Reflective Journal Final

1.Initially, I thought that digital multimodal composing was just a simple combination of different media such as text, images, and videos. However, after further study , I realized my opinion was narrow. It's truly about using these modes work together to create a corporate narrative that engages the audience.It makes a great difference,which really appeals to me.
2. Challenges were effectively managing the different modals which were required for multimodal composing and technical problems. I overcame these by spending a lot of time to learn and practice.And I also asked the Internet and classmates for help.
3.Considering different modes of communcation,I tend to be more creative and open-minded.I have more new ideas.
4.My creative process becomes more collaborate and effective.
5.From the course of creating the digtal story, I learned the importance of planning and organization. Additionally, I've learned the importance of creative storytelling, the utilization of multimedia elements to enhance narratives, and the value of technology in modern communication. It is truly a powerful and effective medium for communicating ideas, emotions, and experiences.

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