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1.Decide on a high-level project timeline. When will the project start and when do you estimateit will end?

2.Break down the requirements into specific tasks.

3.Estimate the amount of time each of those tasks will take.

4.Determine which resources will be working on each task. Will certain tasks require specializedskills? If so, be sure to account for the availability of someone with those skills.

5.To the extent possible, determine any roadblocks or risks you might face, and attempt totroubleshoot them proactively.

6.Allow enough time to include all phases of traditional development, including any necessary extra planning, building the branding and the SharePoint site, testing and review, making any necessary adjustments, and deploying the project to a production environment.


SharePoint projects have specific factors that could impact project estimation. The following is a list of some things that should be considered:

➤Will the project involve creating custom master pages, or will it just use a SharePoint theme?

➤What is the skill level of the designers and developers involved in the project? Do they have experience with SharePoint?

➤How will the project be deployed to a production server? Will files just be customized with SharePoint Designer, or will a solution package be created?

➤How complex is the design that is being attempted?

➤How many different areas of SharePoint will be branded?

➤How many Web Parts will need custom styling?

➤How flexible is the due date and budget?

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