GotDotNet Phase-out Announcement
Microsoft announces changes to the GotDotNet phase-out schedule.
Overall phase-out will be completed in summer 2007.
Based on your feedback, we've made some adjustments to our schedule:

  • CodeGallery phase-out – Rescheduled to July 2007 (original phase-out date was April 24, 2007)
    This gives CodeGallery owners more time to migrate. We suggest CodePlex as an excellent alternative. Please contact CodePlex support with any questions you may have.
  • User Samples phase-out – Schedule update in Fall '07
    We will not phase-out User Samples until we can provide customers with greater alternative. We will update you with further schedule information in Fall, 2007.
  • Workspaces phase-out – Completed on June 19, 2007.
    We suggest CodePlex as an excellent alternative. Please contact the CodePlex support staff with any questions you may have.

  •    We appreciate the input you’ve given us regarding the GotDotNet phase-out. We will keep you posted as we move forward.

    We are phasing out GotDotNet for the following reasons:

  • Microsoft wants to reinvest the resources currently used for GotDotNet in new and better community features for our customers
  • Traffic and usage of GotDotNet features has significantly decreased over the last six months
  • Microsoft wants to eliminate redundant functionality between GotDotNet and other community resources provided by Microsoft

  • Other Microsoft sites
    Offers help for developers in writing applications using Microsoft products and technologies.
    Offers help for IT professionals using Microsoft products and technologies
    The ASP.NET 2.0 site is a portal site for the ASP.NET development community.
    Channel 9
    Channel 9 is a Microsoft discussion forum used to promote conversations among Microsoft's customers.
    CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting web site.
    XML Downloads
    This page provides downloads for building XML applications using Microsoft technologies.

    Phase Out Schedule
    The GotDotNet phase out will be carried out in phases according the following timetable:

    Target Date Areas to be phased out
    February 20 Partners, Resource Center, Microsoft Tools
    March 20 Private workspaces, Team pages, Message Boards
    June 19 Workspaces
    By end of July 2007 CodeGallery (projected date)
    Schedule update in Fall 2007 User Samples (date TBD)

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