SuperSocket, an extensible socket application framework

 SuperSocket is an extensible socket application framework. You can use it to build a command based server side socket application easily without thinking about how to use socket, how to maintain the socket connections and how socket works(synchronize/asynchronize).

It is a pure C# project which is designed to be extended, so it is easy to be integrated to your existing system. As long as your systems (like forum/CRM/MIS/HRM/ERP) are developed in .NET language, you must be able to use SuperSocket to build your socket application as a part of your current system perfectly.


I know there are two famous NIO open source frameworks named "MINA" and "Netty" in Java World which are used widely by developers. If you want to look for a .NET portion of MINA or Netty, I suggest you try SuperSocket although SuperSocket is not strong like MINA and Netty but it is very simple and you can use it easily.


The source code of SuperSocket also include some service implementation samples which you can follow.

Note: You can not use SuperSocket as production for now because it still is a startup project which may contain lots of issues.




* Very easy to use. You can create a robust socket server only by several classes

* Support Sync and Async communication modes. You can change your socket server running mode by only changing configuration wihtout any code changes

* Support multiple socket server instances. You can define many socket servers on different ports in configuration, SuperSocket can run those servers in the same application/service as a windows service.

* SuperSocket can run as console application and windows service. It provide a bat file to install

* Flexible logging strategy which can log most of socket activities




If you have any ideas,questions and suggestions for SuperSocket, please feel free to mail to the author kerry-jiang(at) Kerry also welcome any body who love this project to join it.



Homepage of SuperSocket :

Download page of SuperSocket :

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