Can peel peel solve pesticide problem

Can peel peel solve pesticide problem?

Middle peasants medicinal modern agriculture more and more, this had to let people eat vegetable fruit more will be on their own, buy fruits and vegetables is washed and washed, afraid of accidentally take pesticide to eat into his stomach, and fruit must peel, only in this way can let us rest assured consumption, if vegetables also can peel, I believe many people will probably take the trouble to peel them all.Peel is to prevent pesticide residues, but, cut off the fruit of skin to be able to solve pesticide problem thoroughly?A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

The answer is disappointing, because even when the skin is cut, the problem of pesticides cannot be solved.In the process of fruit planting, in order to prevent pests, actually a lot of pesticide is playing in the roots, and intradermal injection plants directly, this kind of insecticidal method from within, the pesticide pollution and pesticide residues, alone to peel to fruit are impossible to erase.The most nutritious part of fruit is the epidermis, which is a waste of nutrients.

General principles for removing residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables

1. Cleaning residual pesticides: the best way is to use a large amount of tap water first, then soak in a 1% saltwater for ten minutes and then rinse with water.

2, need not wash detergent, thin skin and wrinkles of fruits and vegetables, such as using cleaner easily from the rupture surface infiltration of fruits and vegetables, usually in detergent containing bleaching fluorescent agent, the risk of cancer, even when using marked "dedicated" vegetables cleaner also contain more or less harmful material to human body.

3, use soft brush to wash, cucumbers, green peppers, balsam pear, etc. Not the melon and fruit peel can be boiled, the surface is uneven, pesticide residue is not easy to wash and special need with a soft brush to help to clean.

4. Wash the cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, etc. : discard the surrounding leaves and peel off the leaves.Package of leaf vegetables vegetables, after applying pesticide and growth way, most of pesticide residues in the peripheral spread out on the blade of for safety, best discard the perimeter of the blade, as for has to be pieces of peeling, internal cleaning carefully enough.

5. Wash qingjiang food, cabbage, etc. : it should be washed by leaf and leaf.Because of the appearance of the leafy vegetables, the pesticide residues in the leaf surface often will also be collected at the base of the stalk. If the leaves are not washed, it is not easy to clean the pesticide.Therefore, it is most reassuring to remove from the near root.

6. Insect bites of vegetables sprayed with less pesticides, relatively safe.Farmers to cater to consumer psychology, during cultivation had to spray a large number of pesticides to protect the crops, but some farmers often less than optimal, first to harvest, such as always pay attention to appearance in good condition, only then the victim is the consumer.

7. Buy the right fruits and vegetables.Generally speaking, unseasonal or early marketed fruits and vegetables are not only expensive, but more important are the high residual pesticides contained in vegetables.Because in the climate of not suitable for growth, farmers are deliberately planting for profit and often need a lot of pesticides to maintain, and the risk of pesticide residue is increased.When you make your book hong kong hotel , Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong offers comprehensive professional service to you including high-speed FREE wifi. We encourage people contact their families and friends via social media when they are outside home.

8. The fruits and vegetables that need to be peeled to eat should go through the process of peeling, which can remove the majority of pesticide residues and eat more safely.The selection and use of the net type cultivation or a bag to protect the production of fruits and vegetables, and the amount of recommended by the farmers is safe.

9. The pesticide residue of continuous harvesting crops is more, and should pay special attention.Continuous harvesting crops are peas, green beans, cucumber, cucumber, Chinese chive flower, etc, because of the harvest time is long, to prevent some immature crop pests, the pesticide must continue, so there are more pesticide residues.

The cleaning method of individual fruit

1. Strawberry: often many people feel afraid of the strawberry and the pesticide residue problem.In order to safe to eat, can put strawberries inside the filter basket, first rinse with water after soaking for about 5 minutes, then stir by 5 times or so clean, so that can be removed nearly 70% of the pesticide residue.

2. Grape: to remove the remaining pesticides, rinse the whole bunch of grapes under the faucet and soak them for ten minutes before cleaning them for about five times.When eating, try to peel the skin with your hands and avoid contact with the skin with your mouth.

It is often asked, is a layer of white on the skin of the grape a pesticide?No, this layer of white is a kind of wax that protects the peel, which is called fruit powder. The more white matter, the more maturity and freshness of the fruit.The fruit powder generally covers the skin, and if some of them are blue-green or incomplete diffusion, the pesticide may be sprayed onto the remaining plaque, and try not to buy it.

3. Apple: the residue of the pesticide residues in the apple after harvest is likely to be in the inner layer of the skin and the skin, and there is little penetration into the flesh.The family can rinse off with tap water, scrubbing with a sponge to reduce the bactericide of the epidermis;Peeling is more likely to be removed from the endothelial layer of insecticide.It is also a good idea to use salt water to prevent yellowing of apples, especially for the elimination of some permeable pesticides.

4. Citrus: tangerine, tangerine, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, etc. All belong to citrus.These citrus species are concerned with mildew preservatives (preservatives).After harvest, in order to keep the freshness, the store will be soaked directly with bactericide;However, these soaking agents remain in the peel, which is rarely seen in the pulp.After buying, can be used to wash with vegetable gourd cloth, peel and eat again, so that can be relieved.

5. Melons: melon and melon, with yellow melon and pear melon (i.e., sweet melon) in the color of skin. The harvest period is in mid-april to late December.The harvest period of meioguagua is from July to August;Yellow melon is the most in October.Just wash the skin off when you eat it.

When consumers choose fruits, they are mostly "appearance" as the first impression, resulting in a lot of use of pesticides.However, the fruit of yangxiang melon, still be safe, still want to produce the foreign melon that makes the order to make a good, after the production peak season to cultivate is more thoughtful, will use more pesticide.Foreign melon can be divided into the net of the skin, divided into the net and the muskmelon.

The cleaning principle of individual vegetables

1.Vegetables should be cleaned before eating, and the surface of pesticides and dirt should be cleaned.Just rinse the vegetables with plenty of water, because the salt water is not cleaner.Wash the detergent with detergent and leave the cleaner.The main points of vegetable cleaning are as follows:

Leaf vegetables: small leaf vegetables should be close to the root cut root, open the blade and rinse;The leafy vegetables should be removed from the leaves and then removed into a single rinse 香港之最.

Root vegetables: should be cleaned first and then remove the skin, and the pits should be whittled down to remove the pesticide and dirt that may be attached to the skin.

Fruits and vegetables: skin eaters can be washed with soft brush.The site of easy deposition of pesticide, such as the pit of the fruit, should be removed and then washed.Peel the user, then peel them first.

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