Enterprise Continuous Integration with Binary Dependencies example


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This example shows how to use CruiseControl.NET to automate 'Enterprise' (or cross-project) Continuous Integration (ECI). The particular flavour of ECI works by splitting up 1 project into 2 and introducing a 'binary' (or DLL) dependency between the 2. An ECI build is used as an 'early warning' to say when the two projects have become out of sync (e.g. an API change)

Unzip the zip file to C:\ccnetexamples\eci, and then follow the directions in the embedded readme.txt file

Download the zip from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=71179&package_id=140831

This example was used to demonstrate a paper at XP 2004 - see here for more details.

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