1、 File -> Reverse Engineer -> Database

2、选择sql数据库类型 mysql / sqlserver  /oracle

3、using script file -> 选择sql文件

  using a data source -> 配置数据库连接

4、确定  生成表

5、tools -> execute commands -> run script 

Option Explicit 
ValidationMode = True 
InteractiveMode = im_Batch 

Dim mdl 'the current model 

'get the current active model 
Set mdl = ActiveModel 
If (mdl Is Nothing) Then 
    MsgBox "There is no current Model" 
ElseIf Not mdl.IsKindOf(PdPDM.cls_Model) Then 
    MsgBox "The current model is not an Physical Data model." 
    ProcessFolder mdl 
End If 

'This routine copy name into code for each table, each column and each view 
'of the current folder 
Private sub ProcessFolder(folder) 

Dim Tab 'running table 
for each Tab in folder.tables 
    if not tab.isShortcut then 
    if len(tab.comment) <> 0 then 
        tab.name = tab.comment 
    end if 
    On Error Resume Next 
Dim col 'running column 
for each col in tab.columns 
    if len(col.comment) <>0 then 
        col.name =col.comment 
    end if 
    On Error Resume Next 
end if 
end sub

6、点击run 执行vb语句将comment同步到name

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