Desperate housewives S01 EP01-EP02

Wi'steria 紫藤
lay to rest 下葬
chore  家务活杂事 超4
errand 差事
Lynette Scavo 利奈特 斯卡沃
move up the corporate ladder
hectic 紧张忙碌的 脸上发红 兴奋狂热 肺病的
humiliate 使丢脸 I'm not going to be humiliated in front of the entire neighborhood.
elf 小精灵
act up调皮
let's get this over with.
Gabrielle [,ɡɑ:bri:'e] 加布里埃尔 Solis 索利斯
paella [pɑ:'eljɑ:] 西班牙肉菜饭
mergers and acquisitions 兼并与收购
Gabrielle was touched when tears welled up in his eyes.
piping hot热腾腾的
convertible (not convertable)
muffin 小松饼
upholster [ʌp'həulstə] 装饰;用(挂毯、家具等)布置
zachary ['zækəri] 扎卡里
macaroni 意大利通心粉
philander [fi'lændə, fə-] 玩弄女性 philanderer's handbook
An erect penis doesn't have a conscience, even the limp ones aren't that ethical.
We all have moments of desperation, if we can face them head-on, that's when we find out how strong we really are.
squeal  [skwi:l] 告密;长声尖叫
Ease up 缓和;放松
What are you doing? We are at a wake. 守夜;守丧
Oh, you need to get back out there. 哦,你需要找回从前的你自己。
a house-warming gift
Edie Britt was the most predatory ['predətəri]掠夺的,掠夺成性的; divorcee [divɔ:'si:, -'sei]  in a five-block radius
Her conquests 战利品 were numerous, Varied, And legendary
For a moment, Susan wondered if her rivalry with Edie would remain friendly,
You can't order me around.
And I hate that I spent $1 5,000 on your diamond necklace you couldn't live without.
I can't tell the joke, I forgot the punch line
Baby's breath 满天星(花)
hot spring 温泉
platinum ['plætinəm]
life raft
Gabrielle only saw her young gardener as a way to infuse 灌输;使充满;浸渍 her life with a little excitement.
whipping boy 代罪羔羊
wrath 愤怒激怒
mourning 发音可以是morning
freak out 崩溃
freak 怪人
pastry 小点心 pei
a dark secret 无人知道的秘密
sick joke
There's a chance we're not gonna like what we find.
My friends were right to be concerned  朋友担心的。
a good night's rest will set you right.
Ge'neva 日内瓦 zhi'niwo
archive |'a:kaiv|
stencil ['stensəl] 模版,蜡纸 vt. 用蜡纸印刷;用模板印刷
plastic surgery
home wrecker 家庭破坏者
in the zone 处于巅峰状态 Give me  a day or two and I'll be back in the zone.
combi'nation [,kɔmbi'neiʃən]
past participle
present perfect
Present Participle
past tense
Signing with Atletico was one of the best decisions in my life.
Singular 单数的
Plural 复数的
lose ground to
prenuptial agreement
despise 鄙视
cut back 消减 on
sift 筛选;过滤;详查
bargain 讨价还价 便宜货
She got it for doing charity work
buck (美)钱,元;雄鹿;公兔,山羊
How did you get the fat lip? 被打肿的嘴唇
vest 背心 汗衫 马甲
therapy 疗法
Freud 弗洛伊德
unearth 发掘 揭露 发现
last resort 最后一招
euthanasia [,ju:θə'neizjə] 安乐死 euthanize
thorn [θɔ:n] 刺;[植] 荆棘 There is no rose without a thorn
chow down 吃饭;大快朵颐
with all due respect 恕我直言;冒昧的说
heavy lifting 困难或甚吃力的工作
abstinence ['æbstinəns]  节制;节欲;戒酒;禁食 Sexual abstinence
Susan was infuriated 激怒by Paul's evasive 逃避的 托辞的 推脱的 answers.
 take evasive action 
I'm fresh out 刚用完,口袋空空 of
hatchback 掀背车
Do you know how to drive a stick [shift]? 手动档车
I have an excellent referral.  [ri'fə:rəl]
discreet 谨慎的 小心的
This girl's really beginning to tick me off. 这女孩真的惹毛我了。
Let's get cracking 让我们赶快行动吧。
debut ['deibju:] 
She's a total nightmare.
scout [skaut] 搜索,侦察;侦察员;侦察机
fight -> fought
You will be a top dog one day.
It's primitive but it's fair. And a lot less sneaky. 鬼鬼祟祟的 暗中的 卑鄙的
sexist 性别歧视者[的] 男性至上主义者[的]
Thank you, Lynette, for that impassioned speech. 充满激情的
Pull up a chair

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