Windows WSL2 htop打开黑屏的问题解决

Windows WSL2 htop打开黑屏的问题解决

Update: it’s not as straightforward as I’d thought.

The ppa contains packages for focal and have dependency issues with bionic. Further, focal has newer versions of the packages than provided in the ppa.

The following worked for me, but may not be the best approach, and I can’t guarantee it won’t grenade your install:

Since focal has newer versions than the packages in the ppa, and we’re only interested in libc6, just download the package directly. Can’t install it yet because of dependency issues, but will need it after the next step.

do-release-upgrade -d
It’ll break because of libc6 as expected.

dpkg --install libc6_2.31-0ubuntu8+lp1871129~1_amd64.deb
apt-mark hold libc6
apt --fix-broken install
apt full-upgrade


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