Flutter Weekly Issue 65


  1. Flutter瀑布流及通用列表解决方案

  2. Canonical 在 Linux 上提供 Flutter 桌面应用支持


  1. koukicons-flutter

    🍪 Colorful Icons for your Flutter App

  2. fontify

    Converts SVG icons to OTF font and generates Flutter-compatible class. Provides an API and a CLI tool.

  3. dart-equations

    An equation solving library written purely in Dart.

  4. dynamic-text-highlighting

    This package is used to highlight, in a completely dynamic way, a keyword, or a phrase, wherever it is present in a specified text.

  5. Gamiac

    A social media for games.

  6. searchable-dropdown

    Widget to let the user search through a keyword string typed on a customizable keyboard in a single or multiple choices list presented as a dropdown in a dialog box or a menu.

  7. gallery-saver

    Flutter plugin that saves images and videos to devices gallery

  8. AwesomeCard

    A Flutter package to easily create a Credit Card in your application.

  9. flutter-preview

    Create samples of you widgets and preview them in real time

  10. union-tabs

    A nested TabBarView overscroll unites outer TabBarView scroll event

  11. flutter-anywhere-menus

    Custom menus anywhere!

  12. floating-panel

    Floating panel let's you create quick Floating menu for the screen.


  1. BankUI

    A Bank Application in Flutter


  1. flutter-commerce

    An Ecommerce application built in Flutter using Firebase.

  2. karaoke

    A small karaoke app made in Flutter for Linux

  3. flutter-cropping

    A demonstration of dynamic cropping in Flutter.


  1. FigmaToCode

    Generate responsive pages and apps on Tailwind, Flutter and SwiftUI.

  2. flutter-preview

    Create samples of you widgets and preview them in real time


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