Erlang Resources 小站 2013年7月~12月资讯合集,方便检索.



Clojure in the Large 

mongodb / bson-erlang This is the BSON implementation for Erlang. 

Erlang at Basho, Five Years Later 

Elixir is a functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of the Erlang VM. 

Erlang Eye for the DevOps Guy and Gal 

erlang:now/0 is faster than os:timestamp/0? - Stack Overflow 

Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours 

Keynote: Over a Century of Programming - Mike Williams, Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding 

My Learning Elixir (erlang) Setup 

Erlang and the Chasm 

Erlang的Actor模型在嵌入式系统中的应用及运行在Raspberry Pi上的Erlang   

Running elixir on my Android tablet - Tom's ramblings 

A Unified Theory of Garbage Collection - Researcher - IBM 

Integration of Elixir's building and deployment tool: mix into Emacs. 

erlang-ale -- Erlang Actor Library for Embedded 

maxim: Erlang Metaprogramming Real Practice 

Improving your Erlang programming skills doing katas 

A clustering for Erlang on Xen 

Problematic traits in Erlang 

Triangle Kata in Elixir using Erlang processes for Parallel Maps 

Ever wondered which application a given Erlang module belongs to? - Roberto Aloi 

Languages In The World 




Using Elixir to write RabbitMQ Plugins - Messaging that just works 

Études for Elixir  



Captain Debug's Blog: Erlang for Java Developers 

jtendo/binpp · GitHub Erlang Binary Pretty Printer 

OOP in Erlang: tools and usages 

Elixir Design Goals 

Why Erlang? - blog 

An Erlang Game Stack,基于 Erlang + Lua + VoltDB 构建 

Eonblast (Eonblast Corporation) · GitHub 

Photon Server on premise solution for realtime multiplayer cross platforms: Unity, iOS, Android 

Erlang: create filewatcher - Stack Overflow 

massemanet/inotify · GitHub 

Industrial Erlang User Group Enhances Communication between the Open Source Community and Ericsson 

The Elixir Programming Language 

rodrigoflores/elixir-sublimetext · GitHub 

elixir-lang/elixir-tmbundle · GitHub 

Erlang Pattern Matching, Protocols and RabbitMQ 



Elixir Cheatsheet from Pragprog 

Erlang源码分析 - 瑞仙的Erlang开发博客 

Four years of Erlang blogging! 

7 cutting-edge programming experiments 

Our Daily Codes: Increase your mind stre... 

New Erlang package for small devices 

再推 installing Erlang using Kerl. 

Seven Languages – Erlang 

scala - When is it NOT good to use actor. 


许式伟从关注 Erlang 转向 Go 的原因是什么? - 知乎 

Purely Functional Data Structures 

Managing processes with Poolboy in Elixir 

Elixir Isn't Hipster 

Erlang Central 


Erlang for Rubyists // Speaker Deck 

RabbitMQ 三种Exchange - melin 

Erlang - Quora 

Erlang的调度原理(译文) - siyao - 博客园 

Erlang E17 and Second Edition of Programming Erlang  



019 Elixir With José Valim 

Elixir is for programmers 

A Peek Inside the Erlang Compiler 

The Love Child of Ruby and Erlang 

Elixir- The Joy of Ruby, the Power of Erlang 

Erlang 网络密集型服务器的瓶颈和解决思路 | 系统技术非业余研究 

庆亮-推荐Erlang IDE:Intellij IDEA 

Erlang数据类型的表示和实现(1) - siyao - 博客园 

量化Erlang进程调度的代价 | 系统技术非业余研究 


Lies, Damned Lies and Benchmarks 


Programming Erlang, 2nd Edition可以下载,小伙伴快动手吧 


Elixir Fountain, 每周Elixir社区新闻 

Erlang Handbook 

Concurrent and Distributed Programming with Erlang and Elixir: Part 1 


Elixir for Rubyists Part 2
rErlang R/Erlang Interface 

From .NET to Erlang : Starting Work with Large Free Dating Website   

Stop overdoing things 

X server in 5000 lines of Common Lisp 

Hacking Devin Torres 

R16B03 release! 

hdima/erlport · GitHub 

History of Programming Languages Must Know 

My favorite Erlang program 

An OTP Process Pool Application 

Deploying Elixir 

Erlang: The Written History 


10 steps to becoming the developer everyone wants