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CodeMetrics.png CodeMetricsDownload
Review.png Review: Allows editing and managing annotations during code reviews. Download
Diff.png Diff : This add-in shows differences between two versions of the same assembly. Download
Pex.png Pex: Use the Pex Wizard directly from Reflector (requires .NET 2.0) Download
SnippySm.png Snippy: Snippy is a light weight snippet compiler integrated into .NET Reflector. Download 
SilverlightLoader.png SilverlightLoader: Allows browsing the structure of a website and loading Silverlight assemblies. Download
FileDisassembler.png FileDisassembler : This add-in can be used to dump the disassembler output to files for any Reflector supported language.
Reflexil.png Reflexil : Allows to manipulate the IL of a loaded assembly, or inject VB.net/C# code, then write the changes to disk.
BamlViewer.png BamlViewer: Load BAML resources (WPF) and render in XAML format. Download
SilverlightBrowser.png SilverlightBrowser: Loads and shows the files associated with a Silverlight website. Download
ComLoader.png ComLoader: Lists COM components for browsing and converts them into managed interop assemblies. Download
SQL2005Browser.png SQL2005Browser : This add-in allows to browse .NET assemblies stored in SQL Server 2005 databases.
FileGenerator.png FileGenerator : This add-in can be used to dump the disassembler output to files for any Reflector supported language.
Deblector.png Deblector : This add-in allows to debug processes from within Reflector.
Doubler.png Doubler : A code generator for unit tests, stubs and wrappers.
Graph.png Graph: This add-in draws assembly dependency graphs and IL graphs. Please read the install instructions here.
BizTalkDisassembler.png BizTalkDisassembler: Allows you to list all BizTalk artifacts contained in an assembly and extract them. Download
DependencyStructureMatrix.png DependencyStructureMatrix : Allows you to create and browser dependency structure matrices.
CodeSearch.png CodeSearch: This add-in allows searching for strings and regular expressions in disassembled code. Download
RuleSetEditor.png RuleSetEditor: Editor for Windows Workflow Foundation rules. Download
AssemblyListEx.png AssemblyListEx:Register a file type association for predefined lists of assemblies to load into Reflector. Download
SequenceViz.png SequenceViz : This add-in draws sequence diagrams.
AutoDiagrammer.png AutoDiagrammer : This add-in draws class diagrams.
Xmi4DotNet.png Xmi4DotNet : Export an assembly to XMI/UML.
Enums.png AssemblyCollectionSort : Sorts the current assembly list alphabetically.
AssemblyCollectionSort.png Enums : Conversion of big flags and enum viewer.


PowerShellLanguage.png PowerShellLanguage: Renders output as Windows PowerShell script.
DelphiLanguage.png DelphiLanguage: The Delphi view that is used inside .NET Reflector provided as a language add-in.
CppCliLanguage.png CppCliLanguage : This add-in extends Reflector with a C/CLI language rendering module.
ReflectionEmitLanguage.png ReflectionEmitLanguage: This add-in renders C# code necessary to create the given IL body.


TestDriven.png TestDriven.net : This Visual Studio add-in can navigate to any code element inside Reflector with a single click.
Hawkeye.png Hawkeye : A tool that allows you to debug the UI tree of Windows Forms applications.


ClassView.png ClassView: Shows class definitions as plain text with color coding.
CodeModelViewer.png CodeModelViewer: This add-in shows the underlying code model objects for selected items.


Introduction to the .NET Reflector Add-In Model.
How to Setup the Build Environment
How to Setup an Enlistment
Tutorial "Creating your own add-ins" by Jason Haley: Part 1  Part 2 .(这两篇文章非常赞啊)

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