TC Hangs when using quick search extended on win10 (1703)

I recently updated windows 10 to the latest released on March 2017 (1703 15067.13). I did not a clean install, because it requires much time to do and i just wanted to try this new version of windows.

Version of TC is 9.0a and version of QuickSearch Extended is 2.2.3 (although file version info still gives 2.2.1)

as i said here ->
the problem is when tcmatch.dll tries to lauch tcmatch.exe using the ShellExecuteW().

A workaround is to substitute the bugged ShellExecute with CreateProcess. Here is the modification i did tcmatch.cpp@line 191 :

Update. Version 2.2.6 is available.

Version 2.2.6
- possible Bugfix for problems (freeze) with Windows 10 Creators Update - thank you stifani




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