取证须让证物说话,莫妄以自我心证来给案情下定论.切忌画靶射箭,为找而找. 取证的根基仰赖经验与判断,在IT各领域的经验愈丰富,愈能看出端倪. 取证须善用工具,但不过度依赖工具.工具只能帮你缩小可能范围,但无法告诉你答案,仍需靠人进行分析判断.



Yesterday a friend of mine Kirby came to me with a smartphone and she wanted me to do her a favor. She showed me some contacts in an app called "LINE". She wanted to know "who" and "where". She had conducted mobile forensics on suspect's phone and decide to focus on certain contacts. But usually the nickname is not the real name so she does not know what to do next.

It's a very interesting question. It occurs to me that we could "make friends" with those contacts. Don't get me wrong it's not social engineering. I'd like to show her a quick and easier way to get the answer she needs.

Let's take our phones for example. Now I am the forensic guy and Kirby is the suspect. I add Kirby on LINE and start to chat with her and make some calls. As you could see Kirby's LINE is as below.



Of course I'm not just chating with her. I start to capture packets from my phone at the same time as below. Guess what? I'm try to figure out what's the ip assigned to her phone during our conversations. 


Don't forget to filter out the connection of system services or built-in apps. So you could narrow down the scope of ip you look for. Now I focus on this ip as selected.



I want Kirby to tell me what's the public ip assigned to her phone. She shows me what she got and the result matches the ip I found.



Once the ip is found and investigators could ask ISP to provide the correspond user information. Usually the ip assigned to user's phone is dynamic so don't forget to tell ISP the date/time you found this ip. Now you could know who he/she is and their locations.

Maybe some will ask me what about other IM such as WeChat or FB? Yes Of course~ Follow the steps as above and you could find the ip no matter the IM is WeChat or LINE or FB.


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