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Installing the ASP.NET "Atlas" Wiki

ASP.NET "Atlas" Wiki

The ASP.NET "Atlas" Wiki Sample Kit is a Visual Studio 2005 web project template, which is installed by Visual Studio and creates a 'new web site' template that is used to create your own Wiki application, using the ASP.NET "Atlas" preview technology. More information on "Atlas" is available at The Wiki demonstrates several features of "Atlas" and includes source code that you can view and modify to create your own "Atlas" applications.

To install the application template, you must already have Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express installed on your machine. Next, download and launch the "ASPNETAtlasWiki.VSI" file, and follow the installation wizard instructions to install the template in your development environment.

To create your own Wiki using this template, first open Visual Studio, and from the File menu, select New Web Site. In the New Web Site dialog:

  • Select Visual C# as your language
  • Select Wiki ASP.NET "Atlas" Web Site
  • Click 'OK'
Visual Studio will create a new web site for you using the Wiki template. After the web site is created, additional instructions are presented for using and troubleshooting the Wiki. To run the application right away, press the 'F5' button (or click the 'Go' button on the Visual Studio toolbar).

The ASP.NET "Atlas" Wiki Sample Kit, like "Atlas", is a technology preview and is currently not intended for live use on an Internet or intranet site. However, you may edit and modify the Wiki created by this template for your own learning purposes.   


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