Visual Studio Reflector add-in works for my Reverse Engine Job[Visual Studio Reflector插件服务于我的逆向工程学习工作]



Then "Explore Decompiled Assemblies", and double click on the method, it will open the source code in your Visual Studio.

Now, we can set break point through our Visual Studio to this source code.[F9]

The prerequisite steps were finished…


"Debug an Executable..."

When that assembly started, it will hit our break point in Visual Studio, we can use our Visual Studio Debugger to step into the codes.


This way will give us more helps when we want know things about an no-codes .Net programmed product.



We can use the "Immediate Window"(in debugging time in VS) to new the args array for the Main(string[] args) method(first we need set a breakpoint at the Main(string[] args) method) like this:

args = new string[1];
    [0x00000000]: null
args[0] = "Mike";


args = new string[]{"Mike"};
    [0x00000000]: "Mike"





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