修改 topic 的分区数

shiyanlou:bin/ $ ./kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --alter --topic mySendTopic --partitions 4
WARNING: If partitions are increased for a topic that has a key, the partition logic or ordering of the messages will be affected
Adding partitions succeeded!

如果 topic 的 partition 数量增加了,那么消息的分区逻辑或者消息的顺序都会受到影响。这一点我们在学习 consumer 课程中详解。


shiyanlou:bin/ $ ./kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --describe --topic mySendTopic           [15:00:54]
Topic:mySendTopic PartitionCount:4 ReplicationFactor:2 Configs:
 Topic: mySendTopic Partition: 0 Leader: 2 Replicas: 2,0 Isr: 2,0
 Topic: mySendTopic Partition: 1 Leader: 0 Replicas: 0,1 Isr: 0,1
 Topic: mySendTopic Partition: 2 Leader: 1 Replicas: 1,2 Isr: 1,2
 Topic: mySendTopic Partition: 3 Leader: 2 Replicas: 2,1 Isr: 2,1



shiyanlou:bin/ $./kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --delete --topic myDeleteTopic

myDeleteTopic 只是标记为删除,没有真正删除。要想彻底删除,需在 server.properties 中设置 delete.topic.enable=true。运行如下命令验证这一点:./kafka-topics.sh --zookeeper localhost:2181 --list


shiyanlou:bin/ $ sudo pip install pykafka

shiyanlou:~/ $ cat pykafk.py                                         [16:10:15]

from pykafka import KafkaClient
client = KafkaClient(hosts=",,")
print client.topics
print client.brokers topic = client.topics['mySendTopic'] for n in client.brokers: host = client.brokers[n].host port = client.brokers[n].port id = client.brokers[n].port print "host=%s |port=%s|broker.id=%s" %(host,port,id) shiyanlou:~/ $ python pykafk.py [16:10:31] {'myFirstTopic': None, 'mySendTopic': None} {0: <pykafka.broker.Broker at 0x7ff88c363590 (host=857dafc13648, port=9092, id=0)>, 1: <pykafka.broker.Broker at 0x7ff88c363dd0 (host=857dafc13648, port=9093, id=1)>, 2: <pykafka.broker.Broker at 0x7ff88c376110 (host=857dafc13648, port=9094, id=2)>} host=857dafc13648 |port=9092|broker.id=9092 host=857dafc13648 |port=9093|broker.id=9093 host=857dafc13648 |port=9094|broker.id=9094


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