Park Invoice

When you park an invoice, the R/3 System saves the data that you enter. It assigns a number to the document, but no postings are made.

You can change a parked document as often as you like.

The R/3 System only makes the actual checks within the Post parked document function.

Account postings are made when you post a parked document.

Parked documents are listed in the purchase order history.

You can define release strategies for Preliminary Posting. These strategies define how parked documents must be approved for posting. You use Workflow to support the processing of parked documents. (This function corresponds to Document Parking in Financial Accounting.)

When you are working in Invoice Verification, you can branch directly from the document overview to Preliminary Posting.

You can delete a parked document. The R/3 System does not re-issue the number of the deleted document. When you delete a document, the document header remains in the R/3 System as evidence of what the document number was issued for. The line items are deleted from the database.





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