1,cd /usr/local/bin && curl -LO

2,chmod +x ./pestle.phar && ./pestle.phar --version && alias pestle='php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar' && pestle --version ;



(Notice: Need install Zsh Package.)


  • php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar list-commands 查看命令列表
  • pestle 快速使用参考命令:
    • 生成模块 :   php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_module Mc (verdor) Gtest (module) 0.0.1  
    • 生成ACL规则:   php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_acl
    • 生成菜单 :   php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_menu
    • 生成CURD :    php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_crud_model Mc_Gtest (verdor_module) Gtest (Table)
    • 生成路由 :    php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_route Mc_Gtest frontend mc_gtest
    • 生成前端 :    php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar generate_view Mc_Gtest frontend mc_gtest_index_index Main content.phtml
    • 生成ui - grid:    php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar magento2:generate:ui:grid
      -$ php /usr/local/bin/pestle.phar magento2:generate:ui:grid  
      Which Module? (Pulsestorm_Gridexample)] Mc_Gtest #包_模块
      Create a unique ID for your Listing/Grid! (pulsestorm_gridexample_log)] mc_gtest_gtest_listing    #包_模块_表名_log
      What Resource Collection Model should your listing use? (Magento\Cms\Model\ResourceModel\Page\Collection)] Mc\Gtest\Model\ResourceModel\Gtest\Collection   #集合资源模型的类
      What's the ID field for you model? (pulsestorm_gridexample_log_id)] gtest_id   #表主键  
      Creating New /Users/jerryxu/wwwroot/just4/app/code/Mc/Gtest/view/adminhtml/ui_component/mc_gtest_gtest_listing.xml
      Creating: Mc\Gtest\Ui\Component\Listing\DataProviders\Mc\Gtest\Gtest\Listing
      Creating: Mc\Gtest\Ui\Component\Listing\Column\Mcgtestgtestlisting\PageActions
      Don't forget to add this to your layout XML with <uiComponent name="mc_gtest_gtest_listing"/>


    • -



pestle command_name [options] [arguments]

Available commands:

alanstormdotcom:rsync One Line Description

codecept:convert-selenium-id-for-codecept Converts a selenium IDE html test for conception

faker:names Creates some Fake Name

Magento1 Convert
magento1:convert:generate-maps ALPHA: Wrapper for Magento's code-migration tools
magento1:convert:magentoinc ALPHA: Wrapper for Magento Inc.'s code-migration tool
magento1:convert:unirgy ALPHA: Wrapper for Unirgy Magento Module Conversion

magento2:base-dir Output the base magento2 directory
magento2:check-templates Checks for incorrectly named template folder
magento2:class-from-path Turns a Magento file path into a PHP class
magento2:class-list Get a list of all of magento2's extensible classes
magento2:convert-class ALPHA: Partially converts Magento 1 class to Magento 2
magento2:convert-observers-xml ALPHA: Partially converts Magento 1 config.xml to Magento 2
magento2:convert-system-xml ALPHA: Partially Converts Magento 1 system.xml into Magento 2 system.xml
magento2:extract-mage2-system-xml-paths Generates Mage2 config.xml
magento2:fix-direct-om ALPHA: Fixes direct use of PHP Object Manager
magento2:fix-permissions-modphp ALPHA: "Fixes" permissions for development boxes
magento2:path-from-class Turns a PHP class into a Magento 2 path
magento2:read-rest-schema BETA: Magento command, reads the rest schema on a Magento system

Magento2 Code-migration
magento2:code-migration:rename ALPHA: Rename .converted files

Magento2 Generate
magento2:generate:acl Generates a Magento 2 acl.xml file.
magento2:generate:acl:change-title Changes the title of a specific ACL rule in a Magento 2 acl.xml file
magento2:generate:class-child Generates a child class, pulling in __constructor for easier di
magento2:generate:command Generates bin/magento command files
magento2:generate:config-helper Generates a help class for reading Magento's configuration
magento2:generate:controller-edit-acl Edits the const ADMIN_RESOURCE value of an admin controller
magento2:generate:crud-model Generates a Magento 2 CRUD/AbstractModel class and support files
magento2:generate:di Injects a dependency into a class constructor
magento2:generate:full-module Creates shell script with all pestle commands needed for full module output
magento2:generate:install BETA: Generates commands to install Magento via composer
magento2:generate:menu Generates configuration for Magento Adminhtml menu.xml files
magento2:generate:module Generates new module XML, adds to file system
magento2:generate:observer Generates Magento 2 Observer
magento2:generate:plugin-xml Generates plugin XML
magento2:generate:preference Generates a Magento 2.1 ui grid listing and support classes.
magento2:generate:psr-log-level For conversion of Zend Log Level into PSR Log Level
magento2:generate:registration Generates registration.php
magento2:generate:remove-named-node Removes a named node from a generic XML configuration file
magento2:generate:route Creates a Route XML
magento2:generate:schema-upgrade BETA: Generates a migration-based UpgradeSchema and UpgradeData classes
magento2:generate:service-contract ALPHA: Service Contract Generator
magento2:generate:theme Generates Theme Configuration
magento2:generate:ui:add-column-text Adds a simple text column to a UI Component Grid
magento2:generate:ui:add-form-field Adds a Form Field
magento2:generate:ui:add-form-fieldset Add a Fieldset to a Form
magento2:generate:ui:add-schema-column Genreated a Magento 2 addColumn DDL definition and inserts into file
magento2:generate:ui:add-to-layout Adds a <uiComponent/> node to a named node in a layout update XML file
magento2:generate:ui:form Generates a Magento 2 UI Component form configuration and PHP boilerplate
magento2:generate:ui:grid Generates a Magento 2.1 ui grid listing and support classes.
magento2:generate:view Generates view files (layout handle, phtml, Block, etc.)

Magento2 Scan
magento2:scan:acl-used Scans modules for ACL rule ids, makes sure they're all used/defined
magento2:scan:class-and-namespace BETA: Scans a Magento 2 module for misnamed PHP classes
magento2:scan:htaccess ALPHA: Checks for missing Magento 2 HTACCESS files from a hard coded list
magento2:scan:registration Scans Magento 2 directories for missing registration.php files

Magento2 Search
magento2:search:search-controllers Searches controllers

mysql:key-check Looks for Invalid Keys in a MySQL Database

nexmo:send-text Sends a text message
nexmo:store-credentials Stores Nexmo API in temp file
nexmo:verify-request Sends initial request to verify user's phone number
nexmo:verify-sendcode Nexmo Verify API: Second Step

parsing:citicard BETA: Parses Citicard's CSV files into yaml
parsing:csv-to-iif BETA: Converts a CSV file to .iif

pestle:baz-bar Another Hello World we can probably discard
pestle:build-command-list Builds the command list
pestle:clear-cache BETA: Clears the pestle cache
pestle:dev-import Another Hello World we can probably discard
pestle:dev-namespace BETA: Used to move old pestle files to module.php -- still needed?
pestle:export-as-symfony Exports a Pestle Module as a Symfony Console Command
pestle:export-module ALPHA: Seems to be a start at exporting a pestle module as functions.
pestle:foo-bar ALPHA: Another Hello World we can probably discard
pestle:generate-command Generates pestle command boiler plate
pestle:hello-argument A demo of pestle argument and option configuration/parsing
pestle:pestle-run-file ALPHA: Stub for running a single PHP file in a pestle context

php:extract-session ALPHA: Extracts data from a saved PHP session file
php:format-php ALPHA: Experiments with a PHP formatter.
php:test-namespace-integrity ALPHA: Tests the "namespace integrity? Not sure what this is anymore.

postscript:check Outputs the PostScript code needed to print a check

pulsestorm:build-book BETA: Command for building No Frills Magento 2 Layout
pulsestorm:md-to-say Converts a markdown files to an aiff
pulsestorm:monty-hall-problem Runs Simulation of "Monty Hall Problem"
pulsestorm:orphan-content BETA: Used to scan my old pre-Wordpress archives for missing pages.
pulsestorm:pandoc-md BETA: Uses pandoc to converts a markdown file to pdf, epub, epub3, html, txt
pulsestorm:solo-noble One Line Description

hello-world A Hello World command. Hello World!
help Alias for list
list-commands Lists help
selfupdate Updates the pestle.phar file to the latest version
test-output A test command for the output function that should probably be pruned
testbed Test Command
version Displays Pestle Version


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