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Kali ARM image downloads for various devices

We have a fascination with ARM hardware, and often find Kali very useful on small and portable devices. Over time, we have Built Kali Linux for a wide selection of ARM hardware and offered these images for public download. The scripts used to generate these images can be found on Github. These images have a default password of “toor” and may have pre-generated SSH host keys. These images are built using the “kali-rolling” repositories, and contain their respective kernel sources in case you need to compile extra drivers, or other kernel dependent code.

CompuLab - Utilite & TrimSlice
Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
Utilite Pro 890M 2.1.2 B630EE4ABCC173E0FEFCFB221709F48A5A83D3E7
Trimslice 1222M 2.1.2 A1EE6589463E1D59C61A61F8DDECDF84B8521BE8
Chromebooks - HP, Samsung & Acer
Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
HP Chromebook (Spring) 1242M 2.1.2 333DFB77AAE5DCC4C67BD01D457CA7235A31A7FF
Samsung Chromebook (Snow) 1242M 2.1.2 333DFB77AAE5DCC4C67BD01D457CA7235A31A7FF
Samsung Chromebook2 (Peach) 1242M 2.1.2 333DFB77AAE5DCC4C67BD01D457CA7235A31A7FF
Acer Chromebook (Nyan) 1216M 2.1.2 5627269BDE3BE3584691797B88C0D57242AD8EEF
ASUS Chromebook Flip (minnie) 1227M 2.1.2 4D5BCF78CF54CCCB707CD29B0287BB0C6065513B
Allwinner - Cubieboard & Mini-X
Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
Cubieboard2 1385M 2.1.2 57F4CB9F44EA465C92589A56E086FEC5923D3C05
Cubietruck 1402M 2.1.2 2DB2366E9ABD821F9392021CCF162C2E18DFBC87
Mini-X 1093M 2.1.2 F9EAF577C38E6CCA72FA07AB4AE2AD3C6293702C
SolidRun - CuBox
Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
Cubox 900M 2.1.2 325F9D284CDD3E45044F685F872CAED1910F58B5
CuBox-I 902M 2.1.2 2829C59C86250B19907FB51A500B3A704F300761
RaspberryPi Foundation
Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
RaspberryPi 2 / 3 1166M 2.1.2 DB36FCD53C630FD32F2F8943DDDD9F57B3673C5A
RaspberryPi 1506M 2.1.2 9DB8ADE0FBC9265A9B913E5D00ECEDACB68AE3A7
RaspberryPi w/TFT 880M 2.1.2 FAC66A2A8F4F9738F3F742C2A71870824FB5C105
HardKernel - ODROID


Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
ODROID-U2/U3 924M 2.1.2 69EA65B15137494DED14F84DD0E53661CB7BC4B7
ODROID-XU 1070M 2.1.2 C5848AB40151A35FB3259C2C504FE8D7371F8BE6
ODROID-XU3/XU4 879M 2.1.2 2B3357B3AA32000928CD742119BEE9FC0A309985
ODROID-C1 1528M 2.1.2 20D8BC7EA30D797662C7143DD2E0884527CEBEB2
ODROID-C2 (arm64) 1025M 2.1.2 13CBC6E7EDEFB366FCDA560845152B6B3ED3AF97
Beaglebone Black

Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
Beaglebone Black 1009M 2.1.2 349AB08BE15196D83D640FC46482771F2F6C790F
USBArmory by InversePath

Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
USBArmory 721M 2.1.2 50CD49404D98B0F487F44CCDFC1090D9ADCDB17F

Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
RioTboard 927M 2.1 E1733B254E3BBF10D4E0C8498D69E754A75ADD12

Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
NanoPi 2 1608M 2.1.2 436AE90EE50202BB3D9F47443348DCF0BEFC2E44
NanoPi 2 Fire 1608M 2.1.2 436AE90EE50202BB3D9F47443348DCF0BEFC2E44

Image Name Size Version SHA1Sum
BananaPi 1047M 2.1.2 1C74F6BC05A7643130DD371E4A3388F4D826C9DB
BananaPi Pro 947M 2.1.2 329DD16976BFDFE0428A15F6DB92DBE9EA672338
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Kali NetHunter is an Android penetration testing platform for Nexus and OnePlus devices built on top of Kali Linux, which includes some special and unique features for compatible Android mobile devices.

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