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Odoo 13 released..

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Most striking changes
The most striking changes, all available in Odoo Community Edition:

  • Accounting: Invoices and Journal Entries have been merged as one (this will simplify the life of the users and of the developers)
  • HR: heavily reworked and improved. New features: onboarding plan, skills, resume
  • Manufacturing: New features: Flexible components consumption, Alternative Work Centers and Subcontracting
  • Procurement: MTO & MTS rule is now available (sell 10 products, deliver using the 3 products in stock and buy the 7 missing).
  • Speed: 5 times faster !!!!! It’s not (only) marketing! A deep rework on ORM has been done to cut down the number of SQL queries being executed with great results
  • Usability: A lot of usability improvements for every app, for instance the user can select the displayed columns dynamically

New Apps
A new App has been added to Odoo Community Edition:

  • E-learning: Students can join courses, take quizzes and get XP points… in a fun way
    Some new Apps have landed in Odoo Enterprise Edition:
  • Approvals: track any of you simple company processes with an easy setup and configuration that does not need any development.
  • Fields Service: organize technicians interventions on-site and help technicians work more efficiently with a featureful mobile app (schedule, maps, time tracking, sell extra products)
  • Referral: A new app with high level of gamification to facilitate recruitment through referral
  • Rental: for rental service (Manage rental contracts, deliveries and returns)
  • Social: A new app to monitor and post on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Move of Apps from Community (CE) to Enterprise(EE) and the other way around
From CE to EE
After a major rework and with a large set of improvements, Payroll is now in enterprise edition. And of course, OCA has already planned some alternative … looking forward to see how that will go.

From EE to CE
CRM Lead Scoring as it’s a feature of the open source CRM app
Coupons as it’s a feature of our open source eCommerce app
Mailing Themes as the mass mailing app is open source
Website Themes as the website builder app is open source
Digital Products as it’s a feature of the eCommerce
Loyalty & Reward Programs of the POS as it’s a feature of the open source POS

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_# jeffery # focus on Odoo and other open source IT solutions # IT基础架构资深专家,开源解决方案专家,odoo资深专家