NET Reflector 7发布,其 不再免费

今天看到NET Reflector不再免费的消息感觉有点惊讶,这个工具已经成为每个开发人员必备的工具之一了。而且CodePlex上也有很多围绕NET Reflector开发的插件。今天其不再免费了,难道逼大家去Crack么?35美刀不便宜啊。



10 Mar 2011

Version 7 is now available from $35.

We're happy to announce that we've released .NET Reflector 7. Please visit the new website at to find out more and download a free 14 day trial.

The free version of .NET Reflector is no longer available. Please see our original announcement below. 

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