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1       服务器和服务器场:

1.B. Deploying a warm server solution

2. a physical server farm topology(最大限度)

C. A six-server farm because it maximizes redundancy and application server load

balancing with the minimum number of physical servers and is the optimal design for

maximizing the availability of Excel Calculation Services and Office Project Server 2007.六个服务器场,因为它最大限度地冗余和应用服务器的负载与物理服务器的最低数量平衡,优化的设计是最大限度地利用Excel Calculation Services 和 Office Project Server 2007 的可用性。


3. corporate network公司网络

C. The perimeter network

4. a simple extranet topology简单the corporate network 拓扑描述

A. Ease in sharing resources between layers in the perimeter network在外围网络中缓解共享资源之间的图层。

B. Improved performance提高性能。

C. Separate domains for the perimeter and corporate networks不同的域的外围网络和公司网络。


A. A 2.5GHz processor

B. 2GB of RAM

C. A DVD drive


2       文档相关:

1. document library Label (文档标签)

D. To achieve it an Information Management Policy feature for the document library that

enforces label creation should be created.D. 实现它创建一个创建强制标签的文档库信息管理策略功能。

2 prevent document expiring.

A. Create a hold for the audit and add all relevant documents.. 创建一个保留审计,并添加所有相关文件。

3.(RFP) documents retentionpolicy

B. It is good way that extending the built-in policy feature definition to use a custom

policy resource expiration action that generates an e-mail message. 扩展内置策略功能定义是很好的方式,可以使用自定义策略资源过期限制操作生成邮件信息。

4. an audit trail for each document文档追踪

C. The IPolicyFeature interface need to be implemented.应用IPolicyFeature 接口。


E. A valid Policy Feature Definition need be installed into the Policy Feature Definition

list. 需要将有效的功能定义策略安装到功能定义策略列表里。


3       站点和站点集


1. "SiteA"网站集到"SiteB"网站集的快速部署

B. The content authors should be added into the Quick Deploy site group.将内容作者添加到网站快速部署的用户组里。

D. The QuickDeploy method of the PublishingPage object should be called and the method need refer the pages of the content authors.调用PublishingPage 对象的QuickDeploy 方法,该方法需要引用网页的内容作者。


2. “SiteA”网站集到“SiteB复制(replicating)功能

A. Create and submit a content deployment job that uses the Content Deployment Path on

Server 在服务器A上创建并提交一份使用内容部署路径的内容部署工作。

B. Configure the farm on Server B to accept incoming jobs. 在服务器B上配置服务器场来接收传入作业。

C. Create a Content Deployment Path that has a source of Server A and a destination of

Server B. 创建含有服务器A的来源和服务器B的目标的内容部署路径


3. 管理中心配置端口号a port number for theCentral Administration site.

B. Tick the Specify Port Number check box, and type 26350 in the available field. 在指定端口复选框里打上勾,并且可用字段类型大小是26350

D. You do not need to configure the port number. The system will automatically select a

number at random.你不需要配置端口号,系统将自动选择随机的号码。


4. create a new site collection 创建主副站点集

A. Creating a site collection in Central Administration 在管理中心创建网站集。



5.A. Add several load-balanced front-end web servers running MOSS 2007, two

application servers running MOSS 2007, and at least one more server running SQL

Server 2005.添加多个负载平衡的前端 web 服务器运行 MOSS 2007,两个应用程序服务器运行MOSS 2007,至少一个或多个服务器运行 SQL Server 2005






A. Start the Office SharePoint Server Search service. 启动 Office SharePoint Server 搜索服务。

C. Create a web application for the portal site. 创建门户网站的 web 应用程序。

D. Create the first SSP. 创建第一个 SSP.


8. recreate site hierarchies网站层次结构XML

C. In the XML definition file of the portal site template, additional Web elements need to

be added.


9.多语言language settings

D. VariationsRootLanding.ascx

E. VariationRootPageLayout.aspx

10. "SiteA"环境到"SiteB"模板

C. a portal site template needs to be created and implemented

11 The overall goal 汇总站点

C. Rollup portal site 汇总门户网站


4       web部件和自定义控件:

1.       Webpart LinkAudience" column.定义

D. The AudienceManager object is used to ascertain the audience membership. AudienceManager对象是用来确认用户组成员。


2.       电子邮件列表

A.     mail.adrastea.com

3.视频displays a video

A. A field control that inherits from the RichLinkField class need to be created. 创建继承RichLinkField类的字段控件。

B. A field control that inherits from the BaseRichSelector class need to be created. 创建继承BaseRichSelector类的字段控件。












5       搜索


C. In order to restrict to a BDC-specific search scope a custom search Web part need to

be used.C. 目的是为了限制BDC特定的搜索范围使用自定义搜索Web部件。


2. the search capability of five site collections

A. SearchContext sc = SearchContext.GetContext(ServerContext.Current);搜索范围

3. a search crawl of a scope爬网

A. ContentSourceCollection csc =content.ContentSources;

ContentSource cs = csc["Patents"];



4. A DataGridView control 查询

C. dgv.DataSource = qs.QueryEx(query); winform检索


5.搜索服务代码没有Select  (the Search service)

B. private void keywordQueryExecute(string query) {...

KeywordQuery keyquery =new KeywordQuery(ServerContext.Current);

keyquery.QueryText = query;

keyquery.ResultTypes |= ResultType.RelevantResults;

ResultTableCollection result = keyquery.Execute();...}


6. the search results HitHighlighting高亮

C. A section that uses the HitHighlighting template should be created in the XSLT style

sheet of the Search Core Results Web Part.在搜索核心结果Web部件的XSLT样式表里创建使用点击突出模块的部分样式。

7. the Search Core results

B. The style sheet in the XSLT editor of each result set for the Web Parts on each tab

need be copied and pasted 复制和粘贴样式表在每项上的Web部件里的每个结果集的XSLT编辑器里。

D. The XSLT style sheet should be published to a shared location. Then the XSLT Link

property of the Web Parts should be updated and assigned to point to the URL of the style

sheet document.XSLT样式表需要发布到共享路径下。然后更新并分配Web部件的XSLT链接属性指向样式文档的URL



8. The Search Core Results WebPart will display the "LongDate" column.Which two steps should be performed in order区别第六题 搜索外观

C. The XSLT style sheet of the Search Core Results Web Part should be add a

section that processes the "LongDate" column. 在处理"LongDate"列的 部分添加搜索核心结果的Web部件的XSLT样式表。

D. The Selected Columns property of the Search Core Results Web Part is edited to

include the following text: <ColumnName="LongDate"/>编辑搜索核心结果Web部件的选择列属性里包含下列文本:<Column Name="LongDate"/>


9. a fixed keyword query the error text搜索错误信息:

B. The default text in the dvt_1.empty template is modified to display the new text in the

Search Core Results Web Part on the results page.



10.搜索结果列显示"ColunmnA?", "ColunmnB", and "ColunmnC".

A. The contents of the Selected Columns field in the Search Core Results Web Part

should be replaced withthe following XMLfragment. 在搜索结果的核心Web 部件里选择列字段的内容替代下来的XML片断。

<root xmlns:xsi ="http: //www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

< SelectColumns >

<Column Name=" ColunmnA "/>

<Column Name=" ColunmnB "/>

<Column Name=" ColunmnC "/>

</ SelectColumns >

6       excel相关应用:


1.C. [UdfClass] public class RandomNumberTest { [UdfMethod(IsVolatile=true)] public

int GetRandomNumber() { return ((new Random()).Next(1, 100)); } }







7       权限:


A. Site Owners

B. Site Members

D. Site Visitors


2. QA Department显示managers

C. Pass Privacy.Manager as the privacy setting to the Membership.Create method.


A. private void GetColleagues(ServerContext Contex)



SPSite site = new SPSite("http: //CramBible-aw29/sites/mysite");

UserProfileManager profileManager =new UserProfileManager(Contex);

UserProfile profile =profileManager.GetUserProfile("abc\\UserA");

Colleague[] coll = profile.Coll.GetItems();




4. WinForms 用户登录

C. UserProfile profile = profileManager.CreateUserProfile(name);


profileCommit ();


5. DOMAIN\Developers权限组分配

A. Based on the DOMAIN\Developers group an audience should be created. 在DOMAIN\Developers 组中创建读者用户。


选择BC需要判断if (a.IsMember(user.LoginName))if (am.IsMemberOfAudience(user, a.AudienceName))

7. "CustomersAD"的AD用户组

B. AudienceManager am = new AudienceManager();

Audience au =am.Audiences["Customers"];

ArrayList members = au.GetMembership();

foreach (object obj in members)

{UserInfo user = (UserInfo)obj;

Response.Write("UserName: {0}"+user.PreferredName); }

8. retrieves all users for the "Customers"检索“Customers”的用户组

C. AudienceManager am = new AudienceManager();

ArrayList list =am.Audiences["Customers"].GetMembership();

8       报表和KPI

1. display detailed information of a KPI

B. Create a KPI List.

E. Create a .odc file for the data connection to display details of the KPIs.


C. Each KPI in the list will add a link to take the user to a details page..每个 KPI 列表中会添加一个链接,以使用户进入详细信息页面。


B. You should upload a custom Office Data Connection file to the Data Connections

library.您应将自定义的 Office 数据连接文件上载到数据连接库。

4. Reporting Services

C. We will make use of the Reporting Services Configuration tool to configure the proxy server endpoint. 我们会使用 Reporting Services 配置工具来配置代理服务器端点。


 B. At First, you should instantiate the Microsoft Office Excel Web Services service. 第一,您应实例化 Microsoft Office Excel Web Services服务。

 D. Call the GetRangeA1 method by passing B3:D3 as a parameter.通过将 B3:D3 作为参数传递给调用 GetRangeA1 方法。



C. The user can use the Data-Filter option of the Excel 2007 workbook to filter the

workbook. 用户可以使用 Excel 2007 工作簿的数据过滤选项来筛选工作簿。

7. 学生的数据报表中心站点

C. First create an Office Data Connection file and make the trusted Data Connections

library contain the Office Data Connection file. 首先创建一个 Office 数据连接文件,并使受信任的数据连接库包含 Office 数据连接文件。

8.调用EXCEL函数方法 UdfClass  UdfMethod

C. The "MyClass" class should be marked with the UdfClass attribute and the "getString"

and "getTimeNow"methods should be marked with the UdfMethod attribute.


A. Key performance indicators (KPIs) 关键性能指标 (kpi)



9       表单和工作流

1.       获取工作流表单

B. String TaskComment = new String();

SPWorkflowTaskProperties taskProp = new



TaskComment =


2.      表单模板TemplateA TemplateB

D. Use the Quiesce method of the FormTemplate object for each Web site in the site

collection. 网站集里调用Web站点的FormTemplate对象的Quiesce 方法。

3.       InfoPath表单转换器(网页)

C. Use an administrator account to publish the form to the form library. 使用管理员帐户将表单发布到表单库中。

4.       XMLFormView表单xsnLocation属性

B. Set the xsnLocation property of the custom control to MyInfoForm.xsn. 为 MyInfoForm.xsn设置自定义控件的 xsnLocation 属性

5.       工作流和表单应用

Add the workflow task schema to the task form as a secondary data source. 给任务表单添加工作流任务架构作为辅助数据源。

C. Access the ExtendedProperties property of the SPWorkflowTaskProperties object. 访问 SPWorkflowTaskProperties 对象的ExtendedProperties 属性。

10             用户配置文件和实体

1. 得到HR的用户配置信息

B. The GetUserProfileByName method.

2. 获取用户工作电话

C. Obtain the value of the UserProfile[PropertyConstants.WorkPhone] property of the

user. 获得用户的UserProfile[PropertyConstants.WorkPhone ] 的属性值。

3. “People”实体

C. Finder

4. "Grocery" 和 "date"实体关联

B. <SourceEntity Name="Grocery" /> <DestinationEntity Name=" date" />


11             数据库相关BDC

1. ProductType定义

C. Where ProductType is the type name, a type descriptor is created within the BDC


2. BDCwebpart

B. A property that maps to the task ID is created in the BDC definition.在 BDC 定义里创建任务 ID属性的映射。

C. First an entity need to be created based on the BDC definition, and then a custom

action need to be created.The action can add the value of the current task ID property to a placeholder in the URL of the desired Web page. 首先创建基于该 BDC 定义的实体,然后再创建自定义操作。该操作可以将当前的任务 ID 属性的值添加到描述web 页的 URL 中的占位符里。


B. An Entity element named "GetOrder" should be created. 创建元素名为"GetOrder"的实体。

4.BDC索引订单indexed: C. Define a SpecificFinder method in the BDC definition. Define an IDEnumerator method in the BDC definition. 在BDC 定义中定义SpecificFinder 方法,定义DEnumerator 方法

5.BDC  the database for indexing

D. An IDEnumerator method that has a return field that represents the last update time

of the database should be defined. 定义IDEnumerator方法,能返回代表数据库最近更新时间的字段。

6.      webpart业务数据定义

B. An identifier should be declared for the Client entity. 标识符应声明为客户实体。

D. SpecificFinder object should be defined on the Client entity. SpecificFinder 对象应定义在客户实体。


C. <Method Name="RetriveBooks">


<Property Name="RdbCommandText" Type="System.String">SPGetBooks


<Property Name="RdbCommandType" Type="System.String">

StoredProcedure </Property>




10. BDC-specific 信息搜索

C. In order to restrict to a BDC-specific search scope a custom search Web part need to

be used. 目的是为了限制BDC特定的搜索范围使用自定义搜索Web部件。


12             配置相关

1.       网络调查creating a survey

C. In Central Administration on the Home tab, click View All Site Content, and locate the Surveys category. 在管理中心主页下面点击查看网站的所有内容找到调查类别。


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