zk-web是一个用clojure with noir and boostrap写的Zookeeper WEB UI管理工具。



git clone git://github.com/qiuxiafei/zk-web.git
cd zk-web
lein deps # run this if you're using lein 1.x
lein run


配置费方式简单, 文件:

$HOME/.zk-web-conf.clj or conf/zk-web-conf.clj


 :server-port 8989  ;; optional, 8080 by default
 :users {
         "admin" "hello"
         ;; map of user -> password
         ;; you can add more
 :default-node "localhost:2181/my-start-node" ;; optional


  • Jump to ancesters of a node in navigation bar.直接跳到任意祖先导航
  • List children of a node with link to them.显示当前节点的所有儿子
  • Show stat and data of a node.显示数据的存储信息
  • Remember last 3 zookeepers you visit in cookie.记住最近访问的3个zk地址。
  • Create/edit/delete/rmr a node.操作:创建,编辑,删除,RMR
  • Simple authority management. 简单的权限管理。
  • Default node for first-arrival guest.



Leiningen installs itself on the first run of the lein shell script; there is no separate install script. Follow these instructions to install Leiningen manually:

  1. Make sure you have a Java JDK version 6 or later.确保有JAVA环境
  2. Download the lein script from the stable branch of this project.从https://raw.githubusercontent.com/technomancy/leiningen/stable/bin/lein下载脚本,存为/usr/bin/lein。
  3. Place it on your $PATH. (~/bin is a good choice if it is on your path.) 即/usr/bin/lein
  4. Set it to be executable. (chmod +x ~/bin/lein) 改为可执行文件。
  5. Run it.跑起来


$ lein new [TEMPLATE] NAME # generate a new project skeleton

$ lein test [TESTS] # run the tests in the TESTS namespaces, or all tests

$ lein repl # launch an interactive REPL session

$ lein run -m my.namespace # run the -main function of a namespace

$ lein uberjar # package the project and dependencies as standalone jar

$ lein deploy clojars # publish the project to Clojars as a library
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