Entries missing in table T028G T-CODE: OT51 SAP 传输配置操作为用户操作 SAP网银接口

change this setting as a 'current setting' according to SAP note '135028 - Transfer IMG activity to current setting'


=> In the special case for 'electronic bank statement':

=> SPRO => go to


=> put corsor on it and push 'EDIT - Display IMG activity'

=> 'change mode' => OSS key necessary!!
=> go to 'Maint. objects!

=> doubleclick on VC_T028 entry

Mark 'current setting' and save (developer key necessary)

afterwards, save and transport the settings to production system.


Now, you can change the settings directly in production system. You can use 'OT51' or special transaction for 'current setting'


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