Ajax Control Toolkit 出新版了

Ajax Control Toolkit 出新版了

Release 10301 Production

三月-01-20072 Files
2007-03-01 release of the AJAX Control Toolkit includes two new controls (ListSearch and SlideShow), a number of fixes identified as important by the community, and three significant enhancements: localization support, automatic JavaScript comment stripping, and ASP.NET theme/skin support. It continues to target the new ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 release (http://ajax.asp.net/).

AjaxControlToolkit.zip is the full release package with complete source code to all controls, the test framework, VSI, and more.

AjaxControlToolkit-NoSource.zip contains only the sample web site and VSI and is for people who don't need or want the source code for the controls.
Runtime Binaries
AjaxControlToolkit-NoSource.zip - 1542 Downloads (2.3 MB)
AjaxControlToolkit.zip - 4334 Downloads (3.3 MB)

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