wpa_supplicant启动出错rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device


D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): wpa_supplicant v2.1-devel-4.4.2
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): random: Trying to read entropy from /dev/random
I/wpa_supplicant( 1152): Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): Initializing interface 'wlan0' conf '/system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf' driver 'default' ctrl_interface 'N/A' bridge 'N/A'
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): Configuration file '/system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf' -> '/system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf'
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): Reading configuration file '/system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf'
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): update_config=1
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): ctrl_interface='wlan0'
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): eapol_version=1
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): ap_scan=1
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): fast_reauth=1
I/wpa_supplicant( 1152): rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device
D/wpa_supplicant( 1152): nl80211: RFKILL status not available
D/WifiHWInfo( 1152): /data/misc/wifi/wifi_hardware_info not exist, try to create it!
rfkill: Cannot open RFKILL control device
Many computer systems contain radio transmitters, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G devices. These devices consume power, which is wasted when the device is not in use.
RFKill is a subsystem in the Linux kernel that provides an interface through which radio transmitters in a computer system can be queried, activated, and deactivated. When transmitters are deactivated, they can be placed in a state where software can reactive them (a  soft block) or where software cannot reactive them (a  hard block).
The RFKill core provides the application programming interface (API) for the subsystem. Kernel drivers that have been designed to support RFkill use this API to register with the kernel, and include methods for enabling and disabling the device. Additionally, the RFKill core provides notifications that user applications can interpret and ways for user applications to query transmitter states.
The RFKill interface is located at  /dev/rfkill, which contains the current state of all radio transmitters on the system. Each device has its current RFKill state registered in  sysfs. Additionally, RFKill issues  uevents for each change of state in an RFKill-enabled device.
Rfkill is a command-line tool with which you can query and change RFKill-enabled devices on the system. To obtain the tool, install the  rfkill package.
Use the command  rfkill list to obtain a list of devices, each of which has an  index number associated with it, starting at




 909 # CONFIG_RFKILL_INPUT is not set
 911 # CONFIG_RFKILL_GPIO is not set
 912 # CONFIG_RFKILL_RESET is not set
 914 # CONFIG_NET_9P is not set
 915 # CONFIG_CAIF is not set
 916 # CONFIG_CEPH_LIB is not set


root@dolphin-fvd-p1:/ # ls /dev/rfkill                                         
root@dolphin-fvd-p1:/ # wpa_supplicant  -iwlan -c/system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf                                        
--------- beginning of /dev/log/main
__bionic_open_tzdata: couldn't find any tzdata when looking for Asia/Shanghai!
__bionic_open_tzdata: couldn't find any tzdata when looking for GMT!
__bionic_open_tzdata: couldn't find any tzdata when looking for posixrules!
D/WifiHWInfo( 1155): /data/misc/wifi/wifi_hardware_info not exist, try to create it!


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