Install the Maven in your computer

While, this blog will talk about installing the Maven in your computer.

There are three steps as follow, and all operations are very simply. I realized to my sence that you can do it with this blog.

good luck. Now, let's begin.

Step one : Download the resource from the Apache

You should download the ZIP resource from the Apache first.

the Maven web site is :

I have been downlaoded the Apache Maven 3.2.2

and the screen shot as follow:


Step two: Unzip the resource to your computer

If you have been downloaded the Maven ZIP resource, next, you should UNZIP the resource to your computer

I unziped the resource to my computer as follow:

//Step three: Setting the environment variable

The third step that setting the environment variable(s)

you can do as same as me

one: Create a new environment variable "MAVEN" and set the value as your maven postion in your computer

two : Add the "MAVEN" to environment "path"


three : Go to windows console and input the command "mvn -version"

If you get the above result, Congratulations, you have been installed Maven successfully.



More reading,and english is important.

I'm Hongten



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