If you look at the Source Data worksheet, you'll notice that there is no Quarters column. The Quarters field was created from the Order Date

field by grouping the dates in the field, using the Group and Show Detail commands on the shortcut menu. Excel allows you to group dates in

several ways including by year, month, or day. You can also use seven-day groups to group by week.

Initially, the items in a field are either sorted in ascending order or displayed in the order received from the source database, depending

on the type of source data you use. For example, in the reports on the Order Amounts and Orders by Country worksheets, the names of the

salespersons are alphabetized.

Once you use this command to sort a field, the field retains the sort order even if you rearrange or update the report.

you can display a field both filtered and sorted if you want.

The report repeats items in an inner row field as necessary for each outer row field item.


You can easily list the records from the source data that are summarized in a particular data cell, just by double-clicking the cell. Excel

creates a new worksheet like this one with a copy of the data. You can format, sort, and filter this detail data without affecting the

PivotTable report or the original source data.

This feature is available for most types of source data, and is particularly useful with source data taken from external databases, where you

don't have a separate Excel source data worksheet to view.

Excel provides several types of custom calculations for data fields. To see what's available, double-click the Percent of Order Total field

and look at the Show data as dropdown list.

When the data in a field includes blanks and other values that aren't numbers, Excel initially uses Count to summarize the data.
You can easily change the fields to total the amounts instead of counting: double-click the field and click Sum under Summarize by.

10、透视表在进行TOP 10排序时会忽略被过滤掉的项目,因此在使用此功能时要特别注意;
If you had previously used the dropdown list for the Customer field to hide some customers, when you set the Top 10 AutoShow options, Excel

omits the hidden items from the calculations.


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