CM: 使用gerrit,提交代码到CM

1. Make sure your local git username matches with your Gerrit username, Gerrit username needs to be configure in the Gerrit portal under settings -> HTTP Password

git config --global "gerrit username"


Uploading your changes

First, you need to start a topic branch. This 'branch' holds the changes you make to the files on your computer that you will ultimately send to the CyanogenMod servers for review. Create your topic branch:

repo start <branch name> <project path>
Note: This starts a new branch called '<branch name>' in the '<project path>' project. Replace <project path> with the path of your target repository instead.

Now, you can cd to the project (directory) that contains the file(s) you want to edit:

cd path/to/project

Now you can make your changesMake sure you do not edit any files before you run repo start, or your changes will happen on a different branch and will not be tracked correctly.

After you make your changes, you can commit them just as you would normally:

git add <file you edited>
git commit
ctop (Same as moving to top/root of tree using cd)

Now you can upload your changes to the CyanogenMod server:

repo upload <project path>

That's it! Your change will be reviewed and may be accepted or rejected.


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