Activity Type Selection Variants
KNMA   SAPLKNMA       Target=Actual-IAA: cost centers
KOAB   RKKOT2         Order Types: Budget Profile
KOAI   RKKOT2         Order Types: Default Int. Planning
KOAK   RKKOT2         Order Types: Classification
KOAL   RKKOT2         Order Types: Settlement Profile
KOAM   RKKOT2         Order Types: Model Order
KOAO   RKKOT2         Order Types: Commitment Update
KOAP   RKKOT2         Order Types: Plan Profile
KOA1   R_ALE_INTERNALOSend Internal Order
KOBP   RKAEP000       Orders: Plan Line Items
KOB1   RKAEP000       Orders: Actual Line Items
KOB2   RKAEP000       Orders: Commitment Line Items
KOB3   RKAEP000       Orders: Variance Line Items
KOB4   RKAEP000       Orders: Budget Line Items
KOB5   RKAEP000       Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement
KOB6   RKAEP000       Orders: Settlement Line Items
KOB7   RKAEP000       Orders: Line Item Settlement Retire
KOB8   RKAEP000       Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Item
KOCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Order Commitments
KOCM   RKOCLMIG       Conversion Classification: AUFK
KOCO   RBPGJA02       Budget Carryforward for Orders
KOC2   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports
KOC4   RKKBALV1       Cost Analysis
KOH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Order Group
KOH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Order Group
KOH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Order Group
KOK2   SAPMKAUF       Collective Proc. Internal Orders
KOK3   SAPMKAUF       Collective Disp. Internal Orders
KOK4   SAPMKAUF       Aut. Collect. Proc. Internal Orders
KOK5   SAPMKAUF       Master Data List Internal Orders
KOK6   SAPMKAUF       Collect. Printing of Internal Order
KOL1   RKOALI01       Order List (Master Data)
KOMM   SAPL0C27       Customizing pick list
KOM1   SAPMKAUF       Create CO model order
KOM2   SAPMKAUF       Change CO Model Order
KOM3   SAPMKAUF       Display CO model order
KONK   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Order Number Ranges
KON1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Int.Orders  Ind.Pro
KON2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Int.Orders  Col.Pro
KOPA1  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Create layou
KOPA2  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Change Layou
KOPA3  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Displ. Layou
KOPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Orders for Plan Revaluation
KOP1   SAPMKPU1       Create Orders for Plan Revaluation
KOP2   SAPMKPU1       Change Orders for Plan Revaluation
KOP3   SAPMKPU1       Display Orders for Plan Revaluation
KOP4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Orders for Plan Revaluation
KORI   RKORJB00       Job Selection
KORJ   RKORJB00       Job Selection (Output)
KOR2   JHS0200S       _
KOSL   MMANALOG       Incompleteness FT Data BOM
KOTZ   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Order
KOT2   RKKOT2         Maintain Order Types - All Categs.
KOT3   RKKOT2         Display Order Types
KOV2   SAPMKAVG       Maintain Transaction Grps for Order
KOV3   SAPMKAVG       Display Transaction Grps for Orders
KOW1   SAPMKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting
KOW1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting
KOW2   SAPMKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting
KOW2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting
KOW3   SAPMKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting
KOW3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting
KOW4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting
KOW4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting
KO01   SAPMKAUF       Create Internal Order
KO02   SAPMKAUF       Change Order
KO03   SAPMKAUF       Display Internal Order
KO04   SAPMKAUF       Order Manager
KO08   RKCFILE0       Data Transfer for Order Master Data
KO09   RKCDSM_A       Sender Structures for Trans. Data
KO1ECP RECP_OPA       Internal Orders: Easy Cost Planning
KO12   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Plan (Overall; Year)
KO12N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Change
KO13   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Plan (Overall; Year)
KO13N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Displa
KO14   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planing for Internal Orders
KO14N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DISet planner profile
KO15   SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual Int.Order Data to Plan
KO2A   SAPMKBUB       Change budget document
KO2B   SAPMKBUB       Display budget document
KO22   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Budget
KO23   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Budget
KO24   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Supplement
KO25   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Supplement
KO26   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Return
KO27   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Return
KO30   BPINDX02       Activate Orders Availability Contro
KO31   RBPFCON1       Reconstruct Order Availability Cntr
KO32   RBPFCOD1       Deactivate Order Availability Cntrl
KO8A   SAPLKO71       Act.-setlmt: Order retmt. from IM
KO8B   SAPLKO71       Display Settlement Document
KO8G   SAPLKO71       Act. Settlment: Int.-/Maint. Orders
KO8N   RKAKO8N0       No. Ranges for Settlement Document
KO88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Order
KO9E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Internal Order
KO9G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Internal Orders
KPAS   SAPLKWTP       Actl. Templ.-Alloc.: CCTR/Acty Type
KPA6   RKOPAPLN       Change Primary Cost Element Plannin
KPA7   RKOPAPLN       Display Primary Cost Elem. Planning
KPB6   RKCCAPLN       Change Activity Type Plan Data
KPB7   RKCCAPLN       Display Activity Type Plan Data
KPC6   RKOPAPLN       Change Activity Input Planning
KPC7   RKOPAPLN       Display activity input planning
KPD6   RKOPAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KPD7   RKOPAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KPEP   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload
KPEU   K_COOM_KPP_FLEXFlexible Upload for Excel Planning
KPE6   RKOPAPLN       Change Revenue Element Planning
KPE7   RKOPAPLN       Display Revenue Element Planning
KPF6   RKOPAPLN       Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin
KPF7   RKOPAPLN       Display CElem./Acty Input Planning
KPG1   SAPMGPLP       Create Planning Parameters
KPG2   SAPMGPLP       Change Planning Parameters
KPG3   SAPMGPLP       Display Planning Parameters
KPG4   SAPMGPLP       Delete Planning Parameters
KPG5   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Planning Layout
KPG6   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Planning Layout
KPG7   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Planning Layout
KPHR   RKHRPLAN       Transfer HR Costs to CO
KPH0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys
KPH1   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key
KPH2   SAPMGPSP       Change Distribution Key
KPH3   SAPMGPSP       Display Distribution Key
KPH4   SAPMGPSP       Delete Distribution Key
KPH5   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
KPH6   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
KPH7   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
KPI6   RKOPAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KPI7   RKOPAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KPPS   SAPLKWTP       Allocation Templ. Plan: CCtr/ATyp
KPRI   SAPMV12A       Define Price Tables
KPRN   RKPLNR10       Copy Resource Planning
KPRO   MENUKPRO       KPRO Administration
KPRW   COKP0003       Evaluate resources used
KPRZ   COKP0004       Depend.Planning: Recalculation
KPR1   RCCAVIEW       Callup View Maintenance With COArea
KPSI   SAPLKNMA       CO-CCA Plan Reconciliation
KPSR   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Segment Reversal
KPT6   SAPLKCTV       Execute Formula Planning
KPUB   RKPU2BAT       Revaluate Plan in Background
KPU1   SAPMKPU1       Create Plan Revaluation
KPU2   SAPMKPU1       Change Plan Revaluation
KPU3   SAPMKPU1       Display Plan Revaluation
KPU4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Plan Revaluation
KPY1   SAPMGPLP       Create Planning Parameters
KPY2   SAPMGPLP       Change Planning Parameters
KPY3   SAPMGPLP       Display Planning Parameters
KPY4   SAPMGPLP       Delete Planning Parameters
KPZ2   SAPMKBUD       Change Cost Center Budget
KPZ3   SAPMKBUD       Display Cost Center Budget
KP04   RKCCAPLN       Set Planner Profile
KP06   RKCCAPLN       Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin
KP07   RKCCAPLN       Display Planning CElem/Act. Input
KP16   RKCCAPLN       Change Plan Data for Primary Costs
KP17   RKCCAPLN       Display Plan Data for Primary Costs
KP26   RKCCAPLN       Change Plan Data for Activity Types
KP27   RKCCAPLN       Display Plan Data for Activity Type
KP36   RKCCAPLN       Change Secondary Cost Plan Data
KP37   RKCCAPLN       Display Secondary Costs Plan Data
KP46   RKCCAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KP47   RKCCAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data
KP56   RKCCAPLN       Change Revenue Plan Data
KP57   RKCCAPLN       Display Revenue Plan Data
KP65   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Planning Layout
KP66   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Planning Layout
KP67   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Planning Layout
KP75   SAPMKES1       Create Activity Type Planning Layou
KP76   SAPMKES1       Change Activity Type Planning Layou
KP77   SAPMKES1       Display Activ. Type Planning Layout
KP80   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys
KP81   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key
KP82   SAPMGPSP       Change Distribution Key
KP83   SAPMGPSP       Display Distribution Key
KP84   SAPMGPSP       Delete Distribution Key
KP85   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
KP86   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
KP87   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
KP9R   COKPR005       Copy CO Resource Prices
KP9S   COKPR004       Revaluate CO Resource Prices
KP90   SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs
KP90NI SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs
KP91   SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs
KP91NI SAPMKPT2       Delete Plan Data
KP95   SAPMKPT5       Revaluate Manual Planning
KP96   SAPMKPT2       Activate L. Items and Int. Planning
KP97   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Cost Centers
KP98   SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Center
KRMI   RKAEP000       Run Sched. Header: Line Items Actua
KR01   SAPMKSRD       Create Summarization
KR02   SAPMKSRD       Change Summarization
KR03   SAPMKSRD       Display Summarization
KR04   SAPMKSRD       Delete Summarization
KR05   SAPMKSRE       Execute Summarization
KSAG   SAPMV12A       Maintain condition tables
KSAH   SAPMV12A       Display condition tables
KSAI   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual Data
KSAJ   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act Cre
KSAP   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Plan Data
KSAQ   SAPMV13A       Maintain surcharge conditions
KSAR   SAPMV13A       Display Overhead Conditions
KSAZ   SAPMKSA0       Accrual: Maintain Overhead Structur
KSA3   SAPLKAZB       Actual Accrual for Cost Centers
KSA4   SAPMKSZB       Execute actual accrual
KSA8   SAPLKAZB       Plan Accrual for Cost Centers
KSA9   SAPMKSZB       Execute Plan Accrual
KSBB   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports
KSBL   SAPMKB01       Cost centers: Planning overview
KSBP   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Plan Line Items
KSBT   RKATARIF       Cost centers: Activity prices
KSB1   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
KSB2   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items
KSB5   RKAEP000       Controlling Documents: Actual
KSB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report: Cost Centers
KSCA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSCAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSCB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSCC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
KSCCN  SAPLKAL1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview
KSCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Cost Center Commitmen
KSCK   SAPLKWA1       Find CCtrs in Cycles and Segments
KSCP   SAPLKWA2       Find Processes in Cycles / Segments
KSCYC3 SAPMKAL4       Display Cycle/Segment Objects
KSC1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
KSC6   SAPMKGA1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
KSC6N  SAPLKAL1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview
KSC7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSC7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSC8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSC8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla
KSC9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
KSC9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan
KSEX   KGALRUNEXTR    Allocations: Extracts
KSFX   SAPLKSF2       Predistribute fixed costs: cctr
KSH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Center Group
KSH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Cost Center Group
KSH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Cost Center Group
KSII   SAPLKSPI       Actual Price Determination: CCtrs
KSI4   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Cost Centers
KSMN   MENUKSMN       Actual Menu
KSOV   RKSOV          Cycle Maintenance/Overview (CCA;ABC
KSO9   SAPLKAZB       Commitment Overhead: Cost Centers
KSPI   SAPLKSPI       Iterative Plan Price Calculation
KSPP   SAPLKSPP       Transfer Planning From Logistics
KSPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Plan Revaluation
KSP4   SAPLKAZB       Plan Overhead: Cost Centers
KSRT   RKGALRTA       Allocations: Runtime Analysis
KSR4   RKSR0C10       User-Defined Strategies
KSS1   SAPLKSS0       Variance Calculation: Cost Centers
KSS2   SAPLKSS0       Actual Cost Splitting: Cost Centers
KSS3   SAPLKSS0       Calculate Target Costs
KSS4   SAPMKACT       Split Plan Costs
KSUA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment
KSUAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment
KSUB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Assessment
KSUC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Assessment: Overview
KSUCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Assessment: Overview
KSU1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Assessment
KSU1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Assessment
KSU2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Assessment
KSU2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Assessment
KSU3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Assessment
KSU3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Assessment
KSU4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Assessment
KSU4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Assessment
KSU5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Assessment
KSU6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Assessment: Overview
KSU6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Assessment: Overview
KSU7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Assessment
KSU7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Assessment
KSU8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Assessment
KSU8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Assessment
KSU9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Assessment
KSU9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Assessment
KSVA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Distribution
KSVAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Distribution
KSVB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Distribution
KSVC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Distribution: Overview
KSVCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Distribution: Overview
KSV1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Distribution
KSV1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Distribution
KSV2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Distribution
KSV2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Distribution
KSV3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Distribution
KSV3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Distribution
KSV4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Distribution
KSV4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Distribution
KSV5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Distribution
KSV6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Distribution: Overview
KSV6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Distribution: Overview
KSV7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Distribution
KSV7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Distribution
KSV8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Distribution
KSV8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Distribution
KSV9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Distribution
KSV9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Distribution
KSWA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Periodic Reposting
KSWAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Periodic Reposting
KSWB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Periodic Reposting
KSWC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview
KSWCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview
KSWUSL KGALWUSL       Where-Used List: Cycles in CCA
KSW1   SAPMKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting
KSW1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting
KSW2   SAPMKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting
KSW2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting
KSW3   SAPMKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting
KSW3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting
KSW4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting
KSW4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting
KSW5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Periodic Reposting
KSW6   SAPMKGA1       Periodic Repostings: Overview
KSW6N  SAPLKAL1       Periodic Repostings: Overview
KSW7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Periodic Reposting
KSW7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Periodic Reposting
KSW8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Periodic Reposting
KSW8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Periodic Reposting
KSW9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Periodic Reposting
KSW9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Periodic Reposting
KS01   SAPLKMA1       Create cost center
KS02   SAPLKMA1       Change cost center
KS03   SAPLKMA1       Display cost center
KS04   SAPLKMA1       Delete cost center
KS05   SAPMKMAA       Cost Center: Display Changes
KS07   SAPMKMA1       Execute rough entry of cost center
KS08   SAPLKMA1       Execute list editing of cost center
KS12   SAPLKMA1       Change Cost Centers
KS13   SAPLKMA1       Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KS14   SAPLKMA1       Delete Cost Centers
KS30   SAPLKMA1       Cost Centers: Change Management
KVA0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KF
KVA1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KF
KVA2   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
KVA3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KF
KVA4   SAPMKWM1       Transfer Plan Statistical Key Figur
KVA5   SAPMKWM1       Transfer Actual Stat. Key Figure
KVA6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment CCtr/KF
KVBI   RKAEP000       Sales Documents: Line Items Actual
KVBO   RKAEP000       Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items
KVB0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF
KVB1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment Process/KF
KVB2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment Process/KF
KVB3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment Process/K
KVB4   SAPMKWM1       PROZ: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures
KVB5   SAPMKWM1       PROZ: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figures
KVB6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment Processes/KF
KVC0   SAPL0KOZ       Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF
KVC1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF
KVC2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF
KVC3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF
KVC4   SAPMKWM1       KSRTG: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures
KVC5   SAPMKWM1       KSRTG: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figure
KVC6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig
KVD0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
KVD1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF
KVD2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
KVD3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF
KVD4   SAPMKWM1       LSTAR: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures
KVD5   SAPMKWM1       LSTAR: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figure
KVD6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure
KW3P   SAPLKW3P       WWW: Internal Price List
KXH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Group (Hierarchical)
KXH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Group (Hierarchical)
KXH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)
KZA1   SAPMKACZ       Select Overhead
LAS0   SAPMSP00       Sequencing
LAS2   SAPLSP00       Change Sequence Schedule
LAS3   SAPLSP00       Display Sequence Schedule
LBWE   RMCEXCUC       LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit
LBWF   RMCEX000       Log for Logistics Extract. Structur
LBW0   RMCSBIWC       Interface LIS Information Structure
LBW1   RMCSBIW0       Update Activation LIS/BW
LBW2   RMCSBIWF       Version Copier LIS/BW
LB01   SAPML02B       Create Transfer Requirement
LB02   SAPML02B       Change transfer requirement
LB03   SAPML02B       Display Transfer Requirement
LB10   SAPML02B       TRs for Storage Type
LB11   SAPML02B       TRs for Material
LB12   SAPML02B       TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.
LB13   SAPML02B       TRs for Requirement
LCO1   RMCWMNMB       Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.
LCO2   RMCWMNTA       Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Order
LC10   RSLVCADM       liveCache Assistant
LC11   RSLVCCON       Creating the liveCache connection
LDAP   SAPMLDAP       LDAP Customizing and Test
LDA2   SAPLLD01       Change Takt Time
LDA3   SAPLLD01       Display Takt Time
LDB1   SAPLLD01       Create Line Hierarchy
LDB2   SAPLLD01       Change Line Hierarchy
LDB3   SAPLLD01       Display Line Hierarchy
LDD1   SAPLLD01       Create Line Balance
LDD2   SAPLLD01       Change Line Balance
LDD3   SAPLLD01       Display Line Balance
LDE1   RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for Routing
LDE2   RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for Line Hier.
LD00   MENULD00       Line Design
LD01   SAPML06D       Repost Communication Document
LD02   RLLD0200       Reposting multiple comm.records
LD03   SAPML06D       Display Communication Document
LD04   RLLD0400       Evaluation of Communication Doc.
LD05   SAPML06D       Check LDK01 Records (internal call)
LD06   SAPML06D       Check LDK02 Records
LD07   SAPML06D       Check LDK03 Records
LD08   SAPML06D       Check LDK04 Records (internal call)
LD09   SAPML06D       Check LDK05 records
LD10   SAPML06D       Clear decentralized inventory diff.
LD11   SAPML06D       Clear differences in R/2
LEAN   RVFTPRAN       Request long-term VendDecl. (vendor
LECI   SAPRLECHKIN    Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LECIW  SAPRLECHKIN    Register Means of Transport/Visitor
LEER   RVFTPRER       Create long-term VenDecl. (customer
LEMA   RVFTPRMA       Dun long-term vendor decl. (vendor)
LEPA   SAPLV53F       Activate Determination Log
LEPD   SHPFPDELETE    Deletion of INDX Records
LEPS   SHPFPDISPLAY   Display Determination Log
LH01   SAPML03T       Assign Pick-HU to TO
LH03   SAPML03T       Assign Pick-HU to TO Display
LIBS   GUILSTCN       List layout
LICC   RLINV060       Cycle Counting per Quant
LISK   RKCSUB00       LIS: Data Collection in R/2
LI01   SAPML04I       Create System Inventory Record
LI01N  SAPML04I       Create System Inventory Record
LI02   SAPML04I       Change System Inventory Record
LI02N  SAPML04I       Change System Inventory Record
LI03   SAPML04I       Display System Inventory Record
LI03N  SAPML04I       Display System Inventory Record
LI04   SAPML04I       Print System Inventory Record
LI05   SAPML04I       Inventory History for Storage Bin
LI11   SAPML04I       Enter Inventory Count
LI11N  SAPML04I       Enter Inventory Count
LI12   SAPML04I       Change inventory count
LI12N  SAPML04I       Change inventory count
LI13   SAPML04I       Display Inventory Count
LI13N  SAPML04I       Display Inventory Count
LI14   SAPML04I       Start Inventory Recount
LI15   RLINV070       Evaluation of quant inventory
LI16   RLINV080       Cancel Physical Inventory Doc. Item
LI20   SAPML04I       Clear Inventory Differences WM
LI21   RLLI2110       Clear Inventory Differences in MM-I
LK01   BUSSTART       Create consumer
LK02   BUSSTART       Change consumer
LK03   BUSSTART       Display consumer
LLDEL  SBAL_DELETE    Delete application logs
LL01   RLLL0100       Warehouse Activity Monitor
LM00   RLOGON         Logon RF
LM01   RLMENU         Dynamic Menu
LM02   RLMOB001       Select by SU -Put Away
LM03   RLMOB001       Put Away - by TO
LM04   RLMOB005       Put Away -System Guided
LM05   RLMOB001       Picking by TO ID
LM06   RLMOB001       Picking - by Delivery ID
LM07   RLMOB008       Picking - System Guided
LM09   RLMOB001       Put Away by Delivery ID
LM11   RLMOB010       Posting Changes
LM12   RLMOB012       Material Inquiry
LM13   RLMOB013       Put Away Clustered
LM18   RLMOB018       Handling Unit Inquiry
LM19   RLMOB019       Handling Unit - Pack
LM22   RLMOB019       Handling Unit - Unpack
LM24   RLMOB019       Packing HU by Delivery
LM25   RLMOB019       Unpack HU by Delivery
LM26   RLMOB007       Picking by Delivery - W/O sel scree
LM27   RLMOB007       Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel scre
LM30   RLMOB030       Load Control - Load by Shipment
LM31   RLMOB031       Load Control - Load by Delivery
LM32   RLMOB032       Load Control - System Guide Load
LM33   RLMOB030       Load Control - UnLd by Shipment.
LM34   RLMOB031       Load Control - UnLd by Delivery
LM35   RLMOB035       Load Control - Detail by Shipping U
LM36   RLMOB036       Load Control - Detail by Delivery
LM37   RLMOB037       Load Control - Detail by Shipment
LM45   RLMOB045       Pick and Pack
LM46   RLMOB045       Pick and Pack by Delivery
LM50   RLMOB003       Count Inventory By System Guided
LM51   RLMOB003       Count Inventory By User Selection
LM55   RLBINPRI       Print Storage Bin Labels
LM56   RLMOB001       Select by SU - Interleaving
LM57   RLMOB005       System Guided Putaway - Interleavin
LM58   RXDCC001       Sys. guided dynamic inventory count
LM59   RXDCC001       User initiated dynamic invent. coun
LM60   RXDCC001       User guided dynamic invent. count
LM61   RLEMOBGRGIDEL  Goods Issue by Delivery
LM62   RLEMOBGRGIMSA  Goods Issue by MS area
LM63   RLEMOBGRGISHP  Goods Issue by Shipment
LM64   RLEMOBGRGIALL  Goods Issue by ALL
LM65   RLEMOBGRGIGRP  Goods Issue by Group
LM66   RLEMOBGRGIHU   Goods Issue by HU
LM71   RLEMOBGRGIDEL  Goods Receipt by Delivery
LM72   RLEMOBGRGIMSA  Goods Receipt by MS area
LM73   RLEMOBGRGISHP  Goods Receipt by Shipment
LM74   RLEMOBGRGIALL  Goods Receipt by ALL
LM76   RLEMOBGRGIHU   Goods Receipt by HU
LM77   RLQUEUE        Queue Assignment
LM80   RLMOBSER       Serial number capture
LNRMS  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_MSGSE
LNRRQ  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_REQES
LNRRS  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_RSRC
LNRTK  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_TASK
LN01   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Transfer Requirem
LN02   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Transfer Orders
LN03   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Quants
LN04   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Posting Changes
LN05   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges physical inventory
LN06   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Group Number
LN07   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.
LN08   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: LVS_LENUM
LPIN   SAPLLCPP       Info: Material Stock WM-PP
LPINW  SAPLLCPP       Info Transaction (IAC)
LPK1   SAPMMPKR       Create Control Cycle for WM
LPK2   SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle for WM
LPK3   SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle for WM
LPK4   RLWMPPC6       Create Contr.Cycles for Rel.Ord.Par
LPRO   MENULPRO       Material Forecast Menu
LPSC   R_SCREEN_CONVERRF Screen Conversion Tool
LPVAS  RLMBP011       VAS Management
LPYRD  RLMBP011       Yard Management
LP00   RLMBP011       Mobile Presentation
LP10   SAPLLCPP       Direct picking for PO
LP11   SAPLLCPP       WM staging of crate parts
LP11W  SAPLLCPP       WM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)
LP12   SAPLLCPP       Staging release order parts (WM-PP)
LP21   RLLNACH1       WM replenishment for fixed bins
LP22   RLLNACH2       Replenishm. Planning for Fixed Bins
LP24   RLLNACH4       WM Replenishment for Random Whse
LQ01   RLLQ0100       Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LQ02   RLLQ0200       Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt
LRF1   SAPLLRFMON     RF Monitor; Active
LRF2   SAPLLRFMON     RF Monitor; Passive
LROUT  RTRM_LROUT     Creation or adjustement of routes
LRSW   RTRM_RES_MAINT Resource element maintenance  wizar
LSMW   /SAPDMC/SAPMLSMLegacy System Migration Workbench
LS01   SAPML01S       Create Warehouse Master Record
LS01N  SAPML01S       Create Warehouse Master Record
LS02   SAPML01S       Change Warehouse Master Record
LS02N  SAPML01S       Change Warehouse Master Record
LS03   SAPML01S       Display Warehouse Master Record
LS03N  SAPML01S       Display Warehouse Master Record
LS04   SAPML01S       Display Empty Storage Bins
LS05   SAPML01S       Generate Storage Bins
LS06   RLLS0600       Block Storage Bins
LS07   RLLS0700       Block Quants
LS08   RLLS0800       Block Storage Bins by Aisle
LS09   RLMS0010       Display Material Data for Stor.Type
LS11   RLLS0600       Change several stor.bins simultan.
LS22   SAPML01S       Change Quants
LS23   SAPML01S       Display Quants
LS24   SAPML01S       Display Quants for Material
LS25   SAPML01S       Display Quants per Storage Bin
LS26   SAPML01S       Warehouse stocks per material
LS27   SAPML01S       Display quants for storage unit
LS28   SAPML01S       Display storage units / bin
LS32   SAPML01S       Change storage unit
LS33   SAPML01S       Display storage unit
LS41   RLLS4100       List of control cycles for WIP loc.
LS51   SAPMV13H       Create Batch Search Strategy - WM
LS52   SAPMV13H       Change Batch Search Strategie - WM
LS53   SAPMV13H       Display Batch Search Strategy - WM
LTRA   RTRMALERT      TRM Alert Monitor
LTRCC  RTRM_CONSISTENCTRM Customization Consistency Check
LT0A   SAPML03T       Pre-plan storage units
LT0B   RLLT0B00       Putaway Pre-Picked Handling Units
LT0C   RLLT0C00       Removal of Pre-Picked HUs from Stoc
LT0D   RLLT0D00       Transfer of Existing Handling Units
LT0E   SAPML03T       Create Removal TO for 2-Step Pickin
LT0F   SAPML03T       Create TO for Inbound Delivery
LT0G   RLLT0G00       Return delivery to stock
LT0H   RLLT0E00       Putaway/Stock Transfer of HUs
LT0I   RLLT0F00       Removal of Handling Units from Stoc
LT0J   SAPML03T       Put Away Handling Unit
LT0R   RLLT0R00       Request replenishment manually
LT0S   SAPML03T       Create TO for multiple deliveries
LT01   SAPML03T       Create Transfer Order
LT02   SAPML03T       Create TO for Inventory Difference
LT03   SAPML03T       Create TO for Delivery
LT04   SAPML03T       Create TO from TR
LT05   SAPML03T       Process Posting Change Notice
LT06   SAPML02B       Create TO for Material Document
LT07   SAPML03T       Create TO for mixed storage unit
LT08   SAPML03T       Manual Addition to Storage Unit
LT09   SAPML03T       ID point function for storage units
LT1A   SAPML03T       Change Transfer Order
LT1B   SAPML03T       Confirm TO-Item Pick
LT1C   SAPML03T       Confirm TO-Item Transport
LT1D   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Pick
LT1E   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Transport
LT1F   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for SU Pick
LT1G   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for SU Transport
LT10   RLS10034       Create Transfer Order from List
LT11   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Item
LT12   SAPML03T       Confirm transfer order
LT13   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for storage unit
LT14   SAPML03T       Confirm preplanned TO item
LT15   SAPML03T       Cancelling transfer order
LT16   SAPML03T       Cancelling TO for storage unit
LT17   SAPML03T       Single Entry of Actual Data
LT21   SAPML03T       Display Transfer Order
LT22   RLLT2200       Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type
LT23   RLLT2300       Display Transfer Orders by Numbers
LT24   RLLT2400       Display Transfer Order / Material
LT25   RLLT2500       Display Transfer Order / Group
LT25A  RLLT2501       Display Transfer Order / Group
LT25N  RLLT2502       Confirm Transfer ORder / Group
LT26   RLLT2600       Transfer orders for storage bin
LT27   RLLT2700       Transfer order for storage unit
LT28   RLLT2800       Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT31   SAPML03T       Print TO Manually
LT32   SAPML03T       Print transfer order for stor.unit
LT41   SAPML05S       Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing
LT42   SAPML05S       Create TOs by Multiple Processing
LT43   SAPML05S       Forming groups for deliveries
LT44   SAPML05S       Release for Multiple Processing
LT45   RLSAMM10       Evaluation of reference numbers
LT63   RLLT6300       Control: Single Entry of Actual Dat
LT64   RLLT6400       Single Entry of Actual Data
LT72   SAPLL2PIK      Determine 2-step relevance
LT73   SAPLL2PIK      Display 2-step
LU01   SAPML02B       Create Posting Change Notice
LU02   SAPML02B       Change Posting Change Notice
LU03   SAPML02B       Display Posting Change Notice
LU04   SAPML02B       Selection of Posting Change Notices
LVASA  RLVALERT       VAS Alert Monitor
LVASNR SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: LXVAS_VOI
LXDCA  RCDALERT       Cross Docking Alert Monitor
LXDCK  RXDMONITOR     Cross-Docking Monitor
LX01   RLS10010       List of Empty Storage Bins
LX02   RLS10020       Stock list
LX03   RLS10030       Bin Status Report
LX04   RLS10040       Capacity load utilization
LX05   RLS10050       Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim
LX06   RLS10060       Fire Department Inventory List
LX07   RLS10070       Check storage
LX08   RLS10080       Accident Regulations List
LX09   RLB10010       Overview of All Transf.Requirements
LX10   RLT10010       Activities per Storage Type
LX11   RLT10020       Document overview
LX12   RLT10030       Document Overview: Landscape Format
LX13   RLT10040       Analysis of differences
LX14   RLT10050       Matl mvmt frequency
LX15   RLINV010       Selection of Bins for Annual Invent
LX16   RLINV015       Selection of Bins for Continuous In
LX17   RLINV020       List of Inventory Differences
LX18   RLINV030       Statistics of Inventory Differences
LX19   RLBEST00       Inventory Data Takeover by Btch Inp
LX20   RLVST333       Generate interim storage bins
LX21   RLKOMM40       Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.
LX22   RLI30010       Process Inventory from Overview
LX23   RLABGL00       Stock comparison IM - WM
LX24   RLS10240       Display of hazardous mat.numbers
LX25   RLINV040       Inventory Status
LX26   RLINV050       Inventory in WM via cycle counting
LX27   RLS30010       Stock levels by shelf life
LX28   RLSUB000       Relevant TO item for ext.system
LX29   RLS10090       Fixed bin supervision
LX30   RLSUB010       Overview of WM messages ext.system
LX31   RLVSDR20       Analysis of print control tables
LX32   RLRT0001       Archived transfer orders
LX33   RLRB0001       Archived transfer requirements
LX34   RLRU0001       Archived posting change notices
LX35   RLRI0001       Archived system inventory records
LX36   RLRH0001       Archived inventory histories
LX37   RLSUB020       Linked objects
LX38   RLOLML02       Check Report Customizing Strategy K
LX39   RL2STK00       Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pc
LX40   RLWMPPC1       Material Situation Prod. Storage Bi
LX41   RLWMPPC3       Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
LX42   RLWMPPC4       Evaluation PP Order from WM View
LX43   RLWMPPC5       Consistency Check for Control Cycle
LX44   RLL10010       Inward and outward movements
LX45   RLVERIFY       Verification Field in Storage Bin
LX46   RLT1HR00       Transmission WM perform. data to HR
LX47   RLLX4700       Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update
LYCHP  RLYREGISTER    Check-in / Check-out transaction
LYLDP  RLYREGISTER    Load & unload transaction
LYRDA  RLYALERT       Yard Alert Monitor
LYRDM  RLYMONITOR     Yard Monitor
LYSCH  RLXYRD_SCHDL_CHYard Scheduling Chart
LYVHC  RLYREGISTER    Yard Inventory
M/N2   SAPMV12A       Create free goods table
M/N3   SAPMV12A       Display free goods table
M/03   SAPMV12A       Create Conditions Table (Purchasing
M/04   SAPMV12A       Change Conditions Table (Purchasing
M/05   SAPMV12A       Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing
M/13   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table (Service)
M/14   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (Services)
M/15   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table (Services)
M/56   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ
M/57   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change Condition Table
M/58   SAPMV12A       Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ
M/59   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Orde
M/60   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Orde
M/61   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
M/62   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd
M/63   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd
M/64   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched
M/65   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.
M/66   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.
M/67   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt
M/70   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh
M/71   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh
M/72   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.
M_LA   SAPMV14A       Purchasing: Condition List
M_LB   SAPMV14A       Change Condition List
M_LC   SAPMV14A       Display Condition List
M_LD   SAPMV14A       Execute Condition List
MAL1   SAPMMG01       Create material via ALE
MAL2   SAPMMG01       Change material via ALE
MAP1   SAPMF02K       Create contact person
MAP2   SAPMF02K       Change contact person
MAP3   SAPMF02K       Display contact person
MASS   SAPMMSDL       Mass Change
MASSD  MASSD_DIALOG   Mass Maintenance
MBBM   RM07MMBL       Batch Input: Post Material Document
MBBR   RM07RRES       Batch Input: Create Reservation
MBBS   RM07MBWS       Display valuated special stock
MBC1   SAPMV13H       Create MM Batch Search Strategy
MBC2   SAPMV13H       Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBC3   SAPMV13H       Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBGR   RM07MGRU       Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reaso
MBLB   RM07MLBB       Stocks at Subcontractor
MBNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges; Material Document
MBNL   SAPMM07M       Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc
MBN1   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Create (Purchasing)
MBN2   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Change (Purchasing)
MBN3   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Display (Purchasing)
MBRL   SAPMM07M       Return Delivery for Matl Document
MBSF   SAPMM07M       Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
MBSI   RM07SINV       Find Inventory Sampling
MBSL   SAPMM07M       Copy Material Document
MBSM   RM07MSTO       Display Cancelled Material Docs.
MBST   SAPMM07M       Cancel Material Document
MBSU   SAPMM07M       Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scr
MBVR   RM07RVER       Management Program: Reservations
MBWO   RM07MWOFF      test
MBW1   SAPMMBW1       Special stocks via WWW
MBXA   SAPLMBXA       Printout of XAB Documents
MB0A   SAPMM07M       Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB00   MENUMB00       Inventory Management
MB01   SAPMM07M       Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB02   SAPMM07M       Change Material Document
MB03   SAPMM07M       Display Material Document
MB04   SAPMM07M       Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp
MB05   SAPMM07M       Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Ma
MB1A   SAPMM07M       Goods Withdrawal
MB1B   SAPMM07M       Transfer Posting
MB1C   SAPMM07M       Other Goods Receipts
MB11   SAPMM07M       Goods Movement
MB21   SAPMM07R       Create Reservation
MB22   SAPMM07R       Change Reservation
MB23   SAPMM07R       Display Reservation
MB24   RM07RESL       Reservation List
MB25   RM07RESL       Reservation List
MB26   PP_PICK_LIST   Picking list
MB31   SAPMM07M       Goods Receipt for Production Order
MB5B   RM07MLBD       Stocks for Posting Date
MB5C   RM07MCHS       Pick-Up List
MB5K   RM07KO01       Stock Consistency Check
MB5L   RM07MBST       List of Stock Values: Balances
MB5M   RM07MMHD       BBD/Prod. Date
MB5S   RM07MSAL       Display List of GR/IR Balances
MB5T   RM07MTRB       Stock in transit CC
MB5U   RM07AUMD       Analyze Conversion Differences
MB5W   RM07MBST       List of Stock Values
MB51   RM07DOCS       Material Doc. List
MB52   RM07MLBS       List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB53   RM07MWRKK      Display Plant Stock Availability
MB54   RM07MKBS       Consignment Stocks
MB55   RM07MMST       Display Quantity String
MB56   RVBBWULS       Analyze batch where-used list
MB57   RM07MCHW       Compile Batch Where-Used List
MB58   RM07MKON       Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Custome
MB59   RM07DOCS       Material Doc. List
MB9A   RM07MAAU       Analyze archived mat. documents
MB90   MM70AMEA       Output Processing for Mat. Document
MC.A   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Rec/Iss
MC.B   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Turnover
MC.C   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Coverage
MC.D   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock
MC.E   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Is
MC.F   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover
MC.G   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage
MC.H   RMCB0500       INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stoc
MC.I   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.J   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnove
MC.K   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverag
MC.L   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stoc
MC.M   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.N   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnove
MC.O   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverag
MC.P   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock
MC.Q   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss
MC.R   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover
MC.S   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage
MC.T   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stoc
MC.U   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issue
MC.V   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover
MC.W   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage
MC.1   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
MC.2   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection; Rec/Is
MC.3   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;Turnove
MC.4   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;Coverag
MC.5   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection; Stock
MC.6   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Is
MC.7   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection;Turnove
MC.8   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection; Coverag
MC.9   RMCB0300       INVCO: Material Anal.Selection;Stoc
MC(A   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer;Inc.Orders - Selectio
MC(B   RMCV1300       SIS: Variant Configuration
MC(E   RMCV0200       SIS: Material;Inc.Orders - Selectio
MC(I   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection
MC(M   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office; Inc.Orders Selec
MC(Q   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee; Inc.Orders Selection
MC(U   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.
MC+A   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Returns; Selection
MC+E   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer; Sales - Selection
MC+I   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec.
MC+M   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Returns; Selection
MC+Q   RMCV0200       SIS: Material; Sales - Selection
MC+U   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Credit Memos; Selec.
MC+Y   RMCV0300       SIS: Sales Org. Returns; Selection
MC+2   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales; Selec
MC+6   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selectio
MC$<   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection
MC$>   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection
MC$:   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection
MC$A   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selectio
MC$C   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selectio
MC$E   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection
MC$G   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selectio
MC$I   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selectio
MC$K   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selectio
MC$M   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection
MC$O   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection
MC$0   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selectio
MC$2   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection
MC$4   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection
MC$6   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selectio
MC$8   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selectio
MC-A   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Returns; Selectio
MC-E   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection
MC-I   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Sele
MC-M   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee - Returns; Selection
MC-Q   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee - Sales; Selection
MC-U   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee - Credit Memos; Selec
MC-0   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Point Returns; Selec.
MC/B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO
MC/E   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS
MC/H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: PURCHIS
MC/I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: PURCHIS
MC/J   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: PURCHIS
MC/K   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: PURCHIS
MC/L   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/M   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/N   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS
MC/Q   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/SIS
MC/R   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/SIS
MC/S   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/SIS
MC/T   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: SIS
MC/U   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: SIS
MC/V   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: SIS
MC/W   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: SIS
MC/X   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC/Y   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC/Z   SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC/1   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/INVCO
MC/4   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: INVCO
MC/5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: INVCO
MC/6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: INVCO
MC/7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: INVCO
MC/8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: INVCO
MC/9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: INVCO
MC?0   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Schedule Jobs - Exceptions
MC?1   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Exception
MC?2   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Maintain Exception
MC?3   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Exception
MC?4   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Exception Group
MC?5   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Change Exception Group
MC?6   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Exception Group
MC?7   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Jobs - Exceptions
MC?8   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Change Jobs - Exceptions
MC?9   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Jobs - Exceptions
MC:B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: RIS
MC:1   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/RIS
MC:2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/RIS
MC:3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/RIS
MC:4   SAPMMCY1       Create exception group: RIS
MC:5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: RIS
MC:6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: RIS
MC:7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: RIS
MC:8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: RIS
MC:9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: RIS
MC=B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: SFIS
MC=E   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/PMIS
MC=H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: PMIS
MC=I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: PMIS
MC=J   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: PMIS
MC=K   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: PMIS
MC=L   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=M   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=N   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: PMIS
MC=Q   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=R   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=S   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/QMIS
MC=T   SAPMMCY1       Display groups exception: QMIS
MC=U   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: QMIS
MC=V   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: QMIS
MC=W   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: QMIS
MC=X   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions QMIS
MC=Y   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS
MC=Z   SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMIS
MC=1   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/SFIS
MC=4   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: SFIS
MC=5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: SFIS
MC=6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: SFIS
MC=7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: SFIS
MC=8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: SFIS
MC=9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: SFIS
MCAA   SAPMMCS1       WFIS: Maintain Requirements
MCAC   SAPMMCS1       WFIS: Maintain Formulas
MCAE   SAPMMC0C       WFIS: Activate Updating
MCAF   SAPMMCS4       WFIS: Standard Analyses
MCAG   SAPMMCSC       WFIS: Customizing; Standard Analyse
MCAH   RMCAORG0       WFIS: Organization View - Selection
MCAI   RMCAPRO0       WFIS: Process View - Selection
MCAJ   RMCAOBJ0       WFIS: Object View - Selection
MCAK   RMCAGRU0       WFIS: Group View - Selection
MCAL   RMCAEXP0       WFIS: Sample Scenario - Selection
MCAM   RMCAKOMM       WFIS: Append Structure
MCAN   RMCAEXIT       WFIS: Selection Program
MCAO   RMCAAPP0       WIS: Application PM/QM/SM Selection
MCAP   RMCADELE       WIS: Delete Data
MCAQ   RMCAADJU       WIS: Correct Data
MCAR   RMCADATA       WIS: Transfer Data
MCAT   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCAU   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCAV   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCAW   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Display Evaluation
MCAX   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Change Evaluation
MCAY   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Create Evaluation
MCAZ   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Execute Evaluation
MCA7   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Execute Evaluation
MCB&   RMCBDISP       INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt
MCB)   RMCB1200       INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection
MCB%   RMCBPARA       INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal
MCBA   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection
MCBC   RMCB0200       INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selectio
MCBE   RMCB0300       INVCO: Material Analysis Selection
MCBG   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis Selectio
MCBI   RMCB0500       INVCO: Business Area Anal. Selectio
MCBK   RMCB0600       INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection
MCBM   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Analysis Selection
MCBO   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Analysis Selection
MCBR   RMCB0900       INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection
MCBV   RMCB1000       INVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection
MCBZ   RMCB1100       INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection
MCB1   MENUMCB1       Inventory Controlling
MCB2   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure
MCB3   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Change Evaluation Structure
MCB4   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Display Evaluation Structure
MCB5   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Create Evaluation
MCB6   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Change Evaluation
MCB7   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Display Evaluation
MCC1   MENUMCC1       Inventory Controlling
MCC2   MENUMCC2       Inventory Information System
MCC3   RMCBNEUA       Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Doc
MCC4   RMCBNEUB       Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stoc
MCDA   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Create Evaluation
MCDB   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Change Evaluation
MCDC   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Display Evaluation
MCDG   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation
MCD7   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure
MCD8   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure
MCD9   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure
MCE+   RMCE0900       PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. Settlm
MCEA   RMCE0600       PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis
MCEB   RMCE0700       PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysi
MCEC   RMCE0800       PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis
MCER   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selectio
MCES   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selectio
MCE0   MENUMCE0       Purchasing Information System
MCE1   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selectio
MCE2   SAPMMCS3       PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc
MCE3   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection
MCE5   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection
MCE7   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selectio
MCE8   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection
MCE9   MENUMCE9       Purchasing Information System
MCGC   RMCW1400       RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk - Selectio
MCGD   RMCW1600       RIS: POS: Sales - Selection
MCGE   RMCW1700       RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS - Selectio
MCGF   RMCW1800       RIS: POS: Cashier - Selection
MCGG   RMCW1900       RIS: Cust./Material Grp - Selection
MCGH   RMCW2000       RIS: Customer/Material - Selection
MCGJ   RMCW2800       RIS: POS: POS Balancing - Selection
MCGK   RMCW2900       RIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selectio
MCGL   RMCW3000       RIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel.
MCG1   MENUMCG1       Rough-Cut Planning Profiles
MCG2   SAPMMCSC       Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-R
MCG3   SAPMMCS4       Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail
MCH+   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCH:   RMCW0300       RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selectio
MCHA   RMCW2500       RIS: Till Receipt/Matl - Selection
MCHB   RMCW2700       RIS: Till Receipt - Selection
MCHC   RMCWAPRI_START Companion sales
MCHG   RMCW0600       RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selectio
MCHP   RMCW0900       RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck - Selectio
MCHS   RMCW1000       RIS: Promotion - Selection
MCHV   RMCW1100       RIS: Material/Add-On - Selection
MCHY   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCHZ   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCH0   MENUMCH0       Retail Information System
MCH1   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Execute Evaluation
MCH2   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Create Evaluation
MCH3   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Change Evaluation
MCH4   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Display Evaluation
MCH6   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: RIS
MCH7   SAPMMCS3       RIS: Update Diagnosis; SP Change Do
MCH8   RMCW2300       RIS: Perishables - Selection
MCH9   RMCW2400       RIS: Inventory Controlling - Stores
MCIA   RMCI1000       PMIS: Customer Notification Analysi
MCIS   SAPMMCS4       Call Up PM Standard Analyses
MCIZ   RMCI1100       PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis
MCI0   MENUMCI0       Plant Maintenance Information Syste
MCI1   RMCI0300       PMIS: Object Class Analysis
MCI2   RMCI0700       PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis
MCI3   RMCI0200       PMIS: Location Analysis
MCI4   RMCI0600       PMIS: Planner Group Analysis
MCI5   RMCI0800       PMIS: Object Damage Analysis
MCI6   RMCI0500       PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis
MCI7   RMCI0100       PMIS: Breakdown Analysis
MCI8   RMCI0900       PMIS: Cost Evaluation
MCJB   RIEQS070       MTTR/MTBR for Equipment
MCJC   RITPS070       FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair
MCJE   MENUMCJE       PMIS: Info System
MCJ1   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Create Evaluation
MCJ2   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Change Evaluation
MCJ3   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Display Evaluation
MCJ4   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCJ5   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCJ6   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCJ7   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCKA   RMCROIW0       OIW Metadata
MCKB   RMCSSLVS       TIS selection version tree
MCKC   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. TIS select. version tree
MCKH   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Sales
MCKI   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Purchasing
MCKJ   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Stock
MCKK   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Production
MCKL   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Quality
MCKM   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Plant Maint
MCKN   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Retail
MCKO   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: General
MCKP   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. selec. vers. tree: Sales
MCKQ   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Purchas
MCKR   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Stock
MCKS   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Product
MCKT   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Quality
MCKU   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PM
MCKV   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Retail
MCKW   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: General
MCKY   RMCSSLVS       WFIS: Selection Versions (User-Spec
MCKZ   RMCSSLVS       WFIS: Selection Versions (General)
MCK0   MENUMCK0       Plant Maintenance Information Syste
MCK1   SAPMMCSH       Create Hierarchy
MCK2   SAPMMCSH       Change hierarchy
MCK3   SAPMMCSH       Display hierarchy
MCK4   SAPMMCSH       Change SAP OIW Hierarchy
MCK5   SAPMMCSH       Display SAP OIW Hierarchy
MCK6   SAPMMCSH       Create Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK7   SAPMMCSH       Change Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK8   SAPMMCSH       Display Customer OIW Hierarchy
MCK9   SAPMMCSH       Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog
MCLD   RMCB2300       WM: Material Flow - Selection
MCLH   RMCB2400       WM: Movement Types - Selection
MCL1   RMCB2000       WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
MCL5   RMCB2100       WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection
MCL9   RMCB2200       WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selectio
MCM+   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Create Selection Version
MCM-   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Change Selection Version
MCM/   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Display Selection Version
MCM%   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Create Selection Version
MCM?   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Schedule Selection Version
MCMA   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Display selection version
MCMB   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: SelecVers: Schedule job
MCMC   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Create selection version
MCMD   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Change selection version
MCME   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Display selection version
MCMF   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCMG   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Create selection version
MCMH   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Change selection version
MCMI   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Display selection version
MCMJ   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Selection Version:Schedule Jo
MCMK   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Create selection version
MCML   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Change selection version
MCMM   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Display selection verison
MCMN   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCMO   SAPMMCSV       Create selection version
MCMP   SAPMMCSV       Change selection version
MCMQ   SAPMMCSV       Display selection version
MCMR   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Create Variant
MCMS   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Change Variant
MCMT   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Display Variant
MCMV   SAPMMCSV       Selection version: Schedule job
MCMX   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Change Selection Version
MCMY   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Display Selection Version
MCMZ   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Selection Version: Schedule Jo
MCM0   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Change selection version
MCM1   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Create selection version
MCM10  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Create selection version
MCM11  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Change selection version
MCM12  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Display selection version
MCM13  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Selection Version: Schedule Jo
MCM2   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Change selection version
MCM3   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Display selection version
MCM4   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Selec. version: Schedule job
MCM5   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Create selection version
MCM6   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Change selection version
MCM7   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Display selection version
MCM8   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule job
MCM9   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Create selection version
MCNB   RMCBINIT_BW    BW: Initialize Stock Balances
MCNR   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: MCLIS
MCOA   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Cust. analysis; Lot overview
MCOB   RMCQ2400       QMIS: General Results for Customer
MCOC   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overvie
MCOD   RMCQ2500       QMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust
MCOE   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score
MCOG   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter
MCOI   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities
MCOK   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Expense
MCOM   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp.
MCOO   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer analysis - insp. lot
MCOP   RMCQ0800       QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not.
MCOV   RMCQ0500       QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not.
MCOX   RMCQ1200       QMIS: Customer Analysis Defects
MCO1   CALLSTAOTB     RIS: OTB - Selection
MCO2   RMCACOP8       OTB: Copy Planning Type
MCO4   CALLOTB        Create OTB Planning
MCO5   CALLOTB        Change OTB Planning
MCO6   CALLOTB        Display OTB Planning
MCO7   CALLOTB        Create OTB Planning
MCO8   CALLOTB        Change OTB Planning
MCO9   CALLOTB        Display OTB Planning
MCPB   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Dates
MCPD   RMCF0100       Production order analysis: Dates
MCPF   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Dates
MCPH   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Dates
MCPI   MENUMCPI       Menu: Production Info System
MCPK   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Quantities
MCPM   RMCF0100       Production order anal.: Quantities
MCPO   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Quantities
MCPQ   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Quantities
MCPS   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Lead time
MCPU   RMCF0100       Production Order Analysis: Lead Tim
MCPW   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Lead time
MCPY   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Lead time
MCP0   MENUMCP0       Shop Floor Information System
MCP1   RMCF0200       SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection
MCP3   RMCF0100       SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP5   RMCF0300       SFIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCP6   RMCFSERI       Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg
MCP7   RMCF0400       SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selectio
MCP8   RMCF2500       Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg
MCP9   RMCF0500       SFIS: Select Run Schedule
MCQ.   RMCFPK00       SFIS: Kanban analysis selection
MCQA   SAPMMCS4       Call Up QM Standard Analyses
MCR:   SAPMMCSC       Std Analyses: User Settings; CALL
MCRB   RMCSGENA       LIS: Generate Evaluations
MCRC   RMCS802T       Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures
MCRE   RMCF0600       Material Usage Analysis: Selection
MCRG   RMCFCUST       Change Settings: PPIS
MCRH   RMCFCUST       Display Settings: PPIS
MCRI   RMCF0700       Product Cost Analysis: Selection
MCRJ   RMCF2700       Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg
MCRK   RMCFSERI       Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg
MCRM   RMCF0800       Reporting Point Stats.: Selection
MCRO   RMCF2600       Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mf
MCRP   RMCFSERI       Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mf
MCRQ   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses: PP-IS
MCRU   RMCF0200       PP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection
MCRV   RMCF0100       PP-PI: Process Order Analysis
MCRW   RMCF0400       PP-PI: Resources Selection
MCRX   RMCF0600       PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis
MCRY   RMCF0700       PP-PI: Product Cost Analysis
MCR1   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Create Evaluation
MCR2   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Change Evaluation
MCR3   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Display Evaluation
MCR4   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Execute Evaluation
MCR7   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCR8   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCR9   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure
MCS/   RMCSISGN       Mass Generation: Info Struct./Updat
MCSA   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Create Evaluation
MCSB   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Change Evaluation
MCSC   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Display Evaluation
MCSG   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Execute Evaluation
MCSH   SAPMMCS4       Call Std. Analyses of Customer Appl
MCSI   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Sales
MCSJ   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Purchasin
MCSK   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Stocks
MCSL   SAPMMCS4       Call Shop Floor Standard Analyses
MCSM1  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Create evaluation
MCSM2  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Change evaluation
MCSM3  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Display evaluation
MCSM4  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Execute evaluation
MCSM5  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Create evaluation structure
MCSM6  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Change evaluation structure
MCSM7  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Display evaluation structure
MCSR   SAPMMCS4       Standard Analyses External Data
MCSS   SAPMMCS3       Display Log: Gen. Info Structure
MCST   SAPMMCS3       Display Log: Gen. Updating
MCSX   SAPMMCS4       Archive Statistical Data
MCSY   RMCSCORS       Reset Time Stamp: LIS Generation
MCSZ   SAPMMCS4       Convert LIS Statistical Data
MCS1   SAPMMCS4       Standard Analyses; General Logistic
MCS7   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCS8   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCS9   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Display Evalaution Structure
MCTA   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection
MCTC   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Analysis - Selection
MCTE   RMCV0300       SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selectio
MCTG   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selectio
MCTI   RMCV0500       SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection
MCTK   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selectio
MCTV01 RMCV0800       SIS: Sales Activity - Selection
MCTV02 RMCV0900       SIS: Sales Promotions - Selection
MCTV03 RMCV1000       SIS: Address List - Selection
MCTV04 RMCV1100       SIS: Address Counter - Selection
MCTV05 RMCV1200       SIS: Customer Potential Analysis
MCT0   MENUMCT0       Initial SIS Screen
MCT1   MENUMCT1       Standard SDIS Analyses
MCT2   MENUMCT2       Initial SIS Screen
MCUA   RMCT0100       TIS: Shpt analysis
MCUB   RMCT0200       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes
MCUC   RMCT0300       TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTranspor
MCUD   RMCT0400       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping
MCUE   RMCT0500       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages
MCUF   RMCT0600       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material
MCU0   MENUMCU0       Transportation Info System (TIS)
MCU1   RMCSUNIT       Create LIS Unit
MCU2   RMCSUDEL       Delete LIS Unit
MCU3   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses: Transportat
MCVA   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview
MCVB   RMCQ2200       QMIS: General Results for Vendor
MCVC   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Qty Overvie
MCVD   RMCQ2300       QMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor
MCVE   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score
MCVG   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Lot Numbers
MCVI   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Quantities
MCVK   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Effort
MCVM   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analyis - Level & Disp
MCVO   RMCQ0100       Vendor Analysis - Lots Overview
MCVP   RMCQ0700       QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif
MCVQ   MENUMCVQ       Quality Management Info System QMIS
MCVR   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis - order
MCVS   SAPMMCS3       TIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn
MCVT   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis - delivery
MCVV   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis - billing doc
MCVVK  SAPMMCS3       SIS: Updating - Sales Activities
MCVW   SAPMMCS3       INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc
MCVX   RMCQ1000       QMIS: Vendor analysis defects
MCVY   SAPMMCS3       INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc
MCVZ   RMCQ0400       QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overvie
MCV0   MENUMCV0       Purchasing Information System
MCV1   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor analysis - insp. lot
MCV3   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material analysis - insp. lot
MCV5   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Price List w.Stepped Displa
MCV6   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Indiv. Customer Prices List
MCV7   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up List of Price Groups
MCV8   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Material/MatPrcGroup List
MCV9   RVAUFERR       Call Up List of Incomplete Document
MCWIS  SAPMMCS3       FK Simulation Inventory Document
MCWRP  SAPMMCS3       FK Simulation Invoice Document
MCW1   RMCE5000       PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header
MCW2   RMCE5100       PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item
MCW3   RMCE5200       PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header
MCW4   RMCE5300       PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item
MCW5   SAPLMCW1_WLF   Payment: Simulate Updating
MCW6   RMCENEUB       LIS Setup for Agency Documents
MCXA   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overvie
MCXB   RMCQ2000       QMIS: General Results for Material
MCXC   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis - Qty Overview
MCXD   RMCQ2100       QMIS: Quant. Results for Material
MCXE   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis - Quality Score
MCXG   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis - Lot Numbers
MCXI   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis - Quantitie
MCXK   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis - Effort
MCXM   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis - Level & Disp.
MCXP   RMCQ0600       QMIS: Matl. Analysis - Q Notif. Ite
MCXV   RMCQ0300       QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not.
MCXX   RMCQ0900       QMIS: Material analysis defects
MCX1   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Create Evaluation
MCX2   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Change Evaluation
MCX3   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Display Evaluation
MCX4   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Execute Evaluation
MCX7   SAPMMCS7       QIS: Create Evaluation Structure
MCX8   SAPMMCS7       QIS: Change Evaluation Structure
MCX9   SAPMMCS7       QIS: display evaluation structure
MCYA   SAPMMCY1       Delete Jobs: Exceptions
MCYB   SAPMMCY1       Plan Jobs: Exceptions
MCYG   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis INVCO
MCYH   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PURCHIS
MCYI   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: SIS
MCYJ   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PP-IS
MCYK   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PM-IS
MCYL   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: QM-IS
MCYM   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: Retail IS
MCYN   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: LIS-General
MCYO   SAPMMCY1       Exception analysis: TIS
MCYO0  SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions: TIS
MCYO1  SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/TIS
MCYO2  SAPMMCY1       Maintain Exception: EWS/TIS
MCYO3  SAPMMCY1       Display Exception: EWS/TIS
MCYO4  SAPMMCY1       Create Exception Group: TIS
MCYO5  SAPMMCY1       Change Exception Group: TIS
MCYO6  SAPMMCY1       Display Exception: TIS
MCYO7  SAPMMCY1       Create Job for Exception: TIS
MCYO8  SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions: TIS
MCYO9  SAPMMCY1       Display jobs: Exceptions SIS
MCYY   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Exception Analysis
MCY1   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception EWS/LIS
MCY2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain Exception EWS/LIS
MCY3   SAPMMCY1       Display Exception (EWS/LIS)
MCY4   SAPMMCY1       Create Group Exception
MCY5   SAPMMCY1       Change Group Exception
MCY6   SAPMMCY1       Display Exception
MCY7   SAPMMCY1       Create Job For Exception
MCY8   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions
MCY9   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions
MCZ1   SAPMMCSE       Create LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ2   SAPMMCSE       Change LIS Inbound Interface
MCZ3   SAPMMCSE       Display LIS Inbound Interface
MC0A   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Key Figs.
MC0C   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Info Sets
MC00   MENUMC00       Logistics Information System (LIS)
MC01   SAPMMCL1       Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets
MC02   SAPMMCL1       Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text String
MC03   SAPMMCL1       Key Fig Retrieval via Classification
MC04   SAPMMCL1       Create Info Set
MC05   SAPMMCL1       Change Info Set
MC06   SAPMMCL1       Display Info Set
MC07   SAPMMCL1       Create Key Figure
MC08   SAPMMCL1       Change Key Figure
MC09   SAPMMCL1       Create Field Catalog
MC1/   SAPMMCS1       External Data: Maintain Formulas
MC1A   SAPMMCS1       Maintain Formulas/Requirements
MC1AT  SAPMMCS1       Maintain Formulas/Requirements
MC1B   SAPMMCS1       SIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1BT  SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain requirements
MC1D   SAPMMCS1       SIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1DT  SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain formulas
MC1F   SAPMMCS1       PURCHIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1H   SAPMMCS1       PURCHIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1J   SAPMMCS1       SFIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1L   SAPMMCS1       SFIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1N   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Maintain Requirements
MC1P   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Maintain Formulas
MC1Q   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Display Formulas
MC1R   SAPMMCS1       Display Formulas/Requirements
MC1S   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1T   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Display Requirements
MC1U   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1V   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Display Formulas
MC1W   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Maintain Requirements
MC1X   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Display Requirements
MC1Y   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Maintain Formulas
MC1Z   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Display Formulas
MC10   SAPMMCS2       Perform Analysis
MC11   SAPMMCS2       Create Evaluation
MC12   SAPMMCS2       Change Evaluation
MC13   SAPMMCS2       Display Evaluation
MC14   SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain requirements
MC15   SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain formulas
MC16   RMCSAUSW       LIS: Delete Evaluation Structure
MC18   SAPMMCS3       Create Field Catalog
MC19   SAPMMCS3       Change Field Catalog
MC20   SAPMMCS3       Display Field Catalog
MC21   SAPMMCS3       Create Info Structure
MC22   SAPMMCS3       Change Info Structure
MC23   SAPMMCS3       Display Info Structure
MC24   SAPMMCS1       Create Update
MC25   SAPMMCS1       Change Update
MC26   SAPMMCS1       Display Update
MC27   SAPMMCS7       Create Evaluation Structure
MC28   SAPMMCS7       Change Evaluation Structure
MC29   SAPMMCS7       Display Evaluation Structure
MC3V   RMCSV3VB       U3 update
MC30   RMCSSH02       Update Log
MC35   SAPMMCP6       Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC36   SAPMMCP6       Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC37   SAPMMCP6       Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile
MC38   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: MC_ERKO
MC40   RMCBAB20       INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values
MC41   RMCBAB25       INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC42   RMCBRW30       INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val
MC43   RMCBRW40       INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts
MC44   RMCBUH30       INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnove
MC45   RMCBVW30       INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values
MC46   RMCBLH30       INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Item
MC47   RMCBBE30       INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC48   RMCBBW30       INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Value
MC49   RMCBBW40       INVCO: Mean Stock Values
MC50   RMCBBS30       INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock
MC59   SAPMMCP3       Revise Planning Hierarchy
MC6A   MENUMC6A       Sales and Operations Planning
MC6B   MENUMC6B       Sales and Operations Planning
MC61   SAPMMCP3       Create Planning Hierarchy
MC62   SAPMMCP3       Change Planning Hierarchy
MC63   SAPMMCP3       Display Planning Hierarchy
MC64   SAPMMCP6       Create Event
MC65   SAPMMCP6       Change Event
MC66   SAPMMCP6       Display Event
MC67   SAPMMCP3 screen: genl.plg.hier
MC7E   SAPLMCP2       ALE Configuration for Info Structur
MC71   RMCP2L01       Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy
MC72   RMCP2L04       Evaluation: Product Group Usage
MC73   RMCP2L05       Evaluation: Material Usage; Prod.Gr
MC74   SAPMMCP6       Transfer Mat. to Demand Management
MC75   SAPMMCP6       Transfer PG to Demand Management
MC76                  Breakdown PG Plan (Disaggregation)
MC77                  Display PG Plan (Disaggregation)
MC78   SAPMMCP6       Copy SOP Version
MC79   SAPL0MP0       User Settings for SOP
MC8A   SAPMMCP6       Create Planning Type
MC8B   SAPMMCP6       Change Planning Type
MC8C   SAPMMCP6       Display Planning Type
MC8D   RMCP6BCH       Mass Processing: Create Planning
MC8E   RMCP6BCH       Mass Processing: Change Planning
MC8F   RMCP6BCH       Delete Entry in Planning File
MC8G   RMCP6BRU       Schedule Mass Processing
MC8H   SAPMMCP6       Maintain User Methods
MC8I   RMCP6TST       Mass Processing: Check Planning
MC8J   RMCP6JOB       Reprocess Mass Processing
MC8K   RMCP6BRV       Copy/Delete Planning Versions
MC8M   RMCP6BAB       Read Opening Stocks
MC8N   RMCP6PRL       Delete forecast versions
MC8O   RMCSCORS       Reset Generation Time Stamp
MC8P   RMCPSOPP       Standard SOP: Generate Master Data
MC8Q   RMCP6ACO       Aggregate Copy
MC8R   RMCP6RES       RESET: Status for Planning Objects
MC8U   SAPMMCP6       Calculate Proportional Factors
MC8V   SAPMMCP6       LIS Planning: Copy Versions
MC8W   SAPMMCP6       LIS Planning: Delete Versions
MC8X   RMCP0100       SOP: Distribution Scenario - Select
MC8Y   RMCP0105       SOP: Distribution Scenario - Display
MC8Z   SAPLMCP2       SOP => Key Figure Assignments
MC80   SAPMMCP6       Delete and activate versions
MC81   SAPMMCP5       Create Planning For Product Group
MC82   SAPMMCP5       Display Planning For Product Group
MC83   SAPMMCP5       Change Planning For Product Group
MC84   SAPMMCP3       Create Product Group
MC85   SAPMMCP3       Display Product Group
MC86   SAPMMCP3       Change Product Groups
MC9A   RMCP6FLS       Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data
MC9B   RMCP6PAP       Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarchy
MC9C   SAPMMCP6       Reports for Flexible Planning
MC9E   RMCP3INS       Info Structure: Add to General Char
MC9F   RMCP3DEL       Info Structure: Delete All Charact.
MC9K   SAPMMCP6       Maintain Available Capacity
MC90   SAPMMCP6 Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS
MC91   SAPMMCP3       Initial Graphic: Product Groups
MC92   SAPMMCP3       Initial: Product Groups; Hierarchie
MC93   SAPMMCP6       Create Flexible LIS Planning
MC94   SAPMMCP6       Change Flexible LIS Planning
MC95   SAPMMCP6       Display Flexible LIS Planning
MC96                  Forecast Profile
MC97   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUF
MC98   SAPMMCP3       Maintain Planning Objects
MC99   SAPMMCP3       Display Planning Objects
MDAB   RMMDBTCH       Planning File - Set Up BATCH
MDAC   SAPMM61P       Execute Action for Planned Order
MDBA   MDBAPI01       BAPI planned order processing
MDBS   RMMDBTCH       MPS - total planning run
MDBT   RMMDBTCH       MRP Run In Batch
MDC7   SAPMM61R       Start MD07 by using report
MDLD   RMDLDR00       Print MRP List
MDL1   SAPLMD07       Create Production Lot
MDL2   SAPLMD07       Change Production Lot
MDL3   SAPLMD07       Display Production Lot
MDM1   RMDMAIL1       Mail To Vendor
MDM2   RMDMAIL2       Mail to Vendor
MDM3   RMDMAIL3       Mail to Customer
MDM4   RMDMAIL4       Mail to MRP Controller
MDM5   RMDMAIL5       Workflow: Mail to MRP Controller
MDPH   SAPMM60X       Planning Profile
MDPP   MENUMDPP       Demand Management
MDPV   SAPLM60K       Planning variant: Initial screen
MDP0   MENUMDP0       Independent Requirements
MDP1   SAPLCUTU       Create combination structure
MDP2   SAPLCUTU       Change combination structure
MDP3   SAPLCUTU       Display combination structure
MDP4   SAPLCUD2       Maintain combinations
MDP6   SAPLM60K       Modeling
MDRE   RMMDBTCH       Checking Planning File In Background Mode
MDRP   MENUMDRP       Distribution Resource Planning
MDSA   SAPMM61S       Display BOM explosion number
MDSP   SAPMM61S       Change BOM Explosion Numbers
MDUM   RMMDBTCH       Convert Planned Orders into Purchase Requisitions
MDUP   SAPMM61U       Maintain Project New Key Assignment
MDUS   SAPMM61U       Assign New Key to WBS Elements
MDVP   RLD05000       Collective Availability Check PAUF
MDW1   SAPMM61K       Access MRP control program
MD00   MENUMD00       MRP : external procurement
MD01   SAPMM61X       MRP Run
MD02   SAPMM61X       MRP - Single-item; Multi-level -
MD03   SAPMM61X       MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level
MD04   SAPMM61R       Display Stock/Requirements Situation
MD05   SAPMM61R       Individual Display Of MRP List
MD06   SAPMM61R       Collective Display Of MRP List
MD07   SAPMM61R       Current Material Overview
MD08   RMMDKP01       Reorg. MRP Lists
MD09   SAPMM61O       Pegging
MD11   SAPMM61P       Create Planned Order
MD12   SAPMM61P       Capacity requirements - Change planned order
MD13   SAPMM61P       Capacity requirements - Display planned order
MD14   SAPMM61P       Individual Conversion of Planned Orders
MD15   SAPMM61P       Collective Conversion Of Planned Orders
MD16   SAPMM61P       Collective Display of Planned Order
MD17   SAPLM61Q       Collective Requirements Display
MD19   SAPMM61P       Firm Planned Orders
MD20   SAPMM61R       Create Planning File Entry
MD21   RMDPFE00       Display Planning File Entry
MD25   SAPMM61I       Create Planning Calendar
MD26   SAPMM61I       Change Planning Calendar
MD27   SAPMM61I       Display Planning Calendar
MD4C   SAPMM61O       Multilevel Order Report
MD40   SAPMM61X       MPS
MD41   SAPMM61X       MPS - Single-item; Multi-level -
MD42   SAPMM61X       MPS - Single-item; Single-level -
MD43   SAPMM61X       MPS - Single-item; Interactive -
MD44   SAPMM61M       MPS Evaluation
MD45   SAPMM61M       MRP List Evaluation
MD46   SAPMM61M       Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller
MD47   SAPMM61M       Product Group Planning Evaluation
MD48   SAPMM61M       Cross-Plant Evaluation
MD50   SAPMM61X       Sales order planning
MD51   SAPMM61X       Individual project planning
MD61   SAPMM60X       Create Planned Indep. Requirements
MD62   SAPMM60X       Change Planned Indep. Requirements
MD63   SAPMM60X       Display Planned Indep. Requirements
MD64   SAPMM60X       Create Planned Indep.Requirements
MD65   SAPMM60X       Change Standard Indep.Requirements
MD66   SAPMM60X       Display Standard Indep.Requirements
MD67   RM60ROLL       Staggered Split
MD70   RM60FORC       Copy Total Forecast
MD71   RM60COPY       "Copy Reference Changes"
MD72   RM60COMB       Evaluation; Charac.Plnng Techniques
MD73   SAPMM60X       Display Total Indep. Requirements
MD74   RM60RR20       Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts
MD75   RM60RR30       Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts
MD76   RM60RR40       Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts History
MD79   SAPMM60M       "PP Demand Mngmt - XXL List Viewer"
MD81   SAPMV45A       Create Customer Indep. Requirements
MD82   SAPMV45A       Change customer indep. requirement
MD83   SAPMV45A       Display Customer Indep. Requirement
MD85   SAPMV75A       List Customer Indep. Requirements
MD90   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for MRP
MD91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range for Planned Orde
MD92   SAPMSNUM       Maint.No.Range for Reserv/Dep.Reqmt
MD93   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: MDSM
MD94   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: Total reqs
MEBA   RWMBON08       Comp. Suppl. BV; Vendor Rebate Arr.
MEBB   RWMBON10       Check Open Docs.; Vendor Reb. Arrs.
MEBC   RWMBON20       Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett.
MEBE   RWMBON11       Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs.
MEBF   RWMBONF0       Updating of External Busn. Volumes
MEBG   RWMBONE1       Chg. Curr. (Euro); Vend. Reb. Arrs.
MEBH   RWMBONE2       Generate Work Items (Man. Extension
MEBI   RWBNAAWN       Message; Subs.Settlem. - Settlem.Ru
MEBJ   RWMBON07       Recompile Income; Vendor Reb. Arrs.
MEBK   RWBNAAWS       Message.; Subs. Settlem.- Arrangmen
MEBM   RWMBON14       List of settlement runs for arrngmt
MEBR   RV130007       Archive Rebate Arrangements
MEBS   RWMBON13       Stmnt. Sett. Docs.; Vend. Reb. Arrs
MEBT   RWMBONF1       Test Data: External Business Volume
MEBV   SAPMV13A       Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)
MEB0   RWMBON15       Reversal of Settlement Runs
MEB1   SAPMV13A       Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.
MEB2   SAPMV13A       Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.
MEB3   SAPMV13A       Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.
MEB4   RWMBON01       Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEB5   RWMBON02       List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements
MEB6   RWMBON03       Busn. Vol. Data; Vendor Rebate Arrs
MEB7   RWMBON05       Extend Vendor Rebate Arrangements
MEB8   RWMBON04       Det. Statement; Vendor Rebate Arrs.
MEB9   RWMBON06       Stat. Statement; Vendor Rebate Arrs
MEDL   RM11KS00       Price Change: Contract
MEIA   RMEBEIK3       New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett.
MEIS   RMIMST00       Data Selection: Arrivals
MEI1   RMEBEIN1       Automatic Purchasing Document Chang
MEI2   RMEBEIN2       Automatic Document Change
MEI3   RMEBEIN3       Recompilation of Document Index
MEI4   RMEBEIN4       Compile Worklist for Document Index
MEI5   RMEBEIN5       Delete Worklist for Document Index
MEI6   RMEBEIN6       Delete purchasing document index
MEI7   RMEBEIN7       Change sales prices in purch. order
MEI8   RMEBEIZ3       Recomp. doc. index settlement req.
MEI9   RMEBEIL3       Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. doc
MEKA   RM06K000       Conditions: General Overview
MEKB   RM06K020       Conditions by Contract
MEKC   RM06K021       Conditions by Info Record
MEKD   RM06K022       Conditions for Material Group
MEKE   RM06K023       Conditions for Vendor
MEKF   RM06K024       Conditions for Material Type
MEKG   RM06K025       Conditions for Condition Group
MEKH   RM06K026       Market Price
MEKI   RM06K027       Conditions for Incoterms
MEKJ   RM06K028       Conditions for Invoicing Party
MEKK   RM06K029       Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range
MEKL   RM06K052       Price Change: Scheduling Agreements
MEKLE  RM06K082       Currency Change: Sched. Agreements
MEKP   RM06K050       Price Change: Info Records
MEKPE  RM06K080       Currency Change: Info Records
MEKR   RM06K051       Price Change: Contracts
MEKRE  RM06K081       Currency Change: Contracts
MEKX   SAPMSM29       Transport Condition Types Purchasin
MEKY   SAPMSM29       Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.
MEKZ   SAPMSM29       Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.)
MEK1   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK2   SAPMV13A       Change Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK3   SAPMV13A       Display Conditions (Purchasing)
MEK31  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK32  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK33  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change
MEK4   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (Purchasing)
MELB   RM06XB00       Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
MEL0   MENUMEL0       Service Entry Sheet
MEPA   RMEEINJ1       Order Price Simulation/Price Info
MEPB   RMEEINJ2       Price Info/Vendor Negotiations
MEPO   RM_MEPO_GUI    Purchase Order
MEQB   RMMEBTCH       Revise Quota Arrangement
MEQM   RM06Q001       Quota Arrangement for Material
MEQ1   SAPDM06Q       Maintain Quota Arrangement
MEQ3   SAPDM06Q       Display Quota Arrangement
MEQ4   RM06QCD1       Changes to Quota Arrangement
MEQ6   RM06Q004       Analyze Quota Arrangement
MEQ7   RM06QRE0       Reorganize Quota Arrangement
MEQ8   RM06Q006       Monitor Quota Arrangements
MERA   RWMBON38       Comp. Suppl. BV; Cust. Rebate Arrs.
MERB   RWMBON40       Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr.
MERE   RWMBON41       Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.
MERF   RWMBONF2       Updating of External Busn. Volumes
MERG   RWMBONE3       Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs
MERH   RWMBONE4       Generate Work Items (Man. Extension
MERJ   RWMBON37       Recomp. of Income; Cust. Reb. Arrs.
MERS   RWMBON43       Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.
MER4   RWMBON31       Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs.
MER5   RWMBON32       List of Customer Rebate Arrangement
MER6   RWMBON33       Busn. Vols.; Cust. Reb. Arrangement
MER7   RWMBON35       Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangement
MER8   RWMBON34       Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.
MER9   RWMBON36       Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats
MEU2   SAPLWN50       Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU3   SAPLWN50       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU4   SAPMNB01       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEU5   SAPMNB01       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate
MEWP   SAPMMEWP       Web based PO
MEWS   SAPLMEW5       Service Entry (Component)
MEW0   SAPMMWE0       Procurement Transaction
MEW1   SAPMMWE1       Create Requirement Request
MEW10  SAPLMEW5       Service Entry in Web
MEW2   SAPMMWE1       Status Display: Requirement Request
MEW3   SAPMMWE2       Collective Release of Purchase Reqs
MEW5   SAPMMWE3       Collective Release of Purchase Orde
MEW6   SAPMMWE6       Assign Purchase Orders WEB
MEW7   SAPLMEW4       Release of Service Entry Sheets
MEW8   SAPLMEW4       Release of Service Entry Sheet
MEW9   SAPMMEW9       mew9
ME0M   RM06W001       Source List for Material
ME01   SAPLMEOR       Maintain Source List
ME03   SAPLMEOR       Display Source List
ME04   RM06WCD1       Changes to Source List
ME05   RM06W003       Generate Source List
ME06   RM06W004       Analyze Source List
ME07   RM06WRE0       Reorganize Source List
ME08   RBDSESRC       Send Source List
ME1A   RM06IR30       Archived Purchasing Info Records
ME1B   RMMEBTCH       Redetermine Info Record Price
ME1E   RM06IAP0       Quotation Price History
ME1L   RM06IL00       Info Records Per Vendor
ME1M   RM06IM00       Info Records per Material
ME1P   RM06IBP0       Purchase Order Price History
ME1W   RM06IW00       Info Records Per Material Group
ME1X   RM06EVBL       Buyer's Negotiation Sheet for Vendo
ME1Y   RM06EVBM       Buyer's Negotiat. Sheet for Materia
ME11   SAPMM06I       Create Purchasing Info Record
ME12   SAPMM06I       Change Purchasing Info Record
ME13   SAPMM06I       Display Purchasing Info Record
ME14   RM06ICD1       Changes to Purchasing Info Record
ME15   SAPMM06I       Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion
ME16   RM06ILV0       Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion
ME18   RBDSEINF       Send Purchasing Info Record
ME2A   RM06ENBE       Monitor Confirmations
ME2B   RM06EB00       POs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME2C   RM06EC00       Purchase Orders by Material Group
ME2J   RM06EKPS       Purchase Orders for Project
ME2K   RM06EK00       Purch. Orders by Account Assignment
ME2L   RM06EL00       Purchase Orders by Vendor
ME2M   RM06EM00       Purchase Orders by Material
ME2N   RM06EN00       Purchase Orders by PO Number
ME2O   RM06ELLB       SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)
ME2S   RMSRVPO1       Services per Purchase Order
ME2V   RM06EWE0       Goods Receipt Forecast
ME2W   RM06EW00       Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant
ME21   SAPMM06E       Create Purchase Order
ME21N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Create Purchase Order
ME22   SAPMM06E       Change Purchase Order
ME22N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Change Purchase Order
ME23   SAPMM06E       Display Purchase Order
ME23N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Display Purchase Order
ME24   SAPMM06E       Maintain Purchase Order Supplement
ME25   SAPMM06B       Create PO with Source Determination
ME26   SAPMM06E       Display PO Supplement (IR)
ME27   SAPMM06E       Create Stock Transport Order
ME28   RM06EF00       Release Purchase Order
ME29N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Release purchase order
ME3A   RBDSERED       Transm. Release Documentation Recor
ME3B   RM06EB00       Outl. Agreements per Requirement No
ME3C   RM06EC00       Outline Agreements by Material Grou
ME3J   RM06EKPS       Outline Agreements per Project
ME3K   RM06EK00       Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignmen
ME3L   RM06EL00       Outline Agreements per Vendor
ME3M   RM06EM00       Outline Agreements by Material
ME3N   RM06EN00       Outline Agreements by Agreement No.
ME3P   RMMEBTCH       Recalculate Contract Price
ME3R   RMMEBTCH       Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price
ME3S   RMSRVR20       Service List for Contract
ME308  RBDSECON       Send Contracts with Conditions
ME31   SAPMM06E       Create Outline Agreement
ME31K  SAPMM06E       Create Contract
ME31L  SAPMM06E       Create Scheduling Agreement
ME32   SAPMM06E       Change Outline Agreement
ME32K  SAPMM06E       Change Contract
ME32L  SAPMM06E       Change Scheduling Agreement
ME33   SAPMM06E       Display Outline Agreement
ME33K  SAPMM06E       Display Contract
ME33L  SAPMM06E       Display Scheduling Agreement
ME34   SAPMM06E       Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement
ME34K  SAPMM06E       Maintain Contract Supplement
ME34L  SAPMM06E       Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplemen
ME35   RM06EF00       Release Outline Agreement
ME35K  RM06EF00       Release Contract
ME35L  RM06EF00       Release Scheduling Agreement
ME36   SAPMM06E       Display Agreement Supplement (IR)
ME37   SAPMM06E       Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.
ME38   SAPMM06E       Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule
ME39   SAPMM06E       Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST
ME4B   RM06EB00       RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME4C   RM06EC00       RFQs by Material Group
ME4L   RM06EL00       RFQs by Vendor
ME4M   RM06EM00       RFQs by Material
ME4N   RM06EN00       RFQs by RFQ Number
ME4S   RM06ES00       RFQs by Collective Number
ME41   SAPMM06E       Create Request For Quotation
ME42   SAPMM06E       Change Request For Quotation
ME43   SAPMM06E       Display Request For Quotation
ME44   SAPMM06E       Maintain RFQ Supplement
ME45   RM06EF00       Release RFQ
ME47   SAPMM06E       Create Quotation
ME48   SAPMM06E       Display Quotation
ME49   RM06EPS0       Price Comparison List
ME5A   RM06BA00       Purchase Requisitions: List Display
ME5F   RM06BF00       Release Reminder: Purch. Requisitio
ME5J   RM06BKPS       Purchase Requisitions for Project
ME5K   RM06BK00       Requisitions by Account Assignment
ME5R   RM06BR30       Archived Purchase Requisitions
ME5W   RM06BW00       Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions
ME51   SAPMM06B       Create Purchase Requisition
ME51N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Create Purchase Requisition
ME52   SAPMM06B       Change Purchase Requisition
ME52N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Change Purchase Requisition
ME52NB RM_MEREQ_GUI   Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisitio
ME53   SAPMM06B       Display Purchase Requisition
ME53N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Display Purchase Requisition
ME54   SAPMM06B       Release Purchase Requisition
ME54N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Release Purchase Requisition
ME55   RM06BF00       Collective Release of Purchase Reqs
ME56   RM06BZ00       Assign Source to Purch. Requisition
ME57   RM06BZ00       Assign and Process Requisitions
ME58   RM06BB00       Ordering: Assigned Requisitions
ME59   RM06BB10       Automatic Generation of POs
ME59N  RM06BB30       Automatic generation of POs
ME6A   RM06LA00       Changes to Vendor Evaluation
ME6B   RM06LB00       Display Vendor Evaln. for Material
ME6C   RM06LC00       Vendors Without Evaluation
ME6D   RM06LD00       Vendors Not Evaluated Since...
ME6E   RM06LE00       Evaluation Records Without Weightin
ME6F   RM06LF00       Print
ME6G   RMMEBTCH       Vendor Evaluation in the Background
ME6H   RMCE0130       Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluatio
ME6Z   SAPMSM29       Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables
ME60   MMTEST         Screenpainter Test
ME61   SAPMM06L       Maintain Vendor Evaluation
ME62   SAPMM06L       Display Vendor Evaluation
ME63   RM06LAUB       Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria
ME64   RM06LSIM       Evaluation Comparison
ME65   RM06LBEU       Evaluation Lists
ME80   SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting
ME80A  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: RFQs
ME80AN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (A)
ME80F  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: POs
ME80FN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (F)
ME80R  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts
ME80RN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (L;K)
ME81   RM06ENHI       Analysis of Order Values
ME81N  RM06EBWA       Analysis of Order Values
ME82   RM06ER30       Archived Purchasing Documents
ME84   RM06EFLB       Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases
ME84A  SAPLEINL       Individual Display of SA Release
ME85   RM06NEUN       Renumber Schedule Lines
ME86   RM06REOR       Aggregate Schedule Lines
ME87   RM06EKBE       Aggregate PO History
ME88   RM06CUMF       Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date
ME9A   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: RFQs
ME9E   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedule
ME9F   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Purchase Orders
ME9K   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Contracts
ME9L   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Sched. Agreements
ME91   RM06ENMA       Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding
ME91A  RM06ENMA       Urge Submission of Quotations
ME91E  RM06ENMA       Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind
ME91F  RM06ENMA       Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders
ME92   RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92F  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92K  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME92L  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment
ME99   MM70AEFA       Messages from Purchase Orders
MFBF   SAPLBARM       Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg
MFHU   SAPLVHURM      Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg
MFI2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Run Schedule Heade
MFN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Ind.Pro
MFN2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Col.Pro
MFPR   RMSERIPR       Process Inspection Lot for Versions
MFS0   SAPMM61R       LFP: Change Master Plan
MF00   MENUMF00       Run Schedules
MF02   SAPMM61G       Change Run Schedule Header
MF03   SAPMM61G       Display Run Schedule Header
MF12   RMSERI12_ALV   Display Document Log (With ALV)
MF20   SAPLBARM       REM Cost Controlling
MF22   RMSERI01       Versions: Overview
MF23   RMSERI05       Linking Versions Graphically
MF26   RMSERI15_ALV   Display Reporting Point Quantity
MF27   RMSERI20       Update Stats for Planned Quantities
MF30   RMSERI40       Create PrelimCostEst - ProdCostColl
MF4R   SAPLBARM       Resetting Reporting Points
MF41   SAPLBARM       Reverse Backflush (With ALV)
MF42   SAPLBARM       Collective Backflush
MF42N  SAPLBARM       New Collective Entry
MF45   SAPLBARM       Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf.
MF46   SAPLBARM       Collective Reprocessing; Backflush
MF47   RMSERI11       Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.Line
MF50   SAPMM61R       Planning Table - Change
MF51   RMSERIDR       Print Production Quantities
MF52   SAPMM61R       Planning Table - Display
MF53   RMSERIMA       Maintaining Variants-Production Lis
MF57   SAPMM61R       Planning Table - By MRP Lists
MF63   RMPU_SEL_SCREENStaging Situation
MF65   RMPU_PICK_LIST_Stock Transfer for Reservation (Goods Movement)
MF68   RMPU_DISPLAY_LOLog for Pull List (Goods Movement)
MF70   RMSERI70       Aggregate Collective Backflush
MGWA   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Prepack
MGWB   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Full Product
MGW0   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Set Material
MGW1   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Set Material
MGW2   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Display Matl
MGW3   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Display Matl
MGW4   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Prepack Matl
MGW5   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Prepack Matl
MGW6   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Full Product
MGW7   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Full Product
MGW8   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Set Material
MGW9   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Display Matl
MIBC   RMCBIN00       ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting
MICN   RM07ICN1       Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctn
MIDO   RM07IDOC       Physical Inventory Overview
MIE1   RM07IE31       Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Or
MIGO   SAPLMIGO       Goods movement
MIGR1  RSIWB090       KW: Conversion of enh./rel. (global
MIGR2  RSIWB096       KW: Conver. of Enh/Rel/Origin (sel.
MIK1   RM07IK31       Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons
MILES  RSAL_MONITOR_FRInfrastructure Navigator
MIMD   RM07IMDE       Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data
MIM1   RM07IM31       Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP
MIO1   RM07IO31       Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Sub
MIQ1   RM07IQ31       Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stoc
MIRA   SAPLMR1M       Fast Invoice Entry
MIRCMR VHUMI_RECONCILIMaterial Reconciliation
MIRO   SAPLMR1M       Enter Invoice
MIR4   SAPLMR1M       Call MIRO - Change Status
MIR6   SAPMM08N       Invoice Overview
MIR7   SAPLMR1M       Park Invoice
MIS1   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling - R/3
MIS2   SAPMM07S       Change Inventory Sampling
MIS3   SAPMM07S       Display Inventory Sampling
MIS4   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling - R/2
MIS5   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling - Other
MITT   SAPMMITT       Test Tool Administration
MIV1   RM07IV31       Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust
MIW1   RM07IW31       Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust
MI00   MENUMI00       Physical Inventory
MI01   SAPMM07I       Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02   SAPMM07I       Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03   SAPMM07I       Display Physical Inventory Document
MI04   SAPMM07I       Enter Inventory Count with Document
MI05   SAPMM07I       Change Inventory Count
MI06   SAPMM07I       Display Inventory Count
MI07   SAPMM07I       Process List of Differences
MI08   SAPMM07I       Create List of Differences with Doc
MI09   SAPMM07I       Enter Inventory Count w/o Document
MI10   SAPMM07I       Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
MI11   SAPMM07I       Recount Physical Inventory Document
MI12   RM07ICDD       Display changes
MI20   RM07IDIF       Print List of Differences
MI21   RM07IDRU       Print physical inventory document
MI22   RM07IMAT       Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Materia
MI23   RM07IINV       Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
MI24   RM07IDIF       Physical Inventory List
MI31   RM07II31       Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.
MI32   RM07II32       Batch Input: Block Material
MI33   RM07II33       Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balanc
MI34   RM07II34       Batch Input: Enter Count
MI35   RM07II35       Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balanc
MI37   RM07II37       Batch Input: Post Differences
MI38   RM07II38       Batch Input: Count and Differences
MI39   RM07II39       Batch Input: Document and Count
MI40   RM07II40       Batch Input: Doc.; Count and Diff.
MI9A   RM07IAAU       Analyze archived phy. inv. docs
MKH1   RMLFMH00       Maintain vendor hierarchy
MKH2   RMLFMH00       Display vendor hierarchy
MKH3   RMCHACTK       Activate vendor master (online)
MKH4   RMCHACTB       Activate vendors (batch input)
MKVG   RM06IA00       Settlement and Condition Groups
MKVZ   RMKKVZ00       List of Vendors: Purchasing
MKVZE  RM06KLFM       Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec.
MK01   SAPMF02K       Create vendor (Purchasing)
MK02   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (Purchasing)
MK03   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (Purchasing)
MK04   SAPMF01A       Change Vendor (Purchasing)
MK05   SAPMF02K       Block vendor (Purchasing)
MK06   SAPMF02K       Mark vendor for deletion (purch.)
MK12   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (Purchasing); planned
MK14   SAPMF01A       Planned vendor change (Purchasing)
MK18   SAPMF02K       Activate planned vendor changes (Pu
MK19   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (purchasing); future
MLRP   RMFPLA01       Periodic Invoicing Plans
MLS5   RMSTLV01       Import Standard Service Type
MLS6   RM11STLV       Report for Standard Service Catalog
MLV1   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Services
MLV2   SAPMV13A       Create Total Price (PRS)
MLV5   RM06KSRV       Change Currency (Contracts)
MLV6   SAPMV13A       Create Other
ML01   SAPLMLST       Create Standard Service Catalog
ML02   SAPLMLST       Maintain Standard Service Catalog
ML03   SAPLMLST       Display Standard Service Catalog
ML05   RM11MS00       Purchasing Object for Service
ML10   SAPLMLSM       Create Model Service Specifications
ML11   SAPLMLSM       Change Model Service Specifications
ML12   SAPLMLSM       Display Model Service Specification
ML15   RMSRVR01       List of Model Service Specification
ML20   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions
ML30   SAPMV13A       Create Vendor Conditions
ML31   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions
ML32   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions
ML36   SAPMV13A       Create Vendor Conditions
ML37   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions
ML38   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions
ML42   SAPMV13A       Create Service Conditions
ML43   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions
ML44   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions
ML48   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions
ML49   SAPMV13A       Change Conditions
ML50   SAPMV13A       Display Conditions
ML60CK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks
ML81   RM11RL00       Maintain Service Entry Sheet
ML81N  SAPLMLSR       Service Entry Sheet
ML82   RM11RL00       Display Service Entry Sheet
ML83   RM11RNDR       Message Processing: Service Entry
ML84   RMSRVF11       List of Service Entry Sheets
ML85   RMSRVF00       Collective Release of Entry Sheets
ML86   RM11RL01       Import Service Data
ML87   RM11RL02       Export Service Data
ML92   RM11MS00       Entry Sheets for Service
ML93   RM11MS00       Purchasing Object for Service
ML95   RM11MS00       List Display: Contracts for Service
ML96   RM11MS00       Purchase Requisitions for Service
MMAM   SAPMM03Z       Change Material Type
MMBE   RMMMBEST       Stock Overview
MMB1   SAPMMG01       Create Semifinished Product
MMDE   RMMMDE00       Delete All Materials
MMD1   SAPMM03D       Create MRP Profile
MMD2   SAPMM03D       Change MRP Profile
MMD3   SAPMM03D       Display MRP Profile
MMD6   SAPMM03D       Delete MRP Profile
MMD7   RMMMDP01       Display MRP Profile Usage
MMF1   SAPMMG01       Create Finished Product
MMG1   SAPMMG01       Create Returnable Packaging
MMH1   SAPMMG01       Create Trading Goods
MMI1   SAPMMG01       Create Operating Supplies
MMK1   SAPMMG01       Create Configurable Material
MML1   SAPMMG01       Create Empties
MMM1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Material Master
MMNR   SAPMSNUM       Define Material Master Number Range
MMN1   SAPMMG01       Create Non-Stock Material
MMPI   RMMMINIT       Initialize Period
MMPV   RMMMPERI       Close Periods
MMP1   SAPMMG01       Create Maintenance Assembly
MMRV   SAPMM03Y       Allow Posting to Previous Period
MMR1   SAPMMG01       Create Raw Material
MMSC   SAPMM03M       Enter Storage Locations Collectivel
MMS1   SAPMMG01       Create Service
MMU1   SAPMMG01       Create Non-Valuated Material
MMVD   SAPMM03M       Change Decentr. for Decentr.Shippin
MMVH   SAPMM03M       Create Centrally: Decentral.Shippin
MMVV   SAPMM03M       Change Centr. for Decentr. Shipping
MMV1   SAPMMG01       Create Packaging
MMW1   SAPMMG01       Create Competitor Product
MMZ1   SAPMM03M       Create Material; General (Old MM01)
MMZ2   SAPMM03M       Change Material (Old MM02)
MMZ3   SAPMM03M       Display Material (Old MM03)
MM00   MENUMM00       Material Main Menu
MM01   SAPMMG01       Create Material
MM02   SAPMMG01       Change Material
MM03   SAPMMG01       Display Material
MM04   SAPMM03A       Display Material Change Documents
MM06   SAPMM03G       Flag Material for Deletion
MM11   SAPMMG01       Schedule Creation of Material &
MM12   SAPMMG01       Schedule Changing of Material &
MM13   MMCHACTV       Activate Planned Changes
MM14   SAPMM03A       Display Planned Changes
MM15   SAPMM03A       Display Changes (Migration)
MM16   SAPMM03G       Schedule Material for Deletion
MM18   SAPMM03M       Activate Planned Changes
MM19   SAPMMG01       Display Material & at Key Date
MM41   SAPMMG02       Create Material
MM42   SAPMMG02       Change Material
MM43   SAPMMG02       Display Material
MM44   RMMMCDOC       Display Change Documents
MM50   SAPMMGMP       List Extendable Materials
MM60   RMMVRZ00       Materials List
MM72   MMREO111       Display Archive of Materials
MM75   MMREO211       Display Archive of Special Stocks
MM90   RMVAPLSH       Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMaster
MM91   RMVAPLDE       Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Maste
MNKR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNI
MN01   SAPMV13B       Create Message: RFQ
MN02   SAPMV13B       Change Message: RFQ
MN03   SAPMV13B       Display Message: RFQ
MN04   SAPMV13B       Create Message: PO
MN05   SAPMV13B       Change Message: PO
MN06   SAPMV13B       Display Message: PO
MN07   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Outline Agreement
MN08   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Outline Agreement
MN09   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Outline Agreement
MN10   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul
MN11   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul
MN12   SAPMV13B       Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul
MN13   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Service Entry Sheet
MN14   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Service Entry Sheet
MN15   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Service Entry Shee
MN21   SAPMV13B       Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN22   SAPMV13B       Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN23   SAPMV13B       Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MN24   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Shipping Notif.
MN25   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Shipping Notif.
MN26   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Shipping Notif.
MN27   SAPMV13B       Create message: rough goods receipt
MN28   SAPMV13B       Change message: rough goods receipt
MN29   SAPMV13B       Display message: rough goods receip
MOKA   RVEXMOKA       CAP: Calculation Restitution
MOKS   RVEXRCRS       CAP: Calculation Simulation
MPBT   RMMDBTCH       Total Forecast In BATCH Mode
MPDR   RMMDBTCH       Print in BATCH Mode
MPE1   MMPERS01       Create buyer
MPE2   MMPERS01       Change buyer
MPE3   MMPERS01       Display buyer
MPLT   SAPLMPL05      Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WB
MPR1   RMPR1001       Forecast Adopted from External Data
MPR2   RMPR2001       Deletion of Forecast Data
MP00   MENULPRO       Material Forecast Menu
MP01   SAPLMBAM       Maintain AMPL Records
MP02   SAPLMBAM       Display AMPL Records
MP11   SAPMV13B       Create message for direct productio
MP12   SAPMV13B       Change Message for direct productio
MP13   SAPMV13B       Display message - direct production
MP30   SAPMM61W       Execute Material Forecast
MP31   SAPMM61W       Change Material Forecast
MP32   SAPMM61W       Display Material Forecast
MP33   SAPMM61W       Reprocess material forecast
MP38   RMPROG01       Total Forecast Run
MP39   SAPMM61W       Print
MP80   SAPMMPRP       Create Forecast Profile
MP81   SAPMMPRP       Change Forecast Profile
MP82   SAPMMPRP       Delete Forecast Profile
MP83   SAPMMPRP       Display Forecast Profile
MP90   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range: Forecast Param.
MP91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range: Forecast Values
MRA3   RM08RAAU       Display Archived Invoice Documents
MRBE   MENUMRBE       Valuation
MRBP   RMBABG00       Invoice Verification in Background
MRBR   RM08RELEASE    Release Blocked Invoices
MRCHVW VMIRC_MRCHVW   Batch mgmt with reconciliation
MRF1   RMFIFO00       Execute FIFO Valuation
MRF2   RMFIFO39       Diplay Documents (FIFO)
MRF3   RMFIFO32       FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
MRF4   RMFIFO20       FIFO: Select Materials
MRF5   RMFIFO50       FIFO: Delete Valuation Data
MRHG   SAPMM08R       Enter Credit Memo
MRHR   SAPMM08R       Enter Invoice
MRIS   RMMR1MIS       Settle Invoicing Plan
MRKO   RMVKON00       Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.
MRLA   RMLIFO21       Check Pool Formation
MRLB   RMLIFO50       Delete Layer
MRLC   RMLIFO34       Transfer Third-Party Data
MRLD   RMLIFO36       Transfer Valuation Prices
MRLE   RMLIFO40       Change Group Structure
MRLF   RMLIFO38       Create Version as Copy
MRLG   RMLIFO42       Aggregate Layer
MRLH   RMLIFO44       Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level
MRLI   RMLIFO20_P     Generate Pools
MRLJ   RMLIFO33       LIFO Data Transfer
MRLK   RMLIFO28       LIFO: Adjust Units of Measure
MRLL   RMLIFO41       LIFO: Reassign Material Layer
MRL1   RMLIFO00       Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL2   RMLIFO02       Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL3   RMLIFO06       LIFO Lowest Value Comparison
MRL4   RMLIFO10       Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl
MRL5   RMLIFO12       Display LIFO Valuation: Pools
MRL6   RMLIFO20_M     Select Materials
MRL7   RMLIFO22       Display Pool Formation
MRL8   RMLIFO30       Create Base Layer
MRL9   RMLIFO32       LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract
MRM0   MENUMRM0       Logistics Invoice Verification
MRM1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Invoice Verificatio
MRM2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Invoice Verificatio
MRM3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Inv. Verification
MRNB   RMMR1MRB       Revaluation
MRN0   RMNIWE00       Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices
MRN1   RMNIWE10       Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverag
MRN2   RMNIWE20       Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate
MRN3   RMNIWE30       Loss-Free Valuation
MRN8   RMNIWE80       Lowest Value: Price Variances
MRN9   RMNIWE90       Balance Sheet Values by Account
MRO2   SAPMV76A       Configuration: IV Lists
MRRL   RMMR1MRS       Evaluated Receipt Settlement
MRRS   RMMR01RS       Evaluated Receipt Settlement
MRY0   MRY_PIP_MULTICHColl. Maint. of Phys. Inv. Prices
MRY1   MRY_ARP_CALCULACalculate Average Receipt Price
MRY2   MRY_PIP_REDEFINTransfer Physical Inventory Prices
MRY3   MRY_VALUATION_ADisplay Valuation Alternative
MRY4   MRY_AVR_RESULT_Transfer ML Prices
MR00   MENUMR00       Invoice Verification
MR01   SAPMM08R       Process Incoming Invoice
MR02   SAPMM08A       Process Blocked Invoices
MR03   SAPMM08R       Display Inv. Verification Document
MR08   SAPMM08S       Cancel Invoice Document
MR11   SAPRCKM_MR11   GR/IR account maintenance
MR21   SAPRCKM_MR21   Price Change
MR22   SAPRCKM_MR22   Material Debit/Credit
MR32   SAPMM08Y       Change Material Layer (LIFO)
MR33   SAPMM08Y       Display Material Layer (LIFO)
MR34   SAPMM08Y       Change FIFO Data
MR35   SAPMM08Y       Display FIFO Data
MR39   RMLIFO39       Display Documents (LIFO)
MR41   SAPMM08R       Park Invoice
MR42   SAPMM08R       Change Parked Invoice
MR43   SAPMM08R       Display Parked Invoice
MR44   SAPMM08R       Post Parked Document
MR51   RM08MMAT       Material Line Items
MR8M   SAPLMR1M       Cancel Invoice Document
MR90   MM70AMRA       Messages for Invoice Documents
MR91   MM70AMRB       Messages for Invoice Documents
MSAB   RMMDBTCH       LTP: set up plnng file entries BATC
MSAC   RMMDBTCH       LTP: delete plnng file entries BATC
MSBT   RMMDBTCH       Long-term plng:plng background job
MSCHAN RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Change Due Date Scenario
MSCREA RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Create Due Date Scenario
MSCUST RALMFAELLSZ    Maintain Due Date Scenarios
MSC1   SAPMM03S       Create Batch
MSC1N  SAPLCHRG       Create Batch
MSC2   SAPMM03S       Change Batch
MSC2N  SAPLCHRG       Change Batch
MSC3   SAPMM03S       Display Batch
MSC3N  SAPLCHRG       Display Batch
MSC4   SAPMM03S       Display Batch Changes
MSC4N  SAPLCHRG       Display Change Documents for Batch
MSC5N  RVBBTREE       Mass Processing for Batches
MSC7   SAPMM61R       Start MS07 from Report
MSDELE RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Delete Due Date Scenario
MSE7   RMCE0600       EKS Simulation: Material Selection
MSJ1   MASSBACK       Mass Maintenance in the Background
MSK1   SAPMM03S       Create Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK2   SAPMM03S       Change Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK3   SAPMM03S       Display Vendor Consignment Goods
MSK4   SAPMM03S       Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs
MSK5   RMMMPRZK       Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Pric
MSLD   RMDLDR01       Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning
MSL1   MASSSLOG       Display Mass Maintenance Logs
MSL2   MASSDLOG       Delete Mass Maintenance Logs
MSRV1  RMSRVR10       List for Service
MSSHOW RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Display Due Date Scenario
MST0   MENUMST0       Mass changes
MSW1   MASSMSBK       Reset Warnings (in the Foreground)
MS00   MENUMS00       Long-term planning
MS01   SAPMM61X       Long-Term Planning: Total Planning
MS02   SAPMM61X       Long-term plng: single-itm; mult-lv
MS03   SAPMM61X       Long-term plng: singl-itm; singl-lv
MS04   SAPMM61R       Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts Lis
MS05   SAPMM61R       Long-term planning: display MRP lis
MS06   SAPMM61R       Long-term plnng: collective MRP lis
MS07   SAPMM61R       Long-Term Plng: Material Overview
MS08   RMMDKP02       Reorg.MRP Lists for Long-Term Plnng
MS11   SAPMM61P       LTP: Create planned order
MS12   SAPMM61P       LTP: Change planned order
MS13   SAPMM61P       LTP: Display planned order
MS20   SAPMM61R       Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnn
MS21   RMDPFE01       Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnn
MS22   RMMDVL20       Set Up Plg File Entries for Scenari
MS23   RMMDVL10       Delete Plng File Entries of Scenari
MS29   RMMDABLP       Calculate Sim. Initial Stock
MS31   SAPMM61L       Create planning scenario
MS32   SAPMM61L       Change planning scenario
MS33   SAPMM61L       Display planning scenario
MS44   SAPMM61M       Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng
MS47   SAPMM61M       Evaluation LTP for Product Group
MS50   SAPMM61X       Make-to-order planning (LTP)
MS51   SAPMM61X       Project planning (LTP)
MS64   RM60SIMU       Create Simulation Version
MS65   SAPMM60X       Requirements Situation
MS66   RM60CH00       Copy Simulative Dependent Reqmts
MS70   RMMDEKS1       Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHI
MS71   RMMDEKS2       Copy info structure version to LTP
MUSS   SAPMA999       _
MWBC   RVBWSUOM       Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. Uni
MWBE   RVBWSCPO       Purchase order history corr. PUR
MWBK   RVBWSCOR       Actv. ingr. management corr. factor
MWBQ   RVBWSCQM       Purchase order history corr. QM
MWB1   SAPMVBWB       Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
MWB2   SAPMVBWB       Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation
MWB3   SAPMVBWB       Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation
MWCH   SAPMMWCH       Change Procurement IAC
MY01   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY03   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY04   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY05   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY06   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY07   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY08   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY09   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY10   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY11   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY12   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
MY13   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.
M703   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Conditions Table
M704   SAPMV12A       Output: Change Condition Table
M705   SAPMV12A       Output: Display Conditions Table
M811   SAPMV12A       Create Message Condition Table (IV)
M812   SAPMV12A       Change Message Condition Table (IV)
M813   SAPMV12A       Display Message Condition Table (IV
N      RK_SE16N       Quickstart SE16N
NACE   SAPLWMCW       WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
NACO   SAPLWMCW       Conditions for Output Control
NACQ   SAPMV12A       WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables
NACR   SAPMV13B       WFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec
NACT   SAPMVNV2       WFMC: Maintain Condition Types
NACU   SAPMVNV2       WFMC: Customizing Output Types
NACY   RVNNACY0       WFMC: Field Catalog
NAWF   RVNWF001       Start Customizing Control Flow
NEFE   RMCFCSCP       Statistical Setup: SFIS / Versions
NEWTON SAPLFF08       Mathematical Tests
NPRT   RMCSNPRT       LIS/setup/log
NWTM   SAPLNWTM       Monitoring Network Dates
OAAD   SAPLOPTF       ArchiveLink Administration Document
OAAQ   RACSTABL       Take back FI-AA year-end closing
OAAR   RAVCLUST       C AM Year-end closing by area
OAAT   OAILQBAT       SAP ArchiveLink: Create ILQBATCH
OAAW   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Memo value for asset class
OAAX   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Asst class for grp asset onl
OAAY   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Hist. layout set-asset class
OAAZ   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Settlement profile
OAA1   OAARCCON       SAP ArchiveLink: Maint. user st.sys
OAA3   OAKOMM00       SAP ArchiveLink protocols
OAA4   OAKOMM06       SAP ArchiveLink applic. maintenance
OABC   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/value transfer
OABD   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/param. transfer
OABE   RACSTABL       Deprec. areas/gross transfer
OABK   RACLSDEL       Delete asset class
OABL   SAPMA10C       C AM Reset Company Code
OABM   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Transfer of resv
OABN   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec.
OABO   OABARCOX       Displaying Open Bar Codes
OABS   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Special deprec.
OABT   RACSTABL       Deprec. areas/parallel currencies
OABU   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Unplanned deprec
OABW   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Replacement vals
OABX   RACSTABL       Deppreciation areas/Investmt suppor
OABY   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintain Table T093Y
OABZ   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas / Interest
OACB   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group
OACC   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group
OACD   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group
OACE   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group
OACF   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group
OACH   OACHECK        SAP ArchiveLink: Link check
OACK   OACUSTOM       SAP ArchiveLink: Syntax check
OACS   RACSTABL       C FI-AA View maint. substitutions
OACV   RACSTABL       C FI-AA View maint. validations
OAC0   SCMS0          CMS Customizing Content Repositorie
OADB   RACSTABL       Define depreciation areas
OADC   RACSTABL       Depreciation Areas: Area type
OADD   OADISPPR       ArchiveLink: Print List Display
OADR   OADLSETP       SAP ArchiveLink: Print list search
OADX   RACSTABL       Posting in G/L
OAD5   OACUSWIZ       ArchiveLink: Customizing Wizard
OAER   BDSFIND_1      SAP ArchiveLink: Document search
OAF1   SAPLOPTG       SAP ArchiveLink: Form management
OAGL   SAPMA10C       Reset posted depreciation
OAG1   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings
OAG2   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings
OAG3   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings
OAG4   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings
OAHT   SCMS_HTTP_CERT_Send Certificate
OAI5   RACSTABL       C FIAA Time-dependent inv. support
OAK1   RACAFAPL       C AM Consist. Chart of Depreciation
OAK2   RACBUKRS       C AM Consist. Company Code
OAK3   RACAFABE       C AM Consist. Depreciation Area
OAK4   RACKONT1       C AM Consist. G/L Accounts
OAK5   RACKONT2       C AM Customizng reconc. acct. contr
OAK6   RACHECK0       C AM Consist. G/L accounts
OAK7   RACKAR00       Reconc. acct. as stat. cost element
OAM1   SAPLOPTR       ArchiveLink: Monitoring
OAM3   SAPLOPTR       ArchiveLink: Monitoring
OANR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ARCHIVELN
OAOH   OANEWCON       ArchiveLink: Create Documents
OAOR   BDSFIND_1      Business Document Service: Document
OAPL   RACSTABL       C FI-AA: Set Chart of Depreciation
OAQI   ILQAPI00       SAP ArchiveLink: Create Queues
OAR1   OAREQUES       SAP ArchiveLink: Request Management
OASV   SAPMA03B       Enter G/L Account Posting
OATB   RACSTABL       Asgmt of dep.area to cross-sys.area
OATR   SAPMKKB5       Define Report Selection
OAVA   RACSTABL       C AM Eval. Group View Maintenance
OAVB   RACSTABL       C AM View Maintenance Prop.Indicato
OAVC   RACSTABL       C AM Manual Valuat. View Maintenanc
OAVD   RACSTABL       C AM Insurance Data View Maintenanc
OAVE   RACSTABL       C AM View Maintenance Classif.NWTax
OAVF   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Insurance Companie
OAVG   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Report Simul.(Dep)
OAVH   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Period Control
OAVI   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Sort Versions
OAVJ   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Trans.Type Group
OAVL   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Locations
OAVM   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Field Groups
OAVN   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Fld.Grp. Asset Dat
OAVO   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Screen Control
OAVP   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace Texts
OAVR   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Dep.Check Rules
OAVS   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Period Rule
OAVT   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Insurance Premium
OAVX   RACSTABL       C AM view maint no.periods shtd f.y
OAVZ   RACSTABL       C AM Call up report
OAV5   RAVCLUST       Index figures
OAV8   RACSTABL       FI-AA C Def. Eval. Group; 8 places
OAV9   RACSTABL       C AM Asset hist. group view maint.
OAWD   OAPREUSE       SAP ArchiveLink: Store documents
OAWF   RAWFCU         Assign Workflow Tasks
OAWS   OAPRESET       Maintain presettings
OAWT   RAVCLUST       AW01- define value field texts
OAWW   OAWFLWIZ       ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard
OAW1   SAPMSVMA       Reason for investment
OAXB   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXC   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXD   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXE   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXF   RAVCLUST       Define Transaction Type
OAXG   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type
OAXH   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXI   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAXJ   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAYA   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types
OAYB   RAVCLUST       Limiting transaction type groups
OAYC   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Depr. terms
OAYD   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Man. entry FC
OAYE   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Sequence
OAYF   RAVCLUST       Legacy Data Transfer: Accumul. Depr
OAYG   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Calc.repl.val
OAYH   RAVCLUST       Depreciation area currency
OAYI   RAVCLUST       Memo value of area
OAYJ   RAVCLUST       Net book value is changeover amount
OAYK   RAVCLUST       Low-value assets
OAYL   RAVCLUST       Individual period weighting
OAYM   RAVCLUST       Permit group asset for area
OAYN   RAVCLUST       Assign bal.sheet/inc.stmt to area
OAYO   RAVCLUST       Rounding specific. for deprec. area
OAYP   RAVCLUST       Shortening rules for shortened FY
OAYQ   RAVCLUST       Gross/net resrvs.for special deprec
OAYR   RAVCLUST       Posting rules for depreciation
OAYS   RAVCLUST       Special treatment of retirement
OAYT   RAVCLUST       Transact.type for proportional vals
OAYU   RAVCLUST       Capitaliztn of dwn-paymnts (transfr
OAYZ   RAVCLUST       Asset class:  Depreciation areas
OAY1   RAVCLUST       Special handling of transfer postin
OAY2   RAVCLUST       Asset class: Low value asset check
OA01   RACSTABL       Gain/loss substitution -Fixed asset
OA02   RACSTABL       Substitution: Mass Changes to Asset
OA03   RAMUST00       C AM Asset Class Index
OA05   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintain Table T499S
OA07   RDDSRCG0       Generate C AM BALTD Record Layout
OA11   ROOLAC00       C AM Asset Master Matchcode
OA13   RAALTD01       FI-AA Legacy Data Transfer
OA14   RAALTD11       Direct import of data
OA15   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintenance Table T094P
OA79   SAPMA06C       C AM Maintain Ast.Hist.Sheet Defin.
OA80   SAPMA06C       C AM Maint. Asset.Hist.Sheet Defin.
OA81   RAVCLUST       Maintain Transaction Types - Expert
OA84   RAPERGEN       Generate Period Control
OA85   RACSTABL       C FI-AA: Weighting periods
OBA1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030
OBBH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document
OBBT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 Maintenance GLU+GLU
OBBV   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI2+SPACE
OBBW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI3+A00
OBBX   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI4+SPACE
OBBZ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Subst. FI/0005: Activate
OBB0   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain table T030 valuatn ad
OBCV   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP: T021R with SL-AX
OBFA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Corresp.
OBFB   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Document
OBFC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Lne Item
OBG1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain tbl T030 offsttng acc
OBG8   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy G/L Accounts Acc.To Ref.A
OBG9   RFBISA39       C FI Maintain Table TSAKR
OBH1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Company Cod
OBH2   SAPMFKM0       C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Fiscal year
OBJ1   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Financial Statement
OBJ2   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Compact Doc.Journal
OBJ3   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Bill of Exchange List
OBJ4   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End G/L Account Balances
OBJ5   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End G/L Account List
OBJ6   SAPMS38M       Posting Totals
OBJ7   SAPMS38M       Bill of Exchange Charges Statement
OBKA   SAPMS38M       Account Statement Correspondence
OBKB   SAPMS38M       Internal Documents Correspondence
OBKC   SAPMS38M       Individual Letters Correspondence
OBKD   SAPMS38M       Document Statements Correspondence
OBKE   SAPMS38M       Customer Stmnt Corresp.Account Stmn
OBKR   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPT
OBK1   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End OI Customer List
OBK2   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Customer Acct Balance
OBK3   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Customer List
OBK4   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End OI Vendor List
OBK5   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Vendor Acct Balances
OBK6   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Vendor List
OBK7   SAPMS38M       Subledger Accts Bal.Carried Forward
OBK8   SAPMS38M       G/L Accounts Balance Carried Forwar
OBK9   SAPMS38M       Payment Notices Correspondence
OBL2   SAPMFKM0       Consistency Check: Auto.Pstg (ErAny
OBL4   SAPMFKM0       Consistency Check: Sp.G/L (Err.Anly
OBMD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dun.lin
OBMK   SAPMFKM0       C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dunn.hd
OBM1   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Advance Tax Return
OBM2   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Financial Statement
OBM3   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Foreign Trade Regns
OBM4   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Compact Doc.Journal
OBM5   SAPMS38M       C FI G/L Balances Monthly Report
OBM6   SAPMS38M       Posting Data Reconciliation
OBNB   SAPMFKM2       Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2
OBN1   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End OI Customer List
OBN2   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Financial Statement
OBN3   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End OI Vendor List
OBN4   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Vendor Acct Balances
OBOB   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout
OBO1   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout
OBO2   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line Layou
OBPE   RFFMFKM0       C FI Penalty Interests
OBPL   RGUREC50       Subsequently post CO to G
OBPM4  RFOBPM40       Payment Medium Selection Variants
OBPM5  RFMPAYCUST     Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
OBPN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Penalty Interests
OBP5   RFDELPLN       Delete FI planning data
OBRD   SAPMKKB5       Customers: maintain report selectio
OBRK   SAPMKKB5       Vendors: maintain report selection
OBRS   SAPMKKB5       G/L: maintain report selection
OBRX   SAPMKKB5       Flexible G/L: Maintain Report Selec
OBS1   SAPMGCU0       C FI Create Ledger
OBS2   SAPMGCU0       C FI Change Ledger
OBS3   SAPMGCU0       C FI Display Ledger
OBS4   SAPMGCU0       C FI Delete Ledger
OBT1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNA1)
OBT10  SAPMFKM0       C FI Maint. Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM)
OBT2   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNB1)
OBT3   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKK)
OBT3Z  SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKA)
OBT4   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFA1)
OBT5   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFB1)
OBT6   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKA1)
OBT7   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKB1)
OBT8   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG)
OBT9   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)
OBU1   SAPMS38M       Document Type/Posting Key Options
OBV1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Int.For Dys Overdue Acct Deter
OBV2   SAPMFKM0       C FI G/L Acct Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Det
OBV3   SAPMFKM0       C FI Cust.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.
OBV4   SAPMFKM0       C FI Vend.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.
OBV9   SAPMFKM0       C FI Act Det.Vendor Intrst on Arrs
OBWO   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax
OBWS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax
OBWU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax
OBWW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax
OBWZ   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: WITH_CTNO
OBXA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXB   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030
OBXE   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T041A/T041T
OBXI   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXJ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B
OBXK   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXL   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 GAU/GA0
OBXO   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 KDW
OBXP   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 zaf
OBXQ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 KDZ
OBXR   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074
OBXS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074
OBXU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXV   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBXW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B Cleared Invoices
OBXY   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074
OBXZ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 G/L Accont Clearing
OBX1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B: G/L Acct Posting
OBYA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYB   SAPMFKM0       Maintain automatic postings account
OBYC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYE   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYF   RV61CKOS       Revenue Account Determination
OBYG   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030
OBYL   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRC
OBYM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Bill of Exchange
OBYN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Bill Receivable
OBYP   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Check/Bill of Exch.
OBYR   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074
OBYS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Tangible Fixed Asse
OBYT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD
OBYU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD
OBYY   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 Maintenance KDT/KDT
OBY0   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy CoCde with Ctry Chrt/Acct
OBY7   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy Chart of Accounts
OBY8   SAPMFKM8       C FI Delete Chart of Accounts
OBY9   SAPMFKM8       C FI Transport Chart of Accounts
OBZA   RFABADAB       Reporting Selection: Global Menu
OBZM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Substitution FI/0005: Create
OBZN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Substitution FI/0005: Change
OBZT   RFT007ACV      Single Screen Transaction Tax Code
OBZ2   SAPMFKM0       C FI FBZP T042
OB00   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)
OB35   SAPMS38M       Customer Balance Confirmation
OB36   SAPMS38M       Vendor Balance Confirmation
OB40   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030
OB41   SAPMFKM0       Maintain Accounting Keys
OB48   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode SAKO
OB49   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode DEBI
OB50   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode KRED
OB53   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030
OB55   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TFAV
OB75   RFT042D_CALL   Cust.Pmnt Program: Available Amnts
OB89   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030
OB91   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001F
OB92   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001G
OCAK   RGCT856        FI-LC: Print Transaction Types
OCAL   RGCT865        FI-LC: Print IC Eliminations
OCAM   RGCT868B       FI-LC: Print Inventory Mgmt Company
OCAN   RGCT868L       FI-LC: Print Supplying Company
OCAO   RGCT872        FI-LC: Print Changes in Net Income
OCAP   RGCT873        FI-LC: Print Hidden Reserves
OCAR   RGCT875E       FI-LC: Print Chgs in Trfr Depreciat
OCAS   RGCT875D       FI-LC: Print Asset Transfer
OCAT   RGCT858        FI-LC: Print Versions
OCAU   RGCT854S       FI-LC: Print Selected FS Items
OCBP   RGCEUR20       Upload extract from R/2
OCBV   RGCCDB00       Reconcile Extended G/L Accounts
OCBW   RGCMBU00       Consolidation: data input via MT
OCBY   RGCPOS01       Create Corporate Chart of Accounts
OCBZ   RGCCEDB0       Compare Extract / Cons.Data Base
OCB0   RGCHRY10       Step consolidation
OCB1   RGCAUS10       Bundle Standard Reports
OCB2   RGCIA400       Consolidation Documents
OCB5   RGCSTC00       Extract Subgroup
OCB6   RGCLST30       Totals file records
OCCC   RGCPOS02       Maintain Group Account
OCCE   SAPMGCU0       Change GL customizing company code
OCCF   SAPMGCU0       Create GL Customizing Company code
OCCI   SAPMF10C       Cons. Integration Settings
OCCM   RGUCOMP1       Reconcile G/L Accounts/Consolidatio
OCCP   RGCDDP00       Print G/L account / group account
OCCS   RGCDDC00       Validate GL acct  Group acct
OCCT   RGCPOS03       FS Items from Chart of Accounts
OCC0   SAPMF10C       Central Group Table
OCC8   RGC863LT       Info System: Report Selection
OCDL   RGUDEL00       Delete FI-LC Ledger Transaction dat
OCDM   RGCAUSHY       Hierarchy of Totals Reports
OCDN   RGCDOW40       Download MS ACCESS
OCDO   RGCPOS05       Delete FS chart of accounts
OCDZ   RGUDEL00       Cons stag. ledger: delete trans dat
OCHS   ROOLMB00       Set system messages
OCH0   MENUOCH0       Batch Management
OCI1   RSCITA00       Maintain TCUSC
OCL1   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Create Ledger
OCL2   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Change Ledger
OCL3   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Display Ledger
OCL4   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Delete Ledger
OCL5   RGCEISS1       Extract to EIS
OCL6   RGCRWIMP       Import Report definition
OCMI   RKMODIMP       Import models cost elements
OCM1   CO_OCM_OBJECT_LBackgrd Job: Processing Init.Object
OCM2   CO_OCM_ORDER_LIBackgd Job: Processing Proc.Element
OCM3   COOCMPICK_H    Background Job: OCM Goods Movements
OCNG   MENUOCNG       Graphic customizing
OCN1   RGUREC10       FI-LC: Repost FI data
OCN2   RGUREC30       FI-LC: Repost MM data
OCN3   RKEPCU40       FI-LC: Repost SD data
OCO2   RSCICO02       Customizing: Country Version
OCU0   MENUOCU0       Customizing Menu for Variants
OCVM   SAPMF100       View Maintenance: initial screen
OCZ1   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Create add. ledger
OCZ2   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Change Cons Staging Ledger
OCZ3   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Display Add. Ledger
OCZ4   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Delete Add. Ledger
OC50   RGCABG00       Gain/Loss from asset retirement
OC52   RGCANT00       Group Shares
OC53   RGCAUS00       Group Reports
OC55   RGCCHP00       Contra items/Retained earnings
OC56   RGCDOW10       Download for consolidation
OC57   RGCEQL00       Transfer chnges in invest./equity
OC58   RGCEQT00       Data transfer for affiliated co.s
OC59   RGCERH00       Print data entry forms/audit trail
OC60   RGCERH10       Bundle Data Entry Forms
OC61   RGCFK300       K3 form
OC62   RGCGLI10       List of Ownership
OC63   RGCGLI20       Changes in equity
OC64   RGCGLI30       Changes in investment
OC65   RGC884PR       Print Translation Method
OC66   RGCGLI50       Changes in hidden reserves
OC67   RGCGLI60       Investment in companies
OC68   RGCIAR00       Interactive consolidation reporting
OC69   RGCKAP00       Consolidation of investments
OC70   RGCKPD00       Print financial statement items
OC71   RGCLST00       Listing of Totals File Records
OC72   RGCLST10       Database list: Journal entries
OC73   RGCMBU00       Consolidation: data input via MT
OC74   RGCONS00       Bundle Consolidation Activities
OC75   RGCCUSKP       Print cons. of investments method
OC76   RGCPCU10       Data input via PC
OC77   RGCPLS00       Validate consolidation data
OC78   RGCPOS00       Copy FS items from RF Tables
OC79   RGCPOS10       Create D/E form from f/s item table
OC80   RGCPOS20       Build Standard Report from D.E.form
OC81   RGCPOS30       Change FS Item Numbers
OC82   RGCPOS40       Validation Check: Items/DE Forms
OC83   RGCPOS50       Exchange Item Numbers:Totals Record
OC84   RGCRNN00       Renumber Lines for Data Entry Forms
OC85   RGCRNN10       Renumber Standard Report Table
OC86   RGCSCD00       Copy Totals Records
OC87   RGCSEL00       Data selection for reporting
OC88   RGCPOS80       Layout of FS Chart of Accounts
OC89   RGCSKO00       Intercompany Elimination
OC90   RGCUMG00       Reclassifications
OC91   RGCUMR00       Currency Translation (Consolidation
OC92   RGCVTR00       Carry Forward Balances-Consolidatio
OC93   RGCWRF00       Currency devaluation
OC94   RGCZGE00       Elim.of Intercompany Profit/Loss
OC95   RGCVAL00       Validation Maintenance
OC96   RGCPOS60       Exchange Item Numbers: Documents
OC97   RGCPOS70       Upload FS Items and Texts
OC98   RGCPOS15       FI-LC: Rptg line layout frm Item tb
OC99   RGCSCD10       Totals recs: Delete (local values)
ODI1   SAPMSNUM       Number range for distr. order Id
ODI3   SAPMSNUM       Number range for dist.order pack. I
ODI4   SAPMSNUM       Number range for partial order Id
ODI5   SAPMSNUM       Number range for original files
ODI6   SAPMSNUM       Number range for recipient list
ODOC   SAPMOMBE       Activate Docmt Mgmt for Batches
ODP1   RDPPROF00      DIP Profile
ODP2   RDPPROF46      DIP Profile: Consistency Check
ODP2A  RDPPROF10      DIP Profile:Multiple Consist. Check
ODP2L  RDPPROF45      DIP Profile:Consistency Check (List
ODRV   RMIMGDIRECTODRVCustomizing for Derivation
OD00   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for documents
OD12   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Vaults
OD70   SAPMV12A       Create Conditions Table (DMS)
OD71   SAPMV12A       Change conditions table (DMS)
OD90   RDDSRCG0       Record Layout for Batch Input (Docs
OD91   RCVBI010       Document Data Transfer
OD92   RCVBI005       Document Batch Input Example File
OD93   RCCVBISC       Display Document File
OE00   RPUEMU99       HR Customizing: Maintenance T500C
OFBLBW RGUCBIW1_PI    Budgetary Ledger BW Extractors
OFDE   RFFMMDD1       FM: Delete Cmmt Items in FM Area
OFDF   RFFMMDD2       Delete Funds Centers in FM Area
OFDG   RFFMMDD3       Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy Var
OFDH   RFFMDLCU       Funds Management: Delete CO Actuals
OFDM1  RFDLKBLA       Delete Earmarked Funds by Client
OFDM2  RFDLKBLX       Delete Selection of Earmarked Funds
OFDSM  RFFMMDD5       Delete Status Management Entries
OFD1   RFFMMDD1       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master Data
OFD2   RFFMDL52       Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Act.Data
OFD3   RFFMDL53       Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Plan Data
OFD5   RFFMMDD4       Delete Funds and Application of Fnd
OFD7   RFFMDL90_ISPS  Funds Management: Delete Budget
OFD8   RFFMDL03       Delete Commitment Item From G/L Acc
OFGA   RFFMRP51       CBM: FI Data Transfer in Full
OFGB   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Gradual FI Data Transfe
OFGC   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: FI Data Transfer in Ful
OFGG   RFFMCP01       Copy Commitment Item To G/L Account
OFG1   RFFMRP50       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over All Docs
OFG2   RFFMRP53       Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM Data
OFG3   RFFMRP56       Cash Bdgt Mgt:Take Over Fds Res Dat
OFG4   RFFMRP55       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over Pymt Tsfr
OFG5   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over All Documents
OFG6   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over MM Data
OFG8   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over Pymt Tfr Data
OFG9   RFFMRP52       CBM: Gradual FI Data Transfer
OFKA   SAPLFM11       Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec.
OFK1   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. Item
OFK2   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria Category Group
OFK3   SAPL0FMK       Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.Group
OFK4   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria
OFO1   RFVIDOPO       OI List Per Real Estate Objects
OFPK   SAPMFKM0       FM budgetary ledger posting keys
OFPM   KFPR_VIEW_MAINTChange Message Control
OFP5   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
OFP6   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
OFP7   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.
OFRA   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
OFRB   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
OFTC   MENUOFTC       Funds Management
OFTD   MENUOFTD       Cash Management Configuration Menu
OF03   SAPMFM00       Transfer Cash Holdings
OF07   SAPMFM00       Cash Budget Mgt Consistency Check
OF09   SAPMFM00       Funds Management Consistency Check
OF12   ROOBP100       FM: Maintain Budget Profile
OF19   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2
OF20   ROOBP100       FM Budget Avail.Control Tolerances
OF21   ROOBP100       FM: Budget Versions
OF22   ROOBP100       Financial Budgeting Versions
OF29   SAPLFMFS       Settings for the Payment Transfer
OF36   SAPLFMFS       User-Dependent Profile Maintenance
OF4C   BPCALC01       Calculate Budget Surcharges
OGS1   RPUBSIU1       Load tax authority codes
OGS2   RPUBSIU2       Load tax authorities
OGS3   RPUBSIU3       Update tax authorities
OGS4   RPUBSIU4       Load tax types
OGS5   RPUBSIU6       Load tax areas
OGS6   RPUBSIU8       Load zip codes
OGS7   RPUSCG00       Generate schema
OGS8   RPUTAXU0       Delete tax table entries
OGS9   RPUANRU0       Generate ADP number ranges
OG00   RPUCUS10       Personnel Administration Customizin
OG01   RPUCUS10       Personnel Administration Customizin
OG02   RPUCUS10       Recruitment Customizing
OG03   RPUCUS10       Generate calendar for cumulation
OG04   RPUCUS20       Customizing: Country-Spec. Features
OG05   RPUCUS30       Customizing: Dyn. Schema Selection
OG07   RPUCUS70       Current settings Time Management
OG30   RPUCUS10       HR:call SM30 subobjects individuall
OG42   RPMYPA42       Customizing Tool for PA42
OHPS   MENUOHPS       Org.Management Configuration
OHX2   RPURMW00       Maintain wage types for remittance
OH00   RPUCUS00       Access Subset View
OH02   RPUCUS50       Call View Cluster with Subset Views
OH04   RPUUMS00       Conversion of third party remittanc
OH11   SAPMPU30       Copy Wage Types
OH12   RPVIEW00       Access View for T512W
OH13   RPVIEW10       HR Customizing: Wage Type Grouping
OH14   RPUCUS14       Access Subset View for Check Table
OH16   RPUCUS16       Call RPUCTF00 with Var. SAP_OH16
OH17   RPUSVBD0       HR Customizing: SI Contrib.Statemen
OH18   RPDABWD0       HR Customizing: Absence Docu.
OH19   RPCCON00       Access Transaction OH20
OH20   SAPMOH20       Maintain Payroll Constants
OH21   RPUCUS21       Supply Parameters for PE51
OH23   RPUCUS23       Enter Parameters for PUFK
OIAC   SAPMSD20       Matchcode notifications
OIBC   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) Eqpmt Dat
OIBD   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Level) Loc. Dat
OIBS   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles
OIBY   RIOCUS00       List Display of Goods Movements
OIB1   ROOBP100       Maintain inv.program budget profile
OIB3   ROOBP100       Budget profile: proj.->invst.prg.ty
OIB4   ROOBP100       Budg. profile order -> inv.prog.typ
OIB5   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/value transfer
OIB9   RIOFSE00       TL list - production resource/tool
OICY   RIOT399J       Application ID for PM
OIDA   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers for Notifications
OIDB   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers by Notification Type
OIDC   RIPRJUMP       PM Notifs - User-SpecifPrintControl
OIDD   RIPRJUMP       PM Print Diversion for NotifPapers
OIDE   RIPRJUMP       PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContent
OIDF   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers for Orders
OIDG   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers by Order Type
OIDH   RIPRJUMP       PM Orders - User-SpecifPrintControl
OIDI   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Paper Print Diversion
OIDJ   RIPRJUMP       PM OrdPrintDivers. by FldContent
OIDP   RIPRJUMP       PD Order - Define Shop Papers
OIDQ   RIPRJUMP       PD Shop Papers by Order Type
OIDR   RIPRJUMP       PD Order - User Specif. Print Contr
OIDS   RIPRJUMP       PD Print Diversion f. Shop Papers
OIDT   RIPRJUMP       PD Order Print Diversion by FldCont
OIDV   RIACCESS       Download SAP Tables into MS Access
OIDW   RIACCCAT       Download catalog profile
OIEM   SAPMSD20       Matchcode for Equipment
OIEN   SAPMSNUM       Equipment Number Ranges
OIFL   RIOCUS01       Vehicle List
OIF1   RAIPAR00       Partner schema for app. request
OIF2   ROOBP100       Maint. of plan profile f. app.req.
OIF3   ROOBP100       Maint.- plan profile app.r. cash fl
OIGN   RIOCUS00       List Editing of Permits
OIKS   SAPMIKSC       Maintenance of Cost Estimate Versio
OIK1   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintenance of PM value categories
OIK2   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaint. of PM value cat. assignments
OILG   SAPMSD20       Standard Task List Matchcode
OIL0   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges: FunctLoc.Task Lists
OIL4   SAPMSNUM       Task List Number Ranges
OIL5   SAPMSNUM       Equipment number ranges
OIL6   RIOCA41I       Operation Default Value Profiles
OIL8   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text
OIMF   SAPMIO10       Service Window
OIMN   RICUTQSCR      Customizing setting table TQSCR
OIM3   RIOTQ80A       Order Type by NotifType
OIOE   RIO399XS       Operation No. - AutoIncrement
OIOF   RIO399XK       Costing Parameters
OION   SAPMSNUM       Order number ranges
OIOR   RIOTCORU       Order Completion Confirmation
OIPG   SAPLIPCL       Maintenance of Permit Group
OIPM   SAPMSD20       Matchcode for Functional Locations
OIP1   ROOBP100       Maintain inv.prog. planning profile
OIRA   RIOFSE00       Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrde
OIRB   RIOCUS00       PM Object Contracts
OIRC   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level EquipList - Permit
OIRE   RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No. Product. Orde
OIRE0  RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No. Handling Unit
OIRE1  RIOFSE00       Field Selection Serial No. Inventor
OIRF   RIOCUS00       Measuring Point List
OIRG   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Permit
OIRH   RIOFSE00       Order List (M.-Lev.) - Iss. Permits
OIRI   RIOFSE00       Location List (Multi-Level) - Permi
OIRL   RIOCUS00       Measurement Document List
OIRM   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Goods Movement
OIRN   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Delivery
OIRO   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Inspection Lot
OIRP   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Sales Order
OIRQ   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. PM Order
OIRR   RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No PM Notificatio
OIRS   RIOFSE00       Multi-level Order List: Sub-Orders
OIRT   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Level) - Header
OIRU   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev) - Operatio
OIRV   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Sub-Opt
OIRW   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Relship
OIRX   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Component
OIRZ   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Maint.Pkg
OIR0   RIOFSE00       Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmt
OIR1   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Customer
OIR2   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Vendor
OIR3   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No.
OIR4   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Contact Person
OIR5   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnit
OIR6   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Position
OIR7   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType User
OIR8   RIOFSE00       Field Selection for General Address
OISK   MENUOISK       Funds Management
OISN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IRESTO
OIS0   MENUOIS0       Funds Management
OIS3   RIOFSE00       Task Lists (Multi-lvl)- ServPackage
OIS4   RIOFSE00       Task List (Mul.lev.) - ObjectDepend
OITM1  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 1
OITM10 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 10
OITM11 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 11
OITM12 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12
OITM13 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12
OITM14 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12
OITM2  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 2
OITM3  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 3
OITM4  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 4
OITM5  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 5
OITM6  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 6
OITM7  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 7
OITM8  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 8
OITM9  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 9
OITN   RAIMAWFC       Assign workflow tasks
OITO   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab
OIT4   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint: IM_POSNR
OIT6   SAPMKKB5       Inv. Programs Report Selection
OIT7   SAPMKKB5       Approp. Request Report Selection
OIUB   RIOCUS00       Field Sel. Equipment Usage List
OIUC   RIOCUS00       Equipment List - CS
OIUF   RIOCUS00       Functional Location List - CS
OIUG   RIOFSE00       Service Order List
OIUI   RIOCUS00       Order List - CS
OIUK   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.) - goods mvm
OIUL   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.)-relationshi
OIUN   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.) costs/rev.
OIUO   RIOFSE00       Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.poin
OIUOR  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.Pt
OIUP   RIOFSE00       Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc.
OIUQ   RIOFSE00       Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring poin
OIUR   RIOFSE00       Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc.
OIVC   RCNCC020       Check Report for Value Categories
OIVN   RIOT399J       Maintenance Plan No. Ranges
OIWD   RIOCUS00       Object Networks - Objects (FL)
OIWE   RIOFSE00       Equipment Structure Display
OIWI   RIOCUS00       PM Notification List
OIWK   RIOCUS00       CS Notification List
OIWL   RIOCUS00       PM order list
OIWM   RIOFSE00       Component Structural Display
OIWO   RIOCUS00       List of PM task lists
OIWP   RIOFSE00       Functional Location Structure
OIWQ   RIOFSE00       Installed Base Structural Display
OIWR   RIOFSE00       Reference Location Structure
OIWU   RIOCUS00       PM Operation List
OIWUN  RI_ORDER_OPERATOrder- and Operation List
OIWW   RIOCUS00       Maintenance plan list
OIWY   RIOCUS00       Maintenance item list
OIW0   RIOFSE00       Detail Info (MaintPlan)
OIW1   RIOCUS00       Activities list display
OIW3   RIOCUS00       List of Order Confirmations
OIW5   RIOCUS00       Maintenance dates list display
OIW6   RIOCUS00       FunctLocation list - PM
OIW7   RIOCUS00       Reference location list
OIW8   RIOCUS00       Material List
OIXA   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Document
OIXAR  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel) - Document
OIXB   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Object Lin
OIXC   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - Equipment
OIXD   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - EquipUsage
OIXE   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level EqList - FunctLocation
OIXF   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - Partners
OIXG   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - Notification
OIXH   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - Order
OIXI   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList - Class
OIXJ   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList - Characteristic
OIXK   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList - Document
OIXL   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList - Object Link
OIXM   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList - Notificatio
OIXN   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (M.-Lev.) - Funct. Loc.
OIXO   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Equipmen
OIXP   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList - Partners
OIXQ   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Item
OIXR   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList - Activity
OIXS   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList - Class
OIXT   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Charact.
OIXU   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Task
OIXV   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList - Order
OIXW   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Order
OIXX   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - FunctLoc.
OIXY   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Equipment
OIXZ   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Notif.
OIX2   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - FunctLoc.
OIX2R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel) - Ref. Locat
OIX3   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - EquipUsage
OIX4   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Equipment
OIX5   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Partners
OIX6   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Notifictn
OIX7   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Order
OIX8   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Class
OIX8R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel): Class
OIX9   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Chrctrstic
OIX9R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilev)- Characteristi
OIYC   RIOCUS00       Equipment list
OIYG   RIOCUS00       Confirmations list for PM operation
OIYH   RIOCUS00       Serial number list
OIYJ   RIOCUS00       Object Links - Objects (EQ)
OIYL   RIOFSE00       Detail Info (Order Operation)
OIYM   RIOFSE00       Details (Order Header)
OIYP   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Partners
OIYQ   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Operation
OIYR   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - Component
OIYS   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - CompConf.
OIYT   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List - PRTs
OIYV   RIOFSE00       Notifictn list (multi-level) - caus
OIYW   RIOCUS00       List of Tasks
OIYZ   RIOCUS00       Notification Item List
OIY9   RIOCUS00       Scheduling Overview
OIZH   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar
OIZO   SAPMC68K       Capacity Default Values
OIZU   ROOP0011       Work Centers Screen Sequence
OIZ6   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text
OIZ7   SAPMSD20       Work Center Matchcode
OJIN1  SAPMV12A       Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call
OKBA   RGUREC10       Transfer FI Documents to CO
OKBB   RGUREC30       Transfer MM Documents to CO
OKBC   RKEPCU40       Transfer SD Documents to CO
OKBF   RKCOBTR7       Import Planning Layouts
OKBG   RKANBU02       Post Down Payments
OKB1   SAPMKC01       Transfer G/L Acct: Display Defaults
OKB2   SAPMKC01       Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain Default
OKB3   RKBIKA00       Batch Input for Cost Elements
OKB6   RKKBBGEN       Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports
OKCC   RKCDSM_1       Maintain Sender Structures
OKCDS  RKCSLICE       SAP-EIS: Data Slice Statistics
OKCE   RKCREPCU       SAP-EIS: Set up data collection rep
OKCG   SAPLKCD0       CO-BPC Maintain Transfer Rules
OKCI   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Characteristic Values
OKCJ   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TChange Characteristic Values
OKCK   RKCCOMD0       Generate Master Data Maint. Modules
OKCP   RKCREOFC       Reorganize EIS field catalog
OKCSL  SAPMKCSL       Process Data Slices
OKCX   RKALLEWS       Change "All Currencies" Indicator
OKCY   SAPMSNUM       Number range record no. in EIS/BP
OKC3   RKSCUS01       Delete transaction data
OKC4   RKSCUS02       Delete Cost Centers
OKC5   RKSCUS03       Delete cost elements
OKC6   RKSCUS04       Delete Activity Types
OKD1   RKKBJBEX       Export CO-CCA Reports
OKD3   RKKBJBIN       Import CO-CCA Reports
OKD6   RKKBJBIN       Import Individual Reports
OKEA   SAPMKC05       Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDs
OKEB   SAPMKC05       Display Cost Center Matchcode IDs
OKEC   SAPMKC05       Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDs
OKED   SAPMKC05       Display Cost Element Matchcode IDs
OKEE   SAPMKC05       Maintain Activity Type Matchcode ID
OKEF   SAPMKC05       Display Activity Type Matchcode IDs
OKEG   RKSCUS05       Change Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs
OKEH   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs
OKEI   RKSCUS05       Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.Type
OKEJ   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/Act.Types
OKEK   RKSCUS05       Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElems
OKEL   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/CElems
OKEM   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank SAK
OKEN   RKSTDHIE       Display Standard Hierarchy
OKENN  KEO_START_NF_STDisplay Standard Hierarchy
OKENNX KEO_START_NF_STDisplay stand.hierarchy: UO active
OKEO   RKSTDHIE       Change Standard Hierarchy
OKEON  KEO_START_NF_STChange Standard Hierarchy
OKEONX KEO_START_NF_STChange standard hierarchy: UO activ
OKEP   SAPL0KO2       Down Payment: Maintain Default CEle
OKER   SAPMKOMP       Define Component/Switching Structur
OKET   SAPLKSPJ       Maintain Price Calculation Settings
OKET1  SAPLKNMJ       Maintain settings: plan reconciliat
OKET2  SAPLKNMJ       Maintain settings: target=actl IAA
OKEW   SAPLKSL7       Splitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNA
OKEX   RKCUTR01       Transport Planning Layouts
OKEY   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Dependent Field/Proces
OKEZ   RKSCUS05       Change Time-Dependent Field/Process
OKE1   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CRK
OKE10  SAPMKC02       Transport Organization Customizing
OKE2   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CEK
OKE3   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CIK
OKE4   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CPK
OKE5   SAPMKC02       Transport Organization Customizing
OKE6   SAPMKC02       Transport Mater Data Settings
OKE7   SAPMKC02       Transport Planning Settings
OKE8   SAPMKC02       Transport Actual Posting Settings
OKE9   SAPMKC02       Transport Tool Settings
OKF1   ROOBP100       Change Budget Planning Profile
OKGA   RKKTKKAR       Update for WIP Calculation
OKG2   RKKTKKAP       Results Analysis Versions
OKG4   RKKTKKAR       Update for Results Analysis
OKG6   SAPMSNUM       No. Ranges Results Analysis CO Doc.
OKG9   RKKTKKAP       Results Analysis Versions for WIP
OKI0   SAPL0EBB       Determine activity number: entry
OKKA   SAPMSVMA       Maintain Controlling Area
OKKB   RKKBSELC       Selection Screen Maintenance
OKKK   RKKKOKKK       Maintain Costing Tables
OKKP   SAPMSVMA       Maintain Controlling Area
OKKS   SAPLRKSR       Set Controlling Area
OKLB   SAPMKKB5       Maintain ABC Report Tree
OKLF   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Cost Objects
OKLH   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Engineer-to-Order
OKLI   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Process Manufacturing
OKLS   SAPMKKB5       Maintain CCA Report Tree
OKL1   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree for CO-OPA
OKL2   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Order-Related Prod.
OKL3   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Sales-Order-Rel. Prod.
OKL4   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Repetitive Mfg
OKL5   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Unit Costing
OKL8   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Product Costing
OKMI   RKMODIMP       Import models Cost Center Accountin
OKM0   RKIMG001       Display IMG Structure
OKM1   RKIMG001       IMG Controlling: General
OKM2   RKIMG001       IMG Controlling: General
OKOA   SAPMKOAU       Init. Screen-Customizing Settlement
OKOB   ROOBP100       CO Orders: Budgeting profiles
OKOD   BPFDPINI       Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits
OKOI   SAPL0KKD       Maintain Capitalization Percentages
OKOJ   SAPLKK0C       Results Analysis Key for Cap.Value
OKOL   RKOLISTV       Int.Orders: Maintain Screen Variant
OKOR   RKOTCODE       Selection Rules for Internal Orders
OKOS   ROOBP100       Struct.Planning Profiles - CO Order
OKOU   RKOTCODE       Substitution Rules - Internal Order
OKOV   RKOTCODE       Select. Variants for Internal Order
OKO1   SAPMKC05       Maintain Order Matchcode IDs
OKO2   SAPMKC05       Display Order Matchcode IDs
OKO5   RKODEL01       Delete CO Orders
OKO6   SAPLKOAS       Maintain Allocation Structure
OKP1   SAPMKCSP       Maintain Period Lock
OKP2   SAPMKCSP       Display Period Lock
OKQ0   RKKRXGEN       Classification Data (Summarization)
OKQ2   RKKRCLZM       Define Reference Characteristics
OKQ5   RKKROGEN       Maintain Hierarchy Struct. (General
OKRH   RKKBKKB1       Table Maintenance for Report List
OKRI   RKKBKKB2       Table Maintenance for Report Layout
OKRZ   RKKRTGEN       Hierarchy ID for Process Mfg
OKSA   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Internal Order
OKSB   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Repetitive Mfg
OKSC   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Make-to-Order
OKSD   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Make-to-Order
OKSE   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Process Mfg
OKSF   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Process Mfg
OKSH   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Unit Costing
OKSI   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Unit Costing
OKSJ   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Product Costing
OKSK   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Element Group: Orders
OKSL   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Product Costing
OKSM   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Run Schedules
OKSN   RKKBJBIM       Import Reports for Run Schedules
OKSO   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Sales Orders
OKSP   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Production Ctrl
OKSQ   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Projects
OKSR   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Projects
OKSS   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Run Schedules
OKSU   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Element Group
OKSV   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Component Structure
OKS0   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Sales Orders
OKS1   RKKBBG00       Generate Reports for Int.Ord.: Batc
OKS2   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Repetitive Mfg
OKS3   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Make-to-Order
OKS4   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Process Mfg
OKS5   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Unit Costing
OKS6   RKKBBG00       Generate Reports for Cost Ctr: Batc
OKS7   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Projects
OKS8   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Product Costin
OKS9   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Run Schedules
OKTA   RKKBJBIN       General Cost Object Reports
OKTD   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Process Mfg
OKTE   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Process Mfg
OKTG   RKCCOTX0       Generate text module
OKTJ   RKKBBGEN       Generate Rpts for Orders; Eng-to-Or
OKTK   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Orders;Eng-to-Or
OKTO   RKKTKKR0       Call Summariz. Hierarchy for Orders
OKTP   RKKTKKR0       Call Summar. Hierarchy for Projects
OKT0   RKKBJBIN       EC-PCA: Import Reports
OKT4   RGRLNG00       Define Report Writer Languages
OKT9   RKKBBGEN       Generate General Cost Object Report
OKUE   RKCSTATS       Database statistics
OKUH   RKCREODM       Reorganization of data transfer
OKUI   RKCDLST0       Display data structure
OKUK   RKCDBCH2       Consistency test SAP-EIS
OKUM   RKCDAMAP       Aspect summarization
OKUP   RKCCOASP       Copy aspect from another client
OKUQ   RKCDLASP       Deactivate aspect in this client
OKUU   RKCREOG1       Reorganize forms
OKUW   RKCCOPR1       Generate aspect summarization
OKUY   RKCPROT0       Display aspect (with environment)
OKUZ   RKCCOPR3       Define aspect archiving
OKU0   SAPMS38M       Maintain variants RKCSUB00
OKU4   RKCTRTX1       Translation tool
OKVF   RKKTKV05       Change Variance Vrnts for Cost Ctr
OKVG   RKKTKV05       Variance Variants for Orders
OKVH   RKKTKV05       Variance Variants for Cost Objects
OKVK   RKKVOKKV       Maintain Variance Tables
OKVO   RKKRKKR0       Call Summariz. Hierarchy for Orders
OKVZ   SAPMKKS1       Change Variance Key in Mat. Master
OKV0   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Cost Centers
OKV1   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Orders
OKV2   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Cost Objects
OKV5   RKKTKV09       Maintain Tgt Cost Vers for Cost Ctr
OKV6   RKKTKV09       Target Cost Versions for Orders
OKV7   RKKTKV09       Target Cost Versions for Cost Objs
OKWC   RKKBBGEN       Generate ABC Reports
OKWT   RKABCT01       Transport Planning Layouts
OKXB   SAPMKCTR       Transport Tool
OKXC   RKCREOMV       Reorg.view maintenance (master data
OKXE   RKCCOTB0       Enter aspect in control tables
OKXF   RKCDLTB0       Delete aspect from control tables
OKXG   SAPMKCTR       Import tool
OKXR   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree
OKXU   RKCMDFU0       Function modules for doc.connection
OKX0   RKCDSM_H       Maint.sender str.for hier
OKX1   SAPLKCD0       Maintain Transfer Rules
OKX3   RKCTRTX1       Where-used list
OKX4   RKCDSM_2       Maintain Sender Str. for Master Dat
OKX5   RKCDSM_3       Sender Structure Comments
OKX6   RKCDSM_6       Sender structures
OKX7   RKCDSM_7       sender str. comments on trans. data
OKX8   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Hierarchy Directory
OKX9   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TMaintain Hierarchy Directory
OK01   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Components/StKFs
OK02   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles
OK03   SAPMBSVA       Display Status Profiles
OK11   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Cost Plg/Budgetin
OK12   RKBUDSDO       Reset "Budgeted" Status
OK13   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Reconcil. Ledger Nr. Range
OK15   RKSCUS09       Maintain authorization group versio
OK16   RKSCUS09       Planner Profiles: Maint. Auth.Group
OK17   SAPLKALO       Reconciliation Ledger: Acct Determ.
OK18   RKSCUS09       Maintain Authorization Groups
OK60   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: IRW_PFLEGE
OK91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: BP_BPDK
OLE    RSOLETT1       OLE demo transaction
OLIA   MENUOLIA       C Maintenance Processing
OLIABW RMCENEUB       Setup: BW agency business
OLID   RMCVNEUC       SIS: Stat. Setup - Sales Activities
OLIE   RMCVNEUT       Statistical Setup - TIS: Shipments
OLIF   RMCFNEUD       SFIS: Setup-Repetitive Manufacturin
OLIFBW RMCFNEUD       Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs
OLIG   RWB2BNEUA      Reconstruct: Global Trade BW
OLIGBW RWB2BNEUA      Reconstruct GT: External TC
OLIH   RMCBMRP2       MRP Data Procurement for BW
OLIIBW RMCINEBW       Reorg. of PM Info System for BW
OLIM   RMCBS198       Periodic stock qty - Plant
OLIP   MENUOLIP       C Plant Maintenance Planning
OLIQ   RMCQNEUA       Reorganization of QM info system
OLIQBW RMCQNEBW       QM Infosystem Reorganization for BW
OLISBW RMCSNEBW       Reorg. of CS Info System for BW
OLIX   RMCSISCP       Stat. Setup: Copy/Delete Versions
OLIZ   RMCBNERP       INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification
OLIZBW RMCBNERP       INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification
OLI0   MENUOLI0       C Plant Maintenance Master Data
OLI1   RMCBNEUA       INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
OLI1BW RMCBNEUA       INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
OLI2   RMCBNEUB       INVCO Stat. Setup: Stocks
OLI2BW RMCBNEUB       INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stock
OLI3   RMCENEUA       PURCHIS Statistical Setup
OLI3BW RMCENEUA       Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures
OLI4   RMCFNEUA       SFIS Statistical Setup
OLI4BW RMCFNEUA       Reorg. PPIS Extract Structures
OLI5   RIPMCO00       PMIS Statistical Setup
OLI6   RMCBS197       Periodic stock qty - Storage locatn
OLI7   RMCVNEUA       SIS Statistical Setup: Orders
OLI7BW RMCVNEUA       Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order
OLI8   RMCVNEUL       Set Up SIS for Deliveries
OLI8BW RMCVNEUL       Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Delivery
OLI9   RMCVNEUF       SIS Statistical Setup: Billing Docs
OLI9BW RMCVNEUF       Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Invoices
OLML   RLDOLML1       IMG structure Warehouse Management
OLMS   MENUOLMS       C RM-MAT Master Data Menu
OLPA   MENUOLPA       SOP Configuration
OLPM   RIPMS001       Set Up: Plant Maintenance IS
OLQB   MENUOLQB       QM Customizing in Procurement
OLS1   MENUOLS1       Customizing for Rebates
OLVD   MENUOLVD       C SD     Shipping Menu
OLVF   MENUOLVF       C SD     Billing Menu
OLVS   MENUOLVS       C SD     Menu for Master Data
OL01   RLMIGR01       Display / change LDK34 (bins)
OL02   RLMIGR02       Display / change RLPLA (bins)
OL03   RLMIGR03       Display / change LDK33 (stock)
OL04   RLMIGR04       Display / change RLBES (stock)
OL05   RLMIGR05       Display / change LDK30 (mat.whse)
OL06   RLMIGR06       Display / change LDK31 (mat.type)
OL07   RLMG0000       Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->RLPL
OL08   RLPLAT00       Data transfer stor.bins RLPLA->B.I.
OL09   RLMG0001       Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->LAGP
OL10   RLMGT000       Test storage bin data transfer
OL11   RLMG0010       Data transfer stock LDK33->RLBES
OL12   RLBEST00       Data transfer stock RLBES-> B.I.
OL13   RLMG0011       Data tranfer stock LDK33->LQUA
OL14   RLMGT010       Test stock data transfer
OL15   RLMG0050       Data transfer material whse no.view
OL16   RLMGT050       Test mat.master data transfer (MLGN
OL17   RLMG0060       Data transfer material storage type
OL18   RLMGT060       Test mat.master data transfer (MLGT
OL19   RLALEACU       Generate Distribution Model
OL20   RLWMSCH1       Consistency Check (Centr.Processing
OL21   RLWMSCH2       Consistency Check (Decentr.Process.
OL22   RLCHECKL       Check LE /HU Number Assignment
OMA1   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Batches in MM
OMA2   SAPMV12A       Change Cond.Table: Batches in MM
OMA3   SAPMV12A       Display Cond. Table: Batches in MM
OMA6   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion
OMA7   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Add Index
OMA8   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index
OMBA   SAPMOMB0       Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.
OMBC   SAPMOMB0       Set Missing Parts Check
OMBF   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Goods Mvm
OMBG   SAPMOMB0       Set Stock Balance Display
OMBM   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Reserv.
OMBN   SAPMOMB0       Defaults for Reservation
OMBR   SAPMOMB0       General Print Settings
OMBS   SAPMOMB0       Reasons for Movements
OMBV   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv
OMBW   ROOLMB00       Set Screen Layout for Goods Movemen
OMBX   SAPMOMBA       Stock Balance Display
OMBZ   ROOLMB00       Rev. GR Despite Invoice
OMB0   ROOLMB00       List of document types
OMB1   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check
OMB2   SAPMOMB0       Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)
OMB3   SAPMOMB0       Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)
OMB4   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (GI)
OMB5   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (GR)
OMB6   ROOLMB00       Change Manual Account Assgt.
OMB7   ROOLMB00       Test Data: Init.Entry of Stock Balc
OMB8   ROOLMB00       Test Data: Reservations Transfer
OMCC   SAPMOMB0       Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvm
OMCE   SAPMOMBE       Define Batch Level
OMCF   SAPMOMB0       Print Label
OMCG   ROOLMB00       Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM
OMCH   ROOLMB00       Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)
OMCJ   ROOLMB00       Screen Layout: Goods Receipt
OMCM   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check: GR
OMCN   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv
OMCP   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check: GI
OMCQ   ROOLMB00       Settings for System Messages
OMCS   SAPMOMBE       Activate Batch Status Management
OMCT   SAPMOMBE       Batch Definition
OMCZ   SAPMOMBE       Activate batch number allocation
OMC0   ROOLMB00       Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt
OMC1   SAPMOMB0       Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
OMC2   SAPMOMB0       Number Assignment for Reservations
OMC4   RM07II34       BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count
OMC6   ROOLMB00       Test Data Transfer: Phys. Inventory
OMC7   RM07II38       BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count + Dif
OMC8   RM07II39       BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./Count
OMC9   RM07II40       BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/Diff
OMDK   ROOLMD02       C RM-MAT MD Error Allocation
OMDN   SAPMSNUM       C MM-MRP No.RangeInterval - PurReq.
OMDO   RMMDBTCH       Create Planning File
OMDP   RMMDBTCH       Check Consistency for Planning File
OMDT   SAPMOPPQ       C MM-MRP External Procurement
OMDU   SAPMOMD7       C MD Activate MRP
OMDV   SAPMOMD4       C MD Convert Planning Run
OMDW   SAPMOMD5       C MD Rescheduling
OMDX   SAPMOMD6       C MD Planning Horizon
OMDY   SAPMOMD8       C MD Planning Run Abend
OMD5   ROOLMD01       C MM MRP Element Description T457
OMEE   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization RFQ
OMEN   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Time
OMESCJ SAPMOMEW       Activate chargeable info records
OMEV   SAPMOMEV       Determine Consgt. Valuation Prices
OMEX   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization: Requisitio
OMEY   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization PO
OMEZ   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Time
OMFJ   RDDSRCG0       C MM-PUR Rec. Layout for Batch Inpu
OMFL   RM06IBI0       C MM-PUR Transfer of Info Rec. Data
OMFT   D              Message Determination Requirements
OMGA   RMMEKRTE       C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Central)
OMGB   RMMEKRTE       C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Purch.)
OMGEN  OM_GEN         Generate Organizational Units
OMGENP OM_GEN         Generate Organizational Units
OMGQCK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks
OMGSCK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks
OMHA   SAPMV12A       Cr. Vol. Rebate Cond. Table (Purch.
OMHB   SAPMV12A       Change Volume Rebate Table: Purch.
OMHC   SAPMV12A       Cond. Table: Display Rebate (Purch.
OMHK   RM06BBI0       Batch Input; Purchase Requisitions
OMHL   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Info Record
OMHM   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Requisition
OMHN   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purch. Document
OMHO   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Source List
OMHS   RM06IBIS       Display Info Record Transfer File
OMHT   RM06BBIS       Display Requisition Transfer File
OMHU   RM06IBIE       Example File: Batch Input Info Rec.
OMHV   RM06BBIE       Example File; Batch Input Requisn.
OMID   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: Indep.Reqmts
OMIW   SAPMOPPS       BOM Explosion
OMI2   SAPMOMD1       C MM-MRP Number Ranges: Mat. plg.
OMI3   SAPMOMD2       C MM-MRP No. Ranges for Pld Ords
OMI4   SAPMOMD3       C MD Lot Sizes
OMI8   SAPMM61C       Plant Parameters
OMJA   ROOLMB00       Set Screen Layout for Goods Movemen
OMJC   SAPMOMB0       Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvm
OMJD   SAPMOMB0       Set Missing Parts Check
OMJE   SAPMOMB0       Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lv
OMJH   RM07EDMI       Maintain Dataset for Phys. Inventor
OMJI   SAPMOMBD       Set Material Block
OMJL   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT
OMJM   ROOLMB00       Comprn plnt/val.area - divis.->BusA
OMJO   RM06IBKI       Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info Recs
OMJP   RM06IBI0       Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs.
OMJQ   RM06IMKI       Deletion Flag: Consg. Price Segment
OMJR   ROOLMB00       Printer Determin.: Message Type/Use
OMJS   ROOLMB00       Check expiration date at goods issu
OMJV   SAPMOMBD       Subsequent Calculation of Value
OMJW   ROOLMB00       Create Purchase Order Automatically
OMJ2   SAPMOMB0       Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee
OMJ3   ROOLMB00       Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.
OMJ4   ROOLMB00       Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Gr
OMJ5   SAPMOMB0       Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lv
OMJ6   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range for GR/GI Slips
OMJ7   SAPMOMB0       Plant/Val.Area - Divis. -> Busin.Ar
OMJ8   SAPMOMB0       Create Stor. Loc. Automatically
OMJ9   ROOLMB00       Change Manual Account Assgt.
OMKW   SAPMOLVI       Stock removal strategy "SLED"
OMKX   SAPMOLVI       Automatic Transfer Orders
OMKY   SAPMOLVI       Link to External System via ALE
OMKZ   SAPMOLVI       Automatic Transfer Orders
OMK0   SAPMOLVI       Link to PP interface
OMK1   SAPMOLVI       Batch search method for Whse Mgmt
OMK2   SAPMOLVI       Customer exits for strategies
OMK4   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Create (Batches; WM)
OMK5   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Change (Batches; WM)
OMK6   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Display (Batches; WM)
OMK7   SAPMOLVI       Batch WM..... (will be deleted)
OMLA   SAPMOLVI       Putaway Near Picking Bin
OMLB   RLOLML01       MObj.01: Critical TOs
OMLC   RLOLML01       MObj.02: Critical TRs
OMLD   RLOLML01       MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notice
OMLE   RLOLML01       M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries
OMLF   RLOLML01       M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks
OMLG   RLOLML01       M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins
OMLH   RLOLML01       M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.
OMLP   RLOLML01       Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor
OMLV   SAPMOLVI       Print Control for Whse Management
OMLW   SAPMOLVI       Number Ranges for Whse Management
OMLX   SAPMOLVI       Confirmation
OMLY   SAPMOLVI       Storage Type Search
OMLZ   SAPMOLVI       Storage Section Search
OML9   SAPMOLVI       Customizing MOB Interface
OMMB   SAPMOLVI       Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt
OMMO   RLVSCHEC       Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables
OMMP   SAPMOLVI       Decentralized Warehouse Management
OMM1   SAPMOLVI       Storage Bin Type Search
OMM2   SAPMOLVI       Haz.Material Stock Placement
OMM3   SAPMOLVI       Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets
OMM4   SAPMOLVI       Putaway Strategy for Bulk Storage
OMM8   SAPMOLVI       Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO
OMM9   SAPMOLVI       Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small
OMNJ   SAPMOLVI       Link to Warehouse Control Unit
OMNN   RLCUST00       Conversion Exit SU Number
OMNU   SAPMOLVI       Print Control with SU Management
OMNV   SAPMOLVI       Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgm
OMO!   SAPMMCSC       Std Analyses: Std Settings; LO
OMO$   SAPMMCSC       QMIS: Std Settings; Gen.Std Analyse
OMO;   RMCSMCSI       Std Analyses: Delete Sel. Version
OMO=   SAPMMCSC       PMIS: Default Settings;Gnl.Std.Anal
OMOA   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Create Application
OMOB   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Change Application
OMOC   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Display Application
OMOD   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: SFIS
OMOE   RMCLGN00       Generate and Initialize LIL
OMOF   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: User-Defined Ap
OMOH   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: Standard Settings
OMOJ   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: SIS Std Settings
OMOK   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: Ext. Std Settings
OMOL   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: PURCHIS Std Set.
OMON   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: INVCO Std Setting
OMOR   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: QMIS
OMOS   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: PMIS
OMOT   SAPMMC0C       Updating maintainence: TIS
OMOU   SAPMMCSC       Var. Std Analyses: TIS Std Settings
OMOY   SAPMMC0C       Maintain Updating: Warehouse Mgmt
OMOZ   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: Logistics Genrl
OMO0   SAPMMCSC       Self-Def.Anal.: Std.Settings PP-IS
OMO1   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: SIS
OMO2   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: PURCHIS
OMO3   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: External Data
OMO6   MENUOMO6       Maintain Applications
OMO9   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: INVCO
OMPA   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Version per Ref. Type
OMPC   SAPL0MPB       Customizing:PlgInd/Cons.Indep.Reqmt
OMPD   SAPL0MPB       Customizing:Indep.Reqmts Init.Scree
OMPE   RDDSRCG0       Takeover Structure
OMPH   SAPL0MPC       Period Split
OMPI   SAPL0MPC       Configuration
OMPJ   SAPL0MPC       Reqmts Type Message Control
OMPL   RM60IN00       Direct Input
OMPL1  ROOCMESG       Specify system messages
OMPM   RM60INEX       Create Example File
OMPP   SAPL0MPB       Internal Number Assignment
OMP0   MENUOMP0       Customizing: Demand Mngmt (Menu)
OMP1   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Requirements Types
OMP2   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Versions
OMP3   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Vers. per Reqmts Class
OMP4   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Indep. Reqmts History
OMP5   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Refer.Type (Dep.Reqmts
OMP6   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Consuming Indep. Reqmt
OMP8   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Reorganizing Indep.Req
OMP9   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Fixing Indep. Reqmts
OMQM   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry Sheet
OMQ1   RM06EEI0       Transfer of Purchase Orders
OMQ2   RM06EEI1       Transfer of Purchase Order History
OMQ3   RSTXLITF       Transfer of PO Texts
OMQ4   RM06EEEX       Create PO Transfer File
OMQ5   RM06EESF       Edit PO Transfer File
OMQ6   RM06EET1       Create PO Text Transfer File
OMRA   ROOLMR02       C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/Credit
OMRE   SAPMV76A       Purchasing Document Lists Config.
OMRM   RMCUST00       C MM-IV Customer-Specific Messages
OMRR   RV80C001       Transaction/Event Key Usage
OMR0H  SAPMO20M       C MM-IV Automatic Account Assignmnt
OMR4   SAPMOMR0       MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice
OMR5   SAPMOMR0       MM-IV Doc.Type/NR Acct Maintenance
OMR6   ROOLMR00       Tolerance limits: Inv.Verification
OMR8   SAPMOMR0       C RM-MAT MR PO Supplement
OMSFIX SAPSMGFI       Maintain Lock-Relevant Indicator
OMSH   ROOLMS00       C MM-BD Matchcode for Material
OMSI   ROOLMS00       C MM-BD Matchcode for vendor
OMSJ   SAPMOMS0       C MM-BD Number Range for Vendor
OMSK   SAPMOMS0       C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025
OMSM   RMMMVERW       CS MM Set Up Administrative Data
OMST   RDDSRCG0       C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPU
OMSU   RMMMBIM0       C MM-BD Mat. Master Data Transfer
OMSV   RFBIKR00       C MM-BD Vendor Data Transfer
OMSW   RDDSRCG0       C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPU
OMS9   SAPSMGFL       Configure Field/Screen Selection
OMT1   RM07MCC1       C MM-BD Consistency Check Updating
OMT3C  SAPMMGC5       Copy Customer-Spec. Function Group
OMT4   SAPMMGC3       Customizing for EAN Messages
OMT8   RMDATIND       Transfer Material Master Data by DI
OMWA   SAPMOMW0       C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C
OMWC   SAPMO10M       C MM-IV Split Material Valuation
OMWD   ROOLMB00       C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area
OMWE   SAPMOMBD       C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active?
OMWL   SAPMOMBD       C LIFO/FIFO Global Setting
OMWM   SAPMOMBD       C MM IV Control: Accnt Determinatio
OMWN   ROOLMB00       MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Typ
OMWS   SAPMOMBE       Activate Proportion/Product Unit
OMWW   SAPLMB0D_WIZ   MM Account Determination Wizard
OMWW2  SAPM021M       Old MM Account Determination Wizard
OMW0   SAPMOMBD       C MM-IV Control Valuation
OMW9   SAPMOMW0       C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch
OMXL   SAPMOMBD       Configure empties processing
OMXX   SAPMOMEV       Update Contr. Release Order Docu. M
OMX4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenence: ML-DOCU.
OMY0   RMDATSHO       Display Material Transfer File
OMY1   RMDATGEN       Create Input File from Material
OMZE   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Extra
OMZN   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Extra
OM0F   RMDBVM00       Convert MDVM/MDVL for MRP Areas
OM00   MDCUOPP1       Customizing KANBAN
OM14   SAPMSNUM       No.Range Maintenance: Control Cycle
ONOT   SAPL0SAP       Maintain Quotation Types
ONP4   SAPMKES1       Create Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical K
ONP5   SAPMKES1       Change Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical K
ONP6   SAPMKES1       Display Nwk Pl.Layout Statistical K
OOAC   RHCUST01       HR: Authorization main switch
OOAE   RHCUST01       Settings for Appraisal Systems
OOAI   RPIT25APP      Appraisal Transfer Persons
OOAM   RHXPEACM       Change Appraisals Catalog
OOAP   RHCUST01       Set Active Plan Version
OOBC   RHCUST01       Pushbutton Control Batch Input
OOBD   RHCUST01       Cancellations
OOBE   RHCUST01       Budgeting Parameters
OOBI   RHCUST01       INTERN: PA-PD Integration in Batch
OOBS   RHCUST01       Staffing Schedule
OOBU   RHCUST01       Business Events Bookings
OOBX   RHCUST01       Appraisal Type: Standard Input
OOCA   RHCUST01       Activity Types
OOCB   RHCUST01       Customer Enhancement for Master Dat
OOCC   RHCUST01       Cost Center of Cost Object
OOCE   RHCUST01       Organizational Elements
OOCH   RHCHECK0       Consistency Check
OOCINH RHCUST01       Inheritance of Contr. Area in Pos.
OOCK   RHCUST01       Integ. Cost Plng & Cost Accounting
OOCM   RHCUST01       Compensation Management Settings
OOCO   RHCUST01       Integration HR Planning: Cost Acctn
OOCR   RHCUST01       Set up PD Transport Connection
OODA   RHCUST01       Online Process
OODC   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Requirements Entry
OODD   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Lock Settings
OODE   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Work Center View
OODF   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Abbrev. Proposal
OODG   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Standard Shift Grou
OODH   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Selection View
OODK   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Factory Calendar
OODL   RHCUST01       Default Values for Output
OODM   RHCUST01       Activate indicator for subst. types
OODN   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Dialog Box Cust.
OODO   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Different Payment
OODT   RHALTD00       Data Transfer
OODU   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Report Variant
OODV   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Substitution Type
OODW   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Messages
OODX   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Groupings
OODY   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Time Types/Balances
OOEC   RHXPEECATM     Change Development Plan Catalog
OOEE   RHCUST01       Settings for Development Plans
OOEF   RHCUST01       Firmly Book/Cancel
OOEW   RHCUST01       Booking Priorities
OOEX   RHCUST01       Print Shift Plan w/Microsoft Excel
OOFA   RHCUST01       Switch for Business Event Locations
OOFD   RHCUST01       Search Function
OOFF   RHCUST01       Passport photo
OOFK   RHCUST01       Factory Calendar
OOFT   RHCUST01       Customizing Quota Planning FTE
OOHCP1 RHCUST01       Basic Settings Pers. Cost Planning
OOHCP2 RHCUST01       Data Collection Settings PersCostPl
OOHCP3 RHCUST01       Planning Run Settings PersCostPl.
OOHCP4 RHCUST01       Detail Planning Settings PersCostPl
OOHCP5 RHCUST01       Posting Settings Pers. Cost Plannin
OOHP   RHINTE10       Set Up PD - PA Integration
OOHQ   RHINTE30       Integration: PLOG - PREL
OOIL   RHCUST01       Integration Cost Allocation
OOIO   RHCUST01       Initialization Object Type
OOIV   RHCUST01       Initial Business Event/Resource Typ
OOKF   RHCUST01       Cost Center Determination
OOKP   RHCUST01       Cost Planning
OOKR   RHCUST01       Fee Handling
OOKV   RHCUST01       Conflict Reaction
OOKY   RHCUST01       Set up Current Year for YEA Korea
OOLA   RHCUST01       List Entry
OOLE   RHCUST01       Current Settings
OOLW   RHCUST01       Workflow connection - Ctry Reassign
OOMA   RHCUST01       Mail Connection
OOMG   RHCUST01       Control Elements Materials Mgmt
OOML   RHCUST01       Room Administration Mail Connection
OOMM   RHCUST01       Integration Materials Management
OOMP   RHCUST01       Organization Elements Materials Mgm
OOMV   RHMOVE00       Create Sequential File for PD
OOMW   RHMOVE40       Display Sequential File for PD
OONC   RHCUST01       No. Assignment for All Plan Version
OONF   RHCUST01       Note Function
OOPC   RHCUST01       Administration: Personnel No. Check
OOPD   RHCUST01       HR Master Data
OOPE   RHCUST01       Organizer Types
OOPH   RHINTE00       Set Up PA - PD Integration
OOPM   RHCUST01       HR Planning: Search Function
OOPP   RHINTE20       Consistency Check for Integration
OOPS   RHCUST01       HR Master Data Integration
OOPT   RHCUST11       Participate in Integration
OOQA   RHXPEQCM       Change Qualifications Catalog
OOQB   RHQINTE1       Qualification Transfer: Applicants
OOQI   RHQINTE0       Transfer Qualifications - Employee
OOQM   RHPEPRFM       Qual. Profile: Mass Data Maintenanc
OOQU   RHCUST01       Settings for Personnel Development
OOQ4   RHPECPAM       Maintain Career Model
OOQ5   RHQCOPY1       Copy Requirements Profile to Holder
OORP   RHCUST01       Plan Version for Room Reservation
OORU   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Proposal Strategy
OORV   RHCUST01       Strategy for Automatic Assignment
OORW   RHCUST01       Work Schedule: Rule Values
OOSD   RHCUST01       Integration Billing
OOSE   RHCUST01       Organizational Elements
OOSF   RHCUST01       Search Function
OOSG   RHCUST01       Settings for Credit Memo
OOSH   RHCUST01       Control Elements Day-To-Day Actys
OOSK   RHCUST01       Cost Accounting Control
OOSR   RHCUST01       Settings for Invoice
OOSS   RHCUST01       Prices; Taxes; Account Assignment
OOTK   RHCUST01       Integration Appointment Calendar
OOTO   RHCUST01       Specify Appointment Types
OOTS   RHCUST01       Breakpoints
OOTT   RHCUST01       Attendee Types
OOTV   RHCUST01       Prebookings
OOUM   RHCUST01       Integration Cost Transfer Posting
OOUR   RHCUST01       C. Enhancement Resource Reservation
OOVA   RHCUST01       Business Event Catalog
OOVB   RHCUST01       Vacancy Editing
OOVO   RHCUST01       Prebooking Business Event Types
OOVW   RHCUST01       Service for Lock
OOWB   RHCUST01       TEM-ESS : Standard values
OOWFAC RHCUST01       Activate Workflow Event Linkage
OOWIZ1 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer Posting
OOWIZ2 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Activity Allocation
OOWIZ4 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard Customizing Correspondence
OOWIZ5 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer Posting
OOW4   SAPLRHWW       Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix Numbers
OOZI   RHCUST01       Dynamic Menus Additional Info
OOZO   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Simulate Attendence
OOZS   RHCUST01       Attendance Types Time Management
OOZT   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Employee Status
OOZW   RHCUST01       Integration with Time Management
OO0D   RHDESC20       Object Description Profile
OPCF   SAPMUNIT       Time units
OPCI   SAPMOUT1       Setup group key/category
OPDD   SAPMOMS0       Factory calendar
OPDK   ROOP0010       Define standard overview
OPDL   ROOP0010       Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint.
OPDM   ROOP0010       Define detail list (leveling)
OPDT   ROOP0010       Define detail list
OPDV   SETCOPY1       Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s
OPDW   SETCOPY2       Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s
OPENPS OPENPS         Download Activities to Palm Pilot
OPE9   SAPMS01C       Maintain User Profile
OPFP   SAPMKFPC       Configuring the Fixed Price Version
OPF0   SAPMS01J       Maintain User
OPH1   RFFMDL82       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Dat
OPH2   RKFMDL83       PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Dat
OPH3   RFFMMDD1       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Dat
OPH4   RFFMRP20       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer
OPH5   RFFMRP82       CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer
OPH6   RFFMRP81       CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely
OPH7   RFFMRP85       CO-CBM: Take Over All Data
OPIN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintnce:  VHU_PINST
OPI1   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintain Value Categories
OPI2   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Cost Elements
OPI4   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTCommitment Item Value Categories
OPI5   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Stag.Key Figs
OPI8   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTDisplay Value Category
OPJA   SAPMOUT1       Maintain setup group/group category
OPJB   ROOP0016       Specify system messages
OPJO   SAPMUNIT       C MM-BD units of measurement
OPJU   ROOP0013       Production order control parameters
OPJX   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar C
OPJ0   SAPMS01J       Maintain User
OPJ1   SAPMS01C       Maintain User Profiles
OPJ3   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorizations
OPJ4   COWORKDISPATCH_Schedule batch function request
OPJ6   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles
OPKK   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text
OPKQ   SAPMOUT4       Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord
OPKR   PPSFCAJB       Print flag
OPKT   SAPMKOAU       Initial Screen: Settlement Structur
OPKV   PPPRBTCM       Print Flag
OPKW   PPPRBSCM       Print shop papers
OPKX   PPREJOB1       Deletion Flag/Indicator
OPKZ   SAPMOUT4       Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder
OPK7   PPCOBDEC       Accessing Customizing PDC transfer
OPLB   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Create (batch; prod.)
OPLC   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (batchs; prod.)
OPLD   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (batches; prod.)
OPLI   PPGOMOVE       Background job for goods movements
OPLJ   PPPRECONF      Job "Fast entry confirmation"
OPLL   PPORPFSE       Order progress: Displayed fields
OPLP   PPGOMOVE2      Job "Convert planned order"
OPMI   RKMODIMP       Import models activities
OPMJ   PPORPPLA       Determine progress values
OPN1   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Profiles for Master Recipe
OPO1   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Element Planning Layout
OPO2   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Element Planning Layout
OPO3   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Element Planning Layou
OPO4   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPO5   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPO6   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
OPPB   SAPMOPPR       Direct Procurement
OPPE   SAPMOMDB       Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Orde
OPPE12 AVC_PPETABSTRIPDetermine Tabs for iPPE Worbench
OPPE13 SAPLPPEGIENG   User Assignment: iPPE Workbench
OPPJ   SAPMOMD9       MRP Checking Rule
OPPM   SAPT457G       Evaluation Profiles
OPPP                  Explode BOM by date
OPPQ   SAPMM61C       C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP
OPPR   SAPMM61C       C M MRP MRP Group
OPPZ   SAPMM61C       MRP Group
OPP1   MDCUOPP1       Customizing MRP
OPP3   MDCUOPP1       Customizing Repetitive Manufacturin
OPP5   SAPMM61C       List Profile Component List
OPSB   ROOBP100       Cost Planning Profile
OPSI   SAPLCNGX       Edit PS validation rules
OPSM   SAPL0PSR       Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys
OPSN   SAPLCNGX       Edit PS substitution rules
OPSO   SAPL0PSD       Maintain Project Types
OPSP   ROOP0014       Capacity availability check
OPST   RIOTCORU       Network Confirmation Parameters
OPSX   RKBUDSDP       PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status
OPS5   ROOPSS10       Maintain Standard Network Profile
OPS9   ROOBP100       Budget Management Profile
OPTH   R0PSR000       PS info system maintenance
OPTM   ROOBP100       Fincl Budgeting Profile for Project
OPTX   SAPL0PSR       Maint. PS Info System database set.
OPTZ   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard WBS elements
OPT2   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for project definition
OPT3   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for WBS elements
OPT4   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard network
OPT5   SAPMOUT4       Customizing matchcode for network
OPUZ   ROOP0015       Control parameters plant maintenanc
OPU0   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard project def.
OPU3   ROOP0015       Production order control parameters
OPU6   ROOP0015       Production order control parameters
OPU7   ROOP0015       Control parameters plant maintenanc
OPVC   BPFDPINI       Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits
OPVP   SAPMM61C       Collective availibility checkProfil
OP01   MENUOP01       Customizing Routing/Work Center
OP03   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar C
OP07   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text
OP08   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text
OP13   ROOP0011       Maintain Screen Sequence
OP18   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Ca
OP36   SAPMC68K       Maintain Capacity Default Values
OP41   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for work center
OP49   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Set
OP58   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Default Value Profiles
OP61   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3
OP62   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for routings
OP63   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Set
OP7A   SAPMOUT4       Customizing matchcode for PRTs
OP73   ROOP0010       PRT Authorization Group
OP77   ROOP0010       Engineering Workbench for Task List
OP8C   RDDSRCG0       Record layout for background (APL)
OP8D   RCPTRA01       Data transfer APL
OP8H   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.
OP84   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.
OP85   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for QM
OQBA   RIOCUS00       Variants-maintain all-QINF in DB
OQBB   RQOCST01       Activate Customizing doc. types
OQBC   RQOCST01       Deactivate Customizing doc. types
OQIA   RIOCUS00       Maintain variant: Q-level evaluatio
OQIC   RIOCUS00       Work list variant for results rec.
OQID   RIOCUS00       Order maint. variant for material
OQIE   RIOCUS00       Usage var. for QM order in material
OQIF   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM1
OQIG   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM2
OQIH   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM3
OQII   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QA16
OQIJ   RIOCUS00       Field select. maintain results hist
OQIK   RIOCUS00       Field sel. PhysSampDraw with ref.
OQIL   RIOCUS00       Field sel. insp. lots for physSamps
OQIM   RIOCUS00       Field sel. deletion program Q-level
OQIN   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. points
OQIO   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. lots
OQIP   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. charac.
OQIQ   RIOCUS00       Results recording variant for sampl
OQIR   RIOCUS00       Results recording variant for equip
OQIS   RIOCUS00       Res. recording variant for fnct. Lo
OQIT   RIOCUS00       Settings for Insp. Method List
OQIU   RIOCUS00       Settings for Master Insp. Char. Lis
OQIV   RIOCUS00       Results History for Task List Chara
OQIW   RIOCUS00       Results History for Task List Chara
OQIX   RIOCUS00       Test Equipment Usage List
OQIY   RIOCUS00       Test Equipment Tracking
OQI3   RIOCUS00       Storage Data Maintenance
OQI4   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33
OQI5   RIOCUS00       List of control charts for insp. lo
OQI6   RIOCUS00       List of control charts for task lis
OQI7   RIOCUS00       Results Recording Worklist: New
OQI8   RIOCUS00       Work list variant automatic UD
OQI9   RIOCUS00       Cntrl chart lists for master charac
OQNC   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for notif. list
OQND   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for task list
OQNE   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for item list
OQNF   RIOCUS00       Variant: Work list activities
OQNL   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-lvl list - notif
OQNM   RIOFSE00       Field selec. mul.lev. list - partne
OQNN   RIOFSE00       Field selec. mul.level list - item
OQNO   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-lvl list - activ
OQNP   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-level list - tas
OQNU   RIOFSE00       Multi-lev. list fld selection-cause
OQR0   RQTQREO        Organize QM Archiving
OQS8   RIOCUS00       Customizing for IQS8
OQS9   RIOCUS00       Customizing for IQS9
OQZ7   SAPMV12A       Create cond. table for certificates
OQZ8   SAPMV12A       Change cond. table for certificates
OQZ9   SAPMV12A       Disp. cond. table for certificates
OQ02   RQIFORM0       Maintain Forms
OQ49   SAPMSD20       Routing matchcode
OQ62   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for inspection plans
OQ63   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for ref.operation set
OQ77   ROOP0010       Engineering Workbench for QM
OQ84   ROOP0010       Profile def. values: Task list/gen.
OQ85   ROOP0010       Profile def. values: Task list/char
ORDO   RAIM_DOWNLOAD  Download of an Investment Program
ORET   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
ORFA   RAORFA_IMG     Asset Accounting Customizing
ORIS   RMCWNEUU       Stat. Setup: Sales Price Revaluatio
ORISBW RMCBWEXUSEG    Reorg: BW Sls Price Revaluation Doc
ORKA   MENUORKA       C CO-OPA Configuration Menu: Orders
ORKL   MENUORKL       Reconciliation Ledger Menu
ORK0   MENUORK0       Configuration menu gen. controlling
ORK1   MENUORK1       Customizing: Account-Based EC-PCA
ORK2   RKEIMG00       EC-PCA: Call IMG
ORMI   RKMODIMP       Import models orders
ORUP   RAIM_UPLOAD    Upload of an Investment Program
OSPI   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Backflush Discrep.
OSPJ   SAPMSNUM       No.Range Maintenance f. Document Lo
OSPM   RMSERI14       Background Job Reprocessing REM
OSPN   RMSERI36       Background Job: Adjmt. of Dep. Reqs
OSPO   RMSERI71       Backgr. Job - Agg. Coll. Backflush
OSPR   SAPMRMCU       Number Ranges in REM
OSPT   SAPMRMCU       Repetitive Mfg Profile Assistant
OSPY   MDBFUPDT       Conversion for withdrawal seq. grp
OSS1   RSEFA910       Logon to SAPNet
OS01   RSHOST14       LAN check with ping
OS02   RSHOST01       Operating system configuration
OS03   RSHOST02       O/S Parameter changes
OS04   RSHOST03       Local System Configuration
OS05   RSHOST04       Remote System Cconfiguration
OS06   RSHOST05       Local Operating System Activity
OS07   RSHOST06       Remote Operating System Activity
OS40   RDDSRCG0       Generate BOM Transfer File
OS41   RCSBI010       Transfer BOM without Long Text
OS42   RCCSBISC       Process Transfer File
OS43   RCSBI020       Copy BOM changes
OS44   RCSBI030       Copy BOM variants
OS45   RCSBI040       Copy BOM with description
OS46   RCCSBIST       Edit transfer file (long text)_
OS53   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for change master
OS61   SAPMCC02       Effectivity Type
OTLA   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection
OTPM   SAPMF40M       Define El.Bank Stmt Search String
OT20   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges of Memo Records
OT30   RFFDKU00       Open item account
OT31   RFFUEB00       Not an open item account
OT35   RFFDMM10       Purchase orders
OT38   RFBIDE00       C FI Batch Input Program
OT39   RFBIKR00       C FI Batch Input Program
OT43   SAPMFKM0       C Maintain version: Man. bank stmt
OT45   SAPMFKM0       C Maintain variants: check deposit
OT48   RFFDIS00       C FT CMF reorganization
OT50   SAPMFKM0       C Elec acct assignment /checks recd
OT58   SAPMFKM0       C Elec acct determntn (manual acct)
OT59   SAPMFKM0       C Elec.bkng ac.assignment (
OT60   SAPMFKM0       C TR Acct determin G/L acct bal int
OT62   SAPMFKM0       C acct determination dep./loan mgmt
OT69   RFFDSD10       Reorganize CM data from orders
OT75   RFFDLF00       Reconstruct CM from Vendor Bill.Doc
OT76   RFFDDA00       Reconstruct CM from Loans
OT77   RFFDWP00       Reconstruct CM from Securities
OT78   RFFDTR00       Reconstruct FC; Money Mkt; Deriv.
OT81   FIBL_RPCODE_MAIProcess Repetitive Codes
OV/1   RDDSRCG0       Generate Record Layout
OV/2   RFBIDE00       RV Batch Input Program
OV/3   RFBIKR00       RV Batch Input Program
OV/4   RMMMBIM0       RV Batch Input Program
OV/5   RV14BTCI       RV Batch Input Program
OV/6   RVINVB00       RV Transfer Program
OV/7   RVINVBT0       Test Data for Data Transfer
OV/8   RVBTCI01       Test Data - Transfer Data - Cond.
OV/9   RVBTCI02       Display Test Data
OVAA   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAG  Rejection Reasons
OVAC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab  VCPA "Copy Documents
OVAE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VEP   Orders
OVAF   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. 184  Item Category Determ
OVAG   SAPL080I       C SD Tab. VAG  Rejection Reasons
OVAQ   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAU  Order Block Reasons
OVAR   SAPL080V       C SD Tab. ROAZ  Route Determination
OVAS   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAST "Order: Block Reason
OVAT   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TXVR  Copy Document Text
OVAU   SAPL080I       C SD Tab. VAU  Other Reasons
OVAV   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. MVFU  Avail.Check Criteri
OVAY   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. 184E   Sched.Line Determ.
OVAZ   SAPL080K       C SD Tab. VAKZ  Order Type/Organiz.
OVA0   SAPL080I       C_RV_Tab. VVVS "Status group"
OVA5   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.VHA Ord.Type Group Itm Det
OVBT   SDFPLA02       Modification Report Billing Plan
OVB3   RV15B001       Rebate: Reorganiz. of Billing Index
OVCB   SAPLO81C       Structure of Reporting View
OVCC   SAPL081C       Assign View to User
OVCD   SAPL081C       Definition of Reporting View
OVCE   SAPL081C       Control Update of Perform.Measures
OVCF   RVCAS001       Control Reporting - Info Blocks
OVCM   SAPL080G       RVCust:TVKK:Planning:Sales Act. Typ
OVE6   SAPL080E       C RV Table T616 "Exp/Import Proced.
OVE7   SAPL080E       C SD Table T616Z "BusTransTypeProp.
OVE8   SAPL080E       C SD Table TVFM "MatPrGrp-Imp/Exp
OVFK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table VFK    Billing Documents
OVF3   SAPL080C       C_RV_Tab. VAUK    "Cost Centers"
OVG1   RV15B003       Redetermine subtotal
OVH1   SAPL0V02       C RV Tab. THIT    Hierarchy Type
OVH2   SAPL0V02       C SD Tab. THIZU  AcctGrpAssignment
OVH3   SAPL0V02       C RV Tab. THIOZ  Org.assignments
OVK0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table STE     "Tax Categories"
OVK1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table V_TST "Tax Catg./Country
OVK3   SAPL080D       C SD Table TSKD "Cust.Tax Indicator
OVK4   SAPL080D       C SD Table TSKM  "Mat.Tax Indicator
OVK5   SAPL080C       V Table VKM    Material Acct Grp
OVK7   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T459 "Reqt/PlanOrd.Type"
OVK8   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. TVKT   Customer Acct Grp
OVK9   RVTSTLSA       Tax Records for Each Country
OVLA   SAPL080V       C SD Tab T173       Shipping Types
OVLD   SAPL080V       SD Table VKN Trans.connection point
OVLE   SAPL080V       SD Table VTR Mode of Transport
OVLG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVLG   Weight Grp/Deliver
OVLH   SAPL080V       SD Table VRO         Routes
OVLL   SAPL080S       C SD Tab T630L     Loading Times
OVLM   SAPL080S       C RV Tab. TROLZ    "Route determ."
OVLN   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab TVLSP     Delivery Blockin
OVLR   SAPL080V       C SD Tab TROAL
OVLS   SAPL080I       C SD Tab TVLS Delivery Block Reason
OVLU   SAPL080V       c_rv_tab. vro       "Transit time"
OVLV   SAPL080S       C SD Tab T630R    Shipping Times
OVLW   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.T644
OVLX   SAPL080I       C SD Tab TVLSP  Delivery Blocks
OVL1   SAPL080V       C SD Tab. VRO   Transportat.Plannin
OVL5   SAPL080V       Maintain Transit Time
OVNA   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B
OVNB   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVST  Shipping Point Info
OVNC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TNAPR  Layouts
OVND   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab TNAPN  Output/Part.Functio
OVNE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVKO Sales Org.Informatio
OVNF   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B
OVNG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVAK Assign Ouput
OVNI   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVLK Assign Output
OVNJ   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVFK Assign Output
OVNK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 077D Higher-level Output
OVNL   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B
OVNM   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background job messages
OVNN   SAPMSTBM       C SD Output Variants
OVNO   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVKO  Form for Sales Off
OVPS   MENUOVPS       Document Mgmt Customizing
OVP3   SAPMW01V       Change price point group
OVRB   SAPL081K       Statistical Currency per Sales Org.
OVRC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Variants for Orders on Hand
OVRD   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background Jobs f. Ord. on Han
OVRE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Top Cust/Mat Variants
OVRF   SAPL080K       C SD Table TVSM Material Stats Grps
OVRG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background Jobs f. Top Cust/Ma
OVR0   SAPL0V01       SD Table 171     Sales Regions
OVR1   SAPL080V       SD Table ZONE  Transportation Zones
OVR2   SAPL080F       c_rv_Tab. T016  "Sectors"
OVR3   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. Customer Calendar
OVR4   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. Billing Schedules
OVSA   SAPL080K       C SD Table T130W  "Plant Fld Selec.
OVSB   SAPL080I       C SD Tab.T176 "Purchase Order Types
OVSC   SAPL080H       C SD Table TVWA "GoodsReceivingHrs.
OVSD   SAPL080H       C SD Tab.TPRIO "Delivery Priorities
OVSF   SAPL080V       C SD Table TVSB  "Shipping Cond."
OVSG   SAPL080H       C SD Table TINC    "Incoterms"
OVSH   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVBO    Rebate Groups
OVSI   SAPMSTBM       C SD View V_T189 "Price List Categ.
OVSJ   SAPL080Z       C SD Table T178 "Mat.Cond.Group"
OVSK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVPR   Commission Groups
OVSL   SAPL080Z       Pricing groups for customers
OVSM   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVAV   Buying Habits
OVSN   SAPL080S       C SD Table TPFK
OVSP   SAPMM03C       C SD MS Material Types
OVSQ   SAPL080S       C SD Table TSAB   Departments
OVSR   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVPV   Decision Authorit
OVSU   SAPL08OH       C SD Table TUMS    "Material Status
OVSV   RVPHCUST       C RV Customizing Product Hierarchy
OVSW   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVBR      Call Frequency
OVSX   SAPL080V       C SD Table TLGR
OVSY   SAPL080D       C SD Table TGR
OVS0   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Product Proposals
OVS1   SAPMSD20       SD Matchcodes Materials
OVS2   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Customers
OVS3   SAPMSD20       C SD matchcode for contact person
OVS4   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Vendors
OVS5   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Sales Personnel
OVS6   SAPL080H       C SD Table TKUKL "Customer Classif.
OVS7   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.TKUPA "PartnerGrp/Customer
OVS9   SAPL080H       C SD Table T151    "Customer Groups
OVTH   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T079V  "Screen Selection
OVT0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 077D "Accnt Grp Customer
OVT1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 142    Storage condition
OVT2   SAPMSTBM       SD Table 143
OVT4   SAPMOMS0       C SD Valuation Classes Materials
OVT5   SAPL0F04       C SD Table 077K  Vendor Account Grp
OVT6   SAPL080V       View V_TVRL
OVVX   RV080VSA       Collective Document Types for SD
OVV0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVCPA  Order Copying Rule
OVV1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.VCPL Delivery Copying Rule
OVV2   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.TVCPF Billing copying rule
OVV3   SAPL080F       C SD Table TVFS   Billing Block
OVXA   RVOTVKOS       Division -> Sales organization
OVXC   RVOTVSWZ       Shipping point -> Plant
OVXE   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VSTZ     Plant/Ship.Point
OVXF   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VRSZ     "Legs/Route
OVXG   RVOTVTA        Define sales areas
OVXH   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VTR      "Carrier
OVXJ   RVOTVBVK       Sales group -> Sales office
OVXK   RVOTVKOV       Distrib.channels->Sales organiz.
OVXM   RVOTVKBZ       Sales office -> Sales area
OVXZ   SAPL080S       C SD Table NLS  "Nielsen ID
OVX2   RVOT134G       Business area->Plant/Division
OVX3   RVOTVKO        Company code -> Sales organization
OVX6   RVOTVKWZ       Plants->Sales org./
OVX8   RVOCHECK       Check Report Organization Sales
OVZA   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Product Proposal
OVZB   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Material Master
OVZC   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Customer Master
OVZD   SAPMSNUM       C SD Inactive !!! NR contact person
OVZE   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Vendors
OVZF   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Sales Personnel
OVZ1   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteri
OVZ2   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. MVF  Avail. check control
OVZ3   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TMVFU Avail.check criteri
OVZ4   SAPMOMS0       C SD Factory Calendar
OVZ5   SAPMS01J       C SD User Maintenance
OV05   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion
OV06   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion
OV07   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion
OV08   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Add Index
OV09   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index
OV10   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Display Index
OV16   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.
OV17   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.
OV18   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.D
OV20   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Create Rebate
OV21   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Change Rebate
OV22   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Display Rebate
OV46   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling H
OV47   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling Ä
OV48   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling A
OV50   RFDKAG00       Comparison of master data for cust.
OV51   RFDABL00       Display of Changes for Customer
OV52   SAPV019        Del.Customers Pre-Production Startu
OV61   SAPMV12A       Recon. account det.: Create table
OV62   SAPMV12A       Rec. account det.: Change table
OV63   SAPMV12A       Rec. account det.: Display table
OV7Z   RMQUOT01       Create Characteristics for Rem.Allo
OV71   SAPMV12A       Cash account det.: Change table
OV72   SAPMV12A       Cash account det.: Display table
OV8Z   RMQUOT00       Check Settings
OV80   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab
OV81   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab
OV82   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab
OV9Z   RMQUOT10       Suitable Statistical Structures
OV90   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Create table
OV91   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Change table
OV92   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Display table
OWA1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Generate Foll.Docs A
OWBA   RWB2OWBA       Trading Contract: Inc. Costs Sales
OWBC   RWB2OWBA       Trading Contract: Incid. Costs Purc
OWB10  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WB2B
OWD1   SAPL0WCL       Maintain rounding profiles
OWEA   RTLABELC       Output Determination; Mat. Maint.
OWEB   RTLABELE       Delete Label Messages (GR)
OWEK   SAPMV13B       Labeling: Conditions
OWET   SAPMV12A       Labeling: Condition Table
OWS0   MENUOWS0       Batch Management
OWTY   RWTYIMG0       Customizing Warranty Processing
OWTYCU RWTYATAB       WTY Tabstrip Customizing
OWV0   MENUOWV0       Customizing Pricing
OW00   RWVIEWPF       Default values for fields in views
OXA1   RIOCUS00       List: Service Master Records
OXK1   RBKNTSTA       Coding Block: Maintain Subscreens
OXK2   RBKNTSTA       Display Coding Block Subscreens
OXK3   RBKNTSTB       Coding Block: Maintain CustomerFiel
OXK4   RBKNTSTB       Coding Block: Display CustomerField
OX01   RMOT024E       Company Code -> Purchasing Org.
OX06   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Basic Data
OX14   SAPMOMBD       C MM-IV Valuation area - val. level
OX17   RMOT024W       Plants -> Purchasing organization
OX18   RMOT001K       Plants->company code
OX19   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCode
OYEA   RSEADMIN       IDoc administration
OYEB   RSEINBEV       Event coupling for IDoc inbound
OYEC   RSE2XDEL       Delete codes for process technology
OYSM   SAPMSNRO       Number Range tRFC Port
OYSN   SAPMSNRO       Number Range IDoc
OYSO   SAPMSNRO       Number Range R/2 Mailbag
OYSP   RSEDF46A       Process codes <-> standard tasks
OYSQ   SAPMSNRO       Number range for R/2-R/3 linkage
OYS1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: EDIPORT
OY04   RUMTCURX       C Decimal Places for Currencies
OY18   RSTBHIST       Table history
OY19   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Cross-System Viewer
O000   MENUO000       C RM-MAT Menu - Classification
O020   RDDSRCG0       Record Layout for BTCI (Classes)
O021   RCCLBI01       Class Data Transfer
O023   RCCLBISH       Display Class Maintenance Data File
O024   RCCLDI01       Transfer Class Data: Direct Input
O035   SAPMCICO       Country version delivery sys create
O037   RPUCNT10       HR Customizing User Parameters
O052   RSIMG006       Set up Clients
O053   RSIMG053       Customizing Request Management
O06C   SAPL0C58       Define Process Manufacturing Cockpi
O07C   SSFPSEMAINT    Obsolete transaction
O2CL   SAPLCLPR       Profile for User Settings
O20C   RCIIC002       ProcMgmt: Copy Settings betw. Plant
O21C   RCOCB001       PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact.
O22C   RCIIC001       Copy SAP Messages (Standard)
O23C   RCIIC003       Client Copy of PP-PI Characteristic
O24C   RCIIC005       Copy SAP Messages (Generic)
O25C   SAPLCTMV       Create Charac. with PP-PI Attribute
O25X   SAPMCTAV       Create Charac. with PP-PI Attribute
O26C   SAPLCTMV       Change Charac. with PP-PI Attribute
O26X   SAPMCTAV       Change Charac. with PP-PI Attribute
O27C   SAPLCTMV       Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribut
O27X   SAPMCTAV       Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribut
O28C   RCIIC006       Copy SAP Messages (Central)
O285   ROOP0010       Master Recipe/QM Data
O29C   RCIIC007       Copy SAP Messages (Decentralized)
O7E1   SAPMFKM0       Payment advice note entry screens.
O7E3   SAPMFKM0       Acnt assignment model entry screens
O7E4   SAPMFKM0       Preliminary posting entry screens
O7E5   SAPMFKM0       Vendor inv./cr.mem. entry screens
O7E6   SAPMFKM0       G/L item fast entry screens
O7FA   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Adv.Notes Field Sel.Ext.Sel.Fld
O7FB   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld Sel.Sort Payment
O7FC   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Payment
O7FD   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Sort Payment
O7FE   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Line Item
O7F1   SAPMFKM0       Clearing field selection conditions
O7F2   SAPMFKM0       Clearing field selection search
O7F3   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Field Selection Sort
O7F4   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Sel.Conditions
O7F5   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Search
O7F6   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Sort
O7F7   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Total
O7F8   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Sel.Addit.Fields
O7F9   SAPMFKM0       Paymnt Adv.Notes Field Selction Fld
O7L0   FIIMGLNK       FI IMG Link
O7R1   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Totals Variants
O7R2   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Master Record Info.
O7R3   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Special Fields
O7S1   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Medium Correspondence Sort Varn
O7S2   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Medium Line Items Sort Variant
O7S3   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Sort Variants
O7S4   SAPMFKM0       General Correspondence Sort Variant
O7S5   SAPMFKM0       Correspondence Int.Docs Sort Varian
O7S6   SAPMFKM0       Line Item Corresp.Sort Variant
O7S7   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Sort Variants
O7V1   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Default Line Layou
O7V2   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Default Line Layout
O7V3   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Default Line Layout
O7V4   SAPMFKM0       Automatic Paymnt Default Line Layou
O7V5   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pyt Line Item Dflt Line Layout
O7V6   SAPMFKM0       Paymt Adv.Notes Default Line Layout
O7V7   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Dflt Line Layout
O7Z1   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Line Layout
O7Z2   SAPMFKM0       Document Posting Line Layout
O7Z3   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Line Layout
O7Z4   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout
O7Z4D  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout
O7Z4K  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout
O7Z4S  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout
O7Z5   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Payment Line Layout
O7Z6   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pyt Line Item Line Layout
O7Z7   SAPMFKM0       Payment Adv.Notes Line Layout
O7Z8   SAPMFKM0       External Documents Line Layout
O7Z9   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Line Layout
O984   RSMVPROJ       Customizing doc converter program
PAAH   SAPMP500       Call Ad-Hoc Query
PACA   SAPMPACA       PF Administration
PACB   SAPMPACB       PF account maintenance
PACC   SAPMPACC       PF debugger
PACE   SAPMPACE       Pension fund : Postings
PACEN  SAPMPACO       New posting maintenance
PACG   SAPMESSREP     HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation
PACK   MENUPACK       HR-CH: Pension fund
PACN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint. for accounts
PACO   SAPMPACO       Account/Posting maintenance PF
PACP   SAPMPACP       Pension Fund; Interface
PACS   RPLPKBC0       Applicant Evaluation PF
PACT   SAPMPACT       PC parameter maintenance
PAC0   SAPMPAC0       PC Editor: Initial screen
PAC5   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PAEP1  RAFWGO_UPLOAD_PProcedure for Single Records: PA
PAEP2  RAFWGO_FRP_PA  Procedure for Final Results: PA
PAJP   SAPMPAJP       Call Reporting Tree - Japan
PAKG   SAPMPAKY       Adjustments workbench
PAKY   SAPMPAKY       Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust
PAL1   SAPMP50A       Create Sales Representative
PAL2   SAPMP50A       Display Sales Representative
PAL3   SAPMP50A       Maintain Sales Representative
PAL4   SAPMP50A       Create Buyer
PAL5   SAPMP50A       Maintain Buyer
PAL6   SAPMP50A       Display Buyer
PAR1   RPLICO10       Flexible Employee Data
PAR2   RPLMIT00       Employee List
PAT1   SAPMPAT1       Personnel Administration Info Syste
PAUX   SAPMPAKY       Adjustment Workbench
PAUY   SAPMPAKY       Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)
PAW1   SAPMPW01       Who is who
PAZZ   RPLICO30       Call Word interface
PA0A   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRPERSON
PA00   MENUPA00       Initial PA Master Data Menu
PA03   SAPMP52X       Maintain Personnel Control Record
PA05   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFT
PA06   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NR
PA07   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEM
PA08   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUB
PA09   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRV
PA10   SAPMP50A       Personnel File
PA20   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
PA30   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PA40   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
PA41   SAPMP50A       Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry for Actions
PA48   SAPMPRAP       Hiring from non-SAP system
PA51   SAPMP50A       Display Time Data
PA53   SAPMP50A       Display Time Data
PA61   SAPMP50A       Maintain Time Data
PA62   SAPMP50A       List Entry of Additional Data
PA63   SAPMP50A       Maintain Time Data
PA64   SAPMP50A       Calendar Entry
PA70   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry
PA71   SAPMP50A       Fast Entry of Time Data
PA97   RPUCMP00       Compensation administration - matri
PA98   RPUCMP30       Compensation Administration
PA99   RPICMP00       Compensation Admin. - Release Repor
PBAA   RPAPL008       Evaluate recruitment instrument
PBAB   RPAPUT00       Maintain vacancy assignments
PBAC   SAPMPAP0       Applicant statistics
PBAD   RPAPRT05       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBAE   SAPMPAP0       Applicant pool
PBAF   SAPMPAP0       Vacancy assignment list
PBAG   SAPMPAP0       Screening
PBAH   SAPMPAP0       Decision
PBAI   SAPMPAP0       All applicants via qualifications
PBAJ   SAPMPAP0       Recruitment info system
PBAK   SAPMPAP0       Recurring Tasks: Print Labels
PBAL   SAPMPAP0       Bulk processing
PBAM   SAPMPAP0       Variable Applicant List
PBAN   SAPMPAP0       Ad Hoc Query
PBAO   SAPMPAP0       ABAP Query
PBAP   SAPMPAP0       Internal Applicants Via Quals
PBAQ   SAPMPAP0       External Applicants Via Quals
PBAT   SAPMPAP0       Choose SAPscript or WinWord
PBAU   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750C
PBAV   SAPMPAP0       Display T750C
PBAW   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750B
PBAX   SAPMPAP0       Display T750B
PBAY   SAPMPAP0       Maintain T750X
PBAZ   SAPMPAP0       Display T750X
PBA0   SAPMPAP0       Evaluate advertisements
PBA1   SAPMPAP0       Applicant index
PBA2   SAPMPAP0       List of applications
PBA3   SAPMPAP0       Applicant vacancy assignment list
PBA4   SAPMPAP0       Receipt of application
PBA5   RPAPRT01       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA6   RPAPRT02       Recurring tasks: Print letters
PBA7   RPAPRT09       Recurring tasks: Data transfer
PBA8   RPAPRT04       Recurring tasks: Transfer data
PBA9   SAPMPAP0       List of planned actions
PBWW   SAPMPAP9       Customizing standard text in WinWor
PBW1   SAPMPW02       Career Center
PBW2   SAPMPW03       Application Status
PBW3   SAPMPW12       Internet scenario for applicant
PBW4   SAPMPW10       Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PBW5   SAPMPW10       Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETE
PB00   MENUPB00       Recruitment
PB04   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPL
PB10   SAPMP50A       Init.entry of applicant master data
PB2A   H99_B2AMANAGER B2A Manager
PB20   SAPMP50A       Display applicant master data
PB30   SAPMP50A       Maintain applicant master data
PB40   SAPMP50A       Applicant actions
PB50   SAPMPAP3       Display Applicant Activities
PB60   SAPMPAP3       Maintain Applicant Activities
PB80   SAPMPAP0       Evaluate vacancies
PCA_MC PCA_MASS_CRYPTIMass Encryption /Decryption
PCA0   MENUPCA0       Production campaign menu
PCA1   RCAMPAIN       Creating a Production Campaign
PCA2   RCAMPAIN       Change Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCA3   RCAMPAIN       Display Prod. Camp.: Initial Screen
PCCO   RCAMPAIN       Production Campaign: Costs
PCCV   BUSVIEWS       Payment Card: Field Grouping
PCC0   RPLFAKC4       Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.
PCC1   RPLABRC0       Maintain Swiss Payroll Units
PCKC   RPUPCKK0       Consistency Check Constants
PCKY   RPUPCKK0       Consistency Check Year-End
PCP0   SAPMPCP0       Edit posting runs
PC01   MENUPC01       Payroll Germany
PC02   MENUPC02       Area Menu Payroll for Switzerland
PC03   MENUPC03       Area Menu Payroll Austria
PC04   MENUPC04       Area menu Payroll - Spain
PC05   MENUPC05       Area menu - Payroll Netherlands
PC06   MENUPC06       Payroll Menu - France
PC07   MENUPC07       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Kanada
PC08   MENUPC08       Area menu-payroll for Great Britain
PC09   MENUPC09       Area Menu-Payroll for Denmark
PC10   MENUPC10       Bereichsmenü - Abrechnung für USA
PC11   MENUPC11       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Irland
PC12   MENUPC12       Area menu - Payroll for Belgium
PC13   MENUPC13       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Austral
PC14   MENUPC14       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Malaysi
PC15   MENUPC15       Area menu-payroll for Italy
PC16   MENUPC16       Area menu-payroll for South Africa
PC17   MENUPC17       Main menu for Venezuelan payroll
PC19   MENUPC19       Payroll for Portugal
PC20   MENUPC20       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Norwege
PC22   MENUPC22       Payroll accounting for Japan
PC23   MENUPC23       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Schwede
PC25   MENUPC25       Payroll Menu: Singapore
PC26   MENUPC26       Payroll for Thailand
PC27   MENUPC27       Payroll Accounting for Hong Kong
PC28   MENUPC28       Area menu - International payroll
PC29   MENUPC29       Area menu-Payroll acctg Argentina
PC32   MENUPC32       Area menu-Payroll Mexico
PC34   MENUPC34       Payroll Menu for Indonesia
PC37   MENUPC37       Payroll area menu for Brazil
PC41   MENUPC41       Payroll Korea
PC42   MENUPC42       Payroll menu for Taiwan
PC43   MENUPC43       Area menu-payroll for New Zealand
PC48   MENUPC48       Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Philipi
PC99   MENUPC99       Area menu - International payroll
PDFA   RPUFRM41       Convert payroll journal form
PDF0   RPUFRM40       Convert form for remun.statement
PDF7   RPUFRMD1       Delete form in customer client
PDF8   RPUFRMD2       Copy form from SAP client
PDF9   RPUFRMD3       Copy forms within customer client
PDN    PDN_LAUNCH     Product Designer Workbench
PDNO   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FMPD
PDSY   SAPMPDSY       HR Documentation Maintenance
PDT2   SAPLVHUDIAL    HU creation in production
PDW1   RPPTDW01       Create reporting time types
PDW2   RPPTDW02       Create Quota Types for Reporting
PEPM   SAPLRHPP       Profile Matchup
PEPMEN MENUPEPMEN     Task Level Menu for the PEP
PEST   SAPMPEST       Maintenance of process model
PEXP   SAPMPEXP       Manage Expert Communities
PE00   RPUCUSPE       Starts Transactions PE01; PE02; PE0
PE01   SAPMPE00       HR: Maintain Payroll Schemas
PE01N  RPCPE01N       Editor for Payroll Schemas
PE02   SAPMPE00       HR: Maintain Calculation Rules
PE02N  RPCPE02N       Editor for PC rules
PE03   SAPMPE03       HR: Features
PE04   SAPMPE04       Creates Functions and Operations
PE50   SAPMPE50       PE50
PE51   SAPMPE51       HR form editor
PFAC   RHACTOR0       Maintain Rule
PFAL   RHALEINI       HR: ALE Distribution HR Master Data
PFCG   SAPLPRGN_TREE  Role Maintenance
PFCP   RHWFCOPY       Copy Workflow Tasks
PFCT   RHXTCATB       Task Catalog
PFDE   SAPMPFDE       HR-PF: PC Editor
PFDF   RPLPFD00FIIF   FI Interface Pension Fund
PFDFP  RPLPFD30FIIF   HR-PF-FI: Check Customizing
PFDT   RPLPFD00TESC   Overview of Insured Persons' Data
PFM2   SAPMPFM1       Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM4   SAPMPFM1       Period Monitor: Log Display
PFM5   SAPMPFM1       Period monitor - log display
PFOM   SAPLRHWQ       Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFOS   SAPLRHWQ       Display Assignment to SAP Org.Objs
PFSE   SAPLCPF1       Start PFS from R/3 System
PFSM   RPFSMDAT       Start Download of PFS Master Data
PFSO   RHSHOWOR       User's Organizational Environment
PFT    SAPLRHWP       Maintain Customer Task
PFTC   SAPLRHW4       General Task Maintenance
PFTG   RHTGRP0        Maintain Task Group
PFTR   SAPLRHWT       Standard Task for Transaction
PFTS   RHSTASK0       Standard Task
PFUD   RHAUTUPD_NEW   User Master Data Reconciliation
PFWF   SAPLRHWP       Maintain Workflow Task (Customer)
PFWS   RHSFLOW0       Maintain Workflow Template
PF02   SAPLWWB1       Cust. Test of Value-Based IM
PF05   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECT
PGOM   PDGRAPHX       Graphical Structure Maintenance
PIMG   SIMGR3PI       Display R/3 Plug In IMG
PIMN   MENUPIMN       Human Resources Information System
PI50   SAPPI250       Transfer selected R/2 orders
PI51   SAPPI250       Transfer current R/2 orders
PI60   SAPPI260       Transfer confirmations to R/2
PJNA   SAPMPABNR      Message Output
PJNK1  SAPMV13B       Create Condition: JIT Call
PJNK2  SAPMV13B       Change Condition: JIT Call
PJNK3  SAPMV13B       Display Condition: JIT Call
PJWE   SAPMPAB1       Goods Receipt for JIT Call
PJ02   SAPMPAB1       Change JIT Call
PJ03   SAPMPAB1       Display JIT Call
PJ04   SAPMPABSA      Display JIT Calls
PKBC   SAPLMPKP       Chnge Container Status With Bar Cod
PKC1   MENUPKC1       Process cost controlling
PKRFBC SAPMMPKRF      Kanban Barcode without Actual Qty
PKRF21 SAPMMPKRF      Kanban Signal with Radio Frequency
PKRF22 SAPMMPKRF      Quantity Signal with Radio Frequenc
PKRF23 SAPMMPKRF      Event-Driven KANBAN Radio Frequency
PKW1   SAPMMPKW       Kanban Board WWW
PK00   MENUPK00       Kanban
PK01   SAPMMPKR       Create Control Cycle
PK02   SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle
PK02NR SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle
PK03   SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle
PK03NR SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle
PK07   SAPMMPKC       Kanban Calculation
PK08   SAPMMPKR       Check Kanban Calculation Result
PK11   SAPLMPKP       Plant Overview: Kanban
PK12   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK12N  SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Supply Source View
PK13   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK13N  SAPLMPKP       Kanban Board: Demand Source View
PK17   SAPMMPKD       Collective Kanban Print
PK18   SAPMMPKD       Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban
PK21   SAPLMPKP       Change Kanban Container Status
PK22   SAPLMPKP       Kanban Quantity Signal
PK23   SAPLMPKP       Manual Kanban Creation
PK24   SAPLMPKP       Enter Customer KANBAN Call
PK31   SAPLMPKP       Container Correction
PK41   SAPLMPKP       Backflush KANBAN Orders
PK50   SAPMMPKF       Display Errors: Kanban
PK51   RMAFRU01       Error Processing PDC Kanban
PK52   SAPMMPKR       Kanban Calculation Error Log
PK99   SAPLMPKP       Function Access via Transaction
PL00   MENUPL00       Maintenance of Packing Instructions
PMAH   RHPMADHO       HR-FPM: Access Ad Hoc Query
PMBA   RHPMBA00       Position Management Report Selectio
PMBC   SAPLRHB1       Create Overall Budget
PMBD   SAPLRHB1       Display Overall Budget
PMBF   SAPLRHBG       Carry Forward Overall Budget
PMBM   SAPLRHB1       Change Overall Budget
PMBPI  SAPLRHB_IAC    Internet Scenario - Position Mgt
PMBS   SAPLRHB1       Change Budget Status
PMBT   RHPMBA01       Tools for Report Selection
PMB0   SAPLRHB1       Position Management Plan Version
PMB1   SAPLRHB1       Change Overall Budget
PMB1I  SAPLRHB_IAC    Internet Scenario - Budget Info
PMB2   SAPLRHB1       Display Overall Budget
PMC1   RHPMINTOMCHECK Check Consistency With Org. Mgt
PMEC   SAPLRHBX       Change Employee
PMED   SAPLRHBX       Display Employee
PMESIM RPMENUSTART00  Manual Payroll Simulation
PMFD   SAPLRHBW       Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMFM   SAPLRHBW       Access HR-PFM via FM Account Assgmt
PMHS   SAPLRHBW       Change Budget Status
PMIC   SAPLRHBW       Consistency check with Funds Mgt
PMIMG  RHPMSIMG       Access Customizing HR-FPM
PMJR   RFPM_DEDOC_FLOWDerivatives Document Journal
PMLA   SAPMV14A       Create: Portfolio List
PMLB   SAPMV14A       Change: Portfolio List
PMLC   SAPMV14A       Display: Portfolio List
PMLD   SAPMV14A       Execute: Portfolio List
PMMF   RHPMMASSFIN    Financing workbench
PMMN   MENUPMMN       HR Funds and Position Management
PMOC   SAPLRHBO       Create Organization
PMOD   SAPLRHBO       Display Organization
PMOF   RFPMVM02       Position List: Listed Options/Fut.
PMOF3  RFPMVM03       Position List: Listed Derivatives
PMOF4  RFPMVM04       Flow List: Listed Derivatives
PMOM   SAPLRHBO       Change Organization
PMSI   RHPMSIM1       Simulate Payroll Run
PMSV   RTPM_TRF_REVERSReversal of Margin Flows
PMUS   SAPLRHB1       User-Specific Settings
PMVM   RTPM_TRF_VARIATCalculate variation margin
PM01   SAPMP50J       Enhance Infotypes
PM10   SAPMP53B       Statements Selection
PM11   SAPMP53B       Statements - Single Data Entry
PM12   SAPMP53B       Statements - Fast Data Entry
PM13   SAPMP53B       Statements - Print
PM20   SAPMPBWD       Statements with SAPscript
PNZ3   RPITUM00       Pay Scale Reclassification NZ
PNZ4   RPU51000       Pay Scale Increase NewZealand
PNZ5   RPITRF00       Pay Scale Inc. Extended NewZealand
POD3   RPU_FILL_IT595_Start Report RPU_FILL_IT595_46C
POFO1  SAPLWPOT       Create Portfolio
POFO2  SAPLWPOT       Change Portfolio
POFO3  SAPLWPOT       Display Portfolio
POFO31 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Create
POFO32 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Change
POFO33 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Display
POFO34 SAPLWPOT       Portfolio: Create with Reference
POF1   SAPMV13P       Create Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF2   SAPMV13P       Change Pkg Instruction Determinatio
POF3   SAPMV13P       Display Packing Instr. Determinatio
POIL   RCCLMONI       View Received Data Log
POIM   RCCLMDAT       Start Download of Master Data
POIT   RCCLTRAN       Start Download of Transaction Data
POIU   RCCLUPLD       Start Receiving Changes to Data
POI1   RCCLMPFS       Start Download of Master Data
POPT   SAPLVHUDIAL    Test Packing Instruction Master Dat
POP0   MENUPOP0       Maintenance of Packing Instructions
POP1   SAPLVHUPO      Create Packing Instruction
POP2   SAPLVHUPO      Change Packing Instruction
POP3   SAPLVHUPO      Display Packing Instruction
POP4   SAPLVHUPO      Deletion flag undo for pack.instr.
POP5   RVHUPOSEL_POBJ_Determination of Pkg Instr. Use
POTAB  SAPMV12A       Define Portfolio Tables
POTABC SAPMV12A       Change Portfolio Tables
POTABD SAPMV12A       Display Portfolio Tables
POTB   OTBPARAM       Parameters for OTB
PO01   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Work Center
PO01D  SAPMH5A0       Display Work Center
PO02   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Training Program
PO02D  SAPMH5A0       Display Training Program
PO03   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Job
PO03D  SAPMH5A0       Display Job
PO04   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event Type
PO04D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event Type
PO05   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event
PO05D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event
PO06   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Location
PO06D  SAPMH5A0       Display Location
PO07   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource
PO07D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource
PO08   SAPMH5A0       Maintain External Person
PO08D  SAPMH5A0       Display External Person
PO09   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Business Event Group
PO09D  SAPMH5A0       Display Business Event Group
PO10   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Organizational Unit
PO10D  SAPMH5A0       Display Organizational Unit
PO11   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Qualification
PO11D  SAPMH5A0       Display Qualification
PO12   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource Type
PO12D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource Type
PO13   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Position
PO13D  SAPMH5A0       Display Position
PO14   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Task
PO14D  SAPMH5A0       Display Task
PO15   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Company
PO15D  SAPMH5A0       Display Company
PO16   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Services
PO16D  SAPMH5A0       Display Service
PO17   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Requirements Profile
PO17D  SAPMH5A0       Display Requirements Profile
PO18   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Resource 'Room'
PO18D  SAPMH5A0       Display Resource Room
PO19   SAPMH5A0       Maintain External Instructor
PO19D  SAPMH5A0       Display External Instructor
PPAD   RHXPEACD       Display Appraisals Catalog
PPCI   SAPLRHCJ       Copy Infotype
PPCJ   SAPLRHCI       Create Infotype
PPCK   SAPLRHCI       Enhance List Screen
PPCM   SAPLRHCI       Enhance Infotype
PPCO   SAPMH5A0       Organisational Plan: Initial Screen
PPCP   RHPEPLAC       Career Planning
PPCT   RHTSKCAT       Task Catalog
PPDM   SAPMH5A0       Detail Maintenance Planning ITs
PPDPCS RHXPEECATS     Display Development Plan Catalog
PPDPHM RHPE_DPLANHISTOChange Development Plan History
PPDPHS RHPE_DPLANHISTODisplay Development Plan History
PPDPIM RHPE_INDPLAN   Change Individual Development Plan
PPDPIS RHPE_INDPLAN   Display Individual Development Plan
PPEM   RHXPEPPO       PD: Display Organizational Structur
PPETI  SAPLPPETIGUI   Configuration Mode - Select. Screen
PPIS   RHGRIN21       Human Resources Information System
PPLB   RHPECPAS       Evaluate Careers
PPMDT  RHMWB004       Manager's Desktop
PPME   RHMATRIX       Change Matrix Organization
PPMM   MENUPPMM       Personnel Planning
PPMS   RHMATRIX       Display Matrix Organization
PPOC   RHORGMAN       Create Organizational Plan
PPOCA  OM_START_NF    Create Attributes
PPOCE  OM_START_NF    Create Organization and Staffing
PPOCW  OM_START_NF    Create Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOM   RHORGMAN       Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOMA  OM_START_NF    Change Attributes
PPOME  OM_START_NF    Change Organization and Staffing
PPOMW  OM_START_NF    Change Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPOS   RHORGMAN       Display Organizational Plan
PPOSA  OM_START_NF    Display attributes
PPOSE  OM_START_NF    Display organization and Staffing
PPOSW  OM_START_NF    Display Org. and Staffing (WF)
PPO1   SAPLRHSI       Change Cost Center Assignment
PPO2   SAPLRHSI       Display Cost Center Assignment
PPO3   SAPLRHGC       Change Reporting Structure
PPO4   SAPLRHGC       Display Reporting Structure
PPO5   SAPLRHSI       Change attributes
PPO6   SAPLRHSI       Display attributes
PPPD   RHXPEPRD       Display Profile
PPPE   MENUPPPE       Area Menu: Personnel Development
PPPM   RHXPEPRM       Change Profile
PPQD   RHXPEQCD       Display Qualifications Catalog
PPQ1   RHPEPPQ1       Find Objects for Qualifications
PPQ2   RHPEPPQ2       Find Objects for Requirements
PPQ3   RHPEPP10       Find Objects for Profile
PPRL   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Delete
PPRP   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Personnel Development
PPRV   SAPMM03M       Change Material When Profile Change
PPSC   RHSTRPF0       Create Structure
PPSM   RHSTRPF0       Change Structure
PPSP   RHPEPLAS       Succession Planning
PPSS   RHSTRPF0       Display Structure
PPST   RHSTRU00       Structure Evaluation
PPUP   RHPEUSPA       Settings: User Parameters
PP01   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PP02   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03   SAPMH5A0       Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)
PP05   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges
PP06   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRADATA
PP2B   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (Basic Pay)
PP2D   RHPP25XD       Administer Payroll Results
PP2P   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (PyrllRes.)
PP2U   RHPP25AZ       Data Transfer to CO
PP23   RHPP25PW       Reset Password
PP25   RHPP25ST       Display Scenario Group
PP26   RHPP25AZ       Plan Scenario Administration
PP27   RHPP25AZ       Release plan scenario
PP28   RHPP25ST       Create Scenario (Proj.Pay)
PP29   RHPP25ST       Change Scenario Group
PP30   RHRAUM00       SAP Room Reservation Management
PP32   RHRAUM00       SAP Room Reservations: Services
PP40   RHKMIT20       Correspondence
PP6A   RHDPERSL       Personal Shift Plan
PP6B   RHDOCCPL       Attendance List
PP6C   RHPSOLL_DEL    Undo Completed Target Plan
PP6I   RHSP_TEMP_ASSIGTemp. Assgmt List for Shift Plannin
PP60   SAPFH5AH       Display Shift Planning
PP61   SAPFH5AH       Change Shift Planning
PP62   SAPLRHER       Display Requirements
PP63   SAPLRHER       Change Requirements
PP64   SAPFH5AH       Choose Plan Version
PP65   SAPLRHEI       Edit Entry Object
PP66   SAPLRHES       Shift Planning: Entry Profile
PP67   SAPLRHER       Create Requirements
PP69   SAPFH5AH       Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP7S   MENUPP7S       Organizational Management
PP70   MENUPP70       Organizational Management
PP72   MENUPP72       Shift Planning
PP74   MENUPP74       Personnel Cost Planning
PP90   SAPMH5AR       Set up Organization
PQAH   RHADHOC0       Ad Hoc Query
PQLV   RPCLEAQ0       Australian Leave Processing
PQTO   RPCTO2Q0       Transaction for screen 2000
PQ01   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Work Center
PQ02   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Training Program
PQ03   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Job
PQ04   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Business Event Type
PQ06   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Location
PQ07   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource
PQ08   SAPMH5A0       Actions for External Person
PQ09   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Business Event Group
PQ10   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Organizational Unit
PQ12   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource Type
PQ13   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Position
PQ14   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Task
PQ15   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Company
PQ17   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Requirement Profiles
PQ18   SAPMH5A0       Actions for Resource Room
PQ19   SAPMH5A0       Actions for External Instructor
PRAA   RPRAPA00       Automatic Vendor Maintenance
PRAP   RPR_APPROVE_TRAApproval of Trips
PRCC   RPRCCC00       Import Credit Card Files
PRCCD  RPRCCC_DISPLAY_Display Credit Card Receipts
PRCCF  RPRCCC_CREATE_CGenerate File with Correct Trnsactn
PRCCT  RPRCCC_CREATE_TCreate Credit Card Clearing TestFil
PRCD   RPRCOUDE       Delete/Copy Trip Countries
PRCO   RPRMORDE       Copy Trip Provision Variant
PRCR   RPR_CREATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Download
PRCT   RPRMENU0       Current Settings
PRCU   RPRMENU0       Check Printing USA
PRC2   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1200
PRC7   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1700
PRDE   RPRMORDE       Delete Trip Prov.Variant
PRDH   RPRDUR00       Employees with Exceeded Trip Days
PRDX   RPRMENU0       Call Country Version DME Pre.Progra
PRD1   RPRMENU0       Create DME
PREC   RPRTEC00       Travel Expenses Accounting Program
PREP   SAPMP56T_PD    Import Program for Per Diems
PREX   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create expense report
PRFAM  FAMPRICE_MANAGEMaintain Price Families
PRFI   RPRFIN00_40    Posting to Financial Accounting
PRFW   RPRTEF10       Income-rel.Expenses Statement
PRF0   RPRTEF00       Standard Form
PRF1   RPRTEF01       Summarized Form 1
PRF2   RPRTEF02       Summarized Form 2
PRHD   RPR706VD       Maximum Value Delimitation for Meal
PRHH   RPR706HC       Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRHP   RPR706HC       Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRICAT SAPMWPRICAT    PRICAT: Maintain mat. as per catalo
PRKE   SAPMPRKE       Evaluation Program
PRMD   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
PRML   RPRMENU0       Set Country Grouping via Dialog Box
PRMM   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
PRMS   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
PRMT   RPRFLDEL       Update Matchcode T
PROF   MENUPROF       Profit Center Accounting
PRPD   RPR706VD       Delimitation of Per Diems for Meals
PRPHUV RLE_DRUCKPROFILPrint Profile Maintenance HU
PRPL   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel Plan
PRPY   RPRPAY00       Transfer to External Payroll
PRRL   RPUREROL       Reset Trips to 'To be Accounted'
PRRQ   RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel Request
PRRW   SAPMP56F       Post Accounting Data
PRST   RPRSTA01       Period Statistics
PRTA   RPCLSTTA       Overview of Travel Expense Reports
PRTC   RPCLSTTC       Display Imported Documents
PRTE   RPCLSTTE       Trip Details
PRTS   RPROVIEW       Overview of Trips
PRT3   RPRTR030       Travel Expenses: Maintain Postings
PRUL   RPR_UPDATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: Upload
PRVH   RPR706VC       Scale Maximum Amounts for Meals
PRVP   RPR706VC       Scale Per Diems for Meals
PRVT   RPRVAT01       VAT Recovery
PRWW   SAPLHRTR_ITS   Expense Reports (Offline)
PR00   MENUPR00       Travel expenses
PR01   SAPMP56T       Maintain (Old) Trip Data
PR02   SAPMP56T       Travel Calendar
PR03   SAPMP56V       Trip Advances
PR04   SAPMP56T       Edit Weekly Reports
PR05   SAPMP56T       Travel Expense Manager
PR10   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: RP_REINR
PR11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: HRTR_PDOC
PR20   SAPMP56T       Create Trip
PR706Z RPR706Z1       Copy T706Z -> T706Z1
PR71   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1701
PR72   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1702
PR73   SAPMP56C       Customizing Coding Block 1703
PSARP1 RGPSA_DISP_DOC PSA document display
PSA01  RGPSA_EXIT     Activate Rollup for PSC
PSA40  RGPSA_PLAN_ROLLPopulate Cost Plans
PSA42  RGPSA_COPY_VERSCopy Plan Versions
PSA45  RGPSA_CALC_PLANEntitlement Plan Calculation
PSA45R RGPSA_CALC_REV_Entitlement Plan Calc. Reversal
PSA50  RGPSA_ACTUAL_ROAcutal Rollup to PSC tables
PSA55  RGPSA_CALC_ACTUPSC Calculation Actual
PSA55R RGPSA_CALC_REV_PSC Calculation Reversal
PSA56  RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual Transfers
PSA56R RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual Transfers Reversal
PSA57  RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement Transfers
PSA57R RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement Transfers Reversal
PSA58  RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost Adjustments
PSA58R RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost Adjustments Reversal
PSA59  RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock Adjustments
PSA59R RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock Adjustments Reversal
PSA60  RGPSA_BCF      Balance Carry Forward
PSA70  RGPSA_REP_PARTNJV Partner Entitlement
PSA71  RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage Entitlement
PSA71U RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage Entitlement/Up
PSA73  RGPSA_REP_PROD Production Data with Adjustments
PSA74  RGPSA_REP_LIFT Lifting Data with Prices
PSA76  RGPSA_REP_ADJ  Adjustment Volumes
PSA77  RGPSA_PARTNER_LPartner Report
PSA78  RGPSA_PRINT_ENTPSA Print Entitlement
PSA79  RGPSA_REP_VOLTYVolumes by Volume Types
PSA81  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Daily Prices by PSC
PSA82  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Production Data
PSA83  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRDaily Lifting Data Entry
PSA84  RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Adjustment Data
PSA86  RGPSA_PERIOD   Open PSC Periods
PSA90  RGPSA_PROD_INT PSC Production Interface
PSA93  RGPSA_PI_MALAYSPSA Malaysia Production Interface
PSB0   RPUSIPB0       Generation quart.SI declarat.period
PSB1   RPCTXEB0       Generate Tax scales (B)
PSCCA  RGPSC_CALC     PSC calculation
PSCREV RGPSC_CALC_REV PSC calculation reversal
PSCRPT RGPSC_RPT01    psc report
PSCRP1 RGPSC_DISP_DOC PSC document display
PSCRUA RGPSCRUEXIT    Activate Rollup for PSC
PSC0   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version Valid for Cost Pla
PSC40  RGPSARULE      Rule Maintenance
PSC90  SAPL0DEPSC     PSC Volume Entry
PSC95  RGPSC_INPUT    PSC Production Interface
PSC96  RGPSC_PERIOD   PSC Period Opening
PSOA   SAPMHPS0       Work Center Reporting
PSOC   SAPMHPS0       Job Reporting
PSOG   SAPMHPS0       OrgManagement General Reporting
PSOI   SAPMHPS0       Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO   SAPMHPS0       Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS   SAPMHPS0       Position Reporting
PSOT   SAPMHPS0       Task Reporting
PSO0   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version for OrgManagement
PSO1   SAPMHPS0       Set Aspect for OrgManagement
PSO2   SAPMHPS0       PS System/Database Tools
PSO3   RHDESC00       Infotype Overview
PSO4   RHINFT00       Individual Infotype Maintenance
PSO5   SAPMHPS0       PD: Administration Tools
PSSD   RFVDSSD0       Check BNL flow types
PSVA   SAPMHPS0       Set Aspect
PSVB   SAPMHPS0       User-Specific Settings
PSVC   SAPMHPS0       Training and Events:Current Setting
PSVE   SAPMHPS0       Output Filter Business Events
PSVI   SAPMHPS0       User-Defined Settings
PSVL   SAPMHPS0       Set Business Event Language
PSVO   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Organizer
PSVP   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Planning Menu
PSVQ   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Organizer
PSVR   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Resource Menu
PSVS   SAPMHPS0       Set Access
PSVT   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Tool Menu
PSV0   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Resources
PSV1   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Attendance Menu
PSV2   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Business Event Menu
PSV3   SAPMHPS0       Dynamic Information Menu
PSV4   SAPMHPS0       Set Plan Version
PSV5   SAPMHPS0       Info: Attendances
PSV6   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Business Events
PSV7   SAPMHPS0       Reporting: Resources
PSV8   SAPMHPS0       Create Attendee
PSV9   SAPMHPS0       Change / Display Attendee
PSWB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Per.Reposting Plan Projects
PSW5   SAPMKGA2       Per.Repostgs in Actual for Projects
PTE1   RPIEWT00       Generate Batch Input Session
PTE2   RPIEWT04       Process Batch Input Session
PTE3   RPIEWT02       Reorganize Interface File
PTG1   SAPMP5GQ       Maintain Qualifying Day Pattern (GB
PTG3   SAPMP5GQ       Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)
PT00   MENUPT00       Time Management
PT01   SAPMP51S       Create Work Schedule
PT02   SAPMP51S       Change Work Schedule
PT03   SAPMP51S       Display Work Schedule
PT10   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNR
PT11   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR
PT12   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC
PT40   SAPMP51E       PDC Error Transaction
PT41   SAPTIMCC1COMPARCustomizing CC1 Communication Param
PT42   SAPCDRPD       Supply Personnel Data
PT43   SAPCDRPA       Supply Master Data
PT44   SAPCDUP1       Upload Request
PT45   SAPCDT45       Post Person Time Events
PT46   SAPCDT46       Post Working Time Events
PT50   SAPMPT50       Quota Overview
PT60   RPT_TIME_EVAL_STime Evaluation
PT61   RPTEDT00       Time Statement
PT62   RPTEAB00       Attendance List
PT63   RPTPSH10       Personal Work Schedule
PT64   RPTABS20       Absence List
PT65   RPTLEA40       Graphical Attendance/Abs. Overview
PT66   RPCLSTB2       Display Cluster B2
PT67   RPTEZL00       Third-Party Payroll
PT68   RPTPDOC0       Activity Allocation
PT69   RPTENT00       Multiple Time Recording
PT70   SAPMPT70       Time Management Info System
PT71   SAPMPT71       Tool Selection for Time Management
PT90   RPTABS50       Absences: Calendar View
PT91   RPTABS60       Absences: For Multiple Employees
PUCA   RPUPKCC0       PC administration for PF
PUCE   RPUPKCC0       PC editor for PF
PUCF   RPUPKCC0       PC Form Maintenance PF
PUCG   RPUPKCC0       Global Funds Copier
PUCK   RPUPKCC0       Entity copier for funds
PUCP   RPUPKCC0       PC Parameter Maintenance for PF
PUCV   RPUPKCC0       Entity copier for PC objects
PUCW   RPUPKCC0       Maintenanace of HSC tasks for PF
PUC0   RPUCUSC0       HR-CH: Maintain MA attributes
PUC9   RPUPKCC0       Reorganization of Infotype 0279
PUFK   SAPMPUFK       Form manager
PULT   RPUTRL00       Transport HR Tables for Logistics
PUOCBA RPUOCB00       Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent Activit
PUOCBP RPUOCP00       Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-up
PUOCBR RPUOCR00       Off-cycle batch: Replacement
PUOCLG H99LT52OCG     OC-Batch: Batch Table List
PUOCLL H99LT52OCL     OC: List of Replacements/Reversals
PUST   SAPMPUST       HR Process Workbench
PUST_2 SAPMPUST       HR Process Workbench (Old)
PUUG   RPCPT1U0       Change remittance due date
PUU1   SAPMPUU1       BSI Test Tool 5.0
PUU2   SAPMPUU2       transaction of sapmpuu2
PU00   SAPMP50A       Delete Personnel Data
PU01   RPCDPU01       Delete current payroll result
PU03   SAPMP50A       Change Payroll Status
PU11   SAPMPU11       Supplementary CS Benefits (D)
PU12   SAPMPU12       Connection to Third-Party Payroll
PU19   SAPMPU19       Tax Reporter
PU22   RPUARTX0       HR Archiving
PU30   SAPMPU30       Wage Type Maintenance
PU90   SAPMP50A       Delete applicant data
PU95   SAPMPU95       HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT Groups
PU96   SAPMPU95       HR: Maintain Wage Type Groups
PU97   SAPMPU95       HR: Logical View Maintenance
PU98   SAPMPU98       Assign Wage Types to Groups
PVBA   RHXBUDG0       Training & Events: Budget Compariso
PVBB   SAPLRHV6       Change / Create Development Plan
PVB0   RHCPBT00       Business Event Budget
PVB1   RHCPBT00       Create Business Event Budget
PVB2   RHCPBT00       Display Business Event Budget
PVB3   RHCPBT00       Change Business Event Budget
PVB6   RHCMPBUDGETINITInitialize Business Event Budget
PVCT   SAPLRHVM       Master Data Catalog
PVDM   SAPLHRTEM00MENUMaintain Dynamic Menus
PVD0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Business Event Type
PVF0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Location
PVF1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Location
PVG0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Resource
PVG1   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Room
PVG2   SAPLRHAR       Lock/Unlock Resource
PVG3   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Room
PVH0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change External Instructor
PVH1   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Instructor
PVH2   SAPLRHV6       Maintain External Person
PVK0   SAPLRHVL       Correspondence History
PVL0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Business Event Group
PVMN   MENUPVMN       Training and Event Management
PVR0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Resource Type
PVR1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Room Equipment
PVU0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Company
PVU1   SAPLRHV6       Maintain Company
PVV0   SAPLRHV6       Create/Change Service
PV0I   SAPLRHVI       Display Business Event Catalog
PV00   SAPLRHPV       Book Attendance
PV01   SAPLRHPV       Rebook Attendance
PV02   SAPLRHPV       Prebook Attendance
PV03   SAPLRHPV       Replace Attendance
PV04   SAPLRHPV       Cancel Attendance
PV05   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Attendees/Business Event
PV06   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Attendees
PV07   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Attendees
PV08   SAPLRHPV       Book List: Business Events
PV09   SAPLRHVP       Plan Business Events
PV1A   SAPLRHVA       Change Business Event
PV1B   SAPLRHVA       Display Business Event
PV1C   RHXCCOS0       Cost Transfer
PV1D   RHXCPRI0       Price Proposal
PV1I   SAPLRHVI       Attendee Bookings R/3 Users
PV1M   RHXMARP0       Materials Procurement
PV10   SAPLRHVB       Create Business Event with Resource
PV11   SAPLRHVA       Create Business Event w/o Resources
PV12   SAPLRHV5       Firmly Book / Cancel Business Event
PV14   SAPLRHV5       Lock / Unlock Business Event
PV15   SAPLRHV5       Follow Up Business Event
PV16   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Business Event Types
PV17   RHXFAKT0       Billing
PV18   RHXINLV0       Activity Allocation
PV19   RHXINLV1       Activity Allocation for Instructors
PV2I   SAPLRHVI       Attendee Bookings (Web Users)
PV26   SAPLRHPV       Prebook List: Attendees/Event Types
PV3I   SAPLRHVI       Book Attendance R/3 Users
PV32   RHPE_APP_CREATECreate Appraisal
PV33   SAPMHPS0       Business Event Appraisal
PV34   SAPMHPS0       Attendee Appraisal
PV35   RHUMAPPR       Appraisal Conversion Program
PV4I   SAPLRHVI       Book Attendance Web Users
PV5I   SAPLRHVI       Cancel Attendance R/3 Users
PV6I   SAPLRHVI       Cancel Attendance Web Users
PV7I   SAPLHRTEM00NET Training Center
PWKC   PREAD_WORK_CENTCreate Work Center Capacity IDoc
PWPC   PWPC_TO_CONVERTConvert Column Framework
PW00   MENUPW00       Incentive Wages
PW01   SAPMP53L       Maintain Incentive Wages Data
PW02   SAPMP53L       Display Incentive Wages Data
PW03   SAPMP53L       Record Incentive Wages Data
PW41   RPWI1100       Generate Batch Input Session
PW42   RPWI5000       Process Batch Input Session
PW43   RPWI4100       Reorganize Interface File
PW61   RPTCMP00       Time Leveling
PW62   RPWAZL00       Employment Percentage
PW63   RPWULL00       Reassignment of Pay Scale Group
PW70   RPWUL100       Recalculate Indiv. Incentive Wages
PW71   RPWUG100       Recalculate Group Incentive Wages
PW72   RPWUG180       Remove leaving employee from group
PW74   RPWUL170       Delete time tickets from cluster L1
PW75   RPWUG170       Delete time tickets from cluster G1
PW80   RPUCUSIW       Incentive Wages: Current Settings
PW91   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: Control Parameters
PW92   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: User Exits
PW93   MPWPAR00       Incentive Wages: Group Parameters
PW94   MPWPAR00       Inc. Wages: Logistics Parameters
PYKT   SAPMPYKT       Configuration Copier
PYK0   SAPMPYK0       History of year end reporting runs
PZFOTO SAPMPZ01       ESS Photo MiniApp  (dummy)
PZLE   SAPMPZ01       ESS Life Event  (Dummy)
PZM0   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu
PZM1   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu 1
PZM2   SAPMPZM2       ESS Start Menu
PZPR   SAPMPWREMIND   Password Reminder
PZSU53 SAPMESSREP     ESS Display Authorization Errors
PZUS   RHESSUSERSET   ESS General Settings
PZUSFB RHESSUSERSET   ESS MiniApp Photograph/Birthday
PZWHOC SAPMPZWHOC     ESS Who's Who: Customizing
PZ00   SAPMPZ00       ESS Start Menu
PZ01   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who
PZ01C  SAPMPZ01C      ESS Customizing for ESS Who's Who
PZ02   SAPMPZ02       Address
PZ03   SAPMPZ02       Bank Details
PZ04   SAPMESSREP     Time statement
PZ05   SAPMPZ02       Emergency Address
PZ07   SAPMPZ07       Participation Overview
PZ08   SAPMPZ02       Taxes
PZ09   SAPMPZ09       Time accounts
PZ10   SAPMPZ02       Tax Deductions Form (W-4)
PZ11   SAPMESSREP     Remuneration Statement
PZ12   SAPMPZ02       Family/Related Person
PZ14   SAPMPZ14       Enrollment
PZ15   SAPMPZ15       New Hire Data
PZ16   SAPMPZ16       Employment and Salary Verification
PZ17   SAPMESSREP     Work Schedule
PZ18   SAPMPZ02       Emergency Contact
PZ19   SAPMPZ02       ESS Time Management
PZ20   SAPMPZ02       Notification of Marriage
PZ21   SAPMPW12       Employment Opportunities
PZ22   SAPMPW03       Application status
PZ23   SAPMPZ23       My Preferences
PZ24   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who
PZ25   SAPMPZ25       ESS Australian Taxes
PZ26   SAPMPZ26       Organizational Chart
PZ27   SAPMPZ27       ESS Superannuation Australia
PZ28   SAPMPZ28       ESS Previous Employers
PZ29   SAPMPZ29       ESS External Bank Transfer Australi
PZ30   SAPMPZ30       My Photo
PZ31   SAPMRHPE_WWW_DEAdvanced HR: Access Profile Maint.
PZ32   SAPMRHPE_WWW   Advanced HR: Profile Maintenance
PZ34   RPTEDT00       ESS Time Management
PZ35   SAPMPZ01       Who's Who (Flow Logic)
PZ36   SAPMPZ02       ESS Change YEA (Korea)
PZ39   SAPMPZ39       Personal ID Information
PZ40   SAPMPZ40       FSA Claims
PZ41   SAPMPZ02       Capital Formation Germany
PZ42   SAPMPZ42       ESS Alternative Name
PZ43   SAPMPZ43       Retirement Benefits
PZ49   SAPMPZ49       Start ESS
PZ50   SAPMPZ50       Change Who's Who Data
PZ51   SAPMPZ25       ESS: Tax Thailand
PZ52   SAPMPZ52       ESS Change Address
PZ53   SAPMPZ52       ESS for Prior Service Public Sector
PZ54   SAPMPZ52       ESS for Leave Public Sector AU
PZ56   SAPMPZ02       Additional Personal Data
PZ60   SAPMPZ60       ESS benefit requests
PZ61   SAPMESSREP     Benefit request query report
PZ67   SAPMPZ02       ESS for Commuting Allowance
PZ80   SAPMPZ02       ESS Investment detls - IT585 -Sec80
PZ88   SAPMPZ02       ESS Investment detls - IT586 Sec88
P1B4   SAPMPAP0       Transfer table T588Z; infotype 4000
P1B7   RPAPUT92       Conversion T750B
P1ET   SAPMP1ET       Simulator of tax calculation
P1Q0   RPPBSUQ0       Increment Progression
P16B   SAPMP16B       Salary packaging (web)
P2R0   RPPBSAR0       Letter of appointment
P2R1   RPPBSAR0       Release letter of appointment
P2R2   RPPBSAR0       Accept letter of appointment
P2R3   RPPBSAR0       Verify and hire applicant
P2R4   RPAPBSR0       Print letter of appointment
P2R8   RPPBSAR0       Display letter of appointment
P2R9   RPPBSAR0       Display letter of appointment
P3PR   SAPMP3PR       3PR Reconciliation Workbench
P4Q0   RPPBSTQ0       Termination & Redundancy Organiser
P5DB4  SAPLHRB4       Construction; Maintain Cons.Sites
P5Q0   RPPBSTQ1       Termination and redundancy organise
P6Q0   SAPM00PS_WB    Termination and redundancy workbenc
QAC1   SAPLQPL1       Change insp. lot actual quantity
QAC2   SAPLQPL1       Transfer stock to insp. lot
QAC3   SAPLQPL1       Reset sample
QAER   SAPLOPTI       Display archive objects
QAS1   RQEIFM10       Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)
QAS2   RQEIFM20       Download Basic Data (Obsolete)
QAS3   RQEIFM50       Upload Results (Obsolete)
QAS4   RQEIFM60       Upload UD (Obsolete)
QA00   MENUQA00       Quality inspection
QA01   SAPLQPL1       Create Inspection Lot
QA01A  SAPLQPL1       Create Inspection Lot
QA02   SAPLQPL1       Change Inspection Lot
QA02A  SAPLQPL1       Change Inspection Lot
QA03   SAPLQPL1       Display inspection lot
QA05   RQJBCTRL       Job planning: Periodic inspection
QA06   RQJBCTRL       Job overview: Periodic inspection
QA07   RQAAAS10       Trigger for recurring inspection
QA07L  RQBALDSP       Deadline Monitoring Log
QA08   RQMQMM00       Collective Processing of Insp. Setu
QA09   SAPMSNUM       No. range maintenance for insp.lots
QA10   RQEVAI30       Trigger automatic usage decision
QA10L  RQBALDSP       Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA11   SAPMQEVA       Record usage decision
QA12   SAPMQEVA       Change usage decision with history
QA13   SAPMQEVA       Display usage decision
QA14   SAPMQEVA       Change UD without history
QA16   RQEVAI10       Collective UD for accepted lots
QA17   RQJBCTRL       Job planning for auto usage decisio
QA18   RQJBCTRL       Job overview for auto usage decisio
QA19   RQEVAI30       Automatic usage decision
QA22   RQAPPU10       Change inspection point quantities
QA23   RQAPPU10       Display insp.point quantities
QA32   RQEEAL10       Change data for inspection lot
QA32WP RQEEAW10       QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QA33   RQEEAL10       Display data for inspection lot
QA40   RQEVAI50       Auto. Usage Decision for Production
QA40L  RQBALDSP       Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA41   RQJBCTRL       Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA42   RQJBCTRL       Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
QA51   RQJBCTRL       Scheduling Source Inspections
QA52   RQJBCTRL       Source inspections: Job overview
QCC0   RQIMGALL       QM: Direct Access to IMG
QCC1   RQIMG010       Direct Access to IMG: Notification
QCC2   RQIMG020       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Notificatio
QCC3   RQIMG030       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Inspection
QCC4   RQIMG040       IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Planning
QCC5   RQIMG050       IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-I
QCE2   SAPLQCE2       Edit Communication Support
QCE3   SAPLQCE2       Display Communication Support
QCYF   RSTXFCPY       QM standard forms (general)
QCYT   RSTXTCPY       QM standard texts (general)
QC01   SAPMQCPA       Create certificate profile
QC02   SAPMQCPA       Change certificate profile
QC03   SAPMQCPA       Display certificate profile
QC06   RQCQCD01       Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC11   SAPMV13I       Create cert. profile assignment
QC12   SAPMV13I       Change cert. profile assignment
QC13   SAPMV13I       Display cert. profile assignment
QC14   SAPMV13I       Create mode
QC20   RQCAAP03       Certificates for Deliveries
QC21   RQCAAP01       Quality certificate for the insp.lo
QC22   RQCAAP02       Quality Certificate for Batch
QC31   RQCARD03       Archive display: Delivery item
QC32   RQCARD01       Archive display: Inspection lot
QC40   SAPLQC07       Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC40A  SAPLQC07       Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC42   SAPMQCWA       Batch certificate on WWW
QC51   SAPMQCPR       Create certificate in procurement
QC52   SAPMQCPR       Change certificate in procurement
QC53   SAPMQCPR       Display certificate in procurement
QC55   RQCPRM10       Worklist: Certificates - Procuremen
QDH1   RQDAAM10       Q-level evaluation: Change data
QDH2   RQDAAM10       Q-level evaluation: Display data
QDL1   SAPMQDQL       Create quality level
QDL2   SAPMQDQL       Change quality level
QDL3   SAPMQDQL       Display quality level
QDP1   SAPMQDSP       Create sampling scheme
QDP2   SAPMQDSP       Change sampling scheme
QDP3   SAPMQDSP       Display sampling scheme
QDR1   SAPMQDDR       Create dynamic modification rule
QDR2   SAPMQDDR       Change dynamic modification rule
QDR3   SAPMQDDR       Display dynamic modification rule
QDR6   RQDULM20       Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rul
QDR7   RQDULM20       Replace dynamic mod. rule used
QDV1   SAPMQDSV       Create sampling procedure
QDV2   SAPMQDSV       Change sampling procedure
QDV3   SAPMQDSV       Display sampling procedure
QDV6   RQDULM10       Uses: Sampling procedures
QDV7   RQDULM10       Replace sampling procedure used
QD21   RQARCQM3       Mark completed notifications
QD33   RQARCQDL       Delete quality level
QD34   RQJBCTRL       Delete quality level planning
QD35   RQJBCTRL       Delete job overview for Q-levels
QEH1   SAPLQEH1       Worklist for Mobile Results Rec.
QEI1   RQEIFML1       Displaying QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEI2   RQEIFML2       Deleting QM Interfaces Appl. Log
QEW01  RQEWWM10       Results Recording on Web
QEW01V RQEWWM00       Variant Maint.: Recording on Web
QE00   MENUQE00       Quality Planning
QE01   SAPMQEEA       Record characteristic results
QE02   SAPMQEEA       Change characteristic results
QE03   SAPMQEEA       Display characteristic results
QE04   SAPMQEEA       Record sample results
QE05   SAPMQEEA       Change sample results
QE06   SAPMQEEA       Display sample results
QE09   SAPMQEEA       Indiv.display of charac.result
QE09WP RQE09WP        Call QE09 from Workplace
QE11   SAPMQEEA       Record results for inspection point
QE12   SAPMQEEA       Change results for inspection point
QE13   SAPMQEEA       Display results for inspection poin
QE14   SAPMQEEA       Record results for delivery note
QE15   SAPMQEEA       Change results for delivery note
QE16   SAPMQEEA       Display results for delivery note
QE17   SAPMQEEA       Record results for equipment
QE18   SAPMQEEA       Change results for equipment
QE19   SAPMQEEA       Display results for equipment
QE20   SAPMQEEA       Record results for funct. location
QE21   SAPMQEEA       Change results for funct. location
QE22   SAPMQEEA       Display results for funct. location
QE23   SAPMQEEA       Record results for phys. sample
QE24   SAPMQEEA       Change results for phys. sample
QE25   SAPMQEEA       Display results for phys. sample
QE29   SAPMSNUM       No. Range Maint.: Conf. No. for Cha
QE51   RQEEAM10       Results recording worklist
QE51N  SAPLQEEO       Results Recording Worklist
QE52   RQEEAM20       Worklist: Results for phys. sample
QE53   RQEEAM30       Worklist: Record results for equip.
QE54   RQEEAM40       Worklist: Results for funct. loctns
QE71   RQETBM10       Tabular res. recording for insp. pt
QE72   RQETBM20       Tabular Results Rec. for Insp. Lots
QE73   RQETBM30       Tabular res. recording for characs.
QF01   SAPMQFFE       Record defect data
QF02   SAPMQFFE       Change defect data
QF03   SAPMQFFE       Display defect data
QF11   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for inspection lot
QF21   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for operation
QF31   SAPMQFFE       Record defects for characteristic
QGA1   RQGAAG10       Display quality score time line
QGA2   RQGAAM20       Display inspection results
QGA3   RQGAAM31       Print inspection results
QGC1   RQERKM10       Qual. control charts for insp. lots
QGC2   RQERKM20       Control charts for task list charac
QGC3   RQERKM30       Control charts for master insp. cha
QGD1   RIEQUI20       Test Equipment Usage List
QGD2   RQTETR00       Test Equipment Tracking
QGP1   RQGEPM10       Results history for task list chara
QGP2   RQGEPM10       Results History for Task List Chara
QG09   SAPMSNUM       Maint. num. range Q control charts
QISR   SAPQISRW       Internal Service Request
QISRW  SAPQISRW       Internal Service Request on the Web
QISR1  SAPLQISR3      Internal Service Request - Forms
QI01   SAPMQBAA       Create quality info. - purchasing
QI02   SAPMQBAA       Change qual.information - purchasin
QI03   SAPMQBAA       Display quality info. - purchasing
QI04   RQJBCTRL       Job planning for QM procurement key
QI05   RQBAAM50       Mass maintenance QM procurement key
QI06   RQBAAM10       QM Releases: Mass maintenance
QI07   RQBAAM20       Incoming insp. and open pur. orders
QI08   RQJBCTRL       Job overview of QM procurement keys
QK01   RQECOM10       Assign QM order to material
QK02   RQECOM20       Display assigned QM orders
QK04   RQECOM40       Create QM order
QK05   RQECOM30       Confirmed activities for insp. lot
QL11   RBDSEQMAT      Mat: Distribute Inspection Setup-AL
QL21   RBDSEQPMK      Master Inspection Characs (ALE)
QL31   RBDSEQSMT      Distribute Inspection Methods (ALE)
QL41   RBDSEQPGR      Distribute Code Groups (ALE)
QMW1   SAPQMWWW       Create quality notification (WWW)
QM00   MENUQM00       Quality Notifications
QM01   SAPLIQS0       Create quality notification
QM02   SAPLIQS0       Change quality notification
QM03   SAPLIQS0       Display quality notification
QM10   RQMELL10       Change list of quality notification
QM10WP RQMELW10       QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QM11   RQMELL10       Display List of Qual. Notifications
QM12   RQMELL20       Change list of tasks
QM13   RQMELL20       Display list of tasks
QM13WP RQMELW20       QM13 - Call from  Workplace/MiniApp
QM14   RQMELL30       Change list of items
QM15   RQMELL30       Display list of items
QM16   RQMELL40       Change activity list
QM17   RQMELL40       Display activity list
QM19   RQMELM10       List of Q Notifications; Multi-Leve
QM50   RQMAAG10       Time line display Q notifications
QPIQS8 RQVIQS8        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPIQS9 RQVIQS9        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPNQ   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for inspection plans
QPQA32 RQVQA32        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQGC1 RQVQGC1        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM10 RQVQM10        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPQM13 RQVQM13        QM MiniApp Selection Variant
QPR1   SAPLQPRS       Create physical sample
QPR2   SAPLQPRS       Change physical sample
QPR3   SAPLQPRS       Display physical sample
QPR4   SAPLQPRS       Confirm physical sample drawing
QPR5   RQPRLS10       Manual inspection lots for physSamp
QPR6   RQPRSS10       Create new phys.-samp. drawing
QPR7   RQPRSS30       Storage Data Maintenance
QPV2   SAPLQPRV       Maintain sample drawing procedure
QPV3   SAPLQPRV       Display sample drawing procedure
QP01   SAPLCPDI       Create
QP02   SAPLCPDI       Change
QP03   SAPLCPDI       Display
QP05   RQPDRK00       Print inspection plan
QP06   RQBAAM40       List: Missing/unusable insp. plans
QP07   RQBAAM30       List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans
QP08   RQPDRK02       Print task lists for material
QP11   SAPLCPDI       Create reference operation set
QP12   SAPLCPDI       Change reference operation set
QP13   SAPLCPDI       Display reference operation set
QP48   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Physical Samples
QP49   SAPMSNUM       Number range for phys. samp. drawin
QP60   RMPLAN00       Time-related development of plans
QP61   RCPCD006       Display change documents insp.plan
QP62   RCPCD003       Change documents ref.operation sets
QSR6   RQPREDE2       Delete routings
QST03  RQSTA003       Display Stability History
QST04  RQSTA004       Display Inspection Plans
QST05  RQSTA005       Graphical Scheduling Overview
QST06  RQSTA006       Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudy
QST07  RQSTA007       Change Testing Schedule Items
QST08  RQSTA007       Display Testing Schedule Items
QS21   SAPMQSDA       Create master insp. characteristic
QS22   SAPMQSDA       Create master insp. charac. version
QS23   SAPMQSDA       Change master insp. charac. version
QS24   SAPMQSDA       Display master insp. charac. versio
QS25   SAPMQSDA       Delete master insp. charac. version
QS26   SAPMQPDA       Display characteristic use
QS27   SAPMQPDA       Replace master insp. characteristic
QS28   RQPMKV10       Display insp. charac. list
QS29   SAPMSNUM       Maintain characteristic number rang
QS31   SAPMQSCA       Create inspection method
QS32   SAPMQSCA       Create inspection method version
QS33   SAPMQSCA       Change inspection method version
QS34   SAPMQSCA       Display inspection method version
QS35   SAPMQSCA       Delete inspection method version
QS36   SAPMQPCA       Display inspection method use
QS37   SAPMQPCA       Central replacement of methods
QS38   RQMTBV10       Display inspection method list
QS39   SAPMSNUM       Maintain method number range
QS4A   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS41   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS42   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS43   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS44   SAPLQSBA       Maintain catalog
QS45   SAPLQSBA       Display catalog
QS46   SAPMQPBA       Display code group use
QS47   SAPMQPBA       Central replacement of code groups
QS48   RQSBAS40       Usage indicator - code groups
QS49   SAPMQSEA       Display code groups and codes
QS51   SAPLQSKT       Edit Selected Sets
QS52   SAPLQSKT       Display selected set index
QS53   SAPLQSKT       Maintain individual selected set
QS54   SAPLQSKT       Maintain selected set
QS55   SAPLQSKT       Display selected set
QS58   RQSBAS41       Usage indicator - selected sets
QS59   SAPMQSEA       Display selected sets
QS61   SAPMQMSP       Maintain material specification
QS62   SAPMQMSP       Display material specification
QS63   SAPMQMSP       Maintain material spec: Planning
QS64   SAPMQMSP       Display material spec: For key date
QS65   RQSPEZ10       Activate material specification
QS66   RQJBCTRL       Plan activation of material spec.
QS67   RQJBCTRL       Job overview: Activate mat. spec.
QTSA   SAPLQUOS       Product Allocations: Send Quantitie
QTSP   SAPLQUOS       Product Allocations:Send Customizin
QT00   MENUQT00       Test Equipment Management
QT01   MENUQT01       Test equipment management
QVM1   RQEVAM10       Inspection lots without completion
QVM2   RQEVAM20       Inspection lots with open quantitie
QVM3   RQEVAM30       Lots without usage decision
QV51   SAPMQVDM       Create control for QM in SD
QV52   SAPMQVDM       Change control for QM in SD
QV53   SAPMQVDM       Display control for QM in SD
QZ00   MENUQZ00       Quality Certificates
Q000   MENUQ000       Quality management
RAEP1  RAFWGO_UPLOAD_RProcedure for Single Records: RA
RAEP2  RAFWGO_FRP_RA  Procedure for Final Results: RA
RCA00  SAPLRMRCT      Edit Generic Transaction
RCA01  BUSSTART       Create Risk Object
RCA02  BUSSTART       Change Risk Object
RCA03  BUSSTART       Display Risk Object
RCA04  SAPMJBRT       Copy Risk Object
RCA06  BUSSTART       Delete Risk Object
RCC0G  BUSVIEWS       RT Control: Tables
RCC00  MENURCC00      Configuration Menu for Risk Objects
RCC01  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Applications
RCC02  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Field Groups
RCC03  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Views
RCC04  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Sections
RCC05  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Screens
RCC06  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Screen Sequences
RCC07  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Events
RCC08  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Standard Functions
RCC09  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Additional Functions
RCC10  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Search Help
RCC11  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Assign DB Screen
RCC12  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Modification Criteria
RCC15  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Application Transaction
RCC18  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Activities
RCC19  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Field Mod. per Act. Cat
RCC20  BUSVIEWS       Authorization Types
RCC23  BUSVIEWS       RO Control: Data Sets
RCDEF  SAPLRMRCT      Definition of Risk Object
RCP02  RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RCP03  RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&S
RDCA   RFFMSDCA       Send Vendor Documents
RDPT1  FTBAS_SET_OVERVList of Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT2  FTBAS_SCHEDULE_List of Redemption Schedules
RDPT3  FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedule Sets
RDPT4  FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedules
RECABT RFRECABT       Generate BDT Subscreen Containers
RECALN SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint: RECALOG
RECALP RFRECALOGDISPLAParam. for Log Overview (Internal)
RECARG RFRECARG       Worklist: Update Objects
RECATM RFRECATM       Manage Text Modules
RECDCG RFRECD_CASHFLOWCash Flow Update for Contract
RECDCH RFRECD_CASHFLOWUpdate Cash Flow for Rental Object
RECNAE RFRECN_BALANCE_Comparison ObjTypes - Contract Type
RECNRP RFRECN_RESPONSIChange Pers.Resp: Contracts
RECON1 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Process Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON2 RTPM_TRS_RECONCReconcile Ext. Sec. Acct Statements
RECON3 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Delete Ext. Security Acct Statement
RECOSE SAPLKO71       CO Settlement of Real Estate Object
REISAO RFREISAO       Info System: Architectural Objects
REISBE RFREISBE       Info System: Business Entities
REISBP RFREISBPOBJREL Info System: Objects for Partner
REISBU RFREISBU       Info System: Buildings
REISCN RFREISCN       Info System: Contracts
REISPR RFREISPR       Info System: Properties
REISRO RFREISRO       Info System: Rental Objects
REITDS RFREITDS       Input Tax Distribution
REPP1  REPP_VC_1      CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing
RERAPL RFVISL04       General Real Estate Posting Log
RERAPP RFRERAPP       Periodic Postings: Contracts
RERAVP RFRERAVP       Per. Posting: Rental Obj.(Vacancies
RESCBC RFRESCBOOKING  Posting of Settlement
RESCIS RFRESCSHOWRESULEvaluation of Service Charge Settlm
RESCRV RFRESCSEREVERSEReversal of Service Chg Settlement
RESCSE RFRESCSETTL    Service Charge Settlement
RESRCL RESRCALCRESULTLDisplay Results of Calculation
RESRIS RFRESRSHOWRESULReport on Sales-Based Settlement
RESRRP RESRREPORTLDB  Collective Entry of Sales Reports
RESRRV RFRESRSETTLLDBRReversal of Sales-Based Settlement
RESRSE RFRESRSETTLLDB Sales-Based Rent Settlement
RE80   RFRECA_RE80_INIRE80: RE Navigator
RFAF   RSTWBFAF       Store order follow-on documents
RISV   RMCSISCP       Setup: Retail Info System - Version
RJB1   KCFDUMENU      External Data Transfer Workbench
RKLNT  RKLNTNG01      Counterparty Risk of Netting Group
RKLSI  RKLSI          Overview of Collateral Provision
RL23   SAPLGD23       Document Display for Ledger 3A
RM_01  RJBRSIIN       Initialize view
RM_02  RJBRVRGC       Regenerate View
RM_97  RJBRSELPROT    Display of DB Logs
RM_98  RJBRBPDIAG     Diagnosis of BP Admin. Tables
RM_99  RJBRDEACFO     Deactivate Financial Objects
RMBDSA RJBRBDSA       Overview of Report Data
RMBDSB RJBRBDSB       Create Report Data
RMBK1  RRMDRB01       BCA: Derivation Strategy
RMBK2  RRMDRB02       BCA: Rule Entries
RMCM   RFTBCMGT00     Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk Mgm
RMDR1  RRMDRR01       Gen.Transaction: Derivation Strateg
RMDR2  RRMDRR02       Gen. Transaction: Rule Entries
RMD01  RRMDR001       FO: Derivation Strategy
RMD02  RRMDR002       Financial Object: Rule Entries
RMFD   RJBRSVAC       Financial Object Data
RMFZ1  RRMFAZ01       Derivation of RM Part for Facilitie
RMRB   RJBRSTDA       Dataset Management
RMVARS RJBRVARS       Display Shifts during VaR Evaluatio
RMVT1  RRMDRV01       Variable Trans: Derivation Strategy
RMVT2  RRMDRV02       Variable Transaction: Rule Entries
RMV0   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: VAR
RMWB   RMWBP00        Start Workbench
RMW99  MENURMW99      Area Menu
RPAM   REPPXXXN       Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPAN   REPPXXXN       Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA0   REPPXXX0       Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings
RPA1   REPPXXX0       Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currenc
RPBN   REPPXXXN       Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPB0   REPPXXX0       Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings
RPCN   REPPXXXN       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC0   REPPXXX0       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC1   REPPXXX0       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPC2   REPPXXXN       Info. System CCtrs: Presettings
RPDK   RPPWF1M0       Workflow for Danish Payroll
RPON   REPPXXXN       Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPO0   REPPXXX0       Info. System Orders: Presettings
RPPN   REPPXXXN       Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPP0   REPPXXX0       Proj. Info System: Default Settings
RPXN   REPPXXXN       CO-OM Information System: Settings
RPX0   REPPXXX0       CO-OM Information System: Settings
RSA0   RSA1ADMI       Content Settings Maintenance
RSA10  SAPLRSC3       Realtime Test Interface Srce System
RSA2   RSA1REP        OLTP Metadata Repository
RSA3   SAPLRSFH       Extractor Checker
RSA5   RSA1BCIN       Install Business Content
RSA6   RSA1DSMA       Maintain DataSources
RSA7   RSA1QMNT       BW Delta Queue Monitor
RSA8   RSA1HIMA       DataSource Repository
RSA9   RSA1APAC       Transfer Application Components
RSFH   FHVIEWER       Test Transaction Data Extractors
RSMD   FHVIEWER       Extractor Checker
RSO2   RSIO0009       Oltp Metadata Repository
RSO3   RSIO0007       Set Up Deltas for Master Data
RSRR   SAPLRSRR       BW RRI on the Web
RSTB   RSTBNAME       Choose Object Name
RTBSTD RJBALMRTBSTD   Position Management for Gen.Trans.
RTDE   RGUDEL00       Retail Ledger: Del. Transaction Dat
RTGDI  SAPLCPCC_DT    Direct input for routings
RTHCOC OM_START_NF    Create Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOD OM_START_NF    Display Retail Object Assignment
RTHCOM OM_START_NF    Change Retail Object Assignment
RTKB   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: KB_NRRANGE
RTPB01 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Application Transaction
RTPB02 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Tables
RTPB03 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Cntrl: Activities
RTPB04 BUSVIEWS       RPUS struct: Applications
RTPB05 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field Group
RTPB06 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Views
RTPB07 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Sections
RTPB08 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Screens
RTPB09 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct: Screen Sequence
RTPB10 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Struct: Events
RTPB11 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Standard Functions
RTPB12 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Additional Functions
RTPB13 BUSVIEWS       RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB fl
RTPB14 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field Mod: Criteria
RTPB15 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field Mod: Activity Category
RTPB16 BUSVIEWS       Create data set for retirement plan
RTPB17 BUSVIEWS       Retirement types
RTPB18 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Authorization types
RTPB19 BUSVIEWS       RPUS Field groups for authorization
RVND   RFIBLOPAY      Create Payment Requests Online
RWBE   RWBEST01       Stock Overview
RZPT   SAPLARCH_RZPT_SResidence Time Maintenance Tool
RZ01   RSRZADM2       Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ02   RSRZOLD        Network Graphics for SAP Instances
RZ03   RSRZLST1       Presentation; Control SAP Instances
RZ04   RSRZLST2       Maintain SAP Instances
RZ06   RSRZOLD        Alerts Thresholds Maintenance
RZ08   RSRZOLD        SAP Alert Monitor
RZ10   SAPLSPFL       Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11   RSPFLDOC       Profile Parameter Maintenance
RZ12   SAPMSMLG       Maintain RFC Server Group Assignmen
RZ15   SAPMSLOG       Read XMI log
RZ20   RSALSTMO       CCMS Monitoring
RZ21   SAPLSALU       CCMS Monitoring Arch. Customizing
RZ23   RSPFDBUI_INIT  Performance database monitor
RZ23N  RSPFDB_ADMIN   Central Performance History
RZ25   RSALTLEX       Start Tools for a TID
RZ26   RSAL_START_TOOLStart Methods for an Alert
RZ27   RSAL_EXECUTE_RZStart RZ20 for a Monitor
RZ28   RSAL_START_AL_VStart Alert Viewer for Monitor
RZ70   RSLDADM        SLD Administration
S-32   SAPMSTBM       _
S-33   SAPMSTBM       Display table
S_IWB  RSIWB310       Initial Screen Knowledge Warehouse
SAAB   SAPLSAAB       Activ. Assertions and Breakpoints
SADJ   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Transfer Assistant
SADP   SAPMSADR       Contact person addr.maint. init.scr
SADQ   SAPMSADR       Private address maint. initial scrn
SADR   SAPMSADR       Address maint. - Group required!
SAD0   SAPMSAD0       Address Management call
SAINT  SAPLSAINT_UI   Add-On Installation Tool
SAKB4  SAPRAKB_SHOW_EXCreate Usage Explanations
SAKB5  SAPRAKB_CI_TABCCheck Table Enhancements
SALE   RBDSALE2       Display ALE Customizing
SAMT   SAPRSAMT       ABAP Program Set Processing
SARA   SAPMAADM       Archive Administration
SARE   SAPLAINS       Archive Explorer
SARFC  RSARFCCHK      Server Resources for Asynchron. RFC
SARI   SAPLAINA       Archive Information System
SARJ   SAPLAS_ARC     Archive Retrieval Configurator
SARP   SAPMSERP       Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute
SARPN  SAPLBMEN       Display Report Trees
SART   SAPMSERP       Display Report Tree
SARTN  SAPLSRT_APPL   Display Report Trees
SA01   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRNR
SA11   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRV
SA12   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRVP
SA38   SAPMS38M       ABAP Reporting
SA39   SAPMS38M       SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SBAC   SAPLSF30       Edit Application Components
SBCA   SAPLBCOM_ADMIN Routing Server Administration
SBDS1  BDSBARCO1      Displaying Open Bar Codes
SBDS2  BDSBARCO2      Open Internal Bar Codes
SBDS3  BDSBARCO3      Open External Bar Codes
SBDS4  BDSBARCO4      Open Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS5  BDSBARCO5      Internal Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS6  BDSBARCO6      External Bar Codes with Keep Flag
SBDS7  BDSBARCOM      Compare Open Bar Codes
SBEA   MENUSBEA       BEAC corporate flight system
SBI1   RSAO0001       Maintain enhanced InfoSource
SBI2   RSAO0003       Maintain enhanced master data str.
SBI3   RSAO0007       Maintain append for InfoSource
SBI4   RSAO0008       Maintain append for master data
SBI5   RSAO0009       Delete InfoObjects
SBPT   MENUSBPT       Administration Process Technology
SBRAC  SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing Attributes
SBRT3  RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server - Configuration
SBTA   SAPMSSY2       Test background processing
SBWP   SAPMSSO0       SAP Business Workplace
SB01   ADITEST8       Business Navigator - Component View
SCAL   SAPMSFT0       Factory Calendar with GUI
SCASE  SAPCMGSTART    Case Management
SCAT   SAPMSCAT       Computer Aided Test Tool
SCA2   SAPMSFT2       Cannot be executed directly
SCA3   SAPMSFT3       Cannot be executed directly
SCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directly
SCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directly
SCCL   SAPMSCC1       Local Client Copy
SCC1   SAPMSCC1       Client Copy - Special Selections
SCC3   RSCCPROT       Client Copy Log
SCC5   SAPMSCC1       Delete Client
SCC7   SAPMSCC1       Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8   SAPMSCC1       Client Export
SCC9   SAPMSCC1       Remote Client Copy
SCDN   SAPMSNUM       Change Documents: Number Ranges
SCDO   SAPMSCDO       Display Change Document Objects
SCFB   GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a Function
SCID   SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified Object
SCII   SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: Inspection
SCMA   SAPLSCMA       Schedule Manager: Scheduler
SCMATP SAPLSCMA       SchedMan: Task List Maintenance
SCMO   RKRUNMONI      Schedule Manager: Monitor
SCMP   SAPLSCT1       View/Table Comparison
SCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider Monitor
SCON   RSCONN07       SAPconnect - Administration
SCOT   RSCONN07       SAPconnect - Administration
SCP    RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code Page
SCPI   MENUSCPI       Production Optimization Interface
SCPMIG RSCP0126       Character Conversion
SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP     Change BC Set Value Attributes
SCPRIP SAPLSCPRMP     Delete Several BC Sets
SCPR10 SAPSCPR5       BC Sets: Compare after transport
SCPR20 SAPSCPR7       BC Sets: Activate
SCPR3  SCPR3          Display and maintain BC Sets
SCPR92 SAPSCPR6       BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2
SCRE   GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a Report
SCRK   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYN
SCRM   SCRMSHOW       CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3
SCUA   SAPMSCUA       Central User Administration
SCUC   RSUSRSCUC      CUA: Synchronize company addresses
SCUG   RSUSLAND       Transfer Users
SCUL   SAPMUSLG       Central User Administration Log
SCUM   RSUSLAND       Central User Administration
SCU0   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SCU3   RSTBHIST       Table History
SCWB   SCWBENTR       Correction Workbench
SC38   SAPMS38M       Start Report (Remote)
SDBE   SAPMSDBE       Explain an SQL statement
SDCC   BDLSDDCC       Service Data Control Center
SDD1   SDDORD01       Duplicate Sales Documents in Period
SDMO   MSDMEN00       Dynamic Menu (old)
SDOCU  SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation Structure
SDO1   SDORDE01       Orders within time period
SDPI   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKING
SDQ1   SDQUOT01       Expiring Quotations
SDQ2   SDQUOT02       Expired Quotations
SDQ3   SDQUOT03       Completed Quotations
SDV    SDV_VIEWER     Document Viewing
SDVK   SDCRSL01       Purchase Analysis Sales Documents
SDV1   SDCONT01       Expiring Contracts
SDV2   SDCONT02       Expired Contracts
SDV3   SDCONT03       Completed Contracts
SDWB   BDLDEVLP       Service Definition Work Bench
SDW0   MENUSDW0       ABAP Development WB Initial Screen
SD11   SAPMUD00       Data Modeler
SECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test Tool
SECR   RSAUDIT0       Audit Information System
SECSTO RSECADMIN      Administration of Secure Memory
SENG   SAPLSF4E       Administration of External Indexes
SEPA   SAPLEPSS       EPS Server: Administration
SEPS   SAPLEPSC       SAP Electronic Parcel Service
SERP   SAPMSERP       Reporting: Change Tree Structure
SESS   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SETB   RFFMSETB       Direct Input for BUSAB
SE01   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer (Extended)
SE03   SAPCTS_TOOLS   Transport Organizer Tools
SE06   RDDINSTR       Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07   RDDSTR01       CTS Status Display
SE09   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer
SE10   RDDM0001       Transport Organizer
SE11   DD_START       ABAP Dictionary
SE12   DD_START       ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE13   SAPMSEDS       Maintain Technical Settings (Tables
SE14   SAPMSGTB       Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE16   SAPLSETB       Data Browser
SE16N  RK_SE16N       General Table Display
SE17   SAPMSTAZ       General Table Display
SE18   BADI_START     Business Add-Ins: Definitions
SE19   BADI_START     Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE21   PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage Builder
SE24   SEO_STARTUP    Class Builder
SE29   SAPMAPAD       Application Packets
SE30   SAPMS38T       ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
SE32   RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE33   SAPMS33C       Context Builder
SE35   SAPMSDIA       ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36   SAPMSLDB       Logical Database Builder
SE37   SAPMS38L       ABAP Function Modules
SE39   RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New)
SE39O  SAPMSEDC       Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE40   SAPMSEUN       MP: Standards Maint. and Translatio
SE41   SAPMSMPE       Menu Painter
SE43   SAPLBMEN       Maintain Area Menu
SE43N  SAPLBMEN       Maintain Area Menu
SE54   SAPMSVIM       Generate table view
SE61   SAPMSDCU       R/3 Documentation
SE61D  RSE61D         Display of SAPScript Text
SE62   SAPMSBR0       Industry Utilities
SE63   SAPMTRAN       Translation: Initial Screen
SE64   SAPMTERM       Terminology
SE71   SAPMSSCF       SAPscript form
SE72   SAPMSSCS       SAPscript Styles
SE73   SAPMSSCO       SAPscript Font Maintenance
SE74   SAPMSSCU       SAPscript format conversion
SE75   SAPMSSCC       SAPscript Settings
SE76   SAPMSSCG       SAPscript: Form Translation
SE77   SAPMSSCG       SAPscript Styles Translation
SE78   SAPMSSCH       Administration of Form Graphics
SE8I   RSINFOLI       Lists in Repository Infosystem
SE80   SAPMSEU0       Object Navigator
SE81   SAPMSEU10      Application Hierarchy
SE82   SAPMSEU9       Application Hierarchy
SE84   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SR/3 Repository Information System
SE85   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information Syste
SE89   SAPMSEUM       Maintain Trees in Information Syste
SE90   RS_INFOSYSTEM_SProcess Model Information System
SE91   RSMESSAGES     Message Maintenance
SE92   RSLGAD01       New SysLog Msg Maintenance as of 46
SE92N  RSLGAD01       Maintain System Log Messages
SE93   SAPLSEUK       Maintain Transaction Codes
SE94   SAPMSCLS       Customer enhancement simulation
SE95   SAPRMOMO       Modification Browser
SE97   TASAUTH        Maint. transaction call authorizatn
SFAC   SAPLBZFC       Field selection maintenance
SFAW   SAPMM00C       Field Selection Maintenance
SFT1   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Public Holidays
SFT2   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Public Holiday Calendar
SFT3   SAPMSFT0       Maintain Factory Calendar
SGOSHI RSSGOSHIRE     Object History
SHDB   SAPMSBDT       Batch Input Transaction Recorder
SHDG   RSHDGF00       Global Fields: Change and Display
SHDI   RSSHDIMG_TREE2 Transaction Variants Image Archive
SHDS   SAPMSHD0       Internal: Save transaction variant
SHD0   SAPMSHD0       Transaction and Screen Variants
SHD1   SAPMSHD0       Internal: Variant transaction call
SHI0   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Node type maint.
SHI1   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Link type maint.
SHI2   SAPLSHI4       Structure buffer: Struc. type maint
SHI3   SAPLSHI6       Structure maintenance
SH01   RSHLP001       Online help: F1 Help server
SH02   RSHLP002       Online help: Link tracing
SH03   RSHLP003       Call extended help
SI_SEL SAPMSIWB_STRUC_KW: Structure Editor Link
SIAC1  SIAC_TREE      Web Object Administration
SIBU   SAPLSATT11     Industry Maintenance
SICF   RSICFTREE      HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance
SICK   RSICC000       Installation Check
SIMGH  SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_IMG Structure Maintenance
SINA   RSSINADM       SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.
SIN1   SAPLSIN1       SAPBPT: Inbox
SI00   MENUSI00       SAP Knowledge Warehouse
SI21   RSIWB21        Migration of extended help
SI22   RSIWB000       Create Command Files
SI23   RSIWB100       Init. screen of cust. maint. interf
SI23_6 IWB_TEMPLATES  Edit templates
SI24   RSIWB101       Initial Screen of IMG (KW)
SI24_1 RSIWB102       Customizing System (KW)
SI24_2 RSIWB103       Customizing Server (KW)
SI24_3 RSIWB104       Customizing Assignments (KW)
SI24_4 RSIWB105       Customizing Export Variants (KW)
SI24_5 RS_IWB_ENTRY_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.)
SI24_6 RS_IWB_EXPORT_AAutomat. Instantiation of Info Obj.
SI24_7 RS_IWB_EXPORT_RSet export_range in iwbsetting
SI24_8 RS_IWB_R3LINK_SSupport R/3 Link Maintenance (Cust)
SI24_9 RSIWB106       Document Management Areas (View)
SI80   RSIWB300       Knowledge Warehouse
SI81   RSIWB600       Management
SI85   RSIWB303       Knowledge Warehouse (General)
SI86   RSIWB601       Management
SI88   RSIWB601       HTML Export
SI89   RSIWB602       Analyze HTML Export Logs
SI90   RSIWB302       Knowledge Warehouse: Training
SKNF   SAPLSQADB04    Maintain Configuration Groups
SKPR07 RSTIRIDX_MONITOMonitoring for KPRO Retrieval
SKPR09 RSIRCCON       Test Content Repositories
SKWA   SKWA_START     Administration Workbench
SKWR01 SKWR_TAXONOMY  Taxonomy Tree Management
SKWR03 SKWR_TRAIN_CLASClassify Documents
SKWS   SKWS_USER_INTERCM: Status Management
SLAT   RSIWA203       Additional Translation Tools
SLDB   SAPMSLDB       Logical Databases (Tree Structure)
SLGN   SAPMSNUM       Applic.log: Number range maintenanc
SLGT   RDDGTSND       Register in Central Object Director
SLG1   SBAL_DISPLAY   Application Log: Display Logs
SLG2   SBAL_DELETE    Application Log: Delete logs
SLIBN  RLB_LIBRARY_EDIMaintain Reuse Library
SLIBP  RLB_PRODUCT_EDIMaintain Reuse Product
SLIN   SAPLSLIN       ABAP: Extended Program Check
SLIS   MENUSLIS       FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.Syste
SLLS   SAPMSLLS       Translation Statistics
SLLT   SAPMSLLT       Translation Performance Statistics
SLPP   SAPMSLW_SLPP   Proposal Pool
SLWA   SAPMSLW_ADMIN  Translation Environment Admin.
SLWB   SAPMSLW_ADMIN_ITranslation Environment Scheduler
SLW3   SAPMSLW_ADMIN_IWorklist Scheduler
SLW4   SAPMSLW_ADMIN  Translation: Application Hierarchy
SL02   SAPMSL02       PAW - Main Menu
SL31   SAPMSL311      PAW - Test-Type Definitions
SL32   SAPMSL32       PAW - Location Definitions
SL60   SLSPAWR1       PAW - Test Results Overview
SL61   SLSPAWT1       PAW - Test Results Transfer  to HR
SL62   SLSPAWL3       PAW - Lookup Definition Tree
SL63   SLSPAWL2       PAW - Location Test-Catalog
SL64   SLSPAWR2       PAW - Statistical Evaluations
SL65   SLSPAWR8       PAW - Export Test Results
SL66   SLSPAWD1       PAW - Download Certification Detail
SL67   SLSPAWD2       PAW - Download Test-Catalog for Loc
SL68   SLSPAWT9       PAW - Test Data Generation
SL69   SLSPAWT2       PAW - Qualification Transfer Log.
SL70   SLSPAWR7       PAW - Person Results Overview
SL71   SLSPAWT8       PAW - Initial Data Generator
SL73   SLSPAWT5       PAW - Batch Qualification Generatio
SL74   SLSPAWT6       PAW - Batch Q.- Generation Protocol
SL75   SLSPAWR9       PAW - Item Results Overview
SL76   SLSPAWR6       PAW - Test Structure Display
SL77   SLSPAWC1       PAW - Show comments for test items
SL79   SAPLSLSM       PAW - Location Profile Maintenance
SL91   SLSPAWV1       PAW - Maintain location profile
SL92   SLSPAWV2       PAW - Maintain test type profil
SL93   SAPMSL932      PAW - Maintain Settings
SL94   SLSPAWV3       PAW - Maintain test IO profile
SL95   SLSPAWV4       PAW - Maintain User Profiles
SL96   SAPMSL96       PAW - Release Control Settings
SL99   SLSPAWV5       PAW - Display authorization profile
SMAP01 SAPLSF30       Maintain Solution Map objects
SMCL   CSL_MON        CSL: Monitor
SMEN   SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree Display
SMET   SMETRICS01     Display frequency of function calls
SMGW   RSMONGWY_ALV   Gateway Monitor
SMLG   SAPMSMLG       Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to Instance
SMLT   SAPTLAN_MANAGEMLanguage Management
SMMS   RSMONMS_ALV    Message Server Monitor
SMOD   SAPMSMOD       SAP Enhancement Management
SMOMO  WAF_MOMO       Mobile Engine
SMQA   RSTRFCMA       tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & data
SMQE   RSQEVTMA       qRFC Administration
SMQG   RSTRFCM7       Distributed QOUT Tables
SMQR   RSQIWKMA       Registration of Inbound Queues
SMQS   RSQOWKMA       Registration of Destinations
SMQ1   RSTRFCM1       qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2   RSTRFCM3       qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQ3   RSTRFCM5       qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)
SMT1   RSRFCSEC       Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.
SMT2   RSRFCSLX       Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.
SMW0   SAPMWWW0       SAP Web Repository
SMX    SAPLBTCH       Display Own Jobs
SM01   SAPMTSTC       Lock Transactions
SM02   SAPMSEM1       System Messages
SM04   RSM04000_ALV   User List
SM12   RSENQRR2       Display and Delete Locks
SM13   SAPMSM13       Administrate Update Records
SM13T  SAPMSM13       Administrate Update Records
SM14   SAPMSM14       Update Program Administration
SM18   RSAUPURG       Reorganize Security Audit Log
SM19   SAPMSM19       Security Audit Configuration
SM20   SAPMSM20       Security Audit Log Assessment
SM20N  SAPMSM20       Analysis of Security Audit Log
SM21   SAPMSM21       Online System Log Analysis
SM28   RSICC000       Installation Check
SM29   SAPMSM29       Model Transfer for Tables
SM30   SAPMSVMA       Call View Maintenance
SM31   SAPMSVMA       Call View Maintenance Like SM30
SM32   SAPMSTBM       Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB
SM33   SAPMSTBM       Display Table Parameter ID TAB
SM34   SAPMSVMA       Viewcluster Maintenance Call
SM35   SAPMSBDC_CC    Batch Input Monitoring
SM35P  RSBDC_PROTOCOL Batch Input: Log Monitoring
SM36   SAPLBTCH       Schedule Background Job
SM37   SAPLBTCH       Overview of job selection
SM37B  SAPLBTCH       Simple version of job selection
SM37C  SAPLBTCH       Flexible version of job selection
SM38   SAPMSQIO       Queue Maintenance Transaction
SM39   SAPBTCPE       Job Analysis
SM49   RSLOGCOM       Execute external OS commands
SM50   RSMON000_ALV   Work Process Overview
SM51   RSM51000_ALV   List of SAP Systems
SM54   RSM54000       TXCOM Maintenance
SM55   RSM55000       THOST Maintenance
SM56   RSM56000       Number Range Buffer
SM58   RSARFCRD       Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM580  RBDSTARTSM58   Transaction for Drag & Relate
SM59   RSRFCRFC       RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM61   SAPLCOBJ       Backgroup control objects monitor
SM61B  SAPLCOBJ       New control object management
SM63   SAPLSOMS       Display/Maintain Operating Mode Set
SM64   SAPLBTCH       Trigger an Event
SM65   SAPLSBPT       Background Processing Analysis Tool
SM66   SAPMSM66       Systemwide Work Process Overview
SM69   RSLOGCOM       Maintain External OS Commands
SNC0   SAPL0SEC       SNC Access Control List: Systems
SNC1   RSUSR300       Generate SNC name for user
SNC2   RSUSR402       Export SNC name of user
SNC3   RSSNC40A       User initial control list 3.1-4.0
SNC4   RSSNCCHK       Check canonical SNC names
SNLS   SAPMSNL1       Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL1   SAPMSNL1       Display NLS (character set; lang.)
SNL2   SAPMSNL1       Set NLS (character set; language...
SNL3   SAPMSNL1       Develop NLS (character set; lang...
SNRO   SAPMSNRO       Number Range Objects
SNUM   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Driver
SOA    MENUSOA        SAP ArchiveLink
SOAACT ACE_SOP_PERIODIActual Calculation of Provisions
SOAD   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: External Addresses
SOAIMG ACE_SOP_IMG    IMG for Stock Option Accounting
SOASIM ACE_SOP_PERIODISimulation of Provisions
SOBJ   SAPMTOBJ       Maintenance Object Attributes
SOBN01 RSUSR002_ADDRESPersonal data
SOBT   SAPMTOBJ       Maintenance Object Attributes
SOCP   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: External Addresses
SODS   RSSODS         SAPoffice: LDAP Browser
SOEX   SAPLSO02       Express Message
SOFF   MENUSOFF       SAPoffice: Area Menu
SOHI   MSGOSHIST      Object History
SOLMAP SAPLSF30       Maintain Solution Maps
SOSB   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Send Order Overview (User)
SOSG   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Send Request Overview (Groups)
SOST   RSSOSOSTSTAT   Overview transmission requests
SOSV   RSSOSOSTSTAT   SAPconnect Send Requests
SOTR   RSSOAPIR       Test transaction for API1 (received
SOYA   RSSOCHOW       SAPoffice: Change folder owner
SOY1   RSSOUSED       SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users
SOY2   RSSOSTAT       SAPoffice: Statistics data collect.
SOY3   RSSOSTVW       SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation
SOY4   RSSOLAZY       SAPoffice: Access overview
SOY5   RSSOINBO       SAPoffice: Inbox overview
SOY6   RSSOPRIV       SAPoffice: Document overview
SOY7   RSSOFOLD       SAPoffice: Folder overview
SOY8   RSSOAPUT       SAPoffice: Mass Archiving
SOY9   RSSOMOVE       SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg.
SO00   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Short Message
SO01   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Inbox
SO01X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Inbox
SO02   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Outbox
SO02X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Outbox
SO03   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO03X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Folders
SO04   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO04X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Folders
SO05   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO05X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Trash
SO06   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Substitution on/off
SO07   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO07X  SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Resubmission
SO10   SAPMSSCE       SAPscript: Standard Texts
SO12   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: User Master
SO13   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Substitute
SO15   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO16   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Profile
SO17   RSSOTRCL       SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash
SO18   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Shared Trash
SO19   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Default Documents
SO20   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Private Default Document
SO21   RSSOPCDR       Maintain PC Work Directory
SO22   RSSODLPC       SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files
SO23   SAPMSSO0       SAPoffice: Distribution Lists
SO28   RSSO0028       Maintain SOGR
SO30   RSSORE00       SAPoffice: Reorg.
SO31   RSSORE02       Reorganization (daily)
SO36   RSSOADM0       Create Automatic Forwarding
SO38   RSSOFALU       SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.
SO40   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL
SO41   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX
SO42   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO43   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_
SO44   RSSOCUFM       SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX
SO50   BCS_IBND_MAINT Rules for inbound distribution
SO52   RSSOUADD       Deletes Address from User Master
SO55   RSSOUSCO       User consistency check
SO60   RSDOCH01       Call R/3 Help Library
SO70   SAPLDSYH       Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SO71   SAPLDSYH       Test plan management
SO72   SAPMSDCU       Maintain Hypertext Module
SO73   SAPLDSYS       Import graphic into SAPfind
SO75   RSDOCH01       Getting Started with the R/3 System
SO80   RSTBOE06       SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Dialog
SO81   RSTGRE13       SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)
SO82   RSTBOE05       SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch
SO85   RSTBOE01       SAPfind: txt_seq_search
SO86   RSTBOE02       SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1
SO90   RSTSHSRV       SAPfind: shell folders service prog
SO91   RSSHSOMI       SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Inf
SO95   RSSHCLAS       Pregenerated Search Queries - Selec
SO99   RSSHRELN       Put Information System
SPAD   SAPMSPAD       Spool Administration
SPAM   SAPMSPAM       Support Package Manager
SPAR   SAPLSDB8       Determine storage parameters
SPAT   SAPMSPAD       Spool Administration (Test)
SPAU   RSUMOD04       Display Modified DE Objects
SPBM   SAPLSPBT       Monitoring parallel background task
SPBT   SAPLSPBT       Test: Parallel background tasks
SPCC   RSPO0043       Spool consistency check
SPDD   RSUMOD02       Display Modified DDIC Objects
SPEC01 SAPMCH01       Specification system: Edit template
SPEC02 SAPMCH01       Specification system: Edit datashee
SPHA   SAPLPHOA       Telephony administration
SPHB   SAPLPHOB       SAPphone: System Administration
SPHD   RSPHSPHD       SAPphone: Own telephone number
SPHS   RSPHSOFT       SAPphone: Interface for Telephone
SPHT   SAPLPHOH       SAPphone Test Environment
SPHW   RSPHITS1       Initiate Call in Web Applications
SPH4   RSPHGCTI       Activ./deactiv. telephony in system
SPIA   SPI_ADM_CU     PMI Administration
SPIC   RSPO1055       Spool installation check
SPID   SPI_PS_SHOW_1  Display Process Repository
SPIM   SPI_CM_MAINTAINProcess Monitoring: Meta Data
SPIO   SPI_PS_SHOW    Process Monitoring Overview
SPIS   SPI_UI_START   Start User Interface for Monitoring
SPOV   SAPMSPAD       Spool Request Overview
SPPFC  START_CUSTOMIZIPPF: Initial Screen in Customizing
SPRM   SAPL0OBJ       Update settings
SPRO   SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_Customizing - Edit Project
SPTP   SAPMSPTP       Text elem. maint. for print formats
SPUMG  SAPLSPUMG      Unicode Pre-Migration
SP00   MENUSP00       Spool and related areas
SP01   RSPOSP01NR     Output Controller
SP01O  RSPOSP01       Spool Controller
SP02   RSPOSP01NR     Display Spool Requests
SP02O  RSPOSP01       Display Output Requests
SP03   RSPO0048       Spool: Load Formats
SP1T   RSPOSP01       Output Control (Test)
SP11   RSTS0012       TemSe directory
SP12   RSTS0010       TemSe Administration
SQCIT  SAPLSQADB08    Maintain CI Templates
SQLR   SQLR0001       SQL Trace Interpreter
SQVI   SAPMS38R       QuickViewer
SQ00   SAPMS38R       SAP Query: Start queries
SQ01   SAPMS38R       SAP Query: Maintain queries
SQ02   SAPMS38O       SAP Query: Maintain InfoSet
SQ03   SAPMS38S       SAP Query: Maintain user groups
SQ07   SAPMS38P       SAP Query: Language comparison
SQ09   SAPMS38U       SAP Query: Maintain additional func
SQ10   RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINSAP Query: Role Administration
SQ11   RSAQ_WEBRELEASESAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)
SRCN   RSRPCNTR       Delete Country-Specific Reports
SRET   RKKBRPTR       Report Selection
SRET06 RSRET_INDEX_MONDummy Transaction
SRET07 RSRET_INDEX_MONMonitoring for Indexing: Non-KPRO
SREV   START_REVIEW_TOReview Authoring Environment
SRIP   RSRETIP01      Import of Training Indexes
SRMD   SAPLROUTING_MODLocal Routing&Mapping Configuration
SRMO   SAPMSRAD       SAP Retrieval - Monitor
SRMO1  RSRET_IMS_MONITCall of IMS Monitoring
SRN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRCITY
SRN2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRSTREET
SRN3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCOD
SROLE  SMUM_EXPORT_ROLExport User Roles to XML doc.
SRSE   SAPMSRAD       Test Search for the IMS
SRTM   SAPRTMMASTER   Run Time Monitor Initial Screen
SRTV   SRTV_CUST1     Text Retrieval: Customizing
SR10   SAPLSZRC       Create City
SR11   SAPLSZRC       Change city
SR12   SAPLSZRC       Display city
SR13   RSIWR_HELP_DISPArea-Dependent Help
SR20   SAPLSZRT       Create street
SR21   SAPLSZRT       Change street
SR22   SAPLSZRT       Display street
SR30   SAPLSZRP       Create postal code
SR31   SAPLSZRP       Change postal code
SR32   SAPLSZRP       Display postal code
SSAA   SAPMSRR1       System Administration Assistant
SSC    RSSC0000       SAP R/3 appointment diary (internal
SSCA   SAPMSSCA       Appointment Calendar: Administratio
SSCA1  RSSCADMUSRCONSTAppointment calendar: Administratio
SSCV   RSSC5000       Appoint. diary: VisualBasic fronten
SSC0   RSSC0000       SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC0X  RSSC0000X      SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)
SSC1   RSSC1000       SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSC1X  RSSC1000X      SAP R/3 (own) Appointment Calendar
SSFI   SAPLSSFI       IAC: Test: Browser Digital Signatur
SSM1   SMTR_NAVIGATIONTransaction is Old
SSM2   SAPLSMNU       Set Initial Area Menu
SSO2   SSO2ADM        Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.
SSPC   RSSPECCA       SAP DEFAULT Specifications
SST0   RSPROJEVALUATIOProject Analysis in Customizing
SST7   SAPMSST1       Complex Analysis
SSUC   BCGRSUCO       Structure graphic: copy settings
SSUD   BCGRSUDO       Structure graphic: delete settings
SSUO   MENUSSUO       Structure Graphic: Central Settings
STAD   RSSTAT26       Statistics display for all systems
STAT   RSSTAT21       Local Transaction Statistics
STCUP  RSTCX_UPG      Table control variants upgrade
STDA   SAPLSDEB       Debugger display/control (server)
STDC   SAPLSDEB       Debugger output/control
STDR   SAPMSCKT       Object Directory Consistency Check
STDU   SAPLSDEB       Debugger display/control (user)
STEP10 SAPMSTP001     Export STEP Data
STEP20 SAPMSTP002     Import STEP Data
STERM  TERMINOLOGY_MAISAPterm Terminology Maintenance
STFB   SAPMSTFB       CATT function module test
STFO   RSEWO810       Plan Service Connection
STI1   RFTBST11       Change Documents Payment Details
STI2   RFTBST12       Change Docs Correspondence
STI3   RFTBST13       Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.
STMA   SAPMSTMA       Proposal Pool Administration
STMP   RSTRMTR1       Proposal Pool: Selection
STMS   SAPLTMSU       Transport Management System
STP4   RSDBP004       Select DB activities
STTO   MENUSTTO       Test Organization
STUN   MENUSTUN       Menu Performance Monitor
STVARV SAPMS38V       Selection variable maint. (TVARV)
STWB_1 SAPLS_TWB_H    Test Catalog Management
STWB_2 SAPLS_TWB_H    Test Plan Management
STZCH  TZONECHECK     Time zones: Consistency checks
ST01   RSTRAC25       System Trace
ST02   RSTUNE50       Setups/Tune Buffers
ST03   SAPWL_ST03N    Performance;SAP Statistics; Workloa
ST03G  SAPWL_ST03G    Global Workload Statistics
ST03N  SAPWL_ST03N    R/3 Workload and Perf. Statistics
ST04   RSDB0004       DB Performance Monitor
ST04N  RSDB004N       Database Performance Monitor
ST05   SAPLSSQ0       Performance trace
ST06   RSHOST05       Operating System Monitor
ST07   SAPMS07A       Application monitor
ST10   SAPMST10       Table Call Statistics
ST11   RSTR0006       Display Developer Traces
ST12   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRSingle transaction analysis
ST13   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRAnalysis&Monitoring tool collection
ST14   /SSF/CALL_TA_PRApplication Analysis
ST20   RS_DYNPRO_TRACEScreen Trace
ST22   RSSHOWRABAX    ABAP dump analysis
ST30   SAPLPERF_TRA_DIGlobal  Perf. Analysis: Execute
ST33   DISPLAY_GPA_DATGlob. Perf. Analysis: Display Data
ST34   MAINTAIN_PROT_IGlob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDs
ST35   MAINTAIN_CATT_PGlob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTs
ST36   SAPLPERF_TRA_DEGlob. Perf. Analysis: Delete Data
ST37   MAINTAIN_AMASCHGlob. Perf. Analysis: Eval. Schema
ST4A   RSDB0245       Database: Shared cursor cache (ST04
ST62   SAPMSBRA       Create Industry Short Texts
SUB%   SAPMSSYS       Internal call: Submit via commnd fl
SUCH   RSUCHSTA       Translatability CHECKs
SUCOMP SAPMSCOMP      User company address maintenance
SUGR   SAPMSUUG       Maintain User Groups
SUGRD  SAPMSUUGD      Display user groups
SUIM   RSUSRSUIM      User Information System
SUMG   SAPLSUMG       Unicode Migration Tool
SUPC   SAPPROFC_NEW   Role Profiles
SUPN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: PROF_VARIS
SURAD  SAPSURVEYADMIN Survey Administration
SURQC  SUR_LIST_OF_ELESurvey: Question catalog
SURST  SUR_CREATE_STRUSurvey: build questionnaire struct.
SUUM   SAPMSUM        Global User Manager
SUUMD  SAPMSUMD       Display User Administration
SU01   SAPMSUU0       User Maintenance
SU01D  SAPMSUU0D      User Display
SU02   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorization Profiles
SU03   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorizations
SU05   SAPMS05W       Maintain Internet Users
SU10   SAPMSUU0M      User Mass Maintenance
SU20   SAPMSU20       Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21   SAPMS01E       Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22   SAPMS920       Auth. Object Usage in Transactions
SU24   SAPMS921       Auth. Obj. Check Under Transactions
SU25   SAPLPRGN       Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU26   SAPLPRGN       Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator
SU3    SAPMSUU0O      Maintain Users Own Data
SU53   SAPMS01G       Evaluate Authorization Check
SU56   SAPMS01U       Analyze User Buffer
SU84   RUSH04RD       Read Archived User Change Documents
SU85   RUSH02RD       Read Archived Password Change Doc.
SU86   RUSH10RD       Read Profile Change Documents
SU87   RUSH12RD       Read Authorization Change Documents
SVGM   RSVGMODL       SAP R/3 Procedure Model
SVGS   RSVGMOD2       View for activity in Procedure Mode
SWB3   SAPLSWB3       Maintain Start Conditions
SWB4   SAPLSWB3       Display Start Conditions
SWDA   RSWDSTRTA      Alphanumeric Workflow Builder
SWDB   RSWDBUILD      Create workflow
SWDD   RSWDSTRT       Workflow Builder
SWDI   RSWDSTRTC      Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWDM   RSWDEXP1       Business Workflow Explorer
SWDN   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDID
SWDP   RSWDPROTOCOL   Show Graphical Workflow Log
SWDS   RSWDSTRTS      Workflow Builder (Selection)
SWEAD  RSWEQADMIN     Event Queue Administration
SWEL   RSWFEVTLOG     Display Event Trace
SWELS  RSWELSWITCH    Switch Event Trace On/Off
SWEM   RSWELCFG2      Configure Event Trace
SWE3   RSWEINST       Display Instance Linkages
SWE4   RSWELOGA       Status Change Event Trace
SWE5   RSWECONSCOUP   Checks for Event Linkages
SWFC   RSWF_CST_AUTOCUAutomatic Workflow Customizing
SWF3   RSWFWIZ4       Workflow Wizard Explorer
SWF4   RSWFWIZ5       Workflow Wizard Repository
SWIA   RSWIWILS       WI Administration Report
SWI1   RSWIWILS       Selection report for workflows
SWI11  RSWIUSAG_NEW   Where-Used List for Tasks
SWI13  RSWIEXEC       Task Profile
SWI14  SAPLSWI2       Workflows for Object Type
SWI3   RSWIOUTB       Workflow Outbox
SWI30  RSWIENABLEEXE  Unlock Workflows
SWI5   RSWILOAD       Workload Analysis
SWI6   SAPLSWI2       Workflows for Object
SWJ1   RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Browser for Planning Conditions
SWLC   RHWFOTSK       Check Tasks for Agents
SWLD   MENUSWLD       Workbench for Workflow 4.0
SWLP   RHWFCOPL       Copy a Plan Version
SWO1   SAPLSWOO       Business Object Builder
SWO3   SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Builder
SWO4   SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object Repository
SWPA   SAPLSWPA       Runtime System Customizing
SWPC   RSWP_CONTINUE_WWFM: Continue Workflow
SWRK   WB_INACTIVE_OBJAdministrtation using work areas
SWRP   SAPMSWRP       Dummy for IAC Workflow Status
SWT0   RSWTTR03       Configure workflow trace
SWUA   RSWUDI09       Start Verification Workflow
SWUC   RSWUCU01       Customizing decision task
SWUD   RSWUDI00       Workflow Diagnosis
SWUE   SAPLSWUS       Trigger an event
SWUG   SAPLSWU5       Generate Workflow Start Transaction
SWUR   RSWUSETT       Send mails for work items
SWUS   SAPLSWUS       Test Workflow
SWUT   SAPLSWU7       Namespace for Form Transactions
SWUU   RSWUSFDG       SAPforms: Diagnosis
SWUV   RSWUWFML       Send R3F Messages Once
SWUW   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIID
SWUX   MENUSWUX       SAPforms Administration
SWUY   RSWUMMES       Workflow-Message Linkage
SWU0   RSWUESIM       Simulate event
SWU1   RSWUDI08       User RFC Monitor
SWU10  RSWTTR02       Delete Workflow Trace Files
SWU2   RSWUDI07       Workflow RFC Monitor
SWU4   RSWUDI02       Consistency Test for Standard Task
SWU5   RSWUDI03       Consistency Test for Customer Task
SWU6   RSWUDI04       Consistency Test for Workflow Task
SWU7   RSWUDI05       Consistency Test for Workflow Templ
SWU8   RSWTTR04       Workflow Trace: On/Off
SWU9   RSWTTR06       Display Workflow Trace
SWWA   RSWWDHIN       Maintain WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWB   RSWWDHEX_INSERTSchedule WI Deadline Monitoring
SWWD   RSWWERIN       Maintain Work Item Error Monitoring
SWWH   RSWWHIDE       WIM: Delete Work Item History
SWWL   RSWWWIDE       WIM: Delete Work Item
SWXF   SWXFORMS       DEMO: Create Notification of Absenc
SWXFTB SWXFORMS_TB    DEMO: Notif. of Absence Toolbox
SWXML  RSWXML_FIND    XML Document Selection
SXDA   DXADMIN        Data Transfer Workbench
SXDB   DXADMIN        Data Transfer Workbench
SYNT   SAPMSYNT       Display Syntax Trace Output
S00    RSSOSO00       Short Message
S000   MENUS000       System Menu
S001   MENUS001
S002   MENUS002       Menu Administration
T_I2   RV15F001       Reorganize condition indexes
T_LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
T_LB   SAPMV14A       Change pricing report
T_LC   SAPMV14A       Display pricing report
T_LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing report
T_03   SAPMV12A Create (shipment costs)
T_04   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (shipment costs)
T_05   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (shipment costs)
T_09   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index
TACD   RFTBTRA2       Trader: Change Documents
TAC1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTA_GSART
TAC2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTA_KLAMM
TAC3   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FTR_REFNR
TAC4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FTA_MAID
TB.5   SAPF109        FC valuation of hedged documents
TBB1   RFTBBB00       Execute postings
TBB2   RFTBBS00       Reverse postings
TBB3   RFTBBS01       Flag Flows as Reversed
TBB4   RFTBAB00       Accrual/deferral
TBB5   RFTBAB01       Reverse accrual/deferral
TBB6   RFTBBE00       Realized Gains/Losses
TBB7   RFTBBE01       Run Key Date Valuation
TBB8   RFTBBE02       Reverse Key Date Valuation
TBCD   RFTBCD00       Treasury: Change Docs Transactions
TBCK   RFTBBP00       Check account determination
TBCS   RFTX70SO       Automatic fixing processing
TBCX   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: Forex
TBCY   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: MM
TBCZ   RFTBBC00       Maintain Acct Determination: DE
TBC1   SAPMS38E       Datafeed: Define variants
TBDA   RFTBDF14       Datafeed: Real-Time Initialization
TBDB   RFTBDF10       Datafeed: Read archives
TBDC   RFTBDF15       Datafeed: Real-Time monitor
TBDJ   RFTBDF04       Datafeed: Historical Market Data
TBDK   RFTBDF01       Datafeed: Code Conversion Program
TBDM   RFTBFF00       Market Data File Interface INPUT
TBDN   RFTBFF01       Market Data File Interface - OUTPUT
TBDO   RFTBFF03       Market Data File: Code Conversion
TBD1   RFTBDF03       Datafeed: Table structure VTB_DFCU
TBD2   RFTBDF05       Datafeed: Datafeed Customizing
TBD3   RFTBDF00       Datafeed: Market data administratio
TBD4   RFTBDF07       Datafeed: Updated market data
TBD5   RFTBDF06       Datafeed: Import market data file
TBD6   RFTBDF02       Datafeed: Log file administration
TBD7   RFTBDF08       Datafeed: Check Customizing
TBEX   RFTBDF_OLE     Spreadsheet for Market Data
TBIR   RFTBLMR2       Mass Release of Interim Limits
TBI1   RFTBST01       Standg instrns Maintain pmnt detail
TBI1D  RFTBST01       Display SI Payment Details
TBI2   RFTBST02       Standing instns Alloc. pmnt details
TBI3   RFTBST03       Standg instr. Disply alloc.pmnt.det
TBI5   RFTBST01       Maintain Correspondence SI
TBI5D  RFTBST01       Display SI Correspondence
TBI6   RFTBST01       Authorization - maintain SI
TBI6D  RFTBST01       Authorization - display SI
TBI7   RFTBST01       SI Maintain Derived Flows
TBI7D  RFTBST01       Display SI Derived Flows
TBI8   RFTBSTR1       Standing Instructions: Evaluations
TBLB   RFTBLE02       Limit Utilization: Overview
TBLC   RFTBLPA2       Lock/Unlock Limits
TBLC01 RFTBLC01       Check of Determination Procedure
TBLD   RFTBLPA2       Lock/Unlock Countries
TBLE   RFTBLENQ       Limit Management: Lock Entries
TBLM   RFTBLE03       Flow List
TBLR   RFTBLMR1       Release Limits
TBLT01 RFTBLT01       Limit: Generate Table for Lim. Type
TBLT02 RFTBLT02       Limit: Move Data to Generated Table
TBLT03 RFTBLT03       Limit: Delete Generated Table
TBLT04 RFTBLT04       Limit: Reorganiz. of Analysis Char.
TBLT05 RFTBLT05       Limit: Check Analysis Characterist.
TBLT06 RFTBLT06       Check/Correct Consist. of Gen.Table
TBLW1  RFTBLRSM       Review: Send
TBLW2  RFTBLCHR       Review: Change Review Recipient
TBL1   RFTBLV01       Limits: Change/Display
TBL10  RFTBLD03       Treasury: Delete Limits
TBL2   RFTBLR02       Limits: Change Documents
TBL3   RFTBLL01       Limits: Overview
TBL4   RFTBLE01       Limit Utilization: Overview
TBL6   RFTBLD01       Limit Utilization: Delete
TBL7   RFTBLD02       Limit Type: Delete Data
TBL8   RFTBREOP       Reorganize STC Logs
TBL9   RFTBLP01       Display STC Logs
TBMN   MENUTBMN       Currency Hedges
TBM1   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Create Mast.Agreement
TBM2   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Chg. Mast. Agreement
TBM3   RFTBMA00       Treasury: Displ. Mast. Agreement
TBM4   RFTBMA01       Treasury: Master Agreement Changes
TBM5   SAPMF70Z       Treasury: Assign Mast. Agreement
TBM6   RFTBMA02       Treasury: Vol. Check for Master Agr
TBRL   RFTBCM20       Treasury: Coll. proc. references
TBR0   RFTBBB01       Posting journal
TBR1   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Create netting
TBR2   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Change netting
TBR3   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Display netting
TBR4   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Reverse netting
TBR5   RFTBCM10       Treasury: Netting proposal list
TBR6   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Create reference
TBR7   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Change reference
TBR8   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Display reference
TBR9   RFTBCM00       Treasury: Reverse Reference
TBT1   RFTBTRA1       Transaction Authorizat. for Traders
TBT1D  RFTBTRA1       Display Trans. Auth. for Traders
TBX2   RFTBCO_TRANS_SEConversion of SEC Corresp. Customiz
TBZ1   RFTBCO00       Output Correspondence
TBZ11  RFTBCO20_MONITOCorrespondence Monitor
TBZ12  RFTBCO_CHECK02 Overview of Reset Counterconfirmatn
TBZ13  RFTBCO32       Printer Override Function
TBZ14  RFTBCO_IDOC02  Exception Processing IDoc (Inbound)
TBZ15  RFTBCO_IDOC01  Status Monitor - IDoc Confirmations
TBZ2   RFTBCI01       Incoming Confirmations Forex
TBZ3   RFTBCI01       Money Market: Incoming Confirmation
TBZ4   RFTBCI01       Incoming Confirmations Forex Option
TBZ5   RFTBCO10       List of Days Overdue Counterconf.
TBZ6   RFTXI300       Match Incoming SWIFT Confirmation
TBZ7   RFTBCO_DEL     Delete corr. planned records
TBZ8   RFTBCO20       Correspondence - Overview
TB01   SAPMF70D       Create forex hedge
TB02   SAPMF70D       Change forex hedge
TB03   SAPMF70D       Display forex hedge
TB04   SAPMF70D       Delete forex hedge
TB10   RFTBSI00       Process hedge requests
TB11   SAPMF70D       Create Object Hedge
TB12   SAPMF70D       Change object hedge
TB13   SAPMF70D       Display object hedge
TB14   SAPMF70D       Reverse object hedge
TB18   RFTBSI18       Hedged underlyings
TB19   RFTBSI10       Forex Hedges - Collective Processin
TB20   RFTBSI20       Unallocated forex transactions
TB21   RFTBSI25       Allocated forex transactions
TB30   RFTBSI30       List of open items FI
TB35   RFTBSI35       Reconciliation of cleared items
TB60   RFTBSI60       List of processed hedge requests
TCMK   MENUTCMK       Funds Management
TCMN   MENUTCMN       Funds Management
TCO    SAPLDSYS       Start a TR in Parameter TCX
TCOM   FTR_COMPBID00  Evaluate offers
TC02   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: FTI_UGSART
TDMN   MENUTDMN       Cash management
TER1   FS000100       SAPterm: Changing Status of Terms
TFMN   MENUTFMN       Cash Flow
TF00   RFTR_COLL_PROC_Coll. Processing for Repos/Forwards
TF01   RFTB_FORWARD_01Create Forward Contract
TF02   RFTB_FORWARD_01Change Forward Contract
TF03   RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TF04   RFTB_FORWARD_01Settle Forward Contract
TF05   RFTB_FORWARD_01Forward Contract Due Date
TF06   RFTB_FORWARD_01Reverse Forward Contract
TF08   RFTB_FORWARD_01History
TF10   RFTB_FORWARD_01Display Forward Contract
TGANL  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Create Separation Allowance
TGANZ  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Display Separation Allowance Event
TGMOD  SAPMP56PS_TRG  Change Separation Allowance
TGPER  SAPMP56T       Edit Separation Allowance
THIPAA SAPMPHIPAA1    For checking past certificates
THMEX  RTHMEX_FRONTENDHedge Management: Application
THMMM  RTHMEX_INTF_MM2Exposure Upload from Money Market
THMRO  RTHM_UPDATE_EX_Exposure Upload From External Sourc
THMR1  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dedesignation
THMR2  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse single HR dissolve
THMST  RTHMHR_HR_STATUHedging Relationship Status Overvie
THM10  RTHMHR_EXPOSUREExposure Expiration
THM11  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Exposure Expiration
THM12  RTHMHR_PLANNER_Hedge Plan Expiration
THM14  RTHMHR_HR_SETTLHedging Relationship Dedesignation
THM15  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse HR dedesignations
THM30  RTHMHR_NPV_ON_IDefine NPVs on Inception Date
THM35  RTHM_ADJUST_INTAdjustment of the interest rates
THM50  RTHMHR_PROSP_ASProspective Effectiveness Assessmen
THM51  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Prospective Eff. Ass.
THM52  RTHMHR_DISSOLVERetrospective  Assessment
THM53  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse Retrospective Eff. Ass.
THM54  RTHMHR_MANUAL_OManual OCI Reclassification
THM55  RTHMHR_MANUAL_OReverse Manual OCI Reclassification
THM56  RTHMHR_POST_FAIFair value changes to be posted
THM57  RTHMHR_REVERSE_Reverse FV Changes to be Posted
THM80  RTHMHR_EFFECTIVEffectiveness test
THM81  RTPM_DTIL_OCI_POCI per hedging relationship
THM82  RTHMHR_OVERVIEWHedge plan overview
THM83  RTHMHR_HRPER_DEHedging Relationships per Derivativ
THM84  RTHMHR_EXCEPTIOPrematurely Reclassified OCI
THM85  RTHMHR_CHANGE_DChange documents for Hedge Managemn
TI-3   SAPMF73F       Display Currency Option
TIC1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: FTI_OPTFU
TIDX1  SAPLFVW8       Simulate Price Index
TI00   RFTR_COLL_PROC_Collective Processing for Futures
TI10   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXCreate Interest Rate Adjustment
TI11   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXChange Interest Rate Adjustment
TI12   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXDisplay Interest Rate Adjustment
TI35   RFTIJL02       Collect.Processing: Listed Options
TI37   TRIA_MANUAL_FIXReverse Interest Rate Adjustment
TI4A   SAPMF73F       Forex Fast Entry
TI4B   SAPMF73F       Currency Option Entry - Spread
TI40   SAPMF73F       Currency Option Fast Entry
TI49   SAPMF73F       Change Currency Option
TI5AN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Create Transaction
TI5BN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Change Transaction
TI5CN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display Transactio
TI5DN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Execute Order
TI5EN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Order Expiration
TI5FN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Settle Contract
TI5GN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Reverse
TI5HN  RFTB_FUTURES_01Options/Futures: Display History
TI5W   RFTBOF02       Display Option Master
TI5X   RFTBOF02       Create Option Master
TI5Y   RFTBOF02       Change Option Master
TI55   RFTBOF01       Create Future Master Record
TI56   RFTBOF01       Chg.Futures Master
TI57   RFTBOF01       Displ.Futures Master
TI7A   SAPMF70M       Order Expiration
TI7B   SAPMF70M       Display Interest Settlements
TI70   SAPMF70M       Create Order
TI71   SAPMF70M       Create OTC Option
TI72   SAPMF70M       Change Transaction
TI73   SAPMF70M       Display Transaction
TI74   SAPMF70M       Reverse Contract
TI75   SAPMF70M       Settle Contract
TI76   SAPMF70M       OTC Transaction: History
TI77   SAPMF70M       Terminate Transaction
TI78   SAPMF70M       Execute Own Offer
TI79   SAPMF70M       Settle Termination
TI8A   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Reverse Activity
TI8B   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Order Expiry
TI8C   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Display Activity
TI8D   SAPMF73E       Terminate OTC Option
TI8E   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Termination
TI8F   SAPMF73E       OTC Option Knock-In
TI8G   SAPMF73E       OTC Option Knock-Out
TI8H   SAPMF73E       Settle OTC Knock-Out Option
TI8I   SAPMF73E       Settle OTC Knock-In Option
TI80   SAPMF73E       Create OTC Option
TI81   SAPMF73E       Change OTC Option
TI82   SAPMF73E       OTC option: Display
TI83   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Create Contract
TI84   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Execute Offer
TI85   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Contract
TI86   SAPMF73E       Exercise OTC Option
TI87   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Exercise
TI88   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Expired
TI89   SAPMF73E       OTC Option: Settle Expiration
TI90   RFTBBF01_VERSIOPosting Release
TI91   RFTBJL02       Collective Processing OTC Options
TI92   RFTBJL03       Collect.Processing-Int.Rate Instrum
TI93   RFTBBF01_VERSIOManual Posting Block
TI94   RFTBJL04       Collective Monitoring of Options
TJ01   RFTBJL00       Journal of transactions
TJ02   RFTBJL02       Collective editing of options
TJ04   RFTBFL02       Payment Plan
TJ05   TRIA_AUTO_FIXINAutomatic Interest Rate Adjustment
TJ06   RFTBFL03       Option Expiration
TJ07   TRIA_ADJUSTMENTInterest Rate Adjustment Schedule
TJ08   RFTR_RELEASE_WRTransaction Release: Work Item List
TJ09   TRIA_AUTO_FIXINUpdate Planned Records
TJ10   RFTBJL10       Summary Journal Fin. Transctions
TJ11   RFTBTIS2       Display Single Transaction
TJ12   RFTBCF00       Journal: Transactions w. Cash Flows
TKCS   SAPMKCIS       Start transaction sender programs
TK11   SAPMV13A       Create condition (shipment costs)
TK12   SAPMV13A       Change condition (shipment costs)
TK13   SAPMV13A       Display condition (shipment costs)
TK14   SAPMV13A       Create condition with ref.
TLD1   SAPMKCEE       Execute data mining report
TLD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report
TLD3   SAPMKCEE       Change Data Mining Report
TLD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report
TLD5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form
TLD6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form
TLD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
TLD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining
TLL1   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Create Limit Transfer
TLL2   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Change Limit Transfer
TLL3   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit: Display Limit Transfer
TLL4   RFTBLL_CDOC    Limit Transfer: Change Documents
TLL5   RFTBLL_MASS    Limit Transfer: Collective Process.
TLMA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TLMB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
TLMC   SAPMKCIC       Limit Management: Manage Comments
TLMD   RKDREPDV       Split Report
TLMG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKELimit Management: Character. Groups
TLMH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
TLMJ   RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TLMK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures
TLMM   SAPMKCB9       Limit Mgmt: Drilldown Test Monitor
TLMO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports
TLMP   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms
TLMQ   RKCOBTR3       Import Reports from Client 000
TLMR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000
TLMS   RKDSTRUC       Display Structure
TLMT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
TLMU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
TLMV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
TLMW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Crcy Translation Type TLM
TLMX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TLMY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data
TLMZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
TLM0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
TLM1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TLM2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
TLM3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
TLM4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
TLM5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
TLM6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
TLM7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present
TLM8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat
TLR1   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Create Reservation
TLR2   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Change Reservation
TLR3   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Display Reservation
TLR4   RFTBLRE1       Reservations: Mass Processing
TLR5   RFTBLRE2       Reservations: Change Documents
TLR6   RFTBLRE3       Reservations: Reorganization
TLR7   RFTBLRS0       Limit: Copy Reservation
TLTA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TL3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names
TL3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Group
TL3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
TL3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Groups
TL3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Groups
TM_51  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNCreate Interest Rate Instrument
TM_52  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNChange Interest Rate Instrument
TM_53  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNDisplay Interest Rate Instrument
TM_54  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNSettle Interest Rate Instrument
TM_55  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNReverse Interest Rate Instrument
TM_59  RFTR_IRATE_LAUNHistory of Interest Rate Instrument
TM_60  RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Key Date Evaluation
TM_60A RFTR_FC_REP_LAUFacility: Charges Overview
TM_61  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHECreate Facility
TM_62  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEChange Facility
TM_63  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEDisplay Facility
TM_64  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHESettle Facility
TM_65  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEReverse Facility
TM_69  RFTR_FC_LAUNCHEHistory of Facility
TMA5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics
TMA6   RJBRKFIG       Edit Value Fields
TMBA   SAPMF69N       BAV Information
TMBU   SAPMF69N       BAV Transfers
TMB1   RFVZBAV0       Premium reserve fund lists
TMB2   RFVZBAV0       Statements
TMCA   FTR_FX_COMPBID Create fixed-term deposit offer
TMCB   FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute fixed-term deposit offer
TMCC   FTR_FX_COMPBID Display fixed-term deposit offer
TMEZ   RFTMEZ00       Money Market: Effective Int. Calc.
TMFM   RFTMFIMA       Money Market: Generate Cash Flow
TMMN   MENUTMMN       Money Market
TMR0   RFTMBL00       Money Market: Position list
TMR1   RFTMBL01       Money Market: Flexible Position Lis
TMSA   FTR_SIMU00     Create fixed-term deposit simulatio
TMSB   FTR_SIMU00     Change/execute fixed-term dep.simul
TMSC   FTR_SIMU00     Display fixed-term deposit simulatn
TMSD   FTR_SIMU00     Delete fixed-term deposit simulatio
TM0F   SAPLTM00       Fxd Term Dep. Fast Entry
TM00   RFTMWRK1       Money Market: Collective processing
TM01   SAPLTM00       Create Fixed-Term Deposit
TM02   SAPLTM00       Change Fixed-Term Deposit
TM03   SAPLTM00       Display Fixed-Term Deposit
TM04   SAPLTM00       Roll Over Fixed-Term Deposit
TM06   SAPLTM00       Settle Fixed-Term Deposit
TM07   SAPLTM00       Reverse Fixed-Term Deposit
TM09   SAPLTM00       Fixed-Term Deposit History
TM1F   SAPLTM00       Deposit at Notice Fast Entry
TM11   SAPLTM00       Create Deposit at Notice
TM12   SAPLTM00       Change Deposit at Notice
TM13   SAPLTM00       Display Deposit at Notice
TM14   SAPLTM00       Roll Over Deposit at Notice
TM15   SAPLTM00       Give Notice on Deposit at Notice
TM16   SAPLTM00       Settle Deposit at Notice
TM17   SAPLTM00       Reverse Deposit at Notice
TM19   SAPLTM00       Deposit at Notice History
TM20   RFTMSB00       Money Market: Collective Processing
TM21   RFTMKGF0       Deposit at Notice Cash Flow Update
TM22   SAPMF740       Check Dates against Calendar
TM3F   SAPLTM00       Commercial Paper Fast Entry
TM30   SAPMF740       Commercial Paper: NPV Calculator
TM31   SAPLTM00       Create Commercial Paper
TM32   SAPLTM00       Change Commercial Paper
TM33   SAPLTM00       Display Commercial Paper
TM35   SAPLTM00       Give Notice on Commercial Paper
TM36   SAPLTM00       Settle Commercial Paper
TM37   SAPLTM00       Reverse Commercial Paper
TM39   SAPLTM00       Commercial Paper History
TM41   SAPLTM00       Create Cash Flow Transaction
TM42   SAPLTM00       Change Cash Flow Transaction
TM43   SAPLTM00       Display Cash Flow Transaction
TM46   SAPLTM00       Cancel Cash Flow Transaction
TM47   SAPLTM00       Reverse Cash Flow Transaction
TM49   SAPLTM00       Cash Flow Transaction History
TO01   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Create OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO02   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Change OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO03   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Display OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO04   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Settle OTC Interest Rate Instrument
TO05   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Reverse OTC Interest Rate Instrumen
TO06   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Give Notice on OTC Int. Rate Instr.
TO07   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  OTC Int. Rate Inst.: Display Histor
TO08   RFTR_TB4E_OTC  Execute OTC Int.Rate Instr. Order
TP_LOG RFTP_GDS_LOG   Log: Calls of GDS Functions
TPCP   RFTP_CUST_COPY Travel Planning Customizing
TPCT   RPRMENU1       Current settings
TPED   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data (ESS)
TPES   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data (ESS)
TPLOG  TPLOG          Short cut for TPLOG
TPMD   SAPMP50A       Maintain HR Master Data
TPMM   SAPMP50A       Personnel Actions
TPMS   SAPMP50A       Display HR Master Data
TPM1   RTPM_TRL_VALUATExecute Valuation
TPM10  RTPM_SLD_ASYNC_Fix. post or reverse transactions
TPM11  RTPM_TRAC_QUEUEPost Reversal/Recalculation
TPM12  RTPM_TRL_SHOW_PTreasury Ledger: Position List
TPM13  RTPM_TRL_SHOW_FTreasury Ledger: Flow List
TPM14  RTPMC_TRL_VCL_TUpdate Types - Valn Class Transfer
TPM15  RTPM_VALUATION_Valuation Class Transfer
TPM16  RTPM_REVERSE_VAReversal Valuation Class Transfer
TPM18  RTPM_TRL_TRANS_Fix/Post Derived Business Transact.
TPM19  RTPM_TRL_CHANGEStatus Change TRL Bus. Transactions
TPM2   RTPM_TRL_VALUATReverse Valuation
TPM20  RTPM_TRAC_POSTIPosting Journal
TPM21  RTPM_NOMINAL_COCreate Nominal Adjustment
TPM22  RTPM_NOMINAL_CODisplay Nominal Adjustment
TPM23  RTPM_NOMINAL_COReverse Nominal Adjustment
TPM24  RTPM_TRF_RECALCUpdate Margin Flows
TPM25  RTPM_TRF_POST_MPost Margin Flows
TPM26  RTPM_TRQ_SHOW_PDisplay quantity ledger positions
TPM27  RTPM_TRL_DERIVEGenerate Derived Flows
TPM28  RTPM_TRAT_TRANSTransfer Acct Assignment Reference
TPM29  RTPM_TRAT_TRANSReverse Acct Assignm. Ref. Transfer
TPM3   RTPM_TRAC_LIST_Account Asst Reference Allocations
TPM33  RTPM_TRAC_DFTACAccount Determination Overview
TPM35  RTPM_TRF_MANUALManual posting
TPM4   RTPM_POSITION_AFutures Account
TPM41  TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Sec. Account Position List
TPM42  TRS_QUANTITY_4_Display Class List
TPM43  TRS_DISPLAY_POSProcess Restraints On Drawing
TPM44  RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEFin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferra
TPM45  RTPM_ACCRUAL_DEReverse Accrual/Deferral of Income
TPM5   RTPM_CLASS_POSICreate Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM50  RTPM_TRL_POSITIChange Position Mgmt Procedure
TPM51  RTPM_TRL_PERIODPeriodic TRL Reporting
TPM53  RTPM_TRL_CREATECreate Totals Records
TPM54  RTPM_TRL_DELETEDelete Totals Records
TPM55A RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Securities)
TPM55B RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Position ID (Loans)
TPM55D RTPM_PIN_CREATEGenerate Pos.ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM56A RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Securities)
TPM56B RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Position ID (Loans)
TPM56C RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange PositionID (OTC Transactions
TPM56D RTPM_PIN_CHANGEChange Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM57A RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Securities)
TPM57B RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Position ID (Loans)
TPM57C RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (OTC Transactions)
TPM57D RTPM_PIN_DISPLADisplay Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives
TPM58A RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Securities)
TPM58B RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Position ID (Loans)
TPM58D RTPM_PIN_DELETEDelete Pos. ID (Listed Derivatives)
TPM59  RTPM_PIN_STOCKEExchange per Company Code/Class
TPM6   RTPM_CLASS_POSIChange Class Pos. in Futures Accoun
TPM7   RTPM_CLASS_POSIDisplay Class Pos. in Futures Acct
TPM70  RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRRecord Impairment
TPM71  RTPM_TRL_IMPAIRReverse Impairment
TPM73  RTPM_VAL_SP_VALSpecial security valn
TPM8   RTPM_TRF_CASHFLDisplay Futures Account Cash Flow
TPM9   RTPM_TRF_POSITIPos. List-Class Pos. in Futures Acc
TPPR   RFTPPROF       Travel Profile Display
TPQ0   SAPMFIQT       Quicktrip Manager
TP00   MENUTP00       Travel Management: Travel Planning
TP01   SAPMFITP       Planning Manager
TP02   SAPMFITP       Travel Planning (End User)
TP03   SAPMFITP       Planning Manager (Expert)
TP04   SAPMFITP       Travel Request (End User)
TP10   RFARHTP10      Travel Plan Synchronization (AIR)
TP12   RFARHTP12      Travel Plan Synchronization (Manual
TP20   SAPMFITP       Create Travel Plan
TP30   RFTP_INFO_DISP_Display Travel Planning report tree
TP31   RFTP_INFO_AD_HOQueries for Travel Planning
TP40   MAINTAIN_CUSTOMMaintain Routings
TP41   MAINTAIN_CUSTOMInitial Screen via IMG
TP50   SAPMFLIGHT     Global flight availability
TP60   RFAPS_HTL_CTLG_Synchronization of Hotel Catalog
TRACE  KOTR_TRACE     Program Trace
TRBS   RBSDTRLO       Automatic Postings Loans: Activitie
TRD1   SAPMKCEE       Run Data Mining Report
TRD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report
TRD3   SAPMKCEE       Change Data Mining Report
TRD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report
TRD5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form
TRD6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form
TRD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form
TRD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining
TRIP   SAPMP56T       Travel Manager
TRLM   MENUTRLM       Treasury Management Basic Functions
TRMA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRMB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants
TRMC   SAPMKCIC       Comments Management: Treasury
TRMD   RKDREPDV       Distribute Report
TRME   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TRMG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for TR Report
TRMH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy
TRMJ   RKCHINOD       Maintain Hierarchy Nodes
TRMK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain Key Figures
TRMM   SAPMKCB9       Treasury Drill Down Rptng Testmonit
TRMO   RKCOBTR2       Transport reports
TRMP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms
TRMQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000
TRMR   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000
TRMS   RKDSTRUC       Display Structure
TRMT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
TRMU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports
TRMV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable
TRMW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain currency exchange type TRM
TRMX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports
TRMY   RKDREODA       Reorganize report data
TRMZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms
TRM0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report
TRM1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report
TRM2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report
TRM3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report
TRM4   SAPMKES1       Create Form
TRM5   SAPMKES1       Change Form
TRM6   SAPMKES1       Display Form
TRM7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Auth.Object Presentation
TRM8   SAPMKEFB       Display Auth.Object Presentation
TRNA   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_KSON special arrangm
TRNB   SAPMSNUM       Number range: FVVD_BEKI doc. number
TRNC   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVVD_RPNSP Gen.daybook no
TRND   SAPMSNUM       No.Range: FVV_VORG Release Procedur
TRN0   SAPMSNUM       Number range: Land register no.
TRN2   SAPMSNUM       No. range: FVVD_KINT loans int.part
TRN3   SAPMSNUM       No.range: FVV_OBJNR(address
TRN7   SAPMSNUM       Number range: FVVD_KOBJ Object key
TRN8   SAPMSNUM       Number range: Loan collateral no.
TRN9   SAPMSNUM       No. range: FVVD_RBLNR coll.value no
TRP01  RFTB_REPOS_01  Create Repo Contract
TRP02  RFTB_REPOS_01  Change Repo Contract
TRP03  RFTB_REPOS_01  Display Repo Contract
TRP04  RFTB_REPOS_01  Settle Repo
TRP06  RFTB_REPOS_01  Reverse Repo Contract
TRP08  RFTB_REPOS_01  History
TRP10  RFTB_REPOS_01  Display Repo Contract
TRSA   TRIGSAPI       S-API Debugger
TRSR   FTI_SINGLE_RISKSingle Financial Object Calculation
TRTC   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTD   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTG   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTK   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTM   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTR   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTV   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TRTW   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree
TR3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names
TR3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups
TR3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants
TR3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group
TR3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group
TR3T   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of variant groups
TSCUST TSWUSL_CUST    Table Search: Customizing
TSE39  SAPMSCMP       Old version of splitscreen editor
TSRUN  TSWUSL_RUN     Table Search: Start Screen
TSW1   RFTXM300       SWIFT Generation MT300
TSW2   RFTXM320       SWIFT Generation MT320
TS00   RFVWTR00       Collective processing
TS01   RFVWTR01       Create Securities Transaction
TS02   RFVWTR01       Change Securities Transaction
TS03   RFVWTR01       Execute Securities Order
TS04   RFVWTR01       Settle Securities Contract
TS05   RFVWTR01       Sec. Transaction: Order Expiration
TS06   RFVWTR01       Display Securities Transaction
TS07   RFVWTR01       Reverse Securities Transaction
TS08   RFVWTR01       Securities Transaction: History
TS10   RFVWTR01       Display Securities Transaction
TUTT   TUTPROG        Workbench Tutorial
TU02   RSTU0000       Parameter changes
TVDT   RFTBFF30       Import DTB Derivatives Prices
TVMD   RFTBFF20       Transfer Mkt Data
TVM1   MENUTVM1       Market Risk and Analysis
TVS1   RFTVST00       Statistics calculator
TV20   SAPMF7C1       Create Scenario
TV21   SAPMF7C1       Change Scenario
TV22   SAPMF7C1       Display Scenario
TV35   RFTVSK20       Effective Rate/NPV Underlying
TV36   RFTVEX00       Currency exposure
TV38   RFTVBW00       Position Evaluation
TV39   RFTVCF00       Global Evaluation of Cash Flow
TV40   RFTVSK21       Effective Rate Evaluation FX Genera
TV42   RFTVZX00       Interest exposure
TV43   RFTVIRR1       Global IRR
TV44   RFTVPL00       P/L Evaluation
TV45   RFTVBW11       Matrix Evaluations
TV46   RFTVBW29       Bond price calc.
TV48   RFTVVAR4       Historical Simulation
TV49   RFTVVAR3       Variance/Covariance
TV50   RFTVBW50       Save OTC NPVs
TX.1   SAPMF77A       Forex fast entry - spot
TX.3   SAPMF77A       Display Forex Transaction
TX.5   SAPMF77A       Execute forex order
TX-2   RFTX77SO       Maturity schedule for fwd exch.tran
TX-3   RFTX76SO       Posting overview
TX-5   SAPMF77A       Settle forex transaction
TX/5   SAPMF77A       Forex order expiry
TXAK   SAPMF7AK       Calculation of option premiums
TXA5   RFTX73SO       Forex Order Processing
TXBA   RFVITXBA       Text Module Maintenance
TXF5   SAPMF77A       Execute Fixing Order
TXV5   SAPMF77A       Execute Fixing Transaction
TXZI   SAPMF7ZI       Interest calculator
TX01   SAPMF77A       Spot/Forward Transaction Entry
TX02   SAPMF77A       Change Forex Transaction
TX03   SAPMF77A       Display Forex Transaction
TX04   SAPMF77A       Reverse Activity
TX05   SAPMF77A       Spot/Forward Trans.: Add Activity
TX06   RFTXJL02       Forex: Collective processing
TX10   SAPMF77A       Create Forex Swap
TX11   SAPMF77A       Rollover on previous basis
TX12   SAPMF77A       Premature Settlement
TX13   FTR_FX_COMPBID Create Foreign Exchange Offer
TX14   FTR_FX_COMPBID Execute foreign exchange offer
TX21   SAPMF77A       Create Forex Transaction
TX22   FTR_FX_COMPBID Display foreign exchange offer
TX23   FTR_SIMU00     Create foreign exchange simulation
TX24   FTR_SIMU00     Change foreign exchange simulation
TX25   FTR_SIMU00     Display foreign exchange simulation
TX26   FTR_SIMU00     Delete foreign exchange simulation
TX30   FTR_FX_INT_RATEInt. FX Transactions: Rate Overview
TX31   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCreate Internal Forex Transaction
TX32   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX33   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX34   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX35   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX39   RFTR_INTFX_LAUNInternal Forex Transactions Reserve
TX76   SAPMF70M       Forex Transaction History
TX78   SAPMF70M       Execute order - Forex
TYMN   MENUTYMN       Treasury Information System (TIS)
TZA0   SAPMTZA0       Dialog Programming: Asynch.Updates
TZB0   SAPMTZB0       Dialog Programming: Doc. and Help
TZ10   SAPMTZ10       Dialog Programming: Data Transport
TZ20   SAPMTZ20       Dialog Programming: F Code Proc.
TZ30   SAPMTZ30       Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ31   SAPMTZ31       Dialog Programming: Input Check
TZ40   SAPMTZ40       Dialog Programming: Screen Control
TZ50   SAPMTZ50       Dialog Programming: Screen Modif.
TZ60   SAPMTZ60       Dialog Programming: Tables TC
TZ61   SAPMTZ61       Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ70   SAPMTZ70       Dialog Programming: Tables SL
TZ80   SAPMTZ80       Dialog Programming: Authorizations
TZ90   SAPMTZ90       Dialog Programming: Locking
U_P_S  RUPSMENUE      UPS: Area Menu
UCC0   RFTBUC00       BP conversion: Initial conversion
UCC1   RFTBUC01       BP conversion: Initial CBP Customiz
UCC2   RFTBUC02       BP conversion: Cutomizing
UCD1   RFTBUD01       Delete converted partners
UCD3   RFTBUD03       Delete matched partner
UCH1   RADPROTA       Display logs
UCH2_1 RFTBUH02_1     Determine data elements
UCH2_2 RFTBUH02_2     Determine tables
UCH2_3 RFTBUH02_3     Usage of Fields to be Converted
UCP1   RFTBUP01       Convert TR Partner to CBP
UCP11  RFTBUP11       General code conversion
UCP2   RFTBUP02       Convert Relationships
UCP2_3 RFTBUP02_3     Conversion FI fields to relat'ships
UCP3   RFTBUP03       Match: Selection without partner
UCP3_2 RFTBUP03_2     Match selected partners
UCP4   RFTBUP04       Structure partner-obj. relationship
UCP6   RFTBUP06       Convert Memos
UCP7   RFTBUP07       Display log
UCP8   RFTBUP08       Conversion of partner-object rel.
UCP9   RFTBUP09       Generate Coding
UCUST  MENUUCUST      BP: Business partner - applic.Cust.
UC17A  RFTBUH01       Convert industries
UD96   RFFMUD96       Revenues Increasing Budget
UKVC   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IDWTVC
UNKR   SAPMSNUM       Number range main.:W_AKTION
UPART  RFTBUAU1       Business Partner: Conversion to CBP
UPDA   RVFTBALE       Foreign Trade: Mater data transfer
UPS    RUPSPORTAL     ALE Distribution Units (UPS)
UPSC00 SAPUPSC00      ALE Distribution Unit: Setting
UPSRCP RUPSRCP        Replication Table: Organization
UPS01  SAPUPS         Create ALE Distribution Unit
UPS02  SAPUPS         Change ALE Distribution Unit
UPS03  SAPUPS         Display ALE Distribution Unit
UPS04  SAPUPS         Copy ALE Distribution Unit
USMM   RSUVM000       Customer measurement
V      RKCOWUSL       Quickstart RKCOWUSL
V.00   RVAUFERR       List of Incomplete Documents
V.07   RVFPLA01       Periodic billing
V.14   RVSPERAU       Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery
V.15   RVAUFRUE       Display Backorders
V.21   SDSAMPRO       Log of Collective Run
V.22   SDSAMPRO       Display Collective Runs
V.23   RVAUFSPE       Release Orders for Billing
V.25   RVKPR002       Release Customer Expected Price
V.26   RVAUFSTA       Selection by Object Status
V+01   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Call
V+02   SAPMV43A       Create Telephone Call
V+03   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Letter
V+11   SAPMV43A       Create Direct Mailing
V+21   SAPMF02D       Create Sales Prospect
V+22   SAPMF02D       Create Competitor
V+23   SAPMF02D       Create Business Partner
V-01   SAPMV45A       Create Sales Order
V-02   SAPMV45A       Create Quotation
V-03   SAPMF02D       Create ordering party (Sales)
V-04   SAPMF02D       Create invoice recipient (Sales)
V-05   SAPMF02D       Create payer (Sales)
V-06   SAPMF02D       Create consignee (Sales)
V-07   SAPMF02D       Create one-time customer (Sales)
V-08   SAPMF02D       Create payer (Centrally)
V-09   SAPMF02D       Create ordering party (Centrally)
V-11   SAPMF02K       Create carrier
V-31   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-32   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-33   SAPMV13A       Change Freight 1
V-34   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-35   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1
V-36   SAPMV13A       Create Freight 1 with Reference
V-37   SAPMV13A       Change Freight 2
V-38   SAPMV13A       Display Freight 2
V-40   SAPMV13A       Display Taxes (Export)
V-41   SAPMV13A       Create         Material Price
V-42   SAPMV13A       Create Material Price w/ref.
V-43   SAPMV13A       Change         Material Price
V-44   SAPMV13A       Display        Material Price
V-45   SAPMV13A       Create         Price List
V-46   SAPMV13A       Create Price List w/ref.
V-47   SAPMV13A       Change         Price List
V-48   SAPMV13A       Display        Price List
V-49   SAPMV13A       Create Customer-Specific Price
V-50   SAPMV13A       Create Customer-spec. Price w/ref.
V-51   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust.price
V-52   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust.price
V-61   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust.disc./surcharge
V-62   SAPMV13A       Create Customer Disc/Surch. w/ref
V-63   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-64   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust.Disc/Surcharge
V-65   SAPMV13A       Create         Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-66   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Material Disc/Surcharg
V-67   SAPMV13A       Change         Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-68   SAPMV13A       Display        Mat.Disc/Surcharge
V-69   SAPMV13A       Create         Price grp Disc/Surch
V-70   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Price Group Disc/Surch
V-71   SAPMV13A       Change         Price grp Disc/Surch
V-72   SAPMV13A       Display        Price grp Disc/Surch
V-73   SAPMV13A       Create Disc/Surc
V-74   SAPMV13A       Create w/ Disc/Surch
V-75   SAPMV13A       Change Disc/Surc
V-76   SAPMV13A       Display Disc/Surc
V-77   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-78   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-79   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-80   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust/MatPrGrp Disc/S
V-81   SAPMV13A       Create         Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-82   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.Cust/Mat.Disc/Surcharg
V-83   SAPMV13A       Change         Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-84   SAPMV13A       Display        Cust/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-85   SAPMV13A       Create         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-86   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.PrGrp/MatPrGrp Disc/Su
V-87   SAPMV13A       Change         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-88   SAPMV13A       Display        PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-89   SAPMV13A       Create         PGrp/MPrGrp Disc/Sur
V-90   SAPMV13A       Create w/ref.PrGrp/Mat Disc/Surch.
V-91   SAPMV13A       Change         PGrp/mat Disc/Surch.
V-92   SAPMV13A       Display        PGrp/mat.Disc/Surch.
V-93   SAPMV13A       Create Domestic Taxes
V-94   SAPMV13A       Create Domestic Taxes w/Reference
V-95   SAPMV13A       Change Domestic Taxes
V-96   SAPMV13A       Display Domestic Taxes
V-97   SAPMV13A       Create Cross-border Taxes
V-98   SAPMV13A       Create Cross-border Taxes
V-99   SAPMV13A       Change Cross-border Taxes
V/C7   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Create (Batches; SD)
V/C8   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Change (Batch; SD)
V/C9   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Display (Batches; SD)
V/G1   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Create Group
V/G2   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab Change Group
V/G3   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Display Group
V/I2   RV15F001       Set up condition indices
V/I3   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/I4   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V/LA   SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V/LB   SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V/LC   SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report
V/LD   SAPMV14A       Execute pricing report
V/LE   RV14ALLE       Generate pricing reports
V/N2   SAPMV12A       Create free goods table
V/N3   SAPMV12A       Display free goods table (SD)
V/03   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table (SD Price)
V/04   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (Sales pr.)
V/05   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.
V/12   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Create Table
V/13   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Change Table
V/14   SAPMV12A       Account Determination: Display Tabl
V/56   SAPMV12A       Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders
V/57   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change Order
V/58   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display Order
V/59   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv.
V/60   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv.
V/61   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv.
V/62   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDo
V/63   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDo
V/64   SAPMV12A       Output - Cond.Table - Display BillD
V/65   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Create SalesSuppor
V/66   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab./Change Sales Suppor
V/67   SAPMV12A       Output CondTab/Display Sales Suppor
V/77   SAPMV12A       Output -ConditTable- Create Transpr
V/78   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Change Transport
V/79   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Display Transpor
V/93   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Create Packaging
V/94   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Change Packaging
V/95   SAPMV12A       Output -CondTable- Display Packagin
V_I8   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Pricing SD - Index
V_NL   SDNETPR0       Edit net price list
V_RA   SAPMV75B       Backorder Processing: Selection Lis
V_R1   SDV03R01       List of Backorders
V_R2   SDV03R02       Display List of Backorders
V_SA   SDSAMPRO       Collective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.)
V_UC   WSUCSTAT       Incomplete SD Documents
V_UC_7 WSUCSTAT       Incomplete SD Documents
V_V1   SDV03V01       Updating Unconfirmed Sales Document
V_V2   SDV03V02       Updating Sales Documents by Materia
VACF   RKAGJOBL       Commit. carried forwrd: Sales order
VAKC   SAPMV76A       Items in Sales Order Configuration
VAKP   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Maintain T180
VALU   SAPMKECM_VALUATValuation Analysis
VAM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Japan - Commodity Code
VAN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.: Sales Order
VAP1   SAPMF02D       Create Contact Person
VAP2   SAPMF02D       Change Contact Person
VAP3   SAPMF02D       Display Contact Person
VARC   RVV90ARC       SD: User Guide to Archiving
VARCH  RS_CHANGE_VARIAChange report variant
VARD   RS_DISPLAY_VARIDisplay report variant
VASK   RVVBSKDL       Deleting Groups
VA00   MENUVA00       Initial Sales Menu
VA01   SAPMV45A       Create Sales Order
VA02   SAPMV45A       Change Sales Order
VA03   SAPMV45A       Display Sales Order
VA05   SAPMV75A       List of Sales Orders
VA07   SDBANF02       Compare Sales - Purchasing (Order)
VA08   SDBANF01       Compare Sales - Purchasing (Org.Dt.
VA11   SAPMV45A       Create Inquiry
VA12   SAPMV45A       Change Inquiry
VA13   SAPMV45A       Display Inquiry
VA14L  SDLIEFSPE      Sales Documents Blocked for Deliver
VA15   SAPMV75A       Inquiries List
VA21   SAPMV45A       Create Quotation
VA22   SAPMV45A       Change Quotation
VA23   SAPMV45A       Display Quotation
VA25   SAPMV75A       Quotations List
VA26   SAPMV75A       Collective Processing for Quotation
VA31   SAPMV45A       Create Scheduling Agreement
VA32   SAPMV45A       Change Scheduling Agreement
VA33   SAPMV45A       Display Scheduling Agreement
VA35   SAPMV75A       List of Scheduling Agreements
VA41   SAPMV45A       Create Contract
VA42   SAPMV45A       Change Contract
VA42W  SAPMV45A       Workflow for master contract
VA43   SAPMV45A       Display Contract
VA44   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Sales Order
VA45   SAPMV75A       List of Contracts
VA46   SAPMV75A       Coll.Subseq.Processing f.Contracts
VA51   SAPMV45A       Create Item Proposal
VA52   SAPMV45A       Change Item Proposal
VA53   SAPMV45A       Display Item Proposal
VA55   SAPMV75A       List of Item Proposals
VA88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Sales Orders
VA94   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA94X  RVEXSOJ2       Load Commodity Codes for Japan
VA95   RVEXREOR       Merge Commodity Code/Import Code No
VB(D   RV15C005       Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB(1   SAPMSNUM       Rebate number ranges
VB(7   RV15C001       Rebate Agreement Settlement
VB(8   RV15C002       List Rebate Agreements
VBG1   SAPMV23N       Create Material Grouping
VBG2   SAPMV23N       Change Material Grouping
VBG3   SAPMV23N       Display Material Grouping
VBKB   SAPMV12A       Bonus Buy: Create Condition Table
VBKC   SAPMV12A       Bonus Buy: Display Condition Table
VBK0   MENUVBK0       Bonus Buy Selection
VBK1   SAPMV13N       Create Bonus Buy
VBK2   SAPMV13N       Change Bonus Buy
VBK3   SAPMV13N       Display Bonus Buy
VBK6   BBY_DELETE     Delete Bonus Buy
VBN1   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Create (SD)
VBN2   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Change (SD)
VBN3   SAPMV13N       Free goods - Display (SD)
VBOE   RV15C006       Currency conversion rebate agreemnt
VBOF   SDBONT06       Rebate: Update Billing Documents
VBO1   SAPMV13A       Create Rebate Agreement
VBO2   SAPMV13A       Change Rebate Agreement
VBO3   SAPMV13A       Display Rebate Agreement
VB01   SAPMV13G       Create Material Listing/Exclusion
VB02   SAPMV13G       Change Material Listing/Exclusion
VB03   SAPMV13G       Display Material Listing/Exclusion
VB04   SAPMV13G       Reference Material Listing/Exclusio
VB11   SAPMV13D       Create Material Substitution
VB12   SAPMV13D       Change Material Substitution
VB13   SAPMV13D       Display Material Substitution
VB14   SAPMV13D       Reference Material Substitution
VB21   SAPMV13A       Create Sales Deal
VB22   SAPMV13A       Change Sales Deal
VB23   SAPMV13A       Display Sales Promotion
VB25   RV15C004       List of Sales Deals
VB31   SAPMV13A       Create Promotion
VB32   SAPMV13A       Change Promotion
VB33   SAPMV13A       Display Promotion
VB35   RV15C003       Promotions List
VB41   SAPMV13D       Create cross-selling
VB42   SAPMV13D       Change cross-selling
VB43   SAPMV13D       Display cross-selling
VB44   SAPMV13D       Copy cross-selling
VC/A   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 01
VC/B   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 02
VC/C   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 03
VC/D   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 04
VC/E   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 05
VC/F   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 06
VC/G   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 07
VC/H   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 08
VC/I   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 09
VC/J   SAPL043B       Sales Activity Description 10
VC/1   RVDEB001       List of Customers
VC/2   RVKUSTA1       Customer Master Data Sheet
VCC1   RV21A001       Payment Cards: Worklist
VCH1   SAPMV13H       Create Batch Search Strategy
VCH2   SAPMV13H       Change Batch Search Strategy
VCH3   SAPMV13H       Display Batch Search Strategy
VCR1   SDWETTMAT      Competitive products
VCUAC  SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping - Qty-dependen
VCUAE  SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping - Weight-depen
VCUDC  SAPMV13A       Display 3rd Country - Qty-dependent
VCUDE  SAPMV13A       Display 3rd Country - Weight-depend
VCUPC  SAPMV13A       Display Pharma.Prod. - Qty-dependen
VCUPF  SAPMV13A       Display Pharma.Prod. - Weight-depen
VCUP1  SAPMV13A       Display Preference - Qty-dependent
VCUP2  SAPMV13A       Display Preference - Weight-depend.
VCUZC  SAPMV13A       Display Quota - Quantity-dependent
VCUZE  SAPMV13A       Display Quota - Weight-dependent
VCUZP  SAPMV13A       Display Ceilings - Percentage
VCUZ1  SAPMV13A       Display Ceiling - Quantity-dependen
VCUZ2  SAPMV13A       Display Ceiling - Weight-dependent
VC00   MENUVC00       Sales Support
VC01   SAPMV43A       Create Sales Activity
VC01N  SD_CONTACT_MAINEdit Sales Activity
VC02   SAPMV43A       Change Sales Activity
VC03   SAPMV43A       Display Sales Activity
VC05   SDCAS75C       Sales support monitor
VC06   SAPMV43M       Parallel Processing for Address Lis
VC15   SDCAS_CROSS_MATCrossmatching
VDDI   SDEWUDEB       EMU currency conversion cust. maste
VDH1   RVKNVH00       Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD)
VDH1N  RV_CUSTOMER_HIEDisplay/Maintain Customer Hierarchy
VDH2   RVKNVH00       Display Customer Hierarchy
VDH2N  RV_CUSTOMER_HIEDisplay customer hierarchy
VD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Sales)
VD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Sales)
VD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Sales)
VD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (SD)
VD05   SAPMF02D       Block customer (sales)
VD06   SAPMF02D       Mark customer for deletion (sales)
VD07   SAPL0ORG       Ref. doc. det. for ref. customer
VD51   SAPMV10A       Maintain Customer-Material Info
VD52   SAPMV10A       Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scr
VD53   SAPMV10A       Display Customer-Material Info
VD54   SAPMV10A       Display Customer-Material Info
VD59   RV10A100       List customer-material-info
VEA3   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA4   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEA5   RVEXDEIF       EXTRASTAT: File Version France
VEB1   RVEX0MAB       Period-end Closings: Control
VEB2   RVEX0MAB       DtA: Special Rule Countries/Regions
VEB5   RMPREF04       Calculate Assemblies Individually
VEB6   RMPREF03       Calculate Assemblies Collectively
VEB9   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Print Control
VECN   MENUVECN       Profitability and Sales Accounting
VEFU   RVEXVEF1       Foreign Trade: Add INTRASTAT Data
VEFUX  RVEXVEFU       FT-GOV: Change transaction INTRASTA
VEIV   RVEXVEX1       Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEI1   RVEXIDCA       Display IDoc Import
VEI2   RVEXIDCA       Display IDoc Export
VEI3   SAPMV13A       Display Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VEI4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Remaining Commodity Codes
VEI5   SAPMV13A       Create value limit subcontracting
VEI6   RSEIDOCD       EDI: IDoc List - Import Basis
VEKU   RVEXVEKU       For. Trade: Change KOBRA Documents
VEM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: EU - Commodity Code
VEPR   RMPREFDI       Customs log
VEU4   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEU4X  RVEXSOS2       Load Commodity Code-Other Countries
VEXU   RVEXVEX1       Foreign Trade: Add EXTRASTAT Data
VEXUX  RVEXVEFU       FT-GOV: Change transaction EXTRASTA
VE01   RVEXST00       INTRASTAT: Selection Dispatch to EU
VE02   RVEXPAID       INTRASTAT: Create Form - Germany
VE03   RVEXDAID       INTRASTAT: Create File - Germany
VE04   RVEXEX00       EXTRASTAT: Data selection for expor
VE05   RVEXDEID       EXTRASTAT: Create File - Germany
VE06   RVEXPAIB       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien
VE07   RVEXPAIF       Create INTRASTAT Form for France
VE08   RVEXDAII       Create INTRASTAT File for Italy
VE09   RVEXDAIB       Create INTRASTAT file for Belgium
VE10   RVEXDAIH       Create INTRASTAT file for Holland
VE11   RVEXDAIE       Create INTRASTAT file for Spain
VE12   RVEXPAIH       Create INTRASTAT form for Holland
VE13   RVEXKO00       KOBRA data selection: export German
VE14   RVEXDOID       Create KOBRA file for Germany
VE16   RVEXPAIA       Create INTRASTAT form for Austria
VE17   RVEXPAIV       Create INTRASTAT form for Sweden
VE18   RVEXSE00       SED data selection for USA exporter
VE19   RVEXPEIS       Create SED form for USA
VE20   RVEXDEIS       Create AERP file for USA
VE21   RVEXCH00       VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE22   RVEXPAIC       Create VAR form for Switzerland
VE23   RVEXDEIC       V.A.R.: File - Switzerland
VE24   RVEXKAAL_99    Comm. Code Number Information  (old
VE24X  RVEXKAA2       Commodity Code Information
VE25   RVEXSE01       SED: Selection: USA Carriers
VE27   RVEXPHMF       HMF: Selection - USA
VE29   RVEXAU01       Assigned Documents for Each License
VE30   RVEXAU02       Existing licenses
VE31   RVEXAU03       Blocked SD Documents
VE32   RVEXPAIR       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Ireland
VE33   RVEXPAIU       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - U.K.
VE34   RVEXPAIB       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Belgien
VE37   RVEXDAIF       INTRASTAT: File - France
VE38   RVEXST00       INTRASTAT: Selection Simulation - E
VE39   RVEXEX00       EXTRASTAT: Selection  Simulation
VE40   RVEXKO00       KOBRA: Selection Simulation
VE41   RVEXCH00       VAR: Selection of bill. docs Switz.
VE42   RVEXDAIK       INTRASTAT: File - Denmark
VE43   RVEXSE00       SED: Selection Exp. USA Simulation
VE44   RVEXSE01       SED: Select Carrier  USA Simulation
VE45   RVEXPAIG       INTRASTAT: Paper Form - Greece
VE46   RVEXDAIL       INTRASTAT: File - Finland
VE54   RMPREF01       Preference Determination: Collectiv
VE55   RMPREF02       Preference Determination: Individua
VE56   RVEXKOCU       Check Export Control for Consistenc
VE67   RMLEVE00       Aggregate Vendor Declarations
VE68   RMLEBI00       Request Vendor Declarations
VE72   RVEXSBPR       Export - Billing Documents
VE73   RVEXWAPA_99    Goods Catalog: Create Document
VE74   RVEXWADA       Goods Catalog: Create Diskette
VE81   RVEXKOM1       Check Report: General FT Data
VE81X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: FT Material Data
VE82   RVEXKOM2       Check Report: Export Control Data
VE82X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: Export Control Data
VE83   RVEXKOM3       Check Report: Preference Data
VE83X  RVEXKOMA       Incompleteness: Preference Material
VE84   RMLEVE00       Monitoring: Purchasing Info Records
VE85   SAPMV13A       Change Statistical Value - Import
VE86   SAPMV13A       Display Statistical Value - Import
VE87   SAPMV13A       Change Stat.Value - Subcontracting
VE88   SAPMV13A       Change Statistical Value - Export
VE89   SAPMV13A       Display Statistical Value - Export
VE90   SAPMV13A       Change preference values
VE91   SAPMV13A       Display Preference Values
VE92   RVEXDAIX       Create INTRASTAT tape Luxembourg
VE93   RVEXCUSA       EDI-CUSTEC Austria
VE94   RVEXSOVA       Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie
VE94X  RVEXSOE2       Load Commodity Code for EU Countrie
VE95   RVEXPAIP       Create INTRASTAT papers: Portugal
VE96   RVEXEX01       EXTRASTAT Data Select.: Init. Scree
VE97   RVEXDEIH       Create EXTRASTAT tape: Netherlands
VE98   RVEXPAST       Sales Invoice Values per Period
VE99   RVEXPEIA       Create Document - Austria
VFAE   RVEXARIN       Archive EXTRASTAT Documents
VFAI   RVEXARIN       Archive INTRASTAT Documents
VFBS   SAPLV00A       Next screen control
VFBV   SDBONTO4       Reorganization of discount-rel. dat
VFLI   SAPMSVMA       Log tax exemption
VFRB   SDREBI01       Retro-billing
VFSN   SDS060RB       Reorganization info structure S060
VFS3   SDS060RC       Adjusting info structure S060
VFX2   SAPMV60A       Display Blocked Billing Documents
VFX3   SDBLBDDL       List Blocked Billing Documents
VF00   MENUVF00       9Sales organization & is not define
VF01   SAPMV60A       Create Billing Document
VF02   SAPMV60A       Change Billing Document
VF03   SAPMV60A       Display Billing Document
VF04   SDBILLDL       Maintain Billing Due List
VF05   SAPMV65A       List Billing Documents
VF06   RV60SBAT       Batch billing
VF07   SAPMV60A       Display bill. document from archive
VF08   GNBILLDL       Billing for ext. delivery
VF11   SAPMV60A       Cancel Billing Document
VF21   SAPMV60A       Create Invoice List
VF22   SAPMV60A       Change invoice list
VF23   SAPMV60A       Display Invoice List
VF24   SDINVLDL       Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VF25   SAPMV65B       List of Invoice Lists
VF26   SAPMV60A       Cancellation invoice list
VF27   SAPMV60A       Display invoice list from archive
VF31   SD70AV3A       Output from Billing Documents
VF44   SDERAV01       Revenue Recognition: Worklist
VF45   SDRRAV51       Revenue recognition: Revenue report
VF46   SDERAV05       Revenue Recognition: Cancellation
VF47   SDRRAV52       Revenue Recognition:ConsistencyChec
VGK1   SAPMV08A       Create Group for Delivery
VGK2   SAPMV08A       Change Group for Delivery
VGK3   SAPMV08A       Display Group for Delivery
VGL1   SAPMV08A       Create Group for Delivery
VGL2   SAPMV08A       Change Group for Delivery
VGL3   SAPMV08A       "Display Group for Delivery"
VGW1   SAPMV08A       Create Picking Wave
VGW2   SAPMV08A       Change Picking Waves
VGW3   SAPMV08A       Display Picking Waves
VG01   SAPMV08A       Create Group
VG02   SAPMV08A       Change Group
VG03   SAPMV08A       Display Group
VIBA   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Initial Procg
VIBB   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Repeat Procg
VIBC   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output-AES-Error in Procg
VIBD   RVEXAUDI       Printing: Analysis form data audit
VIBN   RVSAAREI       Monitor messages
VIB1   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output
VIB2   RVEXSBPR       Call Print Program From VI10/VI14
VIB3   RVEXBSST       Foreign Trade Output Status
VIB4   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Initial Procg
VIB5   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Repeat Procg
VIB6   RVEXSBPR       Print Transaction: Error in Procg
VIB7   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Initial Procg
VIB8   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Repeat Procg
VIB9   RVEXSBPR       Send IDoc Output - Error in Procg
VICC   RV54IVCC       Convert format currency field
VICI   RV54FRIN       Call shipment info via CALL TRANS
VIC00  RV54_CUST_CHECKConsistency Check IMG ShpmtCostCalc
VIEX   RVFTJOEX       FT: Journal Export Actual
VIE4   RVEXINDA       Incompleteness Periodic Declaration
VIFBW  VTRBWVIFBW     Reorg: Shipment Costs in BW
VIIM   RVFTJOIM       FT: Op. Cockpit: Purchase order
VII4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Rest - Import Code Number
VIJ1   RVFTCMPL       Journal Import
VIJ2   RVFTCMPL       Journal Export
VILI   RVFTJOLI       FT: Export Deliveries Journal
VIMM   RVEXMINE       Decl. Recpts/Disptch Min. Oil Prod.
VIMU   RVEXREOR       Foreign Trade: Comparison of codes
VIM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: EU - Import Code Number
VIM6   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Data Selection
VIPL   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Duty for Ceiling
VIR1   RVFTCMPL       Import Reorg. - Incompleteness
VIR2   RVFTCMPL       Export Reorg. - Incompleteness
VIS3   RVEXWUMA       Check program: Cross-plant
VIUL   RVFTUFTU       Foreign Trade: Data Upload
VIU4   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie
VIU4X  RVEXSOS1       Load Import Code No.-Other Countrie
VIWAX  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWBX  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Goods Issue
VIWE   RVFTJOWE       FT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
VI00   MENUVI00       Shipment costs
VI01   SAPMV54A       Create shipment costs
VI02   SAPMV54A       Change shipment costs
VI03   SAPMV54A       Display shipment costs
VI08   SAPMV52A       Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI08X  SAPLV50E       Display FT data in purchasing doc.
VI09   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI09X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Purchasing Doc.
VI10   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI10X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Billing Document
VI14   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI14X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Billing Document
VI15   RV54PROT       Display logs (appl. log)
VI17   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI17X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI18   SAPMV13A       Display Anti-dumping
VI19   SAPMV13A       Display Third-country Customs Dutie
VI20   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Quota
VI21   SAPMV13A       Display Pharmaceutical Products
VI22   SAPMV13A       Display Customs Exemption
VI23   SAPMV13A       Display Preferential Customs Duties
VI24   RVEXKAAL_99    Code Number Information - Import
VI24X  RVEXKAA1       Import Code No. Information
VI25   SAPMV13A       Display Gross Price - Customs
VI26   SAPMV13A       Display Surcharge/Discount - Custom
VI27   SAPMV13A       Display Freight - Customs
VI53   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI53X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Inbound Delivery
VI64   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver
VI64X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Outbound Deliver
VI71   SAPMV13A       Change Preference Values
VI72   SAPMV13A       Display Insurance - Customs
VI73   SAPMVEI1       Maintain Vendor Declaration
VI73N  RVFTPRLP       Maintain Vendor Declaration
VI74   SAPMVEI1       Display Vendor Declaration
VI74N  RVFTPRLA       Display Vendor Declaration
VI75   RMLEBI00       Vendor Declarations - Dunning notic
VI77   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI77X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Outbound Delivery
VI79   SAPMV52A       Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI79X  SAPLV50E       Display FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80   SAPMV52A       Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI80X  SAPLV50E       Change FT Data in Goods Receipt
VI81   RVEXKOM4       Check Report: CAP Products
VI81X  RVEXKOMA       Check Report: CAP Products
VI82   RVEXKOK1       Check General Customer Master Data
VI82X  RVEXKOKU       Incompleteness: FT Customer Data
VI83   RVEXKOK2       Check Customer Master/Legal Control
VI83X  RVEXKOKU       Incompleteness:Customer Control Dat
VI84   RVEXKOK3       Doc.Payments: Check Customer Master
VI84X  RVEXKOKU       Billing Doc.Incompleteness Customer
VI85   RVEXKOLI       Incompleteness: Foreign Trade Vendo
VI86   RVEXWUMA       Incompleteness: Cross-plant
VI90   RVEXEARF       Fill Foreign Components in BOMs
VI91   RVEXEARA       Display Foreign Components in BOMs
VI94   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries
VI94X  RVEXSOE1       Load Import Code Nos - EU Countries
VI96   SAPMSMOD       Customer Exits: Default Values
VI98   RVIVST00       Receipt-Basis for Intercomp.Billing
VI99   RMEXST00       Returns and Credit Memos
VK+C   SD_CMDC0       Condition master data check
VKAR   RWVKUAR1       Read Archive File
VKAW   RWVKUAW1       Generate Archive File
VKC1   SAPMV13H       Create General Strategy
VKC2   SAPMV13H       Change General Strategy
VKC3   SAPMV13H       Display General Strategy
VKDV   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_SNKOM
VKM1   RVKRED02       Blocked SD Documents
VKM2   RVKRED03       Released SD Documents
VKM3   RVKRED04       Sales Document
VKM4   RVKRED01       SD Documents
VKM5   RVKRED05       Delivery
VKPA   RWVKPAW1       Archiving
VKPB   RWVKP011       Sales price calc. in background run
VKPR   RWVKPAR1       Read archive file
VKP0   MENUVKP0       Sales Price Calculation
VKP1   RWVKP001       Sales price calculation
VKP2   RWVKP005       Display POS Conditions
VKP3   RWVKP003       Pricing document for material
VKP4   RWVKP004       Pricing document for org. structure
VKP5   RWVKP007       Create Calculation
VKP6   RWVKP006       Change pricing document
VKP7   RWVKP006       Display pricing document
VKP8   RWVKP001       Display Price Calculation
VKP9   RWVKP014       Currency conversion in price calc.
VKU1   RWVKU001       Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chn
VKU10  RWVKU004       Correction of Valuation at Retail
VKU11  RWVKU005       Delete Count Document Items
VKU2   SAPMWB01       Total Revaluation at Retail
VKU3   SAPMWB01       Partial Revaluation at Retail
VKU4   RWVKU002       Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material
VKU5   SAPMWB01       Display Retail Revaluation Document
VKU6   RWVKU001       Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Chang
VKU7   RWVKU001       Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Ch
VKU8   RWVKU003       Test Transaction BAPI Count List
VKU9   RWVKU004       Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
VKVE   RV12D002       WFMC:
VKVF   RV12D100       Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem
VKVG   RV12D101       Maintain Condition Elements
VKVI   RVVIEWPF       General View Maintenance - W.Qualif
VKXX   SAPMV13A       Create Test for RKA
VKYY   SAPMV13A       Change Test for RKA
VKZZ   SAPMV13A       Test for RKS-Surcharge Conditions
VK01   RV12D101       Conditions: Dialog Box for CondElem
VK03   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table
VK04   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table
VK05   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table
VK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
VK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
VK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
VK14   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference
VK15   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
VK16   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference
VK17   SAPMV13A       Change condition
VK18   SAPMV13A       Display condition
VK19   SAPMV13A       Change Condition Without Menu
VK20   SAPMV13A       Display Condition Without Menu
VK31   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Create
VK32   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change
VK33   SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Display
VK34   SAPMV13A       Condition Maint.: Create with Refer
VLBT   WS_DELIVERY_BATPlan Delivery Creation as a Job
VLE1   MENUVLE1       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK1   MENUVLK1       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK2   MENUVLK2       Picking with Picking Waves
VLK3   MENUVLK3       Picking with Picking Waves
VLLA   RVGLVANA       RWE: Picking/Goods Issue Analysis
VLLC   SAPMV53C       RWE: Archive Data
VLLD   SAPMV53C       Rough Workload Forecast: Delete Log
VLLE   RVGLVANA       RWE: Goods Receipt/Putaway Analysis
VLLF   SAPMV53C       Picking Waves: Archive Data
VLLG   RVGLVANA       RWE: Analyze Complete Overview
VLLP   SAPMV53C       Rough Workload Forecast: Display Lo
VLLQ   RVGLVANA       RWE: Returns to Vendor Analysis
VLLR   RVGLVANA       RWE: Customer/Store Return Analysis
VLLS   SAPMMCSC       Var. Stand. Analyses Setting App 42
VLLV   SAPMV53C       W&S: Control RWE/Picking Waves
VLMOVE SAPLLE_MOV     HU Goods Movements
VLPOD  SAPMV50A       POD - Change Outbound Delivery
VLPODA SAPMV50A       POD - Display Outbound Delivery
VLPODF WSPODLIST2     Worklist: POD Subsequent Processing
VLPODL WSPODLIST1     Worklist: POD Deliveries
VLPODQ WSPODLIST4     Automatic PoD Confirmation
VLSP   RLEDSP         Subsequent Outbound-Delivery Split
VLSPS  SAPLV53SD      Outbound Delivery Split via HU Scan
VLUNIV SAPMV50A       Change Delivery (General)
VL00   MENUVL00       Shipping
VL01   SAPMV50A       Create Delivery
VL01N  SAPMV50A       Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref
VL01NO SAPMV50A       Create Outbound Dlv. w/o Order Ref.
VL02   SAPMV50A       Change Outbound Delivery
VL02N  SAPMV50A       Change Outbound Delivery
VL03   SAPMV50A       Display Outbound Delivery
VL03N  SAPMV50A       Display Outbound Delivery
VL04   RV50SBT1       Process Delivery Due List
VL06   WS_DELIVERY_MONDelivery Monitor
VL06C  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation
VL06D  WS_MONITOR_OUTBOutbound Deliveries for Distributio
VL06F  WS_MONITOR_OUTBGeneral delivery list - Outb.deliv.
VL06G  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issu
VL06I  WS_DELIVERY_MONInbound Delivery Monitor
VL06IC WS_MONITOR_INB_Confirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
VL06ID WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound Deliveries for Distribution
VL06IF WS_MONITOR_INB_Selection inbound deliveries
VL06IG WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound deliveries for goods receip
VL06IP WS_MONITOR_INB_Inbound deliveries for putaway
VL06L  WS_MONITOR_OUTBOutbound Deliveries to be Loaded
VL06O  WS_DELIVERY_MONOutbound Delivery Monitor
VL06P  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Outbound Dlvs for Picking
VL06T  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList Outbound Dlvs (Trans. Planning
VL06U  WS_MONITOR_OUTBList of Uncheckd Outbound Deliverie
VL08   SAPMV50B       Confirmation of Picking Request
VL09   RVV50L09       Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Not
VL10I  RVV50R1A       Schedule Lines due for Delivery
VL10X  RVV50R10_PRESTEVL10 (technical)
VL13   RVDVVL11       "Create Deliveries in Dec.Shipping"
VL21   RVV50L21       Post goods issue in background
VL22   WSCDSHOW       Display Delivery Change Documents
VL23   RV50BTCH       Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL23N  RV50BTCH       Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL30   MENUVL30       Shipping
VL31   SAPMV50B       Create Inbound Delivery
VL31N  SAPMV50A       Create Inbound Delivery
VL31W  SAPMV50AWIB    Create Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB
VL32   SAPMV50A       Change Inbound Delivery
VL32N  SAPMV50A       Change Inbound Delivery
VL32W  SAPMV50AWIB    Change Inbnd Dlv. Notification (WEB
VL33   SAPMV50A       Display Inbound Delivery
VL33N  SAPMV50A       Display Inbound Delivery
VL34   RM06EANL       Worklist Inbound Deliveries
VL35   SAPMV53W       Create Wave Picks: Delivery/Time
VL35_S SAPMV53W       Create Wave Picks: Shipment
VL36   SAPMV53W       Change Picking Waves
VL37   SAPMV53M       Wave Pick Monitor
VL38   SDSAMPRO       Groups Created: Wave Picks
VL39   RV130009       Billing Documents for Wave Picks
VL41   SAPMV50B       Create Rough GR
VL42   SAPMV50A       Change Rough GR
VL43   SAPMV50A       Display Rough GR
VL51   SAPLV51B       Create Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL52   SAPLV51B       Change Route Schedule: Initial Scr.
VL53   SAPLV51B       Display Route Schedule: Initial Scr
VL70   SD70AV4A       Output From Picking Lists
VL71   SD70AV2A       Output from Outbound Deliveries
VL72   SD70AV5A       Output from Groups of Deliveries
VL73   RVLRUENA       "Confirmation of Decentr.Deliveries
VL74   SD70AV6A       Output from Handling Units
VL75   MM70AE1A       Shipping Notification Output
VL76   MM70AM1A       Output from Rough Goods Receipt
VM01   SAPMV03D       Create Hazardous Material
VM02   SAPMV03D       Change Hazardous Material
VM03   SAPMV03D       Display Hazardous Material
VNEA   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Cond.Table - Rough G
VNEB   SAPMV12A       Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif
VNE1   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Cond.Tbl-Ship.Notif.
VNE2   SAPMV12A       Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif
VNKP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_VEKP
VN10   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: SD_SCALE
VOA0   SAPMV76A       Order Information Configuration
VOA01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOA1   SAPMV76A       Inquiry Information Configuration
VOA2   SAPMV76A       Quotation Information Configuration
VOA3   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Sched.Agreemt Info
VOA4   SAPMV76A       Contract Information Configuration
VOA5   SAPMV76A       Product Proposal Info. Configuratio
VOBO   SAPMV76A       Config.for Backorder Processing
VOB3   RV15B002       Comparison: Bill. Docs and Stats
VOC0   SAPMV76A       Contract List Configuration
VOC1   SAPMV76A       Customizing for List of Addresses
VOD5   SAPMV76A       Configuration Cust.Indeped.Reqs.Inf
VOEX   RVFTOPEX       Incompleteness: Billing Document
VOFM   SAPMV80H       Configuration for Reqs; Formulae
VOFN   SDCLVOFM       Call Up Transaction VOFM
VOF0   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Billing Informatio
VOF01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOF02  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOF1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Collective Billing
VOF2   SAPMV76A       Configuration Invoice List Info
VOF3   SAPMV76A       Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VOIM   RVFTOPIM       Incompleteness: Purchase Order
VOKF   SAPMV76A       Configuration Release of CustPrice
VOKR   SAPMV76A       Configuration of Credit Release
VOK0   SAPMV80Z       Conditions: Pricing in Customizing
VOK1   SAPMV80C       Account Determination: Customizing
VOK2   SAPMV80B       Output Determination
VOK3   SAPMM06N       Message Determination: Purchasing
VOK4   SAPMM07N       Output Determination: Inventory Mgm
VOLI   RVFTOPLI       Incompleteness: Delivery
VOL0   SAPMV76A       Delivery Information Configuration
VOL01  SD_LIST_USEREXIUser exit lists sales
VOL1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Collective Dlv.Proc.
VOL6   SAPMV76A       Configure information on
VOL7   SAPMV76A       Settings for Packing
VOPA   SAPMV80P       Configuration: Partner
VOPAN  SAPLV09F       Customizing Partners
VOP2   SAPL0Q19       Configuration: Partner
VORA   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Sales Doc.
VORD   RV56VORD       Route definition (to R/3 vers. 3.1)
VORF   RV56VORF       Route Definition (Up To Rel. 4.0B)
VORK   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Sales Activit
VORL   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Delivery
VORN   SAPL0VAR       Central Archiving Control
VORR   SAPL0VAR       Archiving Control for Billing Docs
VOTX   SAPMV80T       Configuration: Texts
VOTXN  SAPLV81TN      Maintain Text Customizing
VOVS   SD_TVSTAT      Define Status in Overview Screen
VOWE   RVFTOPWE       Incompleteness: Goods Receipt
VPE1   SDPERS01       Create sales representative
VPE2   SDPERS01       Change sales representative
VPE3   SDPERS01       Display sales representative
VPM4   RVEXREOR       Merge: Japan - Import Code Number
VPNR   RFTP_VIEW_PNR  View of the active PNR in 1A
VPN1   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Contact Person
VPRE   RV130008       PRICAT manual creation
VPSK   SAPL080L       DisplPartnDetProc.f.each Activ.Type
VPS2   SAPL080L       Maintain Partn.Det.Proc.f.eachActTy
VP94   RVEXSOVA       Load Import Code No. for Japan
VP94X  RVEXSOJ1       Load Import Code No. for Japan
VRLI   RVFTRELI       FT: Reorg. T609S Delivery
VRRE   SAPMV45A       Returns Delivery for RMA Order
VRWE   RVFTREWE       FT: Reorg. T609S Goods Receipt
VSB1   SAPLVEDSBWAPR  Self-Billing Proc. Inbound Monitor
VS00   MENUVS00       SD Main Menu for Customer
VS01   SAPMV57A       Create Scale
VS02   SAPMV57A       Change Scale
VS03   SAPMV57A       Display Scale
VS04   SAPMV57A       Create Scale with Reference
VS05   RV57SCLI       List Scales
VTBT   RV56BTCH       Report for Definition of Batch Run
VTBW   VTRBWVTBWNEW   Reorg.: Shipment Data in BW
VTDOCU RV56DOCU       Tech. documentation transportation
VTFAKT RV56FAKT       Bill Deliveries
VTRC   SAPLVTRC       XSI Cockpit
VTRK   SAPLVVTR       Tracking
VTRS   SAPLVVTR       XSI: Carrier: Master Data
VTWABU RV56WABU       Post goods issue
VT00   MENUVT00       Transportation
VT01   SAPMV56A       Old: Create Shipment
VT01N  SAPMV56A       Create Shipment
VT02   SAPMV56A       Old: Change Shipment
VT02N  SAPMV56A       Change Shipment
VT03   SAPMV56A       Old: Display Shipment
VT03N  SAPMV56A       Display Shipment
VT04   RV56TRGN       Transportation Worklist
VT10   RV56TRST       Select shipments: Start
VT18   RV56HELP       Start F4 Help Shipping
VT19   RV56STSM       Shipment Tendering Status Monitor
VT20   RV56OSSM       Overall Shipment Process Monitor
VT22   TPSTSHOW_LISTVIDisplay Change-Document Shipment
VT30   RV56TNDR       Initial internet tran for shipment
VT30N  SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Tendering Events for Carriers
VT31   RV56TNDR       Shipment tendering
VT31C  RV56TNDR_DISP_OCustmizing screen for shipment tend
VT31N  RV56TRSL       Selection Variants for Fwdg Agents
VT32   RV56TNDR       Shipment Status list
VT33   SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Ship.Planning for Carriers
VT34   SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Event Reports for Carriers via HTML
VT34M  SAPMV56_CAR_PL_Event Reports for Carriers via WML
VT60   RV56LMTP       Transfer Location Master Data to TP
VT61   RV56LFTP       Ext. transport. planning deliveries
VT62   RV56LFTPC      Send Deliveries to Forwarding Agent
VT63   RV56CFPSTAT    Freight Plng Status from Deliveries
VT68   RV56LFDL       Deallocate delivery from TPS
VT69   RV56LFDLC      Plan Deliveries from Freight Plng
VT70   SD70AV7A       Output for Shipments
VUA2   SAPL080J       Maintain Doc.Type Incompletion Proc
VUA3   SAPL080H       Display Doc.Type Incompletion Proc.
VUE2   SAPL080J       Maintain Sched.Line Incompletion Pr
VUE3   SAPL080J       Display Sched.Line Incompletion Pro
VUPA   SAPL080J       Display Partner Incompletion Proc.
VUP2   SAPL080J       Maintain Item Incompletion Procedur
VUP3   SAPLO80J       Display Item Incompletion Procedure
VVG1   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Group
VVG2   SAPMV13B       Change output: Groups
VVG3   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Group
VV11   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Sales
VV12   SAPMV13B       Change output: Sales
VV13   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Sales
VV21   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Shipping
VV22   SAPMV13B       Change output: Shipping
VV23   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Shipping
VV31   SAPMV13B       Create Output : Billing
VV32   SAPMV13B       Change output: Billing
VV33   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Billing
VV51   SAPMV13B       Create Output for Sales Activity
VV52   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Sales Activity
VV53   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Sales Activity
VV61   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Handling Units
VV62   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Handling Unit
VV63   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Handling Unit
VV71   SAPMV13B       Create Output: Transportation
VV72   SAPMV13B       Change Output: Transportation
VV73   SAPMV13B       Display Output: Transportation
VW01   SAPMV45W       SD Scenario 'Incoming Orders'
VW02   SAPMV45Y       SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop'
VW10   SAPMV45X       SD Scenario 'Order Status'
VXA1   RVEXAK10       Docs Assigned to Financial Document
VXA2   RVEXAK30       Existing Financial Documents
VXA3   RVKREDLC       Financial Documents: Blocked Docs
VXA4   RVEXAK47       Financial Documents: Simulation
VXA5   RVEXAKNS       Document. Payments: Print Monitorin
VXA7   RVEXAK47       Documentary Payments: Simulation
VXBC   RVEXSLIC       SLS: List of Blocked Customers
VXCZ   RVEXPICZ       INTRASTAT: Form - Czech Republic
VXDA   RVEXSLAD       SLS: Audit Trail - Customer Master
VXDG   MENUVXDG       Export Control
VXDP   MENUVXDP       Declarations to the Authorities
VXDV   RVEXSLDV       List of Expiring SLS Records
VXGK   MENUVXGK       Export Control
VXHU   RVEXPIHU       INTRASTAT: Form - Hungary
VXIE   MENUVXIE       Maintain Foreign Trade Data
VXJ0   RVEXPJP0       Foreign Trade: MITI Decl. - Japan
VXJ3   RVEXJPST       Foreign Trade: Import Decl. Japan
VXKA   RVEXSLAK       SLS: Audit Trail: Vendor Master
VXKD   MENUVXKD       Declarations to the Authorities
VXKP   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Maintain Tables T180
VXLA   RVEXSLDA       Legal Control: SLS - Audit Trail
VXLB   RVEXSLSA       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address
VXLC   RVEXSLCC       SLS: Vendor Check - Scenario 3
VXLD   RVEXSLDE       Legal Control: SLS - List Display
VXLE   RVEXSLCE       SLS: Scenario 5 - Vendor Master
VXLP   RVEXSLKA       Legal Control: SLS: Keyword: Addres
VXLU   RVEXSLUL       Legal Control: SLS - Data Service
VXLX   RVEXSLS1       Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer
VXLY   RVEXSLS2       Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv.
VXLZ   RVEXSLS3       Sanctioned Party List Screen
VXL1   RVEXSLC1       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 1
VXL2   RVEXSLC2       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 2
VXL3   RVEXSLC3       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 3
VXL4   RVEXSLC4       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 4
VXL5   RVEXSLC5       Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 5
VXL6   RVEXSLSD       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer
VXL7   RVEXSLKW       Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms
VXL8   RVSCDFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Change History
VXL9   RVEXSLSK       Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Vendor
VXME   MENUVXME       Declarations to the Authorities
VXMO   MENUVXMO       Common Agricultural Policy
VXPL   RVEXPIPL       INTRASTAT: Form - Poland
VXPR   MENUVXPR       Export Control
VXSE   MENUVXSE       Declarations to the Authorities
VXSIM  RVEXIMSI       Simulate Import
VXSK   RVEXPISK       INTRASTAT: Form - Slovakia
VXSL   MENUVXSL       Foreign Trade: Area Menu SLS
VXSW   RVEXMMSW       Mass change material commodity code
VXS1   SAPMVFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry
VXS2   SAPMVFSL       Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry
VXS3   SAPMVFSL       Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry
VX0C   MENUVX0C       Foreign Trade: Customizing Menu
VX00   MENUVX00       Export Control
VX01   SAPMV52E       Create license (old)
VX01N  SAPMV52E       Create license
VX01X  SAPMV52E       Create control record (new)
VX02   SAPMV52E       Change license (old)
VX02N  SAPMV52E       Change license
VX02X  SAPMV52E       Change control record (new)
VX03   SAPMV52E       Display license (old)
VX03N  SAPMV52E       Display license
VX03X  SAPMV52E       Display control record (new)
VX04N  SAPMV52E       Maintain license
VX07   RVEXSIAU       Simulation: License Check
VX08   RVEXSIBO       Simulation: Boycott List Check
VX09   RVEXSIEM       Simulation: Embargo Check
VX11   SAPMV86E       Create Financial Document
VX11N  SAPMV86E       Create financial document
VX11X  SAPMV86E       Create Financial Document
VX12   SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX12N  SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX12X  SAPMV86E       Change Financial Document
VX13   SAPMV86E       Display Financial Document
VX13N  SAPMV86E       Display financial document
VX13X  SAPMV86E       Display Financial Document
VX14N  SAPMV86E       Maintain financial documents
VX16   RVEXAU04       BAFA diskette: Selection
VX17   RVFTGKMD       Create BAFA diskette
VX22   SAPMV52G       Change license data (old)
VX22N  SAPLV52E       Change License Data
VX23   SAPMV52G       Display license data (old)
VX23N  SAPLV52E       Display license data
VX24N  SAPLV52E       Maintain control data
VX30   RVEXVEMA       Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class
VX94   RVCHEMAB       Declarations to Authorities: Check
VX98   SAPMV52A       Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNE
VX99   SAPMV99E       FT/Customs: General overview
V101   MENUVA00       Initial Sales Menu
V12L_A SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V12L_B SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V12L_C SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report
V12L_D SAPMV14A       Execute Pricing Report
V12LCA SAPMV14A       Create Pricing Report
V12LCB SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report
V23    SDFAKSPE       Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
V633   SAPL0VAR       "Customer Conversion Dec.Shipping"
WA/A   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.; Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.
WA/B   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.;Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Re
WA/C   SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Re
WA/1   SAPMV12A       Create Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc Notif
WA/2   SAPMV12A       Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc. Notif.
WA/3   SAPMV12A       Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl; Alloc Notif
WAA01  BUSSTART       WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr
WAA02  BUSSTART       WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr
WAA03  BUSSTART       WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr
WAA04  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.
WAA10  BUSSTART       WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA11  BUSSTART       WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA12  BUSSTART       WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Dispsr
WAA13  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Disposer
WAA19  BUSSTART       WA Create (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.
WAA20  BUSSTART       WA Change (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.
WAA21  BUSSTART       WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Trnsp.
WAA22  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Transp.)
WAA23  BUSSTART       WA Create (Authority)
WAA24  BUSSTART       WA Change (Authority)
WAA25  BUSSTART       WA Display (Authority)
WAA26  BUSSTART       WA Extend (Authority)
WACBA  RWLWRPLS       Archive Posting Lists
WACBL  RWLF5002       Restore Posting Lists
WACBLR RWLF4002       Delete Posting Lists from Archive
WACCIA RWLWRCINV      Archive Customer Settlements
WACCIR RWLF4006       Delete Archived Customer Settlement
WACLA  RWLWRILS       Archive Remuneration List
WACLF  RWLF5001       Restore Vendor Billing Documents
WACLFA RWLWRINV       Archive Vendor Billing Documents
WACLFR RWLF4001       Delete Billing Documents frm Archiv
WACLR  RWLF5003       Restore Remuneration Lists
WACLRR RWLF4003       Delete Remuner. Lists from Archive
WACO02 RMWBP00        Waste Workbench
WACRL  RWLF5005       Restore Settlement Request Lists
WACRLA RWLWRSLS       Archive Settlement Request Lists
WACRLR RWLF4005       Delete Settle. Req.Lists frm Archiv
WACSIA RWLWRSINV      Activate Expense Settlements
WACSIR RWLF4007       Delete Archived Expense Settlements
WACZR  RWLF5004       Restore Settlement Request
WACZRA RWLWRSMR       Archive Settlement Requests
WACZRR RWLF4004       Delete Settlem. Request from Archiv
WAE01  SAPLEHSWA_100  Create Entry Document
WAE02  SAPLEHSWA_100  Change Entry Document
WAE03  SAPLEHSWA_100  Display Entry Document
WAE10  EHSWAR_115_100 Easy Entry
WAFS   RBDSEMCD       Send Merchandise Category to AFS
WAHD1  RWAHD001       Load Alternative Historical Data
WAHD2  RWAHD002       Change Alternative Historical Data
WAHD3  RWAHD002       Display Alternative Historical Data
WAHD4  RWAHD004       Delete Alternative Historical Data
WAKC   RWMFA003       Maintain promotion themes
WAKN   RWNASTVP       Output bundling promotions
WAKV   RWAKT009       Promotion announcement preview
WAK0   MENUWAK0       Promotion management
WAK1   SAPMWAKA       Create promotion
WAK10  SAPMWAKA       Send reply f. promo. for each plant
WAK11  SAPMWAKA       Display promotion for each plant
WAK12  SAPMWAKA       Maintain promotion items
WAK13  RWAKT400       Promotion Change Documents
WAK14  RWAKT310       Report RWAKT310 (Promo for mat.)
WAK15  RWAKT320       Report RWAKT320 (promos for plant)
WAK16  RWAKT200       Price activation in background
WAK17  RWAKT210       Batch Allocation Table Generation
WAK18  RWAKT220       Batch Promotion Listing
WAK19  RWAKT230       Batch Promotion Announcement
WAK2   SAPMWAKA       Change promotion
WAK20  RWAKT240       Batch Supply Source Determination
WAK3   SAPMWAKA       Display promotion
WAK4   SAPMWAKA       Delete promotion
WAK5   SAPMWAKA       Initial screen - Subseq. processing
WAK6   SAPMWAKA       Initial scr.: overv. prices margins
WAK7   SAPMWAKA       List promotion materials for plant
WAK8   SAPMWAKA       Plant - materials in promotion
WAM01  SAPLEHSWA_200  Create Disposal Documents
WAM02  SAPLEHSWA_200  Edit Disposal Documents
WAM03  SAPLEHSWA_200  Display Disposal Documents
WAM04  SAPLEHSWA_200  Find Disposal Documents
WAM05  SAPLEHSWA_200  Disposal Documents List Display
WAPRL  RWLF9005       Settlement Request List - ApplStatu
WAPZR  RWLF9004       Payment Docs for Application Status
WAP1   RWAPPT10       Edit Appointments Worklist
WAP2   RWAPPT01       Change Appointments
WAP3   RWAPPT02       Display Appointments
WAP4   RWAPPT04       Appointments: Overview
WAP5   RWAPPT01       Appointment; Departure
WAP6   RWAPPT05       Change Appointment(Indiv. Maintnce)
WAP7   RWAPPT06       Appointments: Plnd/Actual Compariso
WAST   MENUWAST       Copied to CBWABDT (Copy BP Config
WA00   MENUWA00       Allocation Main Menu
WA01   SAPML01A       Create Allocation Table
WA02   SAPML01A       Change Allocation Table
WA03   SAPML01A       Display Allocation Table
WA04   SAPML01A       Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply
WA05   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs
WA06   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries
WA07   SAPMW03A       Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Order
WA08   RWWGENFB       Generate Alloc. Table Follow-On Doc
WA09   RWSDEL1T       Deletion of Allocation Tables
WA09H  RWSDEL2T       Allocation Table Emergency Deletion
WA11   RWSNASTV       Message Bundling; Allocation Table
WA12   RWSMAHNG       Create Reminders/Accept Plnd Qties
WA14   SAPMWRUECK     Reply; Plant
WA15A  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.; Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.
WA15B  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.;Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Re
WA15C  SAPMV13B       Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Re
WA21   SAPMW02A       Create Allocation Rule
WA22   SAPMW02A       Change Allocation Rule
WA23   SAPMW02A       Display Allocation Rule
WA30   RWSAVI1T       Allocation Tables for Objects
WA35   RWSOPAAW       Allocation Instruction
WA40   RWAUFNWE       Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering GR
WA50   RWAUREGE       Generate Allocation Rule
WA51   RWAUREFV       Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant
WA52   RWAUFR00       Alloc Rule Lists
WA53   RWSVZUKT       Create Selection Variants
WA54   RWSARGEN       Generate Alloc Rule / Test RIS-L
WA56   RWSGENAR       Generate Allocation Rule (SAP BW)
WA60   RWWAGENB       Create Selection Variant for PO
WA61   RWWAGENL       Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generatio
WB/A   SAPMV13B       Message deter. promo:create
WB/B   SAPMV13B       Mess.deter.Promo: chng conditon rec
WB/C   SAPMV13B display cond. rec
WB/1   SAPMV12A       Sub. cond.;cr. tab; promo announ.
WB/2   SAPMV12A       Sub.cond.;change tbl; promo ann.
WB/3   SAPMV12A       Sub. cond.; disp. tab; promo ann.
WBBA   RWBBANAS       Assortment List: Analyze Dates
WBBR   RWBBVDEL       Reorganize Assort. List Versions
WBBS   RWBBSHOW       Display Assort. List Versions
WBB0   MENUWBB0       Assortment list applicatiom menu
WBDEMO WB_USER_INTERFAWorkbench Demo: Template Interface
WBF1   RWBEF100       IS-R: Stock Overview; Empties
WBF2   RWBEF200       Display GI/GR Diff. for Stck Trans.
WBLR   RWLF2010       Create posting lists using report
WBLRB  RWLF1013       Posting Lists for Remuner. List
WBLS   SAPLWLF2       Posting List Cancellation
WBL1   SAPLWLF2       Create posting list manually
WBL2   SAPLWLF2       Change posting list
WBL3   SAPLWLF2       Display posting list
WBL4   RWLF2009       Release blocked posting lists
WBST   MENUWBST       SAP Retail: Inventory Management
WBTE   RWBTRAEX       Export plant data (file transfer)
WBTI   RWBTRAIM       Import plants (file transfer)
WBVK   MENUWBVK       Subsequent settlement
WBWF   SAPLWB2_WORKFLOTrading Contract: Workflw Workbench
WB00   MENUWB00       Subsequent settlement
WB01   SAPMWBE3       Create plant
WB02   SAPMWBE3       Change plant
WB03   SAPMWBE3       Display plant
WB06   SAPMWBE3       Archiving flag; plant
WB07   SAPMWBE3       Change plant/customer assignment
WB08   SAPMWBE3       Change plant/vendor assignment
WB2C   RWBNWT01       Messages - Target Group: Customer
WB2L   RWB2MATPOS01   Long Short Analysis
WB2M   RWBNWT02       Messages for Management
WB2R   RWB2BCUST01    Global Trade General Control
WB2V   RWBNWT03       Messages for Vendor
WB20   MENUWB20       Global Trade
WB21   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Create
WB22   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Change
WB23   SAPLWB2A       Trading contract: Display
WB24   RWB2B001       Trading contract: Coll. status proc
WB25   RWB2B001       Trad. contract list: Contracts list
WB26   RWB2B002       Trading Contract: Document Flow
WB27   RWB2B002       Trading contract: Standard analysis
WB28   RWB2B004       Trading contract: Change history
WB30   RWWMASMG       Mass maintenance MG to plant
WB31   RWB2B006       Trading Contract: Fincl Documents
WB35   RWWROLAY       Layout overview
WB40   RWWKLASS       List analysis for classes
WB50   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; create alloc tbl
WB51   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; change alloc tbl
WB52   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; display alloc table
WB53   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; delete alloc tbl
WB54   SAPMWBE2       PG Maintain allocTbl; plant to clas
WB55   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl; maintain class to clas
WB56   SAPMWBE2       PG AllTbl; maintain plants in class
WB57   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB58   SAPMWBE2       PG Alloc tbl display class to class
WB59   SAPMWBE2       PG AllocTbl display plants in class
WB60   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; create promotions
WB61   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; change promotions
WB62   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; display promotions
WB63   SAPMWBE2       Plant group; delete promotions
WB64   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB65   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. class to class
WB66   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB67   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; maint. plants to clas
WB68   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; displ. class to class
WB69   SAPMWBE2       PG Promotion; displ. plants in clas
WB70   SAPMWBE2       Create assortment class
WB71   SAPMWBE2       Change assortment class
WB72   SAPMWBE2       Display assortment class
WB73   SAPMWBE2       Delete assortment class
WB74   SAPMWBE2       Maintain assortments to classes
WB75   SAPMWBE2       Maintain classes to classes
WB76   SAPMWBE2       Maintain assortments in class
WB77   SAPMWBE2       Display assortments to classes
WB78   SAPMWBE2       Display Class for Classes
WB79   SAPMWBE2       Display assortments in class
WB80   SAPMWBE2       Create plant group Other
WB81   SAPMWBE2       Change plant group Other
WB82   SAPMWBE2       Display plant group Other
WB83   SAPMWBE2       Delete plant group Other
WB84   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. plant to classes
WB85   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. class to classes
WB86   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; maint. plant in class
WB87   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; displ.plant to classes
WB88   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; class to class
WB89   SAPMWBE2       PG Other; displ. plants in class
WCCA   RIWC0014       Generate Print Settings
WCCB   RIWC0015       Create/Delete Applications
WCC1   RIWC0003       Maintain Conflict Rules
WCC2   RIWC0012       Assistant for Model Selection
WCC3   RIWC0013       Generate Basic Settings
WCC8   RIWC0001       Assign Technical Objects
WCC9   RIWC0002       Assign Operational Conditions
WCI1   RIWC0008       WCM: Check - WCCO
WCI2   RIWC0009       WCM: Check - WCCOR
WCI3   RIWC0011       WCM: Check - WCCO <-> WCCOR
WCI4   RIWC0007       WCM: Check - WCCA
WCLA   RIWCWW02       WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCLB   RIWC0010       WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLC   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLD   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLE   RIWC0010       WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLF   RIWC0017       WCM: Operational Log
WCL1   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL2   RIWCWD02       WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL3   RIWCWD02       WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL4   RIWCWD02       WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL5   RIWCWA02       WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL6   RIWCWA02       WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL7   RIWCWA02       WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL8   RIWCWA02       WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL9   RIWCWW02       WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCM    MENUWCM        Work Clearance Management
WCMA   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMB   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMC   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCMCP  MENUWCMCP      Category Manager Workbench - Exampl
WCMD   RMCW1500       RIS: OTB - Selection
WCME   RMCW0300       RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selectio
WCM1   RWWCATM1       Define CM area of responsibility
WCM2   RWWCATM2       Display worksheet for CM
WCM3   RWWCATM3       Display CM area of responsibility
WCM4   RWWCATM4       Delete CM area of responsibility?
WCPC   SAPMWWMC       Customizing Internet product catalo
WCRA   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WAP
WCRB   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WAP
WCRC   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WAP
WCRD   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WAPI
WCRF   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WCD
WCRG   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for Order
WCRH   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template with Order
WCRJ   SAPLWCFI       WCM: Create WAPI for Order
WCRK   SAPLWCFI       WCM: Create WAPI for WAP
WCR1   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WCD
WCR2   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template for WAPI
WCR3   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WAPI
WCR4   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Op. WCD for WCD
WCR5   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for Order
WCR6   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WAP
WCR7   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Create WCA for WCD
WCR8   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for Order
WCR9   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Create WAP for WAPI
WCSO   SAPLWSSA_DOC   SAP Retail Store: Consumer Order
WCSOD  SAPLWSSA_DOC   Deliver Sales Order
WCSOS  SAPMV45X       SAP Retail Store: Cons. Order Statu
WCTC   SAPLWCFE       WCM: Display WAP
WCTM   SAPLWCFA       WCM: Display WCA
WCTP   RIWCWW01       WCM: Assignment of WAP
WCTQ   RIWCWA01       WCM: Assignment of WCA
WCTR   RIWCWD01       WCM: Assignment of Operational WCD
WCTS   RIWCWA01       WCM: Assignment of WAPI
WCTU   RIWCOR01       WCM: Assignment of Order
WCT1   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create WCD Template
WCT2   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Change WCD Template
WCT3   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Display WCD Template
WCT6   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Create Operational WCD
WCT7   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Change Operational WCD
WCT8   SAPLWCFY       WCM: Display Operational WCD
WCUM   SAPMWWCC       Maintain customer
WCU1   SAPMWWCC1      Maintain customer
WCU2   SAPMWOSD       SAP Retail Store: Customer Mainten.
WCWBNR SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: W_CWB
WCW1   RIWC0004       WCM: 'DLFL' Status Conversion
WC01   SAPLCTMV       Edit Characteristic
WC02   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for SP Calculation
WC03   SAPMSNUM       Number range; allocation rule
WC04   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges; Promotions
WC05   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges; allocation table
WC06   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges Status Tracking
WC07   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for free goods
WC08   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges layout promo/plant
WC10   RWVKP008       Batch Worklist for Pricing
WC11   RWSORT07       Batch Changes; Assortments
WC12   RWMBON01       Batch Settlement for Arrangements
WC13   RWMBON02       Batch List Output for Arrangements
WC14   RWMBON03       Batch Vendor Bus. Volume for Arrngm
WC15   RWMBON04       Batch Detailed Stmnt for Arrangemen
WC16   RWMBON05       Batch Extension Val. Period/Arrngmn
WC17   RWMBON06       Batch Update Vendor Business Volume
WC18   RWMBON10       Batch Check Open GR Qty for Arrngmn
WC19   RMCENEUA       Batch Stat. Recomp. Vendor Bus. Vol
WC20   RWMBON07       Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev.
WC21   RMCVISCP       Batch Reorg Data in LIS
WC22   RWVKU001       Batch List Rtl Changes for Material
WC23   RMBABG00       Batch IV; Immediate Cyclic Check
WC24   RWDPOSUP       Batch POS Outbound
WC25   RWDBBUPD       Batch Assortment List/Shelf-Edge La
WC26   RMPROG00       Batch Forecast
WC27   RMMRP000       Batch Requirements Planning per Pln
WC28   RWWLOCKD       Batch Set Central Block
WC29   RWSNASTV       Batch; Alloc Tbl Message Bundling
WC30   RWNASTVP       Batch; Promotion Message Bundling
WC31   RFPUMS00       Batch Preparation of Adv. Tax Retur
WC32   RWDPOSIN       Batch POS Outb. Ini
WC33   RWDBBINI       Assortment List: Initial. & FullVer
WC34   RBDAPP01       Batch repeat terminated upload
WC35   RBDMANIN       Batch repeat incorrect upload
WC41   RMEBEIN4       Batch worklist for doc. index
WC63   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for SP Calculation
WDBI   RWDBBINI       Assort. List: Full Vers. and Init.
WDBM   RWDBBMAN       Assort. List.: Manual Request
WDBU   RWDBBUPD       Assortment List: Change Message
WDFR   SAPMWOG1       Create Perishables Planning
WDFR2  SAPMWOG1       Change Perishables Planning
WDFR3  SAPMWOG1       Display Perishables Planning
WDH1   RVKNVH00       Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)
WDH2   RVKNVH00       Display customer hierarchy (SD)
WDIS   MENUWDIS       Materials Planning for SAP Retail
WDKR   RWDEBRET       Create customers from vendors
WDLS   RWPUDLST       Delete Error Messages
WDRD1  RWDRD001       Determine Delivery Relationship
WDRD2  RWDRD002       Change Delivery Relationship
WDRD3  RWDRD003       Display Delivery Relationship
WDRD4  RWDRD004       Delete Delivery Relationship
WDSR   RWDPOSRS       Reorg of download status tracking
WDTS   RWPUDTST       Delete Status Information
WEBU   RTLABELB       Printing Labels via Assortment List
WEKF   MENUWEKF       Purchase order SAP Retail
WENA   RT70AWEA       Messages on Basis of Changes
WESO   RTLABELD       Special Request for Labels
WETI   MENUWETI       IS-R Labeling
WEWU   SAPMWEWU       EMU conversions in retail
WE02   RSEIDOC2       Display IDoc
WE05   RSEIDOC2       IDoc Lists
WE06   RSEIDOCA       Active IDoc monitoring
WE07   RSEIDOCH       IDoc statistics
WE09   RSEIDOC9       Search for IDoc in Database
WE10   RSEXARCS       Search for IDoc in Archive
WE11   RSETESTD       Delete IDocs
WE12   MSEIDOC0       Test Modified Inbound File
WE14   RSEOUT00       Test Outbound Processing
WE15   MSEIDOC0       Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE16   MSEIDOC0       Test Inbound File
WE17   MSEIDOC0       Test Status File
WE18   MSEIDOC1       Generate Status File
WE19   SAPMSED7       Test tool
WE20   SAPMSEDIPARTNERPartner Profiles
WE21   SAPMSEDPORT    Port definition
WE23   RSEDICATT      Verification of IDoc processing
WE30   SAPMSED5       Development IDoc Type
WE31   SAPMSED4       Development IDoc Segment
WE32   SAPMSED6       Development IDoc View
WE40   RSECFG00       IDoc Administration
WE42   RSECODIN       Process codes; inbound
WE45   RSELOGAD       Forward (inbound) (V3; EDILOGADR)
WE46   RSECFG00       IDoc administration
WE47   MSESTA00       Status Maintenance
WE56   RSECFG00       IDoc Administration
WE60   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for IDoc types
WE61   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for IDoc record types
WE62   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation for segments
WE63   SAPMSEDIDOCU   Documentation
WE64   SAPMSEDMESTYP  Documentation message types
WFCS01 WFCS_FCAST_PARARun Sales Forecast
WFCS02 WFCS_FCAST_PARADelete Sales Forecast
WFCS03 WFCS_TABLES_DISDisplay Data for Sales Forecast
WFCS04 WFCS_TADST_COPYSales Forecast: Consumption from MR
WFIL   MENUWFIL       Store Order for SAP Retail
WFL1   RWLF7001       Document flow; vendor billing docs
WFL2   RWLF7002       Document flow; posting lists
WFL3   RWLF7003       Document Flow; Remuneration Lists
WFL4   RWLF7004       Document flow; settlement requests
WFL5   RWLF7005       Document flow; request lists
WFRE   RETVERT1       Distribution of Returns
WF00   SAPWFPR2       Workflow: Choose Processes
WF01   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Process
WF02   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Rule Editor
WF03   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Display Process
WF04   SAPWFPR0       Workflow: Process in Background
WF05   SAPWFPR1       Workflow: Queue
WF10   SAPMWFRM1      Collective Purchase Order
WF10A  SAPMWFRM1      Collective PO Without Tabstrips
WF20   SAPMWFRM6      Change Distribution
WF30   SAPMWFRM4      Merchandise Distribution: Monitor
WF40   RCLEANFRET     Delete Distribution
WF50   SAPMWFRM7      Adjust Distribution
WF50A  SAPMWFRM2      Adjust Distribution
WF51   SAPMWFRM9      Modify Distribution (in Background)
WF60   SAPMWFRM3      Create Outbound Deliveries
WF70   SAPMWFRM5      Create Distribution Orders
WF80   R_FRM_APPL_LOG_Merchandise Distribution Log
WF90   R_FRM_APPL_LOG_Delete Merch. Distrib. Applic. Log
WGCL   MENUWGCL       Classification system; Retail
WGRT   RWWATRAT       Transport of classifiable objects
WGSE   RBDSEWGR       Sending material group hierarchy
WGUS   RWWGH002       Where-used list MG hierarchy
WG21   SAPMWWG2       Create material groups
WG22   SAPMWWG2       Change material groups
WG23   SAPMWWG2       Delete material groups
WG24   SAPMWWG2       Display material groups
WG26   SAPMWWG2       Create assignments
WG27   SAPMWWG2       Change assignment
WG28   SAPMWWG2       Delete Assignments
WG29   SAPMWWG2       Display assignments
WI00   MENUWI00       Physical Inventory for SAP Retail
WJB3   RWJBIDIN       Test: Import Assortment List IDoc
WJB5   RWJBDISP       Display Assortment List
WKK1   RWWKK001       Create Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK2   RWWKK002       Change Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK3   RWWKK003       Display Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKK4   RWWKK004       MB Price Calc. Price Activation
WKON   MENUWKON       Conditions/Arrangements SAP Retail
WKUN   MENUWKUN       Customer
WK00   MENUWK00       Subsequent settlement
WLACI  RWLRECINV      Read Customer Settlements From AS
WLACII RWLF3006       Read Customer Settlements From AS
WLAM   SAPLWLAM       Layout Maintenance
WLAN   RWSORT20       Listing Conditions for Layout Modul
WLASI  RWLRESINV      Read Expense Settlement From Archiv
WLASII RWLF3007       Read Expense Settlement From Archiv
WLAY   RWLAYINF       Space Management: Display Layout
WLA1   RWLREILS       Read Remuneration Lists from Archiv
WLA2   RWLREPLS       Read posting lists from the archive
WLA3   RWLRESLS       Read settlm req. lists from archive
WLA4   RWLRESMR       Read settlement req. from archive
WLA5   RWLF3003       Archived Remuneration List Items
WLA6   RWLF3004       Archived payment document items
WLA7   RWLF3005       Archived settlement req. list items
WLA8   RWLF3002       Archived posting list items
WLBA   RWVLB00A       Check Program for LB
WLBB   RWVLB00B       Tool for Vendor Service Level
WLBC   RWVLB00C       Reorganization of Condition Pointer
WLB1   RWVLB002       Investment buying
WLB13  RWVLB013       Automatic Load Building
WLB2   RWVLB008       Investment buying analysis
WLB3   RWVLB007       Autom. opt. PO-based load building
WLB4   RWVLB014       Results list for auto. load buildin
WLB5   RWVLB003       Combine POs in a logical load
WLB6   RWVLB004       Test invest. buy. return on investm
WLB7   RWVLB006       Analysis for Service Level
WLB8   SAPLMDR1       Simulation for Quantity Optimizing
WLCH   RWLMVERCOM     Communicating Layout Changes
WLCM   RWLAY002       Delete LayoutListConds. for Assort.
WLCN   RWLAY001       Delete Listing Conditions from LM
WLCPAR RWLC_PROCESS_INExternal Parallel Processing
WLFA   RWDIWLFA       IMG vendor billing document
WLFB   RWLF1001       List header data billing document
WLFC   RWLF1002       List billing documents
WLFD   RWLF1003       List Remuneration List Header Data
WLFE   RWLF1004       Display Remuneration List Data
WLFF   RWLF2001       Mass release payment documents
WLFG   RWLF1005       Display payment header data
WLFH   RWLF1006       Display payment documents with item
WLFI   RWLF2002       Cancellation of payment documents
WLFJ   RWLF2003       Mass reversal of vendor billing doc
WLFK   RWLF2004       Mass release vendor billing docs
WLFL   RWLF2005       Mass Release Remuneration List
WLFLK  RWLF2013       Mass release remunertn list custome
WLFM   RWLF2006       Create Remuner. List from Bill. Doc
WLFN   RWLF2007       Create Rem. Lists from Payment Docs
WLFO   RWLF1007       List of payment list header data
WLFP   RWLF1008       List of payment list data
WLFQ   RWLF1009       List of posting list header data
WLFR   RWLF1010       List of posting list data
WLFS   RWLREINV       Read archived vendor billing docs
WLFT   RWLF3001       Archived billing docs with items
WLFU   RWLFFLOW       Document flow information
WLFV   RWLF2011       Create RemunLists from Posting List
WLFW   RWLF2012       Complete Settlement Request Lists
WLF1   SAPLWLF1       Create vendor billing document
WLF1D  SAPLWLF1       Create vendor billing document
WLF1K  SAPLWLF1       Obsolete - No Longer Exists
WLF2   SAPLWLF1       Change vendor billing document
WLF2D  SAPLWLF1       Change vendor billing document
WLF2K  SAPLWLF1       Change Customer Settlement
WLF3   SAPLWLF1       Display vendor billing document
WLF3D  SAPLWLF1       Display vendor billing document
WLF3K  SAPLWLF1       Display Customer Settlement
WLF4   SAPLWLF1       Cancel vendor billing document
WLF4D  SAPLWLF1       Cancel Expense Settlement
WLF4K  SAPLWLF1       Cancel Customer Settlement
WLI1   RWLF1050       List Output Single Documents
WLI2   RWLF1051       List Output Agency Documents
WLI3   RWLF1052       List Output List Documents
WLM    RK_PEP_WLM_RUN Worklist Monitor
WLMM   SAPLWLMM       Layout Module Maintenance
WLMON  RK_PEP_WLM_RUN AV-Monitor - Direct Selection
WLMPS  RK_PEP_WLM_RUN Worklist Monitor for Project System
WLMV   RWLMVERM       Maintenance of Layout Module Versio
WLN1   RWLFWR01       Messages from vendor billing docs
WLN10  RWLFWR10       Messages Customer Settlement
WLN11  RWLFWR11       Messages Expenses Settlement
WLN12  RWLFWR12       Mess. Remun. List Customer Settlmnt
WLN13  RWLFWR13       Message Remuneration List Cost Sett
WLN14  RWLFWR14       Message Output Agency Documents
WLN2   RWLFWR02       Messages from posting lists
WLN3   RWLFWR03       Messages Remuner.Lists; Vend.BillDo
WLN4   RWLFWR04       Messages from settlement requests
WLN5   RWLFWR05       Messages from settlem. request list
WLN6   RWLFWR06       Messages Rem. List Settlement Req.
WLP1   RWLF8004       Profit simulation single requests
WLP2   RWLF8005       Profit simulation request lists
WLRA   RWLF1011       Rel. payment docs for Remuner. list
WLRB   RWLF1012       Rel. Invoices for Remuneration List
WLRS   SAPLWLF1       Cancellation of Remuneration Lists
WLR1   SAPLWLF1       Create Remuneration List
WLR2   SAPLWLF1       Change Remuneration List
WLR3   SAPLWLF1       Display Remuneration List
WLSE   SELAYTOP       Direct Sending: Layout Module
WLS1   RWLF6001       Go to vendor billing docs archive
WLS2   RWLF6002       Go to posting list archive
WLS3   RWLF6003       Go to Remuneration List Archive
WLS4   RWLF6004       Go to settlement request archive
WLS5   RWLF6005       Go to settlem. request list archive
WLS6   RWLF6006       Goto AS for Customer Settlement
WLS7   RWLF6007       Goto AS for Expense Settlement
WLWB   RWLAYWOB       Layout Workbench
WL00   MENUWL00       Vendor Master
WMBE   RWBWM001       Stock Overview: Value-only Material
WMB1   RWVKP015       Create Competitor Price Entry
WMB2   RWVKP015       Change Competitor Price Entry
WMB3   RWVKP015       Display Competitor Price Entry
WMB4   RWVKP015       Create Competitor Price Entry w/ Re
WMF0   MENUWMF0       Season management menu
WMF1   SAPMWMFA       Create Markdown Plan
WMF2   SAPMWMFA       Change Markdown Plan
WMF3   SAPMWMFA       Display Markdown Plan
WMF4   SAPMWMFA       Delete Markdown Plan
WMF5   RWMFA200       Price Activation Markdown Plan
WMF6   RWMFA210       Markdown Plan Price Calculation Tes
WMF7   RWMFA300       Markdown Plan Evaluation
WMNE   RWMBON12       Process Worklist
WMN9   RWMBON21       Subsequent Settlement Control
WMR1   SAPMWMFA       Create Markdown Rule
WMR2   SAPMWMFA       Change Markdown Rule
WMR3   SAPMWMFA       Display Markdown Rule
WMR4   SAPMWMFA       Delete Markdown Rule
WM00   MENUWM00       Material
WOB0   MENUWOB0       Stores
WOF0   MENUWOF0       Stores
WOG3   ISRLOCG1       Plant groups
WON1   RWCUST01       General Settings for Replenishment
WOPD   RWPPRODP       Assortment List: Display Log
WPCA   RFCCSSTT       Carry out settlement run
WPCC   RWPRDCHG       Prepare prod. catalog change IDocs
WPCD   RFCCDLOG       Delete settlement logs
WPCI   RWPRDCAT       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPCJ   RWPRDPOS       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPCW   RFCCRSTT       Repeat settlement run
WPC1   RWPCHEAD       Prepare product catalog IDocs
WPC2   RWPCITEMS      Prepare item IDocs
WPC3   RWPCHEADSMD    Prepare catalog change IDocs
WPC4   RWPCITEMSSMD   Prepare item change IDocs
WPC5   RWPCKEY        Convert product catalog
WPDTC  PDTC_REPORT    Planned Delivery Time Calculation
WPED   SAPMWPED       Sales Audit Editor
WPER   SAPMWPER       POS interface monitor
WPER2  RWDANALYSIS    POS: Analysis/Auxiliary Reports
WPHF   RWDPOSCK       Analysis report
WPIA   RBDMANIN       Repeat upload POS IDOCs
WPIE   RBDAGAIE       Inbound modified IDocs
WPLG   RWREGPRO       Space Management
WPMA   RWDPOSAN       POS Download: Manual Request
WPMI   RWDPOSIN       POS download: initialization
WPMU   RWDPOSUP       POS download: change message
WPOS   MENUWPOS       POS Interface SAP Retail
WPO1   RWPOB001       Close Back Orders
WPRI   RWCUST02       PRICAT on the Internet
WPRI6  RWCUST06       Templ.for Non-R/3 Fields at CatItem
WPRI7  RWCUST07       Templ. for Non-R/3 Fields at QtyIte
WPS1   DIWP_SELFTEST  Revision Planning
WPS2   DIWPS_REV_ORDERCreate Order as Report
WPUF   SAPMWPUK       Simulation inb. proc. FI/CO documen
WPUK   SAPMWPUK       POS simulation
WPUS   SAPMWPUK       Simulation: Inbound Processing
WPUW   SAPMWPUK       Goods movements simulation
WP00   MENUWP00       Sales and Operations Planning
WQ00   MENUWQ00       Value and Quota Scales Appl. Menu
WQ01   SAPMWMVC       Create Value Scale
WQ02   SAPMWMVC       Change Value Scale
WQ03   SAPMWMVC       Display Value Scale
WQ04   SAPMWMVC       Delete Value Scale
WQ05   SAPMWMVC       Reconcile with Characteristic
WQ11   SAPMWMVC       Create Quota Scale
WQ12   SAPMWMVC       Change Quota Scale
WQ13   SAPMWMVC       Display Quota Scale
WQ14   SAPMWMVC       Delete quota scale
WQ21   SAPMWMVC       Automatically Generate Quota Scales
WRAV   RWRCALAV       Update Reclassification Version
WRA1   RWRCALL1       Delete Reclassification Version
WRA2   RWRCALL2       Display Reclassification Version
WRA3   RWRCALL3       Change Reclassification Version
WRA4   RWRCALL4       Create Reclassification Version
WRBDL  RWRBADSL       Detailed Stock List
WRBDL2 RWRBADSL       Detailed Stock List
WRCK   RWRPLCHK       Store Replenishment: Check Program
WRCR   RETAIL_RECLASSIRetail Reclassification
WRCV   RWRECLAV       Update MG reclassification
WRC1   RWRECLA1       Delete MG reclassification
WRC2   RWRECLA2       Display MG reclassification
WRC3   RWRECLA3       Change MG reclassification
WRC4   RWRECLA4       Create MG reclassification
WRDL   RWRPLDEL       Replenishment run reorganization
WRFE   RWRPLPFE       Store Replen.: Preprocessing Progra
WRLS   SAPLWLF2       Cancel: Settlement Request List
WRL1   SAPLWLF2       Create payment list document
WRL2   SAPLWLF2       Create payment list request
WRL3   SAPLWLF2       Display payment list request
WRL4   RWLF2008       Mass release of settlem. req. lists
WRMD   RWRP_RRM_OUTBOUData Export for RRM Interface
WRMO   SAPMWRPM       Replenishment monitor
WRN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WFWFACTOR
WRPFMM MENUWRPFMM     Replenishment: Forecast (MM-IM)
WRP0   MENUWRP0       Replenishment
WRP1   RWRPLPRO       Replenishment: Procurement
WRSO   RWRPLVFB       Store Replen.: Follow-On Doc. Gener
WRSR   RWRPLSRP       Store Replen.: Requirem. Calculatio
WRST   RMMMMPOI       Transfer Master Data for Matl Maint
WRSTA  RMMMMPOIA      Materials Listing
WR30   RWRPL011       Replenishment: Generate wghtng prof
WR31   RWRPL010       Replen: Create frcst wghtng profile
WR60   RWRPL060       Replenishment: Parameter Overview
WSAD   RWSPMAPL       Space Management: No of Error Logs
WSAK   SAPMWAST       SAP Retail Store: Promotions
WSAU   SAPMWAUST      SAP Retail Store: Allocation Table
WSCM   MENUWSCM       Category Manager Workbench - Exampl
WSC1   RWMFA003       Customizing season codes
WSC2   RWMFA003       Customizing annual season
WSC3   RWMFA003       Customizing markdown types
WSE1   RWSORT40       Group-Wide Discontinuation
WSE2   RWSORT43       Vendor/material discontinuation
WSE3   RWSORT45       Material Discontinuation (Dist. Ch.
WSE4   RWSORT44       Material/Plant Discontinuation
WSE5   RWSORT41       Error log; discontinuation
WSE6   RWSORT48       Mat. Discontinuation for Assortment
WSE8   RWSORT46       Display discontinuation status
WSGM   SAPLWOSM       SAP Retail Store: Full Menu
WSHT   SAPLWSHT       SAP Retail Store: Time Recording
WSIN   RWSSOINI       Initialize Selection Variant
WSIS   MENUWSIS       Information system
WSK1   SAPMWSO3       Assortments IS-R; copy store astmts
WSK2   RWSORT36       Delete store assortments IS-R
WSK3   RWSORBT1       Assortment copy; batch input
WSK4   RWSORBT2       Delete Batch Input Assortment
WSLA   RWSORT12       Assortment Users per Assortment
WSLB   RWSORT13       Assortment per Assortment User
WSLC   RWSORT25       Display of causes of listing
WSLF   RWSORT28       Material per customer
WSLG   RWSORTA1       Compare promotion POs - sales order
WSLH   RWSORT33       Assortment modules for material
WSLI   RWSORT34       Display change doc. listing cond.
WSL0   RWSORT11       Consistency check for reference mat
WSL1   RWSORT01       Assortments; selection lists
WSL10  RWSORTK1       Materials in Assortment
WSL11  RWSORT64       WSL11
WSL2   RWSORT02       Check listing rules
WSL3   RWSORT03       Material listed in plant before?
WSL4   RWSORT32       Analyze material in module
WSL5   RWSORT22       Modules in plant
WSL6   RWSORT23       Assortment structure; Plants
WSL7   RWSORT31       Vendor material list
WSL8   RWSORT24       Assortment grade info
WSL9   RWSORT09       Listing conditions coming to an end
WSMP   MENUWSMP       merchandise planning menu - first s
WSM3   RWSORLIARTI    Recompil. of Listing acc. Material
WSM4   RWSORT07       Relist after ch. plant/ mat. grp ma
WSM4A  RWSORT07A      Relist After Changes to Assortments
WSM4B  RWSORT07B      Relist After Changes to Plants
WSM4L  RWSORT07L      Automatic Relisting of Layout Data
WSM6   RWSORTZ1       Delete Individual Listing; Material
WSM7   RWSORTZ1       Delete Individual Listing; Material
WSM8   RWSORALL       Setup assrt.owner assortment as WRF
WSM9   RWSORT53       Delete Expired Listing Conditions
WSM9A  RWSORT54       Delete Change Docs WLK1 and ASMODUL
WSN1   SAPMSNUM       Number range main.: WSORT
WSN2   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WSORTIMEN
WSOA1  SAPMWSO6       Create assortments
WSOA2  SAPMWSO6       Change assortments
WSOA3  SAPMWSO6       Display assortments
WSOA4  SAPMWSO6       Delete assortment
WSOA5  SAPMWSO6       Assign assortment to customer
WSOA6  RWSORT70       Assortment Maintenance Tool
WSOA7  SAPMWSOA7      Mass Maintenance of Table WRS6
WSO1   SAPMWSO2       IS-R Listing Create Module
WSO2   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; maintain module
WSO3   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; display module
WSO4   SAPMWSO2       Assortments IS-R; delete module
WSO5   SAPMWSO2       Astmts IS-R; maint. module-> store
WSO7   SAPMWSO2       IS-R Astmts; Display module-> store
WSPA   RWSORLIKON     Change listing conditions
WSPB   RWSORLIKON1    Combine listing conditions
WSPK   RWSORT19       Complete missing mat. segments log
WSPL   RWSORT18       Missing material master segments
WSP3   RWSORT06       Delete individual listing
WSP4   RWSORT14       Create indiv. listing; mat. - plant
WSP5   RWSORT15       Change ind. listing; mat. - plant
WSP6   RWSORT16       Delete ind. listing; mat. - plant
WSP7   RWSORT17       Mat. grp mat. listing in plant
WSR1   RWARCH01       Archiving worklist for assortments
WSR2   RWARCH02       Deletion assortment and listing
WSR3   RWARCH03       Reset assortment and listing
WSSW   SAPLWOSW       SAP Retail Store: Display Plant
WSS1   RWSORT10       General settings for Assortments
WSTA   SAPLWSAO_DYNP  SAP Retail Store: Orders
WSTE   SAPMWOSE       SAP Retail Store: Goods Receipt
WSTED  SAPLWOSE_DOGR  SAP Retail Store: Display open GR
WSTI   SAPLWOSI       SAP Retail Store: Physical Inventor
WSTL   ADDI_STWB_REQUESAP Retail Store Labeling
WSTN11 WSTN10         Maintain prepack allocation plannin
WSTN13 WSTN10         Display prepack allocation planning
WSTN14 RWSTRNPOSTPP   Process prepack allocation manually
WSTN15 RWSTRNDELALLOC Delete Alloc. Table  (PP Alloc Plan
WSTP   SAPLWSTP       Retail Store Sales Prices
WSTSA  SAPLWOSA       SAP Retail Store: Assortment List
WSTU   SAPLWOSI       SAP Retail Store: Revaluation
WSTV   SAPMWOSE       SAP Retail Store: Goods Movements
WSUP   WPLG_MAP_INTERFSpace Management Using Plan Data
WSUP1  RWSORT60       No. of Duplicate Listing Conditions
WSUP2  RWSORT63       WSOF Migration Tool
WSV2   SAPMWSO2       Create value contract module
WS00   MENUWS00       Assortment
WS11   RWSIDOCE       Send assortment modules
WS12   RWSIDOCLIKOND  Send listing conditions
WS13   RWSIDOCASORT   Send assortments
WTAD   MENUWTAD       Additionals
WTAM   ADDI_MONITOR   Additionals Monitor
WTAOC  ADDI_ORDERS_CREGenerate POs for Additionals
WTCA   ADDI_ANALYSIS_OChange Analysis for Additionals
WTEW   SAPLWB2_WB_VIEWTrading Execution Workbench
WTMG   SAPMFQMG       Conversion of Withholding Tax Data
WTRA2  WTRA_DELETE_PRORuntime Measurement: Delete Logs
WTRA3  WTRA_DISPLAY_PRRuntime Measurement: Display Logs
WTR1   ADDI_IDOC_REQUERequest for Additionals IDoc
WTR2   ADDI_PR_IDOC_RERequest Additionals IDoc for Promo
WTY    RWTYSTART      Warranty Claim
WTYCL  RWTYGULI       Create Credit Memo Lists
WTYNK  SAPMSNUM       Number Range Warranty Claim
WTYOQ  RWTYOPQU       Worklist Warranty
WTYRP  SAPLWTY11      Warranty: Part to Be Returned
WTYSE  RWTYSLCT_A     Search Claim
WUSL   RKCOWUSL       Where-Used List
WVA1   SAPMV13A       Create planned mark-up
WVA2   SAPMV13A       Change planned mark-up
WVA3   SAPMV13A       Display planned mark-up
WVA5   SAPMV13A       Create planned markup (price list)
WVA6   SAPMV13A       Change planned markup (price list)
WVA7   SAPMV13A       Display planned markup (price list)
WVB0   RWVKP012       Recompile doc. index (pricing docs)
WVEB   MENUWVEB       Valuation SAP Retail
WVER   MENUWVER       Shipping for SAP Retail
WVFB   SAPMWPUK       Inbound store order processing
WVFD   RWWVINVB       Process phys. inventory doc. furthe
WVFI   SAPMWPUK       Simulation: Store Physical Inventor
WVKF   MENUWVKF       Sales Order (extended copy)
WVM0   MENUWVM0       Replenishment
WVM1   RWVMIPRO       Execute customer replenishment
WVM2   RWVMIPAD       Transfer stock/sales figures
WVM3   RWVMIPAV       Display material data transferred
WVM4   RWVMIPAV       Display PROACT data received
WVM6   RWRPL060       Customer replen.: Parameter overvie
WVN0   RWVKP008       Generate pricing worklist
WVN1   RWVKP009       Pricing worklist for material
WVN2   RWVKP010       Pricing worklist for organization
WVTU   MENUWVTU       Sales Support for SAP Retail
WWCD   RWPCDDIS       Product catalog:Display change docs
WWFL   SAPLWLF_WORKFLOAgency Business:Workflow Workbench
WWG1   MENUWWG1       Main Material Group Hierarchy Menu
WWG2   MENUWWG2       Main Material Group Menu
WWMI   MENUWWMI       Product catalog area menu
WWM1   SAPLWWMM       Create product catalog
WWM2   SAPLWWMM       Change product catalog
WWM3   SAPLWWMM       Display product catalog
WWM4   SAPLWWMM       Copy product catalog
WWM5   SAPLWWMM       Delete product catalog
WWNA   SAPMV13B       Subs.Settl. -SettRun: Create Cond.S
WWNB   SAPMV13B       Subs. Settl.-Sett.Run: ChangeCond.S
WWNC   SAPMV13B       Subs. Settl. SettRun: DisplayCond.S
WWN1   SAPMV12A       Create cond.table Subs.Sett-SettlRu
WWN2   SAPMV12A       Chng Cond Table. Subs.Settl-SettlRu
WWN3   SAPMV12A       Displ.Cond.Table Subs.Settl.-SettRu
WWP1   RWWP001        Online Planning in Planning WB
WWP2   RWWP001        Settings for Planning Workbench
WWP3   RWWP001        Order Cancelation in Planning WB
WWRA   SAPMV13B       Agen.Bus. messages: Create cond. s.
WWRB   SAPMV13B       Ag. Bus. messages: Change cond. sch
WWRC   SAPMV13B       Ag. Bus. messages: Display cond. sc
WWR1   SAPMV12A       Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus
WWR2   SAPMV12A       Change messages Agency Bu
WWR3   SAPMV12A       Display messages AgencyBu
WWSA   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.: Create Cond. Record
WWSB   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.:Change Cond. Records
WWSC   SAPMV13B       Subseq.Settle.: Display Cond.Record
WWS1   SAPMV12A       Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement
WWS2   SAPMV12A       Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement
WWS3   SAPMV12A       Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement
WWTA   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Create CondRecord
WWTB   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Change CondRecord
WWTC   SAPMV13B       Messages Trading: Display CondRecs
WWT1   SAPMV12A       Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading
WWT2   SAPMV12A       Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading
WWT3   SAPMV12A       Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading
WWVT   MENUWWVT       Merchandise Distribution
WWY1   WWIACWY1       Web Transaction Tutorial 1
WWY2   WWIACWY2       Web Transaction Tutorial 2
WWY3   WWIACWY3       Web Transaction Tutorial 3
WWY4   WWIACWY4       Web Transaction Tutorial 4
WWY5   WWIACWY5       Web Transaction Tutorial 5
WWY6   WWIACWY6       Web Transaction Tutorial 6
WWY7   WWIACWY7       Web Transaction Tutorial 7
WWY8   WWIACWY8       Web Transaction Tutorial 8
WW10   SAPMWWMJ       IAC product catalog
WW20   SAPMWWMJ       IAC Online Store
WW30   SAPMWWMJ       SD part for IAC MM-SD link
WW31   SAPMBBPO       IAC Product Catalog for EBP
WXPE   WISP_EINSTIEG_NInitScreen Gen Layout Maintenance
WXPF   SAPMKKB5       Retail: Maintain Report Tree
WXPG   RKKBRPTR       Retail: Report Selection
WXPN1  WISP_NET_ENTRY1Plan Network Planning Scenario
WXPN2  WISP_NET_ENTRY1Design Network Planning Scenario
WXP0   MENUWXP0       Retail Planning
WXP01  RWIS_PLAN02    Retail Planning Current Settings
WXP02  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Create/Change Manual Planning
WXP03  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Display Manual Planning
WXP04  SAPMKES1       Create Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP05  SAPMKES1       Change Retail Planning Layout (Lib)
WXP06  SAPMKES1       Display Retail Planning Layout (Lib
WXP1   SAPMGPSP       Create Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP11  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Link
WXP12  RWIS_PLAN03    Change Planning Hierarchy
WXP13  RWIS_PLAN03    Display Planning Hierarchy
WXP18  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Automatic Planning
WXP19  RWIS_PLAN03    PlHierarchy: TransData Auto Setup
WXP20  RWIS_PLAN03    PlHierarchy: Master Data Auto Setup
WXP21  RWIS_PLAN03    Copy Planning Hierarchy Version
WXP3   SAPMGPSP       Disply Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP37  RWIS_PLAN03    Delete Planning Hierarchy Versions
WXP4   SAPMGPSP       Delete Time-Based Distribution Key
WXP46  SAPLWIS_PLAN_N Execute Program/Transaction
WXP47  RWIS_PLAN08    Transport Time-Bsed Ditribution Key
WXP48  RWIS_PLAN04    Transport Planning Layouts
WXP49  RWIS_PLAN05    Import Planning Layouts
WXP57  SAPLWIS_PLAN   Manual Planning With Workflow
WXP58  SAPLWIS_PLAN_D Cross-Scenario Settings
WXP6   SAPLWIS_PLAN   Plan Version Maintenance: InitScree
WXP66  RWIS_PLAN12    Promotion Interface Logs
WXP67  RWIS_PLAN12    Allocation Table Interface Logs
WXP7   SAPLWIS_PLAN   Display Plan Version: Initial Scree
WXP70  RWIS_PLAN_REORGDelete File Names
WYL2   RWALEACU       Generate vert. model master + addr.
WYN1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Warranty
WYN2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Warranty
WYN3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Warranty
WYP1   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
WYP2   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
WYP3   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
WYRL   RWDEBRET       Vendor for returns
WZFT01 RVEXWZ01       FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (MM)
WZFT02 RVEXWZ02       FT: Wizard - Declara. to Auth. (SD)
WZFT03 RVEXWZ03       FT Wizard: Data Service - Upload
WZFT04 RVEXWZ04       FT: Data Service Wizard - Distribut
WZR0   MENUWZR0       Vendor Billing
WZR1   SAPLWLF2       Create settlement request
WZR2   SAPLWLF2       Change settlement request
WZR3   SAPLWLF2       Display settlement request
WZR4   SAPLWLF2       Cancel settlement request
W10E   MENUW10E       SAP Retail: Goods Receipt
W10F   MENUW10F       Store retailing
W10M   MENUW10M       SAP Retail
W10T   MENUW10T       SAP Retail main menu replcng S000
W4EM   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Ranges for Weight EANs
W4EN   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges for EANs
W4E5   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Ranges 5-Fig. Wt EANs
XAAM   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FR_DRU_AM
XAEU   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_EU
XAKK   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: RV_AKKRED
XATD   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_T
XATR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: FT_DRU_AT
XAUS   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RV_EXPORT
XDN1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges (Customer)
XD01   SAPMF02D       Create Customer (Centrally)
XD02   SAPMF02D       Change Customer (Centrally)
XD03   SAPMF02D       Display Customer (Centrally)
XD04   SAPMF01A       Customer Changes (Centrally)
XD05   SAPMF02D       Block customer (centrally)
XD06   SAPMF02D       Mark customer for deletion (centr.)
XD07   SAPMF02D       Change Customer Account Group
XEIP   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: EXPIMP
XKN1   SAPMSNUM       Display Number Ranges (Vendor)
XK01   SAPMF02K       Create vendor (centrally)
XK02   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (centrally)
XK03   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (centrally)
XK04   SAPMF01A       Vendor Changes (Centrally)
XK05   SAPMF02K       Block Vendor (Centrally)
XK06   SAPMF02K       Mark vendor for deletion (centrally
XK07   SAPMF02K       Change vendor account group
XK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition
XK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition
XK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition
XK14   SAPMV13A       Create with cond. ref. (cond. list)
XK15   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (background job)
XSLS   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Ranges: RV_SANCPL
XXTH   MENUXXTH       Test
0FILA  SAPLFILACUST   Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0KEA   SAPMKKB5       EC-PCA: Maintain report tree
0KEB   RKKBBGEN       EC-PCA: Generate reports
0KEJ   RCOPCA97       Account Determination PC Allocation
0KEM   SAPMKEC7       EC-PCA: Maintain substitutions
0KEP   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA:Transport Environ/Master Dat
0KEQ   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Master Data
0KER   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Planning
0KES   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Actual Settings
0KET   SAPMKEC0       EC-PCA: Transport Information Syste
0KEU   SAPMGTRA       EC-PCA: Transport Cycles
0KEW   RPCAUMS0       EC-PCA: Conv. RW reports 2.x -> 3.0
0KEX   RPCAUMS1       EC-PCA: Conv. totals recs 2.x ->3.0
0KEY   RPCAUMS2       EC-PCA: Conv.act.line items 2.x->3.
0KEZ   RPCAUMS3       EC-PCA:Conv.plan line items 2.x->3.
0KE0   RKEPCU00       EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for act. dat
0KE1   SAPMPCA3       EC-PCA: Delete Transaction Data
0KE2   RCOPCA00       EC-PCA: Del. Profit Ctr Master Data
0KE3   RPCADEL0       EC-PCA:Delete Transaction Data(Bkgd
0KE4   RKEPCGL1       EC-PCA: Update settings
0KE6   SAPLPC31       EC-PCA: Average Balance Ledger
0KE7   SAPMKECZ       EC-PCA: Maintain Time-Based Fields
0KMV   RKLISVAR       List Variants; CCA/ABC Master Data
0KM1   SAPMFKM0       CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Center
0KWD   RKSCUS06       Delete Business Processes
0KWM   MENU0KWM       Activity Based Costing: Customizing
0KWO   SAPMKC05       Maintain Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWP   SAPMKC05       Display Search Help for Bus. Proc.
0KWT   SAPMKBPT       CO-OM-ABC: Transport Customizing
0KW3   SAPMFKM0       CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC
0KW7   RKWBKT00       Master Data Report: Cost Objects
0KW9   RKKBJBIN       Import Business Process Reports
0K01   SAPRCKKA       List of Costing Variants
0REP   RSIMGEXE       Start of program; etc. from IMG
0VTE   RV56RA01       Multiple Maintenance Route Stages
0VTH   RVVTPRGA       Insert Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTI   RVVTPRGC       Copy Material Cumulation to TPS
0VTS   RVVTPRLC       Copy TPS Route Restrictions
0VTT   RVVTPRLA       Create TPS Route Restrictions
0VT0   RV56CSLV       Maintain Selection Variants
0VX0   RVEXVAJP       Maintain Selection Variants - Japan
0VX3   RVEXJPV2       Selection variants - Customs decl J
0000   RSTN0000       Dialog Box for Customizing
0100   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
1KEA   RKEPCU50       Post Selected Data CO -> EC-PCA
1KEC   RGUREC30       Post MM data to EC-PCA
1KED   RKEPCU60       Transfer Statistical Key Figures
1KEE   RKEPCU70       EC-PCA: Plan Statistical Key Figure
1KEG   RPCAVIEW       Callup view maintenance with COArea
1KEH   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Material Stocks
1KEI   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Assets
1KEJ   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA: Transfer Work in Process
1KEK   SAPMKEC6       EC-PCA:Transfer Payables/Receivable
1KEL   SAPMGBUK       EC-PCA: Create Document
1KE0   RKEPCU20       EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan dat
1KE1   RCOPCA07       EC-PCA: Analyze Settings
1KE3   RCOPCA03       EC-PCA: Rebuild matchcodes
1KE4   SAPMKEC4       EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
1KE6   R_PCA_SEARCHHELEC-PCA: Maintain Matchcode
1KE8   RGUREC10       Post FI data
1KE9   RKEPCU40       Post Data SD -> EC-PCA
2KEE   RCOPCA10       Profit Center: Totals Records
2KEM   R_PCA_VAL_DIFF EC-PCA: Account Valuation Variances
2KES   RCOPCA34_2KES  Profit center: Balance carr'd forw.
2KET   R_PCA_SALDO    EC-PCA: Allow balance carr'd forwar
2KEU   RCOPCA55       Copy Cost Center Hierarchy
2KEV   RCOPCA56       Copy cost centers
3KEA   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEAN  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Assessment
3KEB   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Plan Assessment
3KEC   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Plan Assessment Overview
3KEI   RCOPCA43       Derive Default Profit Center
3KE1   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE1N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE2   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE2N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE3N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE4   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE4N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Assessment
3KE5   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Actual Assessment
3KE6   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Actual Assessment Overview
3KE7   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE7N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Assessment
3KE8   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE8N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Assessment
3KE9   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KE9N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Assessment
3KOV   R3KOV          Cycle Overview
4KEA   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEAN  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Plan Distribution
4KEB   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Plan Distribution
4KEC   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Plan Distribution Overview
4KED   RCOPCA48       EC-PCA: Supplement Allocation Cycle
4KE1   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE1N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE2   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE2N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE3   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE3N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE4   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE4N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Delete Actual Distribution
4KE5   SAPMKGA2       EC-PCA: Execute Actual Distribution
4KE6   SAPMKGA1       EC-PCA: Actual Distribution Overvie
4KE7   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE7N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Create Plan Distribution
4KE8   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE8N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Change Plan Distribution
4KE9   SAPMKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
4KE9N  SAPLKAL1       EC-PCA: Display Plan Distribution
5NZI   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: RP_IRCERT
5NZL   HNZCLVV0       Leave View Transaction
5NZT   HNZCTR20       New Zealand Terminations
6KEA   SAPMKECA       Profit Center: Display Changes
7KEA   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout for Costs/Re
7KEB   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout for Costs/Re
7KEC   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Layout for Cost/Re
7KEF   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout for Inventor
7KEG   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout for Inventor
7KEH   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Lyt for Inventory
7KEI   RPCPPLT6       Transport Planning Layouts
7KEJ   RPCPPLT7       Import Planning Layouts
7KEK   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEL   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEM   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout
7KEO   RPCPPKEO       Correction of Plan Bals with PCA
7KEP   RPCAPP00       Set Planner Profile
7KEQ   RPCLTREO       EC-PCA: Reorganize Long Texts
7KER   RPCAPP00       Call Up Planning with Initial Scree
7KES   RCOPCA34_7KES  EC-PCA: Carry Forward Plan Balance
7KET   RCOPCATE       Execute Formula Planning
7KEV   SAPMKE1P       Copy data to plan
7KEX   RPCPPXUP       Flexible Excel Upload
7KEY   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload
7KE1   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE2   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE3   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Inventories
7KE4   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Inventories
7KE5   RPCAPP00       Change Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
7KE6   RPCAPP00       Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figure
8KEA   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEB   SAPMV12A       Change Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEC   SAPMV12A       Display Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr
8KEG   SAPMV14A       Create Condition List
8KEO   RCOPCA41       Assign Representative Material
8KEP   R_TP_CVPROF_ASSActivate Cur.+Val. Profile in COAre
8KER   RCOPCA41       Derive Partner Profit Center: Sales
8KES   RCOPCA41       Derive Partner Profit Center: Purch
8KET   PCA01CALC      Derive Costing Key
8KET4  RCOPCA37       Opening Balance for PCA Costing
8KET5  SAPLPC20       Valuation for Calculation Base
8KET7  R_WZ_PCA_VAL   Set up Profit Planning
8KEU   R_TP_CVPROF_DEADeactivate C&V Profile in CO Area
8KEV   PCA_TP_FIND    CO-PA Pricing
8KEZ   PCA_TP_FIND    EC-PCA Transfer Pricing
8KE1   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Create Field Assignmen
8KE2   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Change Field Assignmen
8KE3   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Rollup: Display Field Assignmn
8KE6   SAPMGCU0       PCA: Delete Rollup Field Assignment
9KEA   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEB   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals
9KEC   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Cost/Revenue Bal
9KED   RPCADOCR       EC-PCA: Reverse Local Actual Doc.
9KEF   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Stock Balances
9KEG   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Stock Balances
9KEH   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Stock Balances
9KEI   RPCPPLT6       Transport Layout
9KEJ   RPCPPLT7       Import Layout
9KEK   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Entering ActStatK
9KEL   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Entering ActStatK
9KEM   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Entering AcStatK
9KEN   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Doc. with Stat. K
9KEO   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Doc. with Stat. K
9KEP   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Doc. with Stat.K
9KEQ   RPCLTREO       Reorg. of Actual EC-PCA Long Texts
9KER   RGUSTORL       Reverse Local Actual Documents
9KES   SAPMKES1       Create Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KET   SAPMKES1       Change Layout for Actual Doc. Entry
9KEU   SAPMKES1       Display Layout for Actual Doc. Entr
9KEX   RPCPPXUP       Flexible Actual Excel Upload
9KEY   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog for Flexible Actual Excel Uploa
9KE0   RPCAPP00       Create Profit Center Document
9KE1   RPCAPP00       Change Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE2   RPCAPP00       Display Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE3   RPCAPP00       Change Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE4   RPCAPP00       Display Balance Sheet Accnt Balance
9KE5   RPCAPP00       Change Statistical Key Fig. Balance
9KE6   RPCAPP00       Display Statist. Key Figure Balance
9KE7   RPCAPP00       Change Actual Document
9KE8   RPCAPP00       Display Actual Document
9KE9   RPCAPP00       Display Profit Center Document

Sales and Distribution Tables

KONV	Conditions for Transaction Data
KONP	Conditions for Items
LIKP	Delivery Header Data
LIPS	Delivery: Item data
VBAK	Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP	Sales Document: Item Data
VBBE	Sales Requirements: Individual Records
VBEH	Schedule line history
VBEP	Sales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFA	Sales Document Flow
VBLB	Sales document: Release order data
VBLK	SD Document: Delivery Note Header
VBPA	Sales Document: Partner
VBRK	Billing: Header Data
VBRP	Billing: Item Data
VBUK	Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
VBUP	Sales Document: Item Status
VEKP	Handling Unit - Header Table
VEPO	Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents)
VEPVG	Delivery Due Index

Materials Management Tables

EINA	Purchasing Info Record- General Data
EINE	Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data
MAKT	Material Descriptions
MARA	General Material Data
MARC	Plant Data for Material
MARD	Storage Location Data for Material
MAST	Material to BOM Link
MBEW	Material Valuation
MKPF	Header- Material Document
MSEG	Document Segment- Material
MVER	Material Consumption
MVKE	Sales Data for materials
RKPF	Document Header- Reservation
T023	Mat. groups
T024	Purchasing Groups
T156	Movement Type
T157H	Help Texts for Movement Types
MOFF	Lists what views have not been created

Purchasing Tables

A501	Plant/Material
EBAN	Purchase Requisition
EBKN	Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
EKAB	Release Documentation
EKBE	History per Purchasing Document
EKET	Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
EKKN	Account Assignment in Purchasing Document
EKKO	Purchasing Document Header
EKPO	Purchasing Document Item
IKPF	Header- Physical Inventory Document
ISEG	Physical Inventory Document Items
LFA1	Vendor Master (General section)
LFB1	Vendor Master (Company Code)
NRIV	Number range intervals
RESB	Reservation/dependent requirements
T161T	Texts for Purchasing Document Types

Finance Tables

AGKO	Cleared Accounts
ANAR	Asset Types
ANAT	Asset type text
ANEK	Document Header Asset Posting
ANEP	Asset Line Items
ANEV	Asset down payment settlement
ANKT	Asset classes- Description
ANLA	Asset Master Record Segment
ANLB	Depreciation terms
ANLC	Asset Value Fields
ANLH	Main asset number
AT02T	Transaction Activity Category- Description
AT02A	Transaction Code for Menu TIMN
AT10	Transaction type
AT10T	Name of Transaction Type
BKDF	Document Header Supplement for Recurring Entry
BKORM	Accounting Correspondence Requests
BKPF	Accounting Document Header
BLPK	Document log header
BLPP	Document log item
BLPR	Document Log Index and Planned Order (Backflush)
BNKA	Bank master record
BP000	Business Partner Master (General Data)
BPBK	Doc. Header Controlling Obj.
BPEG	Line Item Total Values Controlling Obj.
BPEJ	Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.
BPEP	Line Item Period Values Controlling Obj.
BPGE	Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj.
BPJA	Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj.
BSAD	Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSAK	Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAS	Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSEC	One-Time Account Data Document Segment
BSEG	Accounting Document Segment
BSID	Accounting- Secondary Index for Customers
BSIK	Accounting- Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIM	Secondary Index, Documents for Material
BSIS	Accounting- Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
CEPC	Profit Center Master Data Table
CEPCT	Texts for Profit Center Master Data
COBRA	Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
COBRB	Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement
COKA	CO Object- Control Data for Cost Elements
COSP	CO Object- Cost Totals for External Postings
COSS	CO Object- Cost Totals for Internal Postings
CRCO	Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
CSKA	Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts)
CSKB	Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
CSLA	Activity master
FEBEP	Electronic Bank Statement Line Items
FPLA	Billing Plan
FPLT	Billing Plan- Dates
GLPCT	EC-PCA- Totals Table
KNA1	General Data in Customer Master
KOMK	Pricing Communication Header
MAHNV	Management Records for the Dunning Program
REGUT	TemSe - Administration Data
SKA1	G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)
SKAT	G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts- Description)
SKB1	G/L account master (company code)
T003T	Document Type Texts
T007S	Tax Code Names
T087J	Text
TAPRFT	Text tab. for investment profile
TKA01	Controlling Areas
TKA09	Basic Settings for Versions
TKVS	CO Versions
TZB0T	Flow types text table
TZPAT	Financial Assets Management product type texts
VBSEGS	Document Segment for G/L Accounts Document Parking
VTBFHA	Transaction
VTBFHAPOTransaction Flow
VTBFHAZUTransaction Activity
VTBFINKOTransaction Condition
VTIDERI	Master Data Listed Options and Futures
VTIFHA	Underlying transaction
VTIFHAPOUnderlying transaction flows
VTIFHAZUUnderlying transaction status table
VTIOF	Options Additional Data
VWPANLA	Asset master for securities

Production Planning

MAST	Material BOM
STPO	BOM Positions (detail)
MAPL	Assignment of Task Lists to Materials
PLKO	Routing Group Header
PLSO	Routing Group Sequence
PLPO	Routing Group Operations
AFKO	Production Order Header
AFPO	Production Order Position (details)

Project Systems Tables

IMAK	Appropriation requests - general data
IMAV	Appropriation request variant
IMPR	Investment Program Positions
IMPU	Texts for cap. inv. program positions
IMTP	Investment programs
IMZO	Assignment Table- CO Object - Capital Investment Prog.Pos.
PMCO	Cost structure of maintenance order
PRHI	Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PROJ	Project definition
PRPS	WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data

PM \ SD Tables

AFAB	Network - Relationships
AFFH	PRT assignment data for the work order
AFFL	Work order sequence
AFFT	Order - Process Instructions
AFFV	Order - Process Instruction Values
AFFW	Goods movements with errors from confirmations
AFIH	Maintenance order header
AFKO	Order header data PP orders
AFPO	Order item
AFRC	Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations
AFRD	Default values for collective confirmation
AFRH	Header information for confirmation pool
AFRU	Order completion confirmations
AFRV	Confirmations pool
AFVC	Operation within an order
AFVU	DB structure of the user fields of the operation
AFVV	DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation
AFWI	Subsequently posted goods movements for confirmations
AUFK	Order master data
AUFM	Goods movements for order
BGMK	Master Warranty Header
BGMP	Master Warranty Item
BGMS	Master Warranty Text Item
BGMT	Master Warranty Text
BGMZ	Warranty Counter
CRHD	Work Center Header
CRTX	Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool
EQKT	Equipment Short Texts
EQST	Equipment to BOM Link
EQUI	Equipment master data
EQUZ	Equipment time segment
HIKO	Order master data history
IFLO	Table generated for View IFLO
IFLOT	Functional Location (Table)
IFLOTX	Functional Location- Short Texts
IHGNS	Permit Segment for Plant Maintenance
IHPA	Plant Maintenance- Partners
IHSG	Object-Related Permits in Plant Maintenance
ILOA	PM Object Location and Account Assignment
IMPTT	Measuring Point (Table)
IMRG	Measurement Document
KAKO	Capacity Header Segment
KONP	Conditions (Item)
KONV	Conditions (Transaction Data)
OBJK	Plant Maintenance Object List
QMEL	Quality Notification
QMFE	Quality notification - items
QMIH	Quality message - maintenance data excerpt
QMMA	Quality notification - activities
QMSM	Quality notification - tasks
QMUR	Quality notification - causes
T001	Company Codes
T001L	Storage Locations
T001W	Plants/Branches
T077D	Customer account groups
T003O	Order Types
T352R	Maintenance revisions
T353I_T	Maintenance activity type description
T356	Priorities
T357G	Permits
T357G_T	Text for Table 357GT
T370A	Activity Category for PM Lists
TINCT	Customers- Incoterms- Texts
TVKO	Organizational Unit- Sales Organizations
TVKOS	Organizational Unit- Divisions per Sales Organization
TVKOV	Org. Unit- Distribution Channels per Sales Organization
TVTA	Organizational Unit- Sales Area(s)
VIAUFKSTGenerated Table for View VIAUFKST

System Tables

ADCP Person/Address assignment (central address administration)
ADIRACCESS Table to store keys for TADIR objects
ADR2 Telephone numbers (central address admin.)
ADRP Persons (central address administration)
APQI Queue info definition
D010SINF ABAP- Information about ABAP program source code
E071 Change and Transport System- Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
E07T Change and Transport System- Short Texts for Requests/Tasks
ENLFDIR Additional Attributes for Function Modules
INDX System table INDX
NAST Message Status
STXH STXD SAPscript text file header
T005 Countries
T005S Taxes- Region (Province) Key
T005U Taxes- Region Key- Texts
T006 Units of Measurement
T015M Names of the months
T247 Month name and short text
T777A Building Addresses
TADIR Directory of Repository Objects
TBTCO Job status overview table
TBTCP Batch job step overview
TFDIR Function Module
TFTIT Function Module Short Text
TSP03L Spool- Long device names
TSTC SAP Transaction Codes
TSTCT Transaction Code Texts
TUTYP User Types in Current Price List in SAP System
TUZUS Special versions
TVARV Table of variables in selection criteria
TVDIR View Directory
US930 Data Relevant to Measurement for User Master Record
USR01 User master record (runtime data)
USR02 Logon data
USR04 User master authorizations
USR06 Additional Data per User
USR14 Surchargeable Language Versions per User
USR21 Assign user name address key
ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization
BTCUED Description of user event IDs for background processing
BTXSUPB BSI- Upgrade-Information
CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow
DBSTATC DB Optimizer Control (Statistics Creation)
DEVACCESS Table for development users
E070 Change and Transport System- Header of Requests/Tasks
E070L CTS- Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks
INSTVERS Documentation for installation Status and History
PAT03 Patch Directory
SDBAC DBA Action Table
T100 Messages
TAPLT Program Application Long Texts
TDEVC Development Classes
TEMSE Temp Sequential table.
TLOCK Change and Transport System- Lock Table
TNAPR Processing programs for output. Can be very handy to find the print program for a SAPScript.
TNAST Printed output control table
TPFET Table of profile parameters
TPFHT Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB
TPROT Table contains all DD tables to be logged
TRBAT Communication Table for Transport Control
TRDIRT Title texts for programs in TRDIR
TRESN Table of Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench
TRJOB Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports
TSP03C Spool- Device Description Extension
TST03 TemSe data
USOBT Relation transaction - authorization object
USR03 User address data
USR05 User Master Parameter ID
USR12 User master authorization values
USR40 Table for illegal passwords
USR41 User master- Additional data
UST04 User masters
VARIT Variant texts
VARID Variant directory
D010TAB Table for Use Report---Tables
DD02L SAP tables
DD02T R/3 DD- SAP table texts
DD03L Table Fields
DD03T DD- Texts for fields (language dependent)
EDIDC IDOC Control Records
EDIDOT Short description of IDoc types
EDID2 IDOC segments (version 3.1)
EDID4 IDOC segments (version 4.6)
EDSEA EDI- Table of all segments of current release
VRSX2 Central Table for Version Management (Report Source)
TSE05 Can add parameters to the INSERT COMMAND (IC). Then, when you insert command, your info appears in the editor. Useful for comment blocks, common section of code, etc.
CDPOS Change document items
CDHDR Change document header
T529A governs the foreground sequence of infotypes the system will use to prompt the user during online and batch processing. You will have to code your BDC to follow that sequence of creating infotypes.
T588Z governs the dynamic event processing that will only take place during online user inputs. For BDC's you will have to create separate BDC's to handle any infotypes that are inserted dynamically by this table.
T588M Infotype Screen Control



Original source: and Schlegel, Martin 
REKH0004 SAP demo program that shows how to do 2D, 3D, and 4D graphics.
RGUGBR00 Substitution/Validation utility
RHGEN00 Regen PD and PA inconsistencies
RHGRENZ0 Delimit IT1000 and related 1001s. Program will delete any 1001 infotypes whose start date is after the delimit date.
RHGRENZ1 Extend the end date on delimited records. Very useful when you delimit a bunch of records incorrectly, and need to change the end date.
RHGRENZ2 Delimit IT1001 only.
RKCTSEAR Search source code for up to two strings. Also see RSRSCAN1 and RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN.
RPDTRA00 List all HR transactions.
RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN Search ABAP code for a string. Has many more options for selecting the ABAPs to search than RSRSCAN1 or RKCTSEAR.
RPUAUD00 HR Report to list all logged changes for an employee. Uses the PCL4 Audit Cluster.
RPUAUDDL HR Report to delete audit data from the PCL4 Audit Cluster.
RPUDELPN Delete all info for an employee number, including cluster data and infotypes
RPUP1D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL1 Cluster
RPUP2D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL2 Cluster
RPUP3D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL3 Cluster
RPUP4D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL4 Cluster
RSABAPIV Mass print/display of ABAP/4 help text
RSAVGL00 Table adjustment across clients
RSBDCBTC Submit a BDC job with an internal batch number and wait for the end of the batch input session.
RSBDCDRU Prints the contents of a Batch Input session. No options for error transactions only.
RSBDCOS0 Execute UNIX commands. Looks similar to the old SAPMSOS0 program that disappeared in 3.0
RSBDCSUB Release batch input sessions automatically
RSBTCDEL Clean the old background job records
RSSDOCTB R/3 Table Manual - prints a list of all fields in the selected tables with the field name and the field documentation.
RSCLTCOP Copy tables across clients
RSDBCREO Clean batch input session log
RSINCL00 Extended program list
RSNASTED Process message control output for entries in the NAST table
RSORAREL Get the Oracle Release
RSPARAM Display all instance parameters
RSPO0041 Removing old spooling objects
RSRSCAN1 Search source code for a given string. Will also search includes. Also see RKCTSEAR and RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN.
RSSNAPDL Clean the old ABAP error dumps
RSTBSERV Compare a contents of a table between clients
RSTXFCON Converts SAPScript page formats
RSTXSCRP Save a SAPScript layout set to disk, and load it back into SAP.
RSTXSCRP Transport SAPscript files across systems
RSTXSCRP Upload and download SAPScript layout sets
RSTXTPDF4 Pass the spool number of a report's output to this program to have the output converted to PDF format.
RSTXTRAN Add standard texts to a transport so they can be moved between systems.
RSUSR003 Check the passwords of users SAP* and DDIC in all clients
RSUSR006 List users last login
RSWBO052 Change development class of a sapscript (provided by Alan Cecchini)
RSWBO060 put objects into a request and transport it to any other system


Find data in your SAP system and know which tables do what

If you do not know the transaction code in which the data is used: then use the Data Dictionary tables, in particular, DD02L and DD02T. Accounts Payable. See examples below.

If you do know any transaction in which (related) data is used:

1) start the transaction. 
2) position the cursor on the field you want to have info about. 
3) press F1, then F9.  
4) now you see the technical information of the data element, such as table name and field name. 5) if the table mentioned is what you're looking for, you're done. It is also possible that the data element is in a structure and not in a table. Now you can either analyze the structure via transaction SE11, or you can double click on the 'data element' field. In the next screen, use the 'Where used' button to find the tables in which this data element is used.

Additional tip: 
if you have found the table name, you can use transaction SE36 to see the relationships of this table to other tables. You can use these relationships when defining queries, designing custom ABAP programs, etc. If you're lucky, one or more standard SAP logical database exist which contain the table you found in the previous steps. Proceed as follows:

1) start transaction SE36.
2) use the search help for the logical database name.
3) enter the name of the table in the search help.
4) press enter and, if you're lucky, 
you'll see a list of logical databases. Select one, press enter, select the radio button 'Structure' and press the view button. Now you'll see how this table is related to other tables.

The following is a (theorectically) complete ABAP dic list.
source: by rekha (

DD0102V   Generated table for view DD0102V 
DD01D   Dynpro fields for domain 
DD01L   Domains 
DD01LV   Generated table for view DD01LV 
DD01T   R/3 DD: domain texts 
DD01TV   Versioning: foreign languages for domains 
DD01V   Generated table for view DD01V 
DD01VD   Version display: Domain 
DD01VV   Generated table for view DD01VV 
DD01V_OLD   DD01V with old names 
DD02ALL   Table Parameters for ALLBASE 
DD02D   Screen Fields for Table 
DD02DB2   DB2/390: Table Parameters 
DD02DB6   Table Parameters for DB2 Version 2 
DD02INF   Table Parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6 
DD02L   SAP tables 
DD02MSS   Table Parameters for Microsoft SQL Server 
DD02ORA   Table parameters for ORACLE, version 6 
DD02SYB   Storage Parameters for Tables in SYBASE 
DD02T   R/3 DD: SAP table texts 
DD02TV   Versioning: foreign languages for tables 
DD02V   Generated table for view DD02V 
DD02VD   Version display: table header 
DD02VV   Generated table for view DD02VV 
DD02V_OLD   DD02V with old names 
DD03D   Dynpro fields for table fields 
DD03K   Generated table for view DD03K 
DD03L   Table Fields 
DD03L_F   BAPI field names for update 
DD03M   Generated table for view DD03M 
DD03MI   Index structure for view DD03M 
DD03N   Generated table for view DD03N 
DD03P   Structure 
DD03P_D   Dictionary Maintenance: Attributes of Structure Fields 
DD03T   DD: Texts for fields (language dependent) 
DD03TV   Versioning: foreign languages for fields 
DD03V   Table fields view 
DD03VT   Generated Table for View DD03VT 
DD03VV   Generated Table for View DD03VV 
DD04D   Dynpro fields for Data Element 
DD04L   Data elements 
DD04T   R/3 DD: Data element texts 
DD04TV   Versioning: foreign languages for data elements 
DD04V   Generated Table for View DD04V 
DD04VD   Version display: Data element 
DD04VV   Generated table for view DD04VV 
DD04VVL   Generated table for view DD04VVL 
DD04VVT   Generated table for view DD04VVT 
DD05M   Interface Structure for DD_TBFK_GET 
DD05P   Generated Table for the View DD05P 
DD05Q   Generated Table for the View DD05Q 
DD05S   Foreign key fields 
DD05V   View on foreign key fields 
DD05VD   Version display: Foreign key fields 
DD06D   Screen fields for SQL table 
DD06L   Pool/cluster structures 
DD06T   R/3 DD: texts on SQL tables 
DD06TV   Versioning: foreign languages for SQL tables 
DD06V   Generated table for view DD06V 
DD06VD   Version display: SQL table 
DD06VV   Generated table for view DD06VV 
DD07D   Screen fields for domain values 
DD07L   R/3 DD: values for the domains 
DD07T   DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent) 
DD07TV   Versioning: foreign languages for domain fixed values 
DD07V   Generated Table for View DD07V 
DD07VD   Version display: Domain fixed values 
DD07VT   DD: Temp. Replacement Structure for VIEW DD07TV 
DD08D   Screen Fields for Foreign Keys 
DD08L   R/3 DD: relationship definitions 
DD08T   Texts on the relationship definitions 
DD08TV   Texts on the relationship definitions 
DD08V   Generated table for view DD08V 
DD08VD   Version display: foreign key 
DD08VV   Generated table for view DD08VV 
DD08VVT   Generated table for view DD08VVT 
DD092526V   Generated table for view DD092526V 
DD09C   ABAP/4: Sytem-dependent attributes of tech. settings 
DD09L   DD: Technical settings of tables 
DD09V   Interface: Technical Settings Table/View 
DD09VD   Version display: Technical settings 
DD09VV   Generated table for View DD09VV 
DD09VVT   Generated table for view DD09VVT 
DD10L   Lock table for DD activation 
DD12D   Screen fields for index maintenance 
DD12DB2   DB2/390: Index Parameters 
DD12DB6   Index Parameters for DB2 Universal Database Version 2 
DD12INF   Index parameter for INFORMIX 
DD12L   R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, header; 
DD12MSS   Index Parameters for MS SQL Server 
DD12ORA   Index Parameters for ORACLE 
DD12SYB   Index Parameters for SYBASE System_10 
DD12T   Text Table for DD12L (Short Descriptions of Sec. Indexes) 
DD12TV   Versioning: foreign languages for secondary indexes 
DD12V   Generated Table for View DD12V 
DD12VD   Version display: index 
DD12VVT   ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Index work structure 
DD14S   R/3 DD: components of SAP objects 
DD14V   R/3 DD: view on SAP object structure 
DD15L   R/3 DD: SAP objects 
DD15T   R/3 DD: texts on SAP objects 
DD15V   R/3 DD: view on SAP objects 
DD16D   Screen fields for SQL table fields 
DD16S   R/3 DD: SQL table fields 
DD16V   Generated table for view DD16V 
DD16VD   Version display: Fields of SQL tables 
DD17S   R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, fields 
DD17V   Secondary index fields with language key 
DD20L   Matchcode objects 
DD20T   AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts 
DD20TV   AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts 
DD20V   Generated table for DD20V view 
DD20VD   Version display: matchcode objects 
DD20VVT   Generated table for view DD20VVT 
DD21S   S-MCIDTABLE: Tables for a MC ID 
DD21V   V-MCIDTABLE: View of Tables for a MC ID 
DD21V_VAR1   Special View on DD21V Tailored to Matchcode ID Generation 
DD22V   Generated table for view DD22V 
DD22VD   Version display: Lock object header 
DD23H   Generated table for view DD23H 
DD23L   Matchcode ID 
DD23LS   Generated table for View DD23LS 
DD23T   AS400_L-MCID: Matchcode ID Texts 
DD23TV   Versioning: foreign languages for matchcode IDs 
DD23V   Generated table for view DD23V 
DD23VD   Matchcode ID 
DD23VVT   Generated table for view DD23VVT 
DD24A   Generated table for view DD24A 
DD24H   Help System View on Fields of a MC ID 
DD24S   Fields of a matchcode ID 
DD24V   S-MCIDFIELD: View of MC ID Fields 
DD2526V   Generated table for view DD2526V 
DD25D   Screen fields for view 
DD25L   Aggregate Header (Views, MC Objects, Lock Objects) 
DD25LS   Generated table for view DD25LS 
DD25T   Short Texts for Views and Lock Objects 
DD25TV   Versioning: foreign languages for views and lock objects 
DD25V   Generated table for view DD25V 
DD25VD   Version display: View header 
DD25VV   Generated table for view DD25VV 
DD25VVT   Generated table for view DD25VVT 
DD25Z   Assignment of superview to subview - no longer required - 
DD26D   Screen fields for lock object maintenance 
DD26E   Interface Structure for Base Tables of a Lock Object 
DD26EVD   Version display: base tables of a lock object 
DD26I   Generated table for view DD26I 
DD26S   Base tables and foreign key relationships for a view 
DD26V   V-VIEWTABLE: View of Base Tables of a View 
DD26VD   Version display: Base tables 
DD27D   Screen fields for view fields 
DD27I   Generated table for view DD27I 
DD27M   Generated table for view DD27M 
DD27P   View of Fields in an SAP Table View 
DD27S   Fields in an Aggregate (View, MC Object, Lock Object) 
DD27SV   Generated table for view DD27SV 
DD27V   V-VIEWFIELD: View of Fields in an SAP View 
DD27VD   Version display: View fields, lock arguments, matchcode fld. 
DD27VV   Generated table for view DD27VV 
DD27VVT   Generated table for view DD27VVT 
DD27VVTSTR   Repository Infosystem: Structure via DD27VVT: View fields 
DD28J   Internal structure for joins of views 
DD28JVD   Version display: Joins of views 
DD28S   Lines of a selection condition 
DD28V   View on a Selection Condition 
DD28VD   Version display: Selection conditions 
DD29L   Selection Condition for Views and MC IDs 
DD29T   AS400_L-SELCOND: Selection Condition Texts 
DD29V   V-SELCOND: View on Header for a Selection Condition 
DD30L   Search helps 
DD30T   Search help texts 
DD30TV   Versioning: foreign languages for search helps 
DD30V   Generated table for view DD30V 
DD30VD   Version Display: General Attributes of Search Helps 
DD30VV   Generated table for view DD30VV 
DD31D   Search help inclusions with texts of included 
DD31S   Assignment of search helps to collective search helps 
DD31V   Assignment of search helps to collective search helps 
DD32P   Interface structure for search help parameters 
DD32S   Search Help Parameter 
DD32V   Search help fields 
DD32VD   Search help fields 
DD33S   Assignment of search help fields 
DD33V   Assignment of search help parameters for srch help inclusion 
DD35L   Search help attachments to structures: Headers 
DD35V   Assignment of structure fields and search helps: Headers 
DD35VD   Version display: search help attachm. to structures: header 
DD35VV   Generated table for view DD35VV 
DD36M   Interface structure for field assignments table-search help 
DD36Q   Generated table for view DD36Q 
DD36S   Parameter-field assignments for search help attachment 
DD36V   Assignment of structure fields and search helps: Fields 
DD36VD   Version display: parameter-field assignm. for s.h. attachm. 
DD40D   Screen Fields for Table Types 
DD40L   Table types (internal tables defined in DD) 
DD40T   Text on table types 
DD40TV   Versioning: foreign languages for table types 
DD40V   DD: Interface structure for table types 
DD40VD   Version display: table types 
DD40VV   Generated table for view DD40VV 
DD41V   Generated table for view DD41V 
DD42S   Key fields for table types (internal tab. defined in DD) 
DD42V   DD: Interface structure for table type key fields (TTKF) 
DD42VD   Version display: table type key fields (TTKF) 
DD42V_EXT   DD: Key Field of a Table Incl. Further Information 
DD50D   Screen Fields for Type Groups 
DD51D   Screen Fields for Lock Objects (Same Fields: DD25D Views) 
DD52D   Interface Structure for Base Tables of a Lock Object 
DD53D   Screen Fields for Lock Object Fields 
DD90L   Header Information for External Index 
DD90T   R/3-DD: Text for External Index 
DD90V   Generated Table for View DD90V 
DD91S   DocID Key Definition of External Index 
DD91V   DocID Key Definition of External Index 
DD92S   Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index 
DD92V   Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index 
DD93S   Attribute of an External Index 
DD93V   Attribute of an External Index 
DD94S   Languages of an Index Category 
DD94V   Languages of an Index Category 
DD96S   Synchronization Tables 
DD96V   Synchronization Tables of an External Index 
DD97S   Statements for Trigger and Stored Procedures 
DDACL   Exclusion times for ABAP/4 Dictionary actions 
DDACTIONS   DD: Structure for display ACTION -> text 
DDACTRES   DD: Activation result incl. dependent propagation 
DDALIAS   DD: Second name for accessing tables 
DDALTER   Information about Reasons for ALTER TABLE 
DDAPPSRC   SE11: Append origin of for. keys and src. help attachments 
DDART   DD: Data Class in Technical Settings 
DDATCHK   Field structure for screen 100 RUTATCHK 
DDAUTHCTRL   Control structure for authorization checks 
DDAUTHTAB   ABAP/4: database actions and flag if this is permitted 
DDBOOK   Output control table manual 
DDBOOL   Reference Structure for Interfaces 
DDBTCMPTIT   Column information for comparison of repeat groups 
DDBT_CFLD   Description of a non-elementary component of a structure 
DDBT_DATA   Information about a component of a complex data object 
DDBT_DATD   Type for packing complex data 
DDBT_FDDES   Type and position of contents of a field 
DDBT_FLD   Information about an elementary component 
DDBT_STDEF   Description of a structured type 
DDBUF   DD: For transferring the new buffering parameters 
DDBYTE   DD: X-fields for each bit of a byte 
DDB_AST   Table Structure for Author. Segm. Trigger 
DDB_AW   Configuration Transac. Data: Fact for Simple Characteristic 
DDB_AZW   Configuration Transaction Data: Fact for Restrictable Char. 
DDB_C00   Transaction Data: DDDB_HAS_INST 
DDB_C01   Transaction Data: DDDB_HAS_VAL 
DDB_C02   DDB Change Messages (Configuration) 
DDB_C03   Configuration Transac. Data: General Value Set 
DDB_C04   Value Structure for Reading Characteristic Values from DDB 
DDB_C05   Presentation Messages for DDB Instances 
DDB_C06   Describes a characteristic value, as in priority tables 
DDB_C07   Price Factors for Variant Conditions 
DDB_ITP   DDB: General Object Type 
DDB_PO   Part-of Structure in Configuration (DDB) 
DDB_TO   DDB Configuration: TYPE_OF-Fakt 
DDCACHE   DD: Control String for Read Routines 
DDCCOND   Conditions for Status Switch during Conversion 
DDCCURRSTA   DD: Conversion, statistics, intermediate values 
DDCDIM   DD: Conversion, number of table lines 
DDCHKMESS   ABAP/4 Dict.: contains messages for NA checks 
DDCHK_CNT   DD: Mass Check Statistics Counter 
DDCHK_CTRL   DD: Parameter for (Parallel) Mass Check Program 
DDCLASSES   DD: Structure for mapping CLASS -> text 
DDCLAUSE   SQL clause 
DDCLIENT   Structure for Clients 
DDCNODE   DD: Nodes in Status Graphs of Conversion 
DDCNV   Information why Conversion 
DDCNVBODY   DD: Definition of conversion steps - local attribute 
DDCNVCTRL   DD: Structure for parameters of ICNV 
DDCNVDEFS   DD: Definition of Conversion Steps 
DDCNVEXIT   DD: External conversion methods 
DDCNVKEY   Definition of Conversion Scenario - Key 
DDCNVOPT   Stsructure for Conversion Options 
DDCNVREF   DD: Reference structure for conversion requirements 
DDCNVRESS   DD: Structure for results of FB DD_ICNV_UPGRADE 
DDCNVSTAT   DD: Statistical Data for Conversion 
DDCNVTABL   DD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/component 
DDCNVTIMES   DD: Exclusion times for conversion 
DDCNVUPGR   DD: Control structure for ICNV steps during upgrade 
DDCNVUSR   DD: Exception table of converter 
DDCOMPARE   Return from generic comparison tool: RS_VERS_COMPARE_TAB 
DDCOMTOTAB   Comment on the Table Rows 
DDCON   Condition for IN operator 
DDCONH   Storage Parameter (condition) 
DDCPRO   DD: Conversion projects 
DDCPROGRES   DD: Conversion, statistics, intermediate values 
DDCPROT   DD: Text on conversion projects 
DDCPROTAB   DD: Table for conversion projects 
DDCPYSTAT   DD: Statistics data for table copy 
DDCQUEUE   DD: Queue for CNV Operations 
DDCSCANSTA   DD: Conversion, scan history 
DDCSTA   DD: Conversion, number of table lines 
DDCSTAT   DD: Statistics table for conversions 
DDCSTAT_I   DD: Statistics Data for Conversions 
DDCSTAT_K   DD: Statistics Data for Conversions - Key Part 
DDCSTAT_T   DD: Statistics Data for Conversions 
DDCT_TYPE   Type Information for LOW and High of a Range Type 
DDCURSOR   DD: Reference structure for cursor area 
DDCVERTIC   Link of Status Graph of Conversion Program 
DDDBOPERA   Virtual table of outstanding DB operations 
DDDBOPS   Virtual table of outstanding DB operations 
DDDBSPACE   Structure for DBSpaces/Tablespaces 
DDDBUTMREQ   Interface for mass processing requests 
DDDBUTREFS   DD: Database utility reference fields 
DDDECIDE   Information about Structure Changes to DB Objects 
DDDEPDESCR   Internal Description of a Dependent Object 
DDDEPRES   DD: result of handling of dependent objects 
DDDEPTAB   DD: Dependencies Sorted By Dependent Objects 
DDDOACTRES   DD: Status of domains (activation result) 
DDDOMSTATE   DD: Status of domains 
DDDOSTATE   Status of Objects 
DDDTRENUPG   DD: Table for Renaming Data Elements During Upgrade 
DDDTSTATE   DD: Status of Data Elements 
DDENA   Lock argument fields 
DDENQS   Lock object structure for Dictionary objects (inc. index) 
DDENQ_LIKE   Ref. Fields for Parameters of the ENQUEUE Function Module 
DDERR   R/3 DDIC: Error Code From Modules 
DDERR_O   Return code structure in consistency layer of the DD 
DDEXTIDXS2   DocID Key Definition of External Index 
DDEXTIDXS3   Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index 
DDEXTIDXS4   Attribute of an External Index 
DDEXTIDXS5   Synchronization Tables with Stored Proc. for External Index 
DDF4ATTRVA   Document Attribute with Value for Indexing/De-indexing 
DDF4DBTRIG   Tables and Triggers 
DDF4EXIXS3   Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index 
DDF4IDCTRL   Control Structure for Data Selection for an External Index 
DDF4IDPROT   Structure for Log Table for Updating External Indexes 
DDF4IDXCON   Document Contents for External Index 
DDF4KEYTAB   Key for Selection Module / Search Engines 
DDF4LBBUF1   List Box Buffer: GUID and Time Stamp for a Table 
DDF4PSALLS   Structure for General Personalization of Search Helps 
DDF4PSINDX   Contains Information for Personalizing the F4 Help 
DDF4SEKEYS   Structure for Document Key of Log Table 
DDF4SERFC   RFC Destinations of a Search Server Relation 
DDF4SYNCIV   Synchronization Interval for External Index 
DDF4TRACE   INDX Structure for Holding F4 Trace (List Box) 
DDF4TRADAT   Data to be Stored in DDF4TRACE 
DDF4TRIGTR   Structure for Tree Representation of DB Trigger 
DDFIELD   DB-relevant description of DD table fields 
DDFIXVALUE   Description of a Fixed Value 
DDFKEYRC   DD: Message numbers for foreign key violations 
DDFLDNAM   Name of a DD table field 
DDFLDSPATH   DD: field information and field name with entire path 
DDFLG1   Flag byte 1 of nametab for field attributes 
DDFLG2   Flag byte 2 in nametab for field attributes 
DDFLG3   Flag Byte 3 of Nametab for Field Attributes 
DDFLG4   Flag byte 4 of nametab for field attributes? 
DDFLGBYTE   Table attributes in nametab header 
DDFTX   Run-time object with Screen Painter texts 
DDFTYP   DD: Structure to test fields without data elements 
DDGENTAB   DD: Structure of Gentab (Mass Activation Program) 
DDGR_NAME   DD: Names of DD objects for graphic algorithms 
DDGR_OBJ   DD: Object lists for graphic algorithms 
DDGR_REL   DD: Relations list for graphic algorithms 
DDGR_RELIX   DD: Relation over object index for graphic algorithms 
DDHDFLG3   DD: Header flag 3 expanded 
DDHDFLG4   DD: Header flag 4 expanded 
DDHDFLG5   DD: Header flag 5 expanded 
DDHDFLG6   DD: Header flag 6 expanded 
DDHELPSTRT   Table Fields for Reference 
DDICNVCHE   DD: Condition variables for incremental conversion 
DDICNVCTRL   Control String for Transaction ICNV 
DDICNVDAYS   DD: Days of Week 
DDICNVDIST   Distribution of data records of base tables 
DDICNVENQ   DD: Structure to lock the ICNV 
DDICNVLST   Contains information on converter exits 
DDICNVMON   DD: Structure for ICNV monitor 
DDICNVPREP   DD: Control Structure for ICNV in Upgrade 
DDICNVPROS   Process information for incremental conversion 
DDICNVREF   Reference structure for interfaces of ICNV 
DDICNVRES   DD: Results of ICNV Checks in Upgrade 
DDICNVUPGR   DD: ICNV Control for Upgrade Phase PREPARE 
DDIDELCHK   Control String for Check Whether Fields May Be Deleted 
DDIKEYCHK   Control String for Checking the Key 
DDILTYCHK   Control String for Checking Long Fields 
DDINDEX   Information for indexes 
DDINDXACT   Information what kind of Index is Required in DB 
DDINFO   DD: Info Part of the Navigation Table for DD Objects 
DDINNUCHK   Control String for Checking NOT NULL Flags 
DDIPCLCHK   Control String for Table Type Test with Pool/Cluster 
DDIPOOCHK   Control String for Additional Tests for Pooled Table 
DDIREFCHK   Control String for Checking Reference Fields 
DDIREL   Relation Source and Target Tables in the ICNV 
DDISAACHK   Control String for Checking Fields for SAA Standard 
DDISAHCHK   Control String for Checking Header for SAA Standard 
DDITANCHK   Control String for Table Name Tests (Except SAA) 
DDITEHCHK   Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Header Checks 
DDITESCHK   Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Field Checks 
DDIVAHCHK   Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Header) 
DDIVALCHK   Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Fields) 
DDKONTEXT   Context of DD Maintenance 
DDLBBUFTST   Test: Recognize Access to Buffered Tables 
DDLCH   Logical Channel Info from the R/3 Repos. - Standard Version 
DDLOAD   DD: Reference structure for loading/unloading tables 
DDLOADD   R3load-data table for migration 
DDLOADH   R3load-header table for migration 
DDLOGDEF   DD: Formal definition of log and trace output 
DDLREF   Log Reference in Dictionary - Standard Output 
DDMASS   DD: Structure for mass activator parameters 
DDMASSAC   DD: Control operations for DD objects during mass activation 
DDMASSTST   DD: Control Structure for Test Mode Mass Activation Program 
DDMATASKCT   DD: Control Parameter for Mass Act. for Each Task 
DDMESS   Message in non-expanded form 
DDMSACTRC   DD: Return Information about Activation 
DDMSCHK   Structure for screen variables of mass checks 
DDMSG   DD: Structure for Messages 
DDMUTEX   DD: Table for implementing reciprocal exclusions 
DDNAMECONF   Return structure for function module DD_NAME_CONFLICT_AREA 
DDNAMES   Structure for Dictionary Checks 
DDNAMETAB   Structure for Display Nametab 
DDNMB   DD: Data records per extent (minimum/maximum number) 
DDNTFLAG   Structure for Explaining Nametab Flags 
DDNTHEADER   Structure for Nametab Header 
DDNTHIST   DD: history nametabs in time interval 
DDNTSACT   DD: Possible actions on nametab byte 
DDNTTHISTS   Nametab history: table information on DB table DDNTT_HIST 
DDNUMFVAL   DD: Structure for numeric fixed values 
DDOBJ   DD: Name of an ABAP Dictionary object 
DDOBJCLASS   Classification of ABAP Dictionary objects 
DDOBJCOST   DD: Relative costs per DD object type 
DDOBJDIR   DD: Structure for Objects in Mass Checks 
DDOBJKEY   DD: Key of DD Objects (Type Name) 
DDOBJPOS   DD: Position of an object 
DDOBJTEXT   Dictionary Objects: Texts 
DDOCC   Occurrence of Table/Field in Aggregates or as Reference 
DDOP   DD: Specification of DDL Operations 
DDOPADMIN   DD: Management Information on an DD/DB Operation 
DDOPER   Lock arguments for DD processes 
DDOPKEY   DD: Key of a DD/DB Operation 
DDOPOBJ   DD: Object on which a DD/DB Operation is Performed 
DDOPTIME   DD: Time of a DD/DB Operation 
DDPAMSCTRL   DD: Controls Parallel Handling during Mass Activation 
DDPAR   R/3 Dict: table of internal parameters 
DDPARLIST   Control structure for outputting parameter values 
DDPART   DD: Partitioned form of TBATG 
DDPARTKEY   DD: Global attributes of table DDPART 
DDPATH   DD: Definition of access paths 
DDPCH   Physical Channel Info from the R3/Repos. - Standard Version 
DDPOPUPT2F   DD: Description of a dialog box with 2 columns and 1 flag 
DDPRH   R/3 DD: Log header 
DDPRH_ALV   Structure for DDPRH for Display with ALV Grid 
DDPRID   DD: Representation of a list of log IDs 
DDPRLOCK   DD: Lock granularity for standard output 
DDPRMASQUE   DD: Mask for overlaying a log line 
DDPROF   DD: Settings for DDIC programs 
DDPROPVAL   DD: Attribute value pairs 
DDPROTOBJ   DD: Object Table for Log Entries in DDPRH, DDPRS 
DDPRS   R/3 DD: log lines 
DDPRT   Structure of ABAP/4 Dictionary logs 
DDPRTENQ   Control string: print lock objects 
DDPRTGEN   Interface: general print options 
DDPRTLIST   Input list for printing DD objects 
DDPRTMC   Control string: print option for matchcodes 
DDPRTPARA   Parameter for print editing 
DDPRTSHLP   Control string: print options for search helps 
DDPRTTAB   Control string: print options for tables 
DDPRTUVAR   User settings for printing DD objects 
DDPRTVIEW   Control string: print options for views 
DDPRTXT   R/3 DD: Log texts 
DDPRT_FRM   Format Definitions for Printing Dictionary Objects 
DDPRT_I   Interface for ABAP/4 Dictionary logger 
DDRANGE   Reference structure for ranges in the ABAP Dictionary 
DDREF   Table/Field and Associated Reference Table/Field 
DDREFSTRUC   DD: General Reference Structure in ABAP Dictionary 
DDREFTAB   ABAP/4 D: Dependencies Sorted by Referenced Objects 
DDRELSTRUC   DD: Relationships between DD objects 
DDRELTAB   DD Dict.: structure for relations 
DDSCR   DD Interface: View of Field Attributes in the Nametab 
DDSECHKKEY   Structure for Comparing Definition of Log Table 
DDSECHKPRT   Log Display Admin. Search Index 
DDSERVERIF   DD: Info for Application Server for Parallel Processing 
DDSERVPERF   DD: Performance Key Figures of Server for Par. Execution 
DDSESELOPT   Selopt Structure for the F4 Help with Search Engines 
DDSETSTATE   Status of Objects 
DDSETYPTAB   Search Type Search Engine 
DDSEVMAP   DD: Map severity for level/STDO 
DDSHBUTTON   Buttons on the Hit List 
DDSHCUMAR   Information on Cursor Position and Markings 
DDSHDEFLT   Description of a default value for search help fields 
DDSHDEFSH   Default value - search help per user and collective s.h. 
DDSHDESCR   Interface: elementary search helps of a search help 
DDSHENTITY   Table of data elements which need the value table help 
DDSHEXMPL1   Structure for F4 help example RUTSHEXP 
DDSHF4CTRL   Control Structure for F4 Process with Search Help Exit 
DDSHF4ENV   Program Environment for F4 Field 
DDSHFPROP   Characteristics of search help parameters 
DDSHHVALUE   Historic Help Values 
DDSHICON   Management of Icon Information 
DDSHIFACE   Interface description of a F4 help method 
DDSHLDB1   Interface structure search help <-> logical DBs 
DDSHLPVERS   Current Version of Search Help Activator 
DDSHOCXINT   Communications between F4 process and search help OCX 
DDSHOFFLD   Shared buffer for search help for a DDIC field 
DDSHOUTFLD   Interface structure for FM to search help selection 
DDSHPVALUE   Personal Help Values 
DDSHRETVAL   Interface Structure Search Help <-> Help System 
DDSHSELOPT   Selection options for value selection with search help 
DDSHTECINF   Technical information about a search help 
DDSPAR   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSPAR1   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSPAR2   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSTATE   Status of Objects 
DDSTATHIST   DD: Statistical Data for Conversion 
DDSTEXTIDX   Header Information of External Index 
DDSTORAGE   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSTORAGE1   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSTORAGE2   Storage clause for tables and indexes 
DDSYM10TAB   Symbol table (CHAR10) 
DDSYMTAB   Symbol table (as reference structure) 
DDSYN   Parameters for Buffer Synchronization 
DDTABFDS   DD: Structure/table name - field name with lengths 
DDTABLE   Structure for Table Information 
DDTABNAME   Only table name 
DDTABTVAL   DD: Control string for TABT values checks 
DDTBCLASS   DD: Control String for Checking TABCLASS <-> SQLTAB 
DDTBFD   DD: Table Name, Field Assignment 
DDTBFDCHK   Control String for Table Checks (Fields) 
DDTBFKCHK   Control String for Foreign Key Checks in Table Activator 
DDTBHDCHK   Control String for Table Checks (Header) 
DDTBIXCHK   Control String for the Index Checks 
DDTCCT   DD: Cluster Tables -> Table Clsuter - Assignment 
DDTEMPL   DD: Structure for mapping SKIND -> text 
DDTEXTDATA   Data cluster as text 
DDTIMER   DD: Basic tools, timer structure 
DDTRKORR   DD: Structure for Transport Requests 
DDTTACTRES   DD: Status of Table Types (Activator Results) 
DDTTSTATE   DD: Result when reading the TABT activation set 
DDTYPEDESC   Description of an ABAP Dictionary Type 
DDTYPEGET   Control structure for DD_TYPEINFO_GET 
DDTYPES   Table of all Dictionary types and classes 
DDTYPET   ABAP/4 Dictionary: Texts for type groups 
DDUDMPAR   Parameters for attribute maintenance / partial objects 
DDUDT   DD: Include for user, date, time 
DDVAL   Generated table for view DDVAL 
DDVE1   Value Table for Domain DDVERINT4 
DDVEPR   Check Table with Two Key Fields 
DDWHERECND   DD: Lines of where condition 
DDXTF   Nametab field structure for delayed writing 
DDXTT   Nametab header structure for delayed writing 
DDYN   Interface Between ABAPhelp and Help Processor 
DDYTF   Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTF) 
DDYTT   Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTT) 
DD_LB_TEST   Generated Table for View DD_LB_TEST 



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