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  • Explainsthe structure of CSS- and HTML-documents. Enter semi-colon separatedselectors or just paste in your existing rulesets into the “DirectInput area, or provide the URL of a stylesheet or an HTML document withan embedded stylesheet in the “URL Input area. English, Spanish, Germanand Bulgarian versions are available.
  • Tom Lee has a tutorial on Max-width in IE Using a CSS Expression. Word of caution: I hear using this method can be rather hairy, in some cases crashing the browser.
  • Future-proof your CSS with Conditional Commentsfrom Bruce Lawson is a great comprehensive collection of CSS’s that,when combined, addresses most of CSS issues with different browsers.
  • IE Word Wrap Doppelganger Bug
  • Images, Tables, and Mysterious Gapsseems like something I should’ve known already about the behavior ofinline elements in strict mode. But of course it took me an hour ofagony before finally realizing the ultimate truth: I’m not that smart.
  • Easy CSS hacks for IE7IE7下可以用的CSS Hacks。
  • 针对IE7, Firefox 1.5和Opera 8.5的Web浏览器CSS支持 一览表。
  • snook.ca on the “+ CSS hack which you can use to target IE6 and IE7 only.
  • On having layout
    提供了很多信息围绕IE其特有的“渲染概念:hasLayout — one of the major causes for headachewhen it comes to how IE decides to pain the boundaries of certain HTMLelements: 


    • “Internet Explorer中有很多奇怪的渲染问题可以通过赋予其“layout得到解决。John Gallant 和 Holly Bergevin把这些问题归类为“尺寸bug(dimensional bugs),意思是这些 bug可以通过赋予相应元素某个宽度或高度解决。这便引出关于“layout的一个问题:为什么它会改变元素的渲染特性,为什么它会影响到元素之间的关系?这个问题问得很好,但却很难回答。在这篇文章中,我们专注于这个复杂问题会有那些方面的表现,某一方面的具体讨论和范例请参考文中给出的相关链接。

    这篇文章的中文翻译参见承志的SharkUI:On having layout

  • Negative text-indent and underline— No matter how far on the left the real text is, the underline will bestretched all the way to the right in some PC browsers, namely theFirefox.
  • IE6 Multi Class Bug — Again, something that could’ve brought to my attention last week!
    • …InternetExplorer fails to render backgrounds for elements that have both an IDand a class defined. For instance, #photos.background1 will display thecorresponding background in IE6 for Windows, but once that has been defined, #photos.background2, #photos.background3, etc. will not be displayed.
  • Ten more CSS tricks you may not know
    包括少量的IE bug修复手段
  • The “Holly Hack — 著名的taming IE/Win CSS display bug by assigning a dimensional value such as height:1%;
  • CSS tests
  • max-width in IE
  • http://imfo.ru/csstest/css_hacks/import.php
  • Essentials of CSS Hacking For Internet Explorer
  • Web 浏览器标准支持
    用图表来比较IE 6, Firefox 1.0, 和Opera 8.
  • The perils of using XHTML properly
  • IE Double Float Margin Bug.


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