Repair Microsoft.VisualStudio.MinShell.Msi.Resources 2203 error And visual studio 2019 key

1. Go to the properties of "My computer"

2. Go to advanced settings of the system

3. Go to environment variables

4. Rename the TEMP and TMP to TEMP1 and TMP1, then click OK

Right after this, I went home without look back to VS installation issue.

Today morning I try to continue with the VS installation, but it even couldn't launch the GUI for installation with the installation application that I've download yesterday. Then I changed back the environment name to TEMP and TMP. Try again, and still cannot launch the GUI. After this I delete the installation application (downloaded yesterday) and reboot my laptop and redo every single step from the beginning by download the installation application (vs_professional). Magically, it works and the installation was completed.

Now I going to restart the laptop as per installation request, hopefully no any further weird issue happened again!

visual studio 2019 key

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