Generate Time Data(财务日期主数据)

1. Generate the master data from the specific time frame that you are interested in根据你输入的时间段来产生主数据
•On the Quick Launch Page > Data > Generate Time Data
2. Verify the generated data within _SYS_BI.M_FISICAL_CALENDAR

3. Create a new Fiscal Time based Attribute view
•Right Click on Attribute View > New
4. Enter FISCAL_00 for the name of the view
•For the Calendar Type Select > Fiscal.
•For the variant select K4:800
•Click on Auto Create.
•Click Finish.
5. As a result you will see the fiscal calendar table with the generated Attributes.
     Note: Optionally you can remove any attribute fields that are not needed.
6. Right Click on the Attribute View > Activate
7. Right Click on the Attribute View > Preview
8. Use the Attribute view within an existing Analytical View AN_TIME_00.
•Right Click on Analytical View > Open
9. Open the logical view.
 在新版本Studio中为Star Join
10. Drag the FISICAL_00 attribute view into the Analytical views logical view.
 将 FISICAL_00时间属性视图加入到分析视图的Logical view(新版Star Join)
11. Create a join (referential n..1) between FISCAL_00.DATE and the data foundation HZDAT field.
12. Activate & Preview
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