Characteristics are non-numerical fields. They represent criteria, by which you can
select data records. Examples of characteristics are the controlling area and
fiscal year.

Important Characteristics:
Controlling Area (KOKRS)
Fiscal Year (GJAHR)
Period (PERBL)
Cost Element (KSTAR)
Cost Center (KOSTL)
Activity Type (LSTAR)
Statistical Key Figure (STAGR)
Value Type (WTTP): Indicator for distinguishing different value categories (such
as actual costs, plan costs, target costs and so on) in database tables.
Version (VRSN): year-dependent indicators for plan data
Debit/Credit Indicator (CO): Indicator used to distinguish debit and credit
postings in CO.


Key figures are numeric fields, which can be evaluated in a report. Examples
include overall costs and activity quantities.
Key Figures:
Costs (SWKG): The controlling area currency is the currency used for cost
accounting in CO.
Costs in Object Currency (SWOG): The object currency is the currency defined
in the master record of a Controlling object
Costs in Transaction Currency (SWTG): The transaction currency is the
currency in which the given documents are posted.
Activity Quantity (SLST): Posted quantities for activity types
Statistical Quantity (SSME): Posted quantities for statistical key figures

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