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1.PlaceHolderQuickLaunchTop: The top of the Quick Launch menu

2.PlaceHolderQuickLaunchBottom: The bottom of the Quick Launch menu

3.PlacHolderPageTitle: The title of the site

4.PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead: A placeholder in the head section of the page used to add extra components such as ECMAScript (Javascript, JScript) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

5.OPlaceHolderBodyAreaClass: The class of the body area

6.PlaceHolderSiteName: Name of the site where the current page resides

7.PlaceHolderPageTitleInTitleArea: Title of the page, which appears in the title area on the page

8.PlaceHolderPageDescription: Description of the current page

9.PlaceHolderPageSearchArea: Section of the page for the search controls

10.PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation: Breadcremb control on the page

11.PlaceHolderTitleBreadcrumb: Breadcrumb text for the breadcrumb control

12.PlaceHolderGlobalNavigationSiteMap: List of subsites and sibling sites in the global navigation on the page

13.PlaceHolderTopNavBar: Container used to hold the top navigation bar

14.PlaceHolderHorizontalNav: Navigation menu that is inside the top navigation bar

15.PlaceHolderLeftNavBarDataSource: Placement of the data source used to populate the left navigation bar

16.PlaceHolderCalendarNavigator: Date picker used when a calendar is visible on tha page

17.PlaceHolderLeftNavBarTop: The top section of the left navigation bar

18.PlaceHolderLeftNavBar: The Quick Launch bar

19.PlaceHolderLeftActions: Additional objects above the Quick LAunch bar

20.PlaceHolderMain: The main content of the page.

21.PlaceHolderFormDigest: The container where the page's Form Digest control is stored

22.PlaceHolderUtilityContent: Additional content at the bottom of the page. This is outside of the form tag.

23.PlaceHolderTitleAreaClass: The class for the title area. This is now in the head tag. Any customizations that add a Web Part zone in a content tag to this placeholder will cause an error on the page

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