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  • ASP.NET Hacks
  • Some great blogs - sharing my opml(**)
  • Minimize window to system tray
  • Test Automation FX - UI tests in Visual Studio

      TestAutomationFX (TAFX for short) enables developers and testers to record and manage user interface tests from inside Visual Studio with 100% .Net code.
      Used from inside Visual Studio

      The Test Automation FX framework installs inside of Visual Studio (2005 & 2008) and supports full VS integration, with custom project templates and designers allowing you to build automated user interface tests in your favorite IDE.
      Tests recorded in with 100% .Net code

      All test logic that the TestAutomationFX framework records is stored in 100% .Net code. Tests can be recorded in both C# and VB.NET. Recording is however only one way to build your tests. The recording support in TAFX has been developed to generate readable and understandable code. You can then change and refactor your test by adding more objects and test logic manually.

      UI mapping and test logic separation

      In TestAutomationFX the actual test logic is separated from the user interface mapping. That means that the code that contains the logic and the code that tells the framework how to find objects are not mixed. This means that when your application’s user interface changes you do not have to change your tests, just remap the objects. The mapping is still done in code so that it can be customized, of course!

      Visit us for download information.

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