Ext扩展 :双栏选框,多选框


版本 3.0最近更新:

2.增加超出高度自动滚动 ,修改ext-all.css 
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Default [2.0] Ext.ux.Multiselect/ItemSelector v3.0

29 April 2008

Note from Brian re. why extension not in 2.1

"Sorry about that. Yes, it was planned for 2.1 but due to many factors, we didn't quite get it in. However, it will definitely be in the next release. We apologize for the delay."

"FYI, the plans are to get it into the next version, i.e., either 2.1.1 or 2.2 (not sure yet which it will be). But yes, if you need it today, you should use the existing ux."

22 February 2008 - Attention All

The Ext development team have decided to incorporate the Multiselect portion of this extension into the Ext core for the [see note above] release.

I have handed over the code. Given this, no further development (by me) will take place (in the short term) on either Multiselect or ItemSelector.

Once the Ext team have incorporated the Multiselect portion I will be able to alter ItemSelector to use the core version of Multiselect.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you'll agree that this extension will become even better given the expertise of the Ext core dev team.

*** Alot of people are asking for this patch. So I've placed here on page 1. This patch fixes the "cannot drag back from selected to available ***

Download patch for 3.0 http://extjs.com/forum/attachment.ph...3&d=1204167059

Extension Page http://extjs.com/learn/Extension:Multiselect2
Demo http://www.figtreesystems.com/ext/ex...ltiselect.html
Download http://www.figtreesystems.com/ext/ex...lector-3.0.zip


I would like to thank "vtswingkid" for his port to Ext2.

I have kept the constructors and config-options the same as the Ext1.x version as well as the names of the files which form the extension. This should provide a seamless upgrade process.

Ext1.x users will use the 1.x-2.x series of Multiselect/ItemSelector


Ext2.x users will use the 3.x (and above) series of Multiselect/ItemSelector

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