Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, a time-honored tradition in China, encapsulates the essence of culture, family, and perseverance. This day is always filled with marvelous delight for as long as I can remember.
Last year's Dragon Boat Festival seemed like yesterday,yet I'm already a college student. Returning home for the Dragon Boat Festival during college brought a new and unique experience for l had mini-break on the festival when l was a senior high school student. As soon as I got home, without waiting for my mother to tell me, I lifted the lid of the pot on the table, and under it was a pot of steaming Zongzi. Indocalamus leaves fragrance and glutinous rice were intertwined together, seducing my already coveted stomach. There was still a familiar taste in my mouth. The laughter and conversation at the dinner table brought rare peace and relaxation to the busy campus life.
When I went to the scene of the dragon boat race, the weather was not nice, actually it rained heavily and was slightly cold, but the race continued and the commander's shouts penetrated the sky. The excitement and teamwork inspired a sense of nostalgia and belonging. The festive air was punctuated by the thunderous drumbeats, echoing across the water and igniting the spirit of the holiday. The drums are so fierce that I was worried that Qu Yuan and the fish in the water would be killed by the sailors' oars. This holiday was also a time for us to reconnect with our roots and learn more about our ancestors and their traditions.
Although we have been celebrating the festival for a long time , we still have a passion for Zongzi and the intense race conveying the fusion of tradition and progress, which are definitely a spiritual sustenance of Chinese people.

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